From 3.5 LPA to 40 LPA | Tier-3 College to TCS to PayPal in 4 Years Java Developer RoadMap 2023

From 3.5 LPA to 40 LPA | Tier-3 College to TCS to PayPal in 4 Years  Java Developer RoadMap 2023

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In our college, there was only one company which was our saviour, you ca assume that. TCS?! TCS was our saviour that this company was the one if we get into it, then our life is set. I couldn't get into TCS but a lot of companies came after that in our college. But, a lot of my friends did crack but not mine.

I gave interviews in almost 25 companies. In 25 companies.... But in none of the company did I clear the first round. People who don't know Hindi, will try to understand your point of view be it the worst English spoken by you. During breaks, I used to stand beside those people who don't know Hindi. Do you know OOPS? Yes, I do.

Do you know the exception language? Yes, I do. Do you know Correction? It doesn't happen like that you studied theory and its done. Then again, how did you get the opportunity to be back in TCS? Why did you think its time to give the interview again? Why did you give TCS again? Your interview is tough.

Or the interview can be scheduled. But you're not brave enough to give the interview. See, so what is the difference between today and tomorrow? Today you're just a failure. And if you the interview tomorrow then even if that interviewer gives you 100 slangs, who is even watching that! Truly said! Absolutely correct! So, how important are the communication skills in the Tech companies we'll get to know & understand it in this podcast. Today, we've such a guest with us who has 5 years of experience. Now, he is working in Paypal as a Java developer.

So, he'll also share the roadmap of Java. Today's session is going to be inspire you a lot. Because the story is as such. So, he was rejected in TCS. Why?

Because of the Soft skills. That his English wasn't good. Then, he decided to go to Hyderabad and prepare for GATE. He was rejected by 25 companies in the campus placement. Then, he went to hyderabad to prepare for GATE and he told that now, I would talk to all the people around me only in English. So that, my English gets better.

He came back when he couldn't clear GATE. Then, he got the opportunity for TCS again he gave the interview, got selected, worked in TCS for 3 years the worked in another company in - Dew software. Then finally, he worked in Paypal. So, his story will help you a lot.

Lot of people face the problem, how he looked at those challenges, how did he solve it technically along with the soft skill you'll get to know it. There's a question that how much English is required? Watch the whole podcast. You'll get to learn a lot of things. Do like this podcast, share it to the most.

Comment down what do you all think after watching this podcast how much did it motivate you? Do write it. Like aim is kept to be =5000. Do accomplish it for more such interesting podcasts.

Let's talk with Anupam. First of all, Thanks Ajay for inviting me in this channel. Like, basically I saw most of the videos in your channel. So, the thing is that I'm from Patharia, Damoh. In MP, its nearby Jabalpur.

I did my engineering from Jabalpur. So, my college was Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences. And my branch was Electronics and Communication. So, I would like to tell you that my CGPA wasn't high it was 7.25. And after that, I prepared for jobs & TCS was my first company. And I had worked earlier in TCS means & the most important thing I did their training from Trivendram.

So, in TCS thier training is the main, right?! Of Trivendram that we enjoy a lot. After that, I did a job switch. I had started, so I had mutliple offers. I joined Dew software. And after DEW software, I started the preparation again, now I'm an SDE 2 in Paypal. In Paypal!! OKAY!!!! Very nice, dude! So, how did you get the opportunity in TCS? It also has a long story. So, basically what happened was as soon as I finished my engineering,

let me tell you, such that during the time of my engineering means in our college, there was only 1 company which was our saviour. You can assume that. *TCS* TCS was our saviour that, if we crack this company then our life is set. And if not then, we don't know what will happen. So, I worked very hard.

In TCS, what happens is first there's an email writing round. After that, we've Aptitude. TCS' Aptitude round is very tough. Means, very tough in the sense, you need to prepare for it differently.

If you sit for it like that, then you won't pass. Okay! So, I did its preparation- for Aptitude and Honesty. Then we went for TCS and gave the written round or Email writing so, I passed it. I cleared the first round. When I sat there for the second round, then that was basically technical round, the second round. Then, there were lot of technical questions in it. Apart from Technical questions, I answered most of them but I also couldn't answer most of them.

