How AI and metaverse will change our lives | With @Lessofmore | Decode purpose with Avinash

How AI and metaverse will change our lives | With @Lessofmore    | Decode purpose with Avinash

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so if at all we come to a world where everything  is running based on the chip uh then we might not   even sleep you might be continuously active like  your computer is now on sleep mode thinking of   it I'm not able to ask my next question you know  I'm just in the imaginary world of this neuralink   and what it could do and stuff like that it's  amazing but it is not very far 5 years from   now you're going to see all of this in reality so  you can actually talk to the AG directly with your   brain if you have the internet connection around  so you want something and internet connection   will be directly in your brain right it is not  knowing that there is chat GPD is knowing how   to ask the right question to chat GPD so that you  can get what you need prompt engineering once the   AJ really kicks it it will go beyond the what  do you mean no one would would control such a   entity I'm trying to buy this house uh I'm in  us I can't see physically come and see I can   have someone recreate this in a VR environment  and there's a device called map where they it 3D   SC room and I wear the headset and I quickly see  what's happening okay so this is virtual reality   it is not real there but they can see it but the  metav is where I I can actually live here every   day earn money here I can have sexier what not so  you could actually create an alternate version of   you which is what we call Avatar today and that  Avatar could also live in this world you could   not get the right Health but in that world you  want the right health and you want to play all   that's how a verse a universe which is very meta  in nature uh that's how the concept of meta was   picture but now the the touch B for metaverse  is Facebook so I think that's what is going to   happen but when is the knowledge you're sharing  is just amazing people will not find this on YouTube heyes thanks for coming in and welcome  to decode Purpose with ainash so so before going   ahead with anything I would love to know what is  AR and what is VR specifically to our audience   who are like 20 year old who wants to know this in  depth so what is AR and VR from a technical point   of view AR is augmented reality so augmentation  typically is always extension of the real world   so if you extend your real world by something by  means of Technology by means of Hardware software   whatever it is it is typically called augmented  aspects of that reality so in AR what they do is   they bring uh the elements of data AI whatnot over  laed on the virtual reality that we see the real   reality that we see okay let's take an example  if you look at the Iron Man movie MH so what Iron   Man what Iron Man does in the movie is when he's  looking at something he ask Javis what is this   what is the license number or does this person  have any tickets on him so immediately it goes in   checks the number with the with computer vision  goes to the cloud pulls the data back overlaps   the data and quickly tells you okay hey you know  what this is what it is so bringing this world of   extension to the real world is augmented reality  basically got it like you mean Pokémon go do you   think Pokemon go is a part of augmented reality  too okay what do you mean by part here part of so   Pokémon go started as AR but I think none of the  recent versions recently I was in Singapore the   old people are still playing the Pokémon go there  okay so now I think it's moving towards more of a   mixed realities what I believe I haven't got a  chance to check it yet okay so but that's where   uh my assumtion is let's also discuss mixed  reality after we are now uh coming to virtual   reality VR is primarily a virtual side of real  reality so let's define the Spectrum we call it   the XR continum so before we go into definition  let's call let's draw a line this line is called   XR Continuum okay okay now on the XR Continuum  there are two extremes MH this is the virtual   reality this is the real reality MH okay so now  from here as we go towards virtual reality there   are different stages okay so the first stage is  augmentation mhm so it it stays as it is we add   something to it okay the next stage is mixer  reality this is where this world comes closer   okay that's the reason this is a mix of both okay  that's the reason it's called mix of reality okay   and the more far extreme is called the virtual  reality okay so here there's no real aspects at   all okay you're completely in a different world  okay so take an example of uh the Avatar movie   okay so Avatar where you wear a you you sit in a  bucket in a box m and you operate a machine on a   different world Al together okay so that could  be your virtual reality in your mind inside mhm   so and then we call Avatar typically as a hyper  reality okay where you are controlling something   else somewhere else sitting here so these are  different aspects of extra Exar Continuum okay so   what is exactly virtual reality like to Define it  in a line or two if you don't mind everything that   is fake okay or everything that is not real okay  goes in the VR aspects of it okay so an example   could be again um I'm wearing the headset and I'm  translated into a new world of Mars okay so which   is not real at all mhm U so that's where the real  VR comes into picture Okay so without wearing AET   headset we used to have that game called y City  on GTA y city right is it also we are because we   are in a fake world but inside a computer true  in fact uh every everything that we created in   terms of games are also Virtual Worlds we call  them Virtual Worlds not virtual reality what's   the difference okay so this is a world where I'm  interacting with m in virtual reality you live in   that you you are immersed in the world okay so the  only difference in both is immersion okay now what   is immersion immersion is where you involve all  your senses senses so when you immerse all your   five senses that's when you you are absolutely  immersed that's how the definition goes got it   now how do I immerse you number one I need to make  you feel that you are in that world so all that   you see should be the virtual world now in a in a  in a game that we play only that small 20° field   of view is the screen the rest is still that partt  this tree whatnot okay so it is not fully immersed   yet yeah so the way we are does it is through high  field of view so the entire glass field of view   will go to 120 160° okay so your eyes typically  can see up to 170 to 180 140 to 160 mhm so when   you Mo so much you fully immersed in the v virtual  side of it similarly senses touch haptic similarly   smell all Factory senses so this is how you bring  in all the senses together that's when you're 100%   immersed yeah we're talking about senses here  right um you know VR right now I think is able   to replicate touch and sometimes even smell if  I'm not wrong can we replicate uh taste yes okay   how you just need to put something on your mouth  that's okay so taste is most easier all Factory is   more tougher which one all Factory this smell okay  