Due to lack of salary, this chemistry teacher turned into the best (medicine) concocter

Due to lack of salary, this chemistry teacher turned into the best (medicine) concocter

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A campervan was driving at high speed as if  someone is chasing it. When the van stopped,   an old man with nothing on him but a pants and  gas mask came out of it. Before he left, he took   his wallet and a gun. He also took a farewell  tape for his family before finally approaching  

the road and pointing his gun toward the incoming  cars with sirens that seemed to be police cars.  Back to three weeks ago, this is Walter  White, the father of Walter White Junior   and the husband of Skyler White. Walter is a  genius chemistry teacher with lots of Nobel   prizes awarded for his excellence in his field.  Sadly, in the old age of 50, he often got sick.  

He even had to eat vegan meat to  control his cholesterol level.   Fortunately, his wife was a kind woman and  very concerned about his health condition.  Walter Junior has suffered from brain paralysis  since he was a child. That condition made it   hard for him just to speak or move normally, so  he needed a walking stick to help him to walk. 

Walter is a teacher at the same school where  his son studied. he worked as a chemistry   teacher there, but due to a lack of salary as a  teacher, he had to work another job in a car wash.   Unluckily for him, that day, one of his  customers was his student at school which   indirectly humiliated him. However, Walter  chose to remain silent and avoid any problems.  When he got home, it turned out that the family  had been waiting to give him a surprise for his   50th birthday. This surprise was attended by  several friends and the sister of Skyler, named   Marie Schrader, and her husband, Hank Schrader.  Hank is a DEA agent and because of his job,  

Walter junior admired him so much, in contrast  to his father whom he had no respect for at all.   Unfortunately, because he felt superior,  Hank even dared to make fun of Walter and   humiliate him in front of his son and wife. The next day, when Walter was at work, he   suddenly fell unconscious. He was then rushed to  the hospital by ambulance. When the doctor asked  

about the symptoms, he admitted that he only had a  mild cough due to lack of breakfast that morning,   but after further examination by the doctor, it  turned out that Walter suffered from inoperable   late-stage lung cancer and his chances  of life were only for a few more years.  When he got home, Walter didn't immediately  tell his wife about his condition.   He acted passive, just like usual, as if nothing  had happened, until the next day, Walter, who kept   daydreaming, received a reprimand from his boss,  but who knows what got into him that afternoon,   he cursed and scolded his boss. He even  went further and resigned that very day. 

While daydreaming in his yard, Hank suddenly  called and offered him a job. Walter was asked to   examine a drug lab in the next raid operation. The  next day, while carrying out the operation, Walter   saw one of the targets escaped through a window.  Somehow, Walter actually recognized that person.  At night, Walter came to see the escaped  raid target. It turned out that he was a  

former student at his school. His name is Jesse  Pinkman. Walter asked him about what happened   that afternoon but Jesse acted like he didn’t know  anything. Walter knew that Jesse was a drug dealer   and without further ado, Walter offered to become  his partner in crime, because according to Walter,   he was a genius in chemistry, while Jesse was an  expert in sales, and with both of them working   together, they would get a lot of money in no  time. Jesse was surprised the hear those words  

came from a geeky-faced teacher. He didn’t take  it seriously at first and even laughed at it, but   Walter was not joking. He threatened to turn him  into the police if he refused to work with him.  The next day, Walter stole several chemistry  tools from school and took them to Jesse's house.   Walter explained the function of each of the  tools but Jesse didn’t seem to care at all.   He even denied that Walter’s theory would be  less handy than his experience in meth cooking.   He thought that a school teacher would not be  better at cooking meth than a dealer like him.  

but instead, Walter thought that Jesse’s  meth was nothing more than a failure.  Long story short, they agreed to buy a campervan.   They then used the van as a moving  lab for them to cook the meth.  The next day, Walter accompanied his  son to shop for clothes when suddenly,   a group of teenagers showed up and bullied  Walter Junior for his disability. Somehow, out   of nowhere, as if something possessed him, Walter  rampaged and managed to drive the bullies away.  