Right!! So, the main that I understood was that technical is fine. In TCS, they understand that they're freshers so fine, they'll know some of it, they'll learn some of it. They only look at how much the freshers know and how much not. So, what happened was, unfortunately I couldn't clear it. Means its such that, the main thing is when I joined engineering - in Electronics and Sciences then, at that time I didn't even know what TCS was, even what a campus is, how is the selection done, what's the job I was not... So, when came to know from seniors, teachers that this is TCS which is the first company to come.

Then, when that interview took place, actually what happened was, after the written test, the technical round after it there are two more rounds after it- MR and HR So, my call didn't arrive for MR and HR round. So, I understood from that I couldn't pass it. But, I bet something might happen. I couldn't clear TCS but a lot of companies arrive in our college.

But, a lot of my friends passed it except me. I gave interviews in almsot 25 companies. In 25 companies But in none of companies I could clear the 1st round.

That phase of my life, wasn't as such that I wasn't much sad or anything but it was like, wake up every day and go it felt like, today is should succeed. Atleast one company. I couldn't pass. When I did NSS then, the first round for any company

it was the same in the past as well as now. The first round is of your communication skill test. Some do JD, take any topic and discuss on it. So, I came to know that my communication skills isn't good. My communication skill means the main thing that, your English when you start talking then he understands that what he is talking about and what is he trying to talk maybe they couldn't understand anything, I think that I was very confident I tried to talk but I think that they couldn't understand anything.

Alright! So, this was my journey, so what happened was- what to do next means I couldn't........ So, you were rejected from TCS for the first time. Yes! I was rejected from TCS and more 24 companies, total was 25 companies. Okay! So, before moving forward I would like to give you a small information recently on 28 Feb 2023, PW celebrated Vishwas Diwas and made numerous launches. Among them, one of the launch was Decode batch's C++ with DSA course for 6 months.

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced You'll be taught entire end-to-end DSA using C++ and the demand of the companies would be covered here. And you'll get proper hands on experience. And this training will be given by experienced mentors who're already working in a product based. This is a hybrid course where you'll be getting recorded lectures and you'll be getting live classes. Not only this, the projects that you'll make, you'll be issued an experience work letter that you can show to any company.

Chances are high in that case. Credibility establishes that this person has worked and if you get stuck anywhere then you'll be getting 1 to 1 session, there are proper doubt clearing sessions and the good thing is about resume building sessions, proper resume will be built You'll be getting proper career counselling sessions, if you're stuck anywhere if you have any doubt another interesting thing is that, if you've a weak laptop RAM is low, your PC is very slow then you can use skillLab of PW which is cloud based. You can code in any language, you can make your work space.

And there you can save your project, this is a very good thing. They also have a job portal, that as you completed the course. Then you can upload the resume there and apply for the job & schedule your interview.

So, you'll get all these benefits in this course. And I've given all the useful links in the description. You can look at the screen, their batch is going to start soon. And you can use my coupon code that is visible on the screen. And you'll get the extra benefits. So, what are waiting for?

Go, you're getting end-to-end DSA course with C++ in a very low price. So, I've given the link in the description, you can go and check out. Let's talk on now. Means I'll understand, people as well through out the podcast but yes, please go ahead. So, now I came back to my home.

Now, what should be done? So, I thought that IT companies would be easy. But, I was good in Technical. I understood that the projects I did during college. So, I was good in Technical, so I thought of trying our branch itself.

Electronics and Communication. So, I thought of preparing for GATE, then I'll do M. Tech or look for jobs. Right! Technical is good so he is thinking that he can do there.

Then, I packed my bag and went to Hyderabad direct. Now, you can do the coaching from Bhopal, nearby, even from Jabalpur and you can do it from wherever you want, right!! But I went to Hyderabad because I know my biggest weakness is my English. Means, my communication skills that the person upfront doesn't understand or even if he understands then my English isn't that great, right! Then I took a resolution that, I'm going to Hyderabad there's one thing, I'll go to coaching and talk to everyone my friend circle, we make it right!! You talk to people, you need help, until where will you study, right! So, I took a resolution that I'm going to Hyderabad but those who say Hindi specially, in coaching, leave the hostel. I thought that I'll try in hostel, so specially in coaching I won't talk to those who speak Hindi. And, if I do then only in English. Then, I decided it.

