Engineers create extreme jigsaw puzzle in the air. Remarkable Construction EP.02 | China Documentary

Engineers create extreme jigsaw puzzle in the air. Remarkable Construction EP.02 | China Documentary

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The glass comes from sand and becomes the sky or the lake Steel comes from ore and creates a forest of growth Gravel and sand become concrete carrying the mission of development By utilizing materials manufacturing them and creating new ones This planet is being constructed and transformed in a miraculous way Episode 2 The Materials of Pillars Jiangsu Province Nanjing, Jiangsu Province is the center of the eastern coast of mainland China Water is the lifeblood of this land The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was constructed not only here but also in the collective memory of Chinese people Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Completed in 1968 13 kilometers away Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge, Nanjing Completed in 2020 the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge has just been completed and renewed the record With a total length of 1,796 meters the main bridge is currently the steel-concrete composite three-tower cable-stayed bridge with the world's largest span The large span puts a strict limit on the weight of the bridge The bridge had to lose nearly half the weight to achieve the perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics New Concrete Laboratory Xia Hui Director of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge B1 project Now let's set the coefficient to 1.0 It is a time for the new material The test material of 2.65 kilograms is being tested for ultimate bearing capacity The engineers have a task almost impossible to complete to achieve precise slimming of the bridge Pretty evenly distributed It's dense and even And let's look at its strength The force value is 2,030 kilonewtons equivalent to 200 tons The average car weighs about four tons That's the weight of 50 cars This has totally exceeded our expectations Wuhu, Anhui Province The Plant for the New Concrete Prefabrication Hook, stop OK There is always a concrete processing plant like this behind every mega project More than 100 years ago the advent of concrete triggered a worldwide revolution in the field of construction materials The trend of infrastructure construction has also become one of the indicators of a country's development Today, concrete is the growing power of China's construction A new type of concrete is born out of this power 330.8 grams

It's good Just a little more. Okay Reactive powder. Steel fiber Gravel. Sand The researchers found the perfect match and solved the problem of bridge slimming Those larger than 10 millimeters must be sifted out 9.5 millimeters, right?

Countless experiments resulted in the new material Compared with the traditional reactive powder concrete this coarse aggregate reactive powder concrete costs about half less but the compressive strength of the structure is 2.5 times that of ordinary concrete Curved and spiraling The steel fibers of various shapes will make all the bridge panels into a very strong whole just like zippers Crane. Start hoisting A prefabricated bridge panel of coarse aggregate active powder concrete 11.3 meters long and 6.9 meters wide has been completed After 15 days of maintenance in the water and being dried again compared to the bridge panels made of traditional concrete the weight of each bridge panel made of the new material was reduced from 70 tons to 45 tons The thickness was reduced from 28 centimeters to 17 centimeters They will converge, connect, sprawl and become the road of the future This is the new starting point 494 bridge panels made of the new material are hidden between the steel box girders and the asphalt roads The higher-strength material achieves greater bearing capacity which reduced 40 percent of the bridge weight by nearly 15,000 tons The slender Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge is about to undergo a birth test, the load test How far do these two lanes go? The emergency lane doesn't count It's 50 centimeters from the emergency lane We should test the strain for the lower edge of the concrete Which is the area that needs the most control? One is between the diaphragm plates One is the top of the diaphragm plates One truss weighs more than 400 tons Cui Bing Chief Designer of Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge I got it all up here All aspects of the trusses, including the deformation are consistent with the monitoring which means there's nothing wrong with the structure The constructors are experienced And the new material has also passed rigorous tests Now here comes the final test for the bridge It's the first time all around the world that the new material is used in the composite bridge There was no experience in all the processes and we have to start from scratch After entering the bridge box girder above them is the bridge panels made of the new material 244 stress test points are distributed here The transient deformation of the bridge in the load test will be detected here Every detail of the new material performance will be tested in practical trials Preparations for the load test have already begun It carries 42 tons We need to unload two tons Each carrying 40 tons 38 heavy trucks are ready to go The current measured value is around 7.5 meters per second

