I Bought Tech from the Internet Dollar Store

I Bought Tech from the Internet Dollar Store

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- I bought a lot of tech from the internet Dollar stores. Wish, Temu, AliExpress, let's see which one's better. Big shout out to today's sponsor, Rocket Money.

So let's start out with Wish. Now, the vast majority of these items were $5 or less. A couple of them were slightly more expensive, but almost everything was the ultra cheap stuff that they advertise all day long. What is- What am I holding? A fishing hat. All right.

Well, it seems like a perfect item to start with. Uh. This is a hat? Did I buy this hat? Oh, good Lord. Yep, that's a hat. So it looks like a small umbrella, but on the inside, it's just, like, like a small strap.

- Oh - [Alex] Yeah. Straps around your head. Hands-free umbrella. - I'm not gonna lie. Actually, not bad.

All right, that's a good start. - [Alex] Yeah. And it's camo so that you're hidden from birds, I guess? - It's a good start. Let's see what else we got. I like this.

I just get to like rummage in my bag of goodies and just pull random stuff out. What could go wrong? How about Color Mou? Color Mou? Color M-O-U. So this is a Razer DeathAdder Chroma with some real great-looking fonts. Those do not look real. - [Joanna] We cannot see those fonts.

- Oh, should I-? Okay, fine. I'll take the hat off. So these fonts are an instant giveaway.

Also, the fact that this is like less than a third of the price of the real one. That's not a good sign. This is supposed to be Chroma, and I plugged it in, and no Chroma is happening. Oh, oh, oh.

Nevermind. It just took a minute. Oh, snap. That actually looks just like the real thing.

Ah, okay. So this does show up as a USB optical mouse. So they're not going so far as to fake it to actually load up Chroma, which some could argue is an improvement over the real one.

Um. I mean, do you feel a little bit questionable about buying a fake Razer mouse? Yes. Could you have just bought a regular mouse that's not Razer? Also yes. But I will say, very comfy. And it claims it's 4,000 DPI, and I'll say that it does feel pretty good, even on this wood surface. Next up, we've got ourselves mobile bracket.

- [Alex] Man, I love these descriptions. - [Austin] Oh, a three-in-one charging stand. I know this one. So this is specifically advertised as for Samsung. So theoretically it will fast-charge your phone, your earbuds, as well as your Galaxy Watch. Very lightweight.

That's fine. I mean, this should work. 'Cause really what you're looking at here, a pair of USB-C ports, so one for the phone, one for your earbuds, and then a little Qi wireless charging pad for your watch. So I'm gonna load it up here.

Okay, Z Flip charging. Wonderful. We'll put the Galaxy Watch on. Oh. Wait, what? No, I actually don't know if I like this 'cause there's no way for it to stay on.

You can kind of, like, perch it there, but then the band has to hold it and it just slides off. You see that? If we had a different watch, maybe. So this is a Gear S2, right? So it's gonna be a little bit on the older side, but. Nah, nah, that's not it.

But hey, you know what? It's fine. We didn't waste that much money, so not gonna stress too much. Shout out to today's sponsor, Rocket Money. I don't know if you know this or not, but I buy a lot of questionable things on the channel, and sometimes those things come with subscriptions just to make them work. Now I'd love to say that I'm on top of all those subscriptions, but you know, when you make 10 "consumer advice" videos at the same time every week, well, eh, things fall through the cracks. That's where today's sponsor, Rocket Money, can help.

Rocket Money is a personal finance app that helps you cancel subscriptions, lower bills, and manage your money better. Rocket Money was there to help me cancel a number of sus subscriptions that I had honestly forgotten about. I mean, things I had done in-depth investigative videos on, and I didn't even have to make any uncomfortable calls because Rocket Money handled everything for me with just a couple of taps right from the app. You can even use Rocket Money to help lower your bills. That's right, they can call for you and automatically try to get you a better rate.

No more outrageously high internet bills. So take control of your finances today. Go to RocketMoney.com/AustinEvans to get started for free. And big thank you to Rocket Money for sponsoring this video. All right, what's next up for Wish? We got ourselves "Healthy daily necessities."

What are healthy daily necessities? Water? A nutritious breakfast? Oxygen? Uh, what? Oh, my God, that's not what I thought it was at all. This is an LED name badge. How is that a healthy daily necessity? (Alex laughing) But, look, when I was shopping around, I saw it and I was like, you know what? I do forget everyone's names. So congratulations everyone in the room.