Now, there's a thing that the person has reached there after deciding but what happens is, after some time, motivation drops down or anything but I was very strict for this thing. Okay! So, means why did you got Hyderabad? Was there any reason to go or..? No, The reason to got to Hyderabad was that I have to prepare for GATE but the weakness that's there You need to work on that as well. Because you can do M. Tech and reach college but at the end you've to sit in campus. Or you've to give interview in any company.

So, you need to finish your weakness first. I can understand. Right! So, people will say a lot that do coaching or look at this video. use this app, do this but until you don't speak you can't learn that.

And the main thing is that when I went to Hyderabad, the South Indian people I'm not saying like, South Indian, like people who don't know Hindi They'll try to understand your point, be it the worst English you speak. So, once even if you speak worst English but you'd a confidence in yourself, you wanted to explain the person upfront that I'm trying to say this. This concept is like this.

So, when they'll try to understand you'll learn English by yourself. Its not anything but just a language. *Truly* That confidence develops be it Even if you're speaking here and there, there's no issue some people judge & we get a little demotivated. As he told, South Indian Right! Those who don't know Hindi, he'll always respect your thoughts. This is very true. I experienced it myself. So, then what happened there? Did you give the GATE exam? Did you clear it? So, basically I'll tell you like, what happened.

In Hyderabad, coaching was from morning 6 to 2 in the afternoon then you've to come back and study for yourself. So, during breaks I used to stand beside those people who didn't know Hindi. And I tried to talk to them a little. And I understood within 7-15 days, how much are you getting it and how much not.

But as I made friends and I talked to them. I talked to them a little. Our mutual understanding was built & then I learnt slowly. And moved forward. But for GATE, frankly speaking I couldn't complete my preparation for GATE. So, as soon as I finished the course I came back home. For some days.

Because it was a continuous period for 6 months when I was there. When I came back home, I got to know that TCS.... means there's a point here how I got my first job. So, I got to know that TCS' online campus means give the test Online, then you've to go and you've to give the interview right! So, what I did was, since I'm not confident in GATE let me fill it, I've to go to Hyderabad so I'll give the test and interview there. If I pass then its fine,

otherwise GATE is there. So, I went back and filled the form and I went for the online test and my Aptitude skill is a bit better since earlier. So, I cracked the first round of TCS.

Now, 3 days before my GATE exam, my TCS interview was scheduled. So, I thought what should I do, I've cracked the online test now GATE is in 3 days, I can't do much, so I thought of giving the interview. So, I gave the TCS exam.

In one round itself, all the three were there. Means Technical, HR, MR and there you can say I slayed. Means all of the questions that they asked, like basically in TCS whatever branch you represent, they ask related questions and one or two logical questions are asked, related to coding that, they change the mindset that how much coding do you know. Right! Then I slayed there, whatever they asked since I was preparing for GATE, right! I'll know this much Technical. I understood that before coming out that I passed.

Because they asked me If I've any issue with the salary, will you join or not. So I understood there. Perfect! Anupam! So, you were rejected in TCS earlier because you felt your communication skills weren't that good. Then he went to Hyderabad for the preparation of GATE there he talked to people and said that now I'll talk to people only in English Then, he came back home & gave interview in TCS and got selected. Perfect! How many years did you work in TCS? I worked for almost 3 years in TCS.

3 years! You told that you had a migration project & you worked a lot on it. Right! So, basically TCS story is such that when I went to Trivendram Bangalore. Then, when I reached Bangalore, I got my first project. That was a multinational project.

Means, I had been working on Java since the beginning. So, that was such a project that services were from before it was in spring. We were migrating it to spring boot. So, basically, I won't go much into Technical but in this migration project its' not like copy and pasting. Taking the code from spring to spring boot camp and changed the framework. Its not like that.

