LG at CES 2023 : LG World Premiere - Full I LG

LG at CES 2023 :  LG World Premiere - Full I LG

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[Music] thank you [Music] [Music] getting things started this morning is the global CEO of LG Electronics Mr William Cho [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you good morning everyone welcome to the LG World premiere wow it's great to be back in Las Vegas uh special tense to all of you committed here in person and a big hello to everyone from the world tuning into the live stream now we all have been through a lot over the past three years but here at LG we've been able to carry on because we've got a mission to keep Smiles on the faces of those who we serve our customers those difficult times in fact allowed us to reaffirm our belief that the answer is always with our customers as long as all our Innovations start and end with them we can keep the world smiling so when we say Life's good it is an Earnest promise to our customers that we will deliver a truly better life let me share just a few of many better life examples we have brought to the world take algae OLED TV when we first introduced OLED it was something no one could have imagined before but it changed our viewing experiences for good and today we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of LG OLED TV thank you and looking ahead to another 10 years of making everyone's life better another example is in the home appliance space where algae had led countless Innovations with algae moved up we are creating yet another new product category you can customize to your own lifestyle we are also moving beyond home to new domains like Mobility after 10 years of sustained investment our vehicle solution business is now on track to lead our future growth here we'll continue to draw on our deep consumer insights to strengthen our Unique Edge in the electric vehicle sector so how do is such a Relentless Drive for Innovations that's because at algae we are a group of Brave optimists who genuinely believe that for any challenging we Face we will always find the way with our customers which is how every product and solution we create is designed and engineered and assembled with optimism to make a difference in your life with that firm belief our Innovation extends to an even more diverse range of Smart Life Solutions so you can enjoy seamless experiences that are first unique and new across all product offerings with LG thank you in addition we are so excited about the launch of LG labs where we are fostering our own Squad that we call customer value creators these people will explore many Uncharted territories with brilliant and experimental ideas now let me talk about the latest addition to our business portfolio with increasing investment in core Technologies we are expanding into many other domains these include EV charging digital health and content services without always evolving webos platform however no one company even LG can do everything on its own so we are practically pursuing collaborations with the Strategic Partners around the world at LG Nova our North American Innovation Center we are partnering with entrepreneurs in a variety of fields we have also worked closely with global leaders from a wide range of Industries especially the content industry and here today I would like to introduce to you one of our most valued Partners in this exciting field let me introduce Tom Ryan the president and CEO of Paramount streaming [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you William as one of the world's leading producers of Premium content that connects billions of people in nearly every country in the world we're leaning into our partnership with LGA Paramount Global and LG Electronics have a long-standing partnership both companies are respected Market leaders and the combination of Paramount content and LG scale delivers an incredible experience to tens of millions of consumers worldwide that's why we are growing our partnership to accelerate Paramount's Global streaming growth Pluto TV the leading free streaming television service is expanding our Channel integration for LG channels adding over 100 channels this quarter globally Pluto TV is proud to be the largest content provider for LG channels and today I'm excited to announce that Paramount plus is ready to start its Global expansion on LG Smart TVs with the first launch to start today in the UK and Ireland Paramount plus will be available in more countries on LG Smart TVs soon to follow in the coming days thank you William for your partnership and we look forward to Growing together in 2023 and Beyond thank you thank you thank you thank you Tom now as a responsible corporate citizen we are strongly committed to using our Technologies to bring more smiles and to help people tackle the world's most pressing issues as a part of global mission to create a better life for all we launched the LG life skilled World program to recognize and support our fellow warm-hearted innovators we asked for ideas that will make life better for people and for the planet a total of 334 teams from 61 Nations have responded and today what my deepest thanks to each of them I am thrilled to present four finalists whose incredible Innovations show what we mean by Life's good alone we can do so little together we can change the world countless souls are working to find solutions to make a better life for all and for our planet we want to recognize four teams in our Life's good award Saluda may have the solution for Green Earth they want to sustain the convenience of plastic while eliminating the waste their bioplastic dissolves and degrades in water leaving almost no Trace behind I want to eliminate plastic waste for good [Music] dot Incorporated dreams of an equal world they believed the visually impaired have the right to see what we see their portable device 20 times smaller and 10 times lighter than the Legacy devices gives the visually impaired unprecedented access to visual information anytime and anywhere [Music] [Music] people who are obsessed with plastic they want to completely change our