Fox Report Saturday 12/23/17 7PM | December 23, 2017 Breaking News

Fox Report Saturday 12/23/17 7PM | December 23, 2017 Breaking News

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Major. Developments, at the FBI this Christmas weekend, the Fox News has confirmed that the Bureau is reassigning. Its top lawyer this as there are reports, that the, agency's, number-two, official, is set to retire next year amid a growing chorus of Republican, criticism I'm, Molly line this. Is the Fox report. The. Washington, Post reporting, the Deputy FBI, director, Andrew McCabe is set to retire in the coming months after he becomes fully eligible, for pension benefits, Republican. Critics of the agency, have honed in on McCabe, grilling, him for hours, behind closed doors just. Days ago about his involvement in the high-profile investigations. Including those that were lead to relate, to Team Trump and Hillary, Clinton, President. Trump reacted, on Twitter and in one tweet said this, FBI. Deputy director, Andrew McCabe is racing, the clock to retire with full benefits. 90. Days to go, Steve. Harrigan is reporting, from West Palm Beach not far from where the president is spending the holidays Steve. What is the reaction to McCabe. Molly. McCabe has been under sharp criticism, for a variety of different, issues for much of the past year, including, the charge of bias because, his wife accepted, campaign, contributions. From, Clinton loyalists, today earlier, the president, tweeted this, how, can FBI deputy, director Andrew McCabe the man in charge along. With Leake and James Comey, of the phony Hillary, Clinton, investigation. Including. Her 33,000. Illegally, deleted emails be, given. $700,000. For wife's campaign by, Clinton, puppets during investigation. McCabe. Was grilled for two days on, Capitol, Hill by lawmakers this week Molly, and. The White House is also denying what it calls outrageous. Claims by the New York Times right. That's. Right this was a harsh pushback, by press secretary, Sarah Sanders, she, called these outrageous. Lies by the New York Times she also said that the senior, staff involved, in that meeting also denied, those claims it. Comes from a June meeting in the Oval Office where, President Trump was accused in the article, of making, disparaging. Comments, about different, immigrant, groups of Haitians. The article says President Trump said they all have AIDS and of, Nigerian, immigrants, the article alleges he said they will never go back to their huts once, they're in the US the New York Times says it used anonymous, sources who were at the meeting or were, briefed on that oval office meeting Molly and the White House has also announced a plan to provide Ukraine with, anti-tank. Missiles, does this mark a major. Escalation in, the conflict. It. Really does on the ground it could be a game-changer and, it's certainly a big shift in US policy from. Providing only non-lethal. Aid to Ukraine to, lethal aid these anti-tank. Missiles, are modern. Sophisticated. Expensive about, 75,000. Dollars a missile and basically, with them one soldier, can take out a Russian, backed separatists tank from a mile and a half away Russia. Is protesting, they say this will lead to more bloodshed but, US officials say these are defensive weapons, that Ukraine is only trying to defend its, territorial. Integrity Molly, back to you Steve, thank you the news is not slowing down out of the White House we appreciate, it for. More on what the u.s. hopes to achieve with, this move regarding, unity, let's. Bring in Daniel Hoffman retired CIA station chief who served five years in, Moscow, and is currently vice. President, of the Sonoran policy, group but thanks for joining us on this, holiday weekend I know it's busy out there, first. How is significant. Of a switch. Is this as. Far as our policy, in Ukraine and, providing, this weaponry this defense weaponry. Let. Me just start by making two points by, way of background first, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise to the Russians the. Trump administration has, been talking about providing lethal aid to the Ukrainians, going. Back to July of this. Year and and viewers may recall President Trump speech in Poland in which he, called on Russia to cease its destabilizing. Activities. In Ukraine. Secondly. These javelin. Anti-tank. Weapons are indeed very important, the Russians are, sending. T-72. Tanks, to. The separatists they back in the, Donbass region and this these javelin, weapons will. Definitely. Help the Ukrainians, push back. Cert some. Attempt. At least more effectively to assert some territory integrity in that region, you know after Moscow's. Annexation of. Crimea, in 2014. This, has been a deadly conflict a lot of folks have referred to it as a low-grade, war but 10,000 people have been killed and you, know you spent, time there in Moscow so, you're aware that Russia has a very active propaganda.

