ENG SUB《麓山之歌 THE POWER SOURCE》EP35:#楊爍 #侯勇 #焦俊豔 領銜演繹重工創業史 | 當代 勵志 | KUKAN Drama

ENG SUB《麓山之歌 THE POWER SOURCE》EP35:#楊爍 #侯勇 #焦俊豔 領銜演繹重工創業史 | 當代 勵志 | KUKAN Drama

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[The Power Source] [Episode 35] Master. Here, have some tea. Easy, easy. Give it to me. Easy.

This is a delicate operation, even breathing unevenly could burn it through, let along coughing. That's right. Even for small currents, the control of low pressure, the method of arc ignition, the grasp of the distance, and the stability of the hand are quite a big challenge. Yes.

Master, when was the last time you did this work? How come I've never seen you do it before? I've never done it officially, but I've practiced it in private. You've never done it before? After I did it today, it's considered that I've done it, right? It's a job that not even an automatic welding machine can handle. If you didn't want to do it, no one would judge you.

What is industry? What is factory? Without workers, it's nothing. The theme of today's lesson is that we as welders, regardless of success or failure, even if we have grievances and cry, we can only do so behind our masks. When we take off the mask, we must smile. Let's do this! Got it! Why are you more nervous than me? How did it go? Mrs. Ma, there isn't much deformation, let alone burning through.

Great job. Your word doesn't count. Mrs. Ma needs to take a look at it.

Yes, yes. You're holding hands. Thirty years of using the welding torch were not in vain. As long as I still have the skills, machines can't take away my job. I forgot something important. Ma Yan told us to go to Jin's Golden Bowl for dinner tonight.

He said he has something important to tell us. Let's go now. We are leaving. -Okay. Come on. -All right. We'll leave first.

Bye. There are so many people here. Did something happen again? Don't be reckless. Let's just wait and see what's going on.

There are so many people around. It can't be something good. You're being reckless again.

I've never seen this before. Good. Lighter, please. Disinfection completed! Are you ready? Yes. Let's do this! Here. Pour the oil.

Come on. Done. Good. My friends, this is ready to go. Let's do it! Zhu, star anise, cinnamon, onion, ginger, garlic and chili. Get them ready! Has this boy gone insane? What is he trying to do? Let's keep watching.

Done. This is new. Yes! Well done! He's messing around.

He's going to break through the pot. See that? It's still intact. And that's something. Pour in the crawfish. Another pot.

Down the ladle. Look, look. Come on, Ma, get in the camera.

(Well done!) (I've never seen this before.) It smells great! Ladle Ma. Ma Yan's idea is brilliant.

He's very skilled with it too. If it had been me, I would've already broken through the pot. Do you think he will say yes if I invite him to be a test driver? You can forget about it. Judging by their public display of affection, I'm sure they are opening a mom-and-pop restaurant.

Is it lucrative? It's hard to say, but one thing I know for sure is it's going to be a hard job. They will go to bed at three o'clock every day. Few young people want to do work like this.

Even if they start doing it, how long will they last? Scouting workers like this one by one isn't the solution. The cover is taken off! -It smells nice! -Smells great! Are you sure this dish you fried with this thing tastes good? Of course it's good, Dad. Folks, listen to me. Jin's Golden Bowl will start doing late-night business starting today. Every table will get a free plate of limited excavator crawfish made by me, Ladle Ma.

If it doesn't taste good, all your orders will be on the house! Let's go now. Or there won't be any left. That means you're old. It's quite nice. Smell it. Nice, right? I think it tastes better than yours.

Dad, Mom. Let's go inside and try it. What did you call us? Dad, Mom. Zhu, there is no rush to change the way you address us. The money I loaned you to open the store, there is no rush to repay me.

Dad, there is a rush. We are married. Zhu, you won't regret it, will you? Since he smashed Mr. Fang's glass,

is there anything he did that wasn't for me? I won't regret it. You silly boy! You have a knack for catching us off guard. Why didn't you tell us? There is no need for that, Dad. We are already family. I thought the money you gave Zhu to invest in the restaurant last time was a betrothal gift.

So, we're not going to pay it back. Consider that they have become our investors. What are you waiting for? Give our daughter-in-law a red packet. Right, right! I didn't prepare it. It's okay, Dad. Next time then.

Dad, come in and try my cooking. Come on. Okay, okay. Mom. Let's go.

Dad, you should quit your job as a welder. Come and help me. The working class leads everything. If I come here, you will lead me. That would be a mess. All right, fine, fine.

Ma Yan was awesome today. Mom, let's go inside. Come on. Qidui! Mr. Ma! Mr. Ma!

