Human Evolution & Technology (Full Blog Post) – Darwin, Toy Story, Ben Affleck, and more

Human Evolution & Technology (Full Blog Post) – Darwin, Toy Story, Ben Affleck, and more

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Welcome. Today's post is, "Human Evolution & Technology" Published on 10/13/2022. Do you know how Charles Darwin began his theory about apes evolving into humans? 03/28/1838 Darwin Meets Jenny the orangutan dressed up as a lady, inspires the ORIGIN OF EVOLUTION! 03/07/1838, just one day earlier, Jenny Lind becomes the most famous singer in world, making her the FIRST CELEBRITY! Incredible coincidence? Not quite. There is something important to discuss here! Here are the topics we'll be decoding today. You can always find this list in the description below. If you enjoy this video, please press the like-button, and subscribe for weekly

full-length blog posts, and shorter, more shareable videos. Let's begin It isn’t a controversial statement to assert that many of the most powerful people in history have been deceptive. What is controversial is to suggest these powerful people utilize coded communication and coordinate with it. To tread on that territory is to don the tinfoil hat.

Every lie/deception ironically must be “honest” in order to be discussed. It must be blunt and one-dimensional as tho villains twirl a mustache rather than think things through. You aren’t likely to ever hear the idea that Hitler might have been a puppet rather than the mastermind, the idea that wars which cost trillions of dollars and enrich so many might have people secretly pursuing their creation and continuance. If terrorism creates war which creates trillions of dollars might there exist business interests that would spend billions of dollars to create terrorists? To create School Shooters? No! These are forever labeled as isolated incidents of lone nuts. Why can this simple logic be so outside the mainstream conversation? Does 2+2 not equal 4? Why is critical thinking dead? Who killed it? All of this as truth supports the idea of a secret conspiracy. After all, if such people

really were coordinating a grand deception then that is precisely what they would have to do to avoid scrutiny! What if there is a great deception hidden in plain sight? What is the nature of that deception? I discuss it here all the time, and the answer is symbolism! Why is this the answer? Think about the nature of deception. The act of saying something secretly in plain sight necessitates the use of double meanings. One thing is said plainly and another thing secretly. Symbolism is a vehicle for doing both! Just about everything that gets promoted to popularity involves this secret double-talk. Thus our entire world with every important historical event is saturated with secret meanings. To look at the world without understanding comms is to be guided onto a predefined path with a bad ending. Guided into divisions.

For those who go against the narrative there is a path set out for them as well. Trusting a conspiracy over narrative does not by itself make someone any less brainwashed. In fact, it is often far more brainwashed. There are jokes commonly made at the expense of kooks as this makes those on the narrative path feel more at ease. A false choice is given. The narrative looks honest when compared to the insanity of disinfo.

Like the famous Lizard People delusion. Disinfo Decoded: Lizard People Note how it is connected to “QAnon” in MSM. This is a good place to begin with dissecting symbolism because, why Lizard People? Sure it’s as insane a concept as someone could imagine and as such works for the purposes of maligning any it is thrown at like being spit on, but who came up with the idea of Lizard People and why? This is where we get into symbolism because when you know the real story it untangles everything and lets you see the real world. The origin of the “Lizard People” story is from the LOS ANGELES TIMES (not a tabloid) January 29th of 1934.

If you read that piece you will notice the story is much less about Lizard people than it is about HOARDED GOLD. Specifically “Lizard People” are hiding gold that the writer has located via radio X-rays. Why did someone make a story about Lizard people with massive underground pockets of gold? What else happened that week? 01/29/1934 LA Times: Lizard People Hoarding secret Gold-Filled Tunnels 01/31/1934 FDR GOLD RESERVE ACT: MASS GOLD CONFISCATION Storage of massive amount of GOLD confiscated from the American people! With that context it goes from an insane lunatic spouting nonsense to someone giving condemnation of the direction Government was taking. So you may ask. Why Lizard People? Well note the date of 1933, know who was critical that year and related to FDR strongly? A man named Szilard = Lizard + S. A man I’ve gone into in a few posts primarily when discussing nuclear comms.

The man who originally conceived of the “Nuclear chain reaction” in 1933 and was the man who through FDR got the Manhattan Project up and running. Note the origin of nuclear being a fantasy he had while reading science fiction books. I won’t be going into nuclear comms in this post, I have many that do.

The point is best illustrated through this impossible to be coincidence sequence. 08/09/2019 = Russia Hides a nuclear accident! 08/10/2019 = CIA Blackmailer Epstein dead 09/26/2017 = Russia hides a nuclear accident! 09/27/2017 = CIA Blackmailer Hefner dead 11/15/1867 First Stock Ticker Debut 12/11/1867 Maxwell’s Demon Thesis on controlling fast/slow moving particles (reconcile with stocks) The demon in this thesis controls a gate to manipulate whether fast/slow particles are allowed to move through a gate. Consider the invention of the Stock Ticker in relation to how others at the time did it. I believe his thesis existed alongside it specifically because it was meant to explain a scam in code. In 1867 through the Stock Ticker certain people were getting faster information than everyone else. It means they could see when to buy and when to sell. They had their own proprietary

systems which means the richer someone in the stock market the faster they could get updates and this in turn meant they would have a massive advantage in relation to how rich they were! We are talking about a difficult to comprehend difference here. Getting market updates by horse every other day (at best) versus ELECTRICITY at an INSTANT. Thus the analogy of the demon opening and closing a gate at a moments notice to control the flow of energy (selling before everyone else does, buying just as everyone starts buying) A kind of control unheard of before it. Szilard with this thesis connects the blackmail world with the money markets. In my view it would be stranger if they didn’t disguise secrets like these, but the war against truth is much more problematic than just secrets being everywhere.

The people themselves have been eroded. A major problem is that people are conditioned to trust that which is accepted “fact” from people who may not have their best interests in mind. Once the world being flat was a scientific narrative. Can we really be so sure there isn’t an obvious lie that large hiding in plain sight today? No, not all science today is lies, but I believe some of it is.