So, that project was such that I worked hard a lot in it means I worked so hard that I used to think from 9 in morning until 2 at night only about the project. Until 2 years. Okay! Its like that in the starting time when you join and you try to understand & it happens only when you've a technical sound that yes, those things emerge from inside you like to do things. So, you were in a migration project in TCS & worked for 3 years then switched to Dew software.

Finally went to Paypal. Right! Okay! As you talked about Java, Anupam, then according to you since its 2023 you're around Java Technologies, I even saw on your Linkedln Java, Spring boot, Rest API J unit Test NG, Malvin, Genkin Right! You've worked in all these things. So, according to you, lot of people asked me what is the clean roadmap of Java So, What is the clean roadmap? What are the important skills required for a Java developer? Now, you're working in Paypal as well, so like these skills are mandatory in Java? So, basically I would like to tell in Java, whatever you study in college Java is taught in college, you study in coaching as well. The basic concept of Java, like OOPS, Exception handling Correction and the main important thing is that, wherever you go, theory will be taught that yes, this is the theory of Java, study it. Ask anyone if they know OOPS? Yes.

Do you know Exception Handling? Yes. Do you know Correction? It doesn't happen like that, if you studied theory, you're done with it. You need to understand everything in detail which is the main important thing.

So, mainly understand core Java. After that, earlier you learnt Spring boot you learnt JPA, Seven-eight But, now I think if you know Spring boot, its sufficient. You don't need to do much. And as you're a developer, if you need to write a code, you've to write the test case for it unit text cases so you can learn J Unit along with it. Its sufficient for a fresher.

So, you're telling that.....and which version in Java, will Java 8 work? Or Java 17, I don't think any company is using that? Some might but generally, maybe not. My opinion is that, you need Java 8 then, learn it. Or the application of higher version of Java, you can even learn that. Main thing for the interviewer, like I do, so I look for the deep knowledge, basic fundamentals in the person upfront if he has or not? Perfect! So, basically he wants to say that, you should've the fundamentals of Java in your tips along with hands on you should've hands-on. Theory knowledge is fine, but you should've hands-on

secondly, there are web & micro services in Spring boot If you know it properly, the architecture of Spring MVC is clear to you then it'll work out & along with that writing test cases. If you know this much, its sufficient. Because Java is very vast.

Core Java, Micro-addition, JSP, Servernet, there are a lot of things Its not possible to do all the things but he told some things from his experience if you know this much then it'll work out. Right, Anupam! Right! Totally correct! Okay, great! Guys if you've reached until here then do like the video and do share. So, Anupam as you told that you've worked in 3 companies, basically you're working in Paypal. So, there's TCS, Dew Software, your background revolves around Java. So, since you've worked in service based and now you're working in product based.

And as you told that you were in a migration project in TCS. So, what difference did you notice? Regarding work? I would like to tell you that, my opinion is a little bit different. I don't know if it'll match everyone or not, some might say that he is saying anything. But my opinion is I look up the work as a company.

That tomorrow if Ajay opens a company, them he'll require a tester, a developer, a DevOps person as well, he'll require a functional tester, so you'll require everything in it, right! Now, you need a person who would work for you. So, I personally want to become that person that whatever you bring to me, I'll deliver it to you. If you tell me about migration which is a company's need If you talk about support, then its' also a company's need. And if you tell me to develop something new then its' also a company's need. So, company is paying you, your work is just to deliver. Yes, be in terms of service or product based then I don't think there's any difference because the thing is that it depends on your project what you're doing and how will your career be in future.

So, now tell me as you were rejected in TCS, then went to Hyderabad there you talked to many people in English you tried to improve your communication skills. GATE exam!! You feel that, things happen in life for a reason. So maybe, GATE exam was a way to improve your soft skills you came back, then how did you get the opportunity to why did you think its time to give it again? And why TCS again? Tell us about it, I would like to know about it. I think that there's a film of Sharukh Khan, right! Its said in it that, if you desire a thing with all of your heart then you'll get it for sure.

