How did he deal with Job Switch during Recession ? Challenges ? @rite2riddhi

How did he deal with Job Switch during Recession ? Challenges ?  @rite2riddhi

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So, what were the challenges faced by you to make a job switch due to recession, like, what were the challenges that you had to face during that time? I have learnt from you during the podcast that you said a beautiful line sometimes there're many students, if they face any rejection or anything which I don't have a control now, for example Neither Riddhi nor Ajay has control over Recession or Lay-off Now, if I take this thing to my heart for a week or two and I won't take any action it doesn't make sense guys!! Right!! So, he changed his mind the next day itself Perfect! We're understanding the thought process here that how be it to negotiate the salary, skills and salary, they've a clarity Which package do I justify on my experience? We do feel bad because you're already working as a full time employee Its not that you're fresher & you're doing the same day and night doing interview preparations. You need to work. Then, now you've some responsibilities of home and along with that you sacrifice your weekend, right!! Firstly, I thought that whatever happens, you shouldn't compromise with your mental health because I have done it quite a few times before.

Alright! Until 2021, I couldn't understand & would be full of problems Means I've worked on service based companies, even when I was in college I didn't knew which job I would be getting in my career, I've faced all of those phases I've seen mostly all of the phases. I've worked in Amazon as well. Very good Riddhi! we got to know all of the things in this session. I learnt 3 things from you in this session. Welcome toa new podcast. The podcast that we're talking about is

how can you handle after recession and layoff? If you or your friends have been laid off for a reason in any of the company like from a product-based company, so, you need a mindset to come out of it. And how you can make the opportunity for a good person. Yes!! Today I'm here with Riddhi Dutta. He has a total experience of is of 3.30 years now. He has 3+ experience. He has expertise in Java, he was working in Amazon

Now he has left Amazon. And he got the offer from Sales force, Goldman Sachs India Goldman Sachs Poland I got them from .net(Dot net) He got the offers from BYJU's and a couple of start-ups He has the offer from Google. Rest In indeed, Microsoft, companies like Uber his interview process was cancelled mid way because of recession. So, how did he handle things along with himself, managed all the things You'll gain experience everyday. This video is very insightful.

Its not the talk of this year, if it happens in the upcoming 2 years or 3 years, so how will you look at these things You should how to handle yourself. Keywords like Recession, lay-offs And how can you go to a right direction. So, let's talk with Riddhi and get to know about his entire experience through-out & Do like this video, share, do comment & tell us what interesting did you find there? I'm keeping the like aim to be 5000 for such interesting podcasts.

Let's talk to him. So, Let me start introducing myself from college life, so I basically some might've 2019 pass out and whenever you start your college journey In 2015, there is a college named EVM Kolkata, so basically I'm from Kolkata and basically it was a tier 3 college and we were going to be the first batch, right!! So, we didn't want to tell anyone that what is campus placements We didn't have nay seniors to guide with us Like, As I said no one knew what's going to happen after 4 years. By the way, At that time people didn't talk much about product based companies we only wanted to get a job, that is itself a huge thing to owe. So, I took interest in coding in my 2nd year Like, at that time we didn't knew that what opportunities would we get from coding because mostly at times our campus or along with the neighboring campuses or colleges People used to talk that the service based companies that visit us aptitude is very important for the code to break it Coding wasn't being talked about, that much during that time. And coding wasn't that important during those days.

But I started it as I started liking coding. So, after that I didn't have to sit for campus placements but I cracked TCS code Vita and I got its offer. After that I still got plenty of offers. I got 6-7 offers off campus.

And I joined e-pam because I felt that the package was greater apart from the other companies. In e-pam, I spent a year. Firstly I had a training of 3 months in Hyderabad. And then I shifted to Pune for my project. So, while staying in Pune, Covid arrived and then work from home began so, after a year like, I would say my experience in a service based company was so-so. Teaming was very good but I felt that in the project that I didn't get that much responsibilities as I deserved & that is quite common.

Because there the work is slow as compared to product-based companies. And until then I knew some DSA, so I always believed atleast at that time atleast since final year I felt that I can crack product-based companies, so I started job hunting. I did get some opportunities as well it was a singapore based company -Shopee- for testing.

