Exploring Japan's Biggest Electronic Store in Akihabara - The Land of Anime | Japanese Electronics

Exploring Japan's Biggest Electronic Store in Akihabara - The Land of Anime | Japanese Electronics

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Today I am going to show you a different video I am at Akihabara, Tokyo Akihabara is the land of animae Not only animae, but it has a wide spread of electronics too You have large electronic showrooms and latest technologies too Behind me you have Yodobashi Akibara's huge building It is one of the biggest electronic store here There is nothing that you dont get here Welcoming all of you to an awesome video Lets go inside Japan is for technology. We know that. We have to say a lot from 50 yrs ahead We will be going to China. But before that let us see things here You can come out of Akihabara station and go to this shop This is the entrance to the shop and I am all surprised Lot of food here I think all that you have inside is shown here Dont forget to show your passport while billing You will get the deduction in tax Tourists dont have to pay tax for purchasing goods at many countries We get a refund on that. So dont forget to do it You will see many tax free shops in Japan If you purchase from there, you can save some Let us go inside and see what is inside You see a lot of things when you get inside the shop I cant understand what it is You see many things that you cannot understand here All that you see in this section are mobile accessories They are not mobile phones but accessories As all know, these are iPhone cases They are expensive. 4000-5000yen. You have all kinds of designs here You have products connected to any phone you have with you here All these would be cheaper at China I feel these are expensive here 4000-5000yen means nearly 2000-3000INR 4400yen for this Varieties of wired and wireless headphones.

These are phone stands Stands for phones and ipad for tables and cars. Big and small tripods I am trying some products I am trying a big tripod. I have a wider view now Lot of products here You get them in our place too This is good. Shiftcam. I have bought this. You can take cinematic videos or hold it like a DSLR camera It costs 24000yen A white tripod I was looking at this one What I am using is shown here for 2250yen You have lot of tempered glass in this section Tempered glass, phone cover etc. I havent seen such a big electronic store in my life You dont understand things. All are written in their language It is somewhat like Decathalon Things are displayed category wise Crores worth products in this shop This is a new product. A stick to be stuck on the back of the phone

You can then hold the phone like this 1180yen which is around 700 INR You have varieties of tempered glass See how beautifully they have packed the tempered glass Pack looks like premium chocolates. They may be charging for the packing too Out door battery used just like power bank You get them in different shapes I think it doesnt break if it falls down and can be used as a rough use product too You can see them in different sizes Lot of Apple watch accessories These are not too expensive All are in the range of 4000-5000 yen range This looks good. It is 1500 yen Will look good when you wear them Power bank rental You will find lot of machines like this If you pay 165 yen, you get a fully charged power bank After use, you can doposit it back to any other store like this Not necessary you have to deposit them here itself Huge screen protectors used for ipads etc It is not as expensive as phone products These are 3000-3500 and are cheaper than phones Packing are amazing Like outside, they have decorated the inside with cherry blossom Things change as per season On the left what you see are not billing counters They sell SIM cards. You have many network services here These are their SIM selling counters They are sold in several offers to attract us Nice to see I liked the design and way or arrangement I have seen memory cards many times but seeing them stacked up like this now Is this a lottery ticket? These are SIM cards All these are for SIM cards Varieties of batteries for sale Batteries branded in their shop name Nice to see all sizes of batteries spread out for sale Branded batteries This is not just one floor but many more on top. Lets see this first You have an exclusive area for apple here Mobile company ads with SIM cards sale in this machine You have many entrances to this shop Lot of ads here You dont understand most of them. They are all ads These are offers on SIM put for display Here 4G itself is very fast. I wonder what would be 5G then

Posters are designed beautifully Look at the rate of iPhone 14 pro max 1.5 lakh INR for 1TB in our place Here it is 239800 yen 1.5lakh for 1TB phone Imagine how much would others cost then? The whole place including the floor has ads I saw this for the first time when I went to China before Covid Robotic vaccum cleaner Now it is popular in our place It costs 198000 yen which is 1.2lakh INR

