Indians Vs The World - AI, Social Media, Future Tech Explained In Hindi | Anshuman Singh On TRSH 168

Indians Vs The World - AI, Social Media, Future Tech Explained In Hindi | Anshuman Singh On TRSH 168

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Why doesn't India make it's own Google? There is a cultural reason, I hope from the bottom of my heart, that it changes. We don't like to take risk as a society. In fact, if someone takes a risk, then when he fails, people say, "I told you that you will fail." Versus, if you compare this same culture in the West, then there, people wear failure as a badge of honour.

Look, you are living a safe life. I went out of my comfort zone. I tried, I fought. Okay, I failed.

At least I fought, so I am better than you. No, people search on Google right now. Microsoft has tied up with ChatGPT, where they have integrated ChatGPT in Search. And Google is trying to answer that with Google Bard. Bard is similar to ChatGPT, which they are trying to compete with.

It's a very big deal. It's a deal of $10 billion, which is 80,000 crore. When was this? It's been two or three months. Live technological sports are going on in front of us.

If you are an engineering student, if you are an engineer, if you are a tech enthusiast, if you are a future enthusiast, or if you just want to increase your knowledge, then learn from industry experts. In today's podcast, technology, science, AI, coding will be discussed in a fun way. There are not much nerdy things. But please know about the future. Recently, when I went to podcast with the Cabinet Ministers, they all said that through technology, we need to take India forward. This is a very educative podcast.

And if you want education on technology, then listen to the top techies. Today's guest, Anshuman Singh, told us a little little about technology on our English podcast. But today, we will have a very long conversation in Hindi with us.

He himself worked with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. He has lived in Silicon Valley. He understands this technology, coding, and software very deeply. You will enjoy today's conversation a lot.

This person is one of my favorite guests. Because he is doing a lot for India. Many people leave India and go to America. They work for the companies there. Very few people come back and make something in India for India. Anshu bhai himself believes that India's talent pool is world-class.

Like our cricket team is world-class. Likewise, our software engineers are also Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, Mohammed Siraj. But all these people should get good quality training and education. That's why, Anshu bhai started Scaler. So that India's software engineers are ready for industry.

But recently, he launched Scaler School of Technology, where instead of going to engineering college for undergrad, you can study in Scalers School of Technology to become industry ready. There are only 200 students in every batch. And some talented students will be given 100% scholarship.

These people are making the future of India. It's very important to listen to them. Please watch till the end. Keep gaining knowledge from TRS. And keep learning about technology.

From Anshu bhai. Enjoy today's episode. Anshuman Singh, people like you should be celebrated. Ask me why? -Tell me why. -Because you reversed the brain drain.

Sorry, I am saying a direct thing to you. But I am so direct because I have talked to you once on the English podcast. I feel that we should talk in Hindi in a deeper way. Absolutely.

How are you? Very good. There are many things going on in life. It's a busy life but I can't complain. Because there are so many changes in the world of technology, is that why? Or the job market is changing completely, that's why? Or is there a third reason which I haven't mentioned? It's all the things. One is that tech always changes.

And as it changes, you have to adapt yourself. The other is that since we met the last time, our scale has also changed. We used to teach 5,000 kids. Today we teach about 30,000 kids. Wow. Okay.

So now it takes a lot of effort to handle so many people. And you are preparing all these people for the future. Very few people know what's going to happen in the future.

ChatGPT is one thing, there are so many different technologies. From which people should be a little scared because life is going to change. But that fear should also change in the strategy. Absolutely. I think what is happening right now is that if you look at all the jobs in the sectors, their nature is changing.

For example, let me take an example of Amazon. There are Amazon warehouses where they keep things. So when you place an order, it used to happen that the order would reach the warehouse.

There would be some people who would bring the things from the respective counters and they would club and courier them. What does Amazon do now? They changed it to a machine. So when you place an order, the machines go to that counter.

They pick up the stuff and then they club it and then they send it to you. Error percentage decreases. Then it doesn't happen that you ordered an iPhone and you got a brick. There is no iPhone there.

But if you look at it like this, you can argue that they lost their jobs. Those who work in warehouses, they lost their jobs. But what happened now is that their jobs have changed.

Now that they have installed machines at Amazon, they have to maintain and program the machines. For that, you need a different workforce. Which is a tech workforce. Which is programming those machines so that they are doing their job properly. They do their job with perfection.

The security guards of the building might be replaced in 10 years. They will be replaced. 110%. But the robots that will replace the security guards, they will need people to make them. You will need people. Okay.

So the phase that world is going through right now, if you look at it like this, there has been a lot of change in the last 15 years. For example, I'll give a small use case, we travel, first when we used to travel, parents were very concerned that you are going to a new place. How will you survive? If there is a relative, then you stay there.

How will you go from one place to another? How it is now? There's Google Maps. And make my trip. You book a hotel. You navigate from Google Maps, you don't need to talk to anyone. Things work.

Any Gen Z is not relating to that reality. I just want to say that. Old people would understand this that there was a world like this. So the world is changing rapidly.

And along with the world, I think the way jobs will be seen in the future is also changing. And it is also changing rapidly. People are a little scared of ChatGPT because they think it will take their job away.

The job will not be taken away. The nature of the job will be changed. Okay. I think everyone's parents also know how ChatGPT works.

It has become as popular as Google. It is almost becoming popular. Exactly.