perception of plastic their plastic alternative is fabricated from natural materials and it will return to Nature after its life as a product let's begin day one or board without Plastics [Music] Nona Technologies has a new take on desalination they want to provide fresh water on demand for all their portable device can make seawater drinkable we hope to make a difference for the people in the harshest environments for our planet and our people the Life's good award 10th and congratulations once again to all four finalist teams and now for a look at algae's own efforts at building a better life for all here from LG electronic USA is ginny Lee [Music] thank you Mr Chow at CES 2023 the consumer technology Association is spotlighting how technology helps people tackle the world's most pressing problems tech for good in support of the United Nations efforts to advance human security for all or as we say at LG a better life for all in fact putting people and the planet first is at the heart of the new Better Life Plan 2030 LG's Global framework for ESG environmental social and governance it defines core ESG tasks and a road map for ESG LED management first and foremost LG is leading the way in environmental sustainability and climate action in our production process LG aims to use 600 000 tons of recycled Plastics by 2030. over the next seven years LG plans to collect and responsibly recycle another 4.5 million tons of E-Waste for a total of 8 million tons by 2030. as LG pursues carbon neutrality by 2030 we expect to reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent in our seven major product categories through Energy Efficiency and by 2050 LG plans to complete the transition to renewable energy around the world led by operations in the United States which have already achieved this goal as LG supports a more diverse and inclusive Society we strive to develop products that are accessible to all our goal is to eliminate barriers at every stage of the consumer experience for example we're adding voice guidance to more products to provide visually impaired customers with easy to follow verbal instructions for more accessible features and functions we're also developing a sign language engine to support product use and content viewing for hearing impaired customers we are fully embracing the invaluable feedback we receive about our products and solutions from our consumers to improve usability and performance and make sure they are accessible to everyone and we'd like to thank our accessibility advisory council members who have been a great source of guidance and inspiration through all these Endeavors to design better a life for all solutions beyond our products and services LG has been a proud supporter of the global I.T challenge for youth with disabilities since 2011. this program has empowered

more than 4 000 young people from around the world looking ahead LG will continue to develop more accessible Technologies pursue 100 percent renewable energy reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive Market transformation through our Innovations in 2023 and Beyond LG's ESG Journey will continue to push forward with the Relentless pursuit of a better life for all thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] gone [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] decade the story of LG OLED went from Wonder To Joy connecting millions of people worldwide and helping to create memories for everyone but we're not here to talk about the past and while OLED TVs deliver outstanding viewing experiences we have been hard at work to Envision the changing role of the big screen in your living room so let's take a look people are all unique each has their own idea of a beautiful street we have so many image settings [Music] not 85 but 85 million considering the world's population We've Only Just Begun we changed the way of watching Clem's painting in a split second right before your eyes and into metaverse for the concept that can be missed we even transform our shape for live stream your screen moves for an immersive game your screen curves for a great view behind the screen your screen turns transparent to make you feel lives good LG screen makes it just fit for you every moment LG screens are also fit for everyone with your adventures experiences and challenges and even for our precious Planet through LG screen you can practice dancing your mom does a yoga and your grandpa walks on snow without his boots because he walked through LG Olive when we talk about everyone we mean everyone for people not comfortable with small size letters or loud noises especially for our planet LG screens are developed produced used and disposed of and waste mindful for our environment to make everyone feel lives good LG screen makes it fit for everybody sync to you open to all LG screen [Music] so are you curious to know what's new this year which Technologies we have to surprise you [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] a device no hidden Connections in between LG's first OLED TV with wireless transmission hey funita hi everyone allow me to introduce you to my friend and artist punita Bajaj I've asked her to come to help us this morning thank you so much for inviting me thank you for having me it's such an honor to be part of this incredible unveiling you know we're so proud to introduce to you this 97 inch OLED TV it's the world's first consumer TV to offer 4K 120 hertz video and audio transmitted wirelessly through the zero connect box this box houses all the circuitry so it can send the audio and picture signals right to the television yeah it is pretty incredible and it's also seemingly easy to use and install yes give it a shot all you have to do is take your USB thumb drive stick it into the back and you can see there are no cables at all and it's seamless we simply go into the menu system and then we'll have a look at your artwork that you've been working on oh wow oh my goodness I don't think I've ever seen my art on a screen like this and with so many people to admire it wow that's amazing you know what's amazing right now is that from a