Live: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Live: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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The great state of Rhode Island I want, to thank them for their. Professionalism. And the. Way they've been handling this situation. Respectively. I also want to thank them on behalf of the state of New York for. The. Good work and working with us through this very difficult time. Their, their. Mutuality. And, partnership. And cooperation, has. Been of great benefit, to the state so I want to thank them for that, I'm, gonna make some opening comments and turn it over to governor. Murphy first and then we'll hear from the other governors, I, think. Most. States. Oh, operator. We're ready. Started. Hearing music. Okay. Thank You governors I just. Said. I thank, you all very much for your, professionalism. And your cooperation and, everything, you've done, that. Is benefited, this the, alliance. With the state. Of New York and I also want to thank, you and congratulate, you on what. You've done for your state's it's truly, been outstanding and it's my. Honor to be a colleague to, you, we've, been talking, today about the. Fact. That New York believes, we, have reached a plateau in the increase of number, of cases they're not going down but, they're. Not going up at the same rate and we believe it's a quote. Unquote plateau. And. That is. Relatively. Good news in a world, of bad options, and. We should start looking forward. To. Reopening. Quote, unquote but. Reopening. With a plan and a smart plan because, if you do it wrong it can, backfire and, we've seen that in other places on the globe so everyone. Is very anxious to get out of the house get back to work get the economy, moving. Everyone. Agrees with that what. The, art, form is going to be here, is doing that smartly. And doing. That productively. And, doing. That in a coordinated, way. Doing. That in coordination. With, the other, states. In the area and doing. It as a, cooperative. Effort where, we learn from, each other, and. We share information and we share resources and, we share intelligence, no. One has done this before. No. One on this telephone, has done it before no other state has done it before so, it's. One. Step forward. After. Research. And. Consultation. With experts, I'm. Not a public health expert. But. This has to be informed by experts, and by data you take one step forward you see how it works and, then you measure the next step and to the extent we can do that together that, is the best course there's no doubt about that I, don't, believe we wind, up with a fully. Common. Strategy. You. Have different states in different positions, within this state you have different, areas, with different circumstances. And the. Plan has to fit the facts and the circumstances it's. One situation. In New. York City it's a different situation in. Rural counties different. Situation, in suburban, County, so how, do you address those different. Set of facts. And. I, want to make sure all. The. People we represent. Make.

Sure That we are smart. In the way we are doing this, yes. We've never been here before. But. That doesn't mean you, can't ensure public, confidence, that you're doing everything, you can to do it in a. Smart, way and inform, the way guided. By experts, and data, and science. And, not in a political, way and. I think working together we. Can do that each, state, is going. To name a public. Health official. For that state and, economic development, official, for that state. We. That those, officials. And the, chief of staff of, the, governor of each state. Will. Then form, a, working. Group that, will. Start work immediately on. Designing. A real, opening plan. Taking. Into consideration the, public health, concerns. And, issues and, the. Economic. Reactivation. Issues. And concerns. Study. The data study the research study the experience, of other countries and, give. Us guidelines. And parameters, to go forward, again, we anticipate. Different. Facts different circumstances. For different states different parts of states, but. Let's be smart, and let's, be cooperative, and let's learn from one another, and. That is in arguable, with that let me turn it over to Governor Phil Murphy. Governor. Murphy thank you so much for being with us. Governor. Cuomo's thank you for, hosting us so graciously, and in, the. Category of you're known by the company you keep I'm honored to be with you and governor Lamont, governor. Wolf's governor Carney governor Raimondo. In, this discussion. And in this initiative, you. Know just as we harmonized, as states, you, know we're, do jerseys the debts of state in America, and we're in that that corridor, that is so unique it was, imperative to not just do the things that we needed to do within our four walls as we closed. Our state down but, to do it in close coordination with, New, York and Pennsylvania and, Delaware Connecticut. Especially. And. It's that same spirit, that we're coming together and acknowledging, as we. Whenever, it is and and and by the way we have not yet plateaued, we're a couple of beats behind New York our. Positive tests, have. Begun to flatten, but we're. Not yet we're not yet there but. As we you know whenever it is that we determine, based on the facts the data the science that. It is, safe. For us to responsibly, begin, the, reopening, and all the healthcare infrastructure, that goes with that to, do that in coordination, seems. To be an overwhelmingly. Prudent, approach. And. We're honored to, be very. Much a part. Of this group we, do know this, that, an economic, recovery only, occurs, on the back of a complete healthcare recovery, and that, order is essential, in. Getting that, wrong transposing. Those steps or jumping. In too early or maybe jumping in by ourselves Governor. Cuomo and I have talked about what, if, the protocols, on one side of the Hudson for a restaurant, or a bar different. Than the other or, similarly, across. The Delaware. You could have inadvertent. Unintended, consequences. Which, could be grave so, getting this right both the timing the, infrastructure. From as. Well as input as Governor Cuomo has said from both health care experts, as well as economic, development experts. In, addition, to our government, colleagues seems. To me, into us to be an incredibly, smart. Way to go this is the this is the fight of our lives let, there be no doubt about, it and we're not out of the woods yet and reopening. Ourselves. Back up will, be equally, challenging. Beyond, the shadow of a doubt so I'm honored to be with my fellow governor's as I, have been every, step of the way over the past several months and look, forward to that spirit.

