Multidimensional (Full Documentary) — The most documented ET Contact cases in history

Multidimensional (Full Documentary) — The most documented ET Contact cases in history

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MAN: Whoa, that's crazy. I've come to know Pete over the years. You know, we've investigated some things together in Australia and the US, and we've become good friends.

You know, because he has a long track record of, uh, high-level psychic functioning as well as very unique and ongoing experiences, things typically happen... Get weird, get interesting when he and I are in the field investigating together. I've known Peter for quite some time, and, uh, I think his heart's unquestionable.

His integrity levels are unquestionable. Uh, he is getting questioned a lot. [LAUGHS] But, uh, those are the posers and the people that aren't authentic.

That are questioning his... His heart and his evidence. And his evidence speaks for itself. Peter has gone on to become a good friend, and I've known him for a few years now. I've always felt Pete to be a trustworthy and honest person. Um, basically, what you see is what you get with Pete.

As regards my connection to Peter, um, I've forgotten how we've known each other now. Oh, 10 plus years, I think, at least, something like this. And what was fascinating to me initially was to find out and see the evidence that Peter was showing via his video footage of craft, of all different kinds of craft.

And he is... Like so many experiences, in the sense that they seem to have a knowing when to go outside and take the craft. And I believe there's a communication going on there, that this is part of the communication. So many of those experiences that have done that have, um, gone out because it's almost like they are being told, "It's time to come out 'cause we're here." And I think he's been instrumental, as many like him, in showing the tangible reality of this.

There's a very physical part to this interaction, and what have you. My experiences started at a young age, and, uh, typically what people refer to as like the gray alien, is what I was having experiences with, or a few of them over time, but they were white. And, uh, I had my first UFO sighting when I was 12 years old, and that was of a, uh...

Instead of a disc, like the typical disc, this sort of looked like the weight on the end of a weight bar. So, if you pull the weight off, put it sideways, that's what it looked like. And it was massive. Uh, it was sort of like a matte gray color as well. And it sort of just went in front of this hill in my home town until out of view, and that was it.

I didn't know who to talk to about it. It wasn't something that I really focused on at the time, to tell you the truth. So, over time, like... I just continued to live my life. Uh, I would have, what we could deem as high strangeness experiences.

It's sort of always been a part of my life, high strangeness. Looking back now, I knew that I was having telepathy from the age of seven. As far out there as that sounds, but that's just... You know, you connect the dots as you go along in life. And, uh, in later years, the sightings continued.

[ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] I've filmed a lot of crafts over the years, and the way I can describe it... There is times where I'll be out and about, and I'll be with people and... You know, we just happen to have a sighting. But even at my home, um, a lot of things happen when people are around. And... the way I can explain it is it's like this sort of

thought or a knowingness to just walk outside and look up. And this has just been repeated over many years now, like, this is about 10 years of evidence, uh, that I've gotten now, although my lifelong experience of it constantly. Every month, um, every day there's something happening. But it was over a period of a few years that I started to realize, and especially through contacts, uh, with these beings when taken to other realms, uh, onboard crafts, or even in physical interactions, in what we could say this reality, that, uh, more knowledge came to light about who I am, what I am. It's not just me having these experiences, but more information came to light about, uh, what we could say is sort of like self-mastery, in terms of meditation, um, observing thoughts.

And through that, I started to work out even more, uh, when they're about, that sort of feeling, that knowingness. There's been many types of crafts that are filmed. Uh, your typical orb-shaped crafts, balls of light, flying saucers, cigar-shaped crafts, triangle-shaped crafts, morphing crafts, that sort of change shape and morph.

Uh, it's pretty much, uh, unbounded in the way that these crafts can appear and also the beings, depending on what type of beings or intelligences you're interacting with. When it got pretty serious was when I started seeing, what I could term as like, blue orbs coming into the house, that would sort of just come in, and sometimes they'd be like, what I can describe as like, lightning in the house, and these blue orbs would be there. And they would just be... going or, you know, floating around, doing whatever they do. And eventually, I started to see, what, uh, I could call, liquid blue light beings.

They were about seven-foot tall, uh, nor male nor female, though they sort of looked more masculine. And I later found that this was a projection, uh, from the blue orbs that they could manifest into that. That's when things sort of really started to get serious. You know, over the years, there's many different things that come with this type of phenomena.

Marks on my body that, uh, under blacklight, glow in the dark. I've had that happen multiple times. And even a circle, uh, appearing on the front lawn.

And that would sort of coincide with an experience as well. Now, a lot of my experiences, uh, they're in this physical reality. Uh, I get taken aboard crafts as well, or to other planets I've been to, as well. It's, uh, what I can say is completely different realms where there are no planets, there are no stars.

Um, they're pure conscious realms. They're even up to, what I call, the angelic realms, or kingdom, uh, the geometric light rooms into source as well. But... there has been times where I've had the missing time, or there's been no record. In the earlier days, that was really frustrating for me. Uh, that's how I came across Mary Rodwell.

Mary Rodwell was a guiding light to me and, uh, I guess, helped me to help myself to understand my experiences more without leading me on. It was all the information I already had, but I guess through some of the shock, or, uh, things being too much for the body to handle, the mind to handle and still function in this reality. Uh, it called for basically a hypnotherapy session with Mary, and... [INHALES DEEPLY, EXHALES] know, I've only had a few done, um, but they're very hard to watch as well because...

what I didn't expect to happen, but sort of something in me knew that this was a possibility was, another intelligence started to speak through me and, uh, give me information. Uh, it's crazy, but it is what it is. I've been working as a counselor for nearly 35 years. I've worked in both the medical practice, grief and bereavement, hospice, and many other issues. Um, what I call normal counseling issues.