How many of the following statements do you agree to? Climate Change Evolution Moon Landing Vaccinations GMO’s Evolution Do you know the history of how Charles Darwin began his theory about apes evolving into humans? The story if you dig into it is tied to a famous monkey named JENNY… curiously this was the same month the world’s first celebrity JENNY made her debut. 03/07/1838 Jenny Lind Becomes most famous singer in world, debut of the FIRST CELEBRITY! 03/28/1838 Darwin Meets Jenny the orangutan dressed up as a lady, inspires the ORIGIN OF EVOLUTION! PHRENOLOGY, the excuse that slavery is a logical thing because slaves are monkeys! Starting to see how evolution fits into the conversation of Jenny? This is all a DISTRACTION, as in they would promote Jenny Lind as a way of getting people to stop talking about Slavery! Note all the tricks used to drum up her status, having her donate all the funds to charity. A similar technique used now to prop up celebs when it’s really all a sham. The charity

is tied to what made the celeb in the first place, so it’s hardly not taking money, it’s just hiding where it’s really going. Note the dates of her first concerts… 09/11/1850 Jenny Lind 1st US Concert tour 09/13/1850 Jenny Lind Friday the 13th 2nd US Concert (Slavery top issue of day) 09/13/1850 Queen Victoria Asteroid discovered A connection to Queen Victoria. An “Asteroid” symbol is a funded op as I go over in posts, and so over in the UK this was being done to slow down the anti-slavery movement. Trying to calm down the populace who had become outraged over slavery. So how does Britain fit in? Given the British Parliament outlawed slavery in 1834, shouldn’t they have been on board for the USA doing the same? No… or at least not the people with the most power. Who had the most power? What major

famous structures were built around this time? In fact, this was around the same time Big Ben the clock was finished. (1850’s) Do you know the origins of Big Ben? I can find nothing discussing my findings (which is usual) but Big Ben originates likely from a fire set by those upset about freeing slaves. (Tho officially this is a coincidence) 08/01/1834 British Parliament passes Slavery Abolition Act outlawing owning of slaves 10/16/1834 British Parliament Burns down leading to Big Ben’s construction. Within 2 months! That’s a heck of a coincidence! So what is the symbol of Big Ben? Why does it matter it being timed this way? Note around the time it gained the name “Big Ben” a man named Ben Disraeli made the British Empire synonymous with TERRITORIAL EXPANSION. Note his connection to Rothschild.

Given Rothschild = Central Banking they would be a likely funder for something like the world's biggest clock right? And if my theory on Ben as the symbol is true then the clock would likely symbolize coordinated (clock) takeovers. How do take-overs happen? Asteroids are used to denote TIMING and Big Ben is also about TIMING, and so the two go together. All of this leads to Jenny Lind in relation to slavery. Remember the Asteroid and the

Queen in relation to her big show. Do Rothschild banks fund Opera and celebrities as well? Who was at the heart of Jenny Lind? Who gave her celebrity? That would be the famous P.T. Barnum. The original Circus. The origin of Celebrity is tied therefore to the origin

of CLOWNS. This connects Central Banks to the origin of clowns and celebrity. Remember the central bank funding to all of this which explains why Jenny Lind had no interest in taking money for concerts (gave all to charity) as she already had the ultimate bank feed.

This brings us back to EVOLUTION. Remember the monkey in a dress that inspired Darwin that was timed to Jenny Lind. What then is the symbol for Evolution? Think about it. What is Jenny Lind in relation to the monkey? Note her status not just as the first celebrity, but as GROWING UP IN POVERTY. Evolution = Upwards mobility. This also ties into the slavery comm as just like how Jenny Lind went from poverty to riches. (Human to Royalty) Slaves were going from apes to humans.

The symbol is used to signify improving position in life. Slave → Debt → Bankrupt → Poverty → Middle Class → Upper Class → Royalty/Celebrity → Rothschild This does not mean Evolution is a lie, this does not mean it’s true either. It only means that evolution is used as a comm like most everything else in culture.

02/24/1871 Darwin Descent of Man Published Darwin presents thesis of men as evolved monkeys 04/10/1871 P.T. Barnum opens his three ring circus hailing it as The Greatest Show on Earth (CELEBRITY CREATION) 08/01/1834 British Parliament passes Slavery Abolition Act outlawing owning of slaves 10/16/1834 British Parliament Burns down leading to Big Ben’s construction. 03/07/1838 Jenny Lind Becomes most famous singer in world debut of the FIRST CELEBRITY! 03/28/1838 Darwin Meets Jenny the orangutan dressed up as lady, inspires origin of evolution 09/13/1850 Jenny Lind Friday the 13th concert promoted by circus (Slavery top issue of day) 09/13/1850 Queen Victoria Asteroid discovered 1852 Jenny Lind US Charity Tour concludes 1852 Death of Big Ben designer Augustus Pugin Jenny Lopez/ Jenny Garner + Ben Affleck So… what’s strange about these two is with Ben Affleck. 2002-2004 Ben Affleck + Jenny Lopez days before wedding call off due to excessive media attention 2004 Ben Affleck Switches from Jenny Lopez to Jenny Garner 2005-2018 Ben Affleck Married to Jenny Garner 2021 Ben Affleck Married Jenny Lopez Note Garner’s last name, which translates into gathering information/evidence. This

will be relevant soon. You may not know much about pop culture (I didn’t) so maybe these 3 names are arbitrary to you, but just to get a sense of how strange their relationships are…. South Park famously parodied his relationship with Jenny Lopez. One of the most bizarre episodes in a show known for bizarre episodes. I’ll come back to the greater meaning of this parody later. I’m letting you know that clearly there are some comms going on here. Somehow Jenny X2 + Ben connects to an adult man having sex with a child. The title

for this episode is “Fatt-Butt and Pancake Head” So Jenny Lopez and Jenny Garner in relation to Ben Affleck…. To understand any of this we need to break down the components. What does Jennifer Lopez symbolize? Remember that Jenny Garner has a name that means GATHERING. I believe Jenny Lopez is much the same. Note her big debut album was released the same day Napster began. The beginning of MASS INTERNET FILE SHARING online! 06/01/1999 Napster a MUSIC collecting symbol 06/01/1999 Jennifer Lopez debut album On the 6 How does LOPEZ symbolize file collection? What do most people call her? JLO So… is there some special comm with J + L + O? Right off the bat that is an abbreviation of JELLO.

(Je)nnifer (L)ynn (Lo)pez = (JeLLo) I already decoded Jello as a comm tying to child predators that sedate children. This is why Bill Cosby is known for that precise thing. That’s not me decoding either, it’s official history. Tho it would have been called a conspiracy if anyone said it before he was exposed. I decoded in the post link above both the comms he sent as he did it as well

as why the industry decided to take him out and expose it. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Jlo. So if we ignore “J” as and what about lO? lO = i/0 which is a program to transfer data. Combine that with PEZ a KIDS TOY specifically known for COLLECTABILITY. But it’s even more clear note PEZ itself is symbolic of COMPRESSION just like files online. So this means that JLO just like Jenny Garner symbolizes collection. But with Lopez it’s

very specifically data collection online. What then does Ben represent? Why does his marriage to either matter? Consider the other South Park episode involving Ben Affleck. An episode where the story revolves around him having a face that looks like a butt and meeting his parents which have literal butts for heads.

