New Kia Stonic 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Kia Stonic 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So. The, new, kiosk. Toning. 2019. It's right here with me and I'm really happy to review it for you guys in this, beautiful gray color, I. Was. Really impressed when I see this, car. First time this front of the car look, really beautiful in my opinion, and. Also. The back it's kind of simple. And. I. Like, the round edges. Of, the car it's kind of, round. All around all. Around the car it. Doesn't, have so many. Angles. That. Are not round. So. It's, kind of simple model, and also. When. You make an accident it's really easy to repair. It it's. Nothing complicated it, has all protection. Around the, edges. Of the car it has LED, light in the back here, combination. LED with both light for blinker. And. Also. Real, rear. Light. Down, there. Also. It has. Interesting. Design the way they they they choice to do. This. Back of the car quite. Simple, design and cleaned, stone. Ik style. It, is, the line. Of this car. Also. On. The other side you can see the tgd. Engine. If. You're in switzerland you can come at velvet. Burned. For. Bluffin, and then here. You will find, the car and much. More other Kaos, car. And. You, can also test. Drive it and buy it and, get. A great price Kia come, also with 7 years warranty, something. That not all the car company, do. It so. It is a great, advantage. If. You want to buy a Kia also. Down here this tonic, has, a back camera. Sensors, for parking. You. Can see down. Here on this plastic, closet great. That. Looks also nice and well. Protected the, paint of the car right, here we have a normal ball flight for, fog. In the back, also. Exhaust. Pipe down, here. Quite. Nice and. The. Other light, for. Rivers, and the. Sensors, on the, back. So. That's, kind, of all about the back I will, show you later a little, bit of. The. LED. Light. Down, here we. Go with. This plastic. To protect the edge of the car really. Practical. And great idea, with this prac plastic. And also it go here, on the door that's, also, another great fantastic, idea, why is that because, when, you open the door if you have kids or someone open, the door and you have some, stones, or. Tree. Or other cars this, best it will protect the, door, of your, car, from. Hitting other. Stuff. So it is really cool in my opinion it's great idea. 17, inch, wheels. Right. Here we. Have Continental. Tires great. Quality, and also these rims look nice. This. Gray the. Same like the car. Also. I like this color, on. The car and the. Doors are also good. Quality, they, close they open, very nice up, here we have also an interesting, design. As. You can see you can add here, some extra. Trunk. Up here. Then. You can. Take. It there here we have the. Sunroof. A little a small, sunroof. Up here and also. The protection, from the. Things. That can go inside, when you drive a chrome. Line down. On the down part of the car the, windows, are tinted, so, you cannot see inside they. Also look. Simple. And everything, it's very simple, but. The lines it's. Rounded. So. This. Rounded, lines. And this plastic protect, car also, we, have the technology, of opening, and close the door without. Food. Push, the button just, with a key in your pocket. Now. We have blind spot also. On this car. Great. New. Technology. You. Will see in the moment the front. Front. Rather, also. Blinker, on the mirror. And. Yeah. You. Can see how around this car are it. Indeed, in. The, 2005. 2010. Many. Cars company, to the cars so rounded. Design but. Now these days, every. Edge. Of, the the. Car it's it's, kind of not. So round so. That. Kind. Of surprised, me when. They chose to do it like, that the, front, otherwise. It's, really, really interesting, and it has some, lines. On. The hood there really. Interesting, lines and. It's. Really beautiful, front in. My opinion it is a beautiful. Front, car also, LED. Light in the front the, grille there it's beautiful. Black. Plastic. Glass, here the, faux clamp here, down here look oh so nice and. LED. Looks. Fantastic, in the day I will show you in a moment and also the blinkers, are not that idea are also normal. Boat. Quite, quite nice. Down. Here. Also. Simple. Everything. It's simple there we have the rudder for, adaptive, cruise control image. To break, and. That. Technology, also. Look how interesting is this great great. Chrome, here in the front with the black, glossy. -. Like a mouth or something like that, look also very, nice. It's. Quite in quite quite quite nice, and with this gray it's. Really nice the front of the car it is very nice in my opinion. Now. Let's. Go in the trunk to see it I like, that this trunk is very light this, door of the trunk it's really light and. Going. In the trunk and. We. See that. We have a lip, here kind, of. 10. Centimeter. Or something like a 10 centimeter and, then, we have some hooks around, here, in, the edges a. Bulb, light, yellow. Bulb light no, LED, light and down. Here under. The trunk it is another, little, trunk, there another. 10 centimeter, you, can also adjust this, here, and if you go under, this we have a spare, tire, but, you can take out this put parakeet, and you have a lot, of. Space. Down there as, well so. So. That's is the trunk for. Such a small car I think the trunk, it's really. Really. Big that, you can also take it out if.