smell aspect is more tougher yeah but again the   the toughest that we are try trying to crack right  now is the haptic yeah so when we say haptics   today the most friendly haptic device available  are more of hands and pressure sensors but really   your skin has got multiple senses inside it it  can sense the pressure it can sense the heat it   can sense a bunch of other things okay so the your  ability to give these senses in a VR world is the   tougher part you have to wear an entire bodysuit  and get it but this all through Hardware but if   you want to go beyond it that's where what neural  link is doing will come exactly I just want to ask   about neural link you know can we insert neuralink  into our brain and replicate all our senses in a   virtual reality and stuff absolutely in fact  you can just remove the body take the brain   out give the feeding material in terms of blood  glucose activate to that so that the brain can Now   function independently and it can actually control  instead of neurons connecting to our hands these   neurons can connect to any machine or a computer  with which you can control anything okay there's a   possibility and it is already we're close to that  okay that's what neural link is Al all about so   can you put it in a perspective like what can we  do like if we want to maybe cook a hyderabadi dum   Biryani can we insert a neurolink chip here and  be in a virtual world see feel everything about   cooking you know hyderabadi Dum Biryani and just  replicate in our own homes and stuff like that   this might be a silliest example see if I if I  really get to that stage I would not even want   to create because I can directly feel that I have  already consumed it okay I can I can just trigger   the right electron electronic sensors there or  or the electrical senses there okay so that it   can immediately tell me hey you know what you are  already eating bani this is the Taste feel it okay   you can make it happen without even doing anything  but then what happens to our calorie requirement   like you can give just the saline water based  supply of things okay this is the future this is   how it is going to be how many years we I don't  know it all depends upon bunch of other things   but possibility per se we there so essentially  what you're saying is with the help of neurolink   and VR people will not eat food just for sake of  eating food they just comes there's no need for VR   is what I'm saying sorry if neuralink fully comes  to Market okay there is no need for VR oh it make   you always live in VR see the best example of VR  is your dream okay in your dream nothing is real   but the way you feel it is very real many times  you might have in the childhood you might have   just pissed just imagining you're in a washroom  exactly the reason is it immerses all your senses   right in the brain MH so highest form of immersion  for virtual world happens in a dream okay if you   can recreate them okay you will never know what  is a dream and what is a reality this is what you   almost call simulation M so when you put a chip  in your brain you really don't know what is real   and what is fake okay because that's how the brain  perceives okay this is interesting because are we   ready as a Humanity for that neurolink world where  you know see many things we we are Tech guys we   are we are the science guys so we don't right now  worry about the feasibility aspects we right now   worry about making it happen Okay so once that is  done then the philosophers come into picture the   Arts the Arts students come into Humanities people  come picture and that's when they'll start looking   at the feasibility the biases the bunch of other  things that kicks in later okay so first let's   build it then let's figure out how to deploy it  okay so that's the way to way so all in all you   support for neurolink and you think that is a good  anything that's going ahead in terms of Technology   advances so any sophisticated technology is where  the support goes okay so that's how any engineer   or scientist things what are the two ways this  could go wrong what are the two things that could   go wrong if not handled properly with neural  have you seen this movie W no so check this   movie anyone who is watching W who has watched  a w movie uh if you remember the people will be   in space station just sitting on a big bucket  with a headset on okay and they will have huge   bellies they can't even walk okay because they're  just stuck to the chair they they're getting the   feeding done and then the headset will show them  anything that they want to show them M so it can   make a lot of wellness and health related issues  prevalent yeah it can do a lot of other things in   a bad way but there always ways to curve that so  today's work is itself an example so today we go   and sit in front of a desk for the entire day and  we get all those health issues lifestyle issues   and Etc true what is the remedy for that go out  and exercise that's all similarly these things   also going to find their own Solutions yeah  you know especially when we're talking about   health and fitness I'm more worried about mental  Wellness because when you're getting dopamine on   a secondly basis right now at least you know we  need like some time to get that dopamine hit if   we want something you know maybe watching reads  or something but when no neurolink happens the   dopamin hits happens in a second or micr you  know basis no what will that be for our brains   like you know it's already happening as we speak  so today if you go through your Instagram feed   you continuously get to see something you you it  evokes an emotion to you so every minute there   is an emotion being evoked so some point so if  you keep on doing it for more than 20 minutes   at some point you feel that your brain is more  not numb I would say exhausted okay releasing so   many hormones and sensing so many hormones and  these neural transmitters neurotransmitters it   gets exhausted yeah so you feel that exhaustion  too at some point but you don't want to give it   up so this is the challenge that's that's the  reason many of us could not stop scrolling at   the night when because it gives a benchmark you  know when uh it keeps raising your benchmarks   your dopamin level so the only way is deic so it  is like you are a drinker every Drinker now you   have to go you dect it's the same thing that we we  need to do de edict from the digital Technologies   yeah so there many ways to do that I I'm trying a  few myself yeah that's the way like what are you   doing I try to I try to turn off my or put the  phone away winding off we call winding off so   I try to wind off my phone activity at least 20 30  minutes before I go to bed in the last few minutes   I always sleep in a read so that has been a trend  for me since my school and college days so I take   that now I read five five to 10 pages by then I'll  get the Sleepy numb numbness and it start sleeping   so that's the way I figured out so essentially  you know reals are at least taking 20 minutes   and your dopamine Benchmark while you're using  reels after 20 minutes maybe let's say on a scale   of 1 to 100 it may be reaching 98 and it takes  20 minutes it at least takes 20 minutes that's a   good amount of time