Machine And in this instance they've, said essentially, that by the US taking this action it. Will only, push. Ukrainian. Forces towards, war what, would your response be to essentially. That allegation coming, from the Russian side of things it's. It's typical, of the Russians to Twitter, to try to twist things like that it look it's the Russians who've been. The ones mounting, aggressive, military campaigns. Against the Ukrainians, and it really goes back to April of 2008, when, NATO announced its plans to issue a membership, action plan to Ukraine and that really caused. The Russians great concern, and. Then of course the Russians were. Supporting. Separatists, in the Donbass region and, annexed Crimea there will be significant. Bloodshed, in Ukraine that hostilities. Have increased over the last couple weeks but. It's Russia who. Was at fault they're trying to improve impose, a modern-day, version of the Brezhnev, Doctrine where they really limit the sovereignty, of, the. Nations in the former Soviet Union and. Kiev, has said made very clear that they believe it's Russia that has provided the troops and the tanks of course that they need this anti take missiles for a senior. Russian diplomat, makes the argument that arming Ukraine in the United States quote raises. The danger of derailing the process, of peaceful settlement in Ukraine, I mean where were we on the peaceful settlement process was that going anywhere, yeah not really going anywhere, it's, pretty, well stalled and one. Might make the argument that by. Providing these anti-tank, weapons we're showing that the Russians we have some skin in the game that, we're supporting a democratically. Elected government in Ukraine and, that if there may be any hope for some sort of a peace settlement maybe, this will help drive it but. Ultimately I think the Russian end game for Ukraine really, is to support this separatist, movement perhaps, even integrate, them in some fashion into Ukraine as, a fifth column, to, ensure that Ukraine never joins NATO never joins the European you that's really an existential, threat to, Vladimir, Putin's regime security. You. Know speaking of the Russians, this is unlikely, to warm any of our relations, with Russia and as you mentioned this, is something that Putin. May have a great a broader strategy, regarding. And that is this the US has opportunity, to sort of push back against. That broader aggressive, strategy, that Russia is putting forward well. I think we have a multi-pronged, you. Know strategy, with Russia we saw, just a you, know a week ago or so when the president had a a very. Friendly. Conversation over. The phone with President Putin and there was some cooperation, on counterterrorism I think there is a little bit of. Albeit. You, know constrained, opportunities. For us to work together with the Russians on counter narcotics and, counter proliferation and, counterterrorism well, at the same time serving. Our own national, security interests, in this case in Ukraine there could also be some opportunities, on arms control discussions. And maybe something limited on North Korea as well it's. Very it's a complex, relationship and, I think we have to understand, that it's nuanced and those who made too much of of, the president's, polite. Conversation, with Vladimir Putin should, now take a look at this very, forceful, assertion. Of our national security policy Daniel, Hoffman thank you very much weighing in on this important topic developing, story tonight we appreciate it thank you, lawmakers. In Congress scurrying. Out of town for the Christmas holiday they left behind though that lengthy, to-do list and one of the most pressing issues that they will face when they return will, be funding the federal government, a temporary, spending, bill is set to expire on January 19th. Ellison. Barber joins me from Washington with more and all that all of this it's, really a long list Ellison, what, are the top priorities, heading into the new year yeah they really have for better or worse a wealth of options as you said the federal budget just keeping, the government, open is, going to be the, big priority, the stopgap, measure passed only keeps the government funded, until January.