In Coordination, going forward thanks Governor Cuomo thank, you thank you very much governor Murphy and you're right we we, started, this journey together we're, going to end it together. On a positive, note, same, with governor Ned. Lamont from, the state of Connecticut. Governor. Lamont thank you very much thank, you for being with us. Andrew. Thanks for getting us organized, and everybody here I'll just pick. Up where a Phil left off he. Mentioned the major transportation, corridors. That interconnect, at least New, York New Jersey and Connecticut as. Part of a tri-state workforce. And we. All slowly. Closed down methodically. Part of our economy and in a way that we tried to have mitigate, the effects of the contagion and, we're going to be thoughtful about how we get this opened as well but, you. Know Governor Cuomo's you know you. Know all of our pandemic, here in Connecticut, is all along that I 95. Metro, North corridor where, we have hundreds, of thousands, of people going back and forth between New. York and Connecticut, it's. The commuter corridor, for us but it's also the Co that corridor which, is why it's so important, that we work together thoughtfully. On this, listen. To the experts, as you say and, make, sure you don't pull the trigger too, early I'm looking over at Japan, and Hong Kong and Singapore and, those, places are, unfortunately. Seen. A small. Resurgence. The, second, half of the be coming back again and, that, would be so demoralizing. For, foreign. Economies, that's why what we do I want to do one a coordinated, basis, have a database, that we share establish. The same protocols, so we know how we're working together and, get that information up, to a van. To Washington, so they can know coordinate, as well I mean we're going to be thinking about the. Mix of PCR antigens. And probably the low infection. Areas in terms of testing and probably, the antibody, testing, in those areas, where it's more prevalent so, we can put together a system that allows our people to get back to work, and, I couldn't agree with each and every one of you that working together makes the most sense listening, to the expert, doing. This methodically. But doing it now, back, to you Governor Cuomo hey, what a men thank you very much governor Lamont thank you I got, Governor, Tom Wolf's from, Pennsylvania. Tom good to be with you again. Thank. You for. Doing this and thank you to my fellow governor's for making this effort possible you. Know we we all know that we can do anything better when we work together in, this region and we have done good things by, working together we've, shared ideas, and plans and we've. Shared in going. Through this challenge. And, this partnership this council, that that we're reforming, here recognizes, that simple fact and I agree, with the sentiments, of my.