This machines cleans our house by itself All are calling me to buy a phone. Why should I buy one. I already have 14 pro and 14 pro max Anyways I liked this place I didnt know Huawei had such products I didnt know. Awesome monitor Awesome resolution and clarity I liked this 28inch monitor. This is also their product. A vertical screen

You find all companies laptops here All are on huge offers Lot of ads all around to hit your eyes Specifications of the desktop and mentioned here Now desktops are of high performance. It is more for offices etc 4 lakh yen for this. Looks amazing Hp products are nicely designed now a days They inspire us like apple now is what I feel Beautiful Let us go check out the first floor now. Do they sell beer and wine too here? Looks like a different world. Amazing

Printers of different companies Printers and inks mainly Looks like this is Epson's area. Full of their printers seen here An area just for gaming computers You can see games displayed here with their prices I think this is the rate of the monitor Clarity is amazing Have monitors come out in this size now? I didnt know. I am not updated in tech now a days I am outdated in many things Though our channel is Tech Travel Eat, I am not updated in Tech now a days I should update myself now An LG ultra wide monitor Nice and huge Curved shaped Have you seen liquor being sold in an electronic shop? You have all branded liquors here In Japan, the legal age to have liquor is 20 People below 20 years of age shouldnt have liquor They wont sell liquor to them Fancy boxes that most of the people, mainly women use here Awesome looking Look at the gaming keyboards I am not mentioning the rates because you are not going to come and buy from here Look at this liked this chair All brands products are displayed here Each area has around 500 varieties of products. If you come to the mouse section, you will have nearly 500 kinds of mouse If you go to the keyboard section, you have variety ranges and types of keyboards The specialty here is that you can buy any thing as per your likes and needs Here they still have DVD collection I had seen at at some shops too and now here It is more of comics and cartoons Animae Manga are famous in this place You have many products like that here I think Japanese like such products a lot. That is why you see lot of them everywhere All these are office stationaries You get varieties of cables here You get all kind of connectivity cables here Varieties and different sizes too Let us go up and see what is there now All these are the moving robots Many of them are real robots You can buy if you want. They are of different sizes You have tiny to the big size here They have human size robot too. This is making some sound

Will you bite me? He is responding. Not sure if he can understand my language. Might be translating what I said Not only robots in this floor but cameras too The name of the shop is Yodobashi camera But not just cameras, you get everything here I can see all the brands cameras here That is a picture taken using a Nikon camera Awesome clarity They are showing videos taken in some cameras Clarity is amazing. Photos taken by famous photographers are also displayed I think what you see what taken using this lens This would cost lakhs if I am right I am surprised seeing all this. I can understand about cameras But cannot understand many other things They have that many products. I havent seen these many cameras and lens before Let me walk around for you to know what this shop has This area has Sony cameras Anything related to cameras are here for sale Micro fiber cloth to clean camera lens, camera accessories etc Just like how you have for phone, you have all that for cameras here This whole area is for cameras From this end to that end I may fall if I walk through these tripods You have tripods for camera, mobiles and bigger ones too Now since all are mobile friendly, you have lot of accessories here This tripod is bigger than me I am just 5.5. I think this is 7ft A tripod bigger than me 89610yen for this tripod It is light weight. I can lift it with one hand

These are the small ones for cameras and mobiles. Their finishing is awesome. I am first time seeing so many together Even tripod accessories are here for sale You have them of different qualities This head itself costs 1-1.5lakhs This is a cabinet in which people store their camera and lens. Its like a fridge I have this in my house Abhi has kept the camera in it If you have many cameras, it is good to buy such a cabinet. It is safe to keep our cameras away from moisture and dust.

