Engineering | Fall Commencement 2017

Engineering | Fall Commencement 2017

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In. 1867. Kansas State. University, held its first commencement. Three. Women and two, men graduated. That year as, the. First land grant university, in the nation this, fledgeling university. Had a vision of providing innovative. Education. To all people. That. Early vision has continued. Through to the present, with. Over 250. Majors and, a diverse student, body, including. Students, from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Becoming. One of the nation's top 50 public research, universities. By 2025 is. Today's vision, for. Tomorrow. With, academic, programs, among the best in the nation and professors, who are leaders in their fields, Kansas. State University, is an international leader. In teaching. Learning, service and, research. Today's. Graduates, join over. 200,000. Alumni who. Are proud to call k-state their, alma mater. Congratulations. And. Thank. You to all those who have supported them, through their undergraduate, experience, at, State, University. You. You. Please. Be seated. Good, afternoon, it. Is my pleasure to welcome you today to, the commencement ceremonies. For, the Kansas State University College of, Engineering. My. Name is Craig Wenk 'ln and I serve as an assistant dean in the College, of Engineering. Commencement. Is an exciting, time for the faculty and, staff of Kansas. State University, we. All experience, a sense of great satisfaction that. These, outstanding, graduates, are, moving, on to fulfill their professional, goals on, to, exciting, careers in the service of society in this state this. Country and, the, world, we. Are all enormous, ly proud of them and have high expectations. For their futures. Before. We start our program today I would like to make a few introductions. Please. Recognize our, musicians, the Kansas State University student. Brass quintet. Let. Me also recognize the, members of the platform party and, please, hold your applause until the, end on. My. Far right your, left, dr., Moustakas, Ain interim. Head of civil engineering. Dr.. Keith hone professor. Of chemical engineering. Dr.. Jill Horner, head, of biological. And agricultural engineering. Professor. Ray Buell head, of architectural, engineering and construction science, and management. Dr.. Betty growler assistant, dean of the College of Engineering. Mark. Ronnie senior, and electrical, engineering and our student singer for today. Jim, johnson CEO, GE, johnson, construction, company and our commencement speaker for today dr.. Darren Dawson, Dean of the college of engineering on, my. Far left your, right dr.. Bill done head of mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Dr.. Brad Kramer head, of industrial, and manufacturing systems. Engineering. Dr.. Scott DeLoach head, of computer science. Dr.. Dawn Gruen bakker head of Electrical, and Computer Engineering. Amy. Button Renz president, and, CEO of the k-state Alumni, Association. Sam. McConnell, senior, in architectural, engineering and our student speaker for today. Dr.. April mason provost, and senior, vice president of, Kansas State University, dr.. Gary Clark senior, associate, dean of the college of engineering our. Marshals, are dr. arnaldo Megerian associate, dean and Andy fund assistant, Dean would. All faculty, members of the College of Engineering in attendance at this ceremony please stand. Please. Recognize these individuals. I. Would. Like to call mark Ronning senior, and electrical engineering to sing our national, anthem please, stand.