I have a whatsapp group of my family. I think everyone has it. There are messages coming from parents in that whatsapp group. They say we tried this on ChatGPT.

How intelligent ChatGPT is, it's so smart, it's doing this. What did parents try on ChatGPT? Asking questions. Like they ask questions around agriculture. When should we grow this plant? What time should this harvest? What are the best cash crops in this area? And ChatGPT is responding with an answer to those questions. Okay. Why did you leave America again? And tell us about your friends too.

I will answer it in 2-3 parts. Let's start with what is happening in other countries. I see a similar trend in China. China is a few years ahead of us. Reverse brain drain has been done in China. Like the companies in China like Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, the engineering heads of these companies came from Silicon Valley.

For example, there is a big engineering leader in Google who shifted to China to lead engineering at one of these companies. And this has happened in big numbers that people came back to China. When, 10-15 years ago, no one wanted to stay in China, if they could have moved outside of China. So it has happened. First of all, there is a precedence. Second, I will explain in the context of India.

I will explain in my context the difference of life. And tell it openly. Tell the truth. There is no need to sugarcoat. Everyone knows that the quality of life there is very good compared to India.

But now tell me more. When you go outside, you feel that everything is washed. It is very clean, very, very clean. And you don't see this in India. There is dust and dirt in India. There things are very organized.

People follow the rules. If there is red on a traffic light, people stop. The one who wants stops, the one who doesn't, doesn't.

Even in Canada. -In Canada also they stop. -Ok, just checking. But there are two or three things that define the quality of life, they are better here.

For example, here you will see in your house, like in the metro city, in Mumbai or in Bangalore, there will be a maid at everyone's house, there will be a cook. Those people are cleaning the house, so that you can focus on other things. In US or Canada, this is unaffordable. Because the pay scale of even, like when we used to live there, so we used to call someone once for cleaning in every two weeks. That lady used to come for two hours. And in those two hours, their charge was 200 dollars, 16,000 rupees.

She used to come in the car. We didn't have a car. She used to come in the car, she would bring her kit and then she would clean for two hours and charge 16,000 then she would go back.

So there are small things like this. If you have a child, you need a babysitter because you have to go out somewhere. So that is very expensive. If you need help for cleaning at home, that is very expensive. You have to cook by yourself. You have to clean by yourself.

These are the things that we live in India, so we take them for granted. We don't even think about it, it happens. Because mom, or mom's team will do it, basically. That is the thing that you get in India but you don't get there. So the second thing is that two types of people go to the US. Like I went to the US, I don't have any extended family in the US.

So in a way, you have to build the human relations there. You have to make your own friends, you have to make your own community with whom you hang out. How are foreigners? They are good, but...

If I explain, as they say, jokes don't translate. If you translate a Hindi joke in English, it doesn't make a joke. The shit doesn't go there. So conversations don't get that interesting. You are having very formal conversations with them.

You go there and suddenly become non-funny. You are very funny here. You won't be funny there. Because there is some bit of learning to get there. Cultural difference.

So there are two or three things that are not very good. There are many things that are very good. But if I look in my immediate circle, all the people who have gone there, there is a reason for that, when I graduated in 2009-2010, there were only those tech companies in India who were the back office of big tech companies. Like Microsoft's office here, Amazon's office, Google's office. But the quality of work was very substandard. The work of support they would send here.

Like we had a senior who worked in Microsoft. His job was to support a Japanese version of Microsoft 98. If a user complains that it is not working, then go and fix the bug. If a Japanese old man is using 98, he will call him.

He won't call, but if he raises an issue, it will come to him. Then he will try to solve it. Which is very basic software engineering work. If you want to do something very good in software engineering, and cutting edge, then go to Google's main office, which was in Mountain View.

Or go to Facebook's main office, which is in Palo Alto. When we read in the newspaper that IITian placed at Microsoft for 50 LPA, they were actually doing the same jobs. The people who were working in India, they were doing this.

But what has changed in the last 10 years, since the start-up ecosystem has been boosted in India, Flipkart, Zomato and these kind of companies have come up. Since then, things have started to manufacture as part of India as a product for the ecosystem. So the quality of engineers who can now build things for the ecosystem and for the world has increased. What does this mean? It means that, let's say, Google is making a very big software. There are different parts of the software. Some of them are made in India.

You are saying that some parts are produced by Indian start-ups. So it means that what Google used to do earlier is the things that are very basic, which the top engineers wouldn't want to do, they would send it to India, that you guys do it. The engineers here are also good. But they didn't get the opportunity to do good work. It was a very mundane job, which would take a lot of time to do.

Let's say there are a lot of texts, you can read them and flag them that this text is useless. Look there are swear words here. First do that and then make a system based on it. So the repetitive, useless work would come here in the back office. Now, because you have to do this to Flipkart too.

Flipkart is making all the things from India. And if Flipkart is competing with Amazon, then the amount of engineering that Amazon has done in their US office, now it's being done in India, by Indian engineers, to be able to compete with Amazon. So the high quality of work started here.

Now because the high quality of work is happening, the engineers who have done it, they are now as capable as their US counterparts. And this happened only in the last 10 years. This happened only in the last 10 years. Now when this is happening, then good projects have started coming in India. It happened in the last 10 years, because our Indian brothers are running these companies now.

This is one reason. I am asking. I don't know.