There is another one we need to measure Around 15 meters per second OK Wind speed monitoring Sight locating Cable force testing All these are recording and monitoring millimeter-scale deformations in this 4,134-meter bridge OK. Stop The preload time is 6:00 p.m. And then the loading starts at 7:00 Xu Tongzhou Commander of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge load test The Bridge Condition Monitoring Center opened today for the first time In the future during the bridge's full life cycle of 100 years every instantaneous deformation can be observed here in real-time 24 hours each day, all year round The visibility of the site has an effect on the deviation of the tower Shen Bin Deputy Commander of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge Data collection will not only serve the maintenance of the bridge but also provide valuable information for the bridge construction in the future Night falls The temperature has stabilized It is the perfect time for a load test I can see the south tower and the middle tower but I can't see the north tower So where will the instrument stand? The instruments will be on the two corners and on the bridge We can't even see the north tower from here The sudden heavy rain brings great trouble to the observation of the load test but it is more like the baptism before the bridge meets the world for the first time How long will it take? Ten minutes Start the cars. From A1 to A4 From A1 to A4. Get started Go! One by one 38 trucks were loaded into the middle of the bridge Slow forward OK The total load exceeds 1,500 tons equivalent to 1,000 family cars crossing the bridge at the same time 192 millimeters, 25 millimeters, right? Each load condition will bring great pressure on the bridge The bridge will bend downward under extreme load testing and the towers will shift accordingly Only when the measured values are exactly consistent with design values will the bridge pass the test and be put into operation Maximum bottom strain, 133 (microstrain) Maximum roof strain, negative 59 (microstrain) We have attached strain gauges to the bridge panels and steel structures so we can see the whole data clearly The load test is complete A large amount of data proved the safety of the bridge The performance of the new concrete material is fully up to the design standard The dream of bridge is now turned into reality The advantage of concrete coordination Zhong Aixiu Director of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge A1 project is fully developed The perfect combination of strength and beauty Pretty good The Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge has contributed a lot to the cable-stayed bridge construction in the world It will make a great contribution in terms of material From this moment on the bridge will undertake its centennial mission For the better part of a century nearly 200 bridges constructed across the Yangtze River have built an efficient transportation network for China promoting China's north-south economic connection and convergence These bridges over the Yangtze River are the embodiment of China's development at this moment Glass a transparent and hard material is almost as old as human civilization Glass is like a prism through eons of time For nearly 200 years the combination of glass and architecture have brought many possibilities to the connection between space and light Chengdu, Sichuan Province The Golden Sun Bird is the symbol of this ancient city As thin as 0.02 millimeters it comes from 3,000 years ago and will fly to the world in this international sporting event Dong'an Lake Stadium The 40,000-seat Dong'an Lake Stadium is the home stadium of the 31st FISU World University Games Now the outline of the stadium has appeared Zhang Weisheng Deputy Manager of the Dong'an Lake Stadium curtain wall project The suction cup is in place Start hoisting Take good control of the hoisting speed Pay attention to the glass Push it slowly Slow down All right. No problem

Get ready for welding The stadium is shaped like a flying saucer The 6-meter-tall glass being hoisted is the porthole of the flying saucer The constructors will use 12,540 pieces of glass of different sizes to enlarge a palm-sized Golden Sun Bird 2.7 million times on the stadium skylight creating the world's largest image of the Golden Sun Bird standing between heaven and earth Now there are 1,700 pieces of glass here There are now 360 pieces of glass Chen Lian Regional Construction Director of the Dong'an Lake Stadium curtain wall project under Platform 1 265 pieces under Platform 2 278 pieces under Platform 3 with colored glaze If everything goes well it could be up to 960 at full load Platform 4 From 059 to 362, loading The skylight roof has the practical function of shading the sun and rain for the audiences and is also the image display of the host This will be the world's largest glazed glass skylight assembly How can tens of thousands of pieces of glass be quickly positioned at an altitude of nearly 50 meters? The miracle begins with a trick Where are the pink ones? Here This line Is it? The other way around, right? Are these two the same? Maybe we're missing the corner here It is a difficult construction but also a magic game Starting with a custom jigsaw puzzle the engineers are trying to find a more efficient method for construction Such a pile of debris takes us a long time Zhong Jie Project Manager of the Dong'an Lake Stadium curtain wall project to divide How are we gonna handle that large piece of glass? Each piece of skylight glass weighs 100 kilograms The 12,540 pieces of glass cover 631 specifications The size difference is almost only a few millimeters The constructors have to control every detail It's almost impossible Lu Rongjian Construction Worker of the Dong'an Lake Stadium curtain wall project to get things right by these letters We should have numbered all the components before we took the puzzle apart Let's say the first row The first piece in the first row is 1-1 The second piece is 1-2 The engineers need to find a method more accurate than a puzzle game to complete the extreme high-altitude puzzle CB003 That's CB-1-003 CB-2-003 Or CB-3-003 Add a circle number The color also needs a location number CB means super-white Add some information here Each letter and number stands for something specific Intelligent construction technologies like modeling allow each piece of glass to be positioned to a specific point Ten or eleven axes will be identified as one area In terms of the whole arrangement Eight unloading platforms mean eight sectors Each piece of glass is numbered and allocated to a designated area Area division working in sync improves efficiency and reduces errors Today we're gonna install Circle 7 and Circle 8 Circle 9 and Circle 10 are on the way Should be there in an hour Then we should inform them to start processing Circle 16 to Circle 20 We're on Circle 14 now It's almost done 12,540 pieces of colored glazed glass have been installed in 35 days The accuracy rate reached 99% Sweat and wisdom give life to the Golden Sun Bird Their skilled paving techniques bring infinite possibilities to the future application of super-large glass in architecture The glue should be full The joint should be smooth and symmetrical So it will be jointed easily next time Then comes the final test The climate in Chengdu is warm humid and rainy The skylight of 27,000 square meters requires more than 40,000 meters of glue line While ensuring good lighting and design the skylight must be watertight Every glue line in the giant skylight needs to be tested for water resistance Turn on the water Li Tianliang Quality Inspector of the Dong'an Lake Stadium curtain wall project Increase the water pressure Turn the water pressure up to the maximum The sprinkler, which simulates a heavy storm will continue spraying water for 24 hours Keep increasing the pressure Turn up The pressure is normal. Keep an eye on it From Axis 75 to Axis 77 the watering test has been going on for 15 minutes Keep an eye on it Copy that. Position confirmed

