Malwa का आधुनिक भविष्य | Punyashlok Ahilyabai - Ep 660 | Full Episode | 14 July 2023

Malwa का आधुनिक भविष्य | Punyashlok Ahilyabai - Ep 660 | Full Episode | 14 July 2023

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You would be the first king in the history of Malwa who would introduce modern technology in this country. What do you mean? Modern technology. [epic music] Modern technology! Can't we introduce this in Malwa? Why not? It can surely be done. I came here for the same reason but...

What? I need your help to do these things. I need your help. [suspenseful music] They need your help. - Uh... - I need your help as a friend.

And I don't want my friend to be sad. - But... - "But!" What is it now? I became emotional and emotions don't serve our purpose. They won't suffice. [eerie music] My people need a place to stay in Malwa. - What is it called? - Colony! Yes! We must build a colony for them. We need to do construction.

We'd need plenty of labourers for that. It's a tough job. It's difficult to execute it.

- And that's our problem. - Difficult? Nothing is difficult in Malwa as long as I'm here. [dramatic music] I'd make everything available to you here! [sinister music] You know, the thing is, I want my Malwa to get modernised.

Colonel Hughes, you consider me your friend. An aide. Well, well! You made me emotional. As you called me a friend, I'll have to prove my friendship. Let's have a toast! Come on, take it. Here you are, my love! [sinister music] Liquor? No, no! It's wine.

Grape juice. [dramatic music] Uh... Cheers! Raise it and cheers to your good luck! It's for your bright future. [adventurous music] Please! [dramatic music] Malerao Holkar! A commoner dared to call me a servant. He called me an ordinary worker. He dared to insult Gunoji Sardar! [suspenseful music] [suspenseful music] What is it? Did you bring some special news? Sardar, I have breaking news.

Some new activities have been observed in the court lately. "Activity?" What kind of activity? All the kings of the neighbouring kingdoms have been invited and they are being questioned. "Why didn't they give military assistance to Malwa even after getting the message?" What next? Her Highness Ahilyabai summoned the messenger to interrogate him.

[dramatic music] Who took the letters? Who was he? [suspenseful music] [water splashing] [dramatic music] Ahilya... Ahilya, I understand your anxiety but will your anxiousness solve the problem? The worker lives 16 kilometres away. Obviously, they are taking time. Tukoji, I want to know the name of the traitor at any cost.

I want to know his name and get rid of him forever. He tried to sneak inside Malwa's territory. He dared to betray Malwa! [footsteps approaching] [suspenseful music] What's the matter? Where is the messenger? Your Highness, please forgive me. My soldier arrested the messenger and was on his way to the mansion but before he could reach here, he died. [sweeping music] O, Shiv Shambhu! How could it happen? [dramatic music] We were so close to getting an important piece of information.

[adventurous music] Did he tell you anything? I mean did you talk to him before he died? Your Highness, when I asked his name... 'I'll tell my name but not to you.' '- Then who do you wish to tell? - Her Highness Ahilyabai!' 'I'm not sure if you are loyal to her or someone else.'

'How can I trust you?' 'Please take me to Ahilyabai.' 'I'll tell her the truth.' 'Moreover, she'd provide protection to me if I tell her the truth.'

[sinister music] 'Alright.' 'Come with me. You may confess in front of Ahilyabai.' Hey, get up! Hey! Get up! [intense music playing] [tense music playing] Excuse me. This man was bitten by a snake and he died. He hails from your village. Please take him along. And listen.

Keep these coins. Come with me. [music playing] [intense music playing] [sombre music playing] [tense music playing] All of you, please come with me. [intense music playing] Where is your son-in-law, Dwarka Bai? 'I am here.'

[intense music playing] [sinister music playing] [music playing] I stumbled upon this Malwan soldier on my way back... He is the same guard. [intense music playing] So, this was all your doing! I was sure someone like you was behind it.

There's no one else in the mansion who stands to lose if the letters were sent to the neighbouring kingdoms and regions. By the way, where were you? He was fulfilling his duty and obligations alongside Malerao. Why? What happened? The same thing that always happens to us because of him.

Deceit! [intense music playing] What deceit? What have I done? I was on my way back to the mansion and saw him writhing in pain. He kept saying, "Take me to Queen Ahilya." "I have important news for her." I asked him to tell me, but he refused.

I told him we would go to the physician first, but he said no. I tried hard to get here in time. But unfortunately, he passed away.

[intense music playing] You said that he was dead. Yes, sir. How is that possible? I had apprehended him.

I was about to bring him to Queen Ahilya's court. But we took the forest route and a snake bit him. He died on the spot. [music playing] Tell me something. If he was dead, then am I lying? [intense music playing] [music intensifies] Ahilya, I have understood just what you are accusing me of. But just think about it.

I brought him here. So, if he were alive, he would have taken my name. [intense music playing] - I do not... - Enough, Ahilya! Stop suspecting Gunoji over every little matter. [music playing] Ahilya, if you do not wish that I carry out my duties earnestly, then relieve me of my position this instant. Why? What for? King Malhar appointed him.

Will you defy his order? No one can do anything. And, Ahilya, in the absence of evidence, neither will you say anything to Gunoji nor accuse him. [intense music playing] All right.

I do not have any proof this time, but next time, I will make sure to present solid proof. It will be so solid a proof which will be impossible to refute. Then no one will be able to save you. Nobody. [dramatic music playing] What's the matter, Gunoji? Why do you worry? When you have done nothing wrong, then why be afraid? 'Oh, there is a lot I have done, Mother-in-law!' 'And the results take time.'

'But when the results are out this time around, ' 'time will be' 'in my favour.' There is more news, Queen Ahilya. Go on.

Prince Malerao welcomed the British and joined hands with them. [intense music playing] [laughter] [ominous music playing] Well played, Colonel Hughes. Well played. Thank you. I have played well indeed.

That is how games are played. But the real game when played makes the opposition feel that they are winning, when in reality, they are losing. I played one such game with Prince Malerao. And he is fighting for me right now as we speak! Are you sure, sir? Will he? Do you really think that the Prince will be able to convince Queen Ahilya of Malwa? [Colonel laughs] He will have no option. No other option at all.

He will have no alternative. None in fact. Anyway, forget that. Let us all celebrate.

Cheers. Long live the Colonel. We have summoned the people as instructed by you.

[intense music playing] Come, I will show you something. - Talk to me in English. Speak English. - Sorry, sir. [tense music playing]

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