So, TCS was my drream company. Even now I think that, whatever I'm now whatever I did in my life, whatever I studied in colleges, I'm standing due to it but second thing is that, whatever I learnt in TCS it'll stay with me forever. So, it was my dream company. I wanted to go into TCS but I left the thought of going into TCS, I won't be able now. So, as soon as I got to know that there's an opportunity, I thought of a second chance. Okay! By the way, I agree that the attachment with the first company that is different. Yours was TCS, right!

Guys, do tell me in the comment section if I'm saying it wrong. Those emotions, if you've worked diligently then If you've spent a year or two then, that emotional connection sits down. I was in my first company CoForge, I didn't forget. Those times were different.

Okay!! Now, tell me what challenges did you face due to your soft skills in your journey. If you want to share a story in the form of an example, how did you overcome it? Did you talk with yourself while looking at the mirror? How did you start to notice that improvement in your journey? Honestly, I don't believe that standing in front of the mirror and talk or download an app and talk with it. Or watch English movies And watch English shows, then you'll understand. You do understand I'm not saying that but you do understand. But the main thing here is that until you don't speak, you won't learn it. The biggest thing.

And secondly, you try, you think that you're improving so, keep your confidence alive. That, I'm improving and I know it & secondly, the main thing, if you want to learn to speak English or if you've to do anything in life. Then, always remember that the perosn in front isn't judging me I'm judging myself and embarrassing myself. Do you understand me? I've spent 5 years in 3 companies, I've seen such people who're in very high positions and their English isn't that good. I'm not making fun of anyone, even then they're at the height of their career just look at me, I haven't improved much So, it totally means that be it English or anything, or technology, English is just a medium as its like, if you want to cross a river from one side to another then be it crossing on a covered boat or any normal boat you'll reach the other side. So, in technical you just've to manage it, right!! If you know sufficiently, its fine.

You told a beautiful line - that much which is sufficient. You don't need to become a lecturer, or you don't need to give a speech in front of many people It'll be sufficient if you speak what is required according to your work. You've good opinion. like, I tried giving you an example of mirror but you clearly said that, until you speak none of the mirror is going to work. Perfect! You've wonderful thoughts in these things because you've experienced then when those things emerge with experience they're different.

Now, tell me as you're already working in a product based, right! You're working in Paypal. So, how important is DSA? If someone wants to to crack product based company what is your thought upon it? That how important is DSA, specially for a back-end profile in Java as you are in it? I'll give a simple answer for it. When you're in college, you would like to learn C programming. What does the people in your college say? During my time, they said that learn C, C++ then learn Java so, when you'll go to learn C, the teacher will teach you the basic syntax of C after that, he'll teach you that there are lot of stars they've different patterns he'll teach you approx 100 patterns. He'll teach you mainly, how to iterate the loop.

Right! And first of all, when you'll go, he won't say that this is Linked list, Hash Map, tree, binary tree, graph, he won't say this. He'll tell you, don't do anything neither learn Syntax nor anything write the syntax that I've given and write below 'Hello Anupam!' So, it'll print on the screen. And you'll rejoice that your code worked. So, my thought here is that why did DSA arrive? DSA arrived because what your logical problem solving skills are how do you think, for any problem.

So, if you think properly for a problem & another thing is that there isn't any correct way means you need to save time as there's no correct way in total your time & space complexity should be fine then all the rest would be fine, so basically my guidance would be firstly, open those books instead of DSA or anything where those patterns are, basic questions are, if you'll go to learn C programming then you're taught 50 programs. Among which you'll be taught Palindrome, fabonoki, Reverse string they'll teach you all the basics so, learn that first. After which take any channel on youtube anywhere or honestly, I learnt from GeeksforGeeks. In less time, you'll get to learn lot of things.