By, Voters. Once. Whose. Broad, stripes and. Bright, stars. Please. Be seated. The, College of Engineering has enjoyed truly, outstanding students. Over the years in this class is no exception all, students. Who have survived the rigors of studies, in our engineering, construction, science, computer. Science and information systems, programs, deserve. Recognition because. They are very talented. This. Afternoon, I have the privilege of identifying, a number of exceptional, students, for special recognition, we. First recognize our, summa cum laude graduates. Who, have earned a 3.9. Fiber or higher accumulated, GPA on a scale of 4.0. This. Semester we have seven with, the following students, stand and remain standing. Mitchell. Fowler. Jacob. Mol troll Eric. Smart Erica. Schmitt. Zachary. Bulgari. Zachary, williams, y. Own shoe, let's. Congratulate. Our summa, cum laude graduates. Please. Be seated. Magna. Cum laude graduates, of those graduates, who have earned a 3.85. - a 3.9, forty-nine cumulative GPA, this. Semester we at six with. The following students stand and remain standing. Ashley, coleman austin, pernot. Courtney. Faucet, andrew. Forester. Andrew. Harlow. Daniel. Longfellow. Let's. Congratulate, our magna, cum laude graduates. Please. Be seated. To. Mutter graduates, have earned from a 3.75. To, a three point eight four nine cumulative, GPA, this. Semester we have thirteen with. The following students stand and remain standing. Montgomery. Baker fails. Jase. Bevers. Hailey, broom. Damien. Cyr. Hunter. Adeleray. Andrew. Lewellen. Samuel. McConnell. Jason. Riley. Mark. Ronnie. Garrett. Stuart. Lucas. Bear Sheldon. Elena. Watson, and Christopher. White, let's. Congratulate, our cum laude graduates. Please. Be seated, I. Must. Recognize one more important group before we move on to the rest of the program graduates. You. See around you many people who have helped you supported, you and encouraged you over the time that you have pursued your education, these. Supporters include your parents spouses, and children your. Entire families, and your friends, graduates. Join. Me and giving your loved ones a big and well-deserved round of applause. Thank. You at. This time Sam McConnell senior an architectural, engineering will present the challenge to the graduating, class. Thank. You Dean Dawson good. Afternoon, family, friends, faculty, and staff alumni. And fellow members of the Kansas State University College of Engineering, class of 2017. It's. A great honor to speak before all of you today on a, day that will be one of the most memorable of our lives a bittersweet, day and for, more reasons than the fact that it ends the era of free food. Here. Many, of us will begin the end of our time in the community that we have grown to call our own we. Have shared in so much together and for, that I thank each and every one of you we. Make our way into a world or, will be challenged, daily but, these challenges will prove small relative. To the talents, that we have developed during our time at this great University. Following. Our cardiac Cats come from behind Farmageddon, win two weekends ago in bill, Snyder family stadium I pulled out my phone to arrange for an uber ride and it.

Struck Me how similar calling, that uber it was to. The situation, that we find ourselves in now for. Those that don't know how, to call an uber ride it's. Called using. The app that you set your pick up destination, and then, where, you'd like to be dropped off based. On these two locations a fare is generated, and you if you select to accept. This fare your, goober driver will move to your location and you'll begin your journey, knowing. Where you are is the first step to starting your journey we. Can look back now on our time at Kansas State to understand how we got to where we are today we. Came on a campus not fully understanding, what we had gotten ourselves into I wasn't, even sure what my major was let, alone what I could do with a degree in it and, but. It wasn't long before we learned that we were in the same situation, as thousands, of other people that we shared this beautiful campus with we. Joined way too many student organizations, collected. Enough purple t-shirts to clothe some small countries, and, did. Our best to make the university lose money on the meal plans that we had selected, we. Discovered the horrors of 4:30, Friday afternoon, engineering, physics exams and the, joys of spending Saturdays in the bill and in the bill with. Time we, figured it out we settled, in and, we really flourished, we. Came to understand what the k-state family was all about but, it was through building up other, around us that we truly would grow was. Amazing to see such a diverse group of people representing. So many nationalities. Creeds, religions, and backgrounds come. Together as one big, happy purple. Family however. No families without its struggles and it's these struggles that taught us the most about each other often. These, times the trials are caused by those that would seek to highlight our differences. Of as weaknesses, but, it was these differences, that helped me to better understand, the value of humility and the strength that it affords, today. We, are a summation of our experiences. Including, the experiences, that we have shared in together this, is where we're getting picked up now. The, question of our destination where, should we drop that pin on the map I know, that my destination, will be one that allows me to continue on the path of growth that I've started here at k-state, as. We leave Manhattan to, start careers and fields that will put us on the frontier of new technologies, but, we'll have opportunities to influence millions. Of people I hope, that you'll do so with the lessons that we've learned here, on your heart and in your mind through. Our engineering, education we. Have been equipped with skills that allow us to improve the lives of all around us but is what we have gained from our peers and the, expectation. Of excellence that has been imparted, on us as, part of our experience here at k-state that will drive us to make the most of these skills each. Of us has been awarded talents in accordance with their own abilities and, we must make the most of these talents lest they go to waste as I. Make my journey away, from my time at k-state I hope, to keep humility, honesty. And kindness, at the forefront of my actions, humility. To consider the possibility, that we don't have the answers that we might be wrong I promise. It's gonna happen, not. To say that we should question ourselves but rather be open to the opinions of others and grow. Stronger from the benefits of multiple perspectives. Honesty. With myself that, I never turn a blind eye, towards, the truth regardless, of how difficult it might be to accept, again. There will be difficult, truths, may. We always be true to ourselves and others ensuring. That our actions are genuine and full of goodwill and, kindness. That I may lift up all those around me as I have learned to do so during, my time at this wonderful institution where. We always seek out those in need in a system in ways only those that, have been afforded the Tao and opportunities, that we have can. What's. The price of this journey what's, the cost of these aspirations, that we may hold for ourselves. Fortunately. We, have never been alone in getting to where we are today, family. Have trial travelled, miles and miles to witness us not trip, as we walk across this stage today the. Same family that have given so much of their own to, provide, us with the best opportunities, that they could, our. Faculty and staff has spent hours with, us in labs or classrooms, and advising. Activities, or even just listening to how much stress we've accumulated over the course of the semester, Friends.