But for the last 25 years, I've been working in the arena of the phenomena that we call contact with non-human intelligences. And for that, I have now, um, worked with individuals and families globally. And for that it's been at least 3,500 individuals and families. That has been, um, also with all kinds of cultures, including professionals, lawyers, doctors, nurses, etcetera, as well as, you know, what I call the everyday people from, you know, uh, farmers to housewives. And, of course, a lot of my work now is with children as well.

I've been very fortunate because of the work that I've done, is that I've been able to work with academics and scientists, astrophysicists, as well as professors in psychology and psychiatry, as well as medical doctors, etcetera, etcetera, social workers, um, those within the field of mental health, etcetera. What has been very vital and extremely important in my work is in recent years, I became one of the co-founders of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation. And this was vital because it brought in all of these specialists in various fields of knowledge to look at this phenomena from a perspective that was far more broad, broader in its scope than pure ufology, which is looking at the evidence of individuals having interactions with crafts, the reality, the nuts and bolts. We were looking at it from a perspective of human consciousness, and that brought in all those in that field of consciousness, and the FREE Foundation now has become this...

The Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, and it's exploring this now from every level, which includes those that have experiences as near death-experiences, out-of-body experiences, shamanic experiences, hallucinogenic experiences, experiences of activation through healing, um, kundalini awakening. All of those experiences ultimately bring in this understanding that as we raise our consciousness, we then connect with a range of non-human intelligences, including not just extraterrestrial but extra-dimensional, trans-dimensional, and those that we would talk of as literally beings that may very well time travel and come from our future. So this is far more complex in terms of understanding human consciousness than we ever realized up to this point. I'm asked all the time, "What is this all about? "Why are we being interacted with "by this range of physical and nonphysical intelligences?" And it becomes very interesting because the more that those who are having these encounters allow themselves to understand their communication, to have this communication, are finding out more and more about who and what we are.

And for me, it was looking at, again, why were certain people having these encounters? The most important pattern of encounters is that it appears to be intergenerational. So, in other words, if I'm helping a gentleman with these experiences, for example, I will often discover that not only his siblings but his parents may be having... Or one or both of his parents, one or both of his grandparents, and also his own children will be having these experiences as well. But what I was noticing was if you like a kind of upgrade in awareness with each generation. And that fascinated me. So what was actually going on? What was happening in this upgrade? This upgrade seemed to be that more and more, the more recent generations, appeared to be a lot more multidimensionally aware, and what I mean by that is their abilities beyond the five senses.

But not only were the five senses more expanded, in other words, the touch, they saw a greater spectrum of light, hearing was more sensitive. All their physical senses were enhanced, but they were able to see more of the visual spectrum. They were able to see the different frequencies that are not visible in our 3D environment. In other words, orbs of light, beings, energy fields, a whole range of sensing, knowing, understanding, including awareness of not just having this present life, but awareness of other lives in other dimensions, other realities, as well as on other planets.

So, each generation seem to be more cognizant of these kinds of multidimensional realities. And this is, again, when people say to me, "So what is the agenda?" The agenda is coming from, I believe, these intelligences are coming to visit us primarily because they're part of us. And this goes back to the DNA.

And I look at that very deeply in my second book, The New Human, where I explore the whistleblower material from geneticists that is saying that we have been intelligently designed, that there is evidence of the splicing of the DNA. And this has created an indigenous being that has added non-human extraterrestrial DNA to it from various star systems. And what has happened over the centuries is that the gods, as we call them, which I and many others now have come to the conclusion weren't gods at all, but most likely these intelligences that had been monitoring their seeded family, which is the human, Homo sapien sapiens, have seeded us and watched our evolution and assisted in that in terms of interaction with us all the way through history. And we've got, I believe, many of our scientists and our poets, those that we venerate.

I suspect many of them have had interactions with these beings, such as Leonardo da Vinci, I suspect, is one of them, and many others. Einstein, and others. And Tesla, of course, that in their dream state, they got these information downloads. This is happening across the globe with people from all walks of life are getting downloads of information from visits, origin of the species, information about new healing techniques. All of these are being downloaded into the consciousness of those individuals that are having these experiences, as well as communicating to them that they are part of them. In other words, those with experiences start to feel connected to these star beings. They feel and know that they are connected to them on a very deep, profound level.

And so, when people say, "Well, what is the agenda?" I say to them, "Look, there are many agendas, I believe, from my research." That is what's indicating many different agendas. But the most important statistic that we discovered with the FREE surveys that we did, which is 4,200 people, 600 questions, the overriding important fact was that 85% of them, after they had become attuned and accepting of their experiences, had psycho-spiritual transformation on all multiple levels of their awareness, and that is, to me, telling you what the agenda is, because this is about a evolutionary shift in consciousness and awareness that is allowing us to access more of our genetic star heritage. When you're an experiencer, the only way I can describe it is it's like if you met my friends and family before all this sort of revved up in later years compared to before it, that would say that this is not Pete. This is a completely different person, and I have to agree.

Your habits, your lifestyle, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you have... You know, your outlook on life completely changes as well. Your food habits, your social habits, everything changes.

