GTA 6, Crysis 4, Splinter Cell, STALKER 2, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Дичь с Modern Warfare 2 Diablo 4

GTA 6, Crysis 4, Splinter Cell, STALKER 2, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Дичь с Modern Warfare 2 Diablo 4

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Good afternoon, evribadi. A lot of interesting events took place in the industry during the week. For example, the presentation of brand new RTX video cards, some rumors about the state of STALKER 2, and fresh details about the development of GTA 6 also appeared. But of course , these are not all the main newsworthy events of the week. However, let me remind you, if you have the opportunity, you can become a sponsor of the channel or on Patreon for a modest fee. Also join us in the telegram channel. And last but not least,

don't forget to click like, and if you're here for the first time, you can subscribe to the channel. Well, let's take a closer look. Sony has released the first teaser trailer for the PC version of Spider-Man Miles Morales. The video shows a cutscene of gameplay and cutscenes from the alpha build, and at the end there is a splash screen confirming that Miles Morales will be released on Steam and EGS, just like the remaster of the main game.

The main thing is that the 30-second video confirms the release dates and even, perhaps, clarifies them. At the beginning of the video, you can hear addressed to the main character: "See you in a few weeks, Spider-Man." From this we can conclude that the game will be released at the end of October. Officially, the port, from studio Nixxes, should appear in the fall, although the exact date is still not reported. Along with this, the game opened a page on Steam with screenshots and system requirements. The pre-order is closed for now, but the cost, I assume, will be the same as that of Peter Parker.

NVIDIA held a presentation where it announced the fourth generation of graphics cards. The new flagship of the lineup is the RTX 4090. The graphics card is said to be two to four times faster than the 3090 Ti and will be available for $1,600. The release will take place on October 12th. A little later, in November, the RTX 4080 will go on sale in two versions: with 12 or 16 GB of GDDR6X memory. The first will cost customers $900, while the second will cost $ 300 more. Judging by the examples given,

by "next" NVIDIA means either completely new games, or deep remasters, or improved versions of already released projects. The graph shows that the games listed actually perform 2 to 4 times better on the 4080 and 4090 compared to the 3090 Ti, while "today's games" show comparable performance or 1.5 to 2 times better. The new cards are based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, which delivers a significant improvement in ray-traced gaming through the use of DLSS 3 technology. According to NVIDIA, the new version is capable of four times faster direct compute rendering performance and will be supported by popular game engines, including Unreal and Unity . The release of DLSS 3 will also take place on October 12th. The technology will only work on new cards. Its support has already been announced

for 35 games. Also at the presentation , several game announcements were also made. For example, the RTX remaster of Portal and Racer RTX, a playable techno demo with RC cars designed to show the company's achievements in the field of graphics technology. Portal will offer " ray-

traced every frame of gameplay", handcrafted high-quality textures, high-poly models inspired by the original game, and 4K resolution. The improved puzzle will be free for all owners of the original. Both projects will be released in November. Also, Cyberpunk 2077 is about

to get an update that will add a new Overdrive ray tracing mode and make the visuals of the game on PC even more beautiful. Along with this, the game will receive support for DLSS 3, providing a performance boost to render the new ray tracing in Overdrive Mode at the highest level of detail and resolution. Along with the announcement of the GeForce RTX 40 series, NVIDIA also introduced software innovations. One of them is RTX Remix , a free platform powered by NVIDIA Omniverse designed to make it easier for you to remaster old PC games on your own. In short, RTX Remix allows you to improve content and add various modern graphics features to games that were not supported by them at launch. It turns

out that everyone who wants to be able to make their own remaster, so we are waiting for even more "high-quality" updated versions of games for full price. This includes full ray tracing, DLSS, and volumetric fog and lighting. The upgrade process is carried out using machine learning algorithms. There is no timeline for the availability of the platform yet. In an interview with IGN Japan, game director Kento Kinoshita revealed additional details about Winters' Expansion for Resident Evil: Village, including its length and scope. According to the developer,