but when neuralink is in your  brain your benchmarks are above your control like   it could be even 100 like all the time so at that  point of time maybe 10 minutes into the day after   you waking up if your dop Min already hit the 100  Benchmark and your rest of the day is almost win   right so see right now we talking about imaginary  things so which we don't know yet so if at all we   come to a world where everything is running based  on the chip uh then we might not even sleep we   might be continuously active like your computer  is now on sleep mode back in the day 10 years   ago when I was using my first computer I used  to shut down every night yeah no we don't yeah   you let them sleep ex so it might happen the same  way we don't know yet this is still a foreign area   for us to talk about and I'm not a researcher  actively engaged there so I don't know much   of what's happening in the real world there but  yeah this is amazing like you know thinking of it   I'm not able to ask my next question you know I'm  just in the imaginary world of this neuralink and   what it could do and stuff like that you know it's  amazing but it is not very far five years from now   we going to see all of this in reality yeah let's  see so now coming back from neurolink for for the   people who don't understand neuralink you know  in a better way could you just put it in few PP   words like you know a define neural link and how  it works in general see you need to understand how   the brain works first yeah so brain is nothing but  a a set of wires inside called neurons exactly we   we'll have something called axom and Etc so it's  it's basically wires inside so you have different   no there wherever the electricity goes sparking it  forms a it pass in a particular pathway so every   particular pathway each goes there's a particular  action that happens so this is how the brain works   now we call them neural synapsis we call them  neural Pathways etc etc when a child is born um   we don't have a lot of neural Pathways created  yeah as a learn they keep triggering or firing   these neurons eventually those Pathways form yeah  so by the age of 1012 most of the neural pathways   are formed by the age of 20 they're almost Frozen  Okay so that means your cognitive function won't   grow beyond the age of 20 whatever you build is  almost that very rarely for extreme conditions   it gets better MH so if you have to if you have  to test a person's IQ real IQ it you you can test   it at the age of 20 because after that it won't  grow much okay 20 and 40 almost same in fact 20   to 40 that it will go down actually so because now  you neurons are getting older it won't generate so   your your brain's ability to generate new neurons  every day also goes down okay so that means your   existing neurons are dying so the same neuron has  to do multiple functions now so that's the reason   this is how the neural cognitive functions  go down as you age but luckily brain has a   very interesting Factor called plasticity okay  so what is plasticity neuroplasticity is what   we really leverage when people go with Strokes  uh people get a brain surgery where the part   of the brain is removed still you you can make  them evolve with the rest of the brain picking   those rest neural Pathways in the remote brain oh  so you can actually do that uh this is what the   physiotherapy aspects of repetitions reps and Etc  called okay so that part of the brain is damaged   you keep making the rest of the brain pick those  functions okay you can actually do that okay so   there there is a case study as well where post  an accident almost 70% of the brain is removed   from a person and the rest of the 30% took all the  fundamental scenarios they might not have most of   those emotional aspects the character might have  been gone but still the functional aspect function   happily gets done wow so that's the best part  about our brain okay now this brain also important   thing is it doesn't take blood by the way okay  so BL inside the brain it doesn't take the red   colored blood okay so there are filters which will  just remove the remove the essential parts for the   feeding of the brain element brain cells and then  it runs on it okay now if you can actually isolate   this brain and put in a chip there and stimulate  the new the electrical impulses the way you want   it okay where the impulse has to come when it  has to come so you are fakely creating those   impulses which would rather happen naturally okay  so that's how the concept of neuralink came into   picture Okay so the idea is there are cases  let's say schizophrenia or mental illnesses   Etc one of the treatments is brain simulation okay  so they put a small chip they put the electrical   nodes and then they stimulate your brain through  those impulses so your brain starts getting uh   the missing pulses which will make it work better  enough okay similarly people who have lost their   hands and legs can be directly given a chip  axis so that you can have a prosthetic robotic   hand which can be controlled by the direct chip  without the neurons here so this is how the idea   of a neuralink came into picture but the best part  is this if we are anyway putting a chip why don't   we put a small memory to that so and and dump the  memory into it like the roboti where you just read   it or preo karate Kum Fu etc etc and you already  know them by default yeah so this is the idea with   which this all started so when Elon started the  company called neural link people said it's too   far but last year they already demonstrated all  of this on pigs yeah I think even usfd approved   it if I'm not wrong uh for medical scenarios for  very specific people who have lost their hands or   very deep mental issues that's where they started  stimulating putting the ship sending continuous   signals so a bunch of these things start happening  so if FDA approved this like you know for medical   scenarios how many years are we like maybe four  five years still is only one company there bunch   of companies doing it specifically for medical use  cases link is thinking more of a generic use case   Okay where anyone can put a chip in their mind  but there are a bunch of companies and research   institutes working on Pure medical scenarios  okay so this is already there exos skeletons   are already there so so neuralink in that we  have memory and possibly a large language model   or AI inserted inside once there is memory you put  anything there yeah yes okay so how do you see the   convergence between neur you can directly talk to  the AGI the the artificial general intelligence so   you can actually talk to the AG directly with your  brain if you have the internet connection around   so you want something and internet connection  will be directly in your brain right you don't   need like maybe a small for now yes so you want  a question and it will be answered so knowledge   will be relevant if you want to create a back end  of an app exactly this is what have to discuss now   so back in the day when when our grandparents were  actually in the market finding jobs everything   that they focused on is byting things exactly  because they can't just pull out a book anywhere   or take out the phone and Google things so the  more they know in their