Red Moon Rising | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 50

Red Moon Rising | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 50

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MATT: Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role, where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons. ALL: (hollering) We play Dungeons & Dragons! MATT: Bef-- MARISHA: (laughs) MATT: Ooh, we're slap-happy tonight. (laughs) Before we jump into tonight's episode, we do have some announcements to get through, beginning with our first sponsor, Ultra PRO.

Sam. SAM: Your favorite tabletop adventuring parties are getting the Ultra PRO treatment. Vox Machina, the Mighty Nein, Bells Hells will see their own gaming accessories, perfect for tabletop RPGs of all kinds, from Ultra PRO.

Each character from Bells Hells will get their own RPG folio. Eh? ASHLEY: Ooh, wow! SAM: The ultimate tool in organization and they come with matching stickers. But Matt, instead of me talking about Ultra PRO, wouldn't you rather watch a clip from a 1986 movie produced by Ultra PRO called "I Can't Pro For That," and starring '80s acting sensation, Gale? MATT: Gale? Oh, heck yeah! SAM: I've got the VHS right here. And play. TRAVIS: Glad we mounted that. MARISHA: (transition noises) SAM: This is a movie now. LAURA: As student council president, welcome, Gale, to Miller Huber High.

ASHLEY: Hey! Gee, thanks. I hope everyone here is as totally gnarly as you! LIAM: (exaggerated mean laugh) Peep the new kid, what a dork! TALIESIN: Yeah, your notepad is perfect... for my grandma! (mean laugh) LIAM: And that playmat is uglier than your face! LIAM and TALIESIN: (exaggerated mean laugh) Nailed it! ASHLEY: Hey goobers, that's really not cool! TALIEIN: "Not cool," like your generic folio, dweeb? (laughs) ASHLEY: Oh man! My first day and I'm already a poser. Looks like high school's already ruined. (exaggerated sigh) TRAVIS: Yo, Chett. MARISHA: Yeah.

TRAVIS: I bet you I could turn that nerd into a popular kid. MARISHA: (scoffs) No way, Brett. That loser? "Gale"? Bet you 10 bucks you can't. TRAVIS: You're on like Donkey Kong. MARISHA: Yeah. (exaggerated grunts) TRAVIS: (exaggerated grunts)

Oh, hold on. (grunts) SAM: Prop. LAURA: What the shit? ASHLEY: Oh, I put my old stuff down.

TRAVIS: Yo! Here, Gale. ASHLEY: Whoa! TRAVIS: Take some swiggity sweet Ultra PRO gear. Consider it a Miller Huber High welcome gift. ASHLEY: Dude, gag me with a spoon! Oh wow, a premium Bells Hells Book Folio with a pocket to store notes and maps and stuff? 10 wet erase compatible pages for character sheets, 10 wet erase compatible pages for character sheets, and two... nine-pocket pages for standard spell cards?! And an elastic loop to store a pencil or a marker?! And a Critical Role graph paper notepad?! And the added pocket to... slide--

(laughter) ASHLEY: -- in the back cover of any source book for easy access? Wicked awesome! TRAVIS: Oh, and there's also funky fresh playmats featuring previous Crit Role campaign crews. ASHLEY: Whoa. TRAVIS: Vox Machina deck-protector sleeves, and tons of dice-related items like Dice Towers, Dice Trays, even premium Deck Boxes. ♪ Sick! ♪ ASHLEY: Oh, I'm Gale! TRAVIS: I'm Brett. LIAM: Lookie who it is. The Freakazoid!

Sorry, it hadn't scrolled yet. Let's stuff Gale in the locker, dude! ASHLEY: Oh! TALIESIN: Dude, wait. Look, is that radical swag from Ultra PRO? LIAM: Oh, tubular! We were so wrong about you, Gale. You're the most popular kid in school! ASHLEY: Hey, thanks for making me popular, Brett. Oh, I think I'm falling for you. (laughter) TRAVIS: Ditto, babe.

MARISHA: (laughing cough) Well, well, well, looks like you won the bet, Brett. 10 bucks for making Gale cool, bruh. TRAVIS: That's a 20, but okay. MARISHA: Yeah, just give me change later.

ASHLEY: Brett, was this some kind of prank? You tricked me? TRAVIS: No. I mean, yes. It started out as a lie, but then I fell in love with you. That was real. Do you forgive me? LAURA: (laughs) ASHLEY: God, no! (record scratch) TRAVIS: Wait, what? Well, can I have my Ultra PRO stuff back, then? ASHLEY: Get bent, hoser! TRAVIS: Oh! TALIESIN: What about us? Will you be our friends? ASHLEY: 100% no! I'm Gale, gosh darn it, and I have something better than friends, I have self-confidence and I'm going to burn down the goddamn school and run away with this student council president! LAURA: Want to take my truck? ASHLEY: Sure babe, but I'm driving.

Let's get the fuck out of here. Ultra PRO! LAURA: Fuck yeah! SAM: Oh, what a good movie. Well, maybe it was a terrible movie. But Ultra PRO is great. Get yours today at Matt, back to you.

(laughter) SAM: That was great, you guys! LAURA: That was so much! MATT: That was on par with a lot of '80s high school features, actually. (laughs) SAM: When you took your hair down, it was like you were a totally different person. LAURA: I didn't even know it was the same person. SAM: Wow! ASHLEY: You didn't? SAM: Amazing transformation.

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(cheering) SAM: Micro Machines! LAURA: Oh my god, I remember those commercials. LIAM: Got a guy. LAURA: Hey, guess what? There's four new items available in all the CR shops. First up, and I'm really proud of it, is this Critical Role dice tome rolling tray.

SAM: What does that mean? What does that do? LAURA: Hold on, I got to get the packaging out. SAM: You were about to show it to us before we started. TALIESIN: And then you said no. LAURA: I know, and then I said, don't look at-- Oh, I ripped the packaging.

TALIESIN: Yeah. LAURA: Sorry. (laughter) TRAVIS: She's a rebel! LAURA: Art is by Sophie Humphries. Look. It says Critical Role Explorer's Guide to Jrusar, Volume One. SAM: Nice. LAURA: And then you open it up. ASHLEY: And then what? LAURA: It's a rolling tray, bitches! TALIESIN: Ooh! LAURA: Look, it's a rolling tray. It comes with this foam, so everything keeps nice and safe.

ASHLEY: It comes with a sweet silica gel packet! LAURA: Yeah! ASHLEY: Keep it nice and fresh! LAURA: You can put dice in here. MARISHA: We're back in the '80s, you guys. LAURA: Seriously, though.

SAM: That's really cool. LAURA: It's really cool. LIAM: Roll for initiative, dude! (laughter) LAURA: Forever, the whole episode. Then we also have some more dice! (triumphant fanfare) Mighty Nein dice. I've got Jester ones. SAM: Oh, those are great. LAURA: Ooh!

TRAVIS: Those look like pastry. LAURA: Caleb ones. LIAM: Burning Caleb ones. TALIESIN: Ooh! LAURA: Then we've also got-- Matt, look.