lifestyle perspective we're doing a lot and so from Stand By Me or which you can take anywhere in your home to the OLED object collection series which complements your interior that's right well there's a lot of exciting things to look forward to as well now with this transparent screen oh sorry my apologies now of course uh that is an incredible television but what in terms of the future of our lifestyle screens this year's CES Award winner OLED t with its transparent screen is direction of where we're going it will give you new viewing experiences such as a virtual aquarium a soothing calm rainstorm or anything an artist like yourself can imagine and when it comes time you can slide up the screen and take full advantage of an OLED experience yeah you know Frank I gotta say that I got a sneak peek at what LG and movie prepared for the show and it's something straight out of a magic show even for Vegas it's beyond what you would expect from a TV and while this standout screen is sure to continue to help bolster our reputation understanding Gamers needs has been the driving force has led LG to deliver the exceptional viewing experience when it comes to our OLED screens and as we all know OLED Flex has the capabilities and the street credentials when it comes for Peak Performance in gaming at 42 inches it's perfect for the desktop with its 40 watt surround sound Dolby speakers plus you can resize that screen from 42 to 32 to 27 inches so you can really get a sense of LG's Vision to deliver a personalized experience with the OLED Flex with these 20 different levels of curvature you can get the best gaming experience for the games that you really love and if gaming wasn't addictive enough this will upgrade an UPS upscale the whole experience so you can't get out of the couch trust me I've tried even if it's just vinyl watching for the movie Nights you can just use it as a flat screen that's awesome right so uh looking over here again it's something that you would never imagine with just a TV right and starting this year LG TVs will be one of the first to support Nvidia GeForce now at 4K resolution this powerful combination of GeForce now and LG OLED TV delivers immersive gaming at its finest that's right and also this year Gamers will be able to access Amazon Luna amongst so many other gaming platforms directly from LG TVs too but again looking here is this the new 24 Hertz OLED monitor it is and it's blazing fast with the world's first 240Hz OLED panel a record-breaking 0.03 milliseconds response time and an 800 R curvature this groundbreaking monitor is designed for the ultimate immersive gaming wow that is everything that you would want in a PC as a gamer as well with that 24 inches 21 I'm sorry 45 inches 21 by 9 aspect ratio and borderless curved design what more can you ask for now to make all of this possible LG is leveraging its Tech leadership and continuous customer experience Innovation but first let's take a look at our technology driving our TVs for 2023. as a leader in OLED TV LG continues to invest in OLED Technologies for the ultimate performance Now LG oleds Evo the most advanced OLED TV you can buy has even gotten better but thanks to the new AI Alpha 9 processor Gen 6 and a series of picture algorithm improvements the result is a viewing experience so immersive it'll feel like you've been transported into the content that you're watching now another advancement for this year's models is the improved brightness booster Max a feature that will make LG OLED Evo G Series TVs up to 70 percent brighter than conventional OLED TVs well Frank I noticed that there is a new approach to home screen on the LG TVs as well offering quick access to those mostly used apps and services via the newly launched quick cards so now you can not only access your favorite games but also your sports your music or connectivity apps from the uh from the dedicated cards on top of being able to access the personal profile on the home screen as well so LG's web OS platform thanks to the new UI makes it easier to access thin cue and matter compatible smart devices via home hub and directly connect with them and that's not all with the AI concierge feature LG TVs can make recommendations based on your past inquiries what is trending or just quick ways to enhance your viewing experience of the preferred content that's so convenient and we all know that LG TVs already come with fantastic picture presets but you know some of us we want to add a little twist to it so for those of us that do we've added AI picture wizard which uses your preferences to determine the picture that you would like the most and people can come and pick up their go-to service and fully enjoy the latest movie or TV series including award-winning original shows and much more you know and speaking of the latest Series today we've collaborated with apple to share a sneak peek of their new season of their hit series Foundation launching globally on Apple TV plus this summer let's take a look there's a new crisis right on our doorstep if there is war we will win now and here in the U.S with LG channels you can enjoy channels and a series for free right on your LG TV such as the Dave Chang cooking show or even the most intense collagen rivalries from the NCAA and there's so much more for any taste as well also in the U.S you can conveniently enjoy LG channels from your smartphones too but you know we believe that a TV should do more than just stream content and with your LG TV it's all here from the world's largest fitness group a leader in group fitness to being able to connect your Fitness devices right to the TV and even a motion sensor that can recognize your body's position it's all here to help with your performance and your needs and if you are eager to acquire skills and knowledge the master class app on it LG TVs will offer access to over 180 courses taught by the world's best instructors and thanks to a new partnership with ADT LG TV owners can now benefit from a host of integrated Services developed exclusively for web OS to help you protect what matters most this includes an emergency call feature that will be