His famous chin butt which I have heard referenced frequently. I recall one famous comedian joking that only Jay Leno had an equal to his chin butt. Remember that Jennifer Lopez was specifically symbolized with a BUTT as well in the other South Park episode focusing on Ben Affleck. I believe the symbol for Ben is exactly as South Park is portraying. Exposed Butt is a symbol tied to exposure (Mooning) and there are many ways it is used and almost all of them relate to EXPOSING SECRETS I cover all the time.

So Ben Affleck symbolizes what precisely? Note the day he was born. CHERNOBYL. If you’ve read my decodes of Chernobyl you know how this connects to blackmail with children. In the South Park episode the date given for Ben Affleck’s departure from his parents does not line up with his actual birthdate, instead it lines up with CHERNOBYL because that is the comm! Saying his son turned up missing in 1982 when he was SIX YEARS OLD. Which lines up with the first Meltdown of Chernobyl! If you read my nuclear post you will understand that the “meltdown” was not as advertised and the entire nuclear industry is not what it seems. I’ve recently dug up a greater meaning to this. The same week of Chernobyl the USSR head asserted they would be willing to abandon the Warsaw Pact. As in ENDING THE USSR itself!

I suspect this was giving a middle finger to the powers that be funding everything. 04/21/1986 Mikhail Gorbachev announces that the Soviet Union is ready to dissolve the Warsaw Pact with the simultaneous dissolution of NATO 04/26/1986 Chernobyl Disaster This is also why the same day a famous event involving a vault of a criminal turned up empty. One of the most famous disappointments in TV history. 04/21/1986 Al Capone’s Vault hyped up as holding treasures, turns out to be empty.

04/21/1986 Mikhail Gorbachev announces that the Soviet Union is ready to dissolve the Warsaw Pact with the simultaneous dissolution of NATO 04/26/1986 Chernobyl Disaster The symbolism was likely of any attempt failing at getting evidence from the Chernobyl ops. This is why as Q said frequently “Symbolism will be their downfall” as the real evidence is better controlled and the only route to exposure is awareness of it. People need to learn to perceive it and that is precisely what I do here! Now you can understand this bizarre episode a little better. The symbol of Cartman replacing Jennifer Lopez. consider the symbolism of “butt” again, What was Cartman’s first episode? Symbolism of what? An episode that ends with Cartman talking about a dream he had (sedated) where he got Pinkeye from a celebrity (Pink eye is typically contracted by fecal contamination of the eye) Chernobyl as I’ve covered extensively is symbolic for the reservoir of blackmail used to control powerful people. Children are used so as to make the controls as strong as possible, but in some cases they are sedated so that the child themselves is incapable of exposing.

Let’s return to JLO. What kind of comms did she send using music? I went over her first album connecting to Napster and music file collection, but what about the next one? Rather than me saying it outright try and visualize what you see here. Two things I take notice of in that song. The first being it’s about something FREE and the 2nd thing is that it’s about rejecting driving your “Benz” as in Ben Affleck in this symbolism. We already went over Ben Affleck as a symbol for ability to expose. So what does rejecting Ben translate into in this context? Well, what else happened that day? Wikipedia/Reddit 01/15/2001 UK children’s stop-motion animated series Bob the Builder American debut 01/15/2001 Wikipedia THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA launched 01/16/2001 2nd album Love Don’t Cost a Thing Get it? The FREE part is easy enough as it’s the Free Encyclopedia, but this is much deeper.

Note the Wikipedia logo with all the symbols and a MISSING PUZZLE PIECE. Symbolism of intentionally leaving information out of it! Because Bob the Builder (Free building) is connected to Wikipedia given the date let’s dig into it for potential clarity. The first episode being about not SCARING THE DUCKS? Keeping the DUCKS from getting scared, and removing the ducks (along with water) from outside exposure by Hiding them inside. One of the most common comms I go into is Water = info and so the pond itself symbolizes Wikipedia. Ducks symbolize “Ducking” as in trying to avoid consequences. A very common comm, and in this context (of Wikipedia) its use is in clarifying keeping people from being exposed.

When he removes the ducks + water by scooping I believe the meaning is in intentionally avoiding anything that would expose a “duck” So as Wikipedia was built (preparing for launch) they intentionally set it up to not inform the public of anything taboo to those in power. But we can get even more clear. It’s not just about not including information, but the philosophy of what information they do include.

What do I mean? Note the original release date was the same day as a famously confusing song. 04/12/1999 Bob the Builder Debut 04/12/1999 ‘I Want It That Way’ Famously CONFUSING SONG. Read the lyrics. This song is INTENTIONALLY CONFUSING! that’s what Wikipedia is, intentionally leaving out some information so as to not “scare the ducks” and the info that is there is intentionally made to be confusing (unless you have the comms awareness to navigate).

That’s why when they say “I want it that way” what is “That way”? That is wanted? EXACTLY! That way = That way. THERE IS NO ANSWER! It doesn’t make sense because it’s not supposed to make sense. Just… think about that for a while. The song is an elaborate joke when you fully understand it. This also explains Reddit too because as it just so happens one of the earliest videos to dominate YouTube (top all-time views) was a parody of “I want it that way”. 06/23/2005 Reddit founded 06/25/2005 Top YouTube video: “I want it that way” top video 11 days 184k views “Tow Chinese boys/’ RED Rocket Since we already decoded it with Wikipedia, the same is true here. It piggybacks off of the prior comms to just say “do it like that”.

So that means the biggest information repository online in Wikipedia promoted itself as disinfo and so did Reddit which quickly overtook the platform it ripped off. Just how many ways are we meant to be uninformed? This is the perfect time to inject another “Jenny” to the others we've gone over because it fits perfectly. Since we’ve established “Jenny” as a comm tied to people being elevated into stardom, let’s talk about a famous one with a strange connection. Jenny McCarthy. Famous for being the face of vaccine skeptics. Before you continue, want to take a stab at what her symbolism is? Define “McCarthy? Man famous for being viewed as WRONG. Which ties into everything McCarthy does. Note her

promoting various illogical and incorrect things. She is the “face of the opposition” to the popular consensus. So Jenny = symbol of being raised to stardom. McCarthy = being someone that exists to be a villain on TV.