Of The University, and College of Engineering, have donated millions of dollars to. Provide scholarships, and build buildings and provide other opportunities, on campus that may not have existed otherwise. The. Infinitely brave men and women that have fought to defend this country for centuries have, preserved the freedoms that allow us to receive this education, all. Of these people, some, that we know well and many that we'll never meet have, made sacrifices to, help pay a portion of the fare associated, with our journey but. There is still much work to do if we want to reach our destination we, must continue what we've started here in the same manner that we have spent countless hours and, lectures and studying and working on senior projects, to arrive here, we must continue to practice, discipline, and make sacrifices to tree' achieve, our ultimate destination. There. Will be times that try our commitment, our patients. And our integrity and it's during these times that I hope you look back on your experience, at k-state and that, will give you strength to push through these difficult, times. Remember. We, are never alone in the, same manner that we might watch an uber move down the road towards our destination all, those that have invested in us will watch as we move day in and day out they. Will watch us through the hills and the valleys and, will hold us accountable to, the destination, that we have set for ourselves these. Will be the people that celebrate, us in our joys and encourage. Us in our struggles. The. Greatest piece of advice that I ever received during my college career, was to never miss an opportunity, pretty, cliche I know I didn't, realize its gravity at first but if you think about it how many opportunities, do you miss out on daily because you might be afraid to take a chance or it might be a new experience. I was, missing a lot before I received this advice I still. Missed some opportunities but, my life has drastically changed, since I took heed of it so. Today I challenge, you class, of 2017. Never. Missed an opportunity, never. Miss an opportunity to love your family well if we've learned anything since we've been here it's that family is first, never. Miss an opportunity to do the impossible we. Didn't come to this University and work all these years to crawl through the rest of our lives we came this far to go out and attack our lives every single day and break free of the limits that would be imposed on us, never. Take an opportunity to take a step back and be, grateful for what we may have what. For what we have been given we, will never have enough gratitude for the sacrifices that have been made for us today. We, have so many people to thank never. Miss an opportunity to be kind humble. And honest. My. Last challenge calls for a bit of a history lesson the. Color purple that we so proudly wear has long been associated with royalty. This, is derivative of the limited supply of purple a dye that existed, to make clothing that, was available during the time throughout, the world during the time of kings and queens the. Limited supply dictated. That few could dawn the purple color in a, similar way, relatively, few had have, had the opportunity, to call Kansas State University, their home few, have had the opportunities to learn what the k-state family is about and the values that it holds so.