Although at that time, being shortlisted in a god product based company it was a matter of difficulty. At that time, companies were not that in a hiring spree, right!! So, even then hardly I got 1-2 tests but after that Covid arrived and at that time, hiring freeze took place. I think at that time, there weren't many lay-offs in tech circle Although, in other fields it might've happened but as much as I had seen it wasn't much in the tech.

But, everything went into hiring freeze. Like, Amazon, Microsoft, Google- everything went into hiring freeze. I got a call from Google's side but again since Google went into hiring freeze, that was never shown the light of the day. So, after that around June in 2020, after a hustle of 3-4 months because I was doing preparation I didn't leave that, so, I got a call from Juspay and Delhivery both are product based companies, so, I cracked both of them.

But just in the nick of time, I also got an offer from Arcesium which is a part of D.E shaw group and I joined Arcesium. After 1 month of joining Arcesium like Amazon came up. I got to know that Amazon has just resumed their hiring I think in the month of August or September because there was a hiring freeze due to Covid. So, Amazon came up and I cracked it.

And the major reason for leaving Arcesium was like, many people even asked me at that time - Arcesium has such good work culture, so why are you leaving it? Like, I never said it in air but I'm telling it now in your podcast. I was very low balled in Arcesium. Like, what I mean to say is as compared to other candidates who were from top tech companies my salary was even lower than what they earned & I wasn't even given the stocks and I was clearly told that your college tier and your previous experience was taken into account for assigning you the salary. So, I felt a little bad about that. But anyways Amazon really didn't do such

you know, bench marking and they really gave me the package that they do give to other people, so that's why I thought of moving on & Amazon was one of the dream companies as well because its brand, the quality of work seemed to be very good for me. So, I joined Amazon and spent 2 years. Firstly, I worked in Hyderabad then I switched teams to the seller team the have an auxale named sellar. Sellar is a very big org in amazon. Right!! So, there was a small team in it. It was named pause, so I was in it for around 1.5 years. Then I gave interviews and I had a couple of offers then recession came in between, about which we'll talk further in the video.

And then right now, I'm again working in another top tech company. So, that's been my journey so far for the 3 years. Okay! So Riddhi, as you've spent 3 years in IT- you've achieved a number of 3+ years experience wise. Even though I always say, whatever be the experience in IT, learning never stops people keep on learning something or the other.

But, how do you look at your 3 years? Tell us how your insights are. Where you've worked in service based and product based as well. So, first of all 3 years went by very quickly. But, I think as you've talked about service & product based & many people ask me the difference between a service-based & a product-based. So, I think the major difference between a service & product based, I think, again this is very subjective and its based on my experience, people might've different experience but according to my experience, as I've noticed that work in service-based is a little slow & hand-holding is relatively more maybe you get more help but work & responsibilities increase slowly.

But in product based companies that transition is very fast. As in amazon, I think within the first two weeks I got my first CR. Right into production.

But when I was in E-pam, service-based, training took place in the first 3 months. After that, the next 3 months went into KT and on-boarding. And then after the first 6 months, we actually started contributing So, I felt that difference between a service-based & a product-based.

In product-based, you need to learn and do a lot of things yourself, and there's not much hand-holding. Right! So, this is a thing. And second thing, as far as I felt specially from the perspective of product-based companies. I think in any companies that in college we think that we learn any text-acts and we know it properly.

And suppose, I had done Java. Alright!! So, its instilled in our minds that we need to go only in Java or we've to become a Java developer only. Or we've to be a back-end developer only. But, if you're aiming for software engineering or software development roles then I've seen that text-acts doesn't matter at all. You've your core fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, after that you've operating system and networking, the basics that matters in the long run. If you know System design, although, a fresher doesn't know that much about system design but atleast low level design, design patterns I think all of these helps a little.

And language mostly text-acts, you need to learn it on-the-go if you know it already, then that's well and good but even they also need to learn a lot because the work in production is of a different level in itself. People write a different level code there. So, apart from that you cannot predefine text-acts in your mind in any company. You need to learn it on-the-go & you also need to learn it quickly.

because suppose in amazon I was given a front-end work: I was a full-stack developer over there So, I wasn't given much time to learn angular because I didn't knew anything about angular I didn't even knew front-end properly, but they didn't give me, you know, 6 months to learn front-end like JavaScript SQL, angular they hardly gave 2 weeks. Alright!! 2 and a half weeks. Alright!! So, I mean your learning capability to learn any text-acts you need to grasp it quickly and you need to know that I don't need to learn it entirely, I just have to start the part which will help me in my project now. Right!! And on-the-go, I'll learn it further. So it's not that you sat down to learn the entire angular JS.

