Jobs available at the ICT sector and Technology industries!

Jobs available at the ICT sector and Technology industries!

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[Music plays] Welcome to the TE-live broadcast. In this broadcast, we will tell you about some - of the job opportunities North Karelia in Finland has to offer. Especially in the ICT and metal industry.

Let's first take a look at the what the ICT sector - looks like in North Karelia. And next, the most interesting part for you, - you will now meet three companies presenting their need for new employees. Remember that representatives of all these three companies - are with us in the chat to answer your questions - the whole time of this broadcast. First, we visit Nolwenture in their Joensuu office. Well, Nolwenture is a company which basically starts from - building digital solutions. But, although our bread and butter comes from doing software code, - that's the majority of it, - there's a lot of things around it - and we tend to start, depending on a client, - either helping them to define what kind of technologies to even use, - sometimes all the way from the business plan.

What are they actually even trying to achieve with the solution we are doing. We're 27 people at the moment and we're growing quite steadily, - so we're constantly hiring. Typical teams...

Some minor projects might be one or two people, - but then typical teams have like four or five people assigned. Our biggest ones are over 10 people who are working on a single project, - so that's kind of where we come from. We always have development work - but we tend to look at people's special skills.

Like the last person we were hiring in - was a person we didn't have an opening for, - Linux administration type of thing, - because it was just the right person. Obviously people with an interests in development - but the things vary. I think we're currently seven different nationalities - ranging widely across the globe. I think officially our working hours are between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. You can choose when you work. A typical workday is seven and a half hours - but we have a lot of flexibility on when you're actually operating.

We only ask that you agree with your team so that there is enough overlap, - so that you can communicate with your team properly. No, we actually don't have any requirement for a certain education background. We also don't have a requirement for working years, - there is no age limit up or low. Our salaries typically vary between 35 000-60 000 a year, - so that's kind of the range where we are. We have internally super transparent things, - where everybody's salary is fixed on the level that they are on - and they can progress the levels - as fast as they're comfortable getting to the next level.

So, it's based on what you are comfortable with and capable of doing, - and we'll have the salary based on that. So, the basic working day here, - I would honestly say it varies from day to day - and it depends on what I'm working at. So, to keep it simple, - I usually just start off the day either by working remote or at the office - and then I would start getting into coding and problem solving, - and then by the end of the day, - we would usually have daily standups so we can discuss what we did.

And usually every week, we would have a research and development meeting - to kind of go through the whole team. Like, over here at Nolwenture, we usually use... Like for frontend we usually use React - and then on the backend we have Node.js. For frameworks, we have been using ts.ED - and TypeScript as well as JavaScript. It varies from project to project but those are the main tools that we use here.

Like I said, so over here is really diverse, - so it's really laid-back and easy-going and the environment is really friendly, - so if you ever want to have a chit-chat with anyone, - you don't have to worry about anything. Everyone is easy-going and if you want to go ask a colleague for any advice, - they would always be there to help you. Best aspects... I would say flexibility of time - and having the option to work remote or at the office. So, sometimes I actually have my starting day, - usually afternoon, so sometimes I have working hours from home. So, if I ever feel like it would be comfortable to - work from somewhere else in the country, that would be possible, - so that's really nice to have.

If any person wants to get into development or learn new stuff - or anything related to web development, - and aside from that, working at Nolwenture has been - a really nice experience for me for the past two years and I've been loving it. Getting to meet all my colleagues has been a really nice thing. Also, I would say, since Nolwenture is in Finland, - moving to Finland, I would definitely recommend that option. Our next guest Fluent Progress, - operates also mostly from Joensuu. Our company is mainly software company, - but we're focused on road maintenance, infrastructure building, - and also maintenance data of sports venues.

So we're providing the maintenance data that is done daily, - for example, when it snows. We can kind of track the snow plowing activities - and help our customers to plan and track their work more efficiently. So we're helping in those sectors, - infrastructure building, road maintenance, - and also the sports and outdoors activities.

