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Don't wanna be talking back to my channel and for today we're, gonna be doing the get to know me tag episode. So stick, around. But. Before you move on as always I upload new videos at least once a week so please consider subscribing and, hit the subscribe button a, notification bill so you get notified, whenever in your video is up so, without further ado, let's, get this going so the reason why I'm doing this is because in two months time and what to celebrate nap on a first year god. But. He stood up and I gotta be nice finish Nibbana horn so yeah and, Jana. Really score now well a couple of Kanagawa. Thorough. Introduction, your. Mother had so I decided. That, my. Hannah's not very, part of an introduce a moral, ethics a, cynical. As be person, and check. Up on anybody but youtubers, one you know one either to introduce themselves. Audience. Allah and your patella man you'll get to know me tag so, high, one reporter. Sorry boom Burke Sean and get to know me that way, on but before cool if we have to show you and, you would like to take this opportunity then to thank each and every one of you and another subscribe zapping channel cats a so, bring economic may expect now the. Tama Kakadu subscriber, is span of one year like I said you, know get, on Khadafi network, or in video you know got a new friend scope I said that again. Small. Circle of friends case a, it's. The more of the quality, than the quantity for, me so your so you can expect, that this motion and I know more 300-plus. At us as of this recording so, yeah, thank you thank you so much it'll happen to subscribe to channel to go and take a thank you for your support and I hope. That I. Emphasize. The purpose I hope I, forgot, so. Yeah, and for. This episode, seguro every. Usual, and get to know me back so that was kind of wanting to be so, on a stretcher for our designer usual. Question, again again with no mana even, youtubers, for the get to know me like episode, Villa and, canonical. And some pool and mr.. Gargery Nagar do is go is go home huh Cornyn question, give us a game. Icebreaker. To, you easy a dictionary, its but knowing others edition as a mathematical, addition to it so, what in a foreign some random, questions it is a packet, Network. Permanent. Element, of a Final Four I know, in the. Bhanumati. Vamos, Abajo, but I be answering, those questions the, same but, required cassette movement explained on point, bordosa, Macarena, questioning, this icebreaker compare. Those enormous questions. Now. So. Let's go ahead and that's, fine, so we're not even happy just and random questions nothing Rocko online and it's, a possibility that, so. Let's. Spite. Me. Okay. Let's start with where's. Number one what is your name, oh my god laughing another to channel Agora we're gonna fail you and I mean for his RG, but it's a holiday Savannah and use the boys just mention the shortcut that's a really. Coy is rng, game you know aperio partied, on it spells as a are, giv and. The, reason why shortcut personal R and G cos a, manifest. Got, an experienced, anybody by you pronunciation. On first, name Camaro RG, RG rj. J, happy, not so, if i buy your pronunciation. And I mean core so I decided, that that I, decided not even an option RNG, furnace cattle, operations, of only four so you're, gonna become full, name for RG. Guide me Lord, yes alright. Second. Question are. You named after anyone. Well. Universe. Saying is the key democracy, and parity, narrator Superman. Ananias. A God emphatically a, paladin, is Armando. So your docking module a are the, unique, name and an eco is energy, so, doc in ohio Gies. Okay combining, a urine fair against, arch after. The mystery of being a family, land on a name, non-profit incident, para cigars, a bang, if an episode doesn't shake up when so paralyzed. The, Nagata you me, alright. So. Number three. Emily no questions, that were supposedly, different questions, to examine. Zamacona possible even dementia, so yeah so, in question number 18 I think is where. Are you from were, you where, were you born and where, did you grow up. So. Panero, actually right, now I get. Honest opinion Laguna pair up in an anoxic or a pseudo mafia course a, lumber Laguna, so sir by an, international. Here on a service and he says so do not open an app at, Luna volume up a and. Will. Be first Dominic's opinion, in 2012. So, major Matabele Telegraph um. So. Yeah, there, you go, next. Question, number four, which. Of your parents, are you closest.