If anybody knows what this is, do comment Its a telescope 587000 yen for it All these are nearly 6 lakh yen As I said this shop has product worth crores I tripod in which you can keep your phone like this I had this earlier. I used to use it Now it got spoilt I am surprised seeing the tripods here Here in Japan, you have lot of stores like Yodobashi. People who like these should come here. Those who like technology, gadgets etc will find this place entertaining These are accessories for photographers Tooth brushes are also in this form now You can see different models of brushes This area is for those using Go Pro I dont use Go Pro now a days. I used it a lot earlier

I dont know why. Now I dont feel like using it Though Go Pro is releasing new products, I am not satisfied with it as iPhone video output I think 11, the lastest one isnt worth it I had tried using it Lot of DJI products and drones All their products are seen here So many drones. You can try them out I think I think they should be having the facility for that too Handy cameras are still here. I had a Sony handy camera long back

I had taken lot of videos in it. It doesnt have any video stabilization I had got shaky videos in that I think this is a unique product Many use Go Pro as a helmet camera This is a camera that can be stuck to the helmet 28000yen for this It would come around 15000 INR You can shoot 4K with this You can place this on your head without a helmet too You can place it like a head set. You can adjust it like a head torch Good one Head mount cam All these are action camera accessories All that you see here are for that Selfie lights, big and small tripods I can see myself They have left the camera on here Slypod Pro This is nearly 1 lakh in cost You have the camera on this like this You can slide it like this and shoot This can be used for product shoot or any small use Varieties for mobiles in different sizes I dont prefer this. A person using iPhone doesnt need this

iPhone gives us maximum stabilization I think this is an external device for those using DSLR cameras You have big and small ones. You can see the live output on big screens like this These are the out of the cameras here You can do recording and mixing in this. All the facilities are given here It is available in our place too but they are expensive This is Sony vlogging camera ZV-1 It was a flop. You dont get ultra wide in it If you hold it like this and shoot, you only get your face and not the backside visuals Only if you get it like that it would be good My personal choice is to use ultra wide ones for vlogging There are more on the top floor I think it is the last floor. Lets see

Lot of TV's here. You have large appliances here You can see a lot of musical instruments here This is Casio's I can hear sound from somewhere It is a digital piano Even we can play it this way Looks awesome. Wooden finishing Casio piano You have varieties of mic, guitar etc. Do you get violin in Japan? You may get it here. Cant say You have lot of places in Tokyo for sightseeing Tokyo tower, shrines etc. Apart from that, visiting such places give you a variety feel Varieties of headphones on both the sides. Different models

Let us try it out They still have CD drives I have bought so many CDs long back How many CDs we used to write. When it fails, we shout at Nero We used to get tensed until the whole writing was over A CD would be a waste. Then we began buying rewritable CDs We used to write MP3 then Those days! Do you remember the days of floppy disk? I remember and I used to use it. We used to use floppy disks to copy and print Pacemaker files I was tired seeing all these and thought of going down. But it isnt over yet I am tired walking and seeing the electronic store Such a huge one. It is as big as the Lulu Mall You find home appliances here I shall show you if there are anything new This is now seen in our place but it is very expensive It is a heater It is a fan and you get hot air from it too I can feel the air from it You get hot air, normal fan and cold air from it You can use it as a room heater It can be used for several purposes. It goes around

You get them in different sizes and types It even works as an air purifier It can control humidity, is an air purifier, gives cold air and hot air It is expensive in our place. It is 68000yen here which is 40000 INR This is an LG product You have the same in different brands here I think Dyson is the most popular one here I dont understand what this is I think it is a kind or room freshener or making it aromatic I think it is added to this and makes the room filled in that aroma Everything is written in Japanese language and nothing in English I am not able to understand what product this is Something like a fan Can you understand what this is in one go? You wont understand This is our AC Full of ads stuck on an AC Have you ever seen ACs kept for sale like this? We see lot of ACs kept for sale in shops at our places I had to look at this 2-3 times to understand it is an AC This is the indoor unit of an AC They have written something and all over it as ads This is funny I liked it. To know the flow of an AC, look at the net Have you seen anything like this before? It is done to understand the AC flow All these are AC units They dont have a space to stick any more stickers I first thought it was a lottery store. This is amazing and beyond our thoughts On this side you have refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven etc Like they have stuck on ACs, they have stuck on fridges too I cannot understand what is stuck on it Some fridges look like an ATM machine.