You now get to wear a name badge so I don't forget your names. - [Alex] Oh, I thought that was for you so that Gen Z would know who you were. (Alex laughing) - Okay, so your badge is Mr. Mean, and you get to wear that one. Instructions for LED name badge: put the CD into computer CD-Rom. - [Alex] What? - Can someone remind me, is this still 2004 with my computer and its CD-Rom? What? Is there some other way of doing this? Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Hold on, hold on. There's also a Bluetooth mode. Maybe we'll do Bluetooth mode.

Okay, turn on cell phone Bluetooth function. Okay. So, Alex has been very kind to prep this off-screen. Did you have to download a CD? - [Alex] I did have to download a CD because the app didn't work, so. - Really? There we go.

I am- Lots of emojis. Wow, there's a lot of emojis there. - [Alex] Yeah, they gave a lot of options. I was like, why not? - [Austin] What is it? Oh, my God.

Oh, is it Duncan? (Austin sighing) Well, if you too forget your name often and would like a name badge to let everyone know in very bright, bright LEDs, well, boy, boy, is this the product for you? All right, what? I didn't order this. Eyebrow powder? What? Who ordered the eyebrow powder? It wasn't me. Also eyeshadow? Okay, I'll tell you that while I ordered a lot of these items, I definitely was not responsible for eyeshadow and eyebrow powder.

- [Joanna] That's what you say every time. - But I didn't order this one! Where's Matt when you need him? I'll just do the eyeshadow first. What if I just do, like, one side? So, wait. I have to close my eyes. Wait, how do you do-? Oh, you close one eye at a time? This one's pink.

Why is it so red? Ugh. Oh, no. Oh, no.

I need to do what they call blending. (Austin laughing) There we go. They look fuller now. More here. Boy, this is bad.

And I- Oh, God. Uh. I need to put my glasses on so I can see. Oh, it just looks like I got punched a little bit, right? - [Joanna] A few times. - All right. What else has Wish got for us? We have a key chain.

Well, what could go wrong with a key chain? I don't think anything. Oh! Oh, I know this one! Okay. So this is listed as a key chain, but they had some choice words to describe it. So this is like a little paracord, like, bracelet, but it's got like a heavy weight on the end. And the idea is, not only can you use this as, like, I'm like a little key chain guy, but as self-defense.

Oh, there's a hole in the table. Damn. I'm gonna pull out my ninja moves. I've been training in the martial arts. - [Alex] Here, break that.

That's like an attacker's arm. - I think I could break this. All right, everyone ready? All right. 3, 2, 1. Hiya! Ow. - [Alex] You just hurt yourself.

- Yeah. Okay, wait, wait, wait. Ow. Ow.

Okay, you know what? This sucks! I have not defended myself at all! All right, next up we got watch band. Okay, it's very heavy for a watch band. Why is this so heavy? Oh! So I forget what this is called. This is an Apple watch band. I don't know if this is real stainless steel, but it certainly feels, it probably is, honestly. It's very heavy.

Oh, yeah. And it goes on totally fine, too. So it definitely is machined correctly. So it is a little bit different of a color.

So, like, I do actually have the stainless steel Apple watch, which is very shiny. This is a little more matte. If I put this on, yeah, obviously hilariously big on my wrist, right? Like, I need to take a bunch of links out, like, most of the links. But, yeah.

Oh, boy. Oh, wow. All right, I can't figure this out.

Ugh. If I was a watchist, I would tell you all about how lovely this is. Unfortunately, I'm not good at putting links together. But it seems real good. All right, we got a twofer this time.

We got some fake Pokémon cards and we've got ourselves household. What's there not to like about fake Pokémon households? There are so many fake Pokémon cards out there, and I'll be real, they're all really bad. Now there are some very high-end fakes, but you're not gonna find those on Wish. You're just not.

Like, those are the ones that are actually legit-looking. This I'm sure is gonna be a bunch of, like, cheapy fako cards that I only bought for informational purposes only. Nintendo. So basically what we've got here is a huge chunk of Sword and Shield Vmax cards. And, I mean, just pretty much every single one, including the rainbow rares. But the problem is, is that while at first glance, that might look decent, but super fake.