Shadows of Rose will take around four hours to complete, making it one of the biggest Resident Evil DLCs to date. In addition, Kinoshita confirmed that the expansion will feature several locations, although only Dimitrescu's castle has been revealed in trailers and gameplay so far . At the same time, since the action of the DLC takes place inside the mind of a megamycelium, all these places will be distorted versions of their real versions. By the way, the addition of Shadows of Rose will complete the saga of the Winters family. Assassin's Creed: Mirage will pay homage to the old parts of the franchise, but at the same time it will also have a number of new features for the series, one of which the developers clearly spied on in Red Dead Redemption. According to Gamerant, Mirage will feature a feature called Assassin's Focus, which by its description alone is already very reminiscent of Red Dead's Dead Eye. This Assassin's Focus will allow you

to select targets and kill them in quick succession, slowing down time before doing so. Detailed details of the mechanics, including the weapons used in it, have not yet been disclosed, but, apparently, the implementation will be as close as possible to the RDR. Let me remind you that in the Rockstar westerns, we recall, players could “pause” the gameplay for a short period, mark the weak spots of opponents and quickly shoot them from a revolver or carbine in automatic mode. Sony's management is already rubbing their hands maliciously, because according to the Financial Times, the second phase of consideration of the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard by specialists from the UK Competition and Markets Authority has begun. Independent experts will be involved in the case . They will have to

carefully analyze all the arguments of the parties, developing optimal solutions that meet the interests of British consumers and businesses. According to journalists, the issue of buying Activision Blizzard for $70 billion will be considered very seriously at the level of the European Union. The process is long. Regulators believe that a scenario in which Microsoft becomes the sole owner of the world's largest gaming series, such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, has the potential to greatly harm natural market competition, putting both established companies and those who are just getting ready to its debut in the interactive entertainment industry. They are also very concerned about the high technical competence and strong technological foundation of the Small Soft, especially in promising and emerging areas such as cloud services and streaming solutions.

Regulators believe that Microsoft can use its advantage in connection with Activision's game catalog to further strengthen its market position. YouTuber Dan Allen turned out to be an insider who repeatedly leaked information about games in violation of the NDA. The blogger confessed to his deed after there were too many accusations against him . Dan Allen is best known

as an Australian YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming. However, it has now emerged that Allen was hiding under the nickname The Real Insider on Twitter, and under this profile leaked important information about various games ahead of time. Allen had contacts with developers who sent him press releases, but in the case of important announcements, the authors sign a non-disclosure agreement that cannot be violated. Allen gave himself away after answering a question posed by The Real Insider from his main Twitter account . Jason Schreier checked Allen's and The Real Insider's posts and found out that both accounts were posting about the same games around the same time. For example, when he leaked the titles of the upcoming Assassin's Creed, Allen thanked Ubisoft for the press preview of Mirage. At first, Allen denied

any connection with TheRealInsider, but he nevertheless confessed to his deed when the accusations became too much. In fact , the blogger confirmed that he systematically violated major NDAs. Because of this, game companies can sue him. After the confession, Allen deleted his insider account. But in fact, if he had not burned out, then he

would have continued to merge the information. In short, it was awkward to say the least. A lot of AAA titles have been announced recently under license from Marvel. Insomniac Games is preparing Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, EA Motive is making Iron Man, and Skydance New Media, led by Amy Hennig, is working on an action-adventure about Captain America and Black Panther. Marvel Studios

pioneered the creation of the MCU, but in the case of games, there will be no common connection between them. Marvel Games Vice President Bill Rosemann said that they are not requiring developers to create any kind of connected universe, as they want the studios to have the freedom to tell their own stories without influencing other people's games. I don’t know, maybe in vain, because often such a mess turns out that then the players understand the connections in the superhero universe for years. The first big story expansion for zombie action Dying Light 2 Stay Human will not be released on time. Techland announced

the postponement of the Bloody Ties DLC from October 13 to November 10, while the release has already been postponed once, since the expansion was originally expected in September. The reason for the next delay, according to the tradition that has developed in the industry, was the desire of the authors to spend additional time polishing and eliminating errors. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella shared his thoughts on the poor launch and criticism of Battlefield 2042 in an interview with Barrons. In his opinion, the latest

part of the franchise has gone too far from the classic gameplay of the series. They say DICE tried to implement a few things that were too ambitious for the team, but did not seem to pay due attention to the gameplay. Because of this, the innovations were not interesting, which led to criticism and the failure of the game. Less than a year later, EA CEO Andrew