But actually, I am also an Indian who is running a company there. Even with the best intentions, I can't send a project here until I am confident that the team here will execute well. Some things have happened, for example, in the past where the projects that came in India, they have not been super successful. For example, I don't know, I will be killed by Google's engineers. But like Orkut, there was a website, which was run by Google. The development of that was in India and Brazil.

And Orkut failed in competition to Facebook. Or a Google News which still runs a little bit, but it's not like a product which has very high traction. There was some development of that in India. Majorly it's managed across India and US. So some projects have come here, but they have not been super successful.

So that's why your confidence also decreases that you can send a project here. Another challenge is there is a company in India and there is so much time zone difference that you can't work together. So the project for stand-alone will be here or it will be there.

It can't be in both places. So that's why all the good projects stay there. Some projects come here. But this has changed.

So in the past 10 years, as the start-up ecosystem has improved as we have become more product heavy, we have become creators, as well as good quality of work in these companies. For example, GooglePay was made here. It is made in India completely. And there are many other projects which are made only in India.

India has heavy projects. Why doesn't India make it's own Google? There is a cultural reason which I hope will change. As a society, we don't like taking risks. In fact, if someone takes another risk, then when it fails, people will say, I told you, you will fail.

Like I was watching an article yesterday. NestAway was a very good company. -Nescafe? -NestAway. NestAway.

I thought the coffee will close. Anyway go on. It was NestAway company. What they used to do was if you are moving to a new city, they would give you apartments or rooms in which you can live. It is PG, but it is a bit advanced PG.

In which there will be internet, washing machine and everything, right? They were also in Mumbai. So, they raised a lot of funding. They reached a big scale. But now, because of COVID, they couldn't do that well.

And they have not been able to raise funds after that. So, they have to sell in a very low amount. I think they have been bought by some company for 11 million dollars which translates to 88 crores. It is very low. But they sold the company in 88 crores.

But before that, they had raised 300 crores of money. So, their investors obviously didn't get a return. On that, a lot of people are cursing them that look, these people run the company. They don't know how to run the company. Look, it is a failure. I was saying that it will fail. This is a bit of an ingredient in us.

We like it when when someone fails, then pull down and say, you were going to fail. Versus, if you compare this same culture in the West, then there, people wear failure as a badge of honour. Look, you are living a safe life. I went out of my comfort zone. I tried. I fought. Okay, I failed.

But at least I fought. I am better than you. And the society also resonates. That yes, that is right. Those people who are going ahead and putting an effort, they are venturing out of their comfort space, they are better.

And culturally the reason is that if you don't have anything then you will get unemployment. So, there is a lot of security. So, those people who are taking risks outside of that they don't need any risks.

But they are taking risks because they have to shoot for the stars. So, they are hence better of the lot. What we have is that we don't have any unemployment.

If you fail then you are a very low standard of life. So, no one wants to take risks. But it has become compound and now people don't appreciate taking risks.

Parents don't actually appreciate it. Now, if there is no risk taking then it happens that if you have a good product to get a Google there should be a million people who have tried to do something then there will be a Google. Meaning, before the Google comes. Do you know that there will be a need for a search engine? A lot of people will try it.

It is possible that 2-3 people will try it very well and one of them get it. Because the founders of Google were basically techies basically software engineers Larry Page and Sergey Brin. -What? -Sergey Brin.

So, both were coders. As a coder you understand their mind more deeply as compared to the normal person. In 1998, when they made Google and what did they do differently? People had already tried the search engine. There was Yahoo search too, right? But what did they do differently? What was their specialty? Why did they become Shubman Gill and Yashaswi Jaiswal? Anyway, tell us. In search ranking, it was and now also it is that when you search something, you get so many relevant results. Do you see the best article? That decides who is the best search engine? Anyone can make a random search engine.

Yes, anyone can make a random search engine. That is easy to make. But the best search engines show relevant on the top to you. Even now if you consider a search engine, there are a lot of search engines. There was a search engine in India called or

It was a search engine of India. There are a lot of search engines. There are a lot of them. But the search engine you go to repeatedly it's where you get the best results.

I trust that if I search I will get the best results here. Hence, I will search here. For example, if Bing integrates with ChatGPT and you get the best answer then people will move away from Google to Bing or Microsoft. -Move away from GPT? -No, people search on Google now. Microsoft has tied up with chat GPT where they have integrated ChatGPT in the search engine.

And Google is trying to answer that with Google Bard. Bard is similar to ChatGPT who tries to compete with it. It's a very big deal. I think it's a deal of $10 billion which is 80,000 crore. When did this happen? It's been 2-3 months.

Wow, these live technological sports are happening in front of us. Actually, it hasn't come to India yet. But it's live in most part of US. What's its name? Bing. So, the search engine of Microsoft is Bing. Along with that, they have integrated ChatGPT.

What do you mean? What do you do when you search you ask a question, right? Show me the best restaurants here. Or I just heard the name of a vaccine. What is it? You search a terminology and as an answer, you see some results. ChatGPT is the same. Google Bard is the same. You ask him a question.

Tell me, I want to record a video. What is the best equipment to record that video? You will see some results. Exactly the same. This is what a search engine is supposed to do. I have a question on my mind. This is one of the articles which could be the best response to the question that I have. So, ChatGPT is a threat to a search engine.