Partners That we need to do this right and that's what we're trying to do, but. This partnership recognizes. Something else that I think is really important, it recognizes. That we need to come. Up with a, specific, and a smart plan for, this uncertain, future that we it lies ahead but it is also. That. We are creating. A plan to let our people the people that we serve the citizens, of our states that, we indeed do have a future, and. This is this is as important. As coming. Up with the specific, elements. Of this, plan, it. Has to be responsible, but it has to show us, that we do have a future as we. Figure out how we're going to reopen our schools have we reopen our businesses, and, our homes, we're. Also going to recognize that we're trying to figure out how we're going to restore. The. Sense of hope that this. Pandemic, has taken away from so many of us and. I'm proud of the, people, who are going to be working on this for. Pennsylvania the. Secretary, of Health Secretary. Of the Department of Community and Economic Development and, my chief of staff we're. All going to do a great job, for the people we serve and, I think we're going to show the. People the United States how. You come out of something as devastating. As this in a responsible fashion. Governor. Cuomo thank you again for doing this and back to you Thank You governor wolf thank you very much. I couldn't, agree more with what my colleagues, are saying and governor Wolf's point we, talked about the economic toll which, you can quantify you, can't quantify the, emotional. Toll this is taking on people and I think governor, wolf is exactly right knowing, that there's. A another. Day a new day coming may. Not may. Be different, than past days but. It can, be a bright day and that. Is true and we have to focus on that governor, Carney, very. Good to be with you John thank you very much for taking the time and all the help and all the coordination. Governor. Carney. Yes. Doesn't. Hear me now. Hello. Can you hear me now yes. We can began. Well. Sorry for that little glitch I want to thank my, colleague, for this cooperative, effort, especially. You Governor Cuomo for. Bringing us together and, frankly for your leadership going, in on a day to day basis. Basis, under. Very difficult circumstances. There. In Metro. New York City in your state's been do providing, great leadership, there. And across, the country and we certainly appreciate that, certainly. Thanks, for including. Delaware. Of. This region, but, we're connected, importantly, by the i-95. Corridor and. Amtrak. Northeast region. And so in a very important, way we're, part of the, region if only. A small, part, we, have seen the, connections. Among our state through. This as many. Of the folks who work in our state live and the.

Governor Wolf's state. Or across the river in, New Jersey and. They've. Obviously had to balance the, various. Provisions. And, restrictions. In each of our state's so this will help us as we think through what. It takes to. Reenter. And to get our economy moving again. Frankly. It will it'll really just formalized, for. Me what. I've already been doing along. With governor's Murphy, and wolf, in. Our Metro Philadelphia. Area as we talk on a number of occasions about. Decisions, that we've had to make in terms, of shutting down businesses. In terms of business and supply chains, that. Are connected among. Their states this, will formalize. That and really. Put. Before us all the. Decisions. That we have coming ahead, of us and I think maybe, even more difficult, than, decisions, on the front end of this over the last month. And a half two months as, we get on the other side of, the peak which it seems like. The, Greater New York City area is reaching, now how. Do we. Open things in a way that's safe, I heard governor. Murphy say yesterday, that we need to get the patient, healthy. Before we can get the economy, healthy, and I think he's exactly, right. In that and so working together our. Economies, are connected. Our, states are connected in a real way in terms of. Transportation. And visitation, and the rest and so. Our working together sharing our, information, and. Intelligence I think, will help each of us make better, decision, so I want to thank all of you for. Your leadership this, is a time we're. Experiencing. Unchartered, waters here. And I think ahead of us will will, be more unchartered, waters but. Working together we. Will do a better, job for the people that we will we work for and we'll make smart decisions in. Reopening. Our economy, we're a little bit different down here a little bit behind I think those. Of us in northern New Jersey and New York City our message, here at home still is be fake stay, at home when. You go out you know. Observe, appropriate, social, distancing, and we will continue with that method but, at the same time think. About the timing, of reentry and, getting back life, back to normal, again if that ever occurs so again Governor Cuomo, thank you so much for including the. First state here in the southern end of this region, we appreciate your leadership there, and the great state of New York and your leadership with this collab. Collaborative. Task force thank you very much thank. You thank you very much governor. Carney and you're so right. We're, all learning right, this is new for all of us and it, throws out a lot of the old rules and. The old ways of doing business and, the state. Boundaries, mean, very little to this virus and somebody can get on Amtrak, or somebody can get in a car and go up the i-95. Corridor, and. It doesn't matter if they're from Delaware, or New Jersey or Connecticut, or New York or what state they're from it. Can have the same consequence. So. We're learning and we're, growing every day thank, you John and. Governor, Gina Raimondo from, the state of Rhode Island. Governor, Raimondo thank you very much for taking the time to be with us but. Thank, you for working through all these issues with us on, behalf of New York Gina. Raimondo. Can. You hear me yes, yes we can hi. Good afternoon and, thank you all and. Thank you Andrew for leading, us and convening this group I think it's a terrific initiative. Like, all of you all, the governors who spoke and all the governor's I've been speaking with I am. Constantly. Thinking, about what it's going to take to. Safely. Reopen, our economy. Like. You I don't want to keep people out of work one day longer than necessary. However. We, need to do it safely which, means we need a smart, targeted. Approach, to. Slowly, reopen, the economy, in a way that keeps everybody, most especially, the.