You Want to carry stuff. And. You have a lot of space, there now. Let's put. Down this seat, and, let's show, you the. The. Back but, first time let's put the seat in normal, position. So. We can see, how. Much real space we have in the back but, first time let's let's finish with this trunk on the side here we have plastic on the, side support, for the back, passenger, seat. Living. Down the. Seats are, foldable. And you can see they. Are almost. Flat here, I, think, it's almost almost, flat maybe nineteen, eight percent, or something. Like that also. A lot of space on the feet, so. You can carry a lot of stuff here even, long, items, like mobile. Or. Something. Like that, so. That's pretty easy to. To. Put it down and put it up very, light and every. Every single thing on this car it's very light I think the car it's very light, I don't know how many kilograms, have, the car I will check a little bit later and I will tell you but. Everything. The doors and the trunk and, everything, look very light now. The seats are, also great, quality, leather seats, nice. Stitches there, they. Look nice and the interior, looks. Spacious spacious. Also. Normal. Yellow both light up here and, this. Solar. Roof up there going. Inside and see how much space we have a lot, of space on my legs. Oh my. Knee I can stretch, my legs under the front seats a little bit and, I. Have. A good position of. Up. Up, head also, a lot, of space on my head also. A hook here. And. The. Roof. It's. Also ok. Not. So soft but ok now, the visibility, on the window it. Is also, ok. And, I, also. Feel. Comfortable, in, the back no, problem at. All here, in the middle we also have, this USB. Port very, useful, these days and no vent nothing. Just when USB, port and, also this step it's kind of very small here so. You. Can also go, in the middle and stay in the middle kind. Of. So. It is ok even if the seats are. On the back I still. Have place if you till have four. Fingers, on my head. So. That's, kind, of okay and. It's, not so comfortable here in the middle but. For. Three people I think. Will be not, so, a. Big. Problem, to stay here. For. Medium, and short, trips. Maybe. Not for long trips but medium. And short, will. Be, perfect. But. The. Dashboard, the, cockpit. Everything. Looked nice like. Here. We used to do very, practical. And very cool, so, the, seats, are. Great. Now. Here, you can adjust and close it and open it this is manually, up here going. In, the front and, try. To show you the rest of the car, so. The. Doors in the back are, also on. The upper side, plastic. Down, here we have some soft material, on the down part and a, normal. Plastic. Button. For the windows speaker, here and a small place to put your bottle, very, simple, really, really, simple, model nothing, complicated. On. The back also this plastic, down there it's for protect, the. Paint of the car on the. Under. Part. Going. In the front. On. The door it's. Also almost, the, same like in the back same. Plastic up, here. The. Design it's kind of simple, here. We have soft material, on the hand, where. We have the hand and also the buttons, are, plastic. Normal, nothing, complicated. Nothing. Fancy, here. Speaker. There. And a place for, bottle. Or. Wherever you will, they're, so. The, engines in the car simple. As well. Manually. Adjustable, sit on, this. Line. Leather. White. Stitches. Great, support, on the seat. It also has side support, it also has these nice. Holes. In the seat. We. Have pedals, aluminium. Pedals they're. Also. Placed, for fuse here. Down. Here we. Have the bottom lane assist blind, spot. ACP. The. Vents are also good. Quality, as you touch it. Black. Glossy. Plastic, gray around here the. Dashboard. It. Is also, nice, and, clean and. All. Over, the dashboard, we. Have like. Like. A nice nice design, and you have a great visibility I like that it's flat and. You see very well from, up here, also, we, have the chrome on the side, nice. Vent I like the way they, they. Go up and down quite. Interesting, design and. I. Also. Like, this grey around the dashboard, start/stop. Button. Blinkers. Here, we have the climatic, system, quite. Simple, down here USB, auxiliary. 12. Volt port also. On. The. Down. Part place, to put your phone. Here. We have the buttons electric. Heater. Box it also. You. Can hit your steering wheel six. Gear box. Stick. And around, here, we have glossy. Black plastic, and, another. Small, place there to, put your phone, maybe, or. Your, keys, or. Something. Small. Anyway. Going, for door. Manually. Handbrake, right, here I prefer. The, electric, handbrake, but yeah.