So, I felt that. Because in the beginning I thought similarly and I even wasted a lot of time. So, I think that you need to learn on-the-go and your fundamentals should be so strong that whatever text-act you're given, you should be able to switch it quickly. But, if you carry anything pre-defined then you might face problem in such companies. Okay! Perfect! Riddhi! You've explained it properly. So, now I want to know when did you think that now you should leave amazon & look for other opportunity outside? Like, I think many viewers might be watching you they've a dream that they need to target MANG, they want to go to Microsoft, Amazon, Google.

They want to go to Netflix. So, what was the reason, why did you think that now I'm done? This wasn't a planned decision, as such. Basically, what happened was that In amazon, there's a review cycle in march and in review cycle I got a very good feedback. My manager even praised me a lot.

So, at that time I got a little confidence & I thought of next steps and promotions. So, at that time in my team I was just for 7-8 months, I guess although my overall tenure was over a year, since I had switched teams. So, that was also a factor. Then I told my manager for promotion but it turned out that my manager was going to leave.

Let me tell you that, changing teams in amazon is very frequent. Its quite common out there. You can easily change any teams, anytime, anywhere which is also a beneficial. It also has its downside as well.

You'll get to know what the downsides are. So, your manger also switches teams. And when you manager switches teams, then the problem is that your work loses a little context, right!! Even thought they say that, we document your work everything is out there, other managers can see but somewhere or the other it affects because I've talked to senior engineers about this topic and they also had the same opinion about it. So, when your manager switches in the middle of the tenure then your context is lost somewhere, right!! And there was another repo with my manager. He supported a lot. He was a very good manager.

People say a lot of things about the work culture of amazon but I mean I can say that my manager was very good. Means I didn't experience such a manager in other companies. Alright!! So, its not always about the company, that's what I wanted to add.

But that was also the first trigger that, like, at that time I got a little demotivated to be honest. Because I didn't knew how the next manager was going to be and all. And there was a matter of promotions as well. Second things was, at that time everyone like, all of my friends were switching left and right, some of my friends went into google and some of them joined startups, some went for Facebook, London. And they were getting like great offers, very lucrative offers the market was really top-notch at that time. So, these were 2 primary things that I felt alright, now we can look upon. Its not that I've to move out

like, but we can give interviews casually because another reason I had was that I cracked SDE 1 interviews, right! And I didn't get so much of the opportunities as I told in the beginning of the video I got a chance from amazon and I cracked it. But suppose, in Microsoft, Google or the other companies large product-based companies that are there, I felt that we can try giving interviews so that we can judge ourself. And the second part was that, if I'd given the interviews of SDE 1 then only DSA was required in it, right!! I thought that it going to be almost 3 years of experience, so if I give interviews for SDE 2 then I LLD, HLD & after that there are more as they ask a lot of things from Java, Multis-reading, advanced concepts of Java that isn't asked from freshers after that missing coding so, I thought that If I prepare these things side by side then as a software engineer I will also grow, right!! I didn't get offers, I'll get rejected - everything is fine but I would get to know a lot.

And I might be able to share those learnings on my youtube channel as well. So, I thought that its fine. Let's try once. Atleast nothing bad is going to happen, I'm going to learn. So, after that it basically started from there that although I already told in the video but I think this was the short version of my story of leaving amazon, so I won't call it a planned decision that I planned it entirely. But it happened means in sequence of events, as it went ahead I took the decision.

Sometimes what happens is that you work at one place you've a good package, life is going fine but sometimes I think a right time comes in life where destiny guides you. Maybe that was the right time for you to leave. Okay! So, Riddhi, like now you know recession & you might've seen a lot in Linkedln I see as well. So, what were the challenges faced by you to make a job switch due to recession, like what were the challenges that you had to face at this time. Actually I don't know whether I should blame my luck or not.

But as I said in the very first part of the video. That I tried to switch jobs twice in my life. Once when I was in my first company - E-Pam. And second one was when I was in amazon, right! So, during E-pam, companies wouldn't hire that much back in 2020 as compared to what they were doing in 2021- 2022, right!! before the start of recession. So that was one scene. Firstly college was tier 3, it was a service based company, so it was very difficult to get calls. On top of that, recession.

