Mysteries of Merkaba (repairing merkaba, false teachings, inner cosmos, stargate passage)

Mysteries of Merkaba (repairing merkaba, false teachings, inner cosmos, stargate passage)

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Hello everyone my name is valeria and in this channel we talk about spirituality and esoterics so today we are talking about the merkaba, so the merkaba consists of Counter rotating spirals of interdimensional electro-magnetic energy in this form which is like two overlapping triangles in the auric field of people and planets enabling biological interdimensional travel and ascension. So, we usually associate the merkaba with two triangles overlapping, a positive plus a negative charge, masculine and feminine, upwards and downwards inertia, that when we are using well the inner polarities, we can do things like traveling in the cosmos in the inner and the outer cosmos, but this merkaba is just one of the phases of merkaba because you know merkaba fields govern the circulation and ratios of particle and anti-particle energy in matter and within the human body. So, merkaba fields are the consciousness carriers by which the universal life force and consciousness are circulated within our inner template, DNA template and external manifestation, so, the life force currents interact with the electromagnetic nature of the merkaba, the DNA template gives instructions to the merkaba, and so it is so important to understand that there is a relationship between our DNA, kundalini currents, merkaba, extra sensorial perception and ascension. The personal merkaba field represents the organic personal merkabic circulatory system through which consciousness manifests into space time matter and by which embodied consciousness receives a continual supply of life force energy or stream of multidimensional consciousness and we are able to have an open personal relationship and connection with God or source so this is important. When functioning naturally the microcosmic personal merkaba field interconnects with the larger macrocosmic planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic merkaba field anatomy, which is the cosmic merkaba circulatory system. If the personal merkaba field is damaged as

It has been in all earth since the 200* thousands bc, the connection to eternal life stream and living source also becomes damaged, as the personal merkaba field cannot fully synthesize the natural life force currents which are perpetually emanating through the cosmic merkaba system. A damaged personal merkaba field is not capable of activating the natural merkaba vehicle through which the our divine freedom our divine right of self directed space time transit, natural stargate passage, genuine spiritual identity integration and real ascension are possible. It is important not just for stargate passage but for now, it is important to work with merkaba for our body to work properly, to have the energy that we need, to really get to know our inner cosmos, in order to be healthy, because sickness and death are not our natural state of being, if we experience that is because of distortions. We all have small merkaba fields on each dimension and then when we have three of them activated that means one density that forms a merkaba vechicle. Each of the 15 dimensional frequency bands or dimension forms one smaller set of two counter rotating dimensional merkaba spirals that when fully activated represents one merkaba field, thus there are 15 smaller dimensional merkaba fields in one you know 15 dimensional system. So, each of the 5 specific 3dimensional densities

forms through a larger set of 2 counter rotating density merkaba spirals, that when fully activated represent one density merkaba field. So, there are five larger density merkaba fields, each containing 3 smaller dimensional merkaba fields in one 15 dimensional system. All natural merkaba fields possess this structure including the natural personal merkaba field.

When at least two larger personal density merkaba fields each with their 3 smaller dimensional merkaba field synchronistically activate, the two larger density merkaba fields merge to form a trans harmonic merkaba vehicle. This allow for the atomic structural integrity of the matter form within the vehicle to be maintained during star gate passage through the voids that exist between densities. Activation of the trans harmonic merkaba vehicle in biological life forms allows for atoms in one space-time vector to transport to a new space time vector coordinate and instantaneously re-emerge and remanifest the atomic form within the new spacetime vector through de-activation of the trans harmonic merkaba vehicle. So, a planetary sphere has such a set of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals within each dimensional frequency band. The two spirals form two pyramidal shaped energy constructs, and the magnetic spiral is inverted within the upright electrical spiral. So, the collective construction of the two energy fields is that of a this this star like a star of David, and this structure is referred to as a Merkaba Field. Every planet, every object and every person has such a Merkaba

Field within each of this 15-dimensional bands. It is the energy construct through which energetic substance emerges from and returns to the morphogenetic field, this structure through which energy and consciousness enter and leave manifestation. So, merkaba fields are the energetic organs by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, and at the same time, they are the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock. They enable us to move which in reality is to expand into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.