And it's really only those that really know you and that are close to you and that are around you that see this change, and that's sort of what makes people think about this reality being a real reality when they see that change in someone. That's an example. Like, anybody that knew me before these experiences got very intense, started to be like, "This is a complete different person." So, there was sort of this shift when you start waking up, finding about who you are, what you are, and what we all are a part of.

There seems to come this sort of urgency and this push and this drive, from yourself, not from the beings or anyone else, that you've got to do something to play your part within humanity, to help humanity. And what all I can do, nobody else can do, but what every single other person can do, I can't do it, or anyone else can do it. It's like everyone's got their own unique thing, and all of us doing that and playing a part as a collective, that's where this sort of exponential jump in human consciousness, in evolution, in getting over the obstacles that humanity is facing, this is where we're going to push through that. We've already been in the midst of that for quite some time. Why many of those within the field of ufology have only been exploring it from a nuts and bolts... [SMACKS LIPS] perspective is because we are programmed very much into believing that unless you can touch, feel, see or hear it, etcetera, it's not real.

You have to... The only things that are real are with our physical senses. And that's been very, very important because there is evidence from whistleblowers of many craft that have been, um, examined, that have crashed... Uh, there's been technology from those craft. There are, I would say, millions to billions of people now, everyday people, that have photographed and filmed through their iPhone, the craft, all different craft.

And even if you want to dismiss some of them as, um, a possibility of not being accurate, when you get everyday people, and I get them phoning me, telling me about something they've seen that has changed their reality, that they never even looked at UFOs. They'd never even been, in the slightest, interested in them, and then suddenly having this huge craft over their house, and how they changed afterwards, and what have you. When people say to me, "What's the reality?" I said, the reality is that after these experiences, people change in dramatic ways from their experience.

You don't have a change like that from a fantasy or imagination, where they start to come out with unusual languages, we call light languages or star languages. Start to write strange scripts, for example, doing unusual artwork, not only of the beings and the crafts they've seen, but other, um, complex artwork. Um, some of them start downloading music. They say it just comes to them.

All these expressions, um, occur after they've had interactions with these beings. And the reason that it's hard to quantify is a lot of these experiences are in a dream state, because what happens is that when they are taken, they're often put into a trance state so they don't overreact, they don't, um, traumatize themselves any more. So it feels like a dream. But often when they say to me, "But I thought it was a dream," um, I'd say, "For how long have you remembered it then?" They'll say, "Well, I've never forgotten it, and it's been 10 years ago." I say, "Dreams aren't like that."

Normal dreams, you forget within a few minutes of your waking up. Dreams that are not dreams are the ones you still remember. And our surveys were convincing in understanding this because we discovered that out of those that had experiences, 75% of encounters are out of body, so it becomes even harder for the person to qualify that and make it real because it's out of body. And only 25% is physical, but the physical side, they will be left with marks on their body.

They may find themselves outside with all the doors locked. They may find that they've lost their pajamas, or their pajamas are in another room, tucked under the bed somewhere or whatever. Um, strange things like this will go on. And others will have apports. And apports are objects that suddenly appear with them. They may be coins, or crystals, or...

Or something like this, as evidence something has happened. And sometimes things just go missing for months, and suddenly, where you put them, they're there again. So they also have that kind of thing happen.

They also can affect technology. Many of them can't wear watches because of their energy now has changed. They can't wear watches anymore. These are all the phenomena. Let's see if this street light's gonna turn off when I walk under it [LAUGHS] Phobias are another evidence of a reality where people get a phobia of spiders, or clowns, or owls, or skeletons, and often these are screens...

Uh, and the reason they're scared is they're screens for these ETs. And so they say, "But I can't stand clowns. "They terrify me." There's nothing to explain that unless you understand that often the form they will give the person is the form of a clown rather than the gray ET. Or, the phobias that go with this are also very clear patterns that this is a real experience. But more than anything is the transformation of the individual, where they lose interest in, um, everyday...

The materialistic values. They lose interest in, you know, the money side of things. They become more holistic. They start, um, being more, uh, interested in changing their diet to a more healthy diet. They want to live in more rural areas where they can grow their own food.

Their whole attitude to life and spirituality... And I'm talking about a universal spirituality, will completely change from these encounters. So when somebody says to me, "Oh, you know, that's... Is that a coincidence?" How can it be a coincidence when this is happening to thousands upon thousands of people that have contact with these non-human intelligences that are part of who and what we are. [SOFT ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] MAXWELL SLATTERY: Got it. God, you are hard to get, you.

Amazing. In terms of hypnosis, I use that very regularly with individuals that come to me with what we call "missing time," where they've gone on a journey, it should have only taken them maybe an hour. They see some strange lights, the car stops, or they may not even be aware of that. Then, all of a sudden, they come to and they have lost two or three hours.

And they want to know what happened. In hypnosis, you can take them back to that experience and they can explore it. But for those, uh, questioning what really the value of hypnosis is, "How can we trust it?" etcetera, etcetera, I'm going to quote Dr. John Mack,

who was former Head of Psychiatry at Harvard University, that wrote two books, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and Passport to the Cosmos. Now, what Dr. Mack did, and he came in as a skeptic, but a professor of psychiatry, and he did a psychological testing on all of those that he eventually did hypnosis with. He was convinced that through the process of hypnosis and the information that he got, it had more value than conscious memory. And the reason he says that is this, that when we look at something consciously, we are editing out things that don't fit with our paradigm, that don't fit with our reality.