That incident shocked his wife and son. A  very timid person suddenly stood up and fight.  First-day operation finally began as Walter and  Jesse took the van to the middle of nowhere.   Walter took off his clothes and  left with his underpants which made   Jesse confused by his behavior before  entering the lab. It turned out that   it was intended to prevent his clothes from  being contaminated with chemical particles. 

Walter's method of cooking the meth was  way different from what Jesse usually did,   and after they finished cooking their first batch,  Jesse was left impressed. The pure clear crystal   of meth that Walter just made was the clearest  and the biggest he ever see in his entire life.   Walter didn't care about the praise because all he  wanted was to get a lot of money in a short time.  The next day, Jesse, who worked as a dealer for  them, immediately asked a friend to sell their   products. He came to Domingo, one of his friends  who had a lot of links to distributing the drugs.   He is Emilio’s cousin, Jesse’s former partner  who was previously arrested during Hank’s raid   operation. After two weeks of staying at the  prison, he had been bailed out of prison and had  

a grudge against Jesse. They detained Jesse at his  house. Jesse was asked to confess where he got the   meth. Cornered, he finally leaked the information. The arrival of these two strangers certainly made   Walter confused. Moreover, Emilio recognized  Walter's face, who was at the crime scene when  

he was arrested. This made the situation worse.  They tried to escape but to no avail. He had no   other option but to negotiate to save his life.  He offered both of them his meth’s secret formula.  Long story short, the deal was made. Full  of doubts, Walter started to cook to show   them his formula. There was tension because  Walter deliberately slowed down each step,   until finally, Walter had finished making  a crystal which turned out to be explosive.   He detonated the toxic compound and immediately  got out of the van. The compound immediately  

reacted with respiratory organs as a toxic that  could cause death with just one inhalation.   The explosive also sparked a fire that started  to get bigger and burnt the grass around there.   Walter immediately dragged Jesse and  put on an anti-poison mask on him.   He then immediately left that place. The scene back to the beginning of the film where  

Walter stood in the middle of the road and pointed  his gun toward the oncoming cars. He initially   thought that the incoming sirens were from some  police cars who came to arrest him, but it turned   out to be a group of fire trucks on the rescue to  extinguish the fire from the fire sparks before.  The next morning, Walter was having breakfast  with his family when a person claimed to be   from a network provider called him. Walter  knew that it was Jesse. He was so pissed  

off because Jesse dared to call him through  his home telephone number. house. Turned out,   Jesse had bad news for him. Somehow, one of  the men they locked in the van was still alive.   It turned out that the chemical was  not strong enough to kill both of them.   He immediately went to Jesse’s house to see  it by himself, but before heading there,   he visited the school and took  a strong acid fluid from there. 

Domingo had freed himself from the van and escaped  from there limply. Thankfully, Walter, who was on   his way to Jesse’s house, saw him. He immediately  caught him and put him in his car trunk.   After he arrived and saw everything, he argued  with Jesse about everything that had happened.   The relationship between Jesse and Walter got  worse thanks to that. They blamed each other for   the mess they made. Moreover, Jesse’s ego made  the situation even worse. The choice to let go  

of Domingo was not a good idea. Moreover, with the  death of Emilio, Domingo’s cousin, it was certain   that he would revenge on them and finish off their  family if he was freed, but after all, Emilio's   dead body would soon develop an unpleasant aroma,  so they had to get rid of it as soon as possible.   Walter then suggested dissolving the body in  strong acid. Upon hearing that, Jesse was shocked.  Long story short, Jesse agreed with Walter's  idea, which was to destroy his body with a   chemical liquid so that it dissolved without  a trace. None of them wanted to do the job and   they ended up with a coin toss to decide  who would do it. Jesse was chosen as the   person who would dissolve Emilio's corpse,  meanwhile, Walter had to kill Domingo. 