Actually. Para la. Ășnica. Cosa final, opera buffa closer than a advantage, oh and your. Well. How much are the - IV detox area they are for sale and Carlos will happen benevolence. And, aloha. All. Right next caller, next. Next. Question. What. Is your eye, color domestic. Ordered a pacifier guy what, is your eye color eye color codepen. Take as I put my arrow under that made they're expanding Samantha, who you should having insufficient, as dark brown. I'm. Gonna be compress a mosquito communication. I think even brown better in unison as I've been friends with that in UV. Blocking mathema direct bronchus a panda heroin yanari, and I cry so I don't, know variance, us upon our forms. So. I make, the kitchen by an airplane alright so, next question what, is your favorite orders, actually. Pick a favorite color is, blue, pero, metabolically. With the father blue, orange blue. White. And gray. No, but that. Who. Knows gray white, and human, our favorite color stop, okay. Next. What. Is your favorite, James actually the rolling of a with Rinku, you by mu the at Chaka pin, meal, so far I don't buy drinks you so so. As, this record he may not be building a, pioneer. Is at a time so favorite, Korean version and region chattering the time will be engine, among pink, mere mathematical. Gusto. Company rebel ago long shot Allah Gaza chat to chat. Betina. Shove. The best part is is Sharpton never, animal attic need to subtle about so you send in a dial positive karma, chameleon obtained so, you know how many favorite names called diamond th agape. Next. What. Is your favorite, food actually, been. A favorite, Co my own but, I mean I'm okay with with birthdays my favorite food therapy, NACA favorite cataloger is young adobo, mnemonic, or chiffon, beef, stew mean, eaten. In JC so, Linda run away, to pump a guy a double an anechoic, right, you. Explain. Either Annie, yeah. All. Right next, question, that's questionable occurs as the in common, online. Yet, me that question. So last, what, do. You have that, yes, I have that I actually have a dog named, Toshiba. Or we call her Toshi yes. Malaysia yeah, all right Stella Kashi, Toshiba. And, I have four times, happier. Or. Teachers, YPO beta. Eg. C. Maggie. At chakra, as a figure, so, yummy for a classical, Admiral, only. One dog. So, your best all. Right so. Let's. Move on demands. Random. 10 questions, 2, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and actually you gotta move now now, finding a bit for cleanest likely recording, so if I don't you gonna keep that so. In. Approach. Cost another everyday. Scenarios now, not even, alive. So, there. Okay. Let's park with gonna, tire number. One. Do. You consider yourself, with serveth Eve or modern, well. I actually. Consider, myself as, a modern person can say avoiding. People. As. I always adapt to new technologies. Or to new theories, or new learnings. Not. In offer and implemented and so he. Recognized. Among all the chinks don't matter in amongst man okay, lucky remember.

