Engineering | Spring Commencement 2018

Engineering | Spring Commencement 2018

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In. 1867. Kansas State. University, held its first commencement. Three. Women and two men graduated, that year as, the. First land grant university. In the nation this, fledgeling university. Had a vision of providing innovative. Education. To all people. That. Early vision has continued. Through to the present, with. Over 250. Majors and, a diverse student, body, including. Students, from all 50 states and more than 100, countries. Becoming. One of the nation's top 50 public research, universities. By 2025 is. Today's vision, for. Tomorrow. With. Academic, programs, among the best in the nation and professors. Who are leaders in their fields, Kansas. State University, is an international leader. In, teaching, learning. Service and, research. Today's. Graduates, join over. 200,000. Alumni who. Are proud to call k-state their, alma mater. Congratulations. And. Thank. You to all those who have supported them, through their, undergraduate, experience at. State, University. Please. Be seated. Good. Evening. It. Is my pleasure to welcome you to Bramblett Coliseum, and the, commencement ceremonies. For the Kansas State University College of, Engineering, my. Name is Craig wank 'ln and I serve as an assistant dean in the College, of Engineering. Commencement. Is an exciting, time for the faculty and, staff of Kansas, State University, we. All experience, a sense of great satisfaction, that. These outstanding, graduates. Are moving, on to fulfill their professional, goals, on to. Exciting, careers in the service of society in this state this. Country and, the, world we. Are all enormous, ly proud of them and have, high expectations. For their future. Before. We start on our program today I would, like to make a few introductions please. Recognize. Our musicians, the, Kansas State University, student, brass quintet. Let. Me also recognize the, members of the platform party and, please, hold your applause until the, end on, my. Far right your, left dr.. Mustapha Hossein head, of civil engineering. Dr.. James edgar head, of chemical engineering. Dr.. Joe Horner, had a biological. And agricultural engineering.

Professor. Ray Buell head of architectural, engineering and, construction science, and management. Dr.. Betty growler, assistant, dean in the College, of Engineering. Jacqueline. Summers senior. In architectural, engineering and our student singer for today. Ike. Evans retired. President and chief operating officer, of Union, Pacific Railroad, and our, commencement speaker for today, dr.. Darren Dawson, Dean of the College of Engineering on, my. Far left your, right dr.. Bill done head, of mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Dr.. Brad Kramer head, of industrial, and manufacturing systems. Engineering. Dr.. Rod Howell professor, of computer science. Dr.. Dong drew and baakir head of Electrical, and Computer Engineering. Brad. Seidner, senior, vice president, and CEO of, the k-state Alumni, Association. Jadis. Berger senior, in architectural, engineering and, our student, speaker for today. Dr.. April, mason provost. And senior vice president of, Kansas State University. Richard. Myers president. Of Kansas, State University. Dr.. Gary Clark senior, associate, dean of the college of engineering our. Marshals, dr. Reynaldo, McGee hring associate, dean of the college of engineering and, Andy, fun assistant, dean of the College of Engineering, with. All faculty, members of the College of Engineering in, attendance at this ceremony please, stand. Please. Join me in recognizing these, individuals. I. Would. Like to call Jacqueline, summers senior, in architectural, engineering to. The podium to sing our national, anthem please, rise. Please. Be seated. The, college of engineering's enjoy a truly outstanding students. Over the years and this class is no exception all. Students, who have survived the rigors of studies, in our engineering, construction. Science computer, science and information systems, programs deserve recognition because. They are very talented, this. Evening I have the privilege of identifying a number of exceptional, students for special recognition we. First recognize our, summa laude graduates, who have earned a 3.9. 5 or higher accumulative. GPA, on the scale of 4.0, this. Semester we have 31. With. The following students, then and remain, standing. Rebecca. Andres. Travis. Atchison. Austin. Bucky. Connor. Demont. Jacob. Dennett. Je. Dis, burger. Jared. Ends. David. Ewers. Hannah. Fame. Sarah. Featherstone. Clara. Fishery. Brady. Gooch. Thomas. Score ham. Eric. Gray. Brendan. Hyde. Brandon. Jensen, Corita. Patrick. Ashley. Kramer. Andrew. McKittrick. Ethan. Meyer. Nathan. Moyer. Brett. Noon Berg. Logan. Probe. Devon. Runcie. Erica. Smith, Tricia. Schmitt. Elijah. C go Benjamin. Studer, Michael. TD, Brian. Winger and Graham. Wilson, let's, congratulate, our summa, laude graduates. Please. Be seated. Magna. Laude graduates, are those graduates, who have earned from a 3.85, to a 3.9, 49 cumulative GPA. This. Semester we have 37. With. The following students stand and, remain standing. Audrey. Anderson. Eric. Benning. Joshua. Becker. Landon. Becker. Garrett. Blem. Mariah. Brown. Justin. Cohen. Caleb. Compton. Curtis. Durometer. Mitchell. Easley. Katherine. Ehrlich. Matthew. Gross tea dear. Chloe. Henderson. Brant. Hill. Abigail. Hilliard. Matthew. Hickson. Jackson.

Jennings. Zachary. Kudrow ski. Brenson. Coker. Karthik. Rostrum, and al. Cuchara. Zachary. Locke. Daniel. Lapel. Le. Montgomery. Matthew. Refrain or Stacey. Rotten, house, free. Romina Rajashekar. Mitchell. Shirts. Cameron. Sinclair. William. Smith. Nathan. Stearns. Connor. Tori, Zhang. Jian long. Kevin. Wine and, Angelica. White. Hannon. Will born and, Logan. Sekou let's. Congratulate, our magna, laude graduates. Please. Be seated. Laude graduates, have earned from a 3.75. To a three point eight four nine cumulative. GPA this. Semester we have 36, with. The following students stand and remain standing. Josephine. Anderson, Jack. Ayers. Jacob. Ambach, Brianna. Bitch, clay. Bully. Susan. Burke, Jason. Carswell. Curtis. Klein, cold. Disturber. Mallory. Trokey. Dalton. Hahn Logan. Haney. Philip. Horse, Samuel. Harry furred Shawn. Hopkins. Rachel. Jackson, Lily, Johnson. Meghan. Coleman, Ryan. Cumin. Jacob. Larsen. Jacob. Lowry, Damian, Loya. Alec. Lutz, Kayla. Mcgahren. Levi. Man. Jacob. McAfee. Jack. McRaney. Kevin. McKeon. Catherine, McWilliams. Blake. Miles. Garrett. Seger. Harold. Valinda Ella. One, Inger, Ross. Worth. Reagan. Wilson, and Reagan. Would let's, congratulate, our kumoi t aggressors. Please. Be seated I. Must. Recognize one more important group before we move on to the rest of the program graduates, you. See around too many people who have helped you supported, you and encouraged. You over the time that you pursuit your education, these, supporters, include your parents spouses, and children your entire families in your prints graduates. Please, stand and. Join. Me in giving your loved ones a big and well-deserved round of applause please. Be. Seated. At. This time Jadis, Berger senior an architectural, engineering will present the challenge to the graduating class Jay. The Cat in the Hat by. Dr. Seuss. The. Sun did not shine it. Was too wet to play so. He sat in the house all that cold cold, wet day i sat. There with Sally we.