I Challenge you to take what we have learned in our time here values. That we have gained and the lessons that we have been taught and don't, harbor them like a precious cloth or gem but rather share them willingly let. Your purple shine that you may show all around, you what the k-state family is and what, it means and it may cultivate, in them the same spirit. Congratulations. Kansas State University, College, of Engineering class of 2017. I thank, you all for the time that we have shared and pray, that you all succeed in your endeavors a ride, is here let's, go. Thank. You Sam great job. We. Are here this afternoon disposed, to. Bestow degrees on the candidates we are also here to give you one, last message and send you out into the world and the. Best way to give you that one last message before send you sending, you out into the world is to hear from someone who's been right there in your shoes, someone. That has already been out in the world in a big way and that's, our commencement speaker Jim Johnson, Jim. Has serious, street credibility he, obtained a Bachelors of Science and, construction, science in 1984, from k-state shortly. Thereafter Jim, played an active role in every division of GE Johnson, construction, company, specifically. Jim Jim gained experience, in estimating, project, supervision, project management, division management, and business, development every level of the company he. Served in the role of vice president, before becoming president and CEO of the company in 1997. In his. Continuing, new role as CEO Jim. Is responsible, for leading the strategic, vision culture, and board of directors of GE, Johnson, construction company, Jim. Has served on several nonprofit, organizational, boards in his an avid community, supporter he. Has served on the KSU Foundation. Board of Trustees the College of Engineering Advisory, Council and the Alumni Association, Board of Trustees but. In. Spite of all his accomplishments, and service to the University, Jim, would tell you that he never imagined, himself up there speaking today because, that's just the way he is and in. Spite, of all his personal and professional obligations. Jim has remained a lifelong Wildcat. This. Fact is exemplified by Jim's, induction, into the College of Engineering Hall, of Fame. Engineers. And scientists, join me in welcoming one of our own Jim, Johnson. I. Think. I just found out who's gonna do my eulogy. Thank. You very much Dean Dawson I was. Told I could do this because I'm a lot more comfortable. Actually. In this type of hat. To. My, I'm. Honored to speak today and to my fellow podium. Guests. I've. Been known to go. A little bit off script so you can either read the prompter, or try to stay stay. With me we'll see how it goes. I'm. Absolutely thrilled to be here with today with the faculty, and the staff to congratulate. And, celebrate. The. Class of 2017. Welcome. To all the family and friends and loved, ones are here to witness this milestone event, these. Students, undoubtedly, cherish, your support and encouragement. We. Can all agree that today is a special day and one that is pivotal, in most, people's lives, who. Have the dedication, perseverance. And aptitude. To become. Qualified to come across the, commencement stage and receive, a diploma. My. Father and I both went and attended. Kansas State University, are both proud college, of engineering, graduates, for. That reason, and many more.

Kansas. State has always felt like home I, frequently. Visit and every, time I come to appreciate the impact that. It has had as me as a student albeit. 33. Years ago I sat in those very seat. Kansas. State is made up of special people the, professors, the, advisers the, department, heads the, alumni as well, as the students, they, create a fabric that, can be wrapped around you, like. A warm cozy blanket. Now. That you're graduating it's, time to shed the comfortable warmth of that blanket, and go, into the world and make your mark. You'll. Start applying the concepts, you'll. Start to stretch and grow, you'll. Have struggles. You'll have successes, both, personal, and professional and. That, will continue to define you I. Want. To ask you as you start this next chapter. How, will you leave your mark how. Will you make your mark in this world. The. Answer is going to be different for all of us and it can be very simple you. Can start making your mark by performing, any task or job that, you may do no. Matter how large or how small. Do. It with