It's Google's business is on risk because if ChatGPT is very popular then people will stop going to Google. People get the best answer from there. And it's almost as if I'm talking to a human being. I can ask Ranveer to tell me this. Ranveer knows everything.

He gives me a clear to the point answer. You can ask anything. Go on. So, that's why I said ChatGPT is a threat to Google. And Microsoft saw it as an opportunity.

They said we've been trying to kill Google for so long. We weren't able to do it. But this seems like a paradigm shift. Let's go and integrate with ChatGPT whatever it takes to then be able to compete with Google search. -Do you watch WWE? Used to watch? -Yes. John Cena is Google and Randy Orton and Edge build a team and are trying to beat John Cena.

Okay. I also want to say that I only give relationship advice. I don't know everything. But this definitely I think Microsoft has seen an opportunity that Google, I won't say, they are able to beat it, but they can go ahead in one category at least. It happens because in software, as people use more as you get more data, your search engine gets better. For example, you searched what is the best recording equipment.

You got three answers. You said the second answer is the best answer. So, now the search engine can learn from it that the people I show the result to, think the second result is the best. So, going forward I will show it as the first result so that people can see the best result first. So, the more people use it, it will get better. So, Google is constantly getting better and in the last 20-25 years it's constantly gotten better.

Yeah, because they have so much data. For example, Google does this event every year where they release new products. They did an event two years ago where they showed a demo where they did a call to a receptionist to make an appointment where the machine was making the call. A robot is pretending to be a human and the call went perfectly.

The robot talks as a human being with the receptionist asking for the time available, whether it will work or not. Maybe even taking a pause and then saying are these times available, and then saying block my table at this time and the conversation ends. The reason why Google is able to do so is because Google has so much data of calls through Android where they see if this question is asked what people say in their response, and they have millions of data points. So they know what are the most frequent responses in this context.

There is a field in Computer Science called Natural Language Processing which runs in a very similar way. Typically your way of predicting what someone will say or what words should come after these words. If you already have a lot of information and you know usually when people say I am most people say good. Most probably when someone says I am, the next word is going to be good.

Like the third word is suggested on your phone. It has also come from here. So the more the data your system gets better because you can tell from that data that the next sentence should be this or the next word should be this.

And similarly it applies the same thing on the search result. I honestly didn't know that this fight is going on between Google and Microsoft. All tech giants keep fighting each other all the time. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

There are always some fights between them. What do you call those five? -FAANG. -What? FAANG. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. There is no Microsoft here. Why not Microsoft? The origin of FAANG is a term that was originated from stock market.

In stock market people want to see those stocks which have the most growth. Microsoft is an old company and their stock is already very high so they are not growing that fast. But FAANG companies which are a little niche, small companies but fast growing. So people from Wall Street said to buy FAANG stocks and they will grow fast. There are 5 to 6 companies who are fighting each other.

Netflix has dropped back. Yes, they are stock companies, they don't have anything to do with it. The big companies Facebook, Amazon, Apple. They keep fighting. They try to compete because there are trillion dollar companies and they have taken such a big market that if they miss out on a trend then there is a risk to their existence. When I was in Facebook Bill Gates was there.

He tells an example that the Excel sheet we use, so the first product was Lotus, Lotus spreadsheet. Which was the top product in the market. Everyone used Lotus spreadsheet in their office and their revenues were very good because companies used to pay that all our employees want Lotus spreadsheet. And after that Microsoft launched Excel which had a lot of extra features.

Bill Gates used to say if Lotus didn't do anything if they would have copied the features shamelessly. Even then they would have been the top player in the market but because they missed out on this trend they ignored it, so slowly Microsoft ate whole market and nobody knows Lotus but if you see excel is called spreadsheet because the first name was spreadsheet so that's why companies keep fighting because they all have a big segment and they don't want to lose it. So you will see Facebook's strategy was they copied lots of things from Snapchat. So that tussle always goes on.

So basically the top companies have some core products like Google search... No, not Google Search. -Gmail? -Google has the most revenue from Search, but if you look at Google's strategy they control the entry to the internet. For example they made a browser if you do the entry to the internet you will do it through Google.

They have a Google Chrome, that's why they made a phone, Android, So that you can do the entry to the internet so that you can do via Google. So if you look at their efforts their third effort is Google Fiber, like Jio exists in India, they want to control the internet so they started making the internet systems. So Google's strategy is not just search but control the entry to the internet. Search engine is also an entry to the internet. Okay. Wow. Okay, anyway.

So basically they have some core products Chrome, Search, Android and Facebook's core products are Social media oriented. and some other Microsoft core product is hardware, I don't know. All enterprise software Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Teams which works in any company most probably use Microsoft products. Cloud that is their Azure, and operating system Windows. And finally Amazon whose main money comes from e-commerce and AWS.

Cloud, AWS cloud. Cloud services. From these services all companies can earn a lot of money but because they are talking in the range of trillion dollars that's why the new technologies, new scientific discoveries they have to make products and services and this is the fight that who will break the next records? For example in a time, Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root used to compete. Four of them were big players, but someone had to go ahead in that race, -And Virat Kohli went ahead. -But basically this is happening,

that everyone is trying to be Virat Kohli. And trying to save himself like ChatGPT came. So now every company starts thinking what can be the risks from ChatGPT to my current business, and how should I pluck it quickly? All four of these giants that we've talked about, they all are sitting on a lot of data and now it's a mess and it's a mess because ChatGPT is here then we have to evolve so that it doesn't impact my business. All the coders, I personally know that are using GPT to do their work fast this is the truth of all the coders worldwide, everyone is using GPT today. In today's rate ChatGPT can't replace any coder, but can help in making coders do more work. Because when you do something with ChatGPT as a coder, I still have to read what is the response from it, will it work in my case or not there may be some small changes -and then I can use it as it is. -Okay.