The rigorous 24-hour watering test is over The skylight is completely waterproof The Golden Sun Bird a symbol of Chinese cultural heritage is enlarged 2.7 million times and injected with new blood and pulses The miracle of 0.02 millimeters draws the world's attention three thousand years later allowing more miracles to take off from here Nanchang, Jiangxi Province There are sunset clouds accompanying the lone ducks in the sky where the Golden Sun Bird flies Nanchang Civic Center The Nanchang Civic Center construction project ushers in a critical moment The application of glass will continue the millenary poetry here Start hoisting To give the building the appearance of flowing water the constructors used almost every form of glass curtain wall in the world to complete this unprecedented installation Breakthroughs in modeling and construction techniques made the design manuscript which had been sealed by the designer for seven years become a reality This is the largest piece of glass here 6.7 meters high and 1.4 meters wide

This is the smallest type of glass that we use in our project Between the two types of glass, there could be Fang Chao Project Manager of the Nanchang Civic Center curtain wall project a volume difference of up to 80 times The constructors are about to use 8,255 pieces of glass to finish the exterior which involves seven systems 24 specifications and 5,525 glass sizes The complexity of installation will increase geometrically And then they're about to take on an unprecedented challenge suspending 180 tons of glass in the hollow of the building to make each piece of glass flow Create suspension fulcrums in the air with the help of cable structures and fix the glass to the fulcrums This is the secret of glass suspended in the air This is our smallest vertical cable 16 millimeters If we use a single horizontal cable Du Lifeng Chief Designer of the Nanchang Civic Center curtain wall project We would need it to be 38 millimeters, at least We only have 22 millimeters right now Try to make these cables invisible For transparency and fluidity they cannot choose the simple and thick cables They are about to weave a net of 625 thin cables in the air Each cable crossing point is the fulcrum of the glass There's a virtual cable here We're gonna lean each fulcrum on the cable This fixture will make direct contact with the glass Then the positioning accuracy of the fixture determines whether the glass can be installed successfully On the cable net of 3,200 square meters every fulcrum adjustment has an effect on the whole structure The greatest difficulty now is the cable They are in a balanced net A little push will affect the whole body The change in the back will be proportionally transmitted to this fixture at the end Horizontal and vertical cables fix the fixture points The fish-belly cable net provides mechanical support Each fulcrum requires at least three different cables to complete positioning When you measure that one you have to observe whether it is going in or out It's going out. 100 percent So that one needs to go out a bit more Bao Pengpeng Technical Director of the Nanchang Civic Center curtain wall project Du can you simulate this in your model? This force is not the same as the force in my model So I have to simulate every distance and every position There should be no similar structure in China All the difficulties come together in our structural system The cable net has 688 fulcrums The cumulative error must be less than 5 millimeters which requires the engineers to test it repeatedly One, two, three, four Only when the computer precisely calculates the force on the structure can they perform positioning of the glass fixture 8 millimeters The position stays the same 6 millimeters more The precise positioning of the fulcrum requires cooperation between the manual and the equipment After more than 3,000 adjustments the cable net was finally completed And then the constructors will conduct tension tests to check the stress status of each cable Which cable are you testing now? No. 5 50.8 kilonewtons

