House Floor Session – part 2 4/25/18

House Floor Session – part 2  4/25/18

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The. House will come to order. Messages. From the Senate. Message. From the Senate Mr Speaker I hereby, announce the passage by, the Senate of the following house, while I herewith returned, as amended by the Senate in which amendments, the concurrence, of the house is respectfully. Requested, house file number 31, 57, an act relating, to public safety and, the messages signed Cal our lunamon secretary of the senate green. Moves that, the house concur in the Senate amendments. To House file number 31 57, and that the bill be repast, as amended by the Senate, I recognize. The bill author the member from Mahnomen representative, Greene to explain the Senate amendments, Thank. You mr. speaker the amendments from the Senate are very simple. Basically. We took out a short. Phrase. That would. Also have included. Service. Animals in training we didn't think that was very good to have in the bill and then they added some protections, for business owners some liability, protections, that I agree, with I think are very good the bill is simple and, appreciate. A green volt Thank You representative, Greene if you could just remind the members what the bill does. House. File 3157. Is referred. To as a service dog bill it. It. Makes it miss, petty misdemeanor, for the first offense and a misdemeanor for the second offense for misrepresenting, a service animal was. Brought to me by some. People who had service. Animal that were. Actually. Harmed. And had to be put down by. Other. Animals that were being, portrayed. As a service animal and it's. A serious, problem more, so than I first thought about a year ago when this came up and. We have a lot of support on this so. Again, I appreciate, green. Vote and I will stand for questions if you have any. Discussion. On the Senate amendments, the member from hennepin representative, Hill Stroman Thank. You mr. speaker and members members. This is substantially. Similar to what passed the House floor and. It, passed off the floor unanimously, both here in the house and the and I would encourage members to. Concur. Any, further discussion. On the Senate amendments. The. Member from Carlton representative Sun Deena Thank You mr. speaker to the author of the bill under. The provisions. For penalties, on, this I. Just. Had an idea coming, to me this, morning on this I see. People with their pets hanging. In their laps and hanging their heads, out the windows as you go down the road there the public hazard people, are really attached to these pets and they can't leave without them and I think that's what's going on behind this. Misuse. Of the animals and I was just wondering under, penalties. Is, it within, the purview of a judge or a court. To actually. Confiscate, that animal and impound it and you, know we take driver's license away we take other property. Way under. Property crimes that's everything I'm, just wondering is that. Is. A judge enabled, to actually. Confiscate. That animal. He. Will yield representative, Greene. Thank, You mr. speaker represented, to the best of my knowledge no that is not what this bill deals with this bill deals with the misrepresentation. Bringing the animals into a public. Place and. Misrepresenting. Them as a service, animal and trying. To avoid. Damages. Done. Liability. Issues with other people and the. Hope the. The penalties, that are here to fold the, first offense is a petty misdemeanor which, is kind of a slap on the wrist and our. Hope is that we, won't have to go much further than that but, if they do misrepresent. Again then it becomes a misdemeanor, it becomes more serious and I. Don't the. Bill does not, specify. What. The penalty, would be but whatever penalties, would come with a misdemeanor I think the. Judge would deal with. Representative. Sunbeam thank you Thank You mr. speaker just. Not. To make a bad pun but you know this is a dog bill with no teeth in it. And I missed it. Any. Further discussion, on the Senate amendments. There. Being no further discussion, all those in favor of the motion to concur with the Senate amendments, say aye, those. Opposed nay, the. Motion prevails the. Clerk will give the bill its third reading as amended by Senate third, reading house file number 31 57. As amended. By the Senate third, reading as amended by Senate. Any. Further discussion, on repast, egde of the bill. Seeing. No further discussion, the clerk will take the roll on the bill. The, clerk will close the roll. They're. Being 125. Eyes and, one nay the bill is repast as amended by Senate and its title agreed to calendar. For the day the first bill on the calendar for the day is house filed. 2743. The clerk will report the bill. House. File number 27, 43, and act, relating to civil actions number 1 on the calendar for the day the first engrossment. Recognize. The member from Hennepin representative, Smith to introduce your bill Thank. You mr. speaker members this.