Sat There we too and I. Said how I wish we had something to do too. Wet to go out too. Cold to play ball so. He sat in the house we. Did nothing at all so. All we could do was to sit sit sit sit and we. Did not like it not. One little bit. This. Is a special story to me because. It reminds me so much of where I came from. We. All have stories that take us back into moments, of reflection. It. Is pleasurable to find stories and characters, that we can relate to you. May be able to relate to the kids in this story you, just have to sit sit sit sit and, you. May not like it not. One little bit. You. May also be able to relate to the Mike Myers's Cat in the Hat in the, movie when the fish starts to talk you. May be looking at me thinking. Well. Sure he can talk but is he saying anything no. Stories. Are great and. We love to escape a reality, by letting a story envelop, our whole being, there. Is something freeing about stories. Something. Beautiful about sharing, stories with, each other, there. Is something incredible, about sharing our stories, with, one another. We. Must not forget how amazing, our own stories, are. We. Are living the greatest, stories of all time and my. Challenge to you is to not ever lose your, story. Do. Not lose your past, present. Or future I. Challenge. You all everyone. Listening, to, not lose your story or. The zest of life that, enables, you to be present, joyful. And loving in, the face, of adversity, challenge. And tragedy. Today. I want. To share with you class of 2018. Reflections. On our story, and remind, us to live out meaningful, stories, stories. Of daring and stories. Worth sharing. Remember. Our past. Remember. The rush the. New communities. How. Cool was it to make new friends who you could have never met anywhere, else. These. Initial friendships, laid the foundation, for connections. That, can last a lifetime not. Just the, four five, six, or how many years it took you to get here. Regardless. Of how long it took I'm. Sure we can all agree on one thing, free. Food is amazing. Late. Nights of pizza, and caffeine-fueled, cram sessions, were balanced, with floods of fun, and laughter. Seriously. How many times did Manhattan flood I still. Get a kick out of that guy kayaking, down the street. The. Joys and the struggles, made, up great, stories, that we can now tell, together. We, made it here, not. Alone. That. Was a great, big lesson, that I learned on my college journey I was. A homeschooled, student, until I found myself a purple clad k-state, freshman going. Everywhere in ankle weights.

Going. From one a class of one to a class of everyone, was, a huge academic, and cultural shock, for me up. Until my first week I had pumped myself up to taking a great new adventure solo, I was. Going to keep a low profile, and graduate in four years. Six. Years later. I'm. Here to tell you that that plan died in one Cardwell week. SAS. Tutoring, was there to catch me going. To tutoring and study, groups on, a daily basis, I found. More, than the help I was looking for I found. The purple family that I didn't know that I needed. After. The first week all, of you taught me what it means to genuinely, be family, and share. In, each other's stories. For. Example I have. Three particularly. Close friends, who all have varied their stories, the. Four of us study together all of the time we, kept each other company on the latest of nights I was. The homeschooled kid from Wamego. Jacob. Will tell you that he was the impossibly, humble, and brutishly. Handsome, one from. Atchison, Kansas. Matthew. Was the ever talented. Violinist, and practice, room Napper from. Wichita, and Noora. Noora was. The unbelievably. Strong single, Saudi Arabian, mother of two precious little girls. We. Were and still, are a, genuine, purple, family through, thick and thin we. Inspired, one another with, our lives, hopes, joys. And, challenges. There. Is no i' in scholarly. Success, be. Humble mighty graduates, for. I challenge, you not to lose your real stories, to pride our. K-state, stories, were. Only. Made possible by, those who supported, us, from. The professors, in the instructors, who dedicated, their lives to our education. To. Every loved one who ever unconditionally. Supported, our endeavors and, to. The purple family we ourselves made, of and for, each other. We. All did this together with. One another we. Shared our stories, and developed, a remarkable family. Bond and, now. We. Are graduating, together we. Must not lose the gift of this present, chapter, graduates. I challenge, you all now to stand up, stand. Up. Look. Around you, look at your peers soak. In this moment. We. Are cats, wild. Cats and, hats and, we. Are living a great story here together, look. At those who are here to celebrate and support your glorious. Achievements, families. And friends make some noise for the class of 2018. Show. Them that they are. Louder. Core of your hearts and celebration, this is graduation. Graduates. This is your time this is now. Celebrate. And feel in this present moment. Okay. Now sit sit sit sit. Never. Let it be said that your graduation, was not moving. This. Is our time this is, our place. This. Is the beginning of the next great race, how. Incredible, will our collective, lives be as. Fellow souls with a common bond I dare. You not to forget your stomping grounds but most of all don't. Forget why, you are who, you will be. What. Do we stand for what, is our purpose. What. Story do you want to write for your future as, people, we, have so much worth, today. Do. You not see how much you are loved and valued, never. Forget, that. You. Can take you you are as the problem solvers of this world and have, the most magnificent, careers yes but. That is not all that is not what the stories, of k-state, graduates, should, all be about. The. Best stories, are those that help others in reverent, loving. And unconditional. Service. We. Here at k-state value, family above all else. Family. Is who we are and living for one another is what a family does. What. Better way to show the world that you live drink, breathe and bleed purple, than to live for your family. Live. For. Your home family, live. For your work family, live. For your family of friends and live. For, your family from Wildcat land, live. Out of love and hope, do. Not let fear rob you of your future do. Not let false evidence, appearing real. Steal, your story, or, your purpose. Do. Not be, a fish in a teapot denying, your calling to live be. The Cat in the Hat that you are I challenge. You to a greater story than, that of success, or changing, the world I challenge.