(everyone gasping) Like, no, the fakest of fake. Now, while I take all these cards and submit them to Nintendo as evidence, we also do have our household. What the hell? Oh, oh, this cool. This cool, okay. So this is a fancy USB-C cable. So this is often used with, I think they call it, like, the aviator style cable.

So it is definitely a little cheaper than it looks. Well, not in the actual price, but the fact that I don't know if this is real metal, I think it's probably plastic. But if you use, like, a nice mechanical keyboard or something and you wanna have a nice-looking cable on your desk, what you can do is, you can just plug this in and it will look like those very expensive, like 30, $40 aviator cables.

Except it's like three bucks. All right. Oh, oh, that's kind of neat. Can you see that? It's got a little LED on the end. Okay, yeah.

So it is charging my phone. So that little LED is probably mostly just so you can see it in sort of dark places. But, like, that's cool.

Like I'm not used to a USB cable being this floppy. I'm used to it being much firmer and- - [Alex] Mm, yeah. - Look at the time! Wow, what great items we have here. Speaking of chargers, this one's weird.

This is a one-time-use charger for your phone. Now, if that sounds strange to you, the thing is, though, I've seen these for a while. So they used to- I remember, like, this showed up at CES like years ago.

And then multiple companies sell it. I've seen, especially when you go to a place like Vegas or something, you'll see that they'll just sell these, there'll be like vending machines with chargers in them, where if you're like in a pinch or whatever, you could just buy this thing and it would just work. Now this one, even though it says one-use, it actually does have a micro USB. So it looks like you could actually plug it in so you could recharge it, which is good. 'Cause otherwise this is a complete disaster.

But again, theoretically, I can just take this and plug it into my phone, and it will just charge away. - [Alex] It's dead. - Unless it's dead, which defeats the purpose of an emergency charger and that it don't get no charge. Because it says it's 3300 milliamp hours, but also, it's dead. So if you're in an emergency and you wanna keep a little charger around, this is your charger, 'cause it'll be dead by the time you try to plug it in and then you have to pull a micro USB. We're gonna end Wish with a bang.

And with a bang I mean fire, explosions, tears, the fire department being called, all my favorite things. Oh, this actually looks kind of cool. The DUKA lighter. What? It's do our best, do good tools. You know what? I do my best every day. So this is great if you need to light- What would someone light? Yeah.

- [Joanna] A candle? - Candle, yes, that's exactly it. This is to light a candle. Definitely what I'd be doing. Just light it up real quick. I'm gonna show you it real quick. - [Alex] Oh, my God.

- Well, what am I gonna burn? I gotta burn something. - [Joanna] The candles in the studio. - Where? - [Joanna] Over there. Over there. Cold. Colder.

- Has this been here the whole time? - [Joanna] Yes. - Really? - [Joanna] Yeah. - [Austin] Uh-oh, hate that.

Oh, it worked! But look at that! I was able to light my candle. Now let me smell some Sunday brunch. Still smells like a candle. All right, well, you know what, though? This is pretty cool. It USB-C charges.

And while it's a little bit big, if you too want to light with plasma- I'll let you on a little secret. I can't use regular lighters very good 'cause I always like flick it and then I, like, burn my thumb and then I don't actually light it. At some point I'll learn, but I just burn my finger instead. But if I had one of these, I'd never burn my finger again.

Anyway. What a great candle accessory. Most of the stuff was actually decent. Like, half of it was pretty bad, but considering that everything we got from Wish was something like 40 or 50 bucks, very reasonable. Like, if you get like a handful of things that are decent and you got to take a couple chances on some other stuff, not bad. Let's see how AliExpress and Temu stack up.

Starting with this giant box full of all this AliExpress stuff. First up from AliExpress, we have the case for P5 controller, AKA a case for the PlayStation Portal. "This profuct does not containa console."

Well, this profuct does not containa console is correct. Okay, so I'm going to lock this in. I assume you just click it into place. Look, if you're the kind of person who values your Portal, I'm glad that you're happy.

And if you wanna keep it protected, I mean, this is not terrible. I just wish it wasn't so glossy. That's the big problem.

Like, I think it actually looks kind of cool. Build quality's a little bit bad, but we got this for a few bucks on AliExpress. This one, I think, was like $9, I think. But still not bad. - [Alex] No, it was like four or five. - Was it four? Sorry, $4.

Okay. It sure is a thing. Maybe not for me.