accessed right from the remote and much more also be a virtual art museum that you can enjoy the content or the world's first TV metaverse platform so you can participate in real events in both realities and even the ability to connect interconnected digital worlds right on your TV that's right but speaking of which if you are also an nft Enthusiast LG has got you covered with its own LG art lab platform which has been revamped for a seamless experience lgr lab newly supports blade wallet powered by hedera Network which delivers simple and secure transactions LG OLED TV can now be your digital canvas where art is best displayed and enjoyed let's see what else LG has in stored [Music] hello [Music] with our Credo Life's good we are committed to creating a better life through Innovation LG thank you a smart platform that connects your home continues to help you live a more convenient and a more comfortable life based on our strategy of evolution connection and openness thank you helps you enjoy your connected home and a truly intelligent way to live relaunched in November LG think you care is a proactive service that sends you alerts to keep your appliances running optimally and now we are introducing a new benefit an upgradable option that allows products to deliver personalized performance to suit each customer's lifestyle LG think you up thank you your choice of the latest Innovations so they fit around your lifestyle Ever Changing ever improving so it always feels like new even better than new because it learns how you like things now use your LG think you up for your personalized updates to unlock brand new potential for your appliances so they can do more better and get smarter all the time LG think you are a True Companion on your life's journey into the future LG think you up created with the concept of evolving with you LG's think you up get smarter every day thanks to these three abilities feel always like new fit around your lifestyle and lead to easier convenient days you can add new features to your products to suit your changing needs and preferences so you just brought home a new pet a new family member you can download a pet care cycle for the washing machine that will keep all of your clothes for free and fresh smelling if you're a late night snacker but can't stand the bright refrigerator light simply adjust the brightness level using the LG thinq app and starting in 2023 LG thin cues up will be available in overseas markets starting right here in the United States now many of you may be wondering how these Innovations will change your everyday life so we followed four families with different lives and watched them with their LG think you up let's take a closer look we are four real families from four different places we've got very busy lives with the help of LG think you up we're ready to step up we're great you know grow up shaper and Laura this is life on the Earth we're building a dream home in the country but we have to learn how to balance our busy lives in the city with the task of building a home from scratch on the weekends living two lives means double the workload we're a big family and we lead very busy lives our kids are always living stuff around the house I feel like I'm cleaning all day and then they still find a way to make it messy we live in Los Angeles in the perfect neighborhood when we moved here I wanted this to be our forever home yeah but the problem is with the outdated kitchen and all the broken appliances we can't even enjoy a home-cooked meal we're first-time parents trying to adjust a whole new way of life yeah no sleep no alone time and no going out with friends way more dishes and endless laundry tomorrow starts a new chapter in this house with a new kitchen and LG think you up [Music] oh my god oh my goodness when I first walked into the laundry room I couldn't believe I was still in the same house oh I need you to make sure that your uniforms together um the dry side is going to be done in five minutes oh nice I love all the remote features because I already have my phone in my hand all the time they've got seasonal options too cool all our appliances are always new because they got updates all the time whenever my clothes is done I don't have to get up and actually go take it out the new update will keep it wrinkle free man I'm super proud of my family and the changes that have taken place over the last few weeks they've stepped up I've fallen out of love with the place that was supposed to be on forever now I feel like our house is complete not only has LG think you up help us optimize our time it's really improved our life around the house too so what's cool is the more features that we update the more useful these appliances get but you don't have to use every update you use the ones that are appropriate for you oh good these appliances can't get out there it's like they're always new what I love the most is that these appliances evolve with us all the updates make it more customizable for us makes it our kitchen makes it our laundry room it makes it more about what we want life is looking up as we are in an era of individual expression home appliances should also be tailored to people's unique preferences is there a way to change the atmosphere in your home to fit your taste in your mood thinking from that customer's point of view LG took this to Heart [Music] foreign [Music] meets the Paramount of personalized style and Innovation LG's refrigerator with mood up mood up offers a new real-time transition providing the design space and feeling that you want and as a thank you Appliance it also delivers a fun experience one that is first unique new one that reacts immediately to your mood Choice your music or even the weather with the variety of color in the color collection you can easily change the color with each door the four-door French model allows you to mix and match between 190 000 different color combinations the music collection allows you to play music to suit your mood and create Ambiance while preparing dinner [Music] we also collaborated with the Pantone color Institute you can enjoy Viva magenta the