Jesse immediately looked for all the necessary  tools because the poisonous acid liquid needed   a special plastic as a container. Meanwhile,  Skyler's suspicions made her trace the number   that had called Walter this morning. Skyler was  flabbergasted when she found out that the number   belonged to a drug addict and dealer, Jesse. At the same time, Walter visited Domingo   whom they chained in Jesse’s basement, but instead  of killing him, Walter gave him food and drink.  

He cursed himself for his cowardly action  because had no courage to kill Domingo.   As if that wasn't enough, he rolled the  pot that was on the table and smoked it.  The next day, Walter accompanied his wife to check  on the condition of their baby. The doctor said   that Skyler would give birth to a baby girl. This  certainly made them very happy, but before leaving   that place, Skyler asked Walter about Jesse  Pinkman because she had found out about him.  

Walter knew that he couldn't cover up anything  anymore. He admitted that he had indeed bought   some pots from Jesse to calm his mind. Skyler  obviously could not accept that answer because his   own brother-in-law was a DEA agent, but somehow,  Walter asked his wife to respect his decision. 

The next day, while teaching in the class,  Walter had a hallucination but luckily,   he was able to handle the situation. At the  same time, Jesse had started to dissolve   the corpse and was moving it out of the van when  suddenly, Skyler came and barged into his house.   Skyler threatened to throw him in jail if he  still sells pots to her husband. H, knowing   that he was in an unfavorable situation, Jesse  couldn’t say anything in defense. He just looked   down and hoped that this way, Skyler will leave  him. A moment before Skyler left, she smelled   the unpleasant smell but luckily, she didn't  suspect anything and immediately left Jesse.  

After that, Jesse began the process of  dissolving Emilio’s dead body with acid.  Not long after that, Walter came. Jesse  told Walter that he had finished his job.   Emilio’s corpse had been soaked with the acid in  the bathtub, Walter couldn’t help but be shocked   to hear that Jesse used a bathtub to do the  job instead of the special plastic container   that he told him to use. They immediately headed  towards the bathroom but before they got there,   the acid had been leaking through the roof from  the second floor and suddenly, the whole roof and   parts of the bathtub, including the half-dissolved  dead body came out of the roof. The acid dissolved   everything so badly that it destroyed the building  underneath. Walter asked him to buy a plastic tub  

because the acid solution couldn't penetrate it  but he didn’t do what was told and that happened.   Jesse finally learned his lesson. While cleaning up the rest of the mess,   Walter briefly remembered his youth when he was  still learning chemistry with a woman but over   time, he felt nauseous. Turned out, even though  he had used a gas mask, he could still inhale   the smell of the acid and the rotten body which  made him cough so hard. Things got worse when  

Walter found out that Jesse had been consuming  the crystal meth that was supposed to be sold.   Walter always said that they only cook it and  not consume it, but Jesse refused the order.   He brought up Walter’s unfinished problem with  Domingo and made it an excuse for his mistakes.  

Walter couldn’t say anything  but stopped complaining.  For Walter, murder is the biggest violation of  his morals and life principles. By murdering,   many aspects are violated. He knew that if he  let Domingo away, there is only be one thing   that would happen. He would kill all his family,  including himself. That turmoil is what kept him  

stalling and stalling for time. Meanwhile, his  relationship and Skyler were also getting worse.   The changes in Walter’s behavior  were really hard for her to accept.   Walter often disappeared unnoticed, came home  late, and had no reason for what he was doing.  