Wilson admitted that Battlefield 5 and 2042 had failed and that there was "a lot of work" to be done on the franchise. Wilson compared the franchise to the Star Wars series, which has films that don't live up to the expectations of fans. But he saw in the uncertainty around Call of Duty a plus for Battlefield. Activision Blizzard's move to Microsoft could increase the popularity of Battlefield, as it will definitely remain multi-platform. With Call of Duty out of the way, Ployka fans will be forced to look for a replacement for the series on their platform, and this is where EA could grab their attention. He'll probably be upset

if he finds out that Kolda won't be exclusive to the Mikes. On the other hand, if they continue to spit on the quality of their games, then Battle will not help at all. Now they need to think about how to restore the trust of the fans after 2042, and not about the vague prospects of replacing Kolda. The media drew attention to the vacancy of the scriptwriter for the remake of Splinter Cell on the Ubisoft website. The job description

says that Ubisoft Toronto will not only update the visual style and gameplay, but also rewrite the script. Which is kind of worrying. The vacancy states that the story of the original Splinter Cell will be taken as the basis for further updates and rewriting of the script in the remake. The world of the type should become more authentic and believable, and the storytelling more coherent and compelling. Judging by the job description, the team intends to rewrite and update the story for a “modern audience”, so to speak, while maintaining the spirit and themes of the original. We

know these updates for the modern audience from Ubisoft, who have lost more than a dozen games. Here I don’t even really want to joke, because in reality it will still turn out to be much more absurd. Studio GSC, at the request of Tom Henderson's Insider Gaming website, commented on the rumors about the state of STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobil and its possible postponement to a later date. We are talking about reports that have appeared the other day, as if

due to problems with production and the establishment of a workflow , the game will be delayed until the 24th or even the 25th year, although it is officially announced for the 23rd. GSC stated that they usually do not comment on such rumors, but the absurd nature of the information forced them to make an exception. In short, the team said that this is not true, the game is not being postponed yet again. Therefore, it is better to

wait for official information. Sony showed off the PSVR2 in a new video. The video lists the main features of the helmet and shows how these features are used in games. For example, with the help of

pupil tracking, it will be possible to change weapons with a simple eye movement through the arsenal selection wheel in the Firewall Ultra shooter, and the foveal rendering technology will allow the image to be focused on the area of ​​​​view, applying increased detail to it. Other mentions include a 4K, HDR, wide-viewing display, finger-touch detection for haptic interaction, 3D audio, haptic feedback via helmet and controllers, and adaptive triggers. In addition to Firewall Ultra , the trailer shows other games from the PS VR2 launch lineup. The launch of the new helmet will take place at the beginning of the

23rd year. Axios reports, citing two sources at Ubisoft, that the development team for the upcoming Assassin's Creed Red, set in feudal Japan, has brought in consultants and local studio staff to ensure cultural authenticity and accuracy. The author of the note , Stephen Totilo, notes that some Western projects based on Asian culture have been criticized in recent years. However, it is not yet clear how Ubisoft consultants - internal or external - will be able to influence the development of the game. The publisher does not disclose details and does not name the development team, but it is led by the Canadian Ubisoft Quebec, and is headed by creative director Jonathan Dumont. Based on this, there is a good chance that it will still be a good game.

The first closed beta of Diablo 4 will take place in November, as Blizzard announced in a new blog. However, to participate, you will have to meet certain requirements. Since this test will focus on endgame content, the closed beta requires experienced players who have completed the endgame in past games. The developers explained that they will use gameplay data to invite a limited number of testers. However, even if it is not possible to take part in the CBT, an open test is scheduled for the 23rd year. In the upcoming beta, players will be allowed to test the daily tasks, for which the players began to criticize them. The public thinks Blizzard

is turning Diablo into an MMO-like service game. They called the daily quests a nasty mechanic that doesn't motivate you to play for fun. It only helps the company's analysts and encourages people to return to the game because they are afraid of missing out. Daily players hated

it back in the third Diablo. Fans believe that temporary tasks kill all the fun. But Blizzard has been adding daily quests to its games for a long time, and this trend will definitely not change. This is the whole new Blizzard. Some believe that daily events will motivate the public to play for two to three hours every day. If a person spends more time in the game every day, then progress will slow down. In short, it is too early to draw conclusions, but apparently we are waiting for another service dump, which is a pity.

Dataminer Lance McDonald discussed a potential port of Bloodborne on PC and PS5. According to him, Sony has no restrictions in order to develop it and release it on new platforms. He also dispelled the rumor that this would require the involvement of FromSoftware employees. McDonald noted that his fan-made patch that adds support for 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro contains only a few lines of code. In addition, the enthusiast said that he saw with his own eyes a

working assembly of the PC version of the game for Windows, but he could not provide any evidence. Therefore, the chances of the release of the game on the PC are now close to zero. Journalists have published the first minutes of the body horror Scorn, whose visual style is inspired by the work of Hans Giger, the creator of Alien. The hero explores a mysterious complex, solves puzzles and interacts with various devices that look like living beings. As the press notes, Scorn is definitely not for the squeamish: too much rot, slimy items, marsh green and brown . A Eurogamer writer didn't like the game's overly slow pace: Quote: "Scorn has a fantastic visual aesthetic. The game can become a hardcore festival of violence, but in the meantime, it's like you're going to work in a factory inside someone's anus. Many mechanisms require

the hero to put his hands in them - it looks really disgusting. There are no opponents in the prologue, so for the first half hour the hero is busy only with puzzles. The game will be released in a month, so prepare long gloves. Crytek broke the silence and announced on its Twitter that Stephen Northcott has joined the company as CTO of Crysis 4. Before that, the developer worked on

