More Spiritual Understandings & Secrets Being Revealed as we Progress in Technology & Archeology

More Spiritual Understandings & Secrets Being Revealed as we Progress in Technology & Archeology

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InshaAllah from what we talked about in last  week and a half were very deep subjects.   Either people don't want to remind themself  of these subjects and would rather talk about   stones and rocks and ridiculous things  or focus on what been talked about. And   that these are extremely dangerous times that  opening and people have to reflect on those,   understand these analogies, understand that you  know the importance of energy, the use of energy,   how it's being used to destroy and how it can be  used to save and for salvation, inshaAllah.   As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   May Allah (AJ) always bless you and give  strength to make us learn all what you   want us to learn. Sayyidi we recently saw  in the news that this earthquake has made  

the land of turkey move to maghrib.  What is the reality of this feature?   Move to maghrib? It went all the way to  Morocco? [Shaykh laughs] I don't know.   Don’t know about that what scientists are talking  about but we already mentioned what maghrib is.   That anyone turn on television and what we  described - Eastern countries they were the   bedrock of religion and faith. They were the  area in which taught humanity about the Divine.   So now East represents what to people?  400 billion dollars for a ridiculous ball.  

You think any of them are going to send money  now for Turkey? No because the ball was more   important than people's lives. That they're  going to what send a million dollar cheque?   They spent 400 billion dollars for a ball. They  are the custodians of Islam? No, means the closet   closed on their heads. They spend close to 500  million dollars just on Christmas that country,   ridiculous people. So you take an ‘ajer (reward)  from what you see. There's no more Islam there.   The world of Islam closed in that region. So  then that is now opening and has opened on this  

side - on the Western side, the Western world.  So through whatever testing Allah (AJ) going   to begin to inflict upon the West, As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.   It’s Shaykh Nurjan. Thank you for watching   the video that you’re watching. InshaAllah if you’re happy with the content   and happy with these programs please support  the button below. The programs that we have for  

our orphanage repairs, our water well – give the  gift of life. Our mobile food vans, we have now 5   vans – Vancouver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pakistan  and many programs that reach thousands of people   and rescue foods and give those supplies to people  in need. Your support is greatly appreciated. Also   be so kind as to leave a loving comments and  please share the stream. Every bit counts.   As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh. they're going to come to Islam. Nothing will be   left in the West but Islam. So it means that we  see it. If anyone can’t see it, turn on the TV.   The Eastern countries are now promoting  materialism, pursuit of money, gold, extravagance,   just nothing to do with heavens,  nothing to do with spirituality,   nothing to do with realities. Means they lost  their title and that the Earth shifted its  

polarity. So Allah’s (AJ) tajalli (manifestation)  of guidance now is on the West and that's why   you're seeing now this region carrying these laws.  These regions paying for people, taking care of   women and children, taking care of the weak and  the poor, abiding by codes and rules and laws.   So this a huge sign of what's happening for  people who have eyes to see. People in the East,  

I’m sure they don't think that. They think their  area is fantastic. Said, ‘So what if we spent 400   billion dollars on a ball? We go for Jum’ah  (Friday prayer)’. It's not faith. So that's   the signs. Everyone who can see the signs but  they're seeing it more like it's entertainment   and ‘This was amazing, oh my gosh, you don't  know what it was’. I said no these were big signs  

that they do like this and this is not Islam. So  it's a sign that they left it, they don't have   any understanding or appreciation for it and then  now that shift will come into other regions. And   those whom Allah (AJ) want, they'll be guided and  that their souls are ishraqiyoon that they are the   clear palate of realities. That these haqqaiqs  (realities) taught to them and they absorb them   and they don't have a buffer of  something coming and saying, ‘No,   it's not that. No, it's not that’. And  so they're being painted by realities.   And the exact reason why Allah (AJ) sent these  shaykhs to rise from the West is to keep them out   of the hands of the people of the East because the  people of the East want to destroy them, stop them   because they don't understand them. That for that  very reason, they're put into the West. Otherwise,  

where in the East could this type of knowledge go  on a khutbah (sermon) and talk? Yeah, everybody   in the first row will grab the person and bring  them down because the people of maghrib now they   don't understand these realities, they don't talk  like this. They just go for Jum’ah and go home.   So that's a reason why Allah (AJ) has transplanted  from their generations and their lineage   that they come as rooted trees with significant  lineages to the heart of Prophet ﷺ and they're   placed in the West like Moses (as) being  raised in Fir’auns (Pharaoh’s) territories.   So this is a big sign for people whom  have hearts to understand and through   their spiritual eyes they see. So these  are all of what's happening now on dunya   (material world), inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi  

Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sayyidi your presence and your way   of teaching is unlike any other. You are beaming  with light. Thank you so much Sayyidi! I grew up   in a Christian household but it was always missing  something then my own journey for truth in this   world I was led here, now I am fulfilled. Every  time I listen to your teachings I know I’m on the   right path. May your blessings never stop flowing  to you and your loved ones. Thank you so much!   Thank you, Allah (AJ) bless you,  alhamdulillah. This is the love  

and the ishq of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and the holy  companions, Ahlul Bayt (Holy Family of Prophet ﷺ),   and awliyaullah (saints) fis samayi wa  fil ard (in the heavens and on earth).   That Allah’s (AJ) love emanating from this  region, on these tongues - the English   tongue and the Western regions to send out a  guidance for whom Allah (AJ) is going to guide.   We described last night that if people understand   who will be following Sayyidina  Mahdi (as), the majority of who.  

So you know people in other faiths - they're  expecting an awakening, they're expecting a   rising, a light and a guidance and again in Muslim  world, they don't know what you're talking about.   They're expecting like it's going to be a fight  somewhere and that a physical person coming to   do physical fighting and all sorts of things and  if you talk spiritual, they, ‘Oh no, no, no, no,   no it’s not, this is not like this, this is not  like that’. So it means that and we deal with them   for 30 years people. We see who comes through the  door of the centers, we see who comes online and   what they say and the character and the demeanor.  So it means we have really no understanding whom  

Allah (AJ) is guiding in the last days but we know  that from the English language and Western region,   isharats (signs) and lights will be coming  out and Allah (AJ) has placed them for their   safety in the West. For had they been and if  they move into the East, they'll be shut down   in a second so that they can too also be put  into the maghrib and the setting of the sun.   So when the sun sets means what? It casts people  into darkness. When you were a region and you held   the honour of the rising of the sun means that  you were the source of guidance in the East.  

When you set, you're not the source of guidance  anymore means it's just a source of darkness. So   then all their countries corrupt, all their people  corrupt, all their people killing each other for   water and power. In other countries that have  the immense love what they're doing? Killing   each other for control of water and power. Giving  some people water, giving other people no water.  

So this is not the world of Islam, this  is not even anything to do with Islam.   So means then you see them that as maghrib  that the sun has set on them and they're now   in a zulum (oppression) and a darkness.  ‘Darkness’ in Arabic is called ‘Zulum’ –   oppression, oppression. So if you're not  in the light then you're under oppression.   So this is a immense reality and those whom in  the West, Allah (AJ) dress and bless them and   their responsibility is to propagate knowledges so  that those whom are in the East and want to learn   and being stopped from learning from other sources  and people of zulumat (oppression) and putting   oppression upon them, then they have the ability  until the internet goes down. So many people in  

the East are reading these teachings, this way,  this understanding and they're saying, ‘We can't   find this anywhere nor can we talk about it, we’ll  probably be beaten or stoned in our countries’.   So because of a zulumat and oppression is being  put upon them. Knowledge is power, knowledge is   light. Love is a freedom. So when you propagate  these realities, they're like birds that have been   imprisoned. Their souls feel like they're flying  that they're enlightened, they have energies. From   just understanding a little bit then awliya will  begin to come and give tarbiyah (discipline) in   their dreams and in their sleep. So it means  guidance is flowing. InshaAllah Allah (AJ)  