That made Skyler feel that Walter  was hiding something from her.  In the evening, Walter once again made dinner for  Domingo. He removed the crust on the sides of the   bread, just like Domingo did yesterday. Judging  by that, not only that he feeds him, but he was   also really willing to do it. Walter coughed  while walking on the stairs to the basement,   showing that his coughing had gotten worse.  Just before he was about to hand over the plate,  

his cough sent him unconscious, making him  drop the plate to the floor into pieces.  15 minutes later, Walter came  back to his consciousness.   He immediately cleaned up the broken plate. and  returned to make another sandwich for Domingo.   After giving it, the two of them chatted. Walter  admitted that he had suffered from lung cancer and   wouldn’t live much longer. Walter seemed to want  to get better acquainted with Domingo. Domingo  

reminded him that not knowing himself too deeply  would make it easier for Walter to kill him.  Long story short, Walter's gentle nature  was finally used by Domingo to let him go.   Domingo promised to go far and act as  if they had never known each other.   The conversations became even more intimate  from there, especially when Walter found out   that Domingo was the child of the owner of the  well-known furniture store, Tampico Furniture.   As the chat between them went on, Walter’s  intention to kill him slowly started to fade off. 

Walter finally chose to believe in Domingo and  betrayed Jesse. He had the key to the chain in his   hand and the only thing he had to do was to unlock  the chain and let him go, but just before he   returned to the basement, Walter took the broken  plates from before and put it back together.   He then found out that one of the broken  pieces was lost and realized that Domingo   had taken it when he was unconscious before. He  cursed himself for easily believing his enemy.  Walter returned to the basement  and Domingo smiled at him.  

With great doubt, Walter asked him to turn  around, and before unlocking the lock,   Walter asked if Domingo was mad at him. Domingo  said that he was fine and just wanted to go home,   but apparently, Walter had found out that  Domingo had planned to attack him to escape.   Walter asked him about the broken glass that  he hid and if he planned to attack him with it.   Knowing that his plan was known, Domingo  suddenly tried to attack him but he was too late.   Walter pulled the tied on Domingo’s  neck and strangled him to death. 

The next day, Jesse came home and  found nothing else in his house.   Everything was clean. It seemed as if that was the  last moment of their business. At the same time,   the police were investigating the fire  from the explosion that Walter made before.   From the fire, they found lab traces and  a small plastic of meth from the car that   was left by Domingo. The investigation led  by Hank also found Walter’s discarded mask.   After that, he gathered all his squad and  discussed their investigation. Meanwhile,  

Walter drove home with a defeated look on his face  as if he remembered Domingo's words last night.   When he finally arrived home, after all this time,  Walter finally told Skyler about his illness.  Days passed, and, on the weekend, Skyler invited  Hank and Marrie for a barbecue at his house.   At first, everyone enjoyed their time until Hank  opened a topic about how Walter and Skyler met   for the first time. Walter began to tell about  the romantic story of him and Skyler, but Skyler  

suddenly cried when Walter told the sweet story  of their young days. It turned out that Skyler was   unable to hear all those beautiful stories when  Walter was struggling with his last-stage cancer.  Later that day, they all gathered  and talked about Walter’s condition.   It was clear that Skyler was very  supportive of her husband’s condition.   He assured Walter that everyone wanted to help  him and that he didn't need to hide his illness. 

While hank wondered about the initial cause of  Walter’s illness, Skylar immediately assumed   that this was all caused by a leak in the  chemical lab where Walter worked 20 years ago.   Skyler remembered exactly when Walter complained  because they didn't give him an anti-poison gas   mask at that time. Fortunately, Hank didn’t  suspect anything when Skyler said that.   Marrie, who is a doctor gave a solution for  Walter. She said that she would take care   of all radiology treatments and would provide the  best oncologist to help Walter fight his illness.  At the same time, Jesse was holding a drug  party with two of his friends at his house.  

It can be seen that his friends were just using  him to get the last crystal meth that he had.  The next morning, the oncologist called Skyler  and informed her that he charged 5000 USD for   one consultation session. Skyler asked Walter  not to give up just because of money problems.   After all, she could borrow from Hank or her  parents, but that was against Walter’s life   principle so he refused it by saying that he  would instead use his pension money earlier   when in fact, Walter had saved some money  from the last sale of his crystal meth. 