We talked two years ago on the English podcast the world has completely changed. It's crazy, just before you came I was watching MKBHD, he is a big tech youtuber from USA, he made a video about apple vision pro and he commented in his video that this is the most black mirror I have ever felt in my life. People who haven't heard the name of Black Mirror is a Netflix show where there are like horror shows, 'Shh, koi hai,' but instead of ghosts, technology is the villain. Like, your phone is a villain, your software is a villain, social media is a villain, there is a new story in every episode, and you will get really scared watching that show, think about it, horror shows where technology is a villain.

and MKBHD said this is the most black mirror I have ever felt in my life, That means, people around the world are clapping about what a great product Apple has made, vision pro until the podcast is released people will know that what is vision pro, this happened an hour ago. Very few people know. So two questions to you, Anshuman bro, first tell me what is vision pro, then tell me what are its implications and why MKBHD is saying that there is a feeling of black mirror. It is a very advanced level product the demo they have shown basically there are goggles you will see the environment around you and as you sit on the computer and you see the logos of the app, they will show you logos of the apps around you, and that product always scan your eyes, so where your eyes will go they will know exactly what you are looking at, and if you want to select facebook you just have to click you have to touch your fingers your fingers also get scanned. It is just one tool, it has 4 sides, it has cameras 360 degrees, your fingers are also constantly getting scanned, your eyes are also constantly getting scanned, basically your body is mixing with the machine now what are its technological implications, apple has given an open statement to the world's developers to people like you, that brothers start making the apps for this, as a coder, what do you want to make for the future, and explain the basics, what is Apple making? If you have seen Iron Man movie, Iron Man, the billionaire, if you see his way of working, he stands, in front of him there are some weird digital drawings which he does here and there which he wants and designs there. We call those things augmented reality which actually does not exist in reality but these are some figures and drawings which I can see others may not see. I can see them because they are projecting from somewhere this is not a chemical problem, this is through machine and not chemical problem.

This is happening through machine, you are not imagining. Yes, I am just clarifying. Go on. So this is augmented reality, now what are its implications, for example if I want to buy a furniture online, I want to see how the furniture will look, so I just have to imagine, I actually don't know how the furniture will look however if it is augmented reality then you can project the machine and see the furniture will look like this.

So, you can see room like this. Or I can do things like Iron Man does, let's say I am designing a building I can do the things here and there in the air people will think I've gone mad, but you will see that you are playing with your designs, by just your hand gestures. Imagine you are buying clothes from the internet for yourself, if you look down then instead of this tshirt, or you are standing in front of the mirror and you can see the clothes as it is and you can see how it looks on you. -And you can try different sizes. -You can try different sizes. So what about malls? People will stop going to malls online shopping will increase in those cases, or people who play games now how it happens that I am playing a game on a TV it is possible that I am playing a game in the real world it is possible that people are shooting me I can see bullets coming towards me, I can move to evade bullets. Metaverse, this is the beginning of actual metaverse, it is not like I am in a different world, I am in my world, I am in this room I can see the boundaries of this room but let's say bullets are coming from these walls and I have to save myself this type of games can be made, many e-commerce products you can try through AR, you said that your best friend works in Oculus, Boom Shaka Laka, tell us what's happening in Oculus. What is Oculus?

For those who have not heard it, it is very important, for the future of humanity Mark Zuckerberg gets orgasms from Oculus, -sorry, he is your old work mate. -Boss. He is your boss. He is your boss Hari Sandhu, AKA Hitler, tell us what is Oculus? What I told you was augmented reality, it is another word virtual reality, this is the second world, actually there was a movie if you have not watched it, you should watch it once, Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg's movie. They show a world where you have this earth but there is another world where you exist and it is a regular routine you play games you have friends you can even date you have relationships there.

So, Oculus is trying to build a virtual reality for you where you maybe own buildings, you are running a business there, you play games there, there are relationships there you are able to do that, and the headset that made Oculus through which you go to another world, it is such an immersive headset that you wear it, you don't even realise what is happening in the real world, you are in the whole world, you can hear all the sounds all around you 360 degrees. How expensive is it? It will be in the range of 25,000 to 50,000. Okay. Rupees, not dollars.

It will be in the range of 25,000 to 50,000, now people mostly use it to play games. Okay. Which is let's say I want to play a game in which I am running a ship, so I will wear a headset so I feel like I am in a river sitting on a ship. Now as soon as I move my hand my ship will move forward or backward or let's say I want to play a game of sword so I will wear a headset now I have a sword in my hand, there is another person standing in front of me as I move my hand the sword is moving and then I have to save myself. Now people use it for this, there's a use case that many people are trying is that is whether I can make such offices where you work from home if I live in Lucknow, then I will be in Lucknow but when it's time for my office I weat my headset, all of us are sitting in the same room, now as soon as we go to the meeting room or I get up and go to my colleague, I can do everything so I don't know that I am in Lucknow but as soon as it's my time for office, I teleport to my office in virtual reality, and then I can have conversations with my colleagues like I am with them.