give more and more understanding for people  and the reality and the times that we live in.   If people understand the time they live in  and they understand the holy Hadith then they   should understand what the ishraqiyoon  are and where they are, inshaAllah.   As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   What are the manners and ways to tap into  the angelic energy from the Shaykh's energy,   power connection and Golden Chain during  meditation? Forgive our bad adab (manners).   You have to buy three of the meditation  books. That's the whole meditation book   and then we have the book on energy. So you buy  first the meditation book - the Timeless Reality   because it's an encyclopedia. This is a shaykh  with a course. So our course study and any of  

the students should have the books. If they  consider themself a student, they should have   the books. Otherwise, how are you accompanying  a teacher and he has a specific curriculum?   If anyone looks at our YouTube you  should know I have a very specific   curriculum. It's these subjects  and these books are these subjects.   So to you know appear inside the class and all  of a sudden ask, ‘You know can you please explain   energy to me?’ Means you have to go and get the  books, start studying the program, start watching   the videos and you know binge watch them. Watch,  two or three videos a day and bring yourself up   to speed on energy, meditation, tafakkur,  contemplation. You get the meditation book,  

you get the angelic energy book, the realities  of Hajj book, reality of the heart book,   reality of inside the heart book which is  Surah YaSeen - all of that is the curriculum.   And the new book coming out on the six powers  of the heart and how to activate six powers of   the heart but that won't make sense to you if you  don't know how to make tafakkur. So at that time   you're going to say, ‘Shaykh oh how am I going to  activate my tawassul and my conveyance?’ You're   not until you've mastered the meditation and the  tafakkur in which you burned away yourself and   you allowed the light of guidance to begin  to enter into the soul and into the heart.   When you substitute yourself away and allow their  satellite and reflection to begin to beam the   Muhammadan light within the wujud (existence) and  the personality - that's what's needed to make a   change in somebody. So there's no energy that  somebody has, there's no angels that they can   communicate with because it's not your frequency.  So when you have to give your frequency up for   the Muhammadan frequency - that's through  the meditation in which you negate yourself   and then they visualize the shaykh who is like a  satellite dish reflecting the Muhammadan light.  

So in… they have a box. When they want to watch  Apple TV, they have to get the Apple box. Why?   Because it has all of the encrypted  codes for Apple TV for you.   They don't just offer it all over the internet.  

So means that the shaykh is like the Apple box  for you that if you want the Muhammadan connection   then you get the shaykh. When you get the shaykh  and subscribe means you begin the practices,   you connect your heart, what happens? You're  now coming through these available channels.   It's like you have a subscription with him  and through your subscription you can log on   to that Muhammadan channel. So all of what we have  of technology, people should be able to quickly   understand these analogies. Why they don't, it's  beyond me. That you have to go and subscribe to   get to a television show. So you don't think you  have to have a subscription to get to the heart   of Prophet ﷺ and not a paid subscription but  means you have to have a shaykh, you have to   have a connection, you have to have a loyalty,  you have to learn on how to log into his heart   because he's beaming a Muhammadan channel  for you. So how do you log on to his heart  

and how do you connect into his heart? And  as a result that conveyance begins to come,   the channel begins to flow and all the ‘uloom  and the knowledges for the channel are flowing   and it's encrypted. Why? Otherwise, shaitan  (satan) would take the channel too and try to   learn but they're not. They're highly encrypted.  So as we get closer into these technologies,   we're starting to understand the keys. And that  you have to have cold storage and anything on a   net, on a network anyone can hack it. So you have  people think, ‘Oh I'll get the book and I'll learn  

everything’. No, the shaykh is the cold storage,  you have to meditate. The book will give you   some understandings but it will not come until  it's unlocked within the heart of the student.   Even the Qur'an we described before and they  released a video this week of that reality.   That people think that, ‘I'll just  get the Qur'an and learn everything’.   What are you talking about? The Qur'an  is more powerful than your phone.  