excellence. Co-workers. And clients will, appreciate the, dependability, and the, quality, that provided. You, provide by. The consistency, of delivering, a job well done. My. Family's, legacy it was built by, leaving a mark in our various communities in which we work and, we. Leave buildings, that, enhance the destination. If. You have been to the Alumni Center the, veneer family football complex, or the West stadium you, have seen some of the marks that our family has left on this community. It's. Great benefit, in our field that we can point to a physical, building, or structure, that. Highlights, our work, I believe. Making, your mark though, will. Be different, and you need to continue to define it for yourself I also. Believe in making your mark through philanthropy. Finding. A cause or an organization. You believe in and jump. On it. You'll. Have the energy and maybe more than. Any time in your life to. Make a difference, try. To meet positive. Change with the resources, to an organization. That needs your help give, your time your. Expertise, your leadership your, support, whatever. Fits you best, not. Only will you help others but, you will learn more about about. Yourself, than you ever imagined. Your. Late nights of studying and cramming for, exams may, be over, but. Now you will continue your education for. The rest of your day you will. Make mistakes every. Single day. And you. Can embrace those mistakes, as, an out of classroom, teacher change, will happen no, matter how much you try to not make it happen. Learn. To expected, learn to embrace it learn to respond, to it learn, to learn. To learn from, it. Keep. Making your mark you may already have perseverance. For. Myself the greatest value that I learned during. My. Time at Kansas State University was I wasn't afraid to fail, this. Is witnessed, by my transcript, I. I. Was I was sitting in your seat 33. Years ago with a 2.3. GPA, I had. One job interview. In. A time when construction was down I took, that opportunity to, position myself and. Convince. Them what I could do for that company, I was successful, and quickly. Thereafter my, GPA, became, irrelevant. And it, was really about what I could do as an individual, I encourage, you to find that inner strength and what, it is that you've learned here what. I learned at Kansas State was perseverance. I had, to keep going into that physics class year after year after year, to. Get through the class I knew I had failed but, I wasn't going to give up, that. Type of perseverance. Has served me well in our business world, because. It is in every ever-changing environment you'll. Need perseverance, to get through it embrace, it, cherish, it enhance. It and continue, to grow I. Challenge. You to leave your. Mark by, making your mark. I was, told by a very good friend of mine very early, on in my career who's. Endured. Many political appointments. And. Many. Nonprofit. Organizations, he came up to me once he. Said I have never had. Anybody come up to me after. I've been speaking and say gosh I wish you would have talked more. Therefore. My comments, today, our. Brief, they're short. However. What, you have gotten by this degree. Proves. That you have the perseverance, and the tools. Necessary, to. Charge your own course, my. Challenge, to you is, to. Always, charge. Your new your, course, define, it but. Never forget. Where. Home is and, where, your family, is. Congratulations. To all and, go cats. Thank. You Jim here's a small token of appreciation. At, this time I'd like to introduce Amy button Renz president and, CEO of the k-state Alumni. Association, Amy. Thank. You Dean Dawson good. Afternoon I'm, pleased to be part of your special day and offer congratulations on. Behalf of the k-state Alumni Association.

Representing. Over 250,000. Graduates and friends who will be your lifelong k-state family. Today. As you receive your degree we, are excited to celebrate with you and your family we are also here, to welcome you into a new relationship with your alma mater as, you begin this new chapter as, a k-state graduate. Our, mission, at the Alumni Association, is, to lead and inspire lifelong, involvement, that. Will benefit Kansas State University, and all, members of our Wildcat community. I would, like to share three of the core values that guide us in our mission to, help you stay, connected with Kansas State University, the, first value is link the, Alumni Association provides. The lifelong link that alumni depend, on