We have Traveler ones. (oohing and aahing) LAURA: Do you want to use them? MATT: (like Artagan) I'm excited to try them. LAURA: Here you go, Traveler. Whatever you want. MATT: Thank you kindly.

LAURA: So yeah, check them out. They're in the stores. Da, da, da. That's all I got. TRAVIS: ♪ Dat, dat, dat ♪ LAURA: ♪ Do, do, do, do, donuts ♪ MATT: (laughs) There it is. Thank you, Laura. LAURA: You're welcome. Cupcake! MATT: Oh, cupcake! And with cupcake, I believe that brings us to the end of our announcements.

TRAVIS: Bring it, bro! MATT: Let's go ahead and jump into tonight's episode of Critical Role. (excited roaring) ♪ Critical (It's Thursday) ♪ ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ ASHLEY: ♪ One-by-one, we climb until we reach the top ♪ ♪ Two-by-two, we fall ♪ LAURA: ♪ Will we meet our end or meet our destiny ♪ ♪ Hold your breath and roll ♪ MATT: How do you want to do this? ALL: ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ ♪ All ye Critters, ♪ come join us ♪ ♪ It's time to ♪ continue our plight ♪ ♪ There is ♪ magic and mystery ♪ ♪ Who knows ♪ what will happen ♪ ♪ He might ♪ ♪ But one thing's for sure ♪ ♪ We never give up ♪ on the fight ♪ TRAVIS: ♪ From the healer ♪ LIAM: ♪ To the renegade ♪ MATT: ♪ We all share the same goal ♪ TALIESIN and MATT: ♪ Adding more allies ♪ ♪ Taking more chances ♪ SAM: ♪ Hold your breath and roll ♪ MARISHA: You can certainly try. ALL: ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ ♪ All ye Critters, ♪ come join us ♪ ♪ It's time to ♪ continue our plight ♪ ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ ♪ There is ♪ magic and mystery ♪ ♪ From darkness, ♪ our friendship will rise ♪ ♪ But one thing's for sure ♪ ♪ We never give up ♪ on the fight ♪ ♪ Oh, get ready (get ready) ♪ ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ (flames crackling) MATT: And welcome back. So, last we left off, Bells Hells, you've been traversing the length and breadth of Marquet in your skyship, the Silver Sun in transit as time clicks closer and closer to the Apogee Solstice.

Upon many days of challenging encounters, terrifying weather, a few boons in your way, a quick stop at Bassuras to pick up a few magical items with some of the money that you've saved, a few connections, taking on board a terrifying fey entity that you've battled in the past as an antagonist, and then heading in a northeast direction to the-- Well, you know, Ira Wendagoth. SAM: Nightmare King. MATT: (sinisterly) Nightmare King. MARISHA: I thought you were talking about the dead-- never mind. MATT: No worries. But you've reached out to a few allies, a possible promise of a cavalry when the time is right, and you now zero in on the final day before the solstice finds its way above the skies of Marquet.

the solstice finds its way above the skies of Marquet. So, as the sun begins to rise over the distant horizon, the cracked and dusty landscape of the Hellcatch Valley before you, the mounting winds of a darkened gray sandstorm the mounting winds of a darkened gray sandstorm that begins to cruise and press near or in your direction in the days to come, the day is yours to plan and prepare and tell me what you wish to do as you approach. MARISHA: That's right, it was an "at dawn, we plan" situation. SAM: We did no planning. LIAM: Don't we plan more--

LAURA: Nothing, nothing. TRAVIS: Well, after eight years, I think we've figured out that, you know, planning or no planning-- MARISHA: So far. TRAVIS: -- it's all the same. MARISHA: Yeah. ASHLEY: It's all the same, yeah. LAURA: (laughs) MATT: A basic structure and then throw it out the window when you actually get there. SAM: So, the solstice has not begun.

MATT: Correct. SAM: It begins-- LAURA: Tonight. Is it wee hours of the morning right now, you said? MATT: It's the wee hours of the morning.

It happens tonight or happens tomorrow. You're not sure the exact timing. LIAM: (Irish accent) Starts in 12 to 24 hours. ASHLEY: Maybe it happens when the moon comes up. LAURA: Maybe. TALIESIN: That would make sense. ASHLEY: If tonight-- LAURA: I mean, yeah. Okay.

SAM: Do we want... It's nighttime, we're about to go to sleep, is that right? MATT: Well, no, you're just waking up. LAURA: No, it's early morning. LIAM: Just waking up. MATT: The morning is beginning. SAM: We're about to go to sleep.

LIAM: This is the day before everything. MARISHA: Like the depressed people we are. ASHLEY: This is the day before everything? (laughter) ASHLEY: I thought today was the day. TRAVIS: Fucking perfect. Perfect. LAURA: This is what we were just saying! TRAVIS: We should just get our coffins, and our caskets, our measurements now. It was perfect. ASHLEY: Wait, I thought today

we woke up and today's the first day. LAURA: No. Maybe tonight could be the first night. ASHLEY: What is happening? (laughter) ASHLEY: What's the Apogee Solstice? LIAM: This is how you know it's scripted.

MARISHA: This is it. (laughter) SAM: But here's the problem. Here's my problem. TRAVIS: Yeah. SAM: This is Sam Riegel. You can tell because of no southern twang.

LAURA: Oh, uh-huh. ASHLEY: Oh, okay. SAM: We can't reconnaissance. LAURA: (as Sam) "We can't." SAM: We can't recon. We can't, we're in a big fucking ship! LAURA: No. SAM: So what do we do? What, are we going to fly up and be like, "Don't look at us!" LAURA: How do we get close? MARISHA: Wait! LAURA: Do we land far away? This is Imogen now, I don't know.

TRAVIS: We do have someone that can fly and we have ways to make them invisible. Or you could make someone fly and make them invisible. SAM: These are the ideas that I need. MARISHA: We have to have a ground team. We have to have an infiltration team, right? LAURA: I think that-- SAM: Oh. Okay. LAURA: Are we our character now? SAM: Yeah, we're in-character now. ASHLEY: What are we doing?

LIAM: Oh, we're in it? Okay. LAURA: Okay. I don't know. ASHLEY: Oh god, I slept like shit. TALIESIN: We don't actually know what Ira does. LAURA: -- he's going to be-- (laughter) TALIESIN: Yeah, we're going there. TRAVIS: Got to get the hands on the-- There you go. LIAM: What are we going to do, Imogen? (laughter) MARISHA: Oh god, just cancel the solstice.

Let's go home. LAURA: If we're invisible and we're flying-- LIAM: Yeah? TRAVIS: Start fucking. LAURA: Somebody could see-- Orgy. MARISHA: Orgy 2.0. LAURA: Somebody could see us that's really powerfully magic, right? They can see things that are invisible? SAM: Somebody is. LAURA: I imagine.

TRAVIS: Yeah. ASHLEY: Oh. LIAM: Well, here's the thing, though. The ship is so large, we need to build in the time to park it far away. TRAVIS: Yeah. LIAM: That's travel time.