03/11/1954 US Army charges Senator Joseph McCarthy for pushing the Red Scare This is why when we look at her timeline…. when did she explode in popularity as the anti-vax? 04/28/2010 Crippled Summer The kids stage an intervention for Towelie. As Timmy and Jimmy are attending the camp for the summer, Nathan 04/27/2010 Jenny McCarthy frontline interview Vaccines and experts 11/25/2002 “This is me” JLO “Jenny from the Block” 11/25/2002 Nick Cage files divorce from Presley 11/25/2002 W Bush signs Homeland Security into law, establishing the DHS. The largest U.S. government reorganization since the creation of the Department of Defense in 1947! (something very comms worthy) Note the song is tied to surveillance, and what is homeland security famous for? I’m reminded of this meme. INVASION OF PRIVACY. That doesn’t precisely explain the meaning tho given my basic look at it….

South Park parodied this as well. The symbol seems to be of exposure which fits with the date and their respective symbolism when combined. I suspect their original marriage attempt was all a comms vehicle to reject going in a specific direction. There was a famous rejection of George W Bush by the CIA around the same time. I go over it in this post basically it’s about Facebook. A bunch of comms telegram

it, including the Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles, which btw I found this new comm this week making it much more clear than usual who the villain of that film was IRL. Given how many JLO comms we’ve discussed, it begs the question of what her marriage to Affleck symbolizes. 09/11ish/2003 Ben Affleck + JLO call off wedding due to media exposure. 09/12/2003 Iran Deal origin IAEA Board resolution calling for Iran to suspend all enrichment 09/14/2003 Ben Affleck Lopez original Wedding date. HIRING DECOY BRIDES

09/20/2003 Miss America 2004 Two Harvard grads participate 11/24/1999 Toy Story 2 Japan Collection Story Linux connection 11/24/1999 Jennifer Lopez debut album released Spanish version with Puffy Combs It’s always contextual, I wouldn’t even bother looking at the overseas release dates for 99% of things, but this was a special release and her symbolism is tied extensively to overseas. The South Park episode made that clear. What is the meaning of Toy Story 2? Well, before we get into that, note Toy Story one also had Jennifer Lopez big career moment. JLO starred in a big budget film the same day as Toy Story 1 came out. 11/22/1995 Toy Story 1 Released 11/22/1995 Jennifer Lopez Stars in MONEY TRAIN 11/24/1999 Toy Story 2 Japan Collection Story Linux connection 11/24/1999 Jennifer Lopez debut album released Spanish version with Puffy Combs The next time Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson got together was the same day Toy Story came out. The film that saved Steve Jobs and by extension Apple computers. Given what we’ve

gone over about JLO as symbolism for file transfer this is potentially telling. Note the similarities in the films as well. Woody Harrison as a COP in relation to “Sheriff Woody” with JLO as the love interest. I’ll come back to this connection, I’ll also be covering Toy Story 2 fully, but first I want to highlight in that film the penguin story. The primary conflict involves a toy going into STORAGE in JAPAN, and this penguin

abandoned ends up in end of the film singing anew. Why does that matter? Well, who are the two stars of Toy Story? Tom Hanks I covered last post as a bank symbol, but what does TIM ALLEN symbolize? That’s why this is important, because I just solved that this week! It’s highly related to the penguin! Remember that PIXAR connects with APPLE/MACINTOSH. Home Improvement/ Tim Allen/ UNIX What does a penguin symbolize in the computing world? Tim Allen connects to Unix computers 09/17/1991 Linux Debut 09/17/1991 Tim Allen Breakout Hit Home Improvement with Pam Anderson (top 3 in ratings for years) 09/17/1991 NK UN Membership So the same day Tim Allen made his big TV Debut UNIX also began. What is Unix in relation to Mac’s and Windows? What is the story about? 1st episode begins with watching his own show. He is building a “deadbolt” to make sure his house stays private.

Thus Unix purpose is explained through the show. Symbolism of protected surveillance with Linux. The other OS have vulnerabilities that Unix as an open machine does not. A way to keep habits out of spying range. It also explains other major roles by Tim Allen and why he would represent a space ranger.

Intro, involves among other things opening a hole in the house and the home FLYING AWAY into space. Note he wears a DETROIT LIONS shirt. Note his son in the show played the LION KING. His first role was BRADY. Symbolism for BRADY EVIDENCE. Brady evidence symbol, so it fits, and note the most famous moment of Lion King showing the son off to the animals. Symbolism of the CULT as in what happens with the surveillance that other “animals” can see the son on camera. So these are all comms about elevating the family, about HOME IMPROVEMENT through participating in the MK ops. The act of showing off a beloved son is romanticized rather than the much creepier

truth of a bunch of cultists around the world examining video feeds of kids cataloging brainwash and keeping score of whether a kid is performing their duties as a clown. (helping drive victims and spying) First episode he asserts he turns into a “Wild hairy disgusting ape” The ape grunting noise he makes is the most famous thing about the show. Note the focus on the first episode of CLOSING Al’s BUTT CRACK SHUT. And of course DEADBOLT SECURITY. This is what LINUX was at the time. A way to secure data that would otherwise implicate them. Home security beamed out via satellites (4th episode is about satellite installation) and the whole show is about a show he puts on just like Lion King showing his son off to the “animals”.

So, with all we understand now let’s go through Toy Story. Starring Tom Hanks (covered last post as funding symbol) and Tim Allen now (symbol of secure home & net ops). With both posts read we can now reach conclusions on how pairing these two together make a symbol. Toy Story 11/22/1995 Toy Story 1 Released 11/22/1995 Jennifer Lopez Stars in Box Office Bomb: MONEY TRAIN 11/24/1999 Toy Story 2 Japan Collection Story 11/24/1999 Jennifer Lopez debut album Special Spanish version with Puffy Combs extra songs etc.

The meaning behind a poorly performing with the same “Woody” symbol will become clear as we go, but note the two stars of Toy Story being Tim Allen and Forrest Gump. These were both the top draws of both TV and Movies at this point in time. Tom Hanks had just released FORREST GUMP which I covered last post and Tim Allen was in the top 3 for the past 3 years for shows. Note LION KING as discussed before starred the son of Tim Allen in Home Improvement and had nearly equal box office with Tom Hanks the year prior.