We are constantly editing what we accept in a conscious way. But the subconscious does not edit anything out because it doesn't bring in the analytical, logical part of the mind. So it is giving you the pure experience without the editing.

So, in fact, he said, information coming from hypnosis is actually more accurate than conscious memory. Now, this is from the, you know, the Head of Psychiatry at Harvard University we're talking about here, um, who studied this and went into depth and put his profession on the line to say this. And I agree completely, because what I've discovered is when you take somebody into an altered state and they let go of that monitoring side of their logical, analytical mind, then they are taken into the reality they have experienced with detail, understanding. And with information, they said to me, "I have no idea how I know this.

"I have no idea this would happen this way." And I've actually played devil's advocate a little bit and said, "Well, if I said to you, could you have imagined that? "Or created that?" And they will usually say to me, "Not in a million years "would I have ever imagined what I have just come out with." So, there you have it. It is usually beyond their imagination, the information that they come out with. And the interesting thing is that I'll say to them, "Does this resonate? "Even though it's weird and bizarre and crazy, "does it resonate with you?" And every time they will say, "Well, actually it does."

Even though it's bizarre, weird and strange and hugely, you know, unbelievable on their conscious minds. So when it comes to hypnosis, what we're really doing is just shutting down left brain from editing the information that the subconscious, superconscious, or "higher self" is another name for it, is giving us of that particular exploration. And for me, what has been profound is by doing that, it completely changes the way someone understands themselves, and is often hugely healing and hugely beneficial.

[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] MAXWELL SLATTERY: Whoa, that's crazy. What was interesting for me in hearing much of Pete's story, which, again, like so many now across the planet, the downloads of information, his connection to his team, as I call it... I call it the non-human team, which, I believe we all have... What was fascinating to me was when we actually worked together and for the very first time when Pete had said to me, "I want to know about this particular experience that I've had. "I'm sure something happened." Really, what was interesting in that very first session, remember, this is the very first time that he'd ever had hypnosis.

And the interesting thing with it was not only did Peter go into his subconscious, superconscious to remember what happened in that particular outing, that particular trip, in terms of his interaction with the beings, but what happened to him and gave it absolute validity, uh, because it was so spontaneous, was one of his team walking in. And I call this "overshadowing" him and giving information about him in the third person. And that was something that I know [CHUCKLING] shocked Peter quite a lot afterwards, to realize what had happened. But for me, it again shows very much that this is... When these things happen, the reality of this, this is not a fantasy.

This is not you creating something. When you experience something like that, and I have experienced similar, um, it takes you by surprise. It is completely unexpected.

And it is absolutely valid because the information coming from this guide was actually completely on the ball with information that was valid and important for Peter. So, for me, the whole experience just demonstrated integrity and validity to his whole experience, and one that I think demonstrates again his other experiences that he talks about, and the information that he's come out with. Again, it's far more expansive, and deep, and complex to the human Peter that I would chat to over a cup of coffee. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Mmm. Mmm. My name's Jason Gleaves, and I'm a UK-based ufologist and international author.

I'm also ex-Royal Air Force and British Airspace, Airbus division. My expertise is in video image analysis, in which I've analyzed video footage and basically thousands of images of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings from people worldwide. Out of the huge amount of images and footage I receive off aerial phenomena, basically unexplained anomalies, I try to extract the wheat from the chaff of the unexplained objects seen, trying to eliminate day-to-day objects such as aircraft, military and civilian drones, which are more common today and readily available very cheap to buy. Birds and insects, which are probably the most common misidentification of UFOs. And, of course, we've got lenticular cloud formations and unusual weather phenomena, just to name a few.

I've analyzed videos and images of UFOs for many years now. Probably started around 2014, where I set up my media platforms called Ufonly. That's where most people contact me for answers to their unexplained images. I first came across Peter through my own Ufology journey. Peter had been having regression sessions with the highly-respected hypnotherapist, Mary Rodwell, where he was trying to recover lost and missing time, memories of his sightings and, um, many experiences, quite often with remarkable results. It was after seeing this, I was basically hooked.

When Peter contacts me or sends me new footage of images of anomalous objects, I just know things are gonna be interesting. And they are generally very good. My findings and analysis of Peter's evidence, in my opinion, rule out fakes and foul play due to the conclusive evidence which is presented by him.

More often than not, the presence of buildings, trees and foliage and surrounding terrain give great perspective to the aerial object captured in the images, giving the evidence more credence and public acceptability. A few good examples of Peter's experiences are probably the two separate sightings of a small humanoid-looking being, uh, gray being with the telltale signs of large almond-shaped eyes and a large head. Uh, one had been a video footage I analyzed of a gray being, which appeared to be peering from the side of the camera shot, back and forth. Uh, again, upon analyzing the footage and applying enhanced filters to the footage itself, we can clearly see the being blinking its eyes, which can be more difficult to fake or replicate. The other image had been taken by Peter outside of his home when he'd heard noises from his roof.

He basically went outside and took a photograph of his pickup truck and the surrounding area. And the truck was parked outside of his house. Again, upon analyzing the image of the small gray type of being, it's clearly seen, and it's peering from behind the bonnet of the truck. I analyzed both cases separately and overlaid them together to identify a match.