brain the better the   chances of employment for them are exactly that's  how our traditional education system has evolved   where you have to byard everything including two  ones are two two two two two four so those basic   tables Etc square roots whatnot yeah but now  already we are seeing that no one knows those   quick mathematics anymore no one cares about them  because you just have a calculator exactly so and   you can do it yourself tomorrow it's going to  be the same for even engineering subjects or   scientific subjects so all that you need to do is  if you have information how will you use it okay   so this is where the real cognitive functions come  into picture yeah right of the importance or 30   years ago the importance was not on cognitive  functions it's more on your knowledge yeah   currently it is a mix of cognition and knowledge  because still knowledge is very very crucial today   but Tomorrow's World when I say tomorrow next  5 years knowledge no one cares yeah because the   systems will give you the knowledge it's your  unique perspective and creative M it's your   ability to apply that knowledge exactly so the  applied sciences is where the real world will move   towards okay so no one cares about all the biting  anymore and what do you mean by applied science   here so applied science goes everywhere applied  Quantum applied mechanics appli everywhere but we   talking about application of all all the Sciences  in real life let's take an example how does your   brain work from from any perspective let's say for  example I'm sitting here my senses are grabbing   everything that are here yeah now once my senses  are coming in so much information this is where   my brain level one will start Gathering the right  information together and uses that information to   process things true and at this point let's say  for example I'm trying to process a conversation   here my brain says hey you know what in this ENT  conversation I'm seeing some patterns yeah okay   these are the patterns you need to pick up yeah  now this concept of finding patterns in general   aspects is called inductive reasoning true okay  now you reason inductively yeah now once you have   those general principles and patterns observed now  your ability to apply it in a different situation   altogether yeah this is called deductive reasoning  yeah now while these reasonings are happening your   thinking Styles also goes in two ways convergent  or Divergent true so let's say for example when   I'm trying to solve a problem I want to make  something work here there are four element around   me how do I use these four things to actually make  this work so this is called convergent thinking   style where you bring four five things together  and towards that yeah so this thinking Stell is   more prevalent in Sherlock Holmes and detectives  and whatnot even jugar in Indian way when you   say jugar I have a wrench spanner Etc using this  can I do something else yeah so this is all the   jugar or convergent thinking style got it then  there is other thinking style called Divergent   thinking style so these are people let's say for  example there is this class what all can I do with   this class M can I pour the water here can I make  some drawing around it so whatever I can do with   this if I imagine that that's called Divergent  thinking style okay so this is very important for   creativity okay this is very important to bring  out Innovations M so in a country like us people   would really want to appreciate the create the  lateral thinking aspects or the Divergent thinking   aspects okay whereas in a country like India  while we appreciate creativity we also want them   resource we have resource constraints so with less  resources we have to be more creative and find out   something else so we are the country where we have  to use both sides of these things Divergent as   well as convergent aspects so that's the reason  our people have a different way of thinking and   looking at things and that's an advantage which  we are bringing to the general world in in general   yeah so when you have no resource constraints  you think one way you have so many resource   constraints still you have to work as good as the  other ones then your brain works very differently   got it so that's I think from my own P perspective  the reason why the top CEOs of the world are from   India is because we have that that is our real  contribution to the world is what I think at the   moment we are conversent thinkers so now what  you're saying is applied science is about how   you're recognizing patterns from The Real World  and applying them in the right situation either by   doing conversion conversent thinking or Divergent  thinking here there is one aspect Also let's say   for example this is the information I have how  do I use it yeah this is okay now imagining okay   I don't have the information where do I get the  information how do I get that information if you   also have knowledge about that yeah so this is  the reason why people say if you're really good   at Googling you don't need anything else true but  the problem is people Googling is the toughest   skill people are figuring it out very true so this  is still don't know how to Google perfectly 100%   And this is a future it is not knowing that there  is chart GPD it is knowing how to ask the right   question to chart GPD so that you can get what  you need prompt engineering that's one we call   Prompt engineering today yeah which we'll talk  a little later sure so enough if AGI as smart or   in fact little more smarter than humans don't you  think it will observe everything we are doing from   hundreds of people's hundreds of perspectives  of hundreds of people and we'll be also giving   that applied sciences to us not only information  it will also say hey this is the information use   this in in this way because somewhere in New  York uh someone did this so in newb you are   here so you do something like this so you're  talking the possible good about it let me tell   you possible bad about it if a if the a wanted if  the AG wanted something to happen it will make it   happen by only limiting the access of information  that you have what you see can be restricted by   that true so let's say the truth is X but it will  make you see why yeah that's what our social media   is doing right now correct yeah so today people  are doing it tomorrow a is going to do that it   is bound to happen because a is controlled by a  couple of companies in the world so they are not   in our best they don't want for those companies it  will go beyond those companies once the AJ really   kicks in it will go beyond the companies what do  you mean no one would would control such a entity   okay so that's my assumption it will become an  independent Authority that's what a means by   the way for anyone who is looking at the podcast  today what is Agi there is AI and the future of AI   is the AGI the Bop of AI where it is called the  artificial general intelligence it might become   that one Godly figure which controls everything  in the world you should watched the movie called   Lucy and that Lucy movie climax is the possible  AGI oh God and there is now something called ASI   on top of AJ artificial super intelligence just  like