TRAVIS: Yeah. LIAM: So we need appropriate travel time. We could send someone flying in, but that's too far to go on your own.

TRAVIS: Yeah, if it's an hour of flying and your travel speed is like, what, 40 or 50 feet while you're flying? LAURA: 40, I think, yeah. TRAVIS: So you'd have to get far enough away to be able to half hour, 20 minutes there, look around for 10, 20 minutes back. SAM: Point of order. We don't know where "there" is. TRAVIS: No. LIAM: No.

SAM: So we don't even know, okay, it feels like we're far enough to disembark. TRAVIS: Right. SAM: We have to find it first.

TRAVIS: Yep. SAM: Then when we find it, they can see us. TALIESIN: How far is the-- TRAVIS: Yeah. SAM: Shit! TRAVIS: Yeah. MARISHA: The scry ball? TALIESIN: Yeah. MARISHA: Like 1,000 feet.

TALIESIN: Okay, that's not-- SAM: Can we do a cloud around us so that we can at least get-- LAURA: So we're one moving cloud? That's not obvious at all in the sky. SAM: Well, I mean-- MARISHA: It's a sandstormy day, right? As you said, it's cloudy. What's the weather? MATT: It looks like there will be some winds and dust coming in a number of hours from now, yes. SAM: Clouds, though? No clouds? MATT: Not heavy. I mean, there's clouds in the sky, but there's no storm blowing, and there's just heavy winds picking up a dust storm at most. SAM: For instance, could we go into the cumulonimbus clouds and hide up there if we did some skill check? MATT: You can certainly try. TRAVIS: Oh jeez.

MARISHA: Yes, maybe we do a super high altitude. LIAM: So you want to-- SAM: The cirrus level? TRAVIS: A Halo drop? MARISHA: A Halo drop. LIAM: You want to nail our plan to the weather? SAM: Well, how else do we-- We don't even know where it is! We can't do anything unless we first find it, and we can't find it if we're visible.

So we should go in the clouds. TALIESIN: Yeah, it is a good plan. TRAVIS: In that vision that you had in the dream, we saw a sinkhole. LAURA: A giant hole, yeah. TRAVIS: We obviously went into the sinkhole, we saw a bunch of other stuff.

Outside the sinkhole, do you remember, does she remember? Do you remember any kind of identifying features? SAM: Features? LAURA: Oh right, I think there was-- TRAVIS: Landmarks? LAURA: Sand and dirt. ASHLEY: Sand, ruins. TRAVIS: Was there a Whataburger? ASHLEY: There's ruins. TALIESIN: Cuts it down a little bit. LAURA: Turn right at the Whataburger. MATT: Now, as part of the dream, it wasn't an extremely clear take on everything around you.

It was mainly like you can make out shapes and some details around you, like they're on the very far periphery of your vision at all times unless you focused on something, and you were focused on your mother. TRAVIS: Right. Selfish. MATT: (laughs) You remember aspects.

You remember the pit, you remember some of the structure and the architecture within. You remember seeing on the outside of the pit there was what looked like small encampments with some winding steps with some winding steps and two long descents that continued down into the pit from the above lip of it. LAURA: Mm-hmm. Crossways that went back and forth across the pit, right? MATT: Some of the bridges did, but they never crossed the center. LAURA: Okay. MATT: They were all

off to the side, but yeah. LAURA: Okay. MARISHA: If we get close enough, or at least high enough or something, I can always send in Pâté to do a little flyby. TALIESIN: We do have a mystery box that we haven't opened yet. SAM: What's that? MARISHA: Ira. TALIESIN: Ira.

MARISHA: We should include him in all of these plans. TALIESIN: We don't know what the fuck-- What the fuck can he do? TRAVIS: Oh yeah, he can teleport in and out of stuff, maybe he could-- MARISHA: We already learned-- SAM: Has he been there? TRAVIS: I think he said he has had an eye on them, right? LIAM: I mean, we're just guessing. LAURA: That's right! He would know exactly where it is based on his telescope. SAM: Ira, get the fuck up here! MATT: (laughs) ASHLEY: Oh, that's right, he's with us. MARISHA: He can only bamf a little bit.

I think he can only-- SAM: Huh? TRAVIS: That's okay, even if it's just him-- MARISHA: Like Dimension Door. 500 feet. TRAVIS: -- or plus one person. I think he said he could take somebody with him last time. MARISHA: I have a feeling it's like-- SAM and LAURA: Dimension Door? MARISHA: Yeah. LAURA: Yeah, 500 feet. TRAVIS: Ira! SAM: Oh, Ira? MATT: You head down into the chamber that Ira's chosen-- TRAVIS: Wait, we're going down to him? MATT: -- for his quarters, and it's a musty storage chamber under deck, beneath the deck.

As you open the door and call the name out, you can see perched up in the corner, just sitting up there, the legs curled up, the arms out, the head unfurls from within the coat and looks at you with a smile. TRAVIS: There's no fucking reason. You don't need to do that. MATT: "You called my name?" MARISHA: Did you sleep like that? LAURA: (laughs) MATT: "Well, I mean, the quarters are a bit cramped, "but you make do with what you're given." TALIESIN: Don't judge. TRAVIS: Ira, listen, we were just contemplating our approach and how we might be able to do some basic reconnaissance, because instead of just dropping down and smiting the earth and everything contained within, we might want to try and salvage a soul or two before we do so. So we were curious, you have the ability to jump from space to space.

First of all, have you been to this site in person yet, as you were keeping an eye on them? MATT: "In person? "No, but I know where it is and how we can get there." LAURA: Oh, great. TRAVIS: That's a big help. TALIESIN: Look at that. ASHLEY: That's a very big help.

TRAVIS: Well, so, to-- LIAM: How do you mean? MATT: "I've seen it. "The device that I built with the Calloways "allowed me to locate it." LIAM: Would you be able to judge how close we are and-- LAURA: When we should land and-- LIAM: Yeah. MATT: His arms reach out and push past you into the hallway and clambers around in almost a corkscrew as he heads down to the stairway that leads up to the deck. LIAM: Totally unnecessary.

LAURA: (laughs) TALIESIN: I'm kind of into it. TRAVIS: Just to be clear, your intention is to destroy this device, not use it or salvage it in any way? MATT: You're asking him this on the deck? Are you following him as he goes up there? TRAVIS: Yes. MATT: Okay. He goes, "I wish to destroy everything they've worked on." TRAVIS: Somebody insight check him, please.

ASHLEY: I will. LAURA: I was going to say. MATT: Both of you make insight checks. ASHLEY: Okay, okay. LAURA and TRAVIS: (silly noises) TRAVIS: Mine's not bad.

LAURA: 22. SAM: Ooh, why don't you roll in that dice tray? MATT: 22? ASHLEY: Well, it's over yonder. MARISHA: She just pulled out a whole-ass kit. ASHLEY: 18. MATT: 18, okay.