Bill Is from the State Bar Association, there's, no controversy, there's, no opposition, it. Is intended to clarify the law regarding. When the statute of limitations, begins, from. When there is damage to, property during. Construction. Mr. Speaker I do have an amendment that I'd like to offer there. Is an amendment the desk the clerk will report the amendment. Mm-hmm. Smith, moves to amend house fall number 27, 43, the first engrossment as follows, and the amendment is coded a to, recognized. The member from Hennepin representative, Smith to introduce your amendment Thank You mr. speaker members this. Amendment, are a couple, of technical, changes, to match the language that, the lower body down the hall. Put. Into the bill I asked for your support. Discussion. On the a2 amendment. Any. Discussion. On the a2 amendment. Seeing. No discussion all, those in favor of adoption of the a2 amendment, signify by saying aye, those. Opposed no the, motion, prevails, the amendment is adopted, there are no further amendments at the desk the clerk will give the bill its third reading third. Reading how small number 27, 43, as amended. Third reading, discussion. On house file 2743. As amended, for final passage the member from hennepin representative, Smith Thank, You mr. speaker, members, under. Current law. Recently. This Minnesota, Supreme Court, held, that a two-year statute of limitations, for, property, damage and construction, runs, from the date the damage is discovered. If. The damage is discovered relatively. Early in, a, longer, project parties. Are forced, to initial legal, action. Simply. To protect their, rights even. If the party expects, and even. If there is mutual agreement. That. The damage will be repaired, before, said, substantial. Completion. This. Bill delays the statute of limitations, from, starting until substantial, completion. Abandonment. Or termination. Of said, project this. Will allow parties, to avoid, unnecessary. Litigation when. When, they all agree, that the problem exists, and will, be fixed before the, problem, the. Project, is completed. This. Bill does not prevent, lawsuits, from, substantial, completion it, simply. Allows parties, to remedy, problems without. Litigation. This. Bill does not create a new cause of action it. Simply. Defines, when the statute of limitations, begins, to run. Furthermore. This, bill does not affect the statute of limitations, for bodily, injury or wrongful, death, suits. This. Bill will reduce unnecessary, litigation. Without. Eliminating anyone's, right to. Recovery. Again. There is no opposition this is a bipartisan, bill and I appreciate your support thank you. Discussion. On house file 2743.

As Amended. Seeing. No further discussion. The clerk will take the roll on the bill. The, clerk will close the roll. They're, being, 126. Eyes and zero nays the bill has passed as amended and, its title agreed to the. Next bill in the calendar for the day is house file 30 to 25 the clerk will report the bill, house. File number 32 25, number. 2 on the calendar for the day an act, relating, to commerce. Recognize. The bill author the member from Washington, representative Fenton, to introduce your bill Thank, You mr. speaker and house file 30 to 25. Authorizes. Cash payments. For, used. Cell, phone or small wireless devices. Such, as iPods. IPads, for. Dealers using, an automated, kiosk. That only buys Wireless, the, wireless communication, devices and. Mr., Speaker, I do have, an amendment I'd like to move the amendment and discuss, the bill further. There. Is an amendment that ask the clerk will report the amendment. And. Moves to a men house file number 32 25, as, follows. And the amendment is coded. A. 18-0. Eight-30. Recognize. The member from Washington, representative Fenton. To introduce your amendment Thank. You mr. speaker members what. This amendment does is permits, law enforcement, to require closure, of a kiosk if it's, unable to comply, with the requirements, in state, statute, and it, requires, that these kiosks, are. To be located, within the physical store, of a retail partner, I think this, will, greatly improve, minor. Improvements, to the bill I urge, a yes vote thank, you. Discussion. On a 18. Amendment. The. Member from Dakota representative, Halverson. Thank. You mr. speaker it sounds like this is some. Fairly. Substantial, change to the bill we don't all have the amendment, yet so if we can hold on a minute certainly. I believe. Everyone should have the amendment. It was also posted online. Yesterday. I believe and, I'm certain, that you will have. Your memories refreshed, because you probably discussed, it in caucus, just a few minutes ago so I, believe we're ready to start debate on the amendment the. Amendment is coded a, 18-0. Eight-30. Discussion. On that amendment. The. Member from Hennepin representative, Hillstrom Thank, You mr. speaker would represent a fenton yield to a question she. Will yield representative, Hillstrom Thank, You mr. speaker represent fenton year deleting, lines on 14, through 22, and, then, you're adding these new sections, and basically. Is what you're removing. From the section the requirement, for a fingerprint, or what specifically, is your. Intent, in the change of this language. The. Member from Washington, representative fencin. Thank. You mr., speaker and representative. Hillstrom what. One thing is. I'm. Matching, this up with the companion, but, the, the, biometrics. Are not required, in Minnesota, state. Law so. If, the. Rest of the language is included, within the statute, but. The. Biometrics. Is not, state. Law under this under, the section. Representative. Hillstrom, Thank, You mr. speaker so there was a biometrics, requirement, in the bill as it was presented previously so.