mimicking entire human brain 100% ability   into a code they're saying you know that will  be Beyond AGI for something like that so now   when AGI happens and when neuralink happens and  we put both of them in our brain neuralink will   not only give the information but it will also  give you how to use the information if it if at   all it has the best interest in you that it it  really wants to help you it will also give you   that so knowledge is already relevant right now  because of the AI Google and all that and ability   to apply that knowledge is soon also going to be  not that of an important thing because of AGI and   stuff like that because AJ is as smart as human  being and or maybe beyond smart so how are seeing   this at one point I think human doesn't need  to do anything exactly we will be chilling on a   beach you know having a massage you will be used  as labor by exactly AI might see us like a flies   know they'll treat us like a [ __ ] or it might  think that we are the harm to the real world of   the Galaxy and it might just ter kill the entire  Humanity just with one click these are all specul   imaginary things don't fear guys this is not  reality but a possible you know outcome so Jes   thanks for all this so now the main point of this  podcast is to actually discuss about metaverse so   we talked about arvr we also talked about little  bit of mixed reality where you're using a bit of   AR and VR to get the best you know cognition or  best stimulation possible so now what is metaverse   bus word everywhere these days see metaverse  as a word was framed in early '90s uh when when   an author used used the word for the first time  it's book in a potential futuristic world where   everything is something else that you can imagine  of that's how the book went on but uh when uh the   real metaverse came to the World by through  a company called the second world what's it called second world or something okay I I'll  recall the name in the M yeah so that's where   uh people could create an alternate version of  themselves let's say in this world I am 6 feet   uh white guy in the new world I want to be 7.5 ft  uh something else so you could actually create an   alternate version of you which is what we call  Avatar today and that Avatar could also live in   this world you could not get the right Health but  in that world you want the right health and you   want to play all kinds of sports so that's how  a verse a universe which is very meta in nature   uh that's how the concept of metaverse came into  picture but now the the touch barel for metaverse   is Facebook all the other companies kind of  shut the operations in the metaverse aspects   uh Google's Google Lens project has been shut off  for some time now or they're doing it subtly uh   similarly magically and a bunch of other companies  HTC no one is really spending that much money now   because everyone realized that it is taking more  time to get to real world ro ro theal Investments   are not really good the only one blindly and  very courageously spending money and betting on   it is today Facebook yeah which is again I would  say mark C yeah the other entity that's going to   launch their own versions of these devices would  be apple but we have to wait and see what's going   to happen there yeah so now uh difference between  VR and metaverse is it any difference so metaverse   so VR is where I can put you in a virtual world  if that virtual world becomes as good as your real   world okay and you you behave and live in that  world like in this real world that's called a   metaverse okay so it's an artificial Universe okay  so world is a smaller entity universe is a bigger   entity got it where you will do everything there  parall yeah best example would be ready player   one okay so if you look at the Ready Player one  movie everyone wears the headset and then in a   normal world but when they the moment they we they  had to they in a different world playing targets   challenges doing multiple things so that's the  metaverse wow so we are is a world where we're   going in and observing things and metaverse is  like what if we could make that world as real   as possible simple example yeah vr's best example  could be I'm trying to buy this house I'm in us   I can't see physically come and see now I can  have someone recreate this in a VR environment   and there's a device called matterport where they  it'll 3D scan entire room and I wear the headset   and I quickly see what's happening here okay so  this is virtual reality it is not real there but   they can see it virtually yeah but the metaverse  is where I I can actually live here every day okay   okay I can just live here I can have uh I can earn  money here I can I can have sex here whatnot I   can do anything here so that's the universe where  we're talking about got it now that we're talking   about six using metaverse and stuff how how are  we seeing the conversions of six dolls having   six with metaverse like do you see any patterns  here because I feel people were depressed and   they were not able to form connections as much as  we are forming we formed in you know 2010 or 2015   because of multiple reasons these days now the  dopamin hit which we talked even USA surve see   there are two aspects here first of all we need to  understand the importance of Pawn and Technology   industry yeah so if you look at any any technology  starting from internet as it is to uh mobile tech   or 5G Tech or whatnot everything started and  got exemplified using with with this industry   called Pawn so first adopter for The Cutting Edge  technologies have has always been Pawn industry oh   yes so and when it got a decent traction and  a critical mass that's when it went into the   real world just imagine the internet speeds would  not be what it was if not for Pawn because people   are so struggling to find out figure it out watch  them without buffering and Etc so people and it's   it's the highest volume consumption in the world  back in the day when YouTube did not exist as it   was now so from there on when you start looking  at those U remote devices or VR headsets and Etc   the The Continuous biggest use case still is in  gaming and the pawn MH so Pawn industry in a one   in a way has been the propeller of Technologies  new technologies that's part number one now part   number two is more to do with the mental aspects  of it so again as we discussed earlier it's all   instant doam if you're getting something instantly  why do you want to worry about it with extra pain   and effort and so back in the day for you to have  the the doam release of having a sex you need to   First go out let's talk about us Market not Indian  market you you need to go out find a girl try to   date try to get the first date second date third  date then eventually you start get there so this   is a journey so it gives you slow dopamin level  wise dopamin and the final one is the climax it   takes the real effort and time as well so it's a  process and it's it's a distant process today with   all the tech and everything that we seeing here  Doan itself is so regularly available so back in   the day if you get success imagine your parents  the the days when they used to get the dopamin   is number one maybe on the salary day number two  