That afternoon, Walter intended to deposit his  cash into the bank but when he was on his way   to the bank, he heard a police siren heading  toward him. Walter looked really panicked,   but luckily, the police didn't chase after him. When he arrived at the bank and was waiting to   get his parking spot, someone with a sports  car took it over and seemed didn’t care   at all after doing that. That really made  Walter mad. The man who looked like a young   executive kept talking through his earphones  loudly. Everyone there looked very annoyed,   even Walter was shaking while holding his anger  but his cowardly nature prevented him to do so. 

Meanwhile, Jesse, who was so frustrated  decided to go to his parent’s home.   Judging from how his parents behaved toward him,  they seemed to be not in a good relationship.   Even his father thought that Jesse shouldn’t  be staying there in their house because they   knew the fact that Jesse was a drug  dealer and was clearly against the law.   However, after seeing positive changes in Jesse,  they finally decided to give him another chance.  The next day, Jesse went to his  brother’s room while he was studying.   His brother is a smart student with various  awards and Jesse was so proud of him.  

Sadly, Jesse’s presence in his brother’s room  didn't seem liked by his parents. They even opened   the door to make sure Jesse didn’t do anything  suspicious inside his own brother’s room. They   were afraid Jesse would give him a bad influence  but his brother denied it, saying that his father   and mother never hated him so much. His brother  said that Jesse was always a concern to the family   and they always talked about him all the time. All night, Jesse thought about those words. He  

wondered if his mother and father still  loved him. His books and childhood toys   also brought him nostalgic feelings  and worsen his sadness that night.   Not long after that, a friend called and said  that he wanted to buy all the meth that Jesse had.  the next morning. Jesse’s mother found marijuana  in his son’s room and immediately blamed Jesse.   They had tried to trust him, but Jesse  always betrayed her, said the mother.   From here, the father decided that Jesse was  no longer allowed to return to their house.  

He was kicked out of his own parent’s house.  Before Jesse left from there, his brother chased  him out to thank him for not telling the truth.   Turned out, his brother was the real owner of  the marijuana. When his brother asked for the   marijuana back, Jesse crushed it with his  hand and stepped on it. Jesse said that it   was a type of marijuana that was dangerous  to consume and immediately left from there. 

From his parent’s house, Jesse  headed straight to Walter's house.   Walter was really mad because Jesse had gone too  far and dared to come to his house. Walter said   that they had nothing to do anymore. Everything  was over and he didn't accept any offers.   It turned out that Jesse's arrival was to give  the last sale profit of 4000 US Dollars and hoped   that Walter would be able to work with him again. The day of the medical check-up finally came. The   doctor could not promise anything about the cure  for Walter's cancer, but he could offer the best   solution, namely using radiation and chemotherapy  methods. In some cases, this method would work.  

The result would extend the patient's life but  there are side effects of this chemotherapy.   The side effects are losing hair, extreme weight  loss, energy deprivation, bleeding, and many more.  Since his first consultation session, Skyler  couldn’t stop reading books about treating cancer,   but on the other hand, Walter never wanted all the  treatment, especially when he found out that the   whole treatment will cost them 90000 USD, and  despite all that money, there is no guarantee   that Walter would be cured. What Walter wanted was  nothing more than happiness in his last years. He   didn’t want to leave his family in a lot of debt,  but his son didn’t show any respect to his father.   He insulted him and told him to die instead,  but even after that, he wasn’t mad at him.   Walter is a very responsible  father and husband to his family. 

When Walter was driving, he suddenly coughed, but  this time, the cough was worse. Blood came out   from his mouth. Suddenly, he saw the same man who  had stolen his parking spot before. He was so mad   when he saw the man honking at a middle-aged woman  who was crossing the road in front of him. As if   the devil entered his body, Walter immediately  came out and sabotaged the man's car. It only took  

a few seconds and the car suddenly exploded.  Fire came out and engulfed the whole car.  Fed up with his illegal life, Jesse finally  decided to apply for a job at a company.   He claimed to be very skilled in selling anything  but because he didn't have any experience,   the HRD turned down his application. After that,  Jesse met a friend who worked at the same company.  