You're Eliminating, any requirement. With this amendment that there be a biometric, requirement. She. Will yield representative, fencin Thank, You mr. speaker, and representing. Hillstrom yes. Representative. Hillstrom Thank. You mr. speaker and members, members. This. Has been one of the bills that I've been asking questions about, in committee, this. Basically, becomes an eight. This. Basically becomes an ATM, for getting cash out when you put a phone in and the, way the system works is, I take my phone and I put it in this machine and, they run it to see if there's a flag on the phone and, if. There's a flag on the phone the, transaction, is stopped and they return it to. The person who put it in so. That means that a person who presents. A stolen phone is. Returned to the phone, now. If you go forward with the transaction up, until this point the bill has required, that, there be a fingerprint, as part of that sale but, a verification. With a driver's, license, a verification with other information they take a photo or a video and there, was a fingerprint, requirement, and this amendment removes, that requirement a number. Of states have that requirement but not all states do so members I would encourage you to leave the fingerprint. Requirement, in the bill. The. Member from Washington, representative Fenton, Thank You mr. speaker, and members, actually. There is a cross reference to. The underlying, law. So, this matches, the holding period for pawn, and second-hand dealers in Minnesota, State statute. Under. 3:25. Jo5. Records, retention. Where. The Pledger seller shall sign a pawn ticket and receive an exact copy of the pawn ticket the, pawnbroker, shall, maintain on the premises, a record of all, transactions. Have pledged or purchased goods for a period of three years, these. Records shall, be correct, copy of the, entries made of the pend transactions. A pawnbroker. Shall upon request provide, to the appropriate, law enforcement agency, and complete. An accurate, record of pawned transaction. And if, the pawnbroker, provides, the records in a, computerized. Format, they must be provided in the interchange file, specifications, format, so there, are only four states but do require, the. Thumbprint and it's. My understanding two. Of those states are looking, to get rid of it so this does match up with, current, state. Statute, thank you. Further. Discussion, on the amendment on. The a18 amendment. Seeing. No further discussion all. Those in favor of adoption of a 18, amendment signify, by saying aye. Those. Opposed no the, motion. Prevails, in the amendment is adopted there. Are no further amendments, of dunces the clerk will give the bill its third reading third, reading house file number 32 25, as amended. Third, reading. Discussion. On house file 32 25 as amended, for final passage the member from Washington, representative fenton, Thank, You mr.. Speaker and as I mentioned, earlier wireless.

Communication. Device dealers, are required to pay for use cell phones ipods. Ipads and, other lists wireless. Communication. Devices by. Mailed cheque or electronic. Transfer. And what, this bill does is, allow, for. Automated. Kiosks, to re-enter, the market. For. Cash. Payments. So. I'm. Going to just this, this was these. Automated, kiosks, were previously. In the Minnesota market, but. Because of. Skill. Switch legislation. They, were forced, out of the, market and what this bill does is, allowing, automated. Kiosks to re-enter. One, of the largest companies, in. The automated kiosk, business, ecoATM. They. Were one of the companies here. In Minnesota previously. And this, is already. Operating. In 47. States and, again. Previously. Here in Minnesota as well so. That. What the automated kiosks, do is look for that, feature and they. Won't process, a transaction for, a cell phone if it. Can't be unlocked and that, these were features, that became. In. Our, cell phone manufacturing. Because, of the Killswitch, legislation. So. This legislation, complements. And allows, technology. To work with others to, encourage, recycling. Of old and broken. Devices while, protecting consumers. And providing. Law enforcement. With the information. That it needs why. Is, this so important, what. So unique about this. Automated. Kiosk. Company. Is that this. Is a recycling. Program held, to high standards to. Responsibly. Recycle old, cell phones, there, are approximately. 400. Million. Used. Cell phones sitting, in drawers, across, this country, I, myself. Found, several. In. Just, cleaning, and spring cleaning. There. Are four. Phones four. Cell, phones is equal to 1 pound, of, electronic. Waste and, so. These automated, kiosks, in ecoATM, who. Was here previously will. Partner with retailers. In Minnesota. Providing. A safe place for transactions. And. Their. High-tech, machines. With security, features. This. Bill in, running this bill by our law enforcement there, has been no, opposition, so. Members I will yield to questions and I urge a yes vote thank, you. Discussion. On house file 30 to 25 as amended. Seeing. No discussion the. Clerk will take the roll on the bill. The. Clerk will close the roll. They're. Being 122. Eyes and 3 nays the bill is passed as amended and, its title agree to the, next bill on the calendar for the day is house file 32, 10 the, clerk will report the bill. House. File number 32. 10 number 5 on the calendar for the day an act, relating, to local government, recognized.