I Guess that's okay too. Down. There we have plastic, and two pot holders this, is the key the, key I like it very much it's very nice I like, the gray of the buttons. No. More. Rubber. Right before something's, different than, the other cars so I like that very much, down, here we have the glow box with the light, kind. Of small not. So big glove box up here, place, for the glasses. Great. Place I love. This also. Yellow. Kind. Of yellow white light, up here. Kind. Of nice and. The. Steering wheel great, quality, in. 2019. Kia start, to make fantastic. Steering. Wheels with great quality, also, the buttons on the steering wheel here are. Nice. And, in the, perfect. Place very. Easy to adjust or, to use. To. Use it. Now. If, I close the door and I. Want to show you the. Mirror up here. The. Same with, little. Light they're kind. Of useful. And nice. The same like on the hand I have the same same, same principle. Same model, great. Visibility from the driver view. On. The back there also. We. Have the seat we, have a little bit of blind spot there but. Is not a problem because the car have a bad camera when you're in the park so. No problem, at all maybe in the city, but I don't. Think will be a problem if you watch the, look, in the mirrors. Let's. Close the doors because I want to show you the dashboard and, the. Light, now. Here. We are the, LED. On the back also. Very. Nice design in my opinion with, the lines down, in the night look very, very interesting. You. Can see our four, lines there. Parallel. Lines that look, nice. And. Quite interesting and. In. The night it. Will make the car look more more more interesting. Going. In the front, everything. Is changing, in the front much. Nicer design, this, lines, under. The. Eye I. Can, say like that under. The eyes. We. Have like, a makeup. With. The LED light under. The eyes so. It's. Quite quite. Beautiful. The front of the stone is beautiful in, my opinion. Now. Let's. See. The multimedia, system here. The. Same like on the Big Brother I. Reviewed. This taste. The. Sportage. And it. Has the same system, and. It, looked fantastic also. Well position, it. Everything. Here is very responsive. It's. It's a. Screen. Matte and everything. Touchscreen, and responsive, and great. Great brightness, great colors. It's. Very clear, and it's, very you, can see when I touch it is go directly there very, responsive. Great. Software, behind this all. Kind of information all, kind of settings you, can change here, on. The, car it. Has the same system, as you, and I have, so. They. Did a great job working, together on, this. System. Navigation. Work, also great you can check out my other video I make, a video. These. Days with. The, navigation. System, on this, new, Kia and, we. Can check out their, navigational, and. Everything. You, like to see so. Anyway you can connect your phone to and readout, or apple. Carplay narrow, links, you, can also see, the, videos if you have USB, and, stuff. And. From. Here you can also, see, that. You. Have great visibility when, you drive and also. Very responsive. You can see as I touch it it's. Work, every, button and everything. Around, the navigation, you can see the buttons with radio, media. Navigation. Map setup that. Those are the shortcut, that. Will. Help you to go. Whatever. You want to go, faster. So if. You're not so. Good. With new. Systems. You. Can also use. These shortcut, buttons, around. The. Navigation. And multimedia. It's. Very simple, also, the navigation gives, you all kinds of information, very. Useful and. It's. Loading, very fast. Now. The. Stick, here it's, work very nice I touch I pushed the. Pedal, and the pedal are very very soft and nice, as you touch it you can see it's. Quite quite cool, I like that now. The dashboard, there. The cockpit, and. Also. The kinematic, system would read. LED. There. You. Can see that how the color, are. Looking, down there. Quite. Simple, and. Useful. Here. The cockpit, it's, kind of analog. 200. Meter speedometer. Down there and in the middle we have a small. Digital. Display. Where, you can see all kind of information consumption. Speed. You can change, it from here, from the steering wheel. And depend. What you would like to see it. Here. We have the abductive cruise control, and all the. As. A security. System and. Safety system, and here, you can change, the option, to the door light. Sounds. And. Comfort. And all kind, of, setting. Depend on what car. Have. As an option, also. You. Can see the service and when you, have to make the service to the car and. All. Kind. Of. Information. So. It is pretty intuitive and, pretty, easy to use the same like on the human, eye so. You and I have the. Same same.

System. Right. Here in the front so, you. Can also see how many degrees are, outside. And how many kilometer you t22 car down. There. Everything. It's it's simple. It has a great, view from the driver point, of view great. Comfort, here. Also. A lot, of space on my head the. Seats are very, comfortable the. Interior, of the car it's, nice. And. Clean. And simple and, everything. It's in the right place. And. The. Engine, is also from human. Die so they. They, make great, engines. And. A lot of stuff they, share together and, they. Did a great great job, so. I'm. Really, impressed with this new. Kia, stone, ik this is one liter the, price it's also cheap, 120. Horsepower here. A consumption. It's great. For. A petrol, car and, you. Can see you, have all kind of PAC style, and. Price. Is twenty two thousand, nine hundred for. A new car. 22900. It's, kind of great great. Price with, the pearl, metallic. Color. And other, option, on, it leather seats. You, don't find on this price yes, look at how how, light. Is the car. 1278. Kilos, the, car it's really light for an kind. Of crossover. Little. SUV, or whatever you want to call it. Quite. Impressed, great price. I, also. Recommend. This car if you want to see it also great technology. On it rather and all that stuff if, you are from Switzerland, you can come at bel back in, bed and. Check. Out the car they. Make a test drive also you can buy it if, you want and. They. Have also a lot of cars, here, and. Great, price so, that. Was my review guys, I hope, you enjoy it I hope you like it. And. Please. Check out my other videos. Subscribe. To my channel if, you want to see more like share, it and thank. You very much for watching my channel and, see. You some guys take care and be, safe. You.

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Is like small version of the Sorento. Nice looking little car. I just get a 2019 Forte S and cant be more please of all the equipment, no complian.

Hallo Hector, Thanks for watching my videos and also for commenting. Drive it safe and have fun with it. It is a great car.

I like it better than the Kona, but somehow I see more Konas on the road.

Hallo John, maybe more people like Kona more . Depend of everybody taste.

If you want to zoom in just use the right button.I have a Stonic, very useful car. Diesel 6.0 l/ 100km almost all in the city.

Hallo Cezar, Thanks for sharing with us your experience. It is a nice car to.

it's looking amazing

Meron na ba neto sa pinas

Great review. Thank you!

Also Thanks for watching my videos


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