How. Do you determine a tricky among all teachings, as a guide further, Akasaka, I put in the opponent it stops the past like. You're moving forward at like on go with the flow so I think that, makes me a modern, person than. If. That, makes sense yes. Yup, - okay. I'm Rick do. How. Does it feel being in town self - by a younger person, Wow, grab it - awesome work what kind of person is very well, replica, c-spine. Lance, no. Biggie, yesterday I believe qussair. Maturity. And intelligence than. Tau I mean as a super, sat. In that trust. Say I think. You're listening measures, the experience isn't that cause anybody but I'm fine an experienced yesterday, like for example a whole I don't know my status I can be. Like the adenine name and all your hardships, of weigh and measure by, a passion for. You, similar, in a situation, in a bath - I mean what happened at the island so definitely, must, back, shares an experience, necessary and, peril at this man lighten up an impending event harmonic, on an idea but. By, the exact, situation. Corner. Something similar situation, here so yours. I really don't believe not make. It a dominant, in that's done so it's more of the experience, so, yeah. It, would, make, me feel anything, in. The bad or very negative even, by my spotters our enemies our enemies look, at ourselves are it already busy serving them advice, if there's a really matter friend so. Yeah. See. Of yours alright. So. Number three. How. Do you react to people who dislike you. Well maybe. Officially. In the area by. Big, course, hindi. Naman tanikella, Hibiki nervous subhanAllah. Is everybody, so, Maranatha, Maranatha Maranatha or nah yo say oh just. Let it out just like a Paul Barrett is a compound uh-oh, oh that. If. That makes it so it's. Anime, when, that feeling is mutual Paragon. And so the iOS app and have dinner I owe so. Much but. I'm under a pen definitely, plumage, Oh vanilla Co three. Additional. If any equals, 3/4. I, was. A mechanic, a, semi lattice, 5ru. Time Stephanie laughs on, our site vanilla, in DC lemon you wonder sacrilege so death. Okay. Next question Pamela you. Must. Open up a day okay, fourth. Question. What. Would. You like to be doing this year. Tom. Wilkinson Google, : or this year is at least much permit and help about Musharraf is a 1k, subscribers but. At least my monetize, gonna come on today's forum on a video school and in, return. Pappadimos escalation. Baccarat not a regular giveaways, casa share pray. You. Is more support as a very environmentally. Kotaku deters on YouTube Chevrolet share code in saying you're a second, alphabetical. Making that so, I think a pinnacle stop you enjoy mismatch in Pune you went out at least 1000, subscribers, corpora the, monetize Natoma, in memory Yosh Union began. You know an economy away semana, a key viewers, or subscribers not. Reliable, so you do bestow Congo in this year it's an epidural. All, right next question. How, do you spend a holiday it's, actually, been.

Over Usually, physically, being, as a bottom, for me I spent, four holiday, with my family and, friends Kasich back alumina bespeak as a means and society. Before NASA, plasticizing. Or a circumstance, a venomous. Animal mother busted remember such. As if we'd rather stay at home and then chill out chill out the meat over alumni, would, support. An awesome movie it's not a good one since embody them so you. Should how to express, my heart do fish were surprised we, ain't family, and. That's otherwise messages, universe now. So. Next, question. Kyle inertia now. Three. Four. Five more to go, number. Six. Tell. Us about your crushes. My. Love tonight alright, so as it will make us say it but um crush soul of publicity, human, I mean uncrashable. Seguin. I mean. Another thing any, other okay so your, first crush, record is actually my best friend and. Then come, back up or which ESC Irene, Irene will be elected in a Montana I don't, think enough especially bizarre for me in. An. Affirmative action because our engine area shaving. Brush, cotton bottom, a ultimate. Freshman. English :, I see. Second-year. High, school see. Rome. And just almost don't even imagine. Less. Than Akita is a machine as soon as the car engine across courses and second tier coming. Throw. Your and. Pokemon. Again crash go but I'm gonna rush there, better be celebrities. Me by. Definition gonna crash at Chicago, so the. Courses of the human mind me because. Okay. Next. Question. If. A person, is faithful, to you what do you promise, to do for him or her. Actually. Experiment. Should happen again at that Catholic mama Cherica, in terms of your Papa. Papa okay. - Musa Dagh, -. Musa someone. Special say Oh or if you. Some hand move I, don't. Really promise, pero I, make, sure that I that. I will be the best version of myself every, single day I, say, of course you must bestow young me, redeem, Oh myself Gustavo, thing meantime I'm. Gonna go grow so, connect across shower and a GoPro before they go rouhani Palermo, depicts, a being known we're doing something right Medina vp9. He piggy the new sorry Lilly nah man nah. Anime. On my. Girl in, our in, our burn. So, you're here on a program Cathy, Union it. Should be as conditional. You, have to be your. Own self, even, in a relationship you, don't need to change anything. That. Much not, totally, and you get up as much change because of course we have to change some, things about yourself, they're just you know parent making her emotional, leadership you know fairness, to the point Nobunaga when, totally surreal in more urban adamah. Totally, sorry me more to the point man Newman illogical and I usually, if.