You Class of 2018, to never live never, lose your own stories, of love. And, family. Go. And make your purple Wildcat family proud, that. Is it that. Is that said. This Cat, in the Hat, thank. You and, congratulations. Thank, you very great, job. Kinda. Had to get the book adjusted. We. Were here this evening that bestow degrees on the candidates, we are also here to give you one less message and send you out of the world and the. Best way to give you that one last message and send you out of the world is, to hear from someone that's been right there in your shoes, someone. That's already been out in the world in a big way and that's. Our commencement speaker Ike, Evans. Ike. Has serious street credibility he, obtained a bachelor's of science and electrical engineering in 1965. From k-state and, attended Harvard's management, program development, in 1973. While. At k-state Ike. A former Mike Ahern baseball, scholar athlete met. His wife Lettie they've, been married for 55, years they. Have two sons three granddaughters, and two great granddaughters, I began. His career with Chevrolet motor division of General, Motors Corporation and spent 21 years in, positions. Of increasing responsibility, from. There he went on to become senior vice president, of industrial components, at Emerson Ike, was also an operating partner for the private equity firm ACI Equity Partners Ike. Retired, is president and chief operating officer of Union Pacific Railroad, he. Is currently a corporate director of Meritor Inc and a past corporate director of Textron and Spirit AeroSystems Road. Order transportation, systems and Cooper industries, but. In spite. Of all his vast career, accomplishments, Ike would tell you that he never imagined himself up here speaking to you today because, that's just why he is and, in. Spite, of all his personal and professional obligations. Ike. Has remained a lifelong Wildcat. This. Fact is exemplified, by Ike and ladies recent gift to name the College of Engineering academic. Success center, engineers. And scientists join me in welcoming one of our own Ike, Evans. Thank. You Dean Dawson for that kind. Introduction. Distinguished. Department, heads faculty. Parents, guests. And graduates. I, extend. My warmest congratulations to. You as we come together to celebrate your, achievement, and to, thank those who, provided support, every. Step of the way. Well. It was a real honor for me to be your guest speaker in this special day I was. Challenged, when I thought about what I could, share with you that might even a small way be. Meaningful, and be of help as you pursue your career and life goals. But. Before I do that I, did remember some key learnings about what I call engineer. Speak that. I think you'll need as you begin your careers in an engineering, so. Let's start there, when. An engineer, says we're trying a number of different approaches. That. Means we're. Still guessing. When. An engineer, says remember, operational. Tests proved inconclusive. That. Means it, blew up when we flip the switch. When. An engineer says no, maintenance, that. Means if it breaks we can't fix it. When. An engineer says it took years of development, that. Means that finally worked and. When. An engineer says we're preparing a report with a fresh approach. That. Really means we just hired a cup of college kids, out of college. On. A more serious note the, people who made the greatest contributions. During my career, share. The common set of characteristics. It. May surprise you to know that these characteristics. Are also shared by great, athletes. Now. I was, not a great athlete but when I was 17, I wanted. To play professional baseball instead, of going to college, my. Father however, did not agree with that plan so. I went the k-state on a baseball scholarship and, loved it I still. Like to tell myself I could have pitched for the Cleveland Indians but. As they thought about this speech I was, reminded, of my, as an, athlete a, few. Months ago millions. Of us around the world watched, the Olympic Winter Games and were, captivated, by the athletes, their. Stories. Their. Commitment, and devotion. This. Year's stars like those before them exhibited. Quality, similar to those I've observed in the most successful, people that I've worked with over the years. When. Asked, what, does it take to be an Olympic champion. Someone. Sent once said roughly, 10,000.

Hours Of practice a, propensity. Towards, excellence and the. Right people in circumstances. To get you to the top. With. That in mind as you. Embark upon your, career I challenge. You to embrace and develop the traits of a world-class athlete. If. You do I can. Promise you you will be an exceptional, hire earn. Opportunities. To make outstanding, contributions. No matter where your work or. What positions, you hold throughout, your career. Ultimately. You'll achieve success. As you, define, it, you'll. Be ready to join the ranks of leadership and, even. Run a business or a company if, you so desire. Many. Of the most well-known CEOs. Began, as engineers. Like. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mary. Barra of General Motors in Elon. Musk just to name a few. The. Characteristics. I'm referencing are common to people who excel at athletics, and to. People who excel in business. They. Are not innate, skills, they're. Learned and developed and business. Needs people who demonstrate these, traits now more than ever before. The. Piece of change today in our in our world today and the extent of that change is, absolutely amazing, and, it's, only speeding, up and not, slowing down. Business. Models are changing to stay competitive, due. To consumer, rising, expectations and, unlimited, choices, and the. Pace and transparency. Of communications. And new. And. Of technologies. And it's. All in a marketplace that's, no longer local. Regional. Or national its. Global. Take. The changing, retail landscape is just one example. Home. Depot Craig CEO, Craig Munir said, some. Say that's more change in the last three. Years than, in the last ten or twenty and. It's imperative that we address these evolving, needs with, increased, speed. To. Address these challenges and to, be successful, in your careers you, should embrace the traits of an Olympian to become a business, athlete. There. Are many of these characteristics, we could talk about today but. A highlight five that. I think are the most important. First. Develop. An appetite, for learning. Companies. Need people, who are intellectually, curious and. Continuously. Learning about what is going on in the world around them, at. The same time the most successful, organizations are. Made up of employees, who, are willing to share their perspectives while. Also considering, the diverse views of others. Through. Your education, here at k-state you've. Mastered critical, thinking skills. Continue. To hone those skills and. Commit, yourself to. Lifelong, learning, it. Is the intellectually, curious who, challenged, the status quo in business, like. Steve Jobs of Apple, ultimately. Helping to create major breakthroughs, in products, and services. Like. Olympic, athletes, trained. Yourselves, to be learning machines. Olympians. Continuously. Develop, their skills they. Practice, they. Study the competition. And they, work with their mentors and coaches. Fuel. Your curiosity. Second. Develop. Your skills to make, the biggest contributions. You can wherever, you work develop. A broad set of skills don't. Become so specialized. That, you can't be moved around in an organization. Understand. The competencies, of other jobs or professions, to, develop a well-rounded, view of business learn. About. All business, functions, if. You can provide value to multi-layers, of your company you'll, be considered for many opportunities. Olympic. Athletes may be unrivaled, in certain skills but. They're also good, at cross-training, it. Reduces, the risks of overtraining, and stimulates. The mind so. That doesn't become bored with too much repetition. Olympic. Snowboarder, Esther ladakhi of the Czech Republic started, skiing at the age of two and snowboarding. At the age of five when. Her coaches told her to pick us one sport in which to excel she. Refused she wanted. To do both and said she would pick another coach if that was a problem. At. The 2018. Winter, Olympics Ladakhi became the first woman in Winter Olympic history to, win a gold medal in two, different sports at the same Olympic, Games. Broaden. Your skill set third. Work. Hard but, take time out in this. Lean in business environment, everybody. Must contribute. Companies. Need bold employees, who have functioned daily at their very best the. People you admire every. Successful, person you, know worked. Hard it made, important, and calculated, choices, every day to be successful, as with. Every Olympic athlete there's no evidence, of high-level performance without.