SAM: Oh, whispers! LAURA: I know, I know, I forgot to roll mine. SAM: I don't think I'm supposed to read this for whispers. It says, "For combat only." LAURA: (laughs) SAM: But fuck it. "This combat is brought to you by WizKids Minis." TRAVIS: Yeah, we don't know.

SAM: "Join forces with the Mighty Nein "to take on the terrifying Uk'otoa." ALL: (overlapping whispers) Uk'otoa. SAM: "Preorder painted or unpainted versions "of this behemoth today. "You can expand your collection of Critical Role minis "at "or your LGS."

Right? Is that what you say? YLGS? Your Local Game Store? Isn't there, like-- TALIESIN: Now they know. MATT: FLGS, it's Friendly Local Game Store. SAM: That's right, thank you. Thank you. TRAVIS: Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

MATT: Yep. SAM: FLGS. MATT: He looks at you for a second, smiling as he finishes his phrase and then clambers off to the edge of the deck and you watch as he reaches into his coat and pulls out this tiny, little spyglass that extends like this long needle. TRAVIS: Ooh, wow. MATT: The end unravels a clockwork device into this extended lens that seems to almost (poof) appear out of space with this flash of fey energy.

He puts it up to his eye, and you watch as it curls, not unlike the end of the device, the key replication that you saw in the hideaway, and shifts its upper body a bit this way, a bit this way, the wind blowing his ears a bit to the side before it retracts. Puts it back into his coat, turns around. "Captain, we're going this way."

He points and leans in, his whole body forming an extended, weird weather vane, as he arcs his long, gnarled finger in the direction that he emphasizes as the Captain in the back, Xandis goes, "Sure, all right. "Well, go ahead and follow where it's going. "Why would I argue with the giant spider man?" And begins to slightly arc the ship in the direction it's going, and begins taking a few notes.

On a side table, where the small map that Captain Xandis has, they're also marking the trajectory of where they're heading. With that, Ira returns back around. "But I surmise it won't be too long, so-- "(inhales) What are we doing?" TRAVIS: A few hours? Less? MATT: "I'd say probably half a day's journey." LAURA: Half a day. TRAVIS: Fair enough. We're going to communicate this to the Captain, but one of our fallback plans is to use this ship itself as a weapon. We're hoping that might catch them off-guard.

MATT: "(laughs)" TRAVIS: Thought you'd like that. But-- MATT: "That's fun." TRAVIS: I figure maybe I should go talk to Xandis and sort of start to introduce the idea. SAM: Sure.

There are other crew members that will need to get off the ship. TRAVIS: I don't think so. The captain's the only one that survives this. (laughter) TRAVIS: Do you want to talk to El Nightmare King to communicate how we're going to go in quiet? SAM: Sure. LAURA: Well, we got to figure out how we're going to go in quiet, right? SAM: We're going to set down. I assume we're going to set down a couple hours out? TRAVIS: Yeah, we do want to set out of visual range, so they can't see us, whether we're high or low.

In this case, low would serve us best, right? As close to the horizon as possible. SAM: Yeah, get all the innocent folk off the ship and us in a scouting party. TRAVIS: I don't know. I mean, let's think about it, FCG. SAM: All right.

TRAVIS: What if we sacrifice their souls to buff yours? What if it's a sacrifice to the Changebringer? What if he gives you multiple coins? Ask the Changebringer. SAM: It's a she. Yeah, okay. Changebringer, would you like me to sacrifice the lives of innocents on this ship? (laughter) TALIESIN: Called it.

LAURA: I just don't think it-- TRAVIS: Open your heart to her message. SAM: There's a message in there, there's a mystery. Clearly, she doesn't want me to just willy-nilly sacrifice people, but maybe she's saying that we're going to have to make a sacrifice on this day of some sort.

LAURA: Uh-huh, that's exactly what you just asked her. LIAM: I was just going to say. SAM: I'm just saying-- LIAM: You have just leveled up, FCG. I think bringing some nuance and interpretation to your faith is a very important step. TALIESIN: Yeah. Actually, I'm with this.

TRAVIS: Woo, boy. I can't wait to translate it into other languages and see what happens. (laughter) SAM: I'm going to have to think on this. You guys talk.

(laughter) ASHLEY: Ira? Have you-- MATT: "Yes?" ASHLEY: -- experienced the Apogee Solstice before in your lifetime? MATT: "I've not necessarily been present "here in Exandria in its time. "It has some echo effects amongst the other realms, "and I've made use of it in ways that it was curious. "But I must say, from what I've seen and learned "in even just these past handful of years, "my brief interactions with Ludinus "and his strange interests, "it seems like it would be quite a..." ASHLEY: Oh, that's right. MATT: "-- quite a unique opportunity for some." ASHLEY: Oh, oh, wait.

I don't know if we've talked about this. Wait. LAURA: We haven't told him. ASHLEY: Do we know that who you're talking about is the same person that we met? LAURA: Yes, we do. ASHLEY: We do. We do know this. We met him. LAURA: Yeah, we met him. MATT: "Smashing."

LAURA: Can he see invisible things? MATT: "Who?" LAURA: Do you know? Ludinus? MATT: "Most likely." LAURA: Okay, that's what I thought. ASHLEY: Shit. MATT: "He's, by and large, "one of the oldest and most powerful practitioners of magic "in this mortal realm. "You--" LIAM: How old do you reckon? MATT: "I have no idea.

"At least a half millennium." MARISHA: He mentioned being around during The Calamity, maybe towards the end of The Calamity, or post? MATT: "It seems a bit stretched for the lifespan of an elf, "unless he dabbles in necromancy. "Which, I mean--" SAM: He might. MATT: "-- then the gates fly open, but it's possible." MARISHA: He's got a real massive grudge for the gods. MATT: "So I've noticed. It's...

"adorable." MARISHA: What do you think about the gods? MATT: "I don't think about them." MARISHA: Yeah, see? I mean, it's kind of the same. MATT: "Mm-hmm." TRAVIS: You can make out with him now, it's okay. MARISHA and LAURA: (laugh) LAURA: You have so much in common.

MARISHA: (laughs) Yeah. (laughter) MARISHA: As two spiders. (laughter) ASHLEY: I'm going to try to just, you know, grab the little-- TRAVIS: You don't want to wait for a distraction or-- LAURA: You're seriously just going to try to do it right now? ASHLEY: Well, while they're talking. MATT: Mm-hmm. SAM: Do it. MATT: What are you trying to do?

ASHLEY: I'm going to try to take his little, needle spy glass. MATT: Okay. Make a sleight of hand check. (laughs) TRAVIS: You're cracking open some new ones for this? ASHLEY: No, I keep closing that for some reason, like they'll reset. TRAVIS: Okay. Yeah, sure. That's dice lore. LIAM: Chucks it.

ASHLEY: Okay. 20. LIAM: Yeah. MATT: 20? Okay. As he's leaning forward, you see precisely this small, sewn pocket on the inside of the lapel. You deftly glance over and see the slightest glint of light on metal, and rapidly lean forward and withdraw it and tuck it away.