Elderly Them vulnerable, and those are pre-existing conditions, safe. So. You, know like many of you I have a team here. That I've assembled to, develop, a plan for what. We are calling the new normal, and we're. Looking at everything from how. We screen. People, entering. Businesses, to how we utilize, more, touchless, technologies, in our day-to-day interactions. Doing. A deep dive industry, by industry on, new, guidelines, for this new normal and. I'm. Looking, forward to this initiative, I'm looking forward to being a part of the working group and exchanging. Ideas. Like. You have said, we've. Never done of us has never gone through this before and I am confident, that by, working together and, sharing our best ideas, we. Will, be, much much more likely to get it right for the citizens of our state in this region, I, will. Say you know throughout the crisis, the governors are the ones who've been. Showing. Great leadership and. Taking. Action, to keep our residents safe and, so I think it's only appropriate that. We do the same thing now by. Coming together and showing regional, leadership, to, reopen, the economy. And as. Everyone had said I think if we take a coordinated. Approach on a regional, level we'll be that much more successful I, know, that over the past few weeks I've spoken frequently. With. The governor's on this call with, governor. Of Massachusetts, governor's all around the country and, our. Ongoing. Collaboration. Idea. Exchange. Coordination. Has, certainly, enabled, all of us to keep people safe in our state the. Reality. Is this virus, doesn't care about state, borders, and our. Response. Shouldn't. Either so. I am fully in support of this effort and looks, forward to working with each of you to, make sure that we do get to the business of getting folks back to work and we do it in the smartest, safest way possible. Thank. You very much Tina Thank You governor, Raimondo and, I, couldn't, agree more with all of my colleagues and governor, Raimondo spoink. None, of us have done this before. Sharing. Information learning, from each other pooling, resources, is. Only smart, and we have to be smart you need the best public. Health plan and you need the best economic. Reactivation. Plan it's. Not either/or. It, has to be both no. One is willing to sacrifice one. At the expense of the other and you can't have one at the expense of the other. But, how you do it that's, the, art form we're, going to take questions for. One. Question each from, each state. And. Then I'll take questions, from, New York afterwards. Governor. Of the state of New Jersey governor. Murphy is, ready, for any question. From any reporter. In the state of New, Jersey. Thank. You as a reminder, to. Ask a question, you will need to press star center. Number one on your telephone, again.

That's Star 1 on your telephone. We've. Done Bible we compile the Q&A roster. We. Will not allow the New York reporters. To, question. Any other guv. I would not subject. My colleague, but I believe. It's this, is Phil Murphy Andrew I believe it's in our Constitution that's. Not a lot. Steve. Cooperate you only go so far I have to. I'm. Actually going to do our, own press conference at 3:00 p.m. so if there are jersey folks on and, they're not ready to ask we're, very happy to take them in, Trenton in the half, hour so. Operator. Anything. We. Do have a few question the, first one is from, Charles. Powell from North from, North Jersey. Hey. Charlie no I know okay okay, good. Afternoon. That. The. Any. Plan. That you're divides will have, to be on the any, economic, plan will have to be on the back of a public health plan is. That your. Way of and, it, is collectively, this a way of saying. To. The. Trump administration that. We're going to we. Disagree. With your emphasis of. Putting. Economy, first that we feel we've. Most. Earnestly, and strongly have, to make that point that public health comes first because you're not hearing that coming. Out of Washington. Yeah. Charlie I'd say, it good to hear from you by the way I'd. Say it's less that, for me. In. Far more let's. Just make the calls as we have tried to make them from day one based on the facts and the data and the science and everything. We're looking at, tells. Us you, only get an economic, recovery if, it comes on the back of a health care recovery, so. Our. Energies, and I think the council that we're forming, today speaks, exactly, to that in, other words the house is still on fire we, still have to put the fire out but. We do have to begin putting, in in, place, the pieces of the puzzle that we know we're going to need both, health care infrastructure, to make sure this doesn't react well. As the steps we're going to need to take collectively, as a region, in terms of economic, recovery, so, I'd