Your phone looks at your eye and says, ‘Hey  this is not you, we're not opening.’ Right?   You give your phone to your friend and say,  ‘Open my phone,’ he say ‘I can’t.’ Your eye   has to be identified. You don't think the Qur'an  is far beyond even their understanding. That the  

Qur'an looks at your face and says, ‘For  you, you get page one, barely understanding.’   You think it's just giving its secrets out? No,  it reads your face and exactly who you are and   what your level of ishq and love for Prophet ﷺ  or you're just an intelligence officer trying to   figure out Islam or you're a language scholar just  trying to understand Arabic. It reads you and as a   result, it gives you the level of information  that Allah (AJ) wants you to understand.   It's a locked and encrypted book   because it's from heavens. This is... as well  as the heart of awliya and the ‘uloom and the   knowledges of awliya. That they look like they're  being displayed for the public but it's encrypted  

because you can have friends that, ‘Hey! Read  this three pages of this book or read this,’   it's so encrypted that they fall asleep within two  or three pages because they can't understand it,   they don't even make any sense of it; it's  locked to them and it's locked to their hearts.   So means that these knowledges - they read you.  They look in your face and your eyes and they   see the light of who you are and what Allah  (AJ) has destined for you. And as a result,   based on that encryption those knowledges are  coming. So everything, everything from technology  

shows us a very deep reality of these haqqaiqs.  So we have to understand and continuously make   the simulation and the understanding. That's why  these technologies are there for us to understand   Allah’s (AJ) technologies, inshaAllah. As  

salaamu alaykum ya Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   Please forgive my ignorance. What is  the reality of shortness of breath   with an energy shift in the home or  weather even with doing the practices?   Shortness of breath is shortness of breath. That  it may be the heart is contracting and the energy   is too heavy and you can't catch your breath.  Nothing that can be done. You try to breathe   through it and just be patient. If the energy is  coming heavy or some sort of energy is attacking   then you just have to breathe through it and keep  with your madad (support) and salawats (praises)   on Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi  

Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sayyidi   the talk of creating a digital  twin for every person soul is   heating up. Can you please explain  this from a Muhammadan perspective?   The digital twin?   I think the understanding is not that it's a  digital twin but our light reality has many   different realities. That your wave reality,  if one should achieve their wave and see their   reality, the wave has infinite manifestations.  So Sayyidina Abu Yazid al-Bistami (Q)   told one student that, ‘I prayed Jum’ah  in 24,000 locations last Friday’.   And only now scientists will understand that one  whom would be in control if possible they think,   if possible that you have wave realities  in many dimensions. Forget about just this  

Earth. They can’t understand the dimensions and  we said dimensions are like pages and sheets.   That their energy is going into how  many dimensions? So forget about that,   that's complicated for people but on this  Earth if you're operating with light,   as much as you think that you could  visualize yourself, ‘I see myself now Madina,   I see myself now at this maqam (station), I  see myself with the Shaykh, I see myself here,   I see myself all these places,’ imagine  that level of imagination someone has and   Allah (AJ) makes it to be real in which their  self will actually be in all these locations.   Then what's difficult for Allah (AJ) to make  that light manifest in that dimension, in that   location? Nothing! Right now some may experience  it just through their ruhani (spiritual) that they   can sense themself in many places. But if Allah  (AJ) open its permission, their light reality can   manifest. As Sayyidina Abu Yazid al-Bistami (Q)  was describing he was praying, people were seeing  

a manifestation of himself in 12,000 locations  because he was trying to teach them light.   And this is the... now scientists know the wave  reality because light has infinite amount of   locations. And we said before, you get a box  and put a very strong laser or light bulb on   it and make a hole. The light will go out. Darken  the room, it'll go out that one hole because it's   looking for a place to go out. You make a thousand  holes on the box then a thousand waves of light  

will come out from that box in a dark room. So  means the one whom Allah (AJ) gives control of   their wave reality then can manifest in as many  places as Allah (AJ) wants them to manifest.   So then in the last days if Allah (AJ) opens that  authority then their manifestation is many places   at the same time. And that's why the fear the  shaitan has is that these people will have the   power of a thousand men and that's putting it very  small because it's much more than a thousand men   because each of their forms have an  immense power, immense spiritual power,   immense spiritual ability and nothing can  touch them because that's just a light being,   because you don't know where the  reality of them is manifesting from.   So as they plan, shaitan plans, Allah’s  (AJ) plan is far more powerful.  