Maybe in 2030s, there will be a software, where you want to watch a comedy film, you want to watch Shah Rukh Khan's acting and you want to watch Akshay Kumar's 2000s acting you want to see the acting in Garam Masala, Bhagam Bhag, and also Govinda's movie Govinda Villan. So if you have described all this to one AI software, and also said that at the end inspire me through the movie, he might be able to generate a whole movie how far is this reality? They say that with AI, there is a creative work, there are two types of work if you watch the songs, some songs which are made so using old songs or mismatching existing tunes that is not very hard and that kind of work does not involve a lot of creativity, that type of work even AI would be able to do. So if he knows 3-4 situations from old movies by mismatching them, absolutely, but creating movies that actually wow you, because you are seeing it for first time, As you said that this drama is different or let's say as they say about the music of AR Rahman it's a different kind of music, in doing that type of things at least we don't have confidence even as techies that AI will be able to do as it is, and it comes from the fact that how does AI learn things like it's basically seeing patterns from what has happened in the past and replicates them. Okay but till 2030-2040, won't be more patterns accumulated? -Definitely. -In the same way that ChatGPT, is getting better basically they are asking for feedback from users whether it was a good response or a bad response.

And I once told ChatGPT to write a poem about Ranveer Allahbadia but make it funny. Actually a funny poem was generated, and I gave a thumbs down and said make it funnier and it was a better attempt. Just as an engineer I was thinking there is no limit but you are saying, there is a limit. No like, the poems were generated, a lot of poems exist in our world.

Okay. So that is their mismatch. It's not like ChatGPT, is writing an original poem, for example you will tell ChatGPT, to generate a research paper most probably, he will do that too. Because there are so many research papers, by mishmashing, it can create something that starts to make sense. Will there be a point in technology when general AI, where consciousness comes in AI, AI becomes spiritual.

That we don't know. We don't know. Because that's actually the debate that's going on, what is an ethical AI versus, will AI take over the world? For example, is terminator ever going to be a reality? -Age of ultron. -Age of ultron going to become a reality, Means AI will become a villain in your life. So we don't know to what extent AI is going to there are both factions in the world. There is a faction that believes that AI will evolve and reach there. For example, Elon Musk is a big proponent of that, and hence he is pushing that AI should be regulated.

That's why, he thinks that there will be a terminator in the world. Yes, there will be a terminator. The more we encourage AI and tech will take over the world.

But don't you feel that we should encourage it? Second faction which says that being able to develop a soul for tech, or being able to develop a conscience is very difficult, it can't happen. They will always have an overlord which are going to be human beings. -AI will work as a servant. -AI will work as a servant. Both are factions. Which faction is right or not, we'll understand it as it evolves.

I think there is a report. I don't know if it is conspiracy theory but someone, bing or bard, they were teasing bard, I think. He gaslighted, hey bard, he was joking and then bard started getting angry. Where did the anger come in the AI software? What is happening, is it Black Mirror? The patterns as you can see when there is a conversation in humans when someone pokes usually the next response is a bit angry. The machine is learning from there there are patterns for the machine.

So the natural response for them is he said this 10 times, in maximum cases the response is rude then that is what i respond with. Machines learn from the history of conversation that they have seen. And that is the pattern that they are following. The way you poke he reached to the stage, where he was talking about killing his creator. But it is just reflection of what kind of conversation we as human beings also have. When you used ChatGPT for the first time I am sure as an entrepreneur or as a techie you must have a lot of things might have flashed in your mind.