19th, Mostly at current, levels but at least, one Republican, is optimistic, that January, 19th, will, not be as chaotic, as things, were this week I, think. That January, 19th, will look a lot different than, December 21st, did, passing. Tax reform picking up a whole lot of oxygen in the room and I don't think we were able to get the deal that we wanted, so I'm hopeful hopefully now that we pass tax reform, that we can get on and have a good long term solution, and and, akame will be part of that process, the. White House says they expect immigration. To be a priority. Early in the year infrastructure. As well. We're. Working, through some. Of the top priorities I think you can expect welfare. Reform, infrastructure. Immigration. Reform all. To be top of mind and something that certainly we'll be looking, at and talking about a lot over. The first part of next year. Congress. Didn't touch disaster. Aid and they only temporarily, extended. The controversial, domestic. Spying program a program some. Like Rand Paul are not very big fans of. We. Cannot, reauthorize. Forever a program. Because, then there would be no oversight, on that program its, intention, is to spy, on foreigners, I'm fine with that but Americans, by the millions are, caught up in this database and we, should restrict, the government, from looking at Americans, data phone calls emails, you, name it we should restrict the government from doing that without the permission of a judge that's, what the Constitution says and I will fight that tooth and nail. Democrats. Really want to see movement when it comes to immigration and the dreamers, they weren't pleased, when it was left out of the stopgap measure Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake says, Majority. Leader Mitch McConnell promised. To hold a vote on daca, legislation. In January. Yeah there are a lot of competing. Ambitions, down there are they gonna have time to get it all done well. Congress, is starting the new year with a very big to-do list which is not that uncommon, for, Congress, in general kicking, either, is really kicking the can down the, road but this Congress left town for the holidays and they really did not do much to lighten their load in, January's. In some ways they made things harder, they took away time the government is funded until January, 19th, but the house was set to come back from recess January. 3rd leadership. Decided. To extend the break and now they will not return for work until January. 8th Somali they just shrunk, the time they have to work for themselves we. Shall see what happens I, mean it's a lot to get done in a very short amount of time I listen thanks for keeping an eye on our for a meanwhile, President Trump is looking ahead to the new year and the possibility, of working with Democrats things, like infrastructure, so.

Can The president reach across the aisle get Democrats on board with his agenda and has. He opened up a whole new working relationship with Republicans. In the wake of tax reform we will talk a little bit more about that coming on a little later right, here on the Fox report. Right. Now an uproar, over emails, is leading to major changes within the Miss America, Organization the. CEO is stepping down and he is not the only one leaving plus. A gunman, goes on a shooting spree that targeted police officers, and ultimately, left him dead now, investigators, are looking into the suspects, ties overseas. It, sound like firecrackers at, first and then. I heard like a barrage, of shots and, I, assume - the officers. Shot. Back. You. You. A. Shake-up. In the leadership, for the Miss America pageant, with, CEO Sam Haskell, stepping, down today his resignation, coming. After late emails, showed, that he mocked past pageant, contestants, using, sexist, and crude terms Miss America president Josh Randall and chairman, Lynn Widener, are also, out one. Of the women ridiculed in those emails is former, Miss America Mallory, Hagan she is asking people to contact her, if they, were warned, not to work, with her she worked as a pageant interview, coach after, her stint as Miss America, a gunman. Tariq, used of targeting, police in separate, shootings killed by, the very officers, he allegedly, fired at and now the FBI is investigating the, violence as a possible, act of terrorism. David. Lee Miller has more from our New York newsroom David. Lee what do we know about the shooter well, Molly the now-deceased gunman, has been identified as, 51, year old amid I mean I mean El Mufti, authorities. Say up until now he kept, a low profile, the local district, attorney tells. Fox that El Mufti was believed to be Egyptian, and that he returned from the Middle East in October, he says a quote, primary. Aspect, of the investigation, is learning if El Mufti had any links to terrorism, mental. Health issues here are also being investigated at. This point nothing, is being ruled out authorities. Do say that quick-acting cops saved, lives. This. Could have been a really. Tragic. Incident. With, this individual, firing. Many, shots at police cars in downtown Harrisburg, in the midst of rush hour traffic on Friday afternoon, that coming up here in, a residential, neighborhood and, firing, again, many shots.