He claimed that he was the one who cooked meth for  his friend. Hearing that, his friend told him that   he had connections to provide raw materials  for cooking meth, the pseudo. He said that   he could provide him with the raw material  so they could work together to produce it.   Jesse looked troubled about whether to accept  the offer, but, in the end, he accepted it.  Meanwhile, Walter and Skyler came to a  party after receiving an invitation from   an old friend and fellow Caltech Alumnus named  Elliott Schwartz. Elliott is a very rich man   and the sole owner of a company called Gray  Matter Technologies. A multi-billion-dollar  

company co-founded by him and Walter. Even the  name came from a combination of their last name,   Schwartz as black in Germany and White combined  made gray. Unfortunately, Walter sold his share of   the company to Elliott for 5000 USD. After that,  Elliott immediately secured the company's patent.   Now, Elliott is very rich while Walter  lives with lots of financial problems.   Despite still being friends after that, Walter  secretly blamed Elliott for everything he had now.  During the party, Elliott decided to  open all the gifts in front of everyone.  

He received lots of expensive gifts from  everyone until it was time for Walter’s gift.   Knowing that his gift was nothing compared to  the other gifts, Walter looked embarrassed.   When Elliott opened the gift, it turned out  to be Yum Good Ramen. Not a box full of it,   a single package. Thankfully, Elliott  saved Walter by saying that the ramen   was the signature food they always had when  they were still developing the business. 

The purpose of Elliott's invitation to Walter was  that he wanted to return to offer him to work for   the company again, saying that he could provide  the best insurance coverage for Walter's health.   Despite the tempting offer, Walter  decided to refuse the offer.  Before they left, Walter, who found out that  Skyler was the one who leaked his condition to   Elliott became angry at her. He couldn’t  believe that she could easily leak his  

health condition to them, while Skyler really  wants Walter to be helped and get well soon.  Back to Jesse. He brought his friend to the van  and launched his action with his new partner.   The first reaction when his partner saw Walter's  lab equipment was no different from what Jesse   used to be who had a big mouth and know-it-all.  The cooking process finally began. He implemented   the little bit of knowledge he got from Walter  in this cooking process. The presence of a new   partner really didn’t help, not like Walter  who used to do all the cooking professionally.  Finally, they successfully cooked the meth. his  partner looked very happy to see the crystals,  

but not with Jesse. He said that it was  a dull and defective product. The size   was much smaller than it should be and it  was not as clear as the one Walter cooked.   Without hesitation, Jesse dumped the meth away. Back to Walter, when he came home from teaching,   it turned out he had been awaited by Skyler, his  son, Hank, and Marrie at his house. Turned out,   Skyler had arranged that meeting to discuss  Walter's decision to refuse treatment for his   illness. One by one they started expressing their  opinion according to each other's points of view. 

Skyler said that Walter should have received help  from Elliott because money is what could really   help him in this situation, followed by Walter  Junior who also expressed his frustration because   his father had really changed like someone who  wanted to give up, but when it was Marrie’s turn   to speak, opinions began to differ. Marrie  agreed with Walter's decision. As a doctor,   she admitted it is sad for a patient to spend  their last time just attending not-so-helping   treatment and hearing the scary truth  about his illness from doctor’s exams.   This view was also supported by Hank.  Suddenly, Skyler became angry at them   for not supporting her opinion, even though she  wanted everyone to be honest in the first place.  