We have about 15 employees currently. Our open positions currently, - what we're looking for are software developers, - mainly seniors or someone with some sort of experience, - but also people... We like to say that attitude is the key, so when you have - attitude towards software development and you really love it, - that's when we kind of fit in. It's a plus, if you have experience, - for example, in road maintenance or that kind of stuff, - but you will learn by doing - and we're kind of glad to help you out to become the next, - the next software developer thingy. [laughs] We don't require any special set of skills or education-wise. It would be good to if you have - some sort of bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, - but I'd say that experience, - for example hobby project from Java, React, React Native, the tools we use, - is a good thing already, so that you don't get a fresh start, - but you don't necessarily have to have completed a degree.

We don't work in shifts, we are only working during daytime. Our servers are up and running 24/7 - and of course we have some sort of duty officer working, - when there's kind of heavy snow, - so that if our servers get overencumbered or something happens, - we can work our way through it, - set up the servers back up and stuff like that, - but mostly daytime activities. The level of income is mostly...

Well, we in Finland have collaborative agreements - so we follow those and of course, - depending on the individual's experience and expertise, - we can adjust the level a bit. But I'd say that it's in line with Finnish collaborative agreements. Euro-wise, it's somewhere like - starting from 2 500 euros up to let's say 4 000-5 000 a month. It varies depending on the expertise and experience - and, well, education of course matters somewhat in that. [male employee] The basic working day... Typically I would say that it involves, well, - unsurprisingly maybe software development, - so trying to solve some specific problem and then collaborating with the team - on how we might go about solving it, - and then communicating different ideas - and architectural concepts and so on.

Main tools that we use are basically just... The nitty-gritty of it, so like some - software development environment and where we write our code - and communication tools are of course very important - now that many people are remote - and you can't always know beforehand if they are or not as much. So Slack is one of the tools we use to do the day to day communication - where we want to reach everyone regardless of if they are in the office or not. I feel like the sort of person that our work is maybe most appealing to - is someone who enjoys solving problems, even though it sounds very generic.

Someone who enjoys discuss with customers - or people who have discussed with customers, - trying to understand the problem that they have and trying to solve it - and how we can do it with the tools we have available. There's always a lot of challenges there - but that's, I guess, the most appealing part in my oppinion. Official business language and office language is English - and we have a lot of people from all over the world - and it brings a lot of perspective and it's a great thing of course. Yeah, I enjoy it. I would recommend basically to everyone - who enjoys challenges and solving them. It requires that kind of learning drive as well, - so you need to be constantly learning about new things - and talking about them and so on.

And like the two previous companies, - the Fastroi also deals with coding and problem solving. Fastroi's business is making software for health care and social services. We make tools for people that are doing everyday jobs - to make their lives easier, I guess. Fastroi itself has roughly 70 employees.

We were recently purchased by a large company, myneva Group. I think the number is 300+ employees. Fastroi has two offices in Finland. One in Joensuu, which is the original office, - and one in Tampere, where one of our other products is based. But we also have remote workers all around the country. I would say probably six different nationalities of people working with us.

We have people located out of the country as well. With our new purchase, even more people in Central Europe. We're looking for software developers and testers. Test engineers, I guess you could say. People that will help us automate our testing. There's a lot of really interesting challenges and problems.

Testing a software is quite important thing. For software developers, we're looking for people - that are curious and motivated to help us as a team achieve our goals. Somebody that likes problem-solving - and collaborating with other people in team.

Planning and executing - and anything through the whole software development life cycle. From writing the code to testing and deploying it. For the software development group, our standard working hours are nine to five. Or I guess in Finland, it's more eight to fourish. But it's flexible working hours. People have lives - and need to take time off in the middle of the day and come back.

We have some people working just like very standard work days, - and others work a bit differently. We don't have any hard qualifications for these jobs, - but of course, having a computer science degree is a huge plus. A master's even more so. Real working experience where you have demonstratable skills - I think it's probably even more important than that. We're mostly looking for people that are really motivated and driven - and curious about technology and solving problems, like I said. Those things are highly sought-after.

[Other employee:] In the morning, we have daily meetings. My job starts with that. After that, I have some time for checking my emails - or maybe messages in some messengers. Also, for starting to do my tasks. Well, it depends on task. Sometimes you have a task, - which is not... How to say... I mean...