But if you want your PS Portal to look real fancy, then, boy, oh, boy, has AliExpress got the case for you? See that whole bit, like seven seconds ago when I was talking about AliExpress being really great for high-quality tech? They also sell this. This is an intelligent vacuum cleaner. Now, don't adjust your phone screen, your TV screens. Oh, no, my friends.

This is a little baby guy. To be fair, this is actually not a vacuum cleaner. It is a sweeping robot. So you actually have to take this Velcro and put it on the bottom so we can use it basically with some microfiber and these little spinny brushes. Okay. Okay.

Shall we? By rechargeable, I mean, you gotta charge it. It's almost like when you buy really cheap stuff on the internet, it doesn't come with a charge. You gotta be patient. 'Cause patience is my strong suit. Well, I am going to charge this little dude, and then we'll get it going here in a few minutes.

Now I'll tell you that I got a lot fewer items from AliExpress because these, these are the high-quality items, like a cube. Changeable magnetic magic cube powered by 12 rare earth magnets. Wow. Actually, I will say it's kind of cool.

Whoa! Whoa! That's so cool. Actually, this is legitimately kind of cool. I think I can get myself $5 of fun out of this. Oh, look at this. Now this is some AliExpress right here. We got headphones for less than 10 bucks.

The Edyell. This was the actual dollar segment. I think they called it like, their choice or something.

But these are legitimately $1 headphones. How AliExpress make money on that? I will tell you. They ain't. Wow.

Those are some serious headphones right there. Look at that case. Look at that heft. That's a Chungus if I've ever seen one. It's got USB-C too. All right.

Oh, that's good. Okay. So after letting our headphones charge for a little bit, they actually do seem to be showing up. Yeah, what the hell? So music just started playing on its own.

And it's not bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're not great, but they're not that bad. A little muddy, a little, like, quiet. Do they have any touch controls? Oh, they do. They have touch controls too.

Yo, wait, these are actually not bad. I mean, look, you gotta be a big fan of this sort of very, like, LED aesthetic. But if you're looking for just some cheap gaming earbuds, dude, AliExpress is kind of running away with this right now. Now, can we activate sweeping? Oh, my gosh. Okay, it works. Wait, wait, wait.

Buddy, buddy. - [Alex] No, no, no, no! There's so much to live for. That is not made for carpet.

- [Austin] It is not made for carpet. I mean, it technically works very slowly. Okay, let's put it back on here. Oh, wait, it was just low anyway. Oh, I think the battery's low.

Oh, it's dead. That was all the battery. I charged it for 30 minutes and it lasted for one. I don't think this does anything at all.

All right, we got some little things. We got- Oh, no! Oh, no! I got another one of these. So are you familiar, friends, with an endoscope? It's a little baby camera.

It goes in places. - [Alex] Like where? - [Joanna] Why do you keep doing this? - Because I enjoy looking at my ears. Hey, it works.

All right, cool. Hello, my friends, and welcome to Austin's Endoscope Corner. Ah! - [Alex] Oh, my God. - Anyone wanna look at my ear? - [Alex] No. - [Joanna] We don't have a choice.

- [Alex] No, thank you. No, no, no. No, no, no.

No, no, no. I'm so sorry, audience. Oh, I'm so sorry, audience.

- Oh! Oh, I need to clean that! Oh, gross. - [Alex] Why? - I'm gonna go home after this video and clean my ears. That was gross.

So if you too would like to join the Endoscope gang, #EndoGang, well, boy, oh, boy, is AliExpress the place for you? I'm just gonna vlog with this from now on. All right. So all of this leads us with the final AliExpress item before we move on to Temu, which is yet another pair of wireless earbuds that I probably should have charged an hour ago. So we got ourselves the earbuds themselves, which are a little bit big, but okay, and the power bank, which is quite large. Wow. Okay. So theoretically, these are headphones that will not only deliver beautiful audio quality, but also the case itself will charge your phone.

Unfortunately, it's too dead to do either of these things right now. So let me let this charge for a little bit, and I will be right back. (upbeat music) Welcome back, my friends. Let's see how this actually works. It says charging normal speed, yeah.

So it's probably only doing like, 5 watts is my guess. And I will tell you for sure that considering how small and light this is, it's not gonna be a lot of actual capacity. But if you already gonna carry around your earbuds, being able to charge up your phone a little bit is kind of cool. Let's see how these dollar earbuds sound.