Meanwhile, Walter was just silent as if he saw his  children arguing until finally, Walter took his   turn to talk. Walter said that in his last days,  he just wanted to spend time with his family.   He didn't want to live like a dead person  who could only lie down and put a burden on   his family. He didn't want his last days to be  remembered in that way, but he felt that so far,   he had never made a decision based on  his own will, so he asked everyone to be   able to respect whatever he decided. The next morning, after waking up,  

Walter saw a pile of books on his wife's bedside  table containing everything about fighting cancer.   Walter felt that his wife's energy was really  extraordinarily positive for his recovery.   Then he went to his wife and whispered  that he would take the therapy. 

Moving on to Jesse. The second cooking process  has now been completed but unfortunately,   the results were the same, the meth  was dull and of very poor quality.   When Jesse was about to dump that second batch,  his partner couldn’t hold his patient anymore.   He said that from the two batches of meth that  they had cooked, they had wasted 3 pounds of   pseudo and that they shouldn’t just dump the  product. A fight between them happened. Jesse   splashed chemical liquid and pushed the man out  and he immediately left the place with the van.  The next day, when heading to the hospital,  Elliott’s wife, Gretchen contacted Walter   and asked the reason for Walter's refusal of  the hospital financing offered by Elliott.  

Gretchen said that the money was his right because  after all, Grey Matter Technology was formed by   him and Elliott, and he had his own share of  the company. She did not want to make herself   a reason for Walter to refuse the money. Turned  out, Gretchen was Walter’s ex-fiancé as well as   his former lab partner until Elliott took over the  company and married her, but Walter casually lied   and said that his insurance had covered all of it. Short story, Walter finally did his first   therapy session. His body was wrapped in clear  plastic and his chest was blasted with lasers.  

After doing chemotherapy, Walter came back  to see Jesse, and without further ado,   the first sentence that came out of Walter's mouth  was to invite Jesse to cook meth with him again.  The dominant character is starting to show in  Walter. He made boundaries that cannot be broken   for any reason. Everything related to lab work  is his business, while all the affairs out there   including selling and transactions are Jesse's  business. No matter what, whatever happened   out there, his job was to make the best meth  crystals and Jesse had to sell it at all costs. 

That day, Walter returned to teaching,  as usual, only this time, his cough was   really bothering him. He had to go to the  toilet once in a few minutes. Fortunately,   a janitor named Hugo always helped him sincerely. The next day, Skyler took Walter to a   psychiatrist. He revealed that lately, Walter  seemed to refuse her presence and made her feel   as if she is not needed. Walter also tended to  hide his presence and suddenly comes home at   night without any explanation of where he had been  all day. Walter then explained calmly. He admitted  

that lately, he really liked to be alone, not  because he didn’t need her, but by being alone,   he felt more alive and relaxed. He said that  he often walked around while enjoying nature,   looking at the views of plants and grass fields.  He claimed that that helped him get better and   that the psychiatrist also supported him that  way. What Walter said was half right. He was  

indeed gone away to nature. Not to be alone  but to cook meth with Jesse in their van.  That day Walter was suffering from heat because  of chemical contamination inside the lab.   From here, Jesse accidentally saw  chemotherapy marks on Walter’s chest   and started to understand the reason behind  Walter’s offer to cook meth again with him.   Jesse assumed that Walter did all of this to make  a lot of money for his family before he died.   Jesse was a little disappointed, because, as a  partner, he never knew the truth about Walter but   this incident brought them together even closer. Long story short, the cooking process finally   finished. Jesse immediately sold the crystal meth  that had just been produced to the usual place  

where he sells meth. He sold it to individuals.  All users there were offered one by one.   He then returned to the van and reported the sales  to Walter. The total that could be sold that day   was 2600 USD divided by two, so they got 1300  USD each. Knowing that they only sold that much,  

Walter was mad. That money they got for a day was  not enough for him because it was not worth the   risk. Walter wanted Jesse to distribute their  products to gangsters and make them regular   buyers, but unfortunately, the only dealer that  Jesse know was Domingo. Walter kept pushing Jesse   to do everything possible to sell it, because,  in the end, it was his job to sell the meth. 