Doesn't seem to notice. MARISHA: There's no way he doesn't notice. ASHLEY: Matches? TRAVIS: Yeah, he's got the clout.

He knows. MARISHA: Yeah, he's fey. TALIESIN: What was the last solstice like over in the Fey Realm? What made everybody interested in it in the first place? MATT: "Well, the solstice, primarily-- "The average solstice, as it occurs, "brings with it heightened magical energy. "Strange beings, mutations, "and a lot of aberrations born around that time period "tend to be the more dangerous and swollen "of their normal selves.

"That's how you find "some of the more unique and mythological beasts "that make a name for themselves, "often born in and around the solstice. "But the Apogee Solstice, "well, in my experience, from a fey standpoint, "the sky grows brighter, the darks grow darker. "For our folk and those around us, "it's a night of ritual, it's a night of celebration.

"It's a night of indulgence "in bacchanalian joys and terrors." MARISHA: Oh, dark. That's dark. TALIESIN: How old is the red moon? MARISHA: Well, we know that it didn't appear in the sky until-- TRAVIS: It's a post-Calamity, right? LAURA Yeah. TALIESIN: Yeah.

MARISHA and LAURA: Pre-Calamity. MATT: No, far pre-Calamity. LAURA: Pre-Divergence? MATT: No, Ruidus. (laughs) TALIESIN: No, Ruidus was-- MATT: No, Ruidus has been around since around The Founding. LIAM: The Founding, yeah, because our theory is if it's a god cage holding two gods that no one's ever heard of, then that's long before The Calamity. TALIESIN: It's way before.

TRAVIS: Okay. LIAM: It's from the beginning. That's the beginning. TALIESIN: I was just trying to put this together.

TRAVIS: The Adam and Eve of gods. They're going to make a bunch of more. LAURA: Huh? SAM: So if we set down, do we take the vehicle and drive close to do a scout? TRAVIS: I guess. It's pretty loud, but yeah, I think so. LAURA: Oh, that's right,

it is pretty loud. SAM: You can get close enough to ditch it and go on foot. I mean, just to make it little-- LAURA: Then we have two teams? TRAVIS: It's a small group. LAURA: Is that what we're looking at? A sky team and a ground team? TRAVIS: Well, it feels like whoever's on the ship that's going to do that needs to either have some fly or something or to be able to have it cast on them, but also an ability to communicate.

But it's probably one person on the ship, right? LIAM: Right. I mean, Ira and Xandis is one duo that makes sense, because how do we get them out of there? LAURA: Yeah, but Ira could be-- LIAM: -- I know. I'm trying to think how you fly that ship in and not sacrifice anyone on board. MARISHA: Well, are we thinking the ground team is going to come back after the scout, or once we're in, we're in? LIAM: Do we have time for a scout or are we right on top of it? SAM: We have a whole day.

We have a whole day. LAURA: Well, we've got half a day to get there. LIAM: Half a day to get near it. TRAVIS: True. LIAM: Near half a day to get there and park and then travel to it. TRAVIS: We're going to get to it, the ground team, if they can get in, if they can get eyes on your mom and on Planerider Ryn are going to be like, "Yes, I need more time, hold." MARISHA: "We got her." Yeah. TRAVIS: Or like,

"I don't see her." SAM: I think we still have to do that, though. We still have to send in a ground team, because otherwise, we're all flying in. That seems crazy. LAURA: Yeah. TRAVIS: Yeah, we're not doing that.

For sure. LAURA: So, really, what it's going to be is-- SAM: We should go in by ground. LAURA: Either you or me-- SAM: To send? LAURA: We split up. SAM: I think what the Changebringer was telling me was to stay on the ship. TRAVIS: Really? SAM: Well-- LAURA: How are you going to fly off? SAM: I have a little propeller. LAURA: Does that really work? MARISHA: We need a healer. LAURA: Because I feel like

the only time it works is if, you know-- TRAVIS: Try it right here. Can you hover? ASHLEY: Give it a try... SAM: (propellers whizzing) MATT: Makes a cool noise. (laughter) TRAVIS: Two horsepower. MATT: Yeah, you don't fly. You haven't tried slowing a dissent, but it doesn't seem to do much at the moment.

SAM: I could fashion some sort of parachute. We have enough time to make one. MATT: "What is the issue here at hand we're discussing?" MARISHA: Okay, so, catching you up real quick, here's what we're thinking.

Ground team, go in, get Imogen's mom, also get Planerider Ryn. LAURA: Super important. MARISHA: She's a little bit petrified, and has been made an example of and there's a big statue in front of the Malleus Key. So we want to get her because-- LAURA: Where everybody can see her. MARISHA: Yeah, because there are other people who are trapped in other dimensions.

So if we don't get her, then they might be stuck there forever in the Fire Plane. Anyway, we get them and then we fly the boat in, either super low, super stealthy, through the canyons, smash it into the Malleus Key. We got a super bomb made by Imahara Joe.

Then also maybe some other things, or we'd position the boat over top of the Malleus Key and we kill the brumestone and let it go boom. TRAVIS: This motherfucker better not betray us. We just gave him the whole thing. (laughs) SAM: We need Xandis on board to fly it or no? Ashton, you studied how to fly it, right? TALIESIN: I know how it works. I'm not probably great at it yet, but I understand.

I was more trying to figure out how brumestone works. SAM: Also, Fearne, didn't you study it? ASHLEY: Yes, yes I did. MATT: "So who's going to stay behind "to be this proverbial sacrifice?" LAURA: That's what we're talking-- LIAM: We're trying to figure out right now. MARISHA: I think we could do-- TALIESIN: I can't fly, but I can take a hit.

ASHLEY: I can fly-- LAURA: Can't communicate with us from far-- ASHLEY: -- the boat. But we can't communicate this way. LAURA: So either FCG or I have to stay. SAM: So why don't you and I stay? Can you get us? If we jumped off, could you slow our descent? LAURA: You could Polymorph. TALIESIN: You might become useful--

ASHLEY: Yes, I could Polymorph. SAM: Yeah. ASHLEY: Thank you. I forgot this is a new thing that I can do. I could figure it out. SAM: Okay. ASHLEY: I could figure it out.

We'd be fine. We'd be totally fine. SAM: Or you two could stay. Either way. LIAM: I have an argument for Ashton to be on the ground because he helps us stealth around. TRAVIS: I'm on the ground.

SAM: I'm terrible at stealth. LAURA: That's true. LIAM: But you're magic in an emergency, you're a good emergency-- SAM: Sure, but we're going to be coming. TRAVIS: Yeah, we're definitely not-- SAM: We're going to fly in. TRAVIS: -- in consideration for this skyship.

TALIESIN: No, that's fair. TRAVIS: Neither are you, right? MARISHA: I don't think so. TRAVIS: Yeah. MARISHA: I don't know what I could do in the skyship. TRAVIS: So it's between you y'all four. TALIESIN: I mean, I think it is the two of you.