Experience. Or practice, the. Most accomplished, athletes, needed years of hard work and smart. Choices before they became world-class. Hard. Work is always the baseline of great achievements, and gave. Five in the 1997. NBA Finals. The Chicago Bulls and Utah, Jazz were tied in a 2-2 series, that. Night Michael Jordan, sick, with the flu scored. 38 points in, what. Became known as the infamous flu game and more, than demonstrated, his perseverance, and commitment to his team. While. Olympians, are also known to push themselves to outer limits, they. Understand, the danger of physical, and mental burnout, all. Athletes. Have breaking points, they, do not push themselves, past. That point an. Article. Titled, five lessons to learn from Olympic athletes, stated. And. Our daily lives were consumed with both personal, and professional stress. Time. Off is a key factor in performance, cycles as our, massive, influxes, of effort, the. Magic, is in the mix. Olympians. Are pushed to the max physically, emotionally and mentally which, is why their training regime is filled with plenty of time to rest. Refresh. And rejuvenate. They. Not only work, hard but. They also take time out and so. Should you you. Can't do a good job if, your job is all you do. Fourth. Take, risks. Companies. Need employees will take on the difficult and challenging assignments. People. Who are not afraid to fail because. When they do take on those challenges they might just succeed, and that's, when breakthroughs, happen. Olympic. Athletes, gravitate, court the conflict, for growth most. People who face an obstacle look, for escape, Olympic. Athletes push for women this happens and learn, everything conveyed everything they can from the challenges, that they face they. Understand, the diversity is, a part, of being successful. Consider. Downhill skiers who can reach speeds north of 80 miles per hour on steep, and unpredictable. Slopes in. Bobsled. Luge and skeleton athletes. Can reach speeds of 90 miles an hour on sleds weighing more, than 50 pounds, zooming. Down a narrow winding track, in, diving. An athlete, leaving a 10 meter platform's, enters the water nearly, 35, miles an hour a speed. At which water acts more like a solid, and a liquid upon, impact. Now. You may say these, are extraordinary. Acts that. Most of us will never attempt. And aren't really comparable to. The risks we will face in our professional, lives and, that. Is true, but. It takes a certain mindset in, sports in, business. And in, life to, take risks, and it, is the possibility, of great achievement that. All makes it all worthwhile, an, article. In the LA Times a couple of years ago reported. And I quote. Athletes. Said they took on the grueling terrifying. Feats for the excitement of achieving the exceptional. Fear. Was a part of that equation I. Experienced. Fear early in my career when I was 22 I worked. At a plant of the Chevrolet Chevrolet motor division of General Motors in Flint Michigan, at. That time Chevrolet. Was the tenth largest company. And as, a standalone company, in the United States I, was. Offered the opportunity become, a foreman, of skilled trades that. Included electricians of pipe fitters among others. Typically. Foreman were promoted, from the ranks of the trade so these earned the respect and, camaraderie, of their co-workers. If. I accepted, I would be the first college, graduate in this, position. The. Only reason, I was asked was because I had an engineering degree. This. Was a high-risk assignment. Because, I knew nothing about it and there, was no guarantee of a, fallback position. I took, it knowing that I would be supervising. People who had forgotten more, than I knew I. Quickly. Figured out if I was going to make this work I needed, to ask for help it. Was an intellectually, challenging, and humbling. Experience, it, was actually, life-changing. For me I wasn't. The greatest skilled trade Foreman in fact, I really had no idea what I was doing but. It was an excellent experience that. Taught me a lot early. In my career and. What I learned from that experience is. That. The triumph is not as important, as the struggle. Take. Risks and don't, be afraid to fail the. Only sin is in not trying. Fifth. And finally value. The team in today's. Business environment there, are no more solo acts it is teams of employees, working together on, multiple, projects. Communication. Collaboration and. Trust are among the biggest components, of effective working, relationships. In business today. When. I stepped in as the chairman, and CEO of Meritor a large manufacturing. Company that had not been forming, well for several years I had. To excess, whether, the issues were with the leadership team or driven by other factors. It. Quickly became clear that there was excellent talent on this team that had been hindered because, of prior management, indecisiveness. With.