Meanwhile, Hank managed to track down the  production code of the mask they found at   the crime scene before. It turned out that the  mask came from the property of Walter’s school   chemistry lab. Moreover, the meth that they  found was the purest ever found, and thought   that there is a new meth producer in the game. That same afternoon, Hank went directly to meet   Walter at his school. Hank asked Walter about  his findings and asked if they missed some lab   equipment in school. Walter calmly replied that  he didn’t feel like he is missing anything in   his lab, but Hank didn’t believe it that easily.  He asked Walter to give him the lab’s equipment  

list and was going to check it out himself. After being checked thoroughly, Hank found that   the lab had lost two pairs of anti-poison  masks along with several glass bottles.   Hank knew that one of the missing glass  bottles was the one often used to cook meth.  In the middle of the investigation, Jesse  suddenly called Walter. Jesse said that he  

and his friends had found a good prospective  buyer for them, a drug lord named Tuco.   He said that Tuco would pay for 500 grams of their  crystal meth. Luckily, Walter was good at making   things up and covering the call so as not to be  suspected. He then immediately hung up the phone.  Meanwhile, Jesse and his partner had  reached the front of Tuco’s base.   They were stopped by the guards in front and  asked about their intention but because their   partner knew Tuco personally, they were allowed  to enter the building. They were then detained   again on the second floor where two big guys  examined them thoroughly before meeting Tuco. 

Jesse's partner was not Tuco’s good friend as he  claimed to be. They were treated very badly. Jesse   named his price as 35000 USD Before giving the  meth, Tuco ordered Jesse to try it first to make   sure that it was safe to consume. After making  sure that it was safe, Tuco tried it himself   and immediately liked it. He agreed to the trade  and immediately asked the two of them to leave,   but because he hadn't been paid, Jesse refused  to leave the place and demanded the money.  

This made Tuco angry because  Jesse didn’t seem to believe him.  Feeling things were getting out of control, Jesse  tried to escape with the meth but unfortunately,   he couldn’t pass the guards standing behind him.  He was dragged back to Tuco. They discussed the   deal again. Seeing that Jesse was trying  to take back the crystal, Tuco took 35000   USD from his safe and put it inside a bag, not  to give it to Jesse, but to bet him with it. 

The next morning. Hank with his fellow  DEA agents went to Walter’s school.   In front of everyone, Hank and  the other officer arrested Hugo.  That evening, Hank discussed this matter while  playing cards with Walter and his family.  

According to Hank, Hugo is one of the  access owners of the laboratory, and based   on his background, Hugo also had several criminal  records that strengthened the suspicion. Moreover,   the police also found a big batch of marijuana  in his car. From the evidence, Hank and the other   officer concluded that Hugo is the person behind  the disappearance of the lab equipment. Knowing   that he had brought an innocent person to his  problem, Walter felt guilty. That incident took  

away Hugo’s job and sent him to prison for several  months, but however, Walter couldn't do much.  Later, while taking a shower, Walter found that  his hair was starting to experience great loss.   It was in accordance with the side  effects of the chemotherapy he was   undergoing so Walter wasn't too worried about it. Walter hadn’t been receiving any news from Jesse   which made him worried. He then called him but  it turned out that it was not Jesse who picked  

up the call. It was his friend. His friend said  that Jesse was in the hospital at that time.   Walter went straight to the hospital. He  immediately asked the man to tell him everything.   Jesse had a broken bone in several parts  and had not been conscious since last night.   Walter firmly asked the man to explain  everything about the person named Tuco.  Meanwhile, the side effects of chemotherapy  got worse each day. His Hair loss became too   much to handle. Not wanting to overthink  it, Walter decided to cut his hair bald.  

His new look surprised his wife  and son, but it seemed that he was   fresher with that new appearance. Walter  Junior also admitted that he liked it.  That afternoon, Walter was seen in the car  holding a plastic bag