According. To a published report el Muftis brother-in-law, was, shot by the shooting telling the website Penh live and I quote that's. Not his, behavior, at all well, can you take us through the timeline here the. Shooting spree began a little after four o'clock Friday, afternoon, on a street, that was between Pennsylvania's. State capitol, building in the federal courthouse el, Mufti fired several rounds at, an officers patrol, car and about, 20 minutes later he Oh fire on a state, trooper a bullet. Grazed her head a Mufti, fired several more rounds the wounded troopers still in her cruiser fled with, the shooter in pursuit minutes. Later at a third location a residential, neighborhood, now lofty. Armed with two handguns, opened. Fire on Harrisburg. Police that's. Where he was shot and killed, local. Residents, heard the hail of bullets. Sound. Like firecrackers at, first and then. I heard like a barrage of shots and, we got to the alley up there Don cop. Was there he had his um long. Rifle out and he said get back, and. Then the cop came down and put the tape across he shoes the cops, you. Get what you get the. FBI is the lead agency in this investigation and they're asking anyone with information, to call. Tu-154. 184, thousand, or tips. They, use the website tips, And. Molly there is some good news that trooper, who was grazed, by a bullet in. The head we. Are now told has been released, from the hospital that is wonderful news in this holiday weekend and another reminder of, the risk that they take for us every day thank you david lee more. Lives. And livelihoods swept. Away in, a moment a strong, storm slamming, the philippines and wiping, out entire villages, now, the recovery is just. Getting started plus, some winter weather right, here at home causing major problems for, travelers heading, to their holiday destinations, we. Go to the Fox Weather Center for your Christmas forecast. Fox. News Channel is bringing you an all-american, New Year celebration, from New York City and around the country catch the biggest live performances. And join the conversation, using hashtag, Fox News 2018. Kick back and watch the ball drop with your host Kennedy, and Jesse Watters live from the heart of Times Square, our, must-see, coverage begins New Year's Eve at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, right here on Fox, News Channel. You. A. Strong. Storm claiming, the lives of more than 100. People in the Philippines, it triggered landslides, and flash floods that, quickly swept people, away and homes and businesses, just days before Christmas. Right, now search and rescue efforts are underway as emergency, responders continue to, survey the damage, yet.

Some Dangerous winter weather here at home causing problems on the roads during the holiday rush numerous, accidents, reported as snow, moved across the Midwest and all the way up to New England meteorologist. Adam clots is in the Weather Center I know a lot of people are waiting to hear this forecast Adam hey there Molly well those, very storms, you were just talking about now running, into the East Coast stretching all the way from portions of Georgia, running up the East Coast mostly. Just rain at this point still on the very northern edge of this we have seen a little bit of a wintry mix perhaps, more snow. On the way as we continue on with this should, maybe cause a little bit of problems with driving as, far as our flight, delays anything, you see here in a yellow orange, is a moderate, delay but a red would mean a total stoppage, we haven't seen that at all today so that's good news for folks who are traveling in this system is going, to eventually push, on off the coast and get on out of the way so that happens overnight tonight the next round of snow moving across the country currently. In the plains states will be running into the Midwest for tomorrow, that's Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day running into the mid-atlantic perhaps. Bringing a little bit of snow in areas like New York City up towards Boston the. Upstate regions as well so snow is on the way is likely, for some of those areas as, well as that it's going to be absolutely, frigid, across the country even if you're not seeing that snow these were today's forecasted. Highs as warm, as it gets well that just shifts and settles in the next couple of days so for your Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day we're looking at a lot of spots with temperatures there in the 30s down, to the 20s teens and even single digits if you live in some of the very far northern reaches of the country besides. This what about the snow well if you have any snowfall on the ground now it stays cold enough it stays put additional snow perhaps for your white Christmas happening, here along the Great Lakes region and then stretching up to the north and to the east and of course we do want to remember everything. That's happening with the Tomasz wildfire, the. Winds have really, calmed down and that's the good news so it's not a big concern for this to continue to spray but, this fire is just north of the LA region and we just ran you through your humidity forecast no, moisture, Mali moving in that region at all the next couple, of days so it stays dry no winds that's good but, it's just way too dry out there yeah and they could definitely use that moisture yeah Adam thank you very much some good news for a few white Christmases out there some folks will be happy to hear that a former. Marine now charged with plotting to carry out a Christmas, Day terror attack a popular, tourist spot that he had allegedly had in his sights a new, reaction the report that the deputy, FBI, director, Andrew McCabe is set to retire what. Could it mean for Republicans, pressing, for answers on the agency's, alleged, anti-trump. Bias and. After a party-line vote to pass tax reform President Trump saying he plans to work with Democrats to advance his. Agenda in, 2018. What. Does he mean does. He mean it and would. Democrats, be receptive during an election, year. You. You. I'm. Molly line and this is the Fox report it is the bottom of the hour if you are just joining us the Washington, Post reporting, the deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe will. Retire in the coming months once he becomes eligible for pension this. As Fox News confirms, that the Bureau has reassigned. Its top lawyer general, counsel James Baker these shakeups come as investigations. Into the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton's emails, use. The, use of her emails raised questions of bias at America's top law enforcement agency, here, to talk about it is Jaime Weinstein.