maybe you have achieved something B the school or   college or so limited moments of doent release in  a month for them okay whereas today we have same   amount of intense moments in a single day maybe an  hour maybe even more yes so that's the reason you   get you you you you slowly start getting away  from those aspects of dopamine aspects too at   the same time work also the pressure back in the  day the pressure point of view we are not really   pressurized to earn so much uh in competitive peer  world and Etc today someone is earning one L now   I have to earn two someone has bought a BMW I  have to buy two someone is taking a residence   in a big Community I should I should buy one so  every day the desires and aspects of aspirations   are going up and up so the work is so much enough  you look at the Japanese Market they are the most   competitive market in the world today very true  and because of that they are the less active   Market in Sex and they are the less active Market  in the reproduction right now in fact uh Japan   Japanese government introduced six hotels right  maybe it's that for that reason there a bunch of   other things Japan has been always ahead in terms  of animy and a bunch of other things as well there   but that said uh Japan is I won't take Japan as  a good example because they are not really good   at respecting women they say women are still  dolls and Etc uh they see women as second uh   gener second level Etc Okay so that's the reason  Japan is not the right example to take here but   what I'm trying to convey here is markets where  competition is going up okay where young people   are seeing many things competitively want to do so  many things there's so much to do Etc and markets   where the dopam release is continuously happening  this is where the reproduction of those markets   are going down look at any market for that matter  the first markets which are getting older and are   not getting enough young young kids or children  born are the markets which are again fast forward   us Japan Germany these are the old markets in fact  from a startup point of view if you're looking at   these markets the next generation is all about  geriatrics so tools and products for old older   people MH because older people are not anymore  60s they're going to be 80s and hundreds true   so that's the reason tools for the older people  softwares and solutions for older people that's   the next Market opportunity okay in those markets  okay whereas in a market like India the youngest   world the highest populated where China was 20  years ago we are today enough so our spectrum   is very different true so we need to look at  businesses very differently in different markets   to go get back reproduction sex Etc two reasons  one people are getting busier in their own life   with so many aspirations unlike our parents  chill sh and then relax that's not anymore the   case second one over dopamine release in a day  okay so these are the other aspects yes so now   yes will this impact in a good way or a bad way  it's a bad way everyone knows it okay everyone   knows it so those who could cater it very well  are the ones who are going to crack the system   got it and believe me if you don't do it faster  uh these behaviors will slowly get embedded in   our DNA and this is what we'll be next Generation  correct so it won't take a lot of time to actually   embed behaviors into DNA how many years it will  take I don't know but I think it used to take   multiple Generations but these years things are  going pretty fast when you observe a small kid   uh let's say 10 years ago a small 2-year kid the  way they act the way the cognitive functions are   to today's two to your kid drastic differences so  that means the DNA is quickly adapting faster and   the next Generations are coming faster with more  evolved senses and experiences of the parents   okay so what should we do to prepare we don't do  anything just just cut down these things follow   those good interesting aspect cut down what things  cut down dopamin release continuously okay so set   your timers ensure that you don't spend more  time there find tasks and create a curriculum   for yourself where you you have prolonged delay  of release of dopamin okay so you have to create   those tough tasks let's say for example Fitness  Fitness is a task why people won't do much is   because you can't get results overnight true no  instant gratification so people open it but they   can't continue it because you're not getting  an instant result but if you could spend that   enough time to continuously get there that's  when the result come delayed gratification also   will give you a deeper result mhm so one of the  interesting Concepts here is a challenge called   75 heart okay it's a very privilege challenge  in the US market India also has done a lot of   these things many instagrammers did that and  I personally did it a few months ago what is   it so it's a 75 day challenge where you have to  follow five tasks every day for 75 days okay if   you miss one task on a day you have to restart  the challenge okay so this unlike many people   think it's not a fitness challenge it is more of a  mental challenge Fitness is a byproduct exactly so   the challenge is pretty simple every day you have  to uh follow a DI okay you have to do two workouts   45 minutes each one should be outdoor oh then you  need you need to drink a gallon of water every day   okay and then you gallon in liters please gallon  means somewhere around 3.5 3.2 3.5 L okay got it   so let's take 3.5 L per day in Indian environment  maybe 4 lit is also good okay okay so drink 4 lers   of water every day again don't do it in one go do  it spr obiously yeah throughout the day otherwise   there's something called water poisoning that's  a different thing let's talk about that later   so yeah this happens so these three tasks you  take a picture of your progress every day okay   that's the fourth task that's the fourth task  okay now the fifth one and the most important   one for the Young Generation is no alcohol and  no uh cheat meals okay so there is no all you   should not all love a simple cheat meal even on  a weekend or anything else okay so it has to be   75 days continuously rigorous okay so that's the  tough part so when you do this the amount of the   amount of dopamine prolonged delayed version of it  gives you is very different wow and it happened in   my own case I have experienced that so this is how  you you train your brain okay what happens after   75 days we all know we drink more alcohol we sleep  more we not exercise because we are bored and you   know we'll feel that we did so much in 75 days  and we are worth doing more in that next 15 20   days so what's next that's right in fact that also  happened with me so I I because after 75 days I   got a chance now I started eating everything  I I craved in the last 75 days I started uh   drinking more so I did all kinds of those things  as well but the thing is you can't forget what you   actually were physically that that stays inside  you now you would crave for that again okay you'll   go back so certifi hard is not just a certifi day  hard it's a program called live Hard okay so after   75 days the program goes like this so you have  to go do phase