to remain connected, you, can stay in touch through, hundreds, of alumni activities held, on, campus around the country and even internationally. Another. Value is tradition you. Will likely celebrate a few traditions this, weekend as you, sing the alma mater or take, KSU, photos at, your favorite spot on campus you. May also have fond memories of doing the wabash at a k-state sporting, event or rubbing, the nose of the bronze lockout, statue at the Alumni Center for, good luck on a test or to, insure a wildcat, victory as the, keepers of tradition, we also hope that you will have a chance to visit the Alumni Center to, experience, all the wonderful traditions, kept there including. Our newest addition, a stained glass mural, designed, by 2016. Graduate, Marcus Gilbert which pays tribute to the beauty of our state and the k-state campus the. Third core value is purple, for k-staters, it's more than a color, it's, a symbol of pride connection. And family, when, you see someone wearing purple or a k-state class, ring or, someone sporting a k-state license, plate, you will feel that sense of family and. Recognition. Of your graduation the. College of Engineering and, the Alumni Association are. Providing you with a, mentary one-year membership, to the Alumni Association, we. Hope you will enjoy the membership, benefits, and continue to be an active member after. Your first year, k-state. Alumni are among the most loyal in the nation in fact our membership, ranks in the top five in the nation and number one in the big 12 conference for. The percentage of graduates who are members that. Loyalty, is shared by generations, of k-staters, who have the same passion for k-state that, you feel today as, you receive your degree from one of the finest universities in the nation the. Alumni Association is, also pleased to present you today with an exclusive alumni, business card holder as you go through life and your, titles and, address just change, please, be sure to keep us updated we want to make sure you, are always connected to your k-state family. Congratulations. And go cats. Thank. You Amy. We. Will now have the presentation, of graduates in conferral of degrees each. Department, head as introduced before will, present the degree candidates, from their respective departments, the. Audience should feel free to applaud, candidates, as they are recognized. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of Science and architectural, engineering and the Bachelor of Science and construction, science and management please, rise. Well. Faculty, members Shannon, Casebeer, Jim, Goddard Katie. Locke Miller, Junction. Song and Bill, Zhang please, rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson is with the distinct, honor and pleasure that I present these candidates, for conferral. Of their degrees. With. Degrees in architectural. Engineering. Mark, Alyn, bhisma. Austin. C Curnutt, magna. Cum log. Eddie. A Gomez. Colin. Glenn hits. Tyler. Jacobs. Antonio. Lamar. McPhee. Samuel. James, McConnell. Kim Laden. Daniel. Allen, minx. Michelle. Diane. Reagan. Austin. John, Schaefer. Matthew. Robert. Sykes. Christopher. Mark, White whom. Lod. Let's. Congratulate. Our architectural. Engineering. Graduates. With. Degrees in construction. Science and management. Joshua. Michael able. Kyle. Jacob. I felt. Craig. Dylan. Are Shambo. Corey. Michael. Are meander, ease. Carsten. Francis. Bear, agree. Jordan. Richard, be Burleigh. Colin. James. Bond. Hayden. James. Forth. Thomas. Kenner, Bauer's. Lorien. Lynne Breckenridge. Jonathan. Cassoulet. Anthony. Nicolas, Chapman. Trenton. Alexander. Cox. Shannon. Tyler. Dial. Quentin. Shelby. Michael, Gould. Nathan. Burke, pass. Matthew. Taylor, Hastert. Robert. Philip, Holland. Deshawn. Lamont. Isaiah. Garrett. James, Crabill. Mike. Mitchell link. Lock, Beeler. Bike. Alvin. Laura, JH. Matthew. Stephen. McCarthy. Connor. Michael, McGill. Jack. Harlan. Mitchell. Taylor. John, Nessen. John. Allen, rect. Or. Whitney. Vaughn. Reed. Kyle. Andrew. Romek. Pilar. Daniel. Stiffed, er. Daniel. Jared. Straub.

