Harvest the last Pumpkin of the season, build a firewood shed, Duong daily life

Harvest the last Pumpkin of the season, build a firewood shed, Duong daily life

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Hi guys, welcome to my new video. Have a nice day to you all I clean the pot to cook the pig food. Put the pot on the stove Then go get more water and pour it into the pot While I wait for the pot of water to boil, I will go out into the garden to harvest pumpkins. Here are the rice seeds, which I planted more than ten days ago.

It is growing quite well. I will uproot a rice plant to try planting Well, I think I can plant it in a few days. I will go check the fields to see if the water is leaking out. Oh, I found out that the edge of this field is leaking water.

I'll fix it, to stop the water from coming out. I've fixed it, now I'm going to go and harvest the pumpkins. Today I will harvest the remaining pumpkins This pumpkin has fallen off the stem You can see the pumpkin stem has dried up. So I will harvest them all Wow, I spotted a pumpkin lying outside the fence.

it was quite big, so I think had to cut the fence a bit. Oh, what a pity, it was eaten by something. I didn't discover it sooner, which is a pity. I will chop it down in the pond to feed the fish.

There are many fruits quite far from the pond, I can't reach them. I think I need the help of the raft. The raft is very useful These pumpkins come in many different shapes Looks very unique and interesting. I have finished the harvest, now I will go back. I'll pick out old pumpkins to stay here.

My stove is off, I will rekindle the fire. Now I will chop these pumpkins to cook for the pigs. I will remove the seeds to make seeds for the next crop. Then finely chop the pumpkin. I will mince more sweet potato strings to cook together for the pigs. After the chopping is done, I will now mix in the cornstarch.

Do you wonder why I didn't wait for the cornstarch to be poured into the pot later, but mixed like that? Because after a few times of pouring cornstarch into the pot and then mixing, I feel the dough is lumpy The dough isn't evenly distributed, so I think it's more effective to mix it with greens The pot of water has boiled, now I will pour the vegetable mixture in. Just wait until it is cooked and the pot of pig food is completed. Now, I'm going to do another job I will continue to make my house for firewood.

I use a long tree as a yardstick Piling to mark the location Then measure the column size as desired. Cut off the excess Next I will measure the size of the joint accordingly Now I will chisel according to the part I marked It's turn with the next pillar Continue to measure the right size Then continue to chisel according to the marked part The pillars, chiseled Now I will measure the horizontal dimensions to fit the crossbar. Now I will measure the size of the column I just chiseled, to fit the crossbar. After measuring, will now cut off the excess Chisel until it fits the pole Now I will try to fit the crossbar to the column to see if it fits. Use a hammer to beat, see if it's tight Continue with the corner below Measure the column dimensions to fit the crossbar Chisel until it fits the column Now I try to assemble it with the column to see if it fits Continue with other crossbars Now I'm going to dig deep holes for the pillars Oh, I met a big rock Well, it's pretty stubborn. Awesome, I dug up the rock.

Continue digging the next hole. The green sandals are my wife's slippers I missed her so much, so I took out her slippers to wear. After digging the hole, I will now put the pillars down. Continue to put the pillars in the pit Pigs are very cute, aren't they? I will insert stones into the pit to secure the column Now I will assemble the crossbars to the column. Use a hammer to knock the crossbar down to fit the column Continue to assemble the remaining crossbeams. Do you wonder why I built such a large firewood house? Because I have to stockpile a large quantity of firewood for the coming winter.

Now I will nail to fix the crossbar to the column Thus, I have completed the frame of the house to store firewood. Now I will feed my pets. My video also ends here, thank you for watching. See you in the next video.

2023-07-22 15:22

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