47 kilonewtons It's fine All right The force of each cable is within the predetermined range The cable net reaches force equilibrium The glass curtain wall installation now begins One, two, three No, it's too much force Okay Lift it Up Keep going The glass pieces of 180 tons are installed one by one according to the order of force It's something I've never done in my career We knew we can get it done But how many difficulties we have to go through is a big challenge for us After this project there will be no project that we cannot handle It's an improvement for us Each piece of glass weighs 500 kilograms After the special processing the highly transparent laminated glass will not fall off even if it is broken They will replace traditional building exterior walls to withstand wind and rain Breakthroughs in materials and processes will bring us more energy-efficient and intelligent buildings This is the wave that the constructors created with their hands and is also the beat of their hearts Under the setting sun, the glass curtain wall of Nanchang Civic Center makes a new lake The millenary poetry continues a new chapter today Chongqing Here, the river across the Three Gorges and leads to the Han River Here, the ground moves upward Rivers come side by side Mountains vary majestically Miracles are born here Chaotianmen Square where countless sails started now has a new sail Chongqing Raffles Construction Site In 2017 Where to put this? Put it east of that Hoist it slowly Slowly Hurry up It's already the fastest In the Chaotianmen Square eight skyscrapers over 250 meters are rising It is as if all the ladders of Chongqing are gathered here and about to reach the sky The steel structures of 100,000 tons support the entire building complex requiring more material than two Bird's Nest National Stadium This mega project reconstructs the skyline of Chongqing and becomes a new landmark of this mountain city The next challenge is the punchline of the whole complex The constructors are about to construct the world's longest horizontal skyscraper 250 meters above the ground Equipment is in order Collecting data before hoisting Pressure values are normal The sub-base is normal The hoisting area has been evacuated We're done. Get ready for hoisting Start hoisting Copy that The constructors are using 16 giant hydraulic hoists to hoist 3,000-ton steel structures to the top of the 250-meter-high skyscraper in three times The cylinder will vibrate a little when it goes down And then it's more stable when it goes up The skeleton of a thousand tons is slowly rising from the gap between the towers only 60 centimeters from the closest point of the towers A collision with the tower would be disastrous Li Changyin Quality Director of Chongqing Raffles A section steel structure engineering Keep an eye on it. It's already going up I moved it a bit more. Can you see that?