Dust 514 and EVE Online, that is, EVE Online at CCP Games. Stephen Northcott later moved to Remedy to work on a game codenamed Project Vanguard. В мае Crytek рассказала, что творческим руководителем будущего шутера выступит бывший руководитель разработки Hitman 3 Маттиас Энгстрём.

Crysis 4 пока что в ранней фазе разработки, поэтому когда выйдет шутер и на каких платформах, неизвестно. Студия Fatshark объявила дату проведения закрытого тестирования Warhammer 40 000 Darktide. Тестирование начнётся 14 октября и продлится до 16-го. Бета-клиент будет доступен исключительно

пользователям ПК. Для участия необходимо заполнить форму на сайте игры. Затем вам отправят анкету, в которой нужно указать характеристики «железа». После удовлетворения требованиям пользователи получат код для доступа к тесту. В бете будет доступно больше контента и функций. Также будут разрешены трансляции, поэтому не получившие доступ к бете смогут посмотреть стримы. Релиз состоится 30 ноября на ПК.

В конце июня студия Liithos, образованная покинувшими Bend Studio разработчиками, анонсировала постапокалиптический многопользовательский онлайновый боевик с ролевыми элементами под названием Ashfall. Команда выкатила геймплей, показав как выглядит приключенческий шутер от третьего лица в мире, выжженном ядерной войной, которую начал искусственный интеллект. Бесплодные пустыни, заброшенные города, поля сражений старого мира, шумные поселения выживших — это то, что предстоит увидеть игрокам, — огромный и разнообразный мир пустоши. Ashfall сочетает в себе уникальную восточную культуру и постапокалиптические элементы. Каждая область

игры демонстрирует свою тему и предлагает к изучению особую культурную атмосферу. Игрокам предстоит покинуть убежище и отправиться на поиски ради спасения человечества. Ashfall предлагает множество возможностей, включая настройку персонажа. Боевка сочетает в себе классическую стрельбу из укрытий и командную работу. Игра поддерживает одиночный и многопользовательский режимы, повышая удобство привередливых пользователей. Отдельно отмечу, то саундтрек

пишут легендарные композиторы Инон Цур и Ханс Циммер. Выход планируется в 23м году на ПК и мобилках. На данный момент у Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 67% положительных отзывов, а критикуют игру за многие аспекты. Мы изучили мнения людей и составили примерную картину впечатлений от беты на ПК. Больше всего критики приходится на техническую часть игры. Люди пишут, что даже на мощном железе

шутер лагает, а у кого-то и вовсе не запускается. Кто-то ругает графику и шутинг (хотя большинству он понравился), также под критику попали коридорные карты. Логично, что аудитории не понравилась цена на новинку, с чем я крайне солидарен. По мнению людей, она завышенная, поскольку MW 2 называют копией Warzone с другими текстурами. Вдобавок ко всему ругают и интерфейс. Мол выглядит он так, как будто он был создан мобильным разработчиком, которому сказали сделать что-то за 30 минут. Другие с иронией пишут, что теперь можно

юзать резиновых бойцов. Впрочем, положительные отзывы тоже есть. В первую очередь люди саркастично сравнивают шутер с Battlefield 2042 и пишут, что MW 2 играеится лучше нее, поэтому его уже можно оценить хорошо. Игроки

хвалят звук оружия, который добавляет баллов в копилку реализма. Аудитория в целом оценила геймплей, новые механики, стрельба и ощущение оружия положительно. Если хотите узнать побольше о минусах и плюсах игры, советую посмотреть наш детальный видос про игру, правда там показана ПС5-весия. В то же время в сюжетной кампании Modern Warfare 2 игроков ждут всего 16 сюжетных заданий. Утечка GTA 6 представила множество инфы о новой игре. Она подтердила сеттинг Вайс-Сити, двух протагонистов,

а также множество улучшений в геймплее. Про что я вам очень детально рассказал в нашем видео, очень советую заценить. Однако что из утечки не ясно, так это масштаб карты. Однако приблизительные подсчеты указывают, что карта может быть в два раза больше, чем Лос-Сантос из GTA 5. Эти предположения основаны на различных координатах, которые видно на роликах. Координаты указывают на