There's nobody else it can be. LIAM: We also need a plan for moving Ryn-- in a manner that she will not break. MARISHA: Beefy boys. LAURA: So we need beefy Ashton. LIAM: Well, yeah, I was thinking Ashton or you. ASHLEY: It's the strength. TRAVIS: Let's not count out the age over here, okay? LIAM: Lifting things.

TALIESIN: That's why we have the hole. LAURA: I don't have a lot of power there. LIAM: No? TALIESIN: Put it in the hole. SAM: I can help you fly-- LAURA: But, Ira, how strong are you? SAM: -- with magic. TALIESIN: Anybody can take the hole.

ASHLEY: Oh, great. SAM: Guide you and stuff. ASHLEY: Okay, okay. MATT: "I can get around all right. "In what regard are you asking?" LAURA: Just if we needed help picking up a giant stone pillar. MATT: "I could certainly help, "but my skills lie in other avenues."

MARISHA: Ira, it might be very useful if you could potentially help us dismantle this Malleus Key if the skyship plan fails or having a-- MATT: "Oh, I'd be very interested in--" MARISHA: You're not going to betray us, are you? MATT: "Why would I?" LAURA: (laughs) MARISHA: Oh, you know. TALIESIN: I can think of a few reasons why I would. MATT: "Of course, you can't trust me."

TRAVIS: That's fair. MATT: "But what options do you have?" SAM: Yeah. LAURA: Yeah. TALIESIN: I am weirdly comfortable with not trusting somebody. LIAM: Can I get a vibe of Ira checking out his fey bod, what his strength is compared to my super average 10? MARISHA: He's fricking made of sticks. MATT: He's much stronger than you.

LIAM: Much stronger. MATT: Not massively, but strong. LIAM: Yeah, I'm not strong, I'm small. MATT: Yeah, tensile fey strength. TRAVIS: And, Ira, you know, not to get too inside baseball.

Great game, played on a remote island. If you weren't with us and if the skyship wasn't going to crash down and make this big fucking commotion, what would your plan be, just in case something goes awry? MATT: "Oh, I'd probably try and "find a way to rapidly sneak in, "find out where the basis of all of its power sources are "and destroy them all at once "before anyone knows any better." TRAVIS: I like it.

That sounds good to me. MATT: "But they have seemed to have "adjusted some of their setup. "But, that's where improvisation comes in." TRAVIS: The only other part of this we haven't talked about, because it feels like it'll be incredible if we get that far, is getting out. MARISHA: Yes.

SAM: I mean, we can't. We can't. TRAVIS: For the Changebringer. SAM: We just can't plan that far ahead. MATT: "I can take one with me." SAM: It's a waste of time. MARISHA: Yeah. TRAVIS: (laughs)

Just acknowledging it for us, so we don't go, "Oh yeah." MARISHA: Maybe we could stash the crawler nearby. TALIESIN: Worst case, we also, if it's about to go boom, we do have a portable hole. MATT: "I can make a couple of quick jaunts with one other." TALIESIN: Not bad either. LIAM: Maybe somebody ask this tall king, can you tell us-- Can you do anything about Ryn's petrification? MATT: "Oh, that is beyond my--" SAM: All right, all right.

TRAVIS: Good ask. MATT: "-- realm of expertise." LAURA: We can get back to Nana Morri, though. She can help. She already said she could. ASHLEY: She could probably help. LIAM: Yeah. I just-- ASHLEY: Yeah. LIAM: She would be a quick exit out of here-- LAURA: Yeah, she would. LIAM: -- if we could wake her up.

TRAVIS: If this is the big HQ here, maybe they'll have, I don't know, teleportation circles or vehicles-- LAURA: That's right, or maybe-- TRAVIS: -- or other things inside or below. LAURA: Maybe the Voice of the Tempest might have some abilities to get in and out. I mean, we're meeting them there. We didn't even-- TRAVIS: Yeah. LIAM: You see any trees in your dream? MARISHA: Is she personally coming? Or is it just her crew? LIAM: Possible, but not 100%.

We could check in again. LAURA: Don't you think someone with her power would have the ability to wake up Ryn? TALIESIN: I feel like Ira would come. LIAM: Probably. SAM: But not remotely. LIAM: Not remotely. MARISHA: But perhaps other Ashari. MARISHA: Also, have we called them? SAM: Yeah, we did yesterday. LIAM: We got a message through a seed.

MARISHA: Right, but don't we need to follow up and be like-- SAM: We could. LAURA: Yeah, we need to follow up today. MARISHA: Okay. LAURA: Probably once we land. TALIESIN: And have a sense of things.

SAM: All right, plan set. TALIESIN: All right. LAURA: How are we-- SAM: Let's go! LAURA: What is the sneaky team doing? How's the sneaky team getting down? SAM: That's for y'all to figure out-- ASHLEY: Who's sneaky team? SAM: -- when you get down there. ASHLEY: Sneaky team, sneaky team. TRAVIS: Sneaky team is Ashton, Chetney, Orym, Laudna. Which three of y'all are on the skyship? SAM: We're just skyship. ASHLEY: We're skyship. TRAVIS: Okay, and Imogen is sneaky team. LAURA: All right. MARISHA: I just want to point out,

we're bringing no one with healing capabilities with us on team sneak. SAM: We've got health potions galore. TRAVIS: Health potions, health potions. SAM: We're going to be dive bombing in right away. TRAVIS: Yeah, and if you go down, we can also pull off your health potion and dump it in your mouth or betray you and take it for ourselves. MATT: "If I'm staying behind on the ship with these two, "I can take one of you to a place of absolute "necessary timing if need be."

ASHLEY: What does that mean? TALIESIN: Oh. MATT: "Oh, I can grasp you within my fold and both of us can "(poof) be there as soon as we need to be." TALIESIN: I love that sound. LAURA: Do you have--

ASHLEY: Okay. LAURA: -- the ability to send messages? SAM: Let me look at my character sheet. MATT: "Very short distance." LAURA: Ah. MATT: "But you seem to have that ability, yes?" LAURA: Sure. TALIESIN: We could have an emergency healer, if we need.

MATT: "If need be, just let me know." TALIESIN: If you're conscious. MATT: "I'll grab "your metal friend here and we'll just--" TALIESIN: Good to know. MATT: "-- make a grand entrance!" TALIESIN: That's actually a really good idea. SAM: Right? ASHLEY: Yeah.

LAURA: So then you would-- ASHLEY: I got the ship. LAURA: You would come with us? ASHLEY: I'm in charge of the ship, right? SAM: Yeah. You're the captain. I'm the first mate. TALIESIN: Then you would turn into a bird or something, I don't know, and join us and-- ASHLEY: Fly far, far far away. TALIESIN: Well, that's...

LAURA: Then why is Ira staying on the ship? TALIESIN: Sure. We'll just let that-- SAM: To quick Teleport us. LAURA: Oh, okay. MATT: "Or I can come with you. Choice is yours." TRAVIS: I don't know, it's been fruitless thus far, but should we try to do another thing where we look and see if any dreamwalkers are watching us right now like we've watched them? SAM: Just like a perception check? TRAVIS: We've made 'em do something before. It doesn't usually work, but just for shits and giggles. LAURA: If my circlet that I'm wearing is making me impossible to scry on, that's not the same as what the dream...