Not bad. These are actually fairly well-tuned. Now, they're still pretty low-end, right? I mean, they sound, like, you know, $10 earbuds. But importantly, it's actually a very sort of pleasant, neutral kind of sound. I gotta say, we put all this together, AliExpress, incredibly impressive.

Now, certainly when you're talking about dollar store stuff, AliExpress has an unfair advantage because they're selling tons of items for you for literally a dollar and almost certainly losing money on them. But, I mean, AliExpress is way better than Wish. But how good is our good friends over at Temu? Because you know what? I've never been disappointed by Temu in my life, and I don't plan to start now. Flashing glasses.

Flashing glasses, okay. All right. How do I look? Wait, can we dim the lights and see? Do I look cool yet? - [Alex] Maybe. - [Austin] Take me to your leader. Oh! Ah! This is very distracting 'cause it's flashing RGB in my eyes! Well, if you wanna go to the club and you walk up in your Temu glasses, you get to cut the line, my friend.

And then you get to keep on walking 'cause you're not gonna get in. It says wooden. - [Alex] Okay. - That narrows it down real quick, doesn't it? All right, let's see what we got. Lemme look at this. It's a little wooden box with dinosaurs on it.

Oh! Oh, this is sad. This was for Roboraptor Mini. Let's play a song for our fallen little buddy. (melancholic music) (singing) Roboraptor Mini, we miss you so. Enjoy the pastures, hunting the other dinosaurs in the sky.

(speaking) We miss you, Roboraptor Mini. That was beautiful. Oh, wait, is that the "Jurassic Park" theme song? Was I tearing up to-? Oh.

Next up we've got a Loop Lsaao. Oh, oh, oh, oh! It's the loopy thing! We did this for a "This Is" episode. So the way I understand this, this is a knockoff of something that was on "Shark Tank."

It's like a little magic toy that spins rope really fast and it makes it look like it floats. It's actually really cool. I think it might be dead. That's my thought. It's a USB-C.

So maybe let me charge this and I will conclude this video in a little bit with a beautiful interpretive dance number with UV-reactive string. We only have a couple of items left. White. I don't know.

A pen? Oh! This is to clean your headphones. So if you get a real close look at it, you now have a little pick, but you also have a little brush. Well, we've already been gross in this video. We might as well go all the way. All right. So these are my personal Sony earbuds.

As you can see, the case is scuffed 'cause I've been wearing these for probably about a year or so now. All right, let's see here. So I can scrape off the outside pretty easily. Actually, you know what? These aren't too bad. Well, there's a little bit of stuff on the outside, but it's not too bad. This actually works really well.

All right. The product is in a dry state, so please do not air dry or blow dry before use. 13 pieces. What did I-? What? Are these papers to-? What? What? - [Alex] That might be part of another item. It's supposed to be part of a wand that shoots fire.

Oh, it's like a refill for the thing. So it didn't come with it. - [Austin] Oh, so we bought the refill for the wand without getting the wand. - [Alex] Yes. None of these are very clear. - No, that's the thing when it comes to Temu.

You pretty much always have to get like a few extra things because you never actually know what you're getting. Apparently I got fire paper. Who would've guessed? - [Joanna] Hey, let's grab the plasma lighter. - [Alex] Yeah, we could.

- Okay. (Alex laughing) - [Alex] You didn't require any convincing at all. - Lighting stuff on fire? Sign me up! Lighting stuff on fire? Sign me up! Everyone ready? Whoo-hoo! Oh, that's actually kind of cool. It's gone. Look at that.

- [Joanna] Wow. - Wow! (upbeat music) Well, have I burned the table a little bit? Yes. Are there permanent burn marks on the table also? Yes. A little extra burn never hurt anybody. (crickets chirping) - [Joanna] Hmm.

- [Alex] That's right. You heard him. Roast him in the comments. - No, don't roast! Behold, my friends. Whoo! - [Alex] Whoa. - Ho-ho! It stays floating in the air.

Look. - [Alex] I was promised an interpretive dance. - [Austin] All right, can I go through it now? I think I can actually go all the way through it.

It also has a glow in the dark string, which obviously it has to be incredibly dark in here to see it. But, like, this is really cool. Ah, no! No! No! Stop, stop, stop! No, no! Thank you very much for watching Dollar Store Tech. Let me know which store you think won in the comments. It was AliExpress. Until next time, I'm gonna go launch myself into being a hilarious YouTuber.

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