It's up to 150 meters The wind is calm now Less than 1.5 meters per second What about the weather for the next few days? Below force 3 Chaotianmen Square is located at the junction of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers The cross-ventilation between towers is the biggest challenge of the installation The constructors must complete the hoisting as soon as possible during the calm window period It is as if they are setting sails to the sky 20 days in total From day to night Allows no mistakes The construction of the 300-meter-long skybridge, The Crystal with a total steel volume of 12,000 tons finally finished as scheduled Both the length and height of this horizontal skyscraper are the first in the world The eight vertical and one horizontal structure win a place in the history of architecture Chongqing Raffles In 2020 The world's largest horizontal skyscraper has been completed The area is equivalent to eight standard swimming pools The steel corridor stretching 250 meters above the ground is like the seafloor in the sky attracting top attentions The first prize is Zhou Yongfu's "Peninsula Night" I am a photography enthusiast born and raised in Chongqing Chongqing is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years People come here to see the skyline But this is part of the skyline itself As a landmark of Zhou Yongfu Chongqing Resident an international city it has become famous all over the world The downstream is a big bend There is a tower When they come back here wondering how long it will take to get home Xiao Nengzhu Chongqing Resident and then they see the Chongqing Raffles at the big bend they'll know they're home Up here Huang Tao Project Manager of Chongqing Raffles A section steel structure engineering it was very difficult for workers to operate It's totally suspended Rivers and mountains are reflected in the glass walls of the city's skyscrapers Memories never fade Stories are preserved in buildings and written into new legends with a whole new dimension Cities grow day and night The same group of constructors has begun to shift from the Chongqing Raffles to the International Land-Sea Center Start hoisting Turn the crane jib right Slow down The hook is down, Wang Stop The International Land-Sea Center International Land-Sea Center, Chongqing is the tallest building under construction in Chongqing This 458-meter-high building requires 70,000 tons of steel structures What is the diagonal dimension? 3.46 meters 45 degrees Li Changyin Quality Director of International Land-Sea Center steel structure engineering 198 microns This point is 180, 198, and 192 microns Nearly 40,000 large custom-made steel components of all sizes and shapes are the bones of a growing city Urban supertalls are one of the important indicators to measure the scientific development and comprehensive strength of a country and is also the ruler of steel structure technologies of a country Driver No. 2, start hoisting Turn left, slowly The average weight of steel components is 40 tons They will be put together into 18 giant columns of 433 meters which are the pillars of a modern building the spines of the whole building carrying the weight of the entire building Slow down Slow down 18 steel bones grow up piece by piece As the height increases the construction is also getting harder Okay, stop the hook The malposition of the interface must be less than 5 millimeters to avoid the accumulation of errors in each subsequent process Set the prism again Perform it again Two centimeters to the north One centimeter to the east Add a plate here And then the jack is here So it brings this over, right? It's a process of fine adjustment Link-up has been completed Welding begins The weld joint is the main joint method of steel structure building High-altitude welding is extremely demanding The welder must weld continuously Once welding is stopped halfway there will be impurities in the weld Welding quality will be affected As we get higher the wind is stronger Some areas of the outer frame are more prone to Liu Jun Project Manager of International Land-Sea Center steel structure engineering bubbles and slag inclusion We made a little welding shed to ensure that the air in this welding area is not affected 40,000 pieces of steel structure bring a huge amount of welding works In this area of less than 3 square meters across the constructors have 30,000 meters of welds to complete The total length is equal to four times the height of Mount Qomolangma They are constructors and also climbers The whole building, more than 400 meters high is supported by 18 giant steel columns Every weld is crucial The value is 3 millimeters Basically, the weld is fine The 458-meter skyscraper is rising to the top at a rate of one story every seven days constantly refreshing the height of the city Every week the rhythm of urban growth reaches a new height here The steel sail of the International Land-Sea Center blow wind and minds For centuries humans have been using steel structures to construct which changed the world dramatically Strong steel supports tall buildings and long-span bridges and also lays a solid industrial foundation Steel Structure Processing Plant, Chengdu for a country When you are welding this edge here it's still on a free end A new batch of steel components are being developed and produced Some new growth is in the pipeline Steel is the foundation of the industry From a screw to a skyscraper from steel deficiency to the global number one China's manufacturing China's creating China's constructing are thriving together Xiong'an New Area and continuing to change the face of China This is the growing city of the future We keep reaching new heights and we keep challenging spans Xiong'an, the starting point of the millenary plan Xiong'an Railway Station It's the new wave of the new millennium The largest high-speed railway station in Asia the Xiong'an Railway Station which covers an area equivalent to 66 football fields is about to embark on an unprecedented journey All the formwork throughout the basic platform need to be finished Each part visible needs to be finished 1,200 pieces in total We need to finish the polishing in four days Let's finish our steel structures It is a new challenge for the material process to finish the raw steel materials into a delicate exterior that can be exposed directly without any exterior decoration The trend of new steel material technologies is laying the foundation for the future Every revolution in the construction of spans is a contribution of materials to space The Xiong'an Railway Station has 400 giant steel girders spanning 78 meters There is not a single pillar in the waiting hall of more than 20,000 square meters All the load is concentrated on the scattering columns of the platform which minimizes the amount of steel and maximizes space utilization Beijing-Xiong'an, Tianjin-Xiong'an, and Shijiazhuang-Xiong'an three high-speed railways converge here In the future it will be a central hub of China's vast high-speed railway network It's pretty Even looking at it from a distance Xin Qinglong Field Engineer of the Xiong'an Railway Station steel structure project I am so happy It was worth it The millenary construction in China is like a song The new epic begins here Happy. Proud I'm also a resident of Xiong'an I did something meaningful My hometown will become better and better in the future I also hope that I can continue to contribute to China's millenary plan You see? The bright future! It's amazing! The ticket to a better future from Xiong'an has attracted the attention of the whole country China's history is full of numerous departures and arrivals The departure station of the next millenary journey Xiong'an The Great Land Bears Witness Lyricist: Yu Jiang Composer: Liu Jianing Singer: Tan Weiwei Arranger: Zhou Di, Liu Jianing Producer: Liu Jianing Orchestral Writing: Wang Denghui Orchestral Performance: International Master Philharmonic Orchestra Recording & Mixing: Luo Zihan Recording & Mixing Studio: Common Dimension Music Space Up to the sky Down to the sea No mountain will stop the heart racing The millenary oath is written with life Only to meet with you On this great land Raise hands to touch the sky Shelter from the storms Travel over all the seas The poems written on this land echo to the clouds Bit by bit The love is gathering Their devotion to the people The great land is witnessing

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