Japan Mobility Show 2023 - Nissan press conference

Japan Mobility Show 2023 - Nissan press conference

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[Music] [Music] [Heart beat] [Music] Hello everyone! Welcome to  the Japan Mobility Show.  I sense much excitement and  anticipation in the audience   right now. And I hope to increase  the excitement here at this venue. This December, we are celebrating our 90th  anniversary. Since our founding, we have been   constantly innovating, enriching people's lives  with the freedom of mobility. Through the power of   innovation, Nissan is creating a future where the  excitement of mobility can be enjoyed by everyone. All models showcased today symbolize  this future and embody the spirit of   "daring to do what others don’t” – a uniquely  Nissan value inherited from our founders.

We are bringing this future to  life through our three pillars   of innovation – electrified mobility,  EV ecosystem and vehicle intelligence. Now, let me introduce you to our  latest in electrified mobility. We know people have different dreams and  aspirations. Through these five concept   cars and their symbolic characters, we show you  how Nissan can help you realize your passion.

Let me start with what we just unveiled. Today, I am thrilled to introduce the Nissan  Hyper Force – an expression of our daring spirit   aiming for the ultimate in performance. This  car would be a perfect fit for those who love   driving – either in the real or virtual world.  Someone like HIDE, a gamer and motorsports fan. The Nissan Hyper Force’s Advanced e-4ORCE  and active aerodynamics deliver remarkable   control of vehicle and four-wheel traction. Driver  assistance technology with advanced LiDAR provides   peace of mind – making this a true game-changer.  Equipped with gaming simulation technology,  

it empowers Hide to hone his skills in the virtual  world and easily translate them into reality. The graphic user interface, which perfectly blends  the physical and virtual worlds, is a result of   our collaboration with Polyphony Digital.  This is just the beginning, as we continue   to maximize Polyphony's unique technologies  to develop the ultimate driving experience.

This is the Nissan hyper Punk inspiring  the younger generation like Yuki.  It gives full freedom of self-expression,  imagination and creativity. Thanks to AI and   biosensors, the Hyper Punk selects music and  lighting in sync with the mood of the driver,   while relaxing or energizing. Connectivity  and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology   enables the possibility to work or play on the go. We invite the younger generation to enjoy the   freedom of mobility with peers  in this car for co-creation.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer offers a  novel way of Japanese hospitality.   It is a car for those who appreciate  comfort and the finer things in life,   like KEI. It is a living room on wheels and  the perfect place to bond with friends or   colleagues. Be it a face-to-face conversation or  a shared immersive experience using VR headsets.

Even when the driver is not facing the road,   the journey remains worry-free. AI-assisted  fully autonomous driving technology allows   passengers to concentrate on work  or to relax and enjoy a quiet drive. This is the Nissan Hyper Urban. In this car,  you will find a comfortable and spacious cabin   for concentration or relaxation. This is  an ideal partner for conscious consumers,   who want to live in a more sustainable world. Such as TIM, who values quality and  longevity in everything he owns. He  

will appreciate the new upgrades  to both hardware and software.   These changes keep the car fresh and  exciting throughout its lifecycle. Inspired by those with a love for exploring,  the Nissan Hyper Adventure is ideal for digital   nomads living an active lifestyle.  MASA is one of them. He is passionate  

about outdoor adventures. This will be  a perfect partner for him on his trips,   as the advanced e-4ORCE system ensures  a smooth ride across any terrain. Its high-capacity battery turns the Hyper  Adventure into a mobile powerhouse that can   power up outdoor equipment, light up campsites  or manage a community’s energy needs. The Hyper   Adventure allows owners to live their lives  to the fullest as they pursue their passions. Nissan is making the future of  electric mobility even more exciting.

Our commitment to carbon neutrality extends to   digitizing the design process and  innovating manufacturing processes. Around the world, we are conducting  pilot projects to test the value of   V2X technology while optimizing the  use of renewable energy. In addition,   we started testing the sale of electricity  generated from renewable energy sources.   As we continue to promote secondary use  of the batteries, we are also focused on   developing technologies for recycling valuable  resources and reusing them as battery materials. Another key to realizing an exciting future is  vehicle intelligent technology. Breakthrough  

technologies, such as AI-supported  autonomous driving and customizable   connectivity. These have been adopted  in our concept cars to create a more   dynamic driving experience while  improving safety performance. Further, we continue to deploy our  technologies to support our communities.  For example, we are working with partners to  develop mobility services using smartphone apps.  We are also working together on renewable  energy management systems using EV batteries   in Namie town in Fukushima Prefecture.  We are expanding these initiatives to   more areas in Japan and exploring  its use in other countries as well.

You can see how Nissan's wider initiatives  will play an increasingly important role in   empowering journeys and societies in the future. The cars of the future are right before your eyes. These concept cars will make every  ride safer and more exciting.  They will support our customers in realizing  their dreams and the lifestyle they desire.

Nissan continues to create an exciting future.  Please join us in our journey  toward the future of mobility. We would like to start the photo session now. We are going to start the photography session.  Please start photo shooting if  you're on the left side of the stage.  And please start photo shooting if  you are on the center of the stage.  And lastly, please start photo shooting  if you are on right side of the stage. 

That concludes Nissan Motor  Corporations press conference. Thank you for coming to the Nissan Motor  Corporations press conference today. [Music]

2023-10-29 05:37

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