Which you haven't had experience with. So you'd have to search something - or maybe ask somebody about something, - and it would be easy to work together with somebody. Then we can do better programming and understand what could be done better. I'm using Java, like JavaScript. What else? Other things like...

Drools is like some extension for Java. React technology, which is also... React library, which is like a part of JavaScript for web development. I think you should be friendly, because you're working in a team. You have to provide information in a friendly way - so others can clearly understand.

You have to provide the information clearly to everybody, - and, sometimes you have to apply some approaches to some people. I would recommend this job, - because if you have all the things that I mentioned about values, - you are a collaborative person, you're friendly and professional - and you provide things or maybe some information - without any offensive ways... If you match these values to you, - why not. [laughs] You're welcome if you will be a new employee. And the metal then.

What is North Karelian metal industry? Well, let's have a quick look. And last but not least, - let's look at Okun Koneistuspalvelu - located in Outokumpu, some 50 kilometers from Joensuu. This manufacturer of precision engineering components - is looking for CNC operator. Our company is founded in 1978, and it is located - in the eastern part of Finland. Oku is a family-owned business with an established reputation - in precision engineering. Since the beginning, our core business has been manufacturing - and delivering precision components for clients - in technically challenging markets, such as defense, aerospace - and fibre optics.

Our manufacturing processes require advanced technology - and the staff of highly skilled professionals. We have over 50 machines in our factories, - and many of them are equipped with the latest automation technology. We also invest in people. As you know, at the end of the day, it is people who drive the company. We want to provide a workplace where people feel valued and respected. We have around 40 employees, and 30 of whom are working in production.

We have two factories, both of which are based in Outokumpu. We are looking for a qualified CNC operator. Our ideal candidate would have several years of experience - operating CNC machines. We have a large number of multiaxis machines, - especially Mazak. Experience in using this machinery would certainly be a bonus. In terms of education, a vocational qualification - in CNC machinery or equipment is required, - along with a few years of experience in a similar field.

The CNC operator's position includes setting up and operating machines. In addition, the quality control checking is an important part of the task. We work in two shifts, morning and the evening. Morning shift runs from 6 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.

Evening shift runs 2 pm to 12 pm, Monday to Thursday. Our employee normally work morning shift for one week - and the evening shift for the following week. To some extent, they are negotiable, taking into account - the personal situation of the employee.

The employee's salary depends very much on the qualification of the person - and the responsibilities undertaken. Like many other companies in Finland, we follow the salary scheme - of collective agreement, which in our case applies - to technology industries. Holiday bonuses are paid annually and overtime compensation - will be paid either financially or by days off. We provide occupational health care, and some recreational packages - for our staff. We also provide professional training courses.

Relocation assistance will be available in collaboration with the city. [Machinist:] I work here as a machinist. I use these CNC machines to make parts. We get the drawing of the part and then we plan the work.

We program and set up the machines. We machine the part. We inspect the part and measure it. We have a good team here and we can get help from each other. [Interviewer:] What kind of person is best suited for this job? What does the job require? [Machinist:] You need to be really careful, - because these are precision parts and these machines are really expensive. You need logical thinking so you can solve the problems.

Mostly, we program these machines by ourselves. [Interviewer:] What are the best aspects of this job? What do you like the most? When we finish a really challenging part. We are happy when we succeed. What's challenging is that these parts are getting more and more complicated - all the time. We need to keep up.

We have good atmosphere here. Like I said, we can always ask for help from each other. If you like working with your hands and you also like computers, - if you're careful and have the right capabilities, - then this may be your job. Here you saw some of the examples of the workplaces North Karelia has to offer. Now let's get to know an online event - where you can also get in touch - with these companies in a job interview.

Welcome to the International Talent Recruitment Day. There are many interesting companies that are looking for new employees - and talents in the event day. Apply for the jobs that interest you and you may have interviews - during the day. This is the start of the journey of your life - to work and live in Finland, in North Karelia, - in Finland, the happiest country of the world.

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