Host Jaime, Weinstein, show podcast, and founding, partner at jmw, strategies, Jaime thanks for being here today. Thanks. For having me let's, kick off with, what we've learned about James Baker the general counsel of the FBI essentially, being reassigned now the Washington Post's reports. That this is essentially because Christopher gray who is now the head wants, to assemble his own team but Politico. Sending GOP sources, says, the documents, show that Baker communicated. With a reporter, at Mother Jones in, the weeks prior to the November 16 election, and that that, reporter, david korn one, of those that initially reported about the trump dossier. However. Flatly, denies that it was Baker that was his source in this but, essentially, what this comes down to is another person another top official, at the FBI that's being moved that's getting shifted in positions, what do you make of this. Well. There's no question that any, implication. Of bias should, be investigated. In the, Inspector, General. Of the Department of, Justice is looking in to, to if if bias occurred in, the Clinton email. Investigation. Or is it occurring right now in. The investigation, of President. Trump but it is really unprecedented the, tweets that I think we saw here it's. Not I can't think of a. Of. A president, attacking, individual. Members of the. FBI in. The way that Donald Trump did on Twitter so it is kind of an amazing, you. Know attack today on. The, FBI, but. But but you know it's it's kind of the new normal in a way where, things that might be, very. Big news in other administration's don't. Quite grabs rise. To that level in this image and you mention the president's tweets he did tweet earlier today Wow, FBI, lawyer. James Baker, reassigned. According, to at Fox News so. He did mention it but the general counsel is essentially. Could be potentially, read in on nearly. Every investigation, these. Big important investigations, so how significant. Is it that he's being reassigned. Well. We don't know we don't know if it, is as you mentioned originally, that the, new FBI director, is trying to put a new team around him or alternatively. The political report that. He was leaking, stuff to, david korn of mothers Downes who's a very, well-known a kind, of left-wing, political, magazine. Editor of. Course as you mentioned david korn denies that, Baker, was his source so you know this is kind of a developing, situation here, we don't know the, extent of Baker's.

You. Know was he was he leaking at the time or was he not and and I think we will learn as, the investigations, go on both the. Internal investigation within, the DOJ, and, Robert, Mueller's investigation, into. President Trump I think we have several investigations, going on at this point but you know we've got to let it play out to see where they go we've, also learned that Andrew McCabe the deputy director at the FBI is eligible, for retirement early. On later on this year in March that Washington Post also reports that he actually plans, to do so just quick reminder that he's at a very busy week spent a lot of time on Capitol. Hill before behind, closed doors before these congressional committees, so. He. Has, also been significantly at the center of speculation, as you mentioned, the, texts going back and forth between Peter struck and all's, and the, woman, who was having an affair with there at the FBI regarding, this alleged insurance, policy, should Trump win so, here we have another high-level individual. That may be leaving I mean is this significant, in another, way. Well. It does seem like Trump wants, him to leave by those tweets he kind, of is happy that he's leaving is it significant, I mean we don't know exactly what. Those those, texts will amount to in the end where, it was that people blowing off steam tweeting, back and forth or was there actually a scheme to, try to hurt Donald Trump we don't know that yet and and of course there's, an inspector general investigation looking into it it, should be noted that Robert. Mueller is or is a Republican, James Comey, was a Republican, the head of the FBI now is, a Republican, so, you know there, are people, in the FBI who are Democrats who are Republican, you, know that, doesn't in and of itself prove. Any type. Of bad. Actions, that are going on here we, have to let the investigations, play their course both robert Mueller's investigation, in the internal investigation within the DOJ, about, these texts anybody who did anything inappropriate should, be punished whether they're Democrat or Republican or. In high office or not but. You know it does seem like Donald. Trump is trying to frame the debate here kind. Of against some people within the FBI whether. That, he has knowledge of wrongdoing by, them or because he's just trying to frame the whole investigation know the whole nature of the investigations going on right now as, corrupt, yeah and shifting, gears significantly, shifting gears the Republicans, the president have this big legislative.