Better Definition. Of business responsibilities. And objectives, this, team went on went on to drive at peak market, a 400, share price appreciation in, more, than a billion dollars of increased, market capitalization. Hayden. Herrmann swam for South Africa, in the 2012. London Olympics and row later wrote about his experience, in his respective, on teamwork and leadership, he. Said the following it's. Always good to remember that when you see a very prominent leader like, a president, or CEO he. Or she is, most likely supported, by a very strong team operating. In the background. Very. Rarely, do leaders succeed, all on their own a good. Leader will be surrounded, by dynamic. Group of amazing, individuals. The. Idea of the hero leader is, most often completely. False. Make. The team better, because. Your be or part of it for. Those of you who embrace your, business athlete and. Meet change head-on there, will be unprecedented. Opportunities. In your careers you will, be recognized, for your ideas and, rewarded. With greater responsibilities. And when. You succeed, development. Opportunities, promotions, and profound achievements, will follow, you. Will be able to make great contributions to your company, and maybe. Even to the world and while. Business athletes, do not constitute, the majority I. Challenge. You to be one of them and if. You want to stand out and make a contribution, and, be, exceptional, stay. Curious. Broaden. Your skillset, work. Hard and take, time out take. Risks and put, the team first. Here. At Cunard a graduate, of Kansas State who. Won a silver medal for the high jump in the two, 12, London, Olympics said when. The time is right I'm capable. Of anything like an erupting volcano as a. Graduate, of this university, you too, are capable of, anything. My. Hope for each of you is that you will have a great career in life built, upon the foundation, you've established here, whether. You whatever, you do do, not cheat the world of your contribution. Give. It everything you've got and as. You go forward believe. In yourself, and spend. Your valuable time with others who believe in you to your. Outlook and success, in life will be greatly influenced, by the people, with whom you associate. For. Me it, was my wife Letty, we, met at k-state had been married for 55, years she. Saw potential, in the early on that I did not see in myself, she. Is my best friend and has, played an important role in my career in my life. You're. Among the fortunate few that now hold a world-class education. The. Challenge, is to successfully, apply it in its ever-changing world it. Would be inappropriate, to say, good luck because. Luck, will have very little to do with your success. Rather. It's, about recognizing, how much you don't know learning. From those who do, not. Always playing it safe and just plain. Whole art hard work these. Are the things that will shape your future. Congratulations. Again to you the, class of 2018. Kansas. State College, of Engineering thank, you. Thank, you a small, token of our appreciation. At, this time I'd like to Brut introduce Brad Seidner, senior, vice president, and CEO the, k-state Alumni Association. Brett. Good. Evening graduates, and again. Welcome to all the family and friends that are here tonight, well. I'm very pleased, to be part of this special day and on, behalf of the Kansas State Alumni, Association. Representing. Over 275, thousand, living, graduates, and Friends of Kansas State we'd.

Like To offer our congratulations on. This special accomplishment. Here tonight we. Are also here, to welcome, you into a new relationship with your alma mater as you, begin this new chapter as a k-state graduate. Our. Mission, at the Alumni Association, is, to lead and inspire lifelong. Involvement. That. Will benefit Kansas State University, and all, members of our Wildcat community. I'd. Like to share three of the core values that guide us in our mission to. Help keep you connected with k-state, the. First value is link the. Alumni Association provides, the lifelong link, that, alumni depend, on to remain connected to your, University, you. Can stay in touch through, hundreds. Of alumni activities on, campus across. The nation and even, internationally. Another. Value is tradition. It's. Likely today that you'll celebrate some k-state, traditions, such as singing. The alma mater or maybe you stopped to take the KSU photo on your favorite spot on campus. You. Might also have fond memories of doing the Wabash at a k-state sporting, event or maybe. Rubbing, your favorite bronze statue, on campus, for, good luck on a test or to insure a wildcat, victory, and the. Third core value is, purple. K-state. Purple, because. For us k-staters, purple, is more than a color it's, a symbol of Pride and connection. Because. When you see someone wearing k-state, purple no, matter where you are or k-state, class ring or. You see that k-state license, plate on a vehicle, you, immediately, feel that. Sense of family. I'd. Also like to share that in recognition of, your graduation, tonight your. College of engineering, and the Alumni Association are. Providing you with a complimentary one-year. Membership, to the, Alumni Association, and, we, hope you'll always be an active member of your, Alumni Association. K-state. Alumni, are among the most loyal in the nation in fact. You are now part of, one of the top five Alumni Association's, and number, one in the big 12 conference for, the percentage, of our graduates, that are members, that. Same, loyalty is, shared worldwide, by. Generations of. K-staters. Who have the same passion for k-state that. You feel today, as. You receive your degree from, one of the finest, universities, in, the nation. The. Alumni Association was also pleased to present to you on your chair tonight an exclusive, alumni, business, card holder and as. You go through life and your titles change. And your address has changed please. Be sure to keep us updated because. We want to make sure that you always stay connected to, your k-state family. Again. Congratulations. On this special accomplishment. Here tonight be. Proud of your university wear, your purple with pride and as, always let's. Go k-state. Thank. You Brad we. Will now have the presentation, of graduates and conferral, of degrees each. Department head has introduced before we'll present the degree candidates. From the respective departments the. Audience should feel free to applaud, candidates, as they are recognized. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of Science and architectural, engineering and the Bachelor of Science and construction, science and management please, rise. Well. Faculty, members Shannon, Casebeer, Jim, Goddard Fred, Hassler, John, Philip II and Jon Schull song please. Rise to greet the candidates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct, honor and pleasure that I present these, candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees.

With. Degrees in architectural. Engineering. Liu, Jane Mohammad. Khatami. Lua. Kali. A code. Tyler. Austin. Ben scooter. Casey. Nicole Bertelsmann. Kevin. Jacob, Clark. J. Alexander, dis, burger summa, log. Xu. Yi Guo. Madison. Nicole hot finger. Darcy. Renee, turned. Joshua. David. Cole. Gabrielle. Franceska, Lisa. Whitney. Renee, look. Alexander. Bakker. Christopher. Thomas nan, Dorf. Michaela. Lin player. Daniel. Nicole hoarder. Heather-marie. Randolph. Evan. Michael, Reese. Henri-michel. Risco. Kenton. Charles. Raagh. Andris. Saldivar. Jacqueline. Leave, summers. Christopher. Michael, Tompkins. Samuel. David, Wilcock. Joshua. David, what, no. Let's. Congratulate. Our architectural. Engineering, graduates. With. Degrees in construction. Science and management, Austin. Skylar Anderson. Joshua. Richard, Becker magna. Laude. John. Dalton, bellow. Benjamin. David, Berard. Jessie. Jessa, and Brinker. Keaton. Granville, kanaday. Col. Douglas, sister. Kumud. Austin. Robert thickened. Coby. James, Ferg. Nicholas. Eugene, garrison. Play. Mitchell. Gordon. Nicholas. Michael, Hyland. Trevor, James. Hyman. Aaron. Rey, Hernandez. Marco. Antonio, Annetta. Brayden. Scott Halle. Sarah. Beth, Disney, Huelskamp. Rachel. And Jackson. Kumud. Joshua. Robert, Klug. Lucas. James, D, hands. Branson, Paul Coker, magna. Laude. Caleb. K corporate. Caleb. Joseph, Conda. Adam. Richard, Kramer. Ryan. James, Coleman, cool, odd. Taped. Voice. Lancaster. Tanner. Montgomery. Lund. Alex. Edward, Lutz, cool, odd. Shane. David. Maloney. Daniel. Martinez. Mark. Patrick. Mckernon. Blake, Pendleton. Miles to, mod. Rice. Waylon, Morgan. Austin. Bradley. Pollen. Austin. Read Pfannenstiel. Braden. Leave, Robinson. Samuel. Octavio, Roldan. Kerrigan. De Sadler. Logan. Power Sega, sir. Frank. Perez scent, of all. Garrett. Allen, Seger, kumoi. Brett. Jaison. Shelton. Reginald. L stacker. Nathan. Lee, Stearns. Magna. Laude. Brier. Daniel. Teason. Carter. Dakota, kobish. Christopher. Ryan, Turner. Arthur. John, warts, burger. Taylor. Clay, Whitlow. Let's. Congratulate, our construction. Science and management graduates. Will. The candidates, for the bachelor, science and biological, systems engineering, please, rise, well.