MATT: Make a wisdom check for me, if you don't mind. LAURA: Oh. Okay, wait. Wisdom check. I'm not very wise.

Seven. MATT: Seven. Eh. (I don't know) (laughter) LAURA: Oh, that's a seven.

MATT: You don't fully understand the details of the powers that you have, though you're beginning to grasp them more and more how people have peered in or you've peered in on individuals. It feels instinctual, and you're uncertain as to the true nature of what creates that tether, that connection. LAURA: Okay. MATT: You do sense in binding with the circlet that it does seem to keep such tethers out. LAURA: Okay. All right.

TRAVIS: Only other thought, in case your mom comes around or if she's selling us out, do you want to reach out and give her a false lead? Like say either A, we'll be there in a couple days just to throw her off or B, maybe act like you're coming solo, and if you really wanted to find her, where could you locate her inside? LAURA: I can try. She might be able to see through it, what with everything that we've given her so far, but. I could try. TRAVIS: Your call, of course. LAURA: I have another question about the circlet. MATT: Yep.

LAURA: If-- Wait, this could be awesome. Wait, if the circlet keeps you from having people talking to you telepathically without you wanting them to. MATT: Mm-hmm.

I'm going to the-- piece of equipment right now. LAURA: If I try to drop my mental walls, do I hear everybody? Do I hear all the thoughts around me still, or--? TRAVIS: Ooh! LAURA: Or is it empty? TRAVIS: Because you usually can't do that around lots of people. MARISHA: Whoa! MATT: If you open your mind? LAURA: You know how all the time I'm blocking all the buzz out, right? MATT: Yes, yes. LAURA: Constantly. LIAM: Does the circlet do that? LAURA: If I stop mentally actively doing that, do I hear people still? Or does the circlet keep it away? MATT: For the first time in a long time-- TALIESIN: Oh! TRAVIS: Ooh! MATT: -- there is a restful silence that comes across your mind. TRAVIS: Oh, shit! TALIESIN: Welcome to Tylenol.

TRAVIS: That opens up a bit. MARISHA: That's crazy. TALIESIN: Magic acetaminophen. LAURA: (gasps) ASHLEY: You don't know what I'm thinking right now. LAURA: I don't. SAM: It's probably something gross. TRAVIS: Stupid.

(laughter) TALIESIN: Get it all out right now. LAURA: I can probably guess, but. (gasps) ASHLEY: Wow! How does that feel? LAURA: (laughs) That is pretty amazing.

MARISHA: It means after this we're going clubbing! LAURA and SAM: (laugh) LAURA: Wow, okay. That's great. Then, okay, yeah, so I could probably do Open Mind and it wouldn't be as painful to do. SAM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. LAURA: Amazing, all right. TRAVIS: What other prep? Who do we need to talk to, check in with? We're a half day-- We've been flying for about a half hour, an hour? MARISHA: Did you still want to talk to Xandis? MATT: Yeah, I'd say with conversation, you have a handful of hours before you-- TRAVIS: Oh, yes. MARISHA: And give him a bit of a heads-up.

TRAVIS: I got this. No problem. SAM: We're just going to pull him off the ship, though. TRAVIS: 100%, but I'm going to... SAM: Hmm...

LIAM: Yeah, will Xandis stay behind with you two and Fearne? TRAVIS: Yeah, there's no point, right? ASHLEY: Well, we'll come with you. SAM: No. LIAM: -- or carry. SAM: I think we... LIAM: You don't think you want the person with lots and lots of experience? SAM: She learned. TALIESIN: Yeah, that's not-- ASHLEY: Yeah. TALIESIN: Okay. ASHLEY: What, what?

TALIESIN: I'm not fighting it, no. ASHLEY: It's not what? Are you going to challenge-- TALIESIN: I'm embracing chaos. I'm embracing chaos. ASHLEY: -- my boat skills? SAM: What do we do when we jump off the ship? We're going to have Xandis with us. LIAM: Right. TALIESIN: I'm not going to--

LAURA: Oh, that's right-- SAM: In the belly of the fight? LAURA: Yeah, no, no. TALIESIN: Yeah. LAURA: Xandis isn't a fighter. MARISHA: Well, let Chet talk to him. LAURA: Are you, Xandis?

MARISHA: Let's see what-- MATT: Xandis is-- ASHLEY: Talk to 'em. MATT: They're back behind the wheel. "Sorry, I can't hear you through all the wind. "What's going on? You said my name?" TRAVIS: Listen, I just wanted to give you a little insight into what's going on. MATT: "Sure." TRAVIS: Lord Eshteross, boy, he made us rich, filthy rich.

In fact, we're going to be coming into a few other airships after this. MATT: "Oh, really?" TRAVIS: Yeah. We're going to start a-- MATT: "Congratulations." TRAVIS: Thank you. So I was hoping-- MATT: "That's wild." TRAVIS: -- maybe you might be interested in overseeing that fleet, but before we do, (sighs) we got to scuttle this one. It's just kind of becoming obsolete, and I know you might be very fond of it, but here's the deal.

We're going to be scuttling it in a strategic location to set us up for an advantageous enterprise after this. You can either be a part of that scuttling effort, which is going to be fairly high-adrenalin, or we could let you off of the ship and you can watch from afar if it's too emotional for you. MATT: Make a persuasion check. TALIESIN: Wow. MATT: (laughs) TALIESIN: That was a rollercoaster. TRAVIS: I don't know what I was saying, okay.

MATT and LAURA: (laugh) TRAVIS: (yelps) No, yep... Five. No, 15. That's a four and a 14, five. LAURA: Wait, what? TRAVIS: No. TALIESIN: No. TRAVIS: That's a perception check. MATT: Yeah. SAM: Oh my god.

MATT: Why'd you have advantage? TRAVIS: Because I'm looking at perception, which is not that. Persuasion is down here. MATT: Roll one more dice and make that be your... (laughs) TRAVIS: Sorry, guys, I stroked out. MARISHA: It's been a long week. TRAVIS: 13. MATT: 13. MARISHA: (laughs) MATT: You look at Xandis and their-- TRAVIS: Whew! MATT: -- their right eye twitches a little bit.

"I'm sorry, are you saying you're looking "to just get rid of the ship? "Just say goodbye to my baby?" TRAVIS: Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. MATT: "For the purpose of new enterprise." MATT: "For the purpose of new enterprise." TRAVIS: Yeah, I mean, there are some noble pursuits in all this, but that's the boring stuff.

Really it's going to be a new echelon of sky travel. Eshteross-Xandis, Incorporated. ASHLEY: E-Z. SAM: E-Z, Inc. ASHLEY: EZ, Inc. I'm going to help, too.

I'm going to help you through all this. MARISHA: Nope, nope. MATT: "I mean--" ASHLEY: If that sweetens the deal. MATT: "This is your boat. You can do what you want with it. "Based on what I'm gleaning, "we're going to a very dangerous circumstance, "and based on the technicolor crazy sky stuff, "it's going to be a little dangerous, right?" LAURA: Yeah LIAM: To put it lightly. SAM: Sorry.