Victory At the end of the year with tax reform getting, through I must, have felt good as he got on that plane heading off to Mara Lago a but he's also kind, of set the tone for next year and give, him some indication, at least that he's willing to reach, across the aisle we have a little, bit of the president in the Oval Office. Take a listen I. Think. The fact that I become friends with so many of the names that I just read often so many of the Senators so. Many of the congressmen. And women I think that's a huge factor I can call anybody now. So. On infrastructure, that sort of thing do you think that the president will be able to reach across the aisle now that some of the the things that Republicans thought they could accomplish together have gotten done. Well. Well you're right that the President had a huge, win this week with tax reform and. You know his, critics didn't think that, he could even get it done much less this year so he's riding, into the new year on a, big, high here policy, victories uh not, only in tax reform but in other areas now, can he work with Democrats he, has to be able to work with Democrats if he wants to get things done in the new year you, know he was able to use reconciliation, to. Get the tax reform through meaning he only needed fifty one votes now, for something like infrastructure, he needs sixty votes, because of the. The filibuster, so he needs Democrats, to help him out with, his well if he's going to accomplish kind, of big policy goals like infrastructure, in the new year will. That work I don't no the partisan, atmosphere in Washington is, such that no one wants to cooperate with each other so, it would be a big coup if Donald, Trump can get some Democrats on board for, some of his goals but. To date this. It, seems like Republicans, are in one side Democrats. On the other and no one wants to cooperate with each other you know it's the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talked, about this as well talking about how it will be a bipartisan, year, a year, ahead and he talked about the slim margin that they're really working with as far, as what they need to get things done you know where is the common ground. Well. Infrastructure. Should be common ground you know Democrats want infrastructure, some Republicans, want infrastructure, perhaps. You know some Republicans, who, are very you, know deficit, hawks are, worried about it so they have to work with more Democrats, to get them on board if you're gonna lose some of the Republicans, who. Don't want it to add to the debt so, so that is common ground but, in this political atmosphere, especially going into an election year where Democrats, want to pick up many, seats in the House and the Senate you, know there there is sometimes incentive. Not, to get things done to, do not to refuse to work with Republicans or, for, Republicans, or if you refuse to work with Democrats so. You know good, luck Donald Trump's in a tough situation to. Get some Democrats on board for. Even proposals, that he should be able to get him on board for and the midterms are looming Jimmy Weinstein thanks for joining us tonight always delighted to have you. Thank. You for having me so, how receptive, are Democrats, to working with President Trump in the new year we should get some answers on Fox, News Sunday when Chris Wallace has an exclusive, interview with Democratic. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland that's, a that, is at 2:00 and at 10:00 p.m. Eastern right here on Fox, News Channel, a. Former. Marine is behind bars accused of plotting a Christmas, Day attack in California, Everett. Aaron Jameson allegedly, planned to strike San Francisco's, pier 39 that's a very popular, spot there an, FBI spokeswoman. Says the public was never in any imminent, danger but. Jamison is now facing a terrorism, charge well. Car is in Los Angeles. Yes we'll how did the FBI find, out about this plot. Well. Molly they got a tip that the suspect, was expressing, support for Isis and terrorism, and post on social media, so an undercover, agent posing as a senior Isis, leader reached out to ever Erin Jamison, Jamison, went, on to allegedly, describe, wanting, to use explosives. To funnel, a large number of people into one place on Pier 39 in San Francisco, so that he could maximize, his targets. The FBI filed, a terror charge against Jamison on Friday he's, a former, Marine with the Sharpshooter, qualification. And while the FBI notes, that Jamison, denies all of the allegations, authorities. Say they found a note in his home insinuating. That he wanted to carry out the plan after President, Trump decided, to recognize Jerusalem. As the capital of, Israel he, also allegedly asked the undercover agent to provide guns ammunition and, explosive. Materials, his family, though says they had no idea about, the alleged plot I. Believe. It started with losing, his children that's.