Alright, not recession but Covid And companies went into hiring freeze. Companies weren't hiring. So, due to this I lost a lot of opportunities there. I got only from amazon. I got the chance and cracked it but if you look at the opportunities I didn't get that. I got opportunities from 3-4 companies and I cracked all of them.

So, this was a scene. But its' alright, at that time I thought that I need a break I needed a brand on my CV. So, that I would get more calls. I felt that now I've got amazon I would get calls from the brand of amazon. And that usually happens, I saw my friend as well. And it was happening as well. In 2021, I got calls from countless companies

like Flipkart, Zeta...there were a lot of product based companies like, Adobe. I got calls from many product based companies, even from Microsoft. But at that time, I wasn't looking for a switch, right! In 2021. But in 2022, It was happening with me and then actually I thought that let's prepare and then we'll interview for a couple of companies, so I started giving interviews in such companies where I wouldn't feel bad even if I was rejected. Right! But the target set of my companies that I want to go in it maybe I can switch in it. I had kept them for later.

Right! And there was another reason for it, firstly I didn't want to give without preparation. And secondly, they've a cool down period. So, I didn't want to go into that cool-down period. That is a reason whenever these companies, I used to tell them that alright!! Give me a preparation time for 2-3 months. After 2-3 months If you've openings then do call me and they said okay we're hiring right now, so its not going to be an issue. Then I started my preparation around the months of April and then I gave some interviews I also got offers at that time, there wasn't any problem.

So many interviews were scheduled that I was going crazy I was denying most of the interviews. And then came a sudden point of time, when I said that i don't want to give interviews. And I had to reject some of the very good startups. I knew that I wouldn't be able to give so many interviews. Right! First of all there's not much time, means in the first place.

So, after June-July situation started getting downhill where suddenly in the month of August I was left with no interview calls at all. And a lot of interview process which were going on got cancelled. And after that time, don't even ask, in August I didn't even knew what I should do.

Right! And again it was the end of September, I think few companies again started hiring. so, I gained a little hope at that time. Alright!!! I'll tell you which companies, as there are many large companies in it Some of the interviews of some companies got cancelled midway.

Some interviews were finished, they said that okay you've cleared the process but team couldn't match So, then in October it was the same phase and I've gone through 2-3 phases like this. And in a very short tenure that whenever I go for a switch then this thing happens. Like, everything is alright in between. But, its fine. I learnt that its life because all these things happen in cycles

so you just can't really blame it. But I learnt one thing that it's alright, whatever you've with you now be grateful for it. And move forward & whenever I faced these phases obviously, I was very much depressed. I won't lie, I felt like crying at times, but to be honest what I did was I took a break for 1-2 days & after that I again kept at it. Means, whatever the preparation was or I used to just simply study. Like, its not that suppose I'm reading a design article

alright!! Or If I'm solving some DSA problems, then I didn't think that I'm doing it to crack a company or for my skills or If I like to read a design document as an engineer. So if you think accordingly then you'll feel less bad otherwise you'll not feel like being that if you attach with any interview preparation. So, I think it works a lot for me. And I follow it.

So, this worked for me. Okay! I learnt one thing from you now while talking to you in this podcast that you said a beautiful line, sometimes there are lot of kids who face rejection or anything which I don't have my control on for example, as now no one has its control on recession, neither Riddhi nor Ajay now, if I take this thing to my heart for 1 week or two & don't take any action it doesn't make sense guys, right! So, he changed his mind from the next day itself & shift his focus somewhere else. And his learnings at that time, helped him further in the interview. So, this is a very good thing to learn from him. Thank you! *Okay!* I Basically like Coding and the field of software engineering so, that's why I came here. Its not that I had to go to a FANG or product-based

that's why I started the preparation. Like a lot of students do it I've seen them & obviously they start after watching their seniors, maybe. But we didn't have a role model as such, we didn't have seniors as I told, so we didn't get as such. So, I only liked Coding and software engineering that's why this journey started. So, somewhere or the other it helps me from the very core.