Pantone color of the year for 2023 and of course we didn't forget our LG refrigerator technology and Innovations with instaview simply knock twice to see what's inside and with craft ice take your entertaining to the next level with slow melting round ice balls perfect for all of your cocktails and beverages laughs so let's move out of the kitchen and into the closet the closet a space that has not only become more organized but much more versatile over the last few years to upgrade your closet we are introducing the LG Styler shoe case and shoe care LG Styler shoe case is a New Concept storage and display for your favorite pair of shoes proudly showcase that pair in a controlled environment with customized lighting and a turntable the second part of this Innovation the LG Styler shoe care it uses that same steam technology in our original clothing care system LG styler on your most loved shoes it is the ultimate solution to sanitize and deodorize your shoes inside and out and of course LG thank you allows for personalization like changing the lighting colors in the shootcase as mentioned earlier we are in an era of individual expression a desire to personalize your home decor your appliances and even your furniture to that end we offer a concept that combines an end table with an air purifier this product is both practical and design focused it adds mood lighting and a wireless charger to an air purifier and then it even allows you to choose and combine your various colors and Design it works anywhere in your house in your bedroom next to the bed in the living room next to the couch and on top of all of that Aero furniture is made of recycled plastic from old appliances just one of our many efforts to preserve resources protect the environment and help create a better future now the question has always been how can appliances evolve to meet the ever-changing consumer a renowned creative director Jeff staple gives his two cents on this topic hey what's up my name is Jeff staple I'm the founder and creative director of staple design and you are here inside my New York City design office as a creative director when I'm styling my own space it's important to me that the space is inspiring and if you look at my office you'll see that it's filled with figures sneakers art books all the things that I love and that are inspiring to me even amongst so many things though there is an order to this chaos the same goes from when I pick out my objects design and performance is everything how will LG and its sophisticated design fit into your lifestyle come visit the Creator's room and I'll see you at LG CES booth [Music] thank you good morning we love cars but are you happy with the time you spend in your car did you know on average all Americans spend 26.4 minutes commuting that's almost an hour each day every day we could reduce This Time by half there's no trick what I'm proposing is how we spend time in the car let us think of car as a space a living space and a working space our car Journey starts from an origin and it ends at a destination and what's in between is what I would like to call a timed experience in a commute we start from home to workplace and we can shorten This Time by bringing in home experience and your work experience into the car how often have you felt did I turn off the stove did I feed the dog we can alleviate this departure anxiety by giving you the power to check the stove and feed the dog at the same time that would save you from worrying a few minutes in your commute let's see what we can do with the destination if you can organize your days 10 minutes prior to arriving at your office wouldn't that save you some time adding all of these minutes up will give you back half of your commute we at LG Electronics have the technology and the capability to make this a reality for the past decade we have been developing and delivering what car companies call head units what was a simple radio is now an interactive cockpit computer we will continue to improve and innovate this product into high performance computer to empower the autonomous driving vehicles of the future we are the top supplier of telemedics or telecommunications module our telemedics modules makes life-saving emergency calls and roadside assistance calls we take safety seriously and we understand what it means to build manufacture and deliver to Automotive standard during the difficult pandemic times we delivered a beautifully shaped OLED displays in luxury production vehicles from designing the display that fits seamlessly into the luxurious interior to inventing new materials to enable vibrant color the the luxury car companies and LG had to overcome many technical issues with Innovations in addition we developed camera and sensor technology that understands what people are doing in the car putting all of this together into a seamless experience we are building Mobility service platform that understands predicts and curate what people need in the car drivers need to be in control and keep themselves and their loved ones safe from any harm we the LG Electronics make lives good with cars we will continue to explore new way of doing things in the car in home and in workplaces through our partnership with car companies and Mobility service providers we will innovate beyond the current technology and invest into the better future for all people thank you for spending a few minutes with me and now allow me to bring William our CEO back on stage thank you [Applause] [Music] thank you Jane that's exactly what we are all about The Innovation not for its own sake but for truly better life bringing smiles to our customers yes that smile in our logo isn't there by accident as some of you may have noticed our visual has gone even more lively smiling greeting and interacting with people in an energetic tone it is an expression of our warmth and our unwavering conviction Life's good because after all those who believe Life's good are the ones who will make it even better thank you and enjoy CES [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music]

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