Where I believe it began. That. Is when he decided to convert. I hope, that I'm, not related. To somebody who would take, innocent lives like that over. A religion. Or something that they believed I. Hope. That, he, was just. Releasing. Whatever, type of anger he had, inside. If. Convicted, Jameson faces up to 20 years in prison and, a 250. Thousand. Dollar fine Molly what is the administration, saying. Well. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has released a statement which, in part says, that the threat from radical Islamic, terrorism is real and, it is serious, but, the American people can be assured that the Department, of Justice remains, vigilant in protecting our, homeland. Now according the FBI Jamison, one into his assault to be a lot like the recent assault in New York where the man smashed, a truck into a number of people in the. Bike lane and, it all comes as Isis, is called for attacks on Western cities, around, Christmas, Molly that's frightening but uh heartening, to see so many of these attacks being. Stopped by our law enforcement authorities, well car thank you absolutely. Well, the Trump administration entered. On behalf of an American facing life in prison overseas, for marijuana possession why. His father says, he's hopeful plus, a surreal scene in Bethlehem, as protesters, dressed as Santa Claus fight, with armed soldiers the. Latest fallout from the UN vote on Jerusalem, and a nearly hundred, foot tall Christmas tree serving as a symbol of hope in, a country that has just declared victory over Isis. Fox. News Channel, is bringing you an all-american. New Year's celebration from, New York City and around the country catch the biggest live performances. And join the conversation using, hashtag Fox News 2018. Kick back and watch the ball drop with your host Kennedy, and Jesse Watters live from the heart of Times Square our, must-see, coverage begins New Year's Eve at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, right here on Fox News Channel. You. You. Fox. News Channel on Sirius XM Emma your favorite shows on channel 114. Plus every story every 15, minutes fox news headlines 24/7. Channel 115. Christians. In baghdad celebrating. The holidays with the biggest, Christmas tree in Iraq it is nearly 100, feet tall and more than 30 feet wide city. Officials say they put it up to celebrate Christmas and New Year's as well as the country's declared, victory, over, Isis. Stating. The Middle East now Palestinian, protesters, dressed as Santa, Claus fighting, with Israeli, soldiers, in Bethlehem, where, tensions remain high over, president Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem. As the, capital of. Israel Conor. Powell has more on this. Mali. Three weeks after President. Trump's controversial, decision, on Jerusalem. Violent, clashes and protests, continue around the world in. The. Nearby Palestinian. City of Bethlehem, Israeli. Soldiers, and Palestinians. Battles, yet again Saturday, though, the demonstrations. Have shrunk, in size significantly, in, recent days since, President Trump, announced his unilateral. Decision, to, recognize Jerusalem. As Israel's. Capital the, clashes, disrupting, what is normally, a very festive holiday. Season, in the birth city of Jesus Palestinian. President, Mahmoud Abbas issuing.