That. Makes sense so Union a two-tone and corner, not recurrence, a pen. You know, beloved. Nothing like a lot more that may be why the Apple so you are gonna get one so, no. Promises just, being. Yourself and. Being the, best version of yourself everything. At me don't. Know. So. We still, have three more questions so, let's do this okay. What. Are the things that you're afraid of, in your home school. Or office. Sakura. Home up Tanaka, se trata. Put that coalition, uncertain, Eastham life, so. He be sure Alicia. Can elaborate elements, of homes a school or an office because I mean you when, you each essay, you, will realize, that answers certain, piece number why not and so we you can never be sure of what's, gonna happen tomorrow, or, the. Next day or next month, or next year for, Paris okay. I'ma stop at that ball, I always, make, sure that, I leave, one day and I think so, always. Crossing, the bridge when. I, get there I better. Not disappoint maybe I better make one who metal movers or the next day or the following year of course they have goals I have plans I said yeah except, can impose more I love my home Sun induced a coma or, something so without any sorry any more in the long ride Berrien yeah, even. Got, a, plan on way more something, will really, happen, that, will they break you from your plans, Perriman. That. Makes that. Yeah, so. Yeah, okay. Second to the last question. What. Natural, talents, or abilities would, you like to develop. Interesting. Actually, secure, our numbers in focus area ever since mobility. Mapa, adopts. Accent, and quite a new language my. Time. Korean. Mother Chinese, mother. Lacunae adoptive, absent, Milla, so I think, human. Mangusta undeveloped, is your owner ability, to learn. Other. Languages, I begin I know Maggie influence on modern languages, Nanyang pass a I. Don't. Wanna pass myself ugly penis learning, so I really want to communicate well. With other nationalities, and not by. Using English. But, of course you. Language. Know about nationality, so Sakura, do you stop it. Development. Is my secret observable, developing singing that is that. Many talks, him I wouldn't have enough of Samantha he'd be able to get in comment America, I don't know Malcolm at that particular, formula, which, is singing, young Gustavo me developer, yeah. Okay. We're now down to the last question. What. Are the things that you enjoy doing in. Your spare time actually. Miss. Perry technically, I wouldn't bet a parking meter size improvement. Upon. Computer. Games mainly. Miranda. Shame on an animal RPG, like world of our staff or Guild Wars and, also, naquadah, gather with Mama simulations like, City skylines. Sin. City, the steel stone monument. Effect. Games. And Kobe. Man with, you okay okay okay. And what. Else. Let, me talk tell of us but, what I'm gonna have the work I talked about well I bet you nobody but don't wanna do yeah good on that and. Vinegar. Product. Is a man your babies, number. So. That. Was just from the online get, the no meat I guess that question, SLUSA. Icebreaker. The game so I hope, enjoy. Inertia fight papaya and as dr. Davila Lenovo, non-party. But what's, up mama video Sonata keeping yourself in China so yeah, so. There thank you very much guys for watching please, don't, forget to give this video a thumbs up whatever still had your shot and if you want more just, just. Comment down below or cuz. You no matter hope that ami and among our questions, know or, maybe supreme element from full socket this comment down below as well here's a king leaves episode, natal and use hash tag ask, our gee, that's a sk, r g4. Or. Secretor, or a facebook, for so but ii endearing hashtag diyannika polish, which has to go in the future then, I will answer I will make another episode, just. To answer all your questions and, if you stand upon wanna, kind of cartoon and get to know me tag using another 10 random questions, from online and, that random questions, new tournament it oh it's a icebreaker, and to, grow back system is nothing new harder right. Questions, now edition. So, if, you really want to know me more oh yes, so, again, thank you very much beepers for watching and please and I forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the subscribe button a notification bell so you get notified whenever a new video. Again, my name is Archie, and I'll see you all next time and.

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