Qidui. Why aren't you wearing a work uniform and helmet? There is no need to wear them anymore. I'm going to work in the i5 workshop. See this? I'm here to do the transfer paperwork.

Transfer report. I saw their... You know, their animation.

Is it really that good? Mr. Ma, if I still said the Chinese cornbread tasted better after tasting the roasted duck, that would make me a conscienceless man, don't you think? Is there that big of a difference? Let me put it this way. Any worker who works at i5, see this? We're all in white shirts. What? You're laying me off? Not laying you off.

I'm sending you to the vocational and technical institute with pay to learn how to operate CNC automatic welding machines. You can return to work after you pass the exam. A large part of my income depends on bonuses. I can't live on the base salary. Persevere.

Persevere and you'll get through it. I... It's settled. My master doesn't know how to operate the automatic welding machine either. Why didn't you send him to do the training? Are you as good as him? Oh, right.

A lot of branches and workshops are eager to hire him. Are you capable of that? Ermin, go out first. Close the door for us. You need something? Why are you looking at me like that? It's true that I'm abusing my power a little. For this reason, you've even given up on delayed retirement, which is both reasonable and compliant. Chunxia, I'm not that important.

You're not on the list of fifty-five workers. But that's also what you've arranged for me. They won't appreciate this.

Do you really want to retire? Ma, although we married late, you did most of the cooking in our marriage for all these years. While all I did was becoming a model worker out there. I'm tired now.

I want to go home and cook for you now. But you didn't have to be the villain, and you're criticized by others. Every generation has its own mission. This pilot workshop is ours. The i5 workshop is the kids'. At times like this when we have to pass the baton, let us not add to the children's difficulties.

Don't bother them with trivial things like this. I believe I've completed my last task well. I'd like to visit the i5 workshop. Look. In the future, there is no need for workers to unload heavy stuff and other components.

I feel like I'm in the future world. Keep walking. See that? There are codes on the floor. The robot will just follow this.

This. In the past, these jobs will take more than two hours to complete. Look over there. Look at these advanced equipment. People would've thought we're a high-end car manufacturer if they didn't know. Our work in construction machinery has always given the impression of being unsophisticated, dirty, and disorderly.

All of that are being thrown away here. Come on. Let's check out your old job. Okay. Come on. Check the current parameters of these units again, all right? Use the values I gave you and check them again. Okay.

Okay. Check the machines in front again. Master, Mrs. Ma, what brings you here? No matter how advanced the equipment is, the rules of work remain the same.

No chatting during work. All right. When I first joined the factory, skills were all I needed to secure my job for life. Today, it is not really applicable anymore.

Technology is changing, so are people. Chunxia, I'm retiring too. You don't have to. Your work is all arranged.

I can't let you bear the criticism alone. If we retire together, you can settle the problems without any worries. (The General Manager's Office) (has decided to change the name of) (the former pilot workshop) (to i5 smart workshop.)

(All former workshop staff) (would be divided and transferred) (to the i5 workshop.) Everyone, I'd like to know which of you are transferred from the pilot workshop. Please raise your hand. Okay, you can put it down. If I remember correctly, there should be fifty-five of you.

For fifty-five of you, 111 workers in the pilot workshop have made different contributions. You will always remember it, right? Although you are technically gifted and carry the dream of Litsun, ungrateful and insensitive dream is not worthy of respect, right? I'd like to ask you a question. What is the purpose of labor? Make money! What's so funny? I'm telling the truth.

When we open our eyes everyday, we're all thinking about making a better life for our wife and children. Nowadays, death is no longer frightening, poverty is. I'm making sense, right? You're right about making money, and it's also right that we're producing first-class vehicles. But the core purpose is to produce identity.

This identity is the identity of a craftsman who makes zero errors in every weld, every bore, and every lowering and assembly. It is the ultimate identity of human-machine synergy, either fine or scrap. Actually, this identity is also a dignity. That is right.

Please come to the front to speak. I've been to Nanjing and seen City Wall of Nanjing, which was built 600 years ago. Many of the bricks were engraved with information such as the place and time of production and the name of the craftsman. I've also seen Mrs. Ma's milling cutter which was engraved with her name. So, I'd like to suggest that after each process is completed, we engrave our name or work number on the workpiece with laser, in order to tell everyone that I built this car.

So, I'm proud of it. Pride can sometimes lead to progress. Let's get to work! I'm here to help you get your stuff. I've worked here for my whole life. There is nothing much I can take home. This is the only thing I took.

I don't think anyone will use this kind of milling cutter in the future. Then I should also take something back. They won't need to use an old mask like this anymore. I remember this is from your father. There should be a sentence on it, right? "Behave with integrity and act righteously."