Because even if I'm not able to crack interviews means I'm not saying that I don't get hurt or I don't have self-doubt I do have self doubt obviously, like I'm also a human being. But at the end of the day, after 1-2 days I again start doing those things which will help me indirectly in my interview preparation & cracking those companies or whatever, I like being a software engineer because I like learning that as well, like I can, so it works for me a lot. Yeah!! If you don't mind I would like to know which offers did you had which were well approved that Yes! These offers have been received by you now till this date- today!! Until today. So, first of all I think I gave my first interview for BYJU's, all the interviews were for SDE 2, by the way. None for SDE 1.

So, I cracked for BYJU. I gave interviews in a lot of start-ups, I got some offers from them I'm not able to remember all of them now. Secondly, for big companies first I gave interviews for Goldman Sachs India.

They took a month, I don't what they were doing, but after that finally it offered me. Means not offered it told me that you're selected & we want to discuss the compensation details but their compensation couldn't match to what amazon & other companies and startups were hiring ......offering So, that's why I denied them. Then I gave interview for Goldman Sachs Warsaw. So, I was selected for Goldman Sachs Warsaw as well. There I team couldn't match so they switched me to some London team so, that was again in the month of October & then the same like recession and all happened. Then I think I got an offer from which is a direct type group of company.

So, I got selected in it. I was almost going to join After that I think I got an offer from Sales force For SDE 2 and their MPS position.

Then there was a startup called Mind-tickle from where I got the offer and talking about the other offers which went into hold, I often got calls from Microsoft, so, around October I First of all, I got a call from Microsoft Europe it told that any of the location can be in Europe you need to give the interview, so I got a call from there & I cracked its online coding test interview was going to be scheduled. But then the recruiter said that, now we've a freeze here. I'll update you later but then there wasn't any update.

Second, I got a call from Microsoft India. I cracked the test again but like again they said that we've gone into hiring freeze, right now we're not hiring. Same happened with Microsoft Barcelona position same thing happened there Same!! Which happened in Microsoft India. Then, I gave interview in Uber where I cracked the first round I cracked the DS round. DSA round of Uber is very hard. It asked very hard questions from Leetcode. I cracked it.

After that, I gave LLD but after that HLD was going to be scheduled but then that particular team has gone into hiring freeze. Then I got a call from Indeed. Its first round are the KARAT interviews right!! So, Karat interviews are a little tough. To be very honest, but, tough in the sense as far as I felt people said a lot that its tough. But I felt that questions aren't that tough but the time limit is very less. You need to do 10 MCQ questions in an hour

then after that you need to do 3 DSA questions, so I felt that time concern is there. If you've speed then you'll be able to do that. But I cracked that, but then after some point they said that they've scheduled the interviews but after that the position that I applied for got closed.

After that, there were more interviews in between which were cancelled or calls are coming, everything took place. And I felt bad for Google. Because I passed all the rounds of Google. Firstly, I had phone screen. I cleared phone screen very effectively. Then, I gave 3 rounds where all three of them went well.

Feedback was good as well. Then like, after that the team match round & Even now it couldn't take place until now although there's a year remaining for it as the recruiter said but already 3-4 months have passed. Yeah!!! 3 months have passed. So, now I'm still waiting for the team match to be honest but, I don't know google doesn't have a very good scene & like my friends at google are very scared right now.

So, that's a thing because lay-offs took place as we got to know. So, I'm not taking such risk to be very honest. I don't have much expectation right now that team would match. But right now I'll say that as I looked back on this journey I feel that its' okay. One good thing was that I cracked interviews

That means I'm good enough but its okay I'm getting offers or if that process is getting completed or not, that's not so impactful because its okay, means all the companies are good. And now I'm focusing on my learning because I already have 3 years of experience. I want to learn more things. Google, Microsoft & Amazon will keep on coming & going, career is still left. But if my skills are good then I think I would be able to get these offers because if I've cracked it once then I can do it, like next time.

So, I've that confidence so, I'm not so much worried about that now. If I'll be able to pass its good, if not its still okay. I'm not really bothered too much with it. Its just that I should keep on learning that's the first thing. And yeah, that's mostly & I see one more thing that people who don't talk much I keep one thing in mind during compensation that I'm not saying that money is everything but atleast I see that in my domain, within my years of experience my compensation shouldn't be low-balled.

Because I've been very badly low-balled in my career already. So, I keep that thing in mind. I don't compromise much in it, so skills and compensation are something I kind of means I balance it & I know one thing that even a little bit of compensation as I've not more than 3 years of experience I compromise a little but if I'm learning properly then I can increase my compensation with my learnings and skills anytime.