Everything has changed, tell me now. What are you teaching your future students? Your syllabus has changed, how has it changed? so i will talk in two tangents as we teach people in this game two types of programs one program that we run is for working professionals we run a one year program to get better at what they do and then they transition to better jobs or in their own job they get promotion or the other one we are starting which is an undergraduate program which is called scalar school of technology i will talk about both what are we changing to be honest in the program that we do for a year we have limited scope of doing things because people are doing it part time you are upskilling you are upskilling so there is still a lot of focus on fundamentals the core basics you should be strong so that you can think how to make chat gpt or how to make a basic system and over a period of time we will evolve that we get to a place where we have a terminology called prompt engineering which is as an engineer are you able to use chat gpt to get your work done okay that is called prompt engineering what will you give to chat gpt so that they give you the right job what will you give input what will you ask exactly so that the response of chat gpt is the right response a new world skill set a new age new world skill set and actually every professional should know what is prompt engineering even in our office we use editors and chat gpt writers but we never called it anything the word for it is prompt engineering so we will slowly teach our engineering people who come from data science we try to teach them chat gpt is built on top of natural language processing so how do we make language models if you for example what they did was the process of teaching the kids because they don't have teachers they have a lot of content so they asked can I make a robot that can teach you and there are different philosophies one of them is called socratic method which is a philosopher named socrates if you ever ask him a question he doesn't answer you he used to ask you a lot of questions so that you can think about it socrates used to teach in a way that he will take you to the answer but you have to discover the answer so his philosophy was asking more and more questions so that you reach to the answer so Khan Academy used chat gpt trained language models that when you are a kid and you ask me a question how much is 30 into 30 he will ask you cross questions for example step by step you can take out 30 into 30 so how to make these models using chat gpt kind of systems that is then what we teach in the data science side of things that is the program for working professionals the good thing is that we have a 4 year program in that we have a lot of scope to do a lot more things so that structure is they are on core skills that the fundamentals and basics are solid then we have a year internship so that you go and experience things in the real world with cutting edge companies and in the final 18 months that is the specialization and there we talk about AI machine learning that gives us a lot of time to build AI machine learning skills in depth even though gpt is very popular but there are 2 or 3 fields in AI machine learning another field is the field of computer vision computer vision which is when you see a photo or when you see videos are you able to detect obstacles in it for example the self driving cars the way they work is they have video feed of everything around you and if they are able to accurately detect the road is this the obstacle is this then they go at the right speed and change lanes at the right time all of that is happening through computer vision so the whole field of AI is around computer vision and natural language processing so how do you cover this holistically that happens in the last 18 months apart from certain advanced levels of software engineering basically technology is changing that now at this point in human history computer vision is at the forefront one of the important subjects so there are both computer vision which is a little less in chat gpt is natural language processing NLP NLP and computer vision both are important fields of AI and machine learning actually machine learning is slightly different but both are important fields of AI tell me for two reasons this podcast is looking very good the first reason is that all the cabinet ministers and all the geopolitical experts have come on the podcast everyone has said that India actually needs a lot of skilled engineers for businesses India actually needs businesses so that we export software and export products but for that we need engineers the sad student of engineering college is very happy that the things I have seen heard and felt in engineering college it's all worth it now that I will say it very openly engineering college when I graduated I had one motivation that I want to ruin the name of engineering college not of my own college generally the type of engineering I am not talking about IIT you are also from a good college I am from triple IIT so some colleges are good mostly engineering colleges don't have anything in India and I am a very normal above average engineering college that college gave me a lot of things including my co-founders on monkey and including a lot of my own team at monkey, at beer by sirs but a lot of things are in college when I started engineering I thought I am very good in physics I am very good in maths I will go and make robots or atleast I will learn about robots I will learn about rockets and that excitement went on for a month because the subjects we were learning were 50 years old subjects there were outdated technologies and instead of teaching engineering we were taught to keep that this is written in your textbook write it like this in the exam and if a word moves from here to there then your marks are gone what kind of engineering is this basically we were taught to work hard we worked hard and because people around you are all m**** you immediately get to know how to think like a *** your *** thinking capabilities your hard work capabilities increase a lot but you don't learn engineering in engineering college if your kid doesn't get admission in top college then you think again should you do engineering or not tell me what is your perspective sorry I got a little passionate because childhood dreams are fulfilled I share your thoughts and even top colleges are not like that there are a lot of gaps there is a lot of scope for improvement you are right but our good colleges are not like that there are a lot of problems but they are better of the lot like I do one by one our tier one colleges our curriculum is not up to date I was in a college which was built for computer science they have probably the best curriculum in the country and even after that I did 4 or 5 courses which were on electronics which had courses where you have to take less than computer science at the same time I spent on other things so I could have learnt more about computer science our college is still good there are a lot of colleges like that where in the first year you get engineering drawing you get soldering such a herd mentality yes that means it is being done for years I hope that all the engineering students are watching this podcast share it people should know the truth so one is this however on the other extreme there are colleges which are running business they don't care about the quality of learning there is nothing wrong with earning money but you should be giving back more in value the more you take the more you should impart in education for example my father was telling me about a case so I come from UP there are colleges in our life again I can't take their name I can't take the name of the college but they have that money they call and tell people don't come to the college what to do after coming to the college I wish they would have told me they have to save costs so many times they go there and start cleaning they have to keep the staff less in the same college at the end of 4 years you get a paper you will say degree because you have cleared exams but from there there is nothing wrong there is another college I can't take the name of the college their trend is they have to show placement so they hire teachers they take out old teachers they don't come to the college they come to the class they don't come they come to the college they come to the college so there are colleges in our life because they have started to earn money there is no outcome and while we have governing bodies like AICT and UGC even then some of these colleges exist my mother used to ask me why did you put me in engineering college overall I benefited from college because I learnt labour labour is also important along with that I learnt yoga I learnt practical team play I got benefits but there was a question for 4 years we didn't learn anything and we didn't learn anything it becomes a culture I remember when we were in our college I had gone to this other college where we were in the hostel gossiping talking about life I noticed that we have to clear the exam so the project and assignments were