put it much more the category, of calling, balls and strikes based, on the data, that we're looking at and. And. Again I think if you get that wrong you you inadvertently even, even, with the greatest of intentions if, you transpose, those steps or. If you if you if you Jam it too early you. Could throw gasoline even, inadvertently on, the fire and it could reignite that's the last thing that any of us need right now so. As painful, as the economic, reality. Is right now and it's painful for all of us. It's. Not remotely as painful as it would be if, we get the sequencing, wrong and or the timing wrong. Thank. You well said governor thank you very much for being with us governor, murder honored to be with you as always thank you my friend. Operator. State of Connecticut. Governor. Ned Lamont. Do. You have any questions, from any reporters from Connecticut, operator. We. Do have a question from Connecticut. This, line is thumbkin Dixon, your line is now open. Hi. Governor thanks, for getting together, disembodied. Way like this, governor. Lamont, I guess I'm trying to figure out what, kind of voice the, business, community. Is going to have as. They're part of the. Panel. That you you've. Got and I noticed. The decd is, going. To be in charge of that but how are you guys all going to get together on a regional, basis it sounds like rather, crowded bus. Well. What we are going to do can, thanks for the question is each. Have three, people on, this, committee, and on, behalf of the state of Connecticut you talk about business representation. I've, got a great friend who's co-chairperson, of our, economic Committee, here for the state and, her name is Indra Nooyi who used to be head of Pepsi so she'll be our. Liaison. To the business community here in the state of Connecticut and part. Of our liaison, to all the other governor's, going forward, and. Understands. Better than anybody how urgent, it is that we get our economy going, again but. There's nothing worse than a false start so, what that would do to confidence. And what that would do to the sense of hope the table, but talking about and. That's why we will. Be announcing our task force today in, terms of how we go forward with business, and labor and the scientific, community in, collaboration. With our fellow governors so, we can open this up prudently, as quickly as possible. Great. Thank You governor thank, you Thank, You governor thank, you no to Lamont very much for, being with us today operator. Anything for the state of Pennsylvania Thank. You Ned.

Next. For a mark levy, your. Line is now open. Hey. Mark. Mark. Hi. Can you hear me governor again. Hi mark hi. So. We. Were wondering that. With. The president. Saying. That. It's. His responsibility to. Reopen the state to reopen the economy's we're wondering, if the governor's disagree, that that this. Is inherently, a responsibility. Of the Doug. Well. See how we get the responsibility, for closing the state down I think we probably have the primary responsibility, for opening, it up and and that sort of I think gets to the question that I think governor Murphy had and that is that, between the business and, health, and I think that's that's a false choice I think this regional. Compact. Is promised on the idea that you're, not going to have a healthy economy if, you have an unhealthy, population. So. We've got to do both we've, got to get people healthy the, sequences. You got to get to help people healthy, first and then you can reopen the economy, not until where the economy, is not going to not work so. So I, think what we're trying to do is is, we, have tried all of us governor's. Working together have tried to to, have, the hard stop that we need to make. Sure that we remain. Safe, as we possibly, can with this pandemic and. We're, now ready to go into the next step which is to start. Moving. Back to some, so. Normal. The, new normal, and. And. Do it as we as we have. Working. Together here, in the in the in the region so, I don't I don't think you know we're, trying to say, anything negative. About anybody, we're, simply saying it was our responsibility to, steer. Our way, through these uncharted. Waters and it's, our responsibility to. Figure. Out a way back. Thank. You very much Tom Thank You governor wolf. We. Have. Operator. Do you have any questions. For the. State, of Delaware. Again. Appreciate. Very much. What. You've been doing over the last. Week. With. The experience, they're in New York City in the great state we, pray for you be thinking about you thank you for concluding. The. State of Delaware. Thank. You John thank you my friend very much I wish my leadership in the state of New York was as good as yours and I had no questions, whatsoever, about my decisions. Maybe. You teach me a few lessons thanks.