Because I think that is directly proportional somewhere down the line. So, that is the thing. Very good! We're understanding the thought process here that how be it salary negotiation, skills & salary, he has a clarity that what package do I justify on my package.

What is my value? Every person has a realization of its value. And I'm think we can easily understand it from Riddhi. So, Riddhi my next question from you is that as we talked about the challenges so, what challenges you had to face so, some of the interviews of some companies got cancelled midway. Because of lay-off & now we're talking about recession in some companies Cost-cutting is being done, right! So, which were the companies in which you'd interview scheduled for day after tomorrow or next week and it couldn't take place.

Tell us how did you tackle that? Yeah! Basically, as I already told the names Microsoft, Indeed, Uber and there were some more similar companies. Tackled in the sense, I do feel bad. Because you're working, you're already a full-time employee its not that you're a fresher that you're doing same thing day and night as in interview preparation. You need to work. Then you've some responsibilities at home & you sacrifice weekends along with it, right!! Obviously, I did content creation on youtube, you know that it takes time. Along with it, if I sacrifice my weekend and prepare for interview and then those interviews are getting cancelled then I did feel a little bad at that time.

But as I said that, to get back on track and to get my mind sorted I need to do two things. First is, whatever happens don't compromise with my mental peace because I have done it a lot of times before, alright! Until 2021, I couldn't understand this fact & life will always contain problems. I've worked in service based companies when I was in College, I didn't knew which job was I going to get what's going to happen with my career I've seen all of the phases. I've worked for Amazon. So, if a person doesn't want to stay happy, he cannot be happy because problems will always be there in life.

Although the talk is becoming a little philosophical but I strongly feel this. So, metal peace is something that should stay with you even when you're in bad times even in your good times. So that will help you to stay grounded. As well as that'll help you to stay levelled in it & take level headed decisions. So, that was very important for me. I thought that whatever happens I won't take it very deeply.

And I've to move forward, right So, I took this thing on code. Its alright, how bad can it feel. After a time, we'll keep going & whatever I have, I know that many people don't have. I used to compare myself to what I was 2-3 years back. Then I didn't have anything, almost. I used to compare with it & I used to be happy.

So I think It's also a thing that whenever something goes wrong with me then I compare with whatever I was 2-3 years back. And when I became a little complacent then I thought that I need to do better. Its not that I fall back in it. So, I motivate myself in this way. And second thing was as I said that I had another important reason to switch as I told that I want to learn things.

Alright!! So, I think that was also a major motivation that its fine if the interviews are cancelled but whatever materials I have, the learning I need to study that because I want to learn things. So, that is why I kept at it and for interviews, interviews just don't come by words, alright! Suppose, you're giving a competitive exam, you can do the planning you can do back-tracking, right! If I've to give GATE exam or CAT exam then the exam is going to be conducted on this date of this month. So, accordingly I can back-track and plan it But interview won't come to you, right! At your back-end call. Interviews can come anytime, whether the market is good or bad & it comes casually you get to know from a phone call that you've an interview tomorrow in a very big company, right! So, you need to be prepared when you've that scene, so that's why its very important to keep your preparation going & that's what I did as I knew that I experienced one thing, as for Sales force, for it, I got a phone call and the interview was scheduled next day and I had the offer next week. So, it was the scene. So, that's why you need to be prepared, you just don't have the time to you know, grooved over what went wrong for you, so yeah! That's what is very important.

Okay! Very nice Riddhi. Riddhi I would like to know from you that, you know in our audience there maybe some people who might be laid off from companies According to your experience, although we got to know a lot of insights you told us a lot of things. What will be your advice to them? How will they handle that time? How will they grab a new opportunity, according to you? First of all, whoever has faced this, like I feel very bad for them. And I really hope to wish you all the best, first of all. A lot of my close friends have faced this, I don't if you'll believe it or not like my ex-colleague from Amazon in my own team. Like she got laid off, I found it very shocking after I heard it I used to work with her & a lot of people have been laid off in Amazon.