And I confirm they appear to be of the same type of being, gray, if not the same, with large heads, large dark eyes, almond shaped, small nose or mouth. Peter's experiences and evidence is an important piece to the ufology jigsaw, and it's proof to the human race who are waking up on mass to what is really happening with regards to contact and extraterrestrial interactions. We only have to look at some of the really good evidence out there, especially within the ufology community as a whole. We're not alone, and we've never been alone. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] GLEAVES: Oh, look at that power. Yay!

-Well, that's massive, mate. -[MAN WHOOPING] MAN: Look at that thing! GLEAVES: Yeah. The other one's cutting behind. Let me show it.

[ROCK MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] My name is John Vivanco, and I've been a professional remote viewer for around 25 years now. I was trained in a formal military style of remote viewing called CRV, or Controlled Remote Viewing, and then got pulled into a think tank as a professional remote viewer shortly after that. From there, I eventually ran the remote viewing teams on projects for clients as the director of operations, and co-ran the think tank with another person. I've worked with corporations on the side of regular business issues, as well as future technologies and basic technological issues, to investments in markets as well as entertainment and scientific research like NASA scientists, all the way to geneticists.

On the other side, I've also worked with alphabet agencies. For instance, I did counter-terror for the FBI after 9/11, and we were basically mapping out future potential terrorist attacks on US soil as well as profiling on potential terrorists in the United States. You know, basically coming down to how to stop any potential attacks. You know, there's really nothing that remote viewing cannot figure out, or at least point you in the right direction on.

Now, I know that remote viewing, when it was declassified, the CIA basically put out a report that went the path of claiming it had no useful applications. It's like flipping a coin. But those in the intelligence world, well, you know, they know much better. And the CIA report on it was... It was it was really just to get the public's mind off of it.

You know, you can't tell the public "Hey, check out this method to know all of our secrets. "It works really well." You can't do it. So, you know, de-classifications like this are controlled when it comes to the public. And remote viewing is actually something that anyone can learn.

Remote viewing is basically a protocol and a methodology that was developed by Stanford Research Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area of the U.S. in the 1970s. You know, it was funded by the CIA and the U.S. Government. It was basically in response to what... You know, what was heard through the intelligence grapevine on what the Soviets were doing at that time. The Soviets were looking for ways to use psychics as spies, and so the U.S. Intelligence community had to do the same thing

because you can't neglect things like that if your so-called enemy is doing it. Right? The U.S. Government used, and still does use remote viewing to provide an asset to intelligence agency operations as well as military operations. You know, whether that's the CIA, FBI or DIA. You know, they all use it to a certain degree to help them in intelligence gathering.

Now, the protocol of remote viewing is basically a system in order to keep a remote viewer blind. And the way in which it works is that the remote viewer's given typically an eight-digit number that's associated with something they're to remote view. A person who is called the Tasker basically writes up the questions. So, something like, for instance, describe President Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address during the U.S. Civil War. Right? They'll write that down, and then the tasker will just assign a random eight-digit number to that, and then they only give the number to the remote viewer. This keeps the remote viewer blind to what they're viewing, and so they will only feel and describe what's there.

They won't be making stuff up. Now, when they receive the number, they'll work through a remote viewing methodology, and that's typically done on paper. You know, they're moving through this methodology in a series of stages that it kind of expand exponentially, getting more and more detailed information on a target.

And we always run these projects in teams. In other words, multiple remote viewers doing the same question. So this creates a situation where you can cross correlate the data between the viewers, and it really makes for accurate intelligence gathering tool. Now, I do a lot of work on the side of the strange and paranormal, with remote viewing, from, you know, how to uncover evidence of anomalous happenings, and doing expeditions to these things, to remote viewing people like Pete Slattery.

You know, I met Pete at a conference that we were both speaking at, and I think it was 2017. And I think that was the first time that I heard his experiences in detail as well as seeing his videos and photographs of anomalous objects. Now, we've done projects where we have found that some claims people make and photos or videos they take are just lies and fakery, even though they seem legitimate on the surface. So, at that point, I figured, well, you know, my team and I really should remote view some of these things that Pete's captured.

You know, while some of the photos and videos appear genuine, you never know if something is fake these days. I think the first thing that my team and I dug into was a really, really curious and unique video Pete took. It was this infrared video footage of a being with a large head and eyes inside of his house, and it was kind of poking its head out from the corner of the video screen.

You know, it did that a couple of times, and it was looking into the camera, it appeared. So we had a look at that one to figure out what was going on. We saw that this was indeed an alien in his house, and there wasn't just one, though. There was basically a whole crew of them. These beings were not totally physical, but they could straddle the physical and the nonphysical. In other words, they're multidimensional. They had landed a craft that was, in a sense, inside of his house as well as in the yard.

Because an aspect of them and their craft is nonphysical, this can actually happen, you know, where the craft can sit on the house, in the house, in another dimension. And these particular beings were described as being in support of Pete and not the scary, abducting type. What was actually quite funny was the viewers were really focused on these beings going through the refrigerator and really interested in their dairy products there. But these guys, you know, they were there to physically check in on him as well as provide some sort of evidence that they're with him. And this is why Pete was able to get them on camera. Now, in remote viewing, what can happen is that when you view beings who have a broader consciousness than humans, well, they can take notice of you.

They can take notice of the remote viewers, and these beings did that. They took notice of us, the remote viewing team and myself, and they interacted. In fact, they still interact with us to this day. Pete gets so many interesting videos and photographs, and you know, we've looked at quite a few of them repeatedly. Right? Over and over. So I'll often task not only my professional team, but I'll give viewers in training some of Pete's footage to remote view.