For Being for being with us John, governor, Gina Raimondo operator. You have any calls for. State. Of Rhode Island. We. Don't have any questions, for state of Rhode Island, you made please continue yeah, another, governor, who shows me up good. To be with you Gina thank you very much for taking a turn thank. You Andrew, for doing this and for all that you've been doing and I. Appreciate. The leadership because, this region, is one, of great, economic, activity. And I, I know we're gonna have a better shot at getting it right working together, so I'll, have my team on it somebody from commerce somebody from health and my chief of staff and, we'll. Lean into, this to make sure we all get it right so thank you and thank you all for being on the call thank. You very much thank. You. Okay. I think. First. I think the governor is very much we've been working together. For. A number, of days obviously we've been working all through this with. Many of the states on a daily basis. Again. Nobody's been here before nobody. Has all the answers if, they say they do they, don't know the question, in my opinion. Addressing. Public health and addressing. The economy, which. Is first. They're both first, you. Can't do one without the other it's, a false choice, to. Move the economy forward you have to address public health to. Address public health you have to be addressing the, economic reactivation. You have to do both at once they're parallel tracks that's, why we have the head of Economic Development the head of health and, then. The governor's chief of staff from each state so we have a total council. Of 18 we're still talking to other states and he states who want to join are welcome to join, and. Again, it's a sharing, of information. Come, compare. Notes, compare, experiences. Sharing. Of university. Resources scientific. Resources, and, coming. Up with a plan that, is.

Consistent. If. Not. Complementary. One, state to the other and certainly, not where one state does something that is counter. To. Another state which could happen, and I've seen that in the past so governor. Murphy, for example from New Jersey's point that what. You do in New York just. Pushes, people across, a bridge. To. Another state if it's not consistent that is exactly right his work force is my work force my work force is his work force all, these, decisions, affect everyone, and the entire region but, this virus says is. All. Of your lines and, boundaries. Make, no sense I can. Get on the. Amtrak, train and, get. Off anywhere. Along that line and if the person is. Positive. Can. In fact scores, of people so you're all interconnected. We've. Talked about it for a long time but this makes the point, questions. Of. Deadlines. For this working group you're, going to start talking literally. Tomorrow. And. Start to scope that out we didn't start with a. Timetable. We said. And we'll say to the group we, want at ASAP. But. We want it smart this is about being smart. First, not. Political, smart. Follow. The data, learn. From the other countries. People. Other countries have done this you're seeing mixed information. And mixed data. Learn. From the other countries, coordinate. Set, of guidelines. ASAP. But, smart. Oh. It, has to be within weeks it, has to be. Well. I would say. Let's. See what the federal government's plan is. Governor. Wolf's point was right he, left, it to the states to close down and, that. Was a state-by-state, decision. Without. Any guidance really, he, took, the position that it was a state's decision, and then the states were responsible. For purchasing, supplies etc. So. That was the model of management, for, this, disaster. Emergency that. Was. Promulgated, thus. Far if. They, want to change the, model they can change the model, he's. The President of the United States he is the federal government, and it, is still civics. 101 federal. State, local, government. He, wants to change a management model, we.

Look At the laws state, governance, federal, governance. Let. Him change a model consistent, with the constant, consistent. With the law but. Then change, the model, and explain. It what, does that mean, the federal government, is in charge of, opening, are you, going, to say when each, state can, open or should open are you going to set a formula. And that says any jurisdiction. Of X population. That has X infection. Rate should. Be open, or closed any population, of X infection. Rate these. Are the activities. This. Is what can be on public transit this is what can be on the roads, any. Jurisdiction. That opens, must have the following. Precautions. You, must have a mask you must have gloves. You. Can do that that could be a model where, they set a federal. Program. That. The states, can. Follow, and should, follow but then you have to be specific. Testing. States, don't have the capacity to test them. It's. Not as simple as saying states, should, test. They. Can't do it without the federal government, there are not enough tests. Now, and there's not enough reagents. And there's not enough medical, equipment, any one, of these governors would tell you on the phone they don't have the testing capacity and they can't gather it themselves so you, want to change the management model, you. Can do that as president, but what. Is the model and let's learn from the past right. Because. This was not smooth, sailing, up till, date let's, be honest, no. I've, not had this conversation let's. Learn from the past, what. Does the federal government do and what, does