положение персонажа в игровом мире. Хотя вся карта современного Вайс-Сити вряд ли будет вписываться в прямоугольник, общая глобальная карта будет находиться на прямоугольной сетке. По крайней мере так это работает в большинстве игр. Игроки предположили, что карта может иметь размер 14382 x 14382, если допустить, что точка отсчета находится в центре карты. Кроме этого фанат обратил внимание на то, как меняются координаты, и судя по всему, одна единица на карте равна одному метру. Таким образом, если ноль находятся в центре карты, то общая площадь мира составит 206.8 квадратных километров. Для сравнения, примерный

размер карты GTA 5 около 80 километров. Если подсчеты соответствуют действительности, то Вайс-Сити в GTA 6 может быть в два раза больше Лос-Сантоса, при условии учета воды и областей вне города. Однако, карта может быть даже больше, выходя за пределы обнаруженых значений. Также, стало известно о бюджете игры, который может стать рекордным. Производственный бюджет GTA 6, по данным утечки, составляет $500 млн. Еще $100 млн уйдут на маркетинг. Если верить хакеру, слившему данные проекта, Rockstar планирует осуществить продажи игры на $1 млрд.

Кстати в Лондоне был арестован предполагаемый виновник масштабной утечки данных по шестой ГТАшке. Приближенный к правоохранительным органам источник сообщил журналисту Мэттью Кизу, что хакером оказался 17-летний пацан. Его подозревают во взломе серверов Rockstar и Uber. Сообщается,

что арестованный хакер, предположительно, связан с группой анонимусов под названием Lapsus. Сообщается, что ранее он мог стоять за взломом Microsoft, NVIDIA и Samsung. Лондонская полиция и FBI в настоящий момент не дает никаких комментариев. Сейчас он остается под стражей. Ну, что сказать, теперь официально ПОРТАЧЕНО. Хотя

смотря с какой стороны посмотреть. Если раньше все думали, что за сливом стоит один человек, то на деле их могло быть двое. Админы GTA Forums попытались разобраться в ситуации. Они выяснили, что за аккаунтом, с которого и произошёл слив, стоят два человека, один из которых задержанный, а второй — помощник, который разместил информацию в «Телеграме». Также администрация GTA Forums отметила, что ситуация и дальше будет изучаться, однако во избежание дезинформации владельцы сайта закрыли тему с утечкой. Уж теперь им точно нужно будет подключать к расследованию FIB вместо FBI.

В свою очередь Rockstar решились прокомментировать все это. Компания заявила, что в ее сеть незаконно вторглись третьи лица и скачали кучу секретных материалов, включая кадры новой GTA. Но на текущий момент GTA 6 ничего не угрожает — команда продолжит трудиться над экшеном согласно плану.

В то же время геймеры начали выяснять, какие актёры подарили внешность или голос главным героям игры, парню Джейсону и девушки Люсии. С первым пока проблемы, а вот выяснить актрису, работавшую над Люсией удалось. Несколько месяцев назад на странице Александры Эчаварри нашли упоминание работы над новой игрой Take-Two. Теперь на сайте прямо указано, какая роль досталась

девушке. Пользователи сети заметили изменения на (и эм ди би) IMDb-страничке Александры — это официально актриса, которая играет Люсию в GTA 6. Хоть хакер, упоминал конец 24-го как дату выхода игры. На том же IMDb указан

25й год. звучит вполне правдоподобно, если Rockstar, как и заявляла, действительно продолжит в спокойном темпе разрабатывать GTA 6. К тому же это сходится с информацией инсайдера Тома Хендерсона, который говорил про релиз не раньше 25го года.

God of War Ragnarök выходит 9 ноября. За полтора месяца до релиза стало известно, сколько места потребуется игре по крайней мере на PS4. Согласно информации, новинка займет на жестком диске консоли прошлого поколения 90,6 ГБ. Сведений о версии для PS5 на данный момент нет, но можно ожидать, что весить она будет меньше благодаря технологии сжатия Kraken, которая позволяет сокращать размер игр. Кроме того, наверняка на релизе будет патч первого дня, который займёт ещё несколько десятков гигабайт. Зато точно не нужно сжимать

свой коммЕнт, чтобы обсудить последние новости. Поэтому, приглашаю вас туда. Также будем рады видеть вас у нас в Телеге и Дискорде. Ну и приглашаю подписаться на наш канал жмите на лайк и колокольчик. До встречи

на XGTV. Смотрите и играйте вместе с нами.

2022-09-27 05:48

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