I want to briefly mention the merkaba in the ancient teachings, so, Jewish mysticism and the kabbalah have talked about the merkaba as the chariot of fire. Also, merkabah is the Hebrew for "chariot", and it refers to the throne of God, described in Ezekiel , which is said to be a four-wheeled chariot driven by four living creatures and each of these creatures has four wings with the four faces of a man, lion, ox, and eagle. It also means to ride, so, in these teachings, it explains the geometric mechanics of interdimensional travel, the chariot, merkaba here is a divine light vehicle that contains the crystalline matrix of energy when is activated and in full motion. In these teachings Mer is light, ka is spirit, ba is body So this consists in these teachings of two interlocking 3d like energy forces that are counter rotating and spinning until they form like an orb force of light spinning at light speed its like wheels within wheels, it is consciousness technology, so this definition is pretty accurate, the real difference about merkaba teachings is how they teach you to activate it and how to work with the magnetic and electric polarities. So I do not resonate a lot with these teachings, so I am just going to leave it here as a context and I am going to talk about the merkaba from the spiritual science context which I really like. So each planet has also a merkaba, the earth’s

dimension one´s merkaba field is located deep within the earth's core. It exists as a minute crystal which is encased in elemental iron and serves to ground the earth’s morphogenetic field into the first density. Then, surrounding this iron core crystal of the first dimension, you have the second dimension merkaba field, which is located within the earth’s core at the dimension two frequency level and serves to hold the morphogenetic imprint and particle base of Earth in place. Then, the earth’s merkaba field of the third dimension extends

about more than 4 hundred thousand miles out into space you know and it serves to hold Earth’s atmosphere in place, so, this has to do with the, the hole that is on the ozone layer which is a disruption within this part of the merkaba field you know, so the merkaba fields of the higher dimensions encompass the merkaba fields of the lower dimensions and all matter forms which are contained within them. So, merkaba is built in order, so you have magnetic counter clock wise, negative charge at the bottom, and then you have the electric, clock wise, positive charge in the top and each dimension of the human body has a dimensional merkaba field, three dimensional merkaba field in one density form one merkaba spiral in each of the five densities you know, so we usually associate the word merkaba with the phase which is until the sixth dimension which is magnetic plus electrical charge and which is the phase in which we are actually embodying our soul, but we have more phases in which then we embody our oversoul and our avatar self and so on. Dimensional merkaba fields go through cycles of movement in which the two-spiraling energy fields vertically condense and draw towards each other, then progressively expand on the vertical axis, drawing away from each other. So, when the merkaba fields draw away from each other, the upright electrical spiral moves into the magnetic merkaba spiral of the dimension above, which causes this temporary blending of frequencies between the magnetic spiral of one dimension and that of the dimension above. Ok, so the natural merkaba has specific ratios for the magnetic and electric which is more electric than magnetic which involves a higher frequency, less dense, self-perpetuating eternal, christos matter-base that functions in this perpetual motion and upon a natural structure of internal merkaba fields that perpetually circulate these universal life force currents between the non-manifested consciousness of source and all the expressions of manifestation. While the unnatural merkaba , is self-consuming, finite, anti christiac, the distorted one creates more contracting energies than expanding, it involves more magnetic draw than electrical, a lower frequency, which is more dense, self-consuming, finite, anti christiac and that functions for a limited time upon inorganic structures of of externalized merkaba fields that are like vampires you know and that consume life force energy from other organic systems in order to self-sustain.

So when beings when they can´t really arrange their own merkabas they start to act as vampires, trying to harvest these energies from other beings and other planets. Universal life force currents flow through the cosmic, universal, planetary, and personal templar via the organic energy conduits of natural planetary merkaba fields. So the reverse psin phase locked merkaba field causes the shield template to completely reverse spin and the being enters a self-quarantined devolutionary cycle of degeneration unable to receive renewal of primal life force currents from the christiac universal merkaba circulatory system and until final self consumption of its remaining energies and then black hole implosion of its template you know, so universal life force currents flow through the cosmic, universal, planetary and personal templar via de organic energy conduits of natural merkaba fields of the planet, you know. Then, other example of misuse of the merkaba dynamics, is for example when oriental kundalini teachings when they do not consider the distortions that are present in our DNA we then can experience pain physical or emotional pain, when we are doing these practices without knowing, we experience hard kundalini awakenings if we are not ready and that happened to me for example as I was practicing breathwork actually, so we need to work first with our DNA template with the distortions and with our merkabas in order for the kundalini currents to circulate properly. Then there is a lot of distorted work with the merkaba, especially when people go to Egypt in order to receive or do activations, and they work with merkaba teachings in the pyramids and then you can notice sometimes when they are following distorted teachings or beings because they sometimes they have really bad physical experiences, like injuries, maybe they can´t walk, maybe you know their head can be in this big pain, they can experience even weird wounds like physical wounds, you know in the body and so on, and they call that an initiation but it is actually unbalance with DNA activations, unbalance because probably because of the wrong rotation of merkaba, the energy is not flowing in harmony with the body and you are potentiating that if you are doing that especially in Egypt, so you experience a big charge you know, and our natural state is a really healthy state of being, when we are following teachings for kundalini currents to circulate we are supposed to feel healthy, you know even a cold is telling us something, it means that you are in a purge state you know. And all of this makes sense specially since Giza in Egypt relates to a stargate which is stargate four which is connected with the sun which has a lot to do with the bad staff that has been happening on earth, and also is connected in a way with a nibiruian fake or regressive stargate, so you know when you go to specially Egypt there are lots of portals that are open and these beings specially Anunnaki beings are contacting people there and they are guiding them in these fake and distorted activations you know and so yes I am just saying this for you to be careful.