In fact, some of his stuff has been viewed by up to 40 different remote viewers. You know, one of them is a shape flashing in the sky with multiple colors and moving into these, like, geometric patterns changing shape. And this is actually a fun one for remote viewers in training to have a look at because it's so dynamic. This is a merkaba.

It's a merkaba-type craft in which there are multiple, like, high vibrational beings inside of it. Now, merkaba is basically these two spinning pyramid-type shapes that you'll often see being used by high vibrational beings. It's like this... way they travel. And when you get these merkaba-type craft, they're also like a cross between a dimensional portal and a ship.

So it's kind of like this back and forth thing. So there are multiple beings that are going in and out of this construct and looking and communicating with Pete. The big question for me becomes, you know, with all of the happenings around Pete on a consistent basis, is why? Why is this happening? You know, this is not a normal thing. When we looked at that question, it kind of got, I think, a little bit complicated, at least from the standpoint of how humans typically think, but not from a multidimensional standpoint. The one we know is Pete is not so much one individual.

Of course there is the physical one that calls himself that name. But, you know, really, that's just the physical. The data reflects somewhat of a rotation of beings that can and do go in and out of Pete's body. Frankly, he's described as being an experiment.

And we're not talking a human experiment. We're talking a multidimensional alien-type experiment. Now, Pete's genetics, you know, they've been manipulated and they're different than a normal human. This has been happening to him since he was a child. And this allows a higher vibrational and multidimensional communication and hearing on his part to come through.

It also allows other beings to merge to come and go with that body-mind complex of Pete. You know, his his body and mind are an experiment, and it's not been done before, so he's watched closely. He's considered the grand experiment. Now, because his body is a mix of human and alien genetics, as a sort of experiment pushing the evolutionary boundaries of a person and likely meant to roll out to a species, you have a lot of beings who are really interested in watching this.

There are some as well, who use aspects of Pete's body, um, to tinker with and to take things from. Some of this is painful for him, as we've seen, because it involves sometimes the physical abduction scenario, right, as in the case that we looked at recently, the very clear silver disk that he caught on camera. And this event was something that he had missing time with and when viewed, these beings did not want to be known at all, and they were pulling some genetic material from his body. Overall the massive library that, you know, he's accumulated over these years with these anomalous lights, craft, even beings that show up, is something that really should turn heads. I mean, in remote viewing, many of these videos and photos, there's a lot going on in here. There's this complicated unraveling to it.

But the remote viewing data really verifies the base-level claims that he makes. You know, strange things happen to me because of who I am and what I do, but when Pete and I hang out, you know, it ups it a couple of levels, a couple of notches. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Over time this will lead to what some would call, say five, or close encounters of the fifth kind, or initiating contact, I prefer to call it. From the point of view where, through meditation, remote viewing... Really in tension, you can initiate contact. Because the way I like to explain it is, imagine that you're a computer...

and what everything in the universe is made up of, including the other dimensions and realms and what have you, imagine that it's the wireless Internet, that everything's a part of it, even you. And that when you put out a thought, that goes into what we could say is the universe, equaling the wireless Internet, and other computers or intelligences can pick up on that and start to, I guess, show themselves. And I do this in groups and help people out individually through mastering these types of techniques. But it's all got to do with intent and your frequency, meaning being in a place of love. Neutrality as well,

to where you can deal with what happens if it happens, in terms of... A lot of people want to see this stuff. But a lot of people aren't ready for it. And it's not saying that all humanity isn't. But there is quite a shock factor to it.

There's so many people that have been with me. Sometimes I have up to a couple of hundred people at the sky watches, or the initiating-contact events and self-mastery workshops, and they're very taken aback by it, but it's a good thing at the same time because they're in a group setting, so because people are there with them, experiencing these other forms of intelligences, or crafts, or orbs, down low or crafts. It's like a way that weighing them in to it to sort of go on their own journey after that.

This is where it gets really strange. Like I say to people, the beings appear like ghosts, like they're multidimensional. And what I mean by that is, imagine when I say, like, they can land their craft on your house or on you, and people are like, "How can they do that?" They're thinking of it as nuts and bolts. Basically, if you can imagine, well, just say, a flying saucer, for example, in apparition form, meaning it's "ghost-like".

It's like structured from, like, mist, or looks like a cloud. It can go through this physical matter that we're experiencing, the chair, the house, the walls, what have you, and it can come through and land on you. Now, sometimes there's a hum or a vibration or feeling that you can feel going through you. Now, they can take you physically onboard that way or they can even pull the consciousness out of the body and put you on the craft that way.

And that's how some of the experiences happened. Even when you close your eyes, think about how you perceive and experience your dreams. Well, you're eyes are shut, you're not seeing anything. It's because it's in here, and through the pineal gland. And through thought transfer, which is basically where they project whatever they're trying to communicate. It goes from their light body merkaba, to your light body, comes down through the crown, through the right side of the brain, through the left, and we decode it.

As thoughts, ideas, epiphanies, concept, knowing things to be true, but we're not sure how. It's just these thoughts, these ideas. And so when that's happening, when I'm interfacing with these intelligences, there's stories playing out, like visions of the stories or whatever they're trying to show me or flashes of the imagery. I mean, there's also feeling and emotions that come with that. And over time, once you develop these types of things like I have over years now, you can start to hear things that most people don't hear.