sold in the market they used to go to the house to buy the project we will buy the project we will submit it and we will get the grade this kind of mindset was that doing this is okay because we have to clear the exam when I try to make my mother understand my mother is an optimist she says no Ranveer when you go out and meet an educated person and if you are an engineer there is a respect which is true which I use with some people before the Hindi podcast I am an engineer I talk to a lot of people but when they react I was thinking I have done a lot of partying but still I am saying that I am an engineer and you agree that I am smart so no problem one thing which I will give to engineering is that I think hostel life is 4 years everyone should experience because at that time your best relationships become strong you become strong in the first year you start exploring the one big benefit is that you become very strong give me some sunshine he used to play guitar in the movie Ali Faisal he used to go through 10 terrible things engineering which means the professors are very worried because most of the not every professor there are some very good professors as in AI but there were a lot of such professors who only got a job in engineering college because they didn't get a job so they used to study very carefully they used to live very carefully and they used to be very worried about some students I mean even if you are good in studies if you don't like them he will make your life hell and all this has happened so now it feels good when I go back to college I say how are you that Tawde sir has troubled me a lot Tawde sir I am sure you must be watching this but I think it is time now that I will open a little poll love you sir engineering student is laughing sir you are laughing Tawde sir teaches us a very random subject what was the name of the subject radar technology I am a very good actor so I sat in their class every day and attended a lot that I am paying attention but I was actually thinking what I will do after this where I will go what I will do in my gym Tawde sir was famous for being very strict when it is time for Viva there is a Viva at the end of every engineering semester where you get an oral exam where you are asked questions and you have to give an oral answer that this is the meaning of radar etc but some Viva Professors are very intense that means they only take your Viva to kill you so Tawde sir was exactly like that and we knew that the seniors told us that take care of your Viva so at age 18 I had a surgery because of which I had a sling shoulder sling if I wear that shoulder sling then people pity me a lot they think that it got hurt so because I did not prepare for Viva I wore that shoulder sling 3 years back and I went to Viva with the shoulder sling and one of my friends wrote a medical letter to a relative that he has a fever Tawde sir figured it out very quickly that these random students who act in class actually are escaping my Viva when he came to know our Viva was on Monday at 8 he said do not stay until the end of the day and after 3 days our theoretical exams were starting in engineering college only 2 days of the exam means in the coming 2 days we had to study for the whole theoretical exams and they knew that our Viva was at 8 when they came to know that we are doing this they said come at 6 in the evening we stayed the whole day studied at 6 they said come tomorrow next day we had to come next day at 7 they said come the next day and after 3 days they said in the end they took a small Viva and let us go but we basically got half a day to study for the theoretical exam and they knew what they were doing just our life was making it difficult only they were so worried and there are a lot of stories in engineering colleges that is why you become strong I have seen a lot of engineering colleges you become creative you get very good at creative problem solving I also have a story one of our professors I cannot give his name let us call him Ramu so in our college we had to complete the credits so that you can get a degree the whole college knew a very easy way to earn some credits is that you go to Ramu take a project and everybody used to submit a single project like google chat and every year it was a senior project the first page changes it is put on its own page and the same project is submitted so someone complained that people are mistreating you they take the wrong advantage you submit the same project again and again and you are getting the grade Ramu said I will not submit a project like this so we had a batch he said I will make a google chat but I will make a smart google chat he will talk to you he said you are making a chat gpt he said he did not do anything he came to the presentation he took the same chat gpt project sorry google chat project he sat his roommate in the lab on one side and I made a smart google chat so Ramu wrote he replied Ramu is very happy this is a very good application he talks to me and he gave him a grade he would go and tell everybody he made a smart chat gpt in 2010 he talks to you he gives me his response who do you become in engineering college creative problem solving because of that today is number one but I am not even kidding because of this joke I made this career thank god for engineering but in saying that India really needs people like you I mean I am still very small in the whole piece of puzzle we hope that what we are doing with scaler school of technology etc they if they are successful they become this template which other people can also follow that these are tenets these are important if you follow them then you are providing to the end audience I would like to ask one more question when you went to America after engineering college then what education wise did you know because I am sure the processes of education are different how are they different because you hear a lot of scary stories that the level of students is very high etc plus here in engineering college this is being taught how to con the professors and if you are going there you cannot con the professors so how is the education there I think when I compare Indian student with US student what I have learnt how to apply it in real world how is that let's say a weapon for me to solve real world problems in India most students don't know business oriented thinking yes business oriented thinking or even tech oriented because people study to clear the exam we have a lot of subjects like operating system computer network databases people study so much that in this semester this exam will be cleared the next semester's second day I forgot nobody remembers what I studied last semester if you are studying to clear the exam then you could have a weapon that you could use to solve big problem in tech you didn't learn that whereas computer science in US in most good colleges is seen as a way of learning people don't care that I will fail but they care that what I am studying is very interesting to me you will see in most US colleges you have given a lot of flexibility to choose which subjects you want to study you pick the subjects that are very interesting but then try to understand its essence and apply it that's the philosophy in most of these colleges I am talking about Ivy League colleges there are some useless colleges that you are interested in that's why learn in such a way that you can apply it they are missing in a lot of cases even in my career I was an odd one out because I used to participate in a lot of competitions and probably 10% of my learning came from the curriculum 90% came from outside by the way I graduated in India I was a team we studied from outside and participated in some competitions from YouTube? not even on YouTube there were some websites with blogs some books with articles some articles on Wikipedia self-education when you compete you can see how far you are when people used to compete with Chinese, Russians we used to understand that we are very behind there is a competition with ICPC our team went to world finals to represent India ICPC is like the olympics of programming from there we were recruited by three people into Google and Facebook they didn't go to Google they went to Facebook but even after that when we went there at least in my case I understood that there are so many things when you apply to a company and when you apply to a business which I don't know so I fought a little and learned on the job but I learned how do I learn? by talking by talking by reading about it I was lucky he was very helpful and he was an Indian so he understood that he also wanted this background so he helped this poor brown boy okay it's a very raw question but still ask basically when you get a job in Google how many departments are there and are all these big companies very top secret projects or futuristic technologies are also developing where it is said that any new technology is developed by the militaries and those new technologies are developed after that then big tech, Google, Facebook make them better is it true Anshuman ji? till some time military's a

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