Been. Treadway. Laura. And, Trickett. Cameron. Luke, up off. Jackson. Charles, wicker. Let's. Congratulate. Our construction. Science and management graduates. Will. The candidates, for the bachelor science and biological, systems engineering, please, rise. Well. Faculty, members Dan Flippo Tricia, Moore AJ. Sharda and Lisa Wilkin, please, rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct, honor and pleasure that. I present these, candidates, for conferral, of their degrees. With, degrees in biological. Systems. Engineering. Devin. Ali Ben, Dodd. Kaitlyn, Renee, Barnes. Kaylee. Renee, rugaard. Alison. Rose Cioffi. Cody. Michael. Logan. Brendan. Joseph. Whitney. Let's. Congratulate, our graduates from, biological systems, engineering. Well. The candidates for the bachelors of science and, chemical engineering please rise. Well. Faculty member Arvin stress please, rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct, honor and pleasure I present these, candidates for the conferral of, their, degrees. With. Degrees in chemical engineering. Dianna. Me, Abbott. Montgomery. Carl, Baker, fails. Who. Maude. David. Adrian, korchenko. Sultan. Abdul, Rahman Serena. Hamid. Let's. Congratulate, our chemical, engineering, graduates. With. The candidates, for The Bachelor of. Science in civil engineering please. Rise. Full. Faculty, members soon, and Addyson archaic, efforts Thurman landed. Martin and Hydra. Shield please rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is. With distinct. Honor and pleasure that, I present these, candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With, degrees in civil engineering. Luke, strand. Augustine. Teresa. Margaret. Collins. Ian. Michael, beggin Dorf. John. MacArthur. Devolved. Andrew. Stephen, Foster. Magna, cum laude. Ichika. Brian. James, Park, Raider. Justin. Edward. Harris. Zechariah. Lee, Hughes. Casey. John, Keller. Sean. Lua. Blake. Nicholas. Morris. Rory. MacPhail Reichel. Brock. Allen. Schwartz. Dylan. Gregory. Swire. Elena. Trang, Watson. Whom LOD. Seaver. Lee, Williams. Joel. Steven. Woodward. Let's. Congratulate, our civil, engineering graduates. Will. The candidates for the bachelor of science and electrical engineering and, the, bachelor, of science and computer engineering please, rise. Well. Faculty, members John Devore Stephen Dyer bill, Kuhn Bay. Rays Marisol. And William. Hegeman please rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it, is with distinct honor and pleasure that I present these candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in computer engineering. Kyle. Connor, Brown. Brandon. Robert, Dunn. Wesley. See Thomas. Phillip. Ross, urban. Dan. W. Wagner. Let's. Congratulate, our computer. Engineering graduates. With. Degrees in electrical engineering. Hunter. Changed, Ellery whom, LOD. Benjamin. Dennis, ELLs burned. Jonah. Ferguson. Chad. Weston. Gobber. Tyler. James, henan. Hooper. Douglas, hopefully. Nicholas. Raymond. Benoni. Denton. Kansas, macadam. Hayley. Rice, Mikkel yay. Tyler. Justin. O'Bryant. Nor. Addressed. Omar. Jose. Paul. Jason. Keegan, Riley, cool mod. Mark. Hofmeister, Running, Room lawd. Samuel. William, Rozelle, diploma. Presented, by Samuels, father dr., Tim Roselle professor. In animal sciences, and Industry. Dylan. Roy, schaberg. Paul. Winstone.

For Brera Suzanne. Chow. Wong. Sorry. John. Let's. Congratulate, our electrical, engineering, graduates. Will, the candidates, for, The Bachelor of Science and, computer, science, and the, bachelor of science and information systems, please. Rise. Will. Faculty, members bill Shu Mitch, Nilson, and Josh Wiese please. Rise to greet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is. With distinct. Honor and pleasure that I present these, candidates, for the, conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in computer science. Cody. Lee, Baldwin. Christopher. Charles, Boshart. Huge. On chin. Ashley. Erin, Pullman magna, cum laude. Joseph. Townsend. Davis. Caleb, Robert, Fleming. Jonathan. David, Howard. Juju. Lu. Daniel. Christian, Longfellow, magna, cum laude. Jacob. Daniel, Martin. Diamond, Connor McNeill. Troy. William, Nagel. Aruna. Thon Parramatta. Perrin, often. Eric. Thomas, Marr, consumer. Cool odd. Tyler. Jordan, prion. Colin. Andrew bossman. George. Willis. Walker. On. Way. Let's. Congratulate, our computer, science graduates. With, degrees and information. Systems. Joshua. Eric, Durbin. Ethan. D Haley. Jacob. Thomas, Muldrow summa, cum laude. Sean. William, Pittman. Devlin. Rain, smiley. John. David, Wildmon. Let's. Congratulate, our information, systems graduates. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of Science and, industrial, engineering please rise. Well. Faculty, members David Benari a shooting, lay ashesh, Sinha and Peter Zhang rise. To, meet the graduates. Dean. Dawson it is with distinct, honor and pleasure that, I present these, candidates, for the conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in industrial. Engineering. Hammad, not, her age a run. A. Deed. Ali, al, Kitani. Ian. Bein, altar. Mohammed. Bashir. Baba. Jackson. Philip, beaver. Christopher. John, Walter. Booze birdwatcher. Brenna. Elaine, Dirk's. Cory. Nicholas. Eager. Courtney. Michelle, faucet. Magna. Cum laude. Matthew. John. Kaiser. Stanton. Kyle Chrome. Steven. B blue. Miranda. Hurry mace. Lucas. George, for Sheldon cool odd. Gage. Ellen, son bran. Let's. Congratulate, our industrial. Engineering graduates. Will. The candidates, for, The Bachelor of Science and, mechanical, engineering, please. Rise. Well faculty, members Bruce, Babin. Terryback. And. Kevin. Wang Qin please rise, it is with distinct. Honor and pleasure that I present these, candidates, for the. Conferral of, their degrees. With. Degrees in mechanical engineering. Joshua. Ryan, F holder. Mohammed. Ahmed Abdul. Abdul, Ali. Tyler. Bryce Albright. Rockin. Ahmed, Hoshi. Chase. Alan, Bevers come, on. Rachel. Nicole Boehm. Blake. Andrew. Bombardier. Anna. Elizabeth, bonkers. Eric. Austin, brown. Trevor. Michael, Brown. Halley. And Wren. Kumoi. Fallen. Matthew, Douglas, fuller. Joshua. Alexander. Camarena. Trevor. D carpenter. David. Austin Chandler. Wayne. Thomas. Chisolm. Abdullah. Chowdhury. William. Christopher, Clark. Olivia. Page, Cox. Joseph. Michael cribben. Damian, Anton, Cyr cool odd. Colton. Chandler, Decker. Matthew. Charles, Dolezal. Killian. Andrew, goes. Alex. Christian. Cheville Tao ski. Matthew. Lawrence, Esquibel. Adam. Lee Ewing. Zachary. Forrest, Ewing. Tyler. Michael, farmer. Heather. Renee ferry. Mitchell. Scott, Fowler summa. Cum odd. Peter. James, Gardner. Brendan. Charles Gunn Dean. Andrew. Weston, Harlow, magna, cum laude. Ali. Jane, Hedrick. Benjamin. Dayton, power. Alley. Honey, Jamal. Michael. Lin Kelly. Chandler. W, clam.

Brian. L Koenig. Julie. May. Cole. Elisha, coach, old. Clark. William, propa. Nicholas. Tyler. Cooked. Andrew. Michael, Llewellyn, Kumud. Seth. Allen Martin. Jeffrey. Brian, morrow. Nathan. Cole buckler. Gave. Alain, Prost. Mary. Katharine. Ross. Christian. Nathaniel. - sure Asher. Ronald. Andres, Cesco, teh Prieto, Kim. Blog. Devon. Martin. Shot ler. Austin. Marsh Schuberth. Austin. James Scott. Luke. Alan, stall bomber. Garrett. Noll Stuart, Kumud. Valerie. Johanna Vega. Thackeray. Joel, Volker, summa, cum lon. Austin. David, Wiley. Paige. Williams. Zach. Thomas, Williams. Sumac, Ahmad. Joseph. Sean wolfenberg, ER. Tyler. James, Woodman. Let's. Congratulate. Our mechanical, engineering graduates. Graduates. Please rise. By, the authority of the people of Kansas and the Kansas Board, of Regents and upon, recommendation, by, the faculty and, upon. Completion of all degree requirements I, am pleased to confer upon you the, respective degrees, that you have earned at Kansas State University, you. May move your tassel from the right to the left please. Remain standing while I call assistant, dean Betty grout to the podium graduates. Please. Turn to page 49, of your commencement program and recite the k-state, engineers pledge, with her. Please, recite, with me as a. Graduate, of the College of Engineering I, pledge to give the utmost of, performance. To, participate, in none but honest, Enterprise to. Live and work according, to the laws of humanity, and the highest, standards, of Professional, Conduct to. Place service, before profit, the, honor and standing, of the professional. Before personal, advantage, and the, public welfare above, all other consideration. In, humility. And with the need for divine, guidance I make this pledge and. I. Thank, you I would like to call mark Ronny back to the podium to lead us in the k-state alma mater, the, words can be found on page 3 in your program, please, rise. Why. Spa. Would. Everyone except our graduates, please be seated. Graduates. We know you're anxious to meet your family and friends however we have one last request of you each. Of you now have a k-state alumni poster which you can hang proudly in your office whenever you leave here so if you'll get that out hold, that up. We. Will take a group photo. Graduates. On behalf of the college of engineering congratulations. On your well-earned achievements. And officially. Becoming a k-state, engineer. We. Would ask all guests to please remain seated, and do not exit until the recessional, is complete, thank, you for coming and have, a great evening.

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