The Member from scotts the bill author a representative, lunan to introduce your bill. Members. Host file 32 10, extends. Freedoms. To the seven-county, metro, area to do. Sewer and wastewater management in. Unincorporated townships. The, other 80, count. Ease in the state already have this provision this. Is simply mending an oversight, and allowing. For the Outer Ring suburbs, to, do organized, proactive. Development. There. Are no amendments at the desk the clerk will give the bill it's in their reading mmm third reading house file number 32, 10 third reading discussion, on house file 32 10 the member from Dakota representative, Hansen, Thank. You mr. speaker and representative. Luna Knight I don't think I've ever heard the words stormwater. Freedom, together before, but I. Guess, this is a new day I, would. Encourage a yes vote for, the bill. Any. Further discussion. On final, passage of house file 3210. Seeing. No further discussion, the clerk will take the roll on the bill. The, clerk will close the roll. They're. Being 126. Eyes in zero nays the villas past and its title agree to motions. And resolutions there. Are copies of the non-controversial, motions, at the house desk and online if there's no objection, we'll take action on these motions, first. Hearing. No objection the, motions prevail. Announcements. The. Member from Dakota representative, Hansen Thank. You mr. speaker I have two, announcements one, just. To plan for tomorrow tomorrow. Is our, Arbor Day distribution. Of trees so start, thinking about where. You're gonna plant your trees, this. Is to our understanding, one of the longest, traditions. In. The legislature, we believe it's 28 years of a, bipartisan, distribution. Of trees so just, something to look forward to and then, secondly, today, there is a public, lands, rally at. 3:00 p.m. on the steps of the Capitol and encourage folks to come. Support public lands thank you, any. Further announcements the member from Sherbourne representative, Knobloch mr., speaker members of the House GOP. Ways. And Means members. Will. Huddle at 2 o'clock 2. O'clock in room 454. The, Ways and Means Committee will, meet at 3 o'clock in, room. 202. Take up the tax bill Health, and Human Services bill, and transportation. Bill. The. Member from Dakota representative, Groff low announcements, Thank You mr. speaker point of personal privilege. Point. Of personal privilege was just please state your point of personal privilege represent. Regretful Thank, You mr. speaker members mr. speaker and members between.

The 2014. And 2015, session, one of the most important changes we took place in the house representatives, is that, former Speaker teason, and current speaker daudt worked to, professionalize. The sergeant-at-arms, office. And, instead, of having political appointees, bring in trained. Professionals. With their with your current or previous experience in law enforcement and. We've had a couple of events that have taken place in the last week and I on behalf of the entire house representatives. For those members the we. Work in that office I, just want to say thank you that we thank you for your professional as, and your, work we know sometimes. The fluid nature of legislative, activity doesn't. Give these men and women a nine-to-five, job just with our nonpartisan. Staff if, one member is in the Capitol Complex they, have to work overtime they have to stay overnight and on, behalf of the whole house representatives. We just want to say thank, you to those members of our professional, staff for, looking out for us and the members of the public. Further. Announcements, the member from Hennepin representative, Carlson L. Announcements. Representative, Carlson yes. Mr., speaker the. DFL, members of ways and means will be meeting at 2 o'clock. In. Preparation. For the 3 o'clock, meeting in room 346. And, members take. Note of that we usually meet in a different room so this time it'll be 346. Thank, you, further. Announcements. The member from Roseau representative, Fabian Thank, You mr. speaker thanks. For the announcement on the trees representative, Hansen I was going to ask him Carlsen represent, of Carlson if you'd yield to a question I'm, curious to know how big the trees are that you planted 28 years ago representative Carlson but I'll talk to you afterwards about that okay but. I do want to give a shout out a little bit tonight the, Capitol Ridge is the annual d-u banquet thank you. Announcements. The member from Ramsey representative, Murphy E Thank. You mr. speaker a point of personal privilege state, your point of personal privilege Thank, You mr. speaker and members I rise, to. Thank. Representative. Aaron, McQuaid. For. The work that she did. In. Bringing. Her. Voice in, the power of her office, to. An issue that. Embodies. Energy, for, Minnesotans. Across. The state and sometimes it. Is my observation, in the. Many years that I have worked in politics, that. Politicians. Lagged. Behind the, power of the voices the powerful, voices of people and, I. Am grateful for, representative. McQuaid's, willingness, to, sit. In this chamber overnight, to give those voices, power inside, this chamber Thank, You mr. speaker. Any, further announcements. The. Member from Isanti, representative, Johnson be. Members. Of public safety and security committee will be meeting today in room 10 at 12:30. The. Member from Hennepin representative, Peppin Thank. You mr. speaker and members members. The Committee on rules and legislative administration. Will. Meet 15. Minutes after session, in room 120, our normal room, and I'm, mr. Speaker I move that when the house adjourns today it adjourns until 10 a.m. Thursday, April 26. 2018. Representative. Peppin moves that when the house adjourns today it adjourns, until 10 o'clock a.m., Thursday. April 26th. 2018. All those in favor say aye, those.

Opposed No the. Motion. Prevails, representative. Peppin I move that the house do now adjourn representative. Peppin moves that the house do now adjourn all those in favor say aye, those. Opposed no the, motion. Prevails, and the house stands adjourned until 10 o'clock a.m., Thursday, April 26, 2018.

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