Like, I'm already seeing things that most people don't see anyway, physically with my eyes. You know, even as a form of communication, taste and smells can come through as well. So, like, we're operating in the five-sense reality, sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.

But we've also got an extra two, which is the pineal gland and telepathy thought. Yeah, so when it comes to the merkaba, like, people are probably wondering what that is. But the merkaba is your light vehicle, you're light body. It's our consciousness.

So we've already got it. But we're not really seeing it in this physical reality. So a lot of these intelligences, they're not even in physical nuts and bolts type crafts, if you want to put it that way. The crafts themselves, a lot of the time that we could say a physical type, they are either grown or they've got material within them that I've even got a sample of, where the craft has basically got a consciousness, and is living in and of itself. And it's symbiotic with the pod or the crew on the craft as well. A lot of the crafts, when I'm in them...

Not all of them, some of them, it almost looks like you're in a white room, like in a movie, like everything's just white. Some of the Orion crafts that I've gone on, they've sort of... How can I describe this? It's like a whitish blue light.

There's walls. There's no corners, but there's sort of curvature around where the corners would be. It's quite amazing to experience, especially when you're interfacing with these intelligences and what have you. I'm James Gilliland, and I'm the founder of ECETI which stands for Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. And we've been doing this for pretty much 40 years.

The ranch has been around for, I think, 37, 38 years, ECETI, the, the actual location. I've been a contactee all my life. I've had two major near-death experiences, several white light experiences. I've studied for 36 years, intensely with Lamas and yogis and master teachers around the world.

As far as Peter Slattery's evidence... I know Peter very well. We've spent a lot of time together. He's like my brother from another mother. But everywhere Peter goes, there's activity, not just UFO activity.

And he gets the best photographs of anybody I know. But spiritually activity as well. And he's getting incredible photographs of the beings themselves. So it's unsurpassed. I think he's probably number one as far as getting credible evidence of UFOs and the beings themselves. The reason that we're having contact and we're having incredible videos taken, and photographs, and the pictures of the beings themselves is because we've all risen to the occasion, and they're looking for intelligent life, basically.

And those are people that have risen to the occasion that are spiritual. They don't care about your left brain. They want people with the emotional capabilities and the telepathic capabilities that they can communicate with. So, that's why we're so successful, because we've taken a spiritual approach to contact. And, you know, all of us, there's several of us that we know when the ships are there, we know who's on the ships. We know all about their cultures or technology, everything.

GILLILAND: I'm straight down on the sky as far as I can go. MAN 1: It's just moving. isn't it? GILLILAND: Whoa, look at that! MAN: Whoa, huge! GILLILAND: Look at that. They all doubled. -There goes. It's doubling. -MAN: Oh, huge!

GILLILAND: It split into two. -It split in two. -MAN: Whoo-hoo! GILLILAND: Now it has another one. MAN: Ooh! Whoo-hoo! GILLILAND: It's doubled. Oh, now it's going back.

-It's morphing back into... -MAN: Oh, yeah! GILLILAND: Oh, no, it's three! It's three, now it's two. MAN: I see... GILLILAND: It's totally doing this. Whoa... Whoa! Check it out, man! MAN: Whoo-hoo! GILLILAND: Now it's a double again.

It's doubling. Its moving. Whoa, look at that. You know, the reason these beings are visiting Earth right now is several reasons. One, there are beings that have been here all along, and they have their technologies. Some of them went under during the days of Atlantis, some, Lemuria, through the pole shifts and cataclysms. And they have their ships.

There are beings that have been around for quite some time that some would call the reptilians, or some, the grays. And I would strongly urge people to avoid that group. You don't want to hang out with that group. And they are very good at taking over people in power, or people that are leaders in all fields. They're very good at stepping in and, you know, preying upon your ego or your your lack of integrity, you might say.

There's some other benevolent beings that are us. They're our ancient ancestors. They were the paladins that started the original colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria. The ancient Larians started the first colonies. And they're the ancestors of the paladins.

There's the Orion Council of Light, Arcturians, the Sirians. They're all well documented. The lion beings are well documented, the feline beings, throughout history. But they've been coming and going, and we've reached a point in time where, you know, we're ready for contact. We're ready to reunite with the greater family of man and to turn this planet around.

It's lighting up for me, giving me a real nice and stable... Whoa! [LAUGHS] Thank you. Thank you. There's a lot of different types of beings out there. There are the typical grays, like these beings from the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, the Andromeda constellation, as well as the Andromeda galaxy, Arcturus. Um, many different places.

Now, with that said, not all these beings that I'm interacting with are even from another star system. There is that happening. This is where it gets even trippier, to where some of these beings are from inside the Earth.

Some of these beings are living right beside us. And some of these beings are even coming back from the future. So how do you tell people this? Like, this is what I know.

This isn't a belief system. This isn't what I think. This is what I know. And that's sort of where it gets complicated, because people have got a preconceived notion that it's just some little green dude coming from the side in a flying saucer. But the fact is, this is more multidimensional than one can perceive. If they're not open to it or if they're very linear in their thinking... And this is where...

If people are just open-minded in general and they're open to these things, or they've experienced some things, like, they've got that... They get the wheels turning so they can start to understand those concepts and ideas. So there's also angelic-type energies and celestial energies, and then our pure thought form energies that come from these pure thought form conscious realms as well. You know, as far as Pete as a person, I think he's extremely well dedicated to the work. And, again, he's got the connection.