So one manifesting in 12,000, 4,000, 24,000  places is not touchable but is very powerful   and is a very powerful force to be  reckoned with and nothing can touch them,   nothing can harm them, nothing can do anything  to them because it's just their light being.   So these are the potentials that Allah (AJ)  has given. “Wa laqad karramna bani adam”.   If Sayyidina Abu Yazid al-Bistami (Q) was doing  that for Jum’ah but in last days that's not needed   for Jum’ah when dajjal (man of deceit) comes. They  don't need to be 124,000 places for doing a Jum’ah  

but they need that to help people and  to protect people and defend people.   So that becomes a immense, immense but this is all  through tafakkur and contemplation so that people   understand who they are and where they get their  power from and that they negate themselves and   they connect to the heart and to the reality  of the Muhammadan connection, inshaAllah.   Anybody has questions also email  at Keep  

keep your communication line always with The website articles   at Take the articles, post them,  the articles from all the talks. They're not the   same as, ‘Oh I heard this talk,’ no the article  is far more academic and deeper because they   quote the Qur'an, they quote the Hadith because we  just briefly talk. They go back and put the ayatul   kareem (the generous verse of Holy Qur’an) and  the holy Hadith and has all of its references and   much more in depth. And those are then good to  be kept and share those articles so that people   can read them, come to guidance, print them out  and understand them, inshaAllah. The information  

is free for people. It just requires people to  propagate it, send it and to just click, click,   click and share, share, share share. Then we  come to the understanding when we're sharing   the character of people that the shaykh  is talking about. Why are people so angry   when you post something beautiful? Right?  Anybody interacting with our TikTok knows.   How come when the TikTok goes live for zikr  (Divine remembrance), the Muslims are going   crazy and special school of Muslims that go  crazy with zikr. And why are they on TikTok  

and getting angry from zikr? And then the general  audience is saying, ‘Hey, this sounds so beatific.   What is this? Is this like a praising? What is  this, what are you guys doing?’ So again gives   us the understanding of the character of people  and in the last days whom Allah (AJ) will guide to   His holy remembrance and to the love and ishq of  Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Now you saw that everyone is   now linking to the Ka’bah. Remember we described  before, two weeks ago. That Nabi Musa (as)   when he escaped from Fir’aun he entered  into Mecca, he didn't escape into Egypt.   He escaped into Mecca. And Sayyidina Shoaib  (as) they say was the caretaker of the Ka’bah.   And their nations were making Hajj (pilgrimage).  They know what the Ka’bah is. They were in  

the region - in Yathrib waiting  for Sayyidina Muhammad’s ﷺ arrival.   Their reality was dark-skinned, black people.  All these haqqaiqs are coming out. Why?   They realized all of their biblical locations are  actually in Saudi Arabia, we described that two   weeks ago. Now everything started to open.  So they understand that whole region is the   religion of Allah (AJ). The deen (religion)  and the deen of Allah (AJ) is Islam.   And its region and its realities are all  in Hijaz. So for the Jews to understand,  

Jewish people to understand well it immediately  brings the Christians because the Christians   are nothing but Jewish people. Right? So it  brings all the religions to understand – no,   no your origin and all the Prophets (as) of  Allah (AJ) were making tawaf (circumambulation).   Now they're starting to talk about  Sayyidina Isma’il (as) and that   his importance and his religion. Means as we  get close to the end, the falsehood is dying  

and the reality of Islam is coming and the  reality of the messenger of Islam is coming   and people will remember and retrace their  entire origin to that region, inshaAllah.   Bi Hurmati Muhammad al Mustafa  wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.   Alhamdulillah. Some even say they  have the Orthodox Jewish people,   they put the Ka’bah on their forehead. Uh-huh. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.   It’s Shaykh Nurjan. Thank you for watching   the video that you’re watching. InshaAllah if you’re happy with the  

content and happy with these programs please  support the button below. The programs that we   have for our orphanage repairs, our water well  – give the gift of life. Our mobile food vans,   we have now 5 vans – Vancouver,  Chicago, Los Angeles, Pakistan   and many programs that reach thousands of people  and rescue foods and give those supplies to people   in need. Your support is greatly appreciated.  Also be so kind as to leave a loving comments   and please share the stream. Every bit counts. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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