one which is for 30 days take a   30-day break to phase two again 30-day break phase  three and 30 days okay this certify three phases   should happen in a year's time okay so exactly in  365 days you have to complete the entire program   okay once you're done with it repeat okay every  year so this is you don't even need to repeat it   will automatically happen that's the idea so again  phase one phase two phase three are even complex   it comes with extra three tasks it is even more  complex but the point is those who really want   to make themselves mentally tough this is a good  program to begin with got it so essentially what   you're saying is to prepare for the AI world or  metaverse world where dopamine is instant we we   need to do these things as a person so that we'll  be very perfect for that world see when there are   so many things thrown at your senses yeah your  mind loses the control true your body takes the   control because you're you're craving for those  small instant gratifications true but the moment   you bring your mind back to control MH things will  work in a different way got it so the the the the   Assumption of doing all these programs is to bring  that mind to your control again got it so yeah so   now let's go back and talk about metaverse again  so the one company that is thriving and betting   all their money right now on the metaverse is meta  like why Facebook or meta is so very important in   the world of metaverse right now in fact the  word thriving is not rightly used there so it   is not actually thriving today okay uh Facebook's  or meta's uh market value or the Share value went   down to what it was in 2016 so almost it went  back by 8 years now okay when the entire world   is moving so fast it is going backwards actually  MH but that's said uh see the The Cutting Edge   disruptions would happen because of those people  who doesn't want to give up okay and I believe Zak   is one of those guys musk is one of those guys  okay so these are people who went through the   face of tough times and evolved and made things  happen and because they have gone through that   whole rigor and made those things happen they  evolved as Leaders when the world saw the light   of those things so I think that's what is going  to happen but when is a tough part for a small   company like us or for a small entity like each  one of you and me uh we might not survive so long   doing those interesting things we need that money  to survive we need to figure out our own life so   we will not survive until then but for meta with  the kind of revenues that theying through ads and   bunch of other things they have the ability to  survive until the day happens so it is all that   ability to survive until the day happens so those  who survive until the day they are the they're the   touch bearers for the day wow got it and two huge  entrepreneurs here Elon Musk and you know Mark why   do they fight you know recent the fight cage fight  and stuff why do they fight like all the time on   the Twitter and stuff why do they hate I really  don't know what's going on between them but from   my point of view I think it's more of a attention  grabbing drama yeah that's what I think but at the   same there are also certain uh inherence ideology  differences that they might have because of which   they have that subtle cold cold war going on but  yeah I don't think it's much to worry about these   are silly things and Elon Musk is all drama guys  so yeah he he loves drama no he that's a byproduct   got it for all the hard work he's doing great so  now Apple released Apple Vision Pro and M meta has   their uh Quest three going on so where do you see  like do they fit they are do you think they're in   the same category or they are in a different  like ball game to when you compare with each   other what's going on there if you remember the  Continuum that I mentioned earlier so Facebook   started attacking this Continuum from this side  vers reality side yeah uh what apple is trying to   do is to attack this from this side which is the  augmented reality side of it got it but eventually   both of them wanted to make it a mix reality  headset so pH whatever meta Quest Pro recently   launched it is not just a VR device it can also  the cameras can turn on and it can also work as   an mixed reality device whereas uh what is What's  Done by Vision Pro it is fundamentally AR device   but it can also be used as a VR device okay so  basically both of them are coming towards the   same direction but they're starting from different  end points okay so we need to see which end point   is the closest path to success okay so that  we don't know yet so only once we we see the   device handson that's that's when we're going  we're going to know more about it okay so now   AR Apple VR in a quest they're trying to reach the  mixed reality and what is metav ver here see metav   vers is a world which this mixed reality will be  leveraging okay so what is IOS what is uh Android   no no what is IOS what is iPhone and what is uh  pubg okay now what's the difference okay one is   Hardware the second one is software the third one  is actually the content met is the content okay   MH metav is going to be the content of it so VR  is a technology VR is a tech Hardware is the the   other aspect okay so yeah is Microsoft also doing  something here yeah Microsoft has got something   called Microsoft lens mhm uh they start they the  first ones to actually use the word mix it reality   when they launch lens they call it the the Mr  device not AR not VR they call it Mr okay so   Facebook uses VR as a word always now these guys  are using vision is using AR as a word keyword   so Facebook uh Microsoft is the Mr word okay again  at the end of the day everyone is trying to create   the same thing they they're naming it calling it  they're creating their own definitions they're   creating their own differentiations so we don't  need to bother about those things got it so do you   think uh since the rise of AI is happening right  now like every VC is investing a lot of funds in   AI rather than metaverse because it's a delayed  gratification and that's instant gratification so   are you seeing little bit of pullback in metaverse  ARB Technologies because of AI absolutely so see   what happens is investors are not Gods true they  don't know they they also don't know what is going   to be successful true but they also want to  ensure that they are not failures when their   counterparts are doing the success okay that means  if someone is investing somewhere they'll blindly   follow them so the most of the cases happen that  way so when when entire India is getting funded on   E Tech every investor unband a te so even if you  have a zero product people get got Investments now   it slowed down so same story same story is going  to happen here as well so VR has its Day 2012 to   2016 was when a lot of investment happened on VR  uh again nothing much happened big in the market   2020 2022 in those two years when meta changed  the name Facebook to meta again people said   okay something big is going to happen so they They  carried on with that investment then they realized   nothing is happening by then AI came into picture  so now everyone start betting on AI see the way   investors