Faculties, Members Tricia Moore vahid. Romani and Lisa. Will can please rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct, honor and pleasure that. I present these, candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in biological. Systems. Engineering. Jacob. Turner alan. Landon, david becker magna. Laude. Mariah. Victoria. Brown magna. Laude. Nathaniel, Q Brown. Allen. Connor. Joseph. De menthe summa. Laude. Curtis. Austin, go romaji magna. Laude. Austin. Lee Ebert. Chelsea. Daniel, Flemming, Danielle, Fleming. Jamie. Murray, Hauser. Anna. Louis. Cuchara. Magna. Laude. Sherilyn. Rose Mahoney. Abby. Ruth, Mills. Patrick. James, Murray. Brendan. D Penner. Rachel. Michelle Porter. Jacqueline. Ramirez. Stacy, Lynn, rotting, house magna. Mod. Sri, ramana Shanker, magna. Laude. Elizabeth. Ellen. Bender, crawl. John. Michael, wimpy. Jen. Ming when. Let's. Congratulate. Our biological systems. Engineering, graduates. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of Science and chemical engineering, please rise. Well. Faculty, members Andrew, Duncan, Keith hone and Ervin, Suresh, please. Rise to greet the candidates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct. Honor and pleasure that I present these, candidates. For the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in chemical engineering. Audrey. Colleen Anderson. Magna. Laude. Keaton. Laverne, Anderson. Rachel. Kathleen, and steady. Mason. James, Armstrong. Jack. Michael, Ayers. Kumud. Eric. Christopher, Fanning, magna. Lon. Brianna. Nicole, bench, homeland. Austin. Ray bud, key summa. Laude. Christopher. James, pearly. Greg. Early. Jason, alexander, karswell kumoi. David. Michael dougherty. Bernadette. Francine druid. Hanna, Catherine. Pain suma, Kumud. Sara. Marie, Featherstone, summa. Laude with. Diploma presented, by her father dr., Alan, Featherstone, professor. And head Department, of Agricultural, Economics. Eric. Regan, gray summa. Mod. Eli. Michael, Jansen. Marcus. Ryan. Josefa, wits. Kirk. Richard. Kennedy. Aishah, Tiwari. Megan. Elizabeth coma. Kumud. Avery. Alec kostelec. Carter. Andrew, croaks from magna. Laude. Jacob. Kunar, Larson, tomb LOD. Zachary. Dawson, look magna. Laude. Kayla. Bonifacio Magee, ring kun LOD with. Diploma, presented, by her father dr., morgan all DOMA gearing professor. And engineering, associate, dean for research and, graduate programs. Nicholas. Lee maze. Jack. Kent, McCraney. Logan. Michael. McKinley, with. Diploma, presented, by Logan's and dr., Linda Garrow professor. Of food nutrition. Dietetics, and health. Catherine. Lauren, McWilliams, Kuhn, LOD. Trevor. My league. Mary. Katherine. Nelson. Jess. Parker, Neufeld. Steven. Charles, Pfeiffer. Samuel. Grant, research. Devin. Andrew. Ron see suma. To mod. William. Boy, Smith. Magna. Laude. Robert. Leighton Strine. Benjamin. Dale Studer. Summa. Laude. Elena. Truong. Zhi. Sheng Wang. Ross. Gregory, worth come, laud. Angelica. Shaun T white, magna. Laude. Regan. Michelle, Wilson whom, LOD. Logan. James, Zeca magna. Laude. Martin. Mitchell, Ziegler. Tie.