A Christmas, message and, calling, on the International. Christian, community, to quote listen, to the indigenous, Christians from, the Holy Land and reject. President, Trump's recognition. Of Jerusalem. As Israel's. Capital, meanwhile. The fallout from Thursday's, United, Nations vote condemning. The US announcement, on Jerusalem, continues, US, ambassador, to the UN nikki Haley, inviting. The representatives. From the nine countries, that voted with America. Against. The UN resolution to. A thank you reception, President. Trump earlier, threatened, to cut aid to countries that voted against, the u.s. position on, Jerusalem, his threat though has largely been ignored with. More than 120. Countries voting. In favor of the UN measure including. US allies Germany, France in the, kingdom in several, countries that receive a lot of US assistance, like Afghanistan. Jordan, and Egypt Molly. Hey. California, man is facing life in prison after getting caught with marijuana in, Indonesia, he, says he's a good explanation for it and now his family is hoping the Trump administration will, intervene. William, la jeunesse has the story. 32. Year old Christian Beasley is not in the US but Bali where, marijuana remains illegal, I need help I need rehab. Not. Four years or more in jail, lawyers say no country, is obligated. To honor a medical, prescription from another though most do marijuana. Presents, a legal challenge since many countries, consider it an illicit, drug we've got five months the, defense has presented nothing. Even. The documents, haven't been. Translated. Or anything thank guys our key worries Indonesia, is parading, his son as a poster, child who, flaunt an Islamic, law interest. Friendly Bali I was very encouraged, the other day that the president was. Pointing out that his new. Administration. Has been very good at helping Americans, who have been kind, of finding difficulties, in foreign lands the State Department claims the u.s. does not get involved in courts of sovereign countries however. The Trump White House successfully. Has president, Trump sees. This. As one of those areas where his. Deal-making. Ability. His ability, to negotiate his ability to use his his, personal, persuasive, powers izzat, is, at a Zenith Trump personally, intervened, to free three UCLA, basketball players, caught stealing, in China he, also on the release of fan Gillis an American, businesswoman, imprisoned, there for two years in April a jipped release this American, aid worker after Trump appealed to president, el-sisi, his, intervention also, freed this former CIA agent from, a Portuguese prison. And otto warmbier from, North Korea, president, Trump probably, has taken a more visibly, active, interest in the fate of Americans, overseas in his first year but. You know the number of Americans, who travel abroad is, enormous, and he. Can't be responsible for, all of them on Wednesday, guys, reached out to the white house they have a volunteer. Phone service there which is awesome she was going to try and run it up the line so I don't know if anything's happened on that yet drug. Crimes are a tough sell legally, and politically, on the other hand Americans. Are not to be subjected to abuse and, extortion, in prison now, Bali accuses, Beasley of possessing, about six grams of pot for, which he faces, life in prison or, even death as a trafficker, in Los Angeles we Lajeunesse Fox News technology. Is improving, at a rapid foot a rate in many ways it is helping people in businesses, but could some of it be hurting, workers, how the use of robots could be threatening jobs plus. A spectacular sight, over the California, skies but for some it was an unwelcome, surprise, because they didn't know it was so. What caused this big bright streak, of lights we, will tell you next. You. You. A. Spectacular. Sight. In the sky after SpaceX. Launches, a rocket from an Air Force Base in California and. Well lots of people down below captured, it on video many. Of them pretty surprised and even a little bit worried about just exactly what it was flying through the sky. You. Guys that's really weird I'm coming out of it. You. Can understand, why the, rocket carried satellites, meant to help air-traffic, control track planes all, over the world. And. It seems like it's, all about advanced, technology these days smartphones, to drones even robots which, are being used more and more by companies worldwide the, lifelike, technology, is helping, to enhance businesses, across all industries. But. Is it putting people out of work Claudia. Cowan breaks down the rise of, the robots. Meet. Robo, stow a 6-ton, robot, that lifts pallets of products, 24 feet up onto, a robotic, drive unit that shuttles, items around Amazon's, massive, storage warehouse, in Northern California until. Another, robot, collects, it for shipment, the robotics, within our amazon fulfillment centers, simply make our jobs more efficient, allowing, our employees, to, use their skills towards more other sophisticated tasks.

It Actually makes my job more easier. Maybe so but a recent study by the McKinsey, Global Institute found. That up to a third of the American workforce as many, as 54. Million people, will, have to switch occupations. By 2030, to find work thanks. In large part to rapid, advances, being made in automation, and robotic, technology, Martin. Ford is author of rise of the robots technology. And the threat of a jobless, future there's, a huge numbers of jobs, out there maybe half of jobs that, are gonna be susceptible. To this today, more than 260,000. Robots work in restaurants hotels, factories. And hospitals, performing. Tasks, that are routine, and predictable, but, soon experts, say they'll achieve a level of dexterity and, visual, perception only. Humans, have had in the past we, need to start thinking about what that means for the, employment situation, for our whole economy and, for our society, back, at Amazon's, fulfillment, center hundreds, of jobs are safe for now as hundreds. Of people work alongside dozens. Of robots but.

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