work is their fun Cycles are 8 to 10  years yeah so they have to make their money in   8 to 10 years so if something is not going to  really be successful in the next 8 to 10 years   they'll not spend money there okay they'll rather  spend their money on invest their money where the   success can happen in the next 8 to 10 years so  that's where these uh AI driven Investments are   happening today yeah Jes the knowledge you're  sharing is just amazing people will not find   this on YouTube like literally in this language  you know in a very easier language firstly thank   you thanks a lot but before that where are you  coming from what's your story like I didn't ask   you this question before because I want people  to experience your knowledge first not your story   because and I also believe you have a good story  to tell so what's your story where you coming from   if you could explain it in a minute or two my  story is not very different from most of us so   I come from a uh small uh town called ponu in near  gur okay in Andra Pradesh so from there I went to   pursue my engineering at gam gam University in  vsac that's where that's where I I was trained   to become a mechanical engineer okay later I got  a chance to work with aent for an year uh that's   when I realized this is the corporate jobs are  not for me so I started my first Venture at age   of 21 in 2012 U so ran it for a couple of years at  Tech did not really see the money so we quit that   and got a chance to work with another startup for  an years or so 2016 we started this entity uh so   since then four pivots happened the current pivot  is kind of making us some money okay so that's   where my journey has come from got it so from gtu  to building a 50 CR company you know with uh you   know headart Tech using Ai and you know little bit  of gaming and stuff like that what is your exact   company you know what does your company do exactly  so the the the reason why we started this company   is to is to bring new Advanced Technologies into  the education Market okay I always believe that   I'll tell you my own personal example back in the  school in in porur where we studied uh most of the   classes used to happen on the outo in the outdoors  sitting on the on the mud with with a word on the   tree Etc most of the class not all the class  but most of the class we experienced that way   so back in the day when we were studying lessons  on Treasure Mercury I I'm a I'm a physics geek we   used to have a chapter where Mercury you have to  take it you have to invert it and then you'll see   the pressure barometer pressure Etc I never got a  chance to do that experiment Okay the reason being   we don't have access to that much of mercury in  a small school like that so many kids who really   want to do things learn things in a practical way  could not get it because of lack of resources in   those markets and I was one of them okay so that's  when I said if I have to do something to actually   make things move practical so my first Venture  was all about that surj and I when we started that   we wanted to create the the alternate education  system which is practical in nature but we real   it is not that scalable the way we were doing  it when 2016 Oculus officially announced that   they're releasing a consumer version next month  HTC announced that they're releasing a consumer   version we said this technology might help us do  something true and that's how we brought VR and we   started working creating poc's on education side  of it then by the way this is the time when buuse   is still not something that is as big as what  it was so no one really bettered on education   or or a tech correct forget arvr is too far I'm  talking about generally a tech okay so that's   when we realize this is not going to be something  that is going to kick off especially for 25y old   with no knowledge in computer science orally  you started this to converge attech with arvr   so that people could understand it because you're  coming from a background where you're not able to   do those experiments lack of resources correct  so how about getting these resources into your   VR headset in a virtual reality or doing those  experiments imagine the case I'll give you examp   that right enough like literally people are not  doing that right now like there's no company see   there are two things here you could do something  for the sake of doing it you could do something   for your satisfaction you can do something which  can give you satisfaction as well as money okay I   I always looked at the first two that's reason  I never made money and what I realized is if   you don't make money if you're a small tree you  can't give shade to many others if you're a big   tree you can actually give [ __ ] to many others  true so you have to actually become big first okay   to actually do something really solid look at the  best examples Elon Musk to anyone else they first   built something where they got a big exit now they  could pursue the world changing ideas true he his   first startup is not something uh world changing  like it is right now it's very back in the day it   is still considered world changing PayPal but  yes but before PayPal he did a video game exit   that's where he got a lot of money that's a small  one yeah very small but yeah coming back this   is where we realize that you know you need to do  something which you will get satisfaction in but   at the same time you should also make money yeah  now money making aspects some things are too early   for the market you can't make money from it today  but maybe 10 years from now yes okay now can you   survive the 10 years doing the same thing maybe  no because you don't have that kind of money or   investors are not willing to give you that kind of  money so that's when you have to Pivot so what you   believe is people in in a mass scale can't afford  that 60,000 VR headset right now to consume your   education affordability is one thing usage also  so are they finding it really useful I'm talking   about my experience 15 years ago in my school  but today now almost every school has got this   equipment government is spending the money on  practical aspects of things not everything but   most of things so you should also see the social  relevance at the moment so a bunch of other things   also kicked in there but that said this is how  we start pivoting we realize this is not how it   works so we pivot pivot is nothing but you change  the idea you shift your path so we pivoted like   that three times and finally we realized there's  a potential Market in Enterprise assessment space   Okay so still a tick still doing understanding  people in education learning Etc but now assessing   what do they have inside in terms of the brain  capability neurocognitive abilities Behavior   personality communication knowledge so these are  the things that we said can make money today so   in that Journey we shifted the gears to building  VR based Talent assessments by the way were the   first in the world to do that wow and actually we  got customers paying for that we were we were C   we got customers like Accenture virusa paying us  Mari Suzuki the very company you worked there is   now your C it was my

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