Then I think I've some seniors in big companies who were laid off, so as they say that its all statistics and numbers that actually hits you or your close ones. So, I realized it. Obviously, the situation is tough right now and anything can happen with anyone anytime. You've to be prepared for it mentally for that and I think the best part is like, the only thing that can get you out of this is your preparation, your skills or whatever you want to term it because I feel that still there are many opportunities in this recession phase. I admit that in 2022, hiring isn't like 2021

but the hiring is still going on. Alright!! Its not that. So, I feel that there are still a lot of opportunities. And you can fully utilize it.

There's a little bit more competition, so you need to work on your skills a lot. You need to be in the mood of interview preparation. I think that the only thing that can work for you is using this time. Right! Which you're getting from your company, where you're getting laid off and use it to prepare, use it to the best of your advantages and be smart while preparing & also while applying to companies.

So, I think that is very important. Very good! Riddhi! We got to know a lot of things from you in this session. I learnt 3 things from you in this session. First, positive mindset, if you've a positive mindset I think you can achieve anything. They told about mental peace.

Its very important. Not IT, I think in any field. Second, don't compare yourself with anyone. Compare with yourself. And third, hunger. It important for you to have the hunger to learn. So, we got to learn it from Riddhi, in today's podcast.

As we depart, Riddhi I would like to know your final advice for our audience. That when fancy keywords like recession and lay-offs arrive in Linkedln or Youtube. Then being an IT professional, how should I look at it because this is not this year's or last year's activity. Maybe after 2-3 years, we would've to face these fancy keywords. So, how do you look at it? Let me tell you, mostly freshers are afraid of it, because they don't have much knowledge in the industry.

So when they hear these things, they create a narrative in their mind and this current situation, they let that affect whatever they're going to do in future. So, I think that's not right! Because this a market scene & this will continue going up and down. Alright!! So, they need to understand that its a natural thing.

And the only thing, as I said, can get you out of it are the skills and also you shouldn't have the question that is this field correct for me or not you should question that when you're in college, right!! Now a lot of people, think that is Coding is going on then I should do Coding. If its package is this much crores, so that's why I want to go. Because everything has its own downside and upside. Right!! So, when the market is good, things are going good then people highlight it more for their own profit & then it feels like this is perfect. Nobody looks at the negative side & when the market falls then people only highlight the negative and then you feel that, this is the worse. You don't see the good things. But the truth always lies somewhere in the middle, right! And whether the market is good whether people are highlighting the good things or the bad things.

You should know the entire picture. Alright!! And only then you'll be able to take a good decision that if this field is made for me or not. Because once you enter the field & if you've self-doubts then that becomes very difficult. Suppose, I hope not, if I'm laid off then I won't question my existence in software engineering because I know this is something I really like to do. This is something I really want to do & this is something where I want to grow my career in. Alright!! So, I new that in the college itself.

I think if any fresher in college is watching this right now its not that you've to do coding, there are different fields in IT that you can explore & I would suggest sir's channel that Apart from coding, sir covers all the fields, I watch a lot of podcasts testing is there, there are a lot which other people don't want to cover. People talk a lot abut SDE, software developer but these roles are also very good & they should be explored as well. Alright! And if you feel that IT isn't for me then explore other fields Because I think engineering is the best time and best degree to explore a lot of things.

So, I think that is very important. Its not that today he is coding and getting this much package seniors are getting jobs in google that is why I should go there. Find you native where you passion lies and go in it. apart from coding & software development, IT has other things. So, you can look into that and explore it. Then the best thing is to explore.

First 2 years is the best thing to explore and 3rd & 4th year is the time you should ideally start getting more deeper into what you really want to do. Right! So, I think that is very important & if you do this then your basic fundamentals will be very strong, so whether the market falls or rises people say anything or not In the core of your heart you know what you're doing is right! So, that clarity will be there with you. I Think that's very important. Perfect Riddhi! It was a very insightful session and we got to know a lot of things as a host. I learnt a lot of things from you today. And until now I talked off camera with you But when we talk on camera, then such things come to light that come out of real experience.

So, I got to know that from him & guys I believe you might've got to learn a lot of things in this session. We've tried to give you the clarity that how you can handle the recession or layoff I hope it doesn't happen with anyone. I hope no one should face that day. But still if these situation arises then how can you take the mindset from Riddhi how can you understand that & apply it on our life and move forward. So, that was it for this podcast.

Do like this video, share Like aim has been kept at 5000. Do accomplish it for more such interesting podcasts. I'll meet you soon in the next video. Till then take care.

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