He has the spiritual connection. He gets the best footage I've seen. He sees things that I don't even see half the time.

You know, I don't have the best vision either, so... [LAUGHS] But, you know, as far as a person, you know, again, I would trust Pete with my life, basically. You know, as far as the best evidence that both Pete and I have we have tree-top level ships coming in.

We had 200 people on the ground, and they power up and pulse everybody in the field. You feel the connection. You feel the energy. We've done it redundantly. We've done it with the ancient aliens. We've done it with all these major crews that have come up. Fox News, ABC.

All these guys are from a paranormal state. We told them exactly when and where the ships would appear. And they did. They came right on cue, with the cameras rolling.

We have pictures of every kind of ship you can imagine. Everything from cylinders, to giant triangles, to disks. We have light ships that come in every color. We have all of that, which, you know, begs the question, why is this not available to the public? It seems like whenever Peter and I get together, things happen.

It's kind of crazy. There's other people, too, that are on that same frequency, that whenever we're together, we see all kinds of activity. Peter calls them the wispies or little spirits that go cruising by. We have them here, and they're in Peter's house all the time. The UFOs flying over on a regular basis.

You know, I'd tell Peter, we'd do a little thing where we tap into him and I'd say at 5:00 something, you know, "The ships are gonna come over," and Peter would run out there and, bam, right on track, the ships would come in. He could do that, too, as well. But it's when you get people together that have risen to the occasion of like mind, the more people you have gathered that are holding a frequency or certain consciousness, the more activity you have. So, when Peter and myself and several others of us, when we all get together, we have amazing activity. They come down low.

You know, they're putting on amazing displays. They're reacting to the people on the ground. There's no way you can try to flop this off as a space station or a shuttle, or a satellite, or anything of that nature. This is far beyond. We've had no negativity whatsoever. Drama... We've had nothing but positive.

And they're waiting for us to rise to the occasion. They're waiting for us to come together in cohesive groups that are holding a frequency of love and joy and bliss, and that people that have open minds, loving hearts and pure intents. That's what they're looking for. ETs aren't even focused on what's out there.

It's said today that there are two trillion galaxies in the visible universe. Now, you grab all that, even with the other dimensions where beings can exist still in those areas, meaning you can have life in this dimension and then you can have life in the next dimension, still on that body, but a different aspect of that body, we could say different facet of that body, or of a planetary body. So you get all that over the two trillion galaxies, and that's still not even 5% of what's out there, from what my knowledge is and what I've experienced, and I definitely don't know it all. With the more experiences and the more learning and the reconnecting back to what I could say are now on a higher level, I'm still realizing how little I do know. What's important here, the implications of peers' experiences are one thing.

What I have found with the work that I've done globally now... I mean, I get accessed from all over the globe. From Uruguay, as far as Poland, and Russia, etcetera, etcetera... is there are millions of people out there having experiences. And sometimes they don't even know what it is they're experiencing. They just know they're different.

They feel different. They may be seeing energy fields. They may be seeing beings and think it's just them, and they're going crazy or whatever. What is being wonderful about the fact that Peter has been so honest and open about his experiences is that he's giving the permission to many of those out there that are having similar experiences of validation, that this is okay, that this is an important part of what we call now the shift in human consciousness on this planet. I am meeting a whole range of individuals that come from professional fields, academics fields. I've got a group of medical doctors that are all having experiences, professors that are having experiences.

Physicists, diplomats, lawyers, social workers, and young children that are all talking about their interactions with other light beings. As Peter talks about, many of them are having interactions with light beings. I was talking to a 10-year-old who lives in Australia, only recently, and he said he's visited by light beings. He comes from a planet of light.

He said that on that planet, he can manifest instantly, but here it's much harder to manifest. He even talked about the reset on this planet right now. The information that Peter and others, so many others are bringing through has this theme, the theme that we are now in a place of human evolution that is a reset to an evolutionary shift in consciousness, and this is what Peter talks about, with his connection to his team, and this is what so many others... Again, I can say, the credibility of the sources, alongside Peter, with similar information from very highly professional people that know what this looks like and how it's judged by mainstream psychology are actually coming out and talking about this.

I talk about Dr. Lena Ohlson, who is a molecular biologist, who sees mantis beings and a whole range of other worldly beings. She talks about the fact that she was asked by the mantid being, had an instant healing, to tell her, "Yes, it's time to come out of the space closet now."

She's just one of many, many highly-trained individuals and scientists that are owning this as a reality now. So, what Peter's experiencing, what I believe millions across the globe are experiencing is this interaction with these intelligences is assisting us as a species to awaken to more of who and what we are and what we can actually be. One of the recent information that I got was from a young 9-year-old from the US.

And he said that he was visited by beings that were like kids, like 5-year-olds, and they put him to sleep. And he said they were the science team. And they told him he was special, and they showed him on screens, dinosaurs and future lives. He said he goes up through his head and he can go anywhere in the universe.

But he's not supposed to talk about it. They make him forget. But he also said, which was fascinating, that he's a time traveler from the future. Only, he doesn't really look like this. That, in fact, he's only got four fingers and no nails. And he said the older, taller aliens, he said, give him an in-depth education.

And he talked about ultraviolet light as the creation spectrum as he's shown the past and the future, and also that the

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