Christian. Zorn. Let's. Congratulate. Our chemical, engineering, graduates. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science in civil engineering please, rise. Full. Faculty, members soon, and Edison Eric Eric. Fit Simon and Scotty please rise, to, greet, the graduates. Dean. Dawson it, is. With distinct, honor and pleasure that, I present these, candidates, for the conferral of. Their degrees. With, degrees in civil, engineering. Muhammad. A Koloff. Abraham. Awesome, on. Ahora. Muhammad, of the Alda bond. Rebecca. Michelle Andres. Marshall. Marcel. J Braun. Samuel. Patrick, brown. Yet. Ha, Chalabi. Talal. Imran, Vashti. Seth. Andrew. Gachi. Jacob. Daniel. Harms. Tanner. Victor. Higgins. Tara. Olivia. Hinshaw. Daniel. James, Hutchinson. Julia. Renee, piker. Omar. Kawari. Jacob. Dub, hrus Lowry, come, lad. Jared. Robert, Mills. Hassan. Mohammed. Mohammed. Brett-james. Mori. Laura. Nielson. Chad. Allen. Only. Matthew. Craig Petersen. Ramin. Rosten pork. Matthew. James, Rowe. Elliott. Blaine Schrag. Robert. Ray, Sherwood. John. He time. Carla. Has mean, poorest, neva. Andrew. Michael, Wahlberg. William. Walker. Andrew. James, winner. Alec. Michael. Weaning her kumoi. Hunter. James, Wiles. Let's. Congratulate. Our civil, engineering, graduates. Will. The candidates, for the bachelors science and electrical engineering and, the Bachelor of Science in computer engineering please rise. Well. Faculty, members will Hegeman Chun, Kuen Kim Paula not Rajan, and David, Thompson please, rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson is with distinct honor and pleasure that I present these candidates for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in computer engineering. Brandon. S brown. Brent. Leslie, free sting. Daniel. Jackson, louisville, magna. Laude. Andrew. Eugene, McKittrick, summa. Laude. Bristol. Nicole Miller. Steven, nuisance, panchik. Let's. Congratulate, our computer, engineering, graduates. With, degrees in electrical engineering. Carly. Rose Benjamin. Allen. Timothy, Cairo. Brett. Christensen. Erin. Dell site. Katie. Joanne, do better. Mallory. Kate Rogge kumoi. Mitchell. Thomas, Easley, magna, Kumud. Brady. Norman. Gooch. Summa, laude. Thomas. Coram the fourth summa. Lodge. Tanner. Read, Griffin. Luke. Ryan, Haney, to, Maude. Braden. Walker, hide, summa. Laude. Samuel. Robert, hare furred Kumud. Shame. Andrew, Hollenbeck. Nathaniel. Winfield. Jones. James. Brandon. Keeler. Cameron. Shelby, Kennedy. Damian. Loya, Kumud. Matthew. Michael, refrain, room back now Jim wad. Edwin. Mast. Israel. Mendoza. Brent. Robert. N├╝rnberg, summa. Laude. Jacob. Aaron, Offerman. Sergio. Ortiz. Steven, her I'm. Nathan. Thomas, rivers. Ethan. James Stevie. Alex. T, Bo. Ryan. Mark. Ulrich. Junction. Wang magna. Laude. Let's. Congratulate. Our electrical. Engineering, graduates. Will, the candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science, in computer science, and, The Bachelor of Science in, information systems. Please, rise. Will. Faculty, members, nathan, beam bill. Shu, Josh. Weiss and Jorge. Valenzuela. Please rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is, with distinct. Honor and pleasure that, I present these. Candidates, for the conferral of. Their degrees. With. Degrees in computer, science. Travis. Atchinson, summa. Laude. Anthony. Michael Atkinson. Olivia. Madison. Almond. Brian. Edward. Bates. Kevin. And be, sure. Mary, Grace, Blair. Garrett. Paul, Lim, magna. Vlogs. Louise. Obadiah. D, s. Playing. Thomas. Bully, come lad. Alexander. Elliott, carpenter. Justin. Heart, Cohen, magna. Laude. Carrington. Michael, Cooper. Maria. Della, tour. Zachary. Robin doll. Aaron. Michael, Doolittle. Dkd. Kenneth. Ever. Emma. Who's. OMA a mooch a. Lame. Wesley. Evans. Nicholas. Anthony, Goines. Wesley. John, good. Dalton. Allan. Hahn, Kumud. Joy. Houser. Chloe. Elizabeth, Henderson. Magna. Laude. Austin. Grant Henry. Adam. Michael, hurting. Matthew. Lee Hickson, magna. Laude. Reese.

Douglas. Hopkins. Sean. Corey Huggins, come on. Joshua. Mason, Humphries. Brandon. Christopher, Janssen summa. Laude. Michael. Cooper, Johnson. Zachary. Alexander. Petrovsky, magna. Laude. Richard. Lee. Ryan. Gerald. LaRue. Lauren. Kelly Lynch. Levi. J man, tomb, lon. Zachary. Taylor, mark, olesco. Sarah. Joy, Martin. Simran. G Molly. Clifford. James Meeks. Benjamin. Randall, Miller. Zachary. James, Minton. With. Diploma presented, by his father dr., Ernie Minton professor, and associate, director of the Agricultural, Experiment Station. Priyamani. More. Tyler. S Nielsen. Lance. Allen, put a. Logan. Michael, pro zoom. Out come on. Timothy. David Ripper. Tricia. Rose, Schmitz. Summa. Lon. Brad. Allen. Schoonover. Low. T Scott. Matthew. James. Seagraves. Jordan. David, for. Hayden. Scott's. Van, Kara. Samuel. Steven, lil. Blair. Edward. URIs. Ryan. Paul. Williams. Jordy. Paul, Williams. Regan. Kenneth, would come. On. Brian. James, Worcester. Benjamin. John, Young. Let's. Congratulate, our computer, science graduates. With, degrees and information, systems, Jacob. S Doukas. Daniel. Eduardo. Moreno Rodriguez. James. For. Bochy Nelson. Reilly. James, Toombs. Let's. Congratulate, our information, systems graduates. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science and, industrial, engineering please, rise. Well, faculty, members, dong. Lens supreme, das Jessica. Higher stem and Todd, Easton, please rise to meet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct. Honor and pleasure that I present these, candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in industrial. Engineering. Mohammed. Salim, al-jabat. A. Hawass. Right, a Matar. Talal. Fahad, a sudden. Naive. Abdullah, al sama. Allah. Al. Salahi. Sultan. Muhammad. Al Turk. Josephine. Samantha. Anderson. Combe LOD. Thomas. Michael, and jarred, a. Thief. Shut hurry. Curtis. Allen, Klein cool, odd. Carolyn. Gayle countess. Katherine. And done. Katherine. Elizabeth Erlich, magna. Kumud. David. Lee yours, summa. Laude. Carly. And Fisher. Claire. Elizabeth, Fisher. Summa. Laude. Cameron. James Garwood. Matthew. James, Jenna low. Kelsey. Amber, gets. Mitchell. Mason, greater. Christopher. John, Hall. Marshal. James, Hall. Cassidy. And Harper. Abigail. Faye Hilliard, Magna. Cume laud. Lily. Katherine. Johnson, Kumud. Joseph. Franklin, Kellerman. Marisa. Collegia. Corey. Glencore. Patrick summa. Laude. Ashley. Marie, kramer, summa. Laude. Christina. Marie, Ladner. Carson. Lilly. Amanda. Christine, Maliki. Andrew. Dean mcLeansboro. Ellie. Ruth, Montgomery. Magna. Laude. Scott. Thomas. Purlins, fine. Jacob. Brant Phillips. Amy. Elizabeth, Priebe. Nicholas. David, rich, Alano. Emily. And Schneider. Kylie. Shay, Schultz. Jeremy. Blake, Sully. Scott. James. Sheridan. Jordan. Lucas, Smith. Trenton. Andrew. Tanking. Lauren. Elizabeth Tidwell. Dalton. Thomas, tokus. Norma. Eunice Verona, Ortiz. Marcus. Lee, Walbridge. Brian. Jared. Winger, summa. Laude hannah. Elizabeth. Willborn, magna. Lon. Jessica. Middleton. Zedek. Let's. Congratulate. Our industrial. Engineering, graduates. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of Science and mechanical, engineering, please, rise. We'll, faculty, members Terry Beck, Amy. Bets. Byron. Jones. Bruce. Babban and, Kevin. Wang Qin P please rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct. Honor and pleasure that I present these candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in mechanical, engineering. Mohammed. For air al Jafar. Mohammed. Walker, a shock, heaven. And. Rudy. Arnold. Diana. Jacqueline. Areola. Morgan. Lee, Bailey. Taylor. Eric, Bellinger. Jacob. James Bam bakhoum, laud. Aaron. Scott, bloom. Adam. John Bowers. Matthew. Russell. Brian. Spencer. David, Ray buff. Michael. John Buchan. Taylor. S, Carlson. Michael. Adrienne's, asagna. Elijah. Samuel. Clark. Jared. Christopher, Conley. Niclas. Nathan. Quarter. Jacob. Patrick. Colby. Calvin. M Dom's. Jung. Han ding. Jacob. David. Dennis, summa laude. Brian. J. Deters. Nathan. W, dual. Matthew. Brian. Duncan. Berkeley. Alexander. Edison. Jared. D-ends. Summa. Lon. John. Michael, Estes. Cody. John, Freeman. Brandon. Allen, Bullington. Connor. W, get away. Kevin. Hey Zeus Garcia. John. Russell, George. Aaron. James, Gleason. Dane. Flynn. Matthew. William, roasted, ear magna, Kumud. Gizelle. Hundra. Guantes. Naga. Row. Hunter. Allen, Harlow. Phillip. Whaley, harsh to, mod. Chase. Alexander, Harvey. Jacob. Wesley, Hayhurst. Samantha. Lynn Hecker. Caden. Wayne Hilger. Caitlyn, flame travellish. Hoover. Garrett. Read, Hodges. Kellan. Christian, Horner. Christian. Tyler. Judd nada. Jackson. Brian Jennings, magna. Come on. Blake. Urban, Huey. Ryan. Kamal, Cory. Adam. Thomas, knocks. Chance. Christopher, Kurtz. Sean. David. Lay. Lucas. Jean, Linda, Smith. Parker. Christian, little. Marco. Antonio. Lomo. A so. Levi. David, Marcotte. Nicholas. Torrington. Mason. Zachary. William, may. Jacob. Wayne, mcafee. Cool, odd. Kevin. McKeon.