We have a natural spin ratio for our merkaba, for when we are in the first density which allows the natural, organic, you know 12 DNA strand template activation so that we can really embody this christ consciousness of 12 dimensions so we can accomplish ascension and stargate passage. So this is 33-and-one-third-top-clectrical-clockwise, over eleven-and-two thirds- bottom-magnetic-Counter-clockwise, this is the natural merkaba spin ratio for the earth in the first density, you know so these are rations and there are exercises that you can do with these ratios and when the earth grids are not being artificially forced into mis-alignment with Nibiru and which would have this ratios on earth, like naturally you know, and now it is because of something that happened with the sun that we are not ascending by using the old or more known stargates. So you know, as things have change in a way, you want to focus more on your plasma body now. As we know, the activation of the merkaba vehicle is required to achieve eternal life, time travel and star gate passage. So, you need now to activate your plasma body in order to ascend, ascension is focused now on cleansing distortions on the plasma body so that you can transfigure yourself, this is a transplaneal merkaba. Here with these activations, we experience different cycles in which this merkabic circulatory system grows and then a corresponding transplaneal merkaba vehicle activates ok, so here we are working with an eternal body which is composed of the atomic, light, spirit and dark matter body which is actually like external multidimensional anatomy, plus our plasma body well and some more.

And yes, so we start to do these progressive plasma template activations and you know is a organic process by which transfiguration of external form to eternal internal form occurs thanks to plasma template activation and then we enter into cycles which are called adashi return I am going to talk about different cycles in a next video, different cycles that the earth can experience and so on because is super interesting. So, fallen beings have tried to gain control of earth by manipulating our access to kundalini currents, and how our body can or can not receive and hold these currents. the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions they wanted to rob earth humans of our potential, our angelic human race potential specially through covert genetic manipulation and this is done via distorted teachings of DNA of bioenergetic field and merkaba activation and also hybridization programs. So, this has been mostly done by Anunnakis so they really wanted humans to not be able to really assemble the 12 DNA strands, so also If we needed to be evacuated which is not going to happen, but that was an available timeline before 2012, in that case we also needed certain merkaba development in order to be able to go through stargates and to arrive to the inner earth you know, so this is not going to be necessary but I am mentioning that just you know because maybe in another experience in another planet you will want to know this information. It is due to the artificial Reverse Merkaba spin of Earth’s density one merkaba field, which the Nibiruians orchestrated during the 25 thousand bc in a event which is called in spiritual science Lucifer Rebellion, that the matter base of Earth, and of the Human body has been mutated into having two-thirds more particle density than our natural blueprint.

So, the true Density-1 natural Internal merkaba spin ratios previously mentioned can be reset to progressively heal the personal Reverse merkaba and its resulting mutations of the DNA Template within the Human body, even if the earth´s grids still have the distortion you know, so when the Human merkaba vehicle is functioning properly, we all, both males and females we all use the same kind of androgynous harmonic merkaba spin, you know and we have a small merkaba field on the first dimension on our tailbone and when this is working properly this is rotating you know, is moving, is not like quiet, you know, so if when we have this fixed tailbone merkaba field, this is because of this nibiruian reversal you know so they really wanted to keep our physical bodies locked into this time vector so that we were not able to achieve stargate passage so Anunnaki teachings are all about how to run your merkaba in reverse, your spin ratios in reverse. So you still want to be careful with that specially with teachings that do not really understand the spiritual science behind the merkaba and they are just you know receiving any activation of any being that is available, because this is happening until this day you know. So, the templar technology is inner, it operates because of inner merkaba mechanics, organic dynamics of interdimensional energetic exchange which is electromagnetic and occurs naturally between the earth´s blueprint and our DNA template blueprint. So, internal merkaba templar mechanics, when practiced with integrity, are the very same dynamics of energy that allow for full spiritual integration of higher dimensional consciousness into embodied expression within the physical human form, and which allow for our you know ascension out of this density via universal stargate passage you know, so this is important to know, also, merkaba stages are associated with different extra sensorial perceptions, for example when you are working with merkaba phase associated with dimensions 4,5 and 6 you are developing inner cognition, you are reading energy signatures, and so on, then when you activate other phases, you can develop shape shifting, projection of consciousness, bi location but these are advanced, you know, sometimes people use these terms loosely, because for example, for bilocation you need to be ready with DNA strands until the 12 completely assembled and the associated merkaba running perfectly through your body you know and you have to be receiving all kundalini currents perfectly, your health you know to be perfect and so on, so you can tell when someone is using bi location word like really loosely. So you need your merkaba vehicle in order to travel through stargates but which is really important to mention here in this video is that you do that internally first, and then into the outer cosmos, you know, and while this is through systems of white and black holes that form stargates, so these are portals on inner earth also. So when we talk about traveling through the cosmos inner and outer we can see each star in the sky as a time and you really want to embody this energy, that is why I like galactic priestesses teachings which are a lot about embodiment, you want to embody that star, frequency too, you want to retrieve your memories, and to heal the experiences, so.