We did it. I think Ma Yan and Wei Cheng have caught up with the good era. They can dream anything. Most importantly, they can achieve their dreams. That's right. They have their wonderful future, we have our glory.

Come on, let's take a picture. For real? Okay. Come on.

Our generation of workers didn't live in vain. What should we do next? Take off the cover! That's right! It's my turn, it's my turn. One photo. One more. Two photos. Thank you.

Ma Yan, you're too good to be just a chef. You should return to the i5 workshop to be a test driver. Do what you love to do. There is where your dream is. There is no dream in marriage. But there must be mutual compromise and mutual respect.

Honey, no one would want to hire someone like me. Even if someone wants to hire me, what dream will there be? It's just monotonous, repetitive and unchallenging work. Wei Cheng, you're here.

-Sit. -I interrupted you. You haven't eaten, right? If there really is a challenging task, do you dare try it? Try it. Wei Cheng, I graduated from kindergarten more than 20 years ago.

If a real excavator is turned into a remote-controlled excavator, and we can control it remotely from 1,000 km away, do you want to try it? We are now working with Huawei to develop unmanned remote control excavators for use in polluted and dangerous areas. We need a good operator who is familiar with excavators and can maximize their potential. Do you dare try it? Me? Mr. Fang has approved it. Honey, actually, I think the doctor is quite right. If I take the medication, I will be fine. But what about the baby? Don't persuade me to take medication again.

Fine. What's wrong? What's the matter? I'm fine. You're having muscle weakness now, aren't you? I'll call the doctor.

Don't call the doctor. Help me get out of here. Let's go. You can stop now. You can stop massaging my leg. It's not trembling anymore.

Massage alone can't solve the fundamental problem. Didn't I already say that we're not discussing whether I should have children or seek treatment again? But... I can give birth without any problems.

This is just spiritual victory method. What's the matter? Fang Fei? I'm Ah Q. I'm Ah Q. Yes, yes. The circle before Ah Q's death. The circle is not drawn round.

I can draw it round. Fang Fei... Fang Fei, you are so emotionally unstable, so easily angry, restless, nervous.

These are signs that your condition is deteriorating. We should listen to the doctor. Fang Fei, don't move, okay? Don't move, Fang Fei.

Fang Fei! It's okay. It's okay. This is also a way to ease your anxiety. Are you feeling better now? I need to use the toilet. Okay.

Easy there. I will help you there. No, I can manage it myself. Fang Fei, don't lock the door! Fang Fei! Fang Fei! Fang Fei! Calm down, will you? Fang Fei! I'm sorry, Mengshi. I'm sorry, baby.

Mommy's illness has harmed you. Fang Fei! I'm sorry, baby! Mommy's illness has harmed you. Mommy's illness has harmed you! Fang Fei, what are you doing? What are you doing? Why do you have to push yourself so hard and torture yourself? Calm down, okay? Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

It's okay. Let's get some rest tonight. You will feel better when you wake up tomorrow, okay? I just want to be a mother. Is that wrong? It's not wrong. It's not.

Let's get you back to the room and get some rest, okay? Fang Fei? What are you looking at? The fish is spawning. She's having babies. She is. How long does it take for these eggs to turn into small fish? Five to six days. Why do humans need 280 days? Humans and fish are not the same.

All right. Let's stop watching. Let's get you back to the room. Get some more sleep. I can't sleep.

And I can hear the baby in my belly calling me mommy. Am I hallucinating things? You just have too much mental burden. It's okay. Come. What is it now? The mother fish... Why is the mother fish eating her own children? Because the mother fish consumes a lot of energy after giving birth, she needs to replenish her energy.

She has no choice. Even though it's a little cruel. If it didn't do this, would both the mother fish and the baby fish die? It's the laws of nature. Even the strongest mother fish can't change it, but human intervention can.

Do you think I need an intervention too? Rest well. Okay. Thank you, doctor. Stay in a good mood.

-Okay. Don't worry. -Okay. Dad. How was it? How are you holding up? I have to hang in there.

Dad, Fang Fei is strong. She didn't cry in pain during the whole treatment. Dad, do you have something to tell me? Mr. Kong just talked to me.

We've seen some results after undergoing conservative treatment lately, but without medication and electroconvulsive therapy to complement your active treatment, it still can't solve your problem. They did an assessment. Although the baby is still premature, an early C-section is the safest option. What do think we should name the baby? Let's call him Yu (fish). The mother fish has sacrificed so much to give birth to it. Yu must be grateful to its Mommy.

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