MATT: "Yes, I'm gleaning that. "If there's any more information you want to give "about how dangerous things are going to be it'd be great, "because I have a lot of people here "that I care about as part of the ship "that I also got to take care of. "And if we could figure that out, "I mean, the ship is yours to do what you like, you own it." TRAVIS: Yeah, they're going to be coming off regardless.

We just wanted to know if you would be interested in guiding its final journey to its destination. It will be intense. MATT: "You're asking me to go down with the ship."

TRAVIS: No, we're going to get you off the ship on the way down. That's why you can either be a part of that, guiding its expertly-navigated route to its final destination or you can watch from afar while we probably fuck it up. MARISHA: We're going to save the world! MATT: "Mm..." TALIESIN: I can just put in that the ship is probably screwed either way. If we don't do this, if we do do this, we're kind of in the middle of the shit. LAURA: Do do, oh. MATT: "All right, that's a fair enough point.

"(chuckles) You did say 'do do,' "which is quite the funny." TALIESIN: Yeah, you know-- MATT: "No, also, all right. "No, I mean, hm, there's the captain's duty "No, I mean, hm, there's the captain's duty "to go down with the ship, I suppose, "but usually there's, you know, you can swim if it's a boat. "This is a skyship, so it explodes when it collides." TALIESIN: Yeah. MATT: "And you say you can help.

"How? I need assurances. "I really like this life. "I want to stick with it." SAM: I don't think we can give assurances. LAURA: Right, if-- TRAVIS: Sure we can.

LAURA: We don't know how much of a fighter you are, Xandis. If you'd rather stay at a distance and keep yourself safe as well as the rest of the crew, then I say disembark before we get-- MATT: "Let's do that one. Not a fighter." ASHLEY: Yeah, that's a good-- LAURA: Let's do that. TALIESIN: If you have time, just, you know, help this one-- LIAM: Yeah, maybe help Fearne brush up. TALIESIN: -- have her shit together. MATT: "Yeah, are you piloting this?" ASHLEY: Yeah.

MATT: "Take the wheel for the next hour. "I just want to have a look at this." ASHLEY: Just to sort of, okay, great. TRAVIS: Nice. SAM: Learner's permit. ASHLEY: But what would I need? TALIESIN: Check your mirrors. ASHLEY: What's the best... Just to make sure that I'm the best person for this job, do we know what it would entail? TRAVIS: Okay.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Good indicator. ASHLEY: So I have... TRAVIS: Good indicator! (laughter) SAM: I'm going to be buffing. (laughter) ASHLEY: You'll be buffing me. SAM: Yeah. I'm going to be giving you so much emotional support-- ASHLEY: Yeah, but this is dexterities we're rolling. SAM: -- that it will give you

an advantageous-- LAURA: And just a constant Guidance. TRAVIS: You multitask. LAURA: Constantly Guiding. SAM: Not just Guiding. I'll Enhance your Abilities. ASHLEY: Okay, great, great, great, great, great. SAM: And your emotional state so you're going to be great. You're going to be fine.

ASHLEY: We'll be great. We'll be great at this. MATT: Slowly, it's transitioning to day as we travel and keeping that going. LIAM: Just going to hit you with morphine an hour ahead of time. LAURA: Yeah. SAM: Yeah, I'll be there. ASHLEY: We're good, we're good? Okay, all right, all right. TRAVIS: It matters up, down.

MATT: "I mean, I've showed you the basics for the most part. "I just want to make sure that, you know, "(chuckles) I'd really hate for you to miss your mark." LAURA: Yeah. MATT: "That would look bad on all of us." ASHLEY: Yeah. MATT: "So I'd say,

"yeah, take the wheel for a bit." ASHLEY: Okay. MATT: "Show me what you got." ASHLEY: All right. MATT: Go ahead and roll... LIAM: Watch yourself. MARISHA: Fearne, ♪ take the wheel ♪ SAM: Guidance.

LAURA: Yeah, ♪ Fearne, take the wheel ♪ MATT: Because this is a protracted period of time, Guidance, I don't think, would really help for this one, SAM: Sure, that's fine. MATT: Especially given the circumstance that the scenario involved here would likely not have Guidance as an option. Roll a d20 and either add your...

I'll say, survival or your... Let's say dexterity. LIAM: Or deception. LAURA: (laughs) Or deception. LIAM: ♪ Apogee Solstice ♪

ASHLEY: Oh, that's-- LAURA and LIAM: ♪ We do what we must ♪ because we can ♪ ASHLEY: -- not great for the first... TALIESIN: (laughs) Wow. MARISHA: Why haven't we-- ASHLEY: Nine, nine. TALIESIN: Didn't even think of it, yeah. TRAVIS: You just did. ASHLEY: For the first roll.

MATT: All right, so you all sit back for a bit while you're discussing your plans and the ship occasionally like (rushing buzz) Xandis is like, "What? "Put it by this way. "But you know what? (laughs) "You promised me we'd get off the ship, right? "You got me off safe? "All right, I'm going to take it in there. "You're fine." SAM: Whoa.

MATT: And takes the wheel back and says-- ASHLEY: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me just give it one other go. I got to learn how to when it's the hard stuff. MATT: "The timeline on this--" SAM: She's got this. MATT: "-- is a little short on this."" SAM: She's got this. MARISHA: I'm kind of team Xandis.

TALIESIN: Yeah, yeah. ASHLEY: Yeah? Well... SAM: She's got this. Give her one more try. ASHLEY: I got it, I got it. MATT: "All right, one more shot. We got a...

"How much time we got?" Ira's looking over the edge, clutching and then leaning way too far outward from the long limbs. You're almost expecting them to either take off like a spider in a windstorm or plummet off the front as they just glance out, their head going (cracking) TALIESIN: I'm opening the hole-- MATT: Turns back around to Xandis. TALIESIN: -- if there's anything in the ship you want to keep and bring with us down there, let's grab it now and load up. MATT: Ira goes, "Maybe three hours." TRAVIS: Three hours. TALIESIN: Three hours.

LAURA and ASHLEY: Three hours. ASHLEY: We got three hours. MATT: All right, then. "For next hour, let's try this again." SAM: I Enhance her wisdom ability. I'm going to cast Enhance Ability on her. ASHLEY: Okay.

LAURA: But now you're going to waste that and it's-- MARISHA: But then it's going to go away. ASHLEY: Same fucking roll. SAM: You get to roll twice. MATT: You have advantage. ASHLEY: Okay. I'm going to roll this one. TRAVIS: This is an example

of what it would be if we don't have an expert flying it. The rolls are... ASHLEY: Okay.

22. MATT: You pick it up a little better. It evens out. And you watch as the tall, slowly shifting mountain of brown and gray dust on the windy horizon is imminent within the next half hour or so before it begins to blanket the landscape in a low-strength dust storm. But as Xandis goes, "You definitely picked it up.

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