There are 12 main stars that were related with physical ascension but they are not for ascension anymore, so be careful with that, so at this point as a collective we should be connecting more with andromeda I believe, and because of ascension, and instead we have been guided and bombarded with pleiadian frequencies, which I understand because they are closer in time to us, but anyways is like you know, in priestess the priestess communities for example, is like every teaching came from the Pleiades and that is not true. Ok, so, when we see ourselves as cosmic or galactic beings we are seeing like initiations that we have passed, so the star is like a time of our consciousness, I am going to make a video about the different dimensions of a star system because they are representing different like topics for us, but, yes, when we talk about the merkaba and you know, journeying through the cosmos we want to start in the inner cosmic journeying into these times, these stars but as times understanding that they represent something that we have experienced and you know, every star that we are able to see in the sky from the earth, is because this stars, they have something to do with earth and with our evolution you know and every star that you know some of these stars are more like specific of each of us then you want to have a galactic astrology reading probably and you want to check different stars, different fixed stars and to see which of them are related you know and yes because they are representing different times that you have experienced, you know and different lessons that you have learned and different gifts and karma that you can retrieve and so on. So, these are times for the inner, we have been divinely guided to go inner and it is not a good idea to try to force otherwise, you know, I was trying to force myself for example, into a journey to Egypt actually this year well and other places and I was guided to not do so you know, because it is too much of distortions and people opening portals and without knowing you know, and its not like is the end of the world of course, but if you are working with your body, with kundalini, with DNA, you want to be careful, really truly, so when I talk about physical ascension is not for you to get ungrounded, you know, because we still have to wait some years in order to maybe be able to truly ascend , and then, we will have to go to certain physical places, like to specific portals, but now we do not need to go really to any sacred place and so on, I mean of course you can go if you want, but if you want to follow like you know the divinely guided cycle, this organic stream you really want to go inner and do not force yourself into you know going into a normal life or so on, you really want to use this time, this sacred time that we have as humanity to really get to know your inner cosmos, to work on your inner I mean using your merkaba first for knowing your inner cosmos. So, also, when we talk about merkaba it is

important to understand the implications of the merkaba as a vehicle, you understand then that you do not need ships, a lot of technology, to be one with technology, like when beings manipulate technology because they merge their consciousness with it. Because it is about our inner world, we become our avatar self and beyond, maybe, we can truly travel for different stargates even outside of this 15 dimensional world, without spacecraft, you know, so we need to purify, repair our DNA, allow kundalini currents to flow through our body, we need to be able to relate with a star and perceive the truth which can be hard, we need to overcome trauma, I had an experience with Sirius some time ago in which I was living in a place that was really high and so the stars looked like really close, you know and I had this big window without curtains and I started to feel that a star was watching me and was not being nice with me, so I started to be so afraid, that at night I mean the window was near the kitchen so at night I did not go to the kitchen for water, or food, for a while you know, and it might sound crazy but at least I was honest with myself and I realized that the star was Sirius A, and I was holding trauma related with you know, their practices of black magic and false teachings and yes I had to work with that, to heal that you know so in order to keep working with stars, I believe that if you are a galactic priestess, you probably have some trauma related with stars, even though you also love them you know. So you can also notice that when galactic beings try to impress us with technology and ships, I mean you use ships when your energetic body is not developed enough you know, so that is why I am not a fan of celebrating ships in the sky. you can also notice that the collective, even the new age sometimes tries to direct people´s attention outside outside of themselves, into Antarctic, into this ships, that meteor, into going to mars into the ruins you know that appeared in a place and so on, they truly play with our egos because it can seem a lot more fun to go outside and distract ourselves with these you know conspirative theories, you know, and distract ourselves from our inner world, from our connection to source, and then we lose power, you know. And you can also notice that the free energy projects with that, they want to recreate what a merkaba does, but in order to do so, you need to know that the merkaba of earth has been distorted, which is really interesting, because maybe they know that and they want to do exactly that, or maybe they do not, I do not know, so I am going to leave here this topic, just for maybe a future conversation. So yes, I really hope you enjoyed this video about merkaba, there is a lot to talk about merkaba, it has a lot of implications you know for our galactic community , for our selves, for our daily choices in life you know, so please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this video please remember to subscribe to this channel and I am sending you so much love.

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