Anthony. Durand, Medina. David. Robert, Meredith. Nathan. Dean, Moyer. Summa, Kumud. Connor. Justin. Monk. Samuel. Warren, oxen, Dale. Rebecca. Brooke Paul. Chad. P. Paulie. Joel. Ellen. Peg. Andrew. Michael, Bhushan. Jonathan. Daniel, Bhushan. Dalton. David, Porter. Tyler. Kenneth Pitts. Taylor. Lynn, Ramirez. Joseph. Alan, Reed. Lucas. Charles. Richards. Nicholas. Karl Rodell. Austin. Michael, rule. Aaron. Lee, Sawyer. Tracy. Gerard, Schmitz. Michael. Matthew, Schulte. Nicholas. John, shoemakers. Mitchell. Gregory, shirts, magna. Laude. Cameron. Merits, and Clare magna. Lon. Cameron. James soul, Co. Emily. And stall, bomber. Nicholas. Ellison, stick. Joshua. Michael, stigman. Sara, Rochelle, Stevenson's. Jab. Ethan. Stewart. Patrick. Mason. Sutherland. Angela. Three, people. Michael. Edward, TD, summa. Laude. Connor. John Tory, magna. Lon. Michael. M Tran. David. Troy, and, Amin. Kevin. Michael, wine, and magna. Laude. Bailey. Nicole Wells. Laura. Marine. Worm. Timothy. John, Yonkers. Let's, congratulate. Our mechanical, engineering, graduates. Graduates. In. 2011. The state of Kansas established, the university engineering, initiative act to, produce more engineering graduates by the year 2021. Today. With. Nearly four hundred and sixteen graduates, you, are the largest ever spring, graduating, class. In. Fact. The. Total. 2017-2018. Graduation. Graduation, class, of, more than 680, is the largest ever and with. This total we have officially, blown the doors off our goal of 587, congratulate, yourselves. Graduates. Please rise. But. Authority, of the people of Kansas and the, Kansas Board, of Regents and upon. The. Recommendation by, the faculty, and upon. Completion of all degree requirements I am, pleased to confer upon you the respective degrees, that you have earned at Kansas State University, you. May move your tassel from the right to the left. That's, a lot of tassels. Graduates. Please. Remain standing while I call assistant, dean Betty growl to the podium, please. Turn to page 63, of your commencement program and recite the k-state engineers plates, with her. Page, 63. In your programs, we, invite you to join us in the.

Engineering. Pledge as. A. Graduate, of the College of Engineering I pledge, to, give the utmost performance. To, participate, in none but honest, Enterprise to. Live and work according. To the laws of humanity and, the, highest standards of Professional, Conduct to. Place service, before profit, the. Honor in standing, of the profession, before personal, advantage, and the. Public welfare above, all can other consideration. In, humility. And with the need for divine, guidance I make, this pledge I. Would. Like to call Jacqueline Sommers back to the podium to lead us in the k-state on alma, mater please, remain standing, the. Words are found on page 3 in your program. Oh. I. Think. Children. Would. Everyone except, our graduates. Please be seated. Graduates. We know you're anxious to go and meet your family, however, we have one last request knowing, this is a record class we want one large group photo. So, everybody, gather together in the middle. We're. Gonna try to get everybody in the photo. Let's see. We got everybody in alright here we go. Looks, good. All. Right. Feel. Free to go back to your seats. Graduates. On. Behalf of the college of engineering, congratulations. On your well-earned achievements, and officially. Becoming a k-state, engineer. We. Would ask all guests, to please remain seated and do not exit until the recessional, is complete thank, you for coming and have a great evening.

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