the, state do tell, me what. Are the roles what's, my responsibility. What's. The, federal responsibilities. You want to shift the responsibilities. In the relationship. Fine. I'm open, to them explain. To me what. I do what. They do who. Dis purchasing, who pays who, does testing, I can't. Open. What open. It when open. It how. How do you different, differentiate. Between New York City, Albany. Buffalo. Nassau. Suffolk. Do. I do the schools at the same time that I do businesses, do, I do the transportation. System at the same time that I do businesses, what, happens if I don't have enough transportation. Workers do, I still, open the economy, even, though I don't have enough transportation, workers to run the trains you. Want to make those decisions. Tell. Me you want to make those decisions and then make them in a way that, states. Can follow or, say, option, B. Federal. Government does this states, you, do this you. Decide, what. The percentage, is I don't want to you. Decide, what, the appropriate time, is to, open and what functions, I don't want to you. Can do it any number of ways but. It. Has to be clearly defined you're talking about, States. Under. The states I didn't have to tell the cities what to do I have to tell the counties, what to do I have. 500, mayors I, have 50 County executives, I have to say to them this is the plan because. Each one of them wants to come up with their own plan right, so. I can't have you. Want to tell me what to do fine. But, then I have to be able to turn around and, tell my local governments, what to do so the, clarity here, is important, and it's. Nope there is no conceptual. Answer. This. Is a very specific, answer. I, have. To operate every day, my. Life is, all. About management. And operations. That's. What I do right now I communicate. The truth to the people of the state every, day and I, have to manage, the operation. And that's. Every day I have to tell every day I have to tell my local governments, what to do every. Day I have to tell the schools what to do every. Day I have to tell the hospitals, this is what's coming on PPE every. Day I have to tell the hospitals this is how we're going to balance the patient load that's. What I have to do, tell. Me how I do my job visa. Vie the. Federal, role and respond, bility, but, yeah you're President of the United States you want to put forth a management model let's hear the. Time. What, parts, of the economy are shut down now that your for, you or a priority, to reopen I wouldn't. Do that I don't, know I wouldn't tell you that you'd have to that's part of this study what, business do you open when, what. Is the best thing today, I'll have a conversation but, for example if you, don't have the fundamental. Systems, aligned you have nothing. If. You want to open business. Schools. Have to be open to. Any. Large degree you want to turn the valve a lot the schools have to be open, why. Because, you can't open businesses, if. People. Don't. Have childcare. Well. I'm saying you have to align the systems you want to open businesses, you have to have the transportation, system open, that'll.

Be The starting, point for the conversation or. You could say I'm not turning the valve that far we're gonna ease into it we're gonna phase into, it and this is how we're going to do that that's. What, this group has to discuss, and then. New York will have a strategy, each state will have a strategy, hopefully. They're, not inconsistent. I would. Love to do everything in unison. That's the optimum. If. Unison. Isn't, possible, because we're different and we have different needs fine but, let's at least know. What each other is doing, so. We're, not counterproductive, with, each other. Claims. It's kind of overarching, powers, when, you and the other governors seem to be dealing with kind of the nuts and bolts of this nothing. Frustrating, nothing's frustrating, everything's, frustrating, and it's, not about an emotion. I just. Want clarity, governor, Wolf's point is right. The. States closed. It. Is an interesting construct. That. It wasn't a federal, responsibility to. Close, the, economy. But. It is the federal response, abilities, the. Federal government's responsibility, to open the, economy, if, it's, your, authority to open why. Wasn't your your. Authority to, close right, that's an obvious question, and, when. You say open. What. Does that mean. Does. That mean you're, gonna proclaim, all businesses. Open. Isolation. Over. Come. Out of your homes. Businesses. Are, open, what does it mean. Governor's. Need, clarity. That's. What they need you're. The president. There's. A Constitution, there, may be legal questions, what's, the federal responsibility. With the state responsibilities, but the government we the president has a lot of lawyers. So. If it is a legal construct. You're President of the United States you want to put forth a, disaster. Emergency. Plan as. President. That's your right and, by the way this is a federally. Declared. Disaster. You. Know I was in the federal government, and. The. Rules of. Government. Mattered. There. Is an, operating. Manual. States. Can declare disasters. And then, the state is in charge. Over. The local governments. Federal. Government, declares, declares. An emergency the. Federal, government, is now enjoy. Declaration. Here. Right, in the federal. They. You. And. Of. This. Opening, in their school districts claw. I. Mean. That. Is. What governs. District. You.

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