And I don't say that you need to be a pro. Learn basic and many people advice that take questions and start solving it. Dude! Its not like that. Firstly, whatever questions you find on GeeksforGeeks, basic questions there are 3 modes, easy-medium-hard. Look at all the answers for easy and medium. That what logic has the person applied, that if there are 4 types of solutions then why is it there? What output do they give? So, if you'll analyse it once, when it'll stay in your mind that how does it rotate, how does linked list work, how does it deviate how are you putting in Hash map how are you getting it, when did you use Linked list, hash map when did we use Array, stack. There are lot of components

problem are solved with stack in minutes. And main boss is recursion. Right! So, recursion will teach you the 4th program, when you got to learn C programming. When they teach you Palindrome then they teach you function calling itself.

So, my opinion is keep it simple. Don't run. Perfect! Anupam! Mostly, generic talks take place on these topics, everyone yes, do this, do that but with this experience he told that, the fine basic would be it'll be giving you the direction that I need tree here, do I need graph if not then let it be focus on tree learn that, now if there's graph then learn it.

According to it. Right! And I would like to add more points, which is important for you to learn logically means if I'm giving the interview now, the first thing is searching & sorting. After learning searching & sorting, you'll find basics of arrays and maps on GeeksforGeeks linked list, implementation of tree, right!! So, try coding them. Let me tell you the beginning point, if you want advanced point it'll be numerous. So, as you saw the implementation of tree. So, code it, 3 times, 4 times as we used to do in childhood we used to write it down, similar for exam. So write it down, what's the problem.

Perfect! Anupam! You told the things properly. Now, before going I would like to ask you a question? Now, how is it going with Paypal, how interesting is it? What work are you doing? My work is very interesting and enjoyable. And I'm doing fine and something new.

And I'm even doing the running work. So its going fine. Means, the domain that I work for is very challenging. Main thing is that my game is good. And I don't think that in my entire career even when I was in TCS then my growth was due to my lead.

I respect my teacher, whenever I get stuck I call him that...... So the lead here, my colleagues help me a lot. Whatever you learn, you need help in your work, right!! So, I've their full support. And they're very supportive. Our main thing is that, our culture is very good.

Its very supporting culture. The work is done very efficiently. So, I'm feeling nice and enjoying here. I've done a lot of podcasts, with a lot of people, but it was interesting talking to you. You've a very open personality. I learnt from you in this entire podcast you're such a personality that, if anyone is talking then you don't agree with everything.

if anything is wrong then its wrong. If its correct then correct. Very clear. You kept transparency in the entire podcast. And It was nice talking to you Anupam! It was very nice! I believe guys you might've learnt a lot.

And secondly, how you openly talked about the soft skills that it was there how did you work on it, you didn't hide anything. if anything is successful, then you showed all the failure and rejections. Now, as you go since lot of people are watching you. And people have understood the point of soft skill properly.

What will be your final advice for Java aspirants those who'll go forward in Java. Or generic those who want to go into other field, what will be your advice, Anupam? So, my basic advice to everyone is firstly decide, what do you want to do? And, those who haven't decided take JAVA. Why as such? Because Java is in demand everywhere. *It'll always dominate.*

It is used in every company. yes! Right! And secondly, don't run too much. That I learnt JAVA so I've to learn Spring boot, micro services, J unit as well Keep the things simple.

let's take it in a generic way. So, I think that do anything but with diligence and do it nicely. And don't think that, I couldn't crack the interview or will I pass the interview or not. And the main thing, you need a lot of confidence. Why?

let me give you an example You might be thinking that I'm out of topic. * No, no please, please!* Please! Yeah!! So, an example is that, what happens basically suppose you've an interview tomorrow or it might be scheduled. But you're not summing up the courage to give the interview. Then, what is the difference between today & tomorrow? Today you're a failure or if you give the interview tomorrow then even if that interviewer gives you 100 slangs, then who is watching! Truly! Absolutely! Its already worse, what else will happen? You don't have anything in your hand. Right! Absolutely! So, Anupam! I would say, it was a motivational session.

I got to know a lot of things from you. And we talked on different things, mainly on soft skills that emerged from this session through you. I liked it a lot. And thank you so much for coming. We'll invite you again on the channel soon. So, thank you so much guys for watching this podcast. If you liked this then do like this video, share it and comment down and the like aim that I've kept is of 5000 if we accomplish then, such interesting podcast will continue to come. Thank you so much!

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