Something and all over it These are washing machines. They havent stuck that many stickers on it There are chances for them to show a demo here A dress here before and after is shown as display You have small washing machines too You have small to big ones here Have you seen dresses washed and put to dry like this in any shop? I am first time seeing this All the accessories for a washing machine and detergents for it are kept there They have massage chairs too These are European closet seats But the closets here are all electronic You just have to press a switch for water and rest. You just have to be seated and rest are done by the closet That is why you get to see that in an electronic store Otherwise it would have been at a sanitary shops This is an LG styler You find them in hotels here. You can see headings , they have LG styler. It is expensive You can see what is happening in there. A blazer is in process in there. It is showing what the machine can do It steams and get clothes out of it without wrinkles What all technologies. Not only washing. But these should also be used

All around the lift also you have lot of stickers Not yet over. Still more upstairs I am just going up each and every floor Let us go and see what is up there These are gaming machines All I can see is fighting and games on screen There were gaming downstairs and now here upstairs too You have a lot of gaming here I have no idea on what these are Those who know what this is, do comment I know the one on top is gaming. Cant understand what is down They have cycles too You have cycles for all age groups, accessories and many more This is like the one kept in our car seat. You can put the belt and let them ride This is Panasonic's cycle I didnt know they had cycle People in Japan use cycles a lot Though they eat a lot of rice, they walk and ride cycles a lot They do work outs and exercises too. Lot of cycles here These many cycles wont be found at Decathalon too These are game machines People are playing games here. They love playing games This place where I am standing, Akihabara is the land of animae I dont know to say more on this. I dont like playing games

I wasnt fond of playing games from my childhood onwards So I dont know much about it Those who know about it, do comment below I think these are characters of the game Their names are given there and it is for sale. Each character of a game is for sale You have Japanese souvenir toys here I feel like buying something and all for Rishi But I will be traveling to many other countries and only then going home So I am wondering how to buy These are made of Lego All these are Pokemon Lego I have repeatedly said Oh my God many times in this video. Sorry for that It comes out when I am in surprise seeing all these I shall cut as much as I can Japan is the best place for people who like gaming You will have lot of fun You have lots here All these are for sale. I dont know what they are It might be some character. These are attires of some character I think This is a Lego store You have lot of things made of Lego You can see a lot of super heroes here All these are super heroes. I dont know their names Those who do, do comment All these are superhero toys. They cost 532yen

Which is around 300 INR I saw maximum crowd in this area 6000 yen for this which is less than 3500 INR All these are very cheap here. In India, I have seen them expensive It is being animated here. You can see kids looking at it There is one more floor above this Let me go and see. I am feeling hungry Will we get some food here? I am hungry and feel tired The charge of my phone is going to get over I should stop to eat food and charge my phone You have clothes and footwear in this floor I saw there is a food court on top of this. Lets go and see I am going up again You have Japanese food restaurants here I cannot understand what they are. All are written in their language Nothing is written in English We could read and order what we want if it was English Some bullet train displayed here I am using a google translator and trying to figure out what this is I couldnt understand anything from that shop When I came to another shop, it is written in English They have all these here When it is Chinese food, we at least have an idea I cannot understand what these are In Japan, you get free drinking water. You dont have to pay for it

Nobody gives tip to the bearers here So dont go for it. I think they dont like it I think it was the same at China too Even at London, England and UK, tip system was not there When it is given, it is takin in the written form of gratuity. They take it as service tax But tip isn't given. So dont try giving tips. They may not like it This is what I have ordered This is beef Stir fried beef with fried rice They have topped the fried rice with stir fried beef A soup is also served with this I saw something placed turned over. It is the bill 1518yen for these That would be around 1000-1200 INR It is a dining restaurant and so food is expensive Let me try this out. It looks spicy

Awesome. It is spicy But slightly sweet too Beef is also awesome Food was good. My stomach is full See how beautifully they have made these displays Awesome I am showing you these and inspiring you Even the toilets have lot of ads You dont have a place without ads here I walked 5246 steps only in this shop Even the lift is full of ads Dont have to feel bad in not buying anything from this shop I bought a big tripod In Japan, shoplifting is a big crime Dont rob even a 1/- thing from a shop You will be put behind bars for 3-4 months You will have to pay a huge amount to come out. Not only Japan, but in many countries, it is a big crime.

Some have that mental habit in them If you have any such issues, dont come here Dont do it. You will be in trouble

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