These are huge amounts of money being thrown around, now contrast the hundreds of millions leading to billions overall (with toy sales and games etc.) in relation to the other Woody released the same day. A prior box office champ in a movie about getting money that fails big time. Toy Story begins after a scene of “playing” with the famous song that plays at key moments through all 4 films. “You’ve got a friend in me” Note when this song plays Woody gets smashed into a BANK SAFE as Steve Jobs name is shown. This movie is credited with saving Apple computers and launching Pixar into a studio that makes billion-dollar movies every year as a routine. Note the “You’re my favorite deputy.”

said after his string is pulled as the Toy Story Theme song begins. What does it mean for Andy to be a deputy? What does this have to do with box office gold (Woody the Toy as a Bank Sheriff with Space Cop Buzz sidekick) and bombs (Woody Harrelson the Money Train Cop duo)? What happens which a massively rich person gets replaced as the chosen star of the next big CIA product push? This story is all about the nature of being at the top in the comms world and what happens in secret due to the changes in landscape. Woody gets replaced by Buzz Lightyear, taking his spot on the bed. The bed literally has Cowboy sheets on it. Note the Bed and BANK appearing again with Woody being shot by Buzz and getting thrown AWAY FROM THE BANK.

The kid switches from loving Woody to Buzz and the sheets and promotions around the room reflect this. Remember how much money is involved when it comes to these big pushes. Products/Movies/Games costing millions with an understanding they will make hundreds of millions. All of that SUDDENLY GONE.

The movie gives a perfect example of this that doesn’t even need decoding, just pointing it out (tho I’ve never heard anyone notice this) One of the things Buzz Lightyear does is help a T-Rex get LOUDER. This is a reference to Jurassic Park the biggest movie of 2 years prior and along with Toy Story pioneered computer animation in film. Famously there is a story about how the prior way of doing things “went extinct” due to the new era of computer animation. Jurassic Park also famously had bedsheets, lunch boxes and every other imaginable product to sell not just IRL either but as an actual part of the film as they were the merch being sold at the Park. Reconcile all of that with behind the scenes in the cult world, the ones that didn’t make billions of dollars. How do they respond to it? Sometimes they purchase killers to take out the competition secretly. This fear of INVASION

was rampant around this timeframe as I've gone into in many posts. This is one of the many reasons people involved in that world agree to be surveilled as it allows tabs to be kept by foreign governments that can mitigate the danger. They don’t stop the MK world at all, but they keep track of MK activations and make sure anyone being driven to kill isn’t set loose against loved ones of people in power. This is why the first “play” scene involves these lines. The fear someone would kill a 6 eyed sheep (Following symbol) and what do you do? “How did you know it was me?” This is the point, and one of the major transitions with Home Improvement as I went over before that they had monitoring installed.

Mr. Potato head as the villain is symbolism tied to Groucho Marx (had a smoking pipe originally) which is a symbol of acting illegally but DUCKING the consequences. This protection angle is how these kinds of ops are dressed up, the act of surveillance to protect in neighborhoods with dangerous people in them. Protecting the 6 eyed sheep is symbolic of preventing murders meant to destroy their position as a shepherd. (MSM Job = shepherd) This is dressed up as a noble service and from a certain perspective it is as it’s not promoting MK ops but protection (selective) against them. This ties into the story in this film with the psychotic neighbor Sid. The whole movie is about Andy and the toys

getting away from him by moving into a better neighborhood. That is the goal of “Home Improvement” Buzz Lightyear/Tim Allen comms + Tom Hanks/Woody (Bank). The “You’ve got a friend in me” song is symbolism for puppetry. What song made Michael Jackson famous? “Ben” A song I’ve gone into last post as it connected to the ops to take down Nixon 02/1971 Watergate recording device installed Oval Office 02/1971 Willard Released (Rat horror film) 06/23/1972 Smoking gun tape: Nixon confession 06/23/1972 Willard 2 (RAT HORROR): Ben With Michael Jackson’s “You’ve got a friend in me.“ Buzz Lightyear using TAPE = Recording. To service his ship.

Right after RECORDING comms we see the psychotic neighbor for the first time as he begins BLOWING UP ARMY MEN. Buzz asserts HE COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS FROM HAPPENING. This is representing the choice Woody will make next as he is replaced. When Woody is REPLACED he does what? Note how a SHARK gets Woody’s hat. Shark symbolism being of MK op deployment. (Check Spielberg post for Jaws on more about that) Woody then DRIVES A REMOTE CONTROL CAR to hit Buzz so that Andy will pick him instead.

Driving comms = MK ops. However thanks to the TAPE comm SURVEILLANCE had revealed the truth and doesn’t let Woody get away with it. Note how he tries to play it off as an accident, but Woody is kicked out of the group.

He only comes back after he saves Buzz Lightyear’s life from the situation he put him in. This concept of it being an accident is a key reason why the ops went this way. The issue of knowing who was controlling killers was a big one in the 90’s. Try and put yourself in the shoes of a clown trying to move up in the world at the time. Not super rich but with big dreams. Who do you ally with? Who might kill you if you do? This was surely

the biggest source of tension in that world and so it’s not surprise the biggest comms of the year address it directly. Note Buzz Lightyear’s reaction to this. That he alone knows of a “secret weapon” that can destroy a planet.

The symbolism of surveilling what? So to get back they HIDE IN THE TRASH, which is as I've gone over in past posts how files were sent to foreign powers online using old Apple computers. So Andy decides to play “Black hole” staying hidden, and this leads to Sid pulling out Buzz Lightyear. These are ops in infiltrating the MK target. The MK target then picks out an Alien to murder and instead picks up Buzz and Woody. Symbolism of now being surveilled. They go to his home and watch him rip off a doll head and replace

it with a Pterodactyl. symbolism of plane crashes as I've gone into prior posts So it fits perfectly, and as they are sent into Sid’s house via computer symbolism this is why they are UNZIPPED. Recall compression comms. And they watch a psychopath that blows up army men take a command to kill a toy PRECISELY when he says so. Buzz Lightyear then has a crisis of faith as he is now owned by the sister of Sid. In MK ops there is a brainwasher and that is what the family represents outside of Sid. Note “made in Taiwan” Kar/Carate Attack driving. He drinks tea (and getting drunk)

with beheaded monarchs. Now recall Woody being kicked out of his group, well, the scene where this happens a 2nd time is followed by... a MAGNIFYING GLASS to burn Woody. Note the scene directly before this involved the toys leaving him to die for killing Buzz Lightyear. Magnifying Glass Comm = the act of looking closely to destroy someone with their own actions. Because remember the TAPES his betrayal was documented. Recall the Pez comms from before about compressed data. The toys in Sid’s house include a

DUCK Pez dispenser that works with a fishing rod with sexy legs. (seduction to blackmail comm) Add those two comms with METAL SPIDER LEGS (net Spying) and MORSE CODE as in coded communication. These are symbolism of ops involving blackmail, ducking (duck working with fishing rod + sexy legs) and SPYING on it. These are therefore agents that have been victims of Sid. Which is why they coordinate with the two cops to put an end to it. To put an end to it before the next attack.

Sid chooses a victim and then after a delay due to sudden rain (comms of what?) he begins a COUNTDOWN to killing Buzz. There is a long setup to conditioning and prep and activation, so the whole point of the film is in being able to prevent these psycho activations. People being let loose to murder a specific enemy. This is why Sid goes after both Woody

and Buzz as they each were at the top of the box office. Note as he is stopped “We toys can see everything” So this is a symbol of someone used as a weapon, and the 1st movie is promoting ops to safeguard against those kinds of ops. Not to stop them, just making sure they don’t kill protected people.

Now I framed this entire film in relation to JLO Jenny + I/O + Pez as a comm. All of these were at play I’m sure you understand. Jenny as a symbol for a star being elevated (Fits perfectly) and Jenny was specifically involved in a movie that tanked. Thus a symbol of accepting not being the top star. All of this led to Jenny becoming a top star. Accepting the role at the bottom leads to the top.

Toy Story 2 11/22/1995 Toy Story 1 Released 11/22/1995 Jennifer Lopez Stars in Box Office Bomb: MONEY TRAIN 11/24/1999 Toy Story 2 Japan Collection Story 11/24/1999 Jennifer Lopez debut album Special Spanish version with Puffy Combs extra songs etc. The JLO comms debut album, specifically the special INTERNATIONAL version with extra songs. I wouldn’t normally count a foreign release as likely meaningful, but this one is special. JLO is consistently focused on a Latino image, and it fits perfectly with the comms of Toy Story 2. A film all about INTERNATIONAL MOVING. The first movie was about surveilling ops being setup for a “money train” what then did the 2nd movie signify? What did it have to do with long distance? Film begins with Buzz Lightyear as a comet going by Saturn. Comet symbolism is of ops, and it’s notable this is a VIDEO GAME.

Nintendo at the time was connected to those ops as I go through in many other posts. Pokémon became the biggest media franchise around the same time with an Electric MOUSE (computer accessory) Pikachu as the mascot. Those comms were strongly tied to surveillance overseas. South Park had a parody of this, and they specifically illustrated the Pokémon as satellites beaming camera feeds to Japan to turn kids into BRAINWASHED KILLERS. This fits the story of the film as well as the conflict of the film centers around whether or not Woody should go to Japan.

Note BANK again just like the first film and record player. Also a mention of Sputnik which I decoded in my last post (and many others) I won’t go into what that means here as it takes forever to retread these comms each time. Instead let’s discuss the continuation of the ops before, just like then it’s about the protection against MK ops. This leads to Woody getting his arm ripped and shelved. Before I continue, I want to highlight the ops overseas in relation to domestic when it comes to spying. South Park painted “Chinpokomon” as surveillance, but in their very first episode they sent comms making it clear MK ops were already symbolized in Cartman. His symbolism in surveillance

using his butt as a symbol is roughly equivalent to JLO which makes the parody work as a comm. Anyway, remember the Linux connection we already covered. Woody loses his arm and the first thing when he gets shelved is he finds the symbol for LINUX and BROKEN.

Just to make sure you remember the connection of Linux to Tim Allen. Woody uses the new family puppy to rescue the penguin from being sold. Sold to who? The one that tries to buy Woody is a man intending to sell him to JAPAN. So he simply steals him. Consider this in relation to the new biggest moneymaker being Japan with games. Note the feather left with Woody taken which is a reference to Forrest Gump and his feather being carried on the wind. The symbol of taking FLIGHT on the Wind = Voice (narrative).

The bank we discussed before as Tom Hanks symbolizes banking (check last post for more) and how is that used? To create public interest! to create a phenomenon, which is why once he has Andy we see this. Just like the Beatles and many others. I’ve decoded dozens of major push already in my various Science posts. They are all coordinated. And how do they keep actors involved in line? With pull strings? The answer is blackmail, which is why when Buzz Lightyear arrives to the thief, he sees what? He sees Woody’s horse being embarrassed while naked and Woody being tickled by a young girl toy. This may be symbolic for the kind of blackmail ops that involve multiple parties.

People blackmailed by one side get blackmailed by the other making them either switch sides or become subservient to both. Given what Buzz Lightyear symbolizes it seems like this is all connected to spying on the blackmail of another party. Possibly even pilfering the files online. Mostly it’s about the international changes in who gets to make the big bucks. Who is allowed to set up rings in America for the various clowns to herd people to? How did Pokémon become the biggest franchise of all time? Woody changes his mind about going to Japan as he hears the “You’ve got a friend in me” song play. In this case he convinces the toys going to Japan to stay. Note the

package is compared to Cookies becoming crumbs, as “Cookie” is an online tracker. Note the toys all having CAMERAS they fire off to subdue the Miner. He gets a new bigger ARM after losing the first one, and aliens are adopted. Alien = foreign affiliated. Put it all together and what does it say? I believe it means adoption of foreign ops rather than fighting them. How did Nintendo become the biggest media franchise in history? This is how! 04/01/1997 Hale Bopp Perihelion visible for 18 months across the world (the brightest comet in decades) 04/01/1997 NINTENDO Pokémon begins airing (The biggest media franchise of all time, beating Star Wars) Mr. Shark found a new voice for him. Shark symbolism being the MK ops, so it seems in

cooperating with those ops for more funding. Not necessarily in MK’ing but in finding the “sharks” with surveillance. If you read my Pokémon post this fits perfectly in line with this. It’s literally the core symbol of that franchise (Every game involves filling out a Pokédex = identifying MONSTERS all around you) Anyway… another connection to surveillance is Pixar’s prior film. A “Bug’s life” BUGGING. I may well decode that film or another in the future. Always so many to go through.

So if you recall I was decoding all of these in context of JLO connection. In this film it being about a special INTERNATIONAL VERSION with special songs. You understand now given all the Video game/Nintendo comms with Pokémon becoming the biggest thing ever at the same time. All of it fits perfectly. Now one related thing to this worth discussing is Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. Remember the comms of Toy Story were tied to the failure of these two men in Money Train. The reason Money Train was such a failure is because they had not long before been box office gold.

Originally they starred in White Men Can’t Jump. But… instead of Jennifer Lopez we have Rosa Perez as the love interest for Woody. What did she symbolize? Rosa/Ross Perez/Perot Just look at the most important events of the year and often the symbolism will become clear. Perfectly timed with a nearly identical name, and what is the film about? The story being about a man in love with a new party. A movie about HUSTLING. Note his

name “Billy Ho” the same year BILL CLINTON was running. person being hired to do what? A man trying to help a woman ROS PER As in Ross Perot. Louisiana = Lose comms, Just to make it clear why ROSS PEROT was a big symbol. Do the math on the states, and

it’s beyond clear he handed Clinton the win. This wasn’t long after Bush had won 3 landslide electoral victories in a row. The movie involves Woody as “Billy” hustling and pretending to be an idiot. Movie ends with Ross Perot and him going their separate ways. “maybe for the best” A temporary alliance and what did “Bill” do for “Ros Per”? He got her MONEY. Godfather impression. “I’ll owe you” using his RIGHT(wing) ARM, to make the shot.

Gave her a Jeopardy championship. The question she turns her fortunes around on WISHBONE. She ends up making tons of money. Jeopardy, something I’ve gone into as symbolic of ops funding. There is another big comm going on in this film which references the threats going on.

And another set involving the BLACKMAIL, remember the BRADY SYMBOLISM. BRADY MATERIAL. Calling him the youngest Brady Bunch girl SINdy. 12/04/1964 Beatles Song “I’m a loser” 12/04/1964 Marisa Tomei born Which just like the film is tied to political assassination as well. I suspect it may help to do a deep dive on one symbol to demonstrate just how versatile it is. Some will be newly found comms, but most will be ones I’ve covered before. I’ve just

never put them all in a row (and even now it’s only a fraction) and I feel it would be educational for the few readers I have to really contemplate a single type of comm with many iterations. It should clear up a major issue see when people try to decode. Dogs Dog comms are the most common animal comm. The whole Toy Story 1 led up to getting a dog. Why would this be the conclusion? It works as a joke, but what about as a comm? I could probably go through every toy and decode, but let’s just pause on SLINKY DOG they already had in Toy Story. S = Snake com, Which itself symbolizes many people working as one comm. Slinky symbolism is S + Link. As in many people linked together. Note the famous song “you tug the string

and THEY DO THEIR THING. As well as the song highlighting Slinky working IN PAIRS. Many people working as one to get somewhere TOGETHER. This “S” comm is also why the villain of Toy Story Sid = S + ID (id = Freudian primitive aggression) many people working together to create monsters. This is why Doom which is

a comm tied to MK threats in the mid 90’s is made by ID software. Same timeframe as “SID” the villain, and this is why that name was likely chosen as that was the party making direct threats against anyone standing against the tide. (This also clarifies Scar from Lion King as a comm S + Car (many driving). They were specifically allied with WINDOWS too, which makes the Macintosh + Pixar + Toy Story comms that much more clear on why they would send protection comms for it! 12/07/1993 NY Long Island Rail shooting 12/07/1993 Donald Trump asserts he will reevaluate life due to the Long Island Rail Shooting. Switches from Ivanka to Marla Maples. 12/10/1993 Doom Released: id Software 12/14/1993 Aurora Colorado 4 DEAD MASS SHOOTING A dog is a basic building block of the comms world as someone leashed and subservient in a way you couldn’t say openly. There are many kinds of dogs and many kinds of comms.

Let’s go through a few. Here’s a minor story you probably never heard of, but when you understand the comm it’s existence will go from absurd to logical. A dog gets 5 million dollars? How absurd is that? Almost every story that exists like this is a comm that can be solved with a bit of digging. What message was sent? Read the details of the story. BORDER + $5 Million dollar Will changing hands.

Now what else happened that day? 02/11/2021 8-year-old BORDER collie named Lulu inherits $5 MILLION 02/11/2021 Biden cuts off Trump’s Billions used for wall funding! See why this comm has to exist? Because the sudden shutdown of Trump’s border wall funding would cause many comms aware people who weren’t privy to the inside scoop what it means for the wall funding to stop. Trump had diverted military funds to the border wall and so now the money will be going to security measures instead. This is telling everyone involved not to panic because this is part of a plan. I’ve gone over Biden as flipped in many posts and this fits right in with that. This is about protecting people that need to be protected. There are many other comms in that article as well, but I want to stick with the basics here. For example another absurd concept is a Dog being elected as Mayor. Not once but twice,

both dogs named “Mueller” He became mayor in an election where people could buy multiple votes for charity. Mueller? Does that name sound familiar? What are the odds! 09/04/2001 MUELLER FBI Director 09/04/2013 Comey FBI Director 06/21/2013 Obama nominates Comey to replace MUELLER as head of the FBI! 07/21/2013 MUELLER 2 Dog Assumes Mayor Role in California Do you understand why this comm was necessary? 09/04/2001-09/04/2013 Robert Mueller served as FBI director – and given what happened (9/11 – U1) having reigns on info control on investigations was a crucial job. Mueller clearly did what they wanted, however there was a 10-year term limit for FBI, so they had to replace him… So initially they extended Mueller’s term by 2 years, but eventually they needed a “Mueller 2” Given this atmosphere – whoever was to take over next needed to be someone they had 100% confidence in and comms needed to be sent to this effect. Thus in 2012 a dog “Mueller”

was elected mayor in California – and he died in 2013 same timeframe Mueller was finally forced out of office by term limits. Meaning that in 2012 they realized they couldn’t forever extend Mueller’s tenure at the FBI, and so they began the “Mayor Mueller” comm so as to announce to everyone that this James Comey guy is MUELLER PART 2! A signal was thus sent that Comey would be Mueller the 2nd. (leashed/controlled) And given history, that seems to have been a fair assessment. Note Q’s wink towards this. Note that barely a week after James Comey’s surprise firing they got Mueller back in for a special council to suck up all the evidence Comey could no longer get to. This proves that Mueller = Comey from a different direction as that’s who was chosen to return to clean up the mess.

Note also the bits about “demonstrating to foreign players that old guard still pulls strings” – So up until Mueller was forced to finish in 2019 these “dogs” sucked up as much evidence as needed e.g. one of the first things Mueller did was “investigate” Podesta Group which effectively shielded them from actions from all other directions. The very first pics on Instagram (commonly used for comms of ops in motion) have ABC/Disney promoting the dog with a “blue leash on it” (Democrat) Because remember that officially Mueller/Comey are REPUBLICAN and then next posts have the “dog” talking about stealing a “Dairy Queen”. Ice Cream symbolizes “I Scream” and as such implies removing something that would otherwise make them scream. So it’s about comforting those involved.

I’m well aware of how silly “Ice Cream” as “I scream” is. There are a handful of annoying comms like that where a serious subject is symbolized by something as far outside it as possible so as to make what I’m trying to do now in explaining it difficult. Probably the most annoying of all examples of this are comms involving flatulence. It’s a comm that is well-defined as symbolizing taboo. Most frequently used to define something

exposed that was not supposed to be exposed. Tho when I consider the symbolism of dogs sniffing butts to “talk” this symbol starts to make a lot more sense. Anyway…. Here’s another dog comm tho you can’t tell from this pic. So the following pics showed up in the New York Post days after Epstein “hung himself” Note the symbolism all around, especially the dog. Note this was at an IN-N-OUT The symbolism of a TRADE (note TRADE behind her). I don’t think he really hung himself.

The photos tell the message, and note the response from Trump. 08/15/2019 Maxwell: Lunch, Old Woman, Blue, White Dog, Throat grab, Reading book about life and death of CIA operatives +1 Month exactly 09/15/2019 Ivanka: Lunch, Old Woman, Blue, White Dog, Throat grab, WICKED Storyteller, SPEND TIME WITH HER. 09/15/2019 Ivanka’s comms about Raconteur – with Maxwell’s comms. Raconteur = A person given to recounting adventures Compare “lunch date” “white dog” “hands around throat” Symbolism of obtaining her testimony. Note the use of In-N-Out was not a new thing in regard to Epstein.

07/22/2019 NEWS STORY!: “In-N-Out Burger” found in mint condition in New York 07/22/2019 Epstein Alive and Well after Failed “Suicide Attempt”? In New York (reported later) Symbolism comms → Then news for the masses “In-N-Out” – I’m reminded just now that there’s a very similar line said 5 times over the course of the MKUltra comms heavy film a Clockwork Orange. About a brainwashed murderer. Not that I think they always use such people for this, but it may help establish it as a comm for the act.

You can symbolize Maxwell as a “dog”, but can you think of an animal more appropriate? Note the events leading up to it. 06/21/2020 Maxwell hiding in Paris 06/21/2020 “Eiffel Tower” Asteroid NY65 (New York) heading to Earth this week. Symbolism of moving Maxwell from France (Eiffel Tower) to the USA (NY). The asteroid spells it out perfectly. Naturally this required Macron to flip, which I also decoded as having happened then. Note

this was the SAME WEEK Maxwell was first reported as hiding in France. Do you get the joke with the old woman and the dead cockerel? The joke is something Jair Bolsonaro has gotten in trouble for talking about it. Basically…. Macrons wife is a lot older (and richer) than he is. Meaning he is a pretty face for her.

Her “Cockerel” But let’s return to dogs… so in the above example with a dog we have leash used as a noose, but with a small change it can be used in a dramatically different way. Symbolism of UNLEASHED through replacing Southern District of New York Attorney. However that’s not the beginning of this dog’s comms – and keep the fact that it symbolized an Attorney in mind. Now note the first appearance of Mercer from former CIA Head/Sec of State Mike Pompeo “Introducing Mercer” This was around the same time Lin Wood became incredibly vocal for Donald Trump. Note him being connected to MERCER. I believe this was an exchange of personal from MOS. Note the date being 17th.

05/17/2020 Mark Levin’s small dog Barney “dies” 05/17/2020 Mike Pompeo receives small dog “Mercer” The use of the 17th is key here because Lin Wood has in many ways inherited the audience of “Q” I believe his role has been to keep the conspiracy minded Q supporters engaged. The theatrics serve to keep people from straying into the brainwash of bad shepherds. Keeping hope alive. What I do is more in line with what Q originally was doing. Originally Q, as best I can tell, was trying to teach comms, but this transitioned into more of a Trump cheerleading role as things went on for various reasons. Lin Wood is an

adaptation of that cheerleading that is not Disinfo but not do what I do which is bluntly decode comms. I haven’t read his telegram in ages, I note he was talking about Charles Darwin the day after I started talking publicly about decoding him. That’s… quite a coincidence. I… may need to start looking at his posts regularly lol. One more dog comm. 06/03/2019 Obama talking about serving “Gumbo” 06/05/2019 Cory Booker looking for “Gumbo” GENEROUS REWARD 06/05/2019 Kamala Harris also looking for “Gumbo” Note Booker’s “Gumbo” was lost at Biden’s chosen number – area code 30330 which Q called out as relevant – same day he talked about a “Shadow President” What does this mean? Not long after this Kamala and Booker went after Biden on Race. The first major push using Race against Biden from the left in the campaign.

06/19/2019 Kamala Harris accuses Biden of cozying up to segregationists 06/19/2019 Corey Booker Slams Joe Biden:“ words like that, and the racist policies that accompanied them, to perpetuate white supremacy and strip black Americans of our very humanity,” The goal was as I’ve discussed before to make Biden’s numbers as low as possible while cheating him into the win. The election theft was a big collaboration designed that due to Trump installing court control pre-Biden allowed him to allow Biden into the WH without any worry that he would turn on the plan. Everything is a show. How insane it is? That’s 1 of hundreds of proofs I go into here the transparent theft is part of the plan. “Gumbo” was cooperating to this effect. Note Donna Brazile joined Fox News in 2019. Obama opened the dialog and there were takers. Note 2 days after Obama talked about serving

“gumbo” we got three 2020 Dem candidates (one who became VP) asking to “find Gumbo the dog”. I have quite a few other posts that cover other dog comms, but I just wanted to demonstrate how versatile one comm can be. Many of my readers try to decode without taking this into consideration. They think Dog = loyalty and then don’t look at the finer details to get the real comm. It’s always in the context! Really reflect on this as it might be exactly what you need to see what I am always showing on your own.

Time to finish the post up. Odds & Ends 05/09/1955 Kermit the Frog introduced Ping-Pong eyes 05/10/1955 Homer Simpson official birthdate Homer Simpson has Ping pong ball eyes and so for him to be born the day what does this mean? Simply of a PUPPET. Kind of underwhelming I know, but it fits perfectly not just because Kermit is literally a hand puppet but because one of the most famous comedy routines happened the same day.

05/09/1955 Harpo Marx Lucille Ball Mirror Routine 05/09/1955 Kermit the Frog introduced Ping-Pong eyes 05/10/1955 Homer Simpson official birthdate HarpO → OpraH Mirror copy. So it fits the symbolism that she is the voice for someone else. I’m reminded of that South Park episode with her where her body parts were portrayed as having a mind of their own and making decisions for her. That was also a Towelie episode so if you recall my Towelie decode above, you might be able to understand this one too. Updates I noticed a Christian Bale interview trending at the top of Twitter this week. Read the lines above I highlight carefully. Talking about Heath Ledger beating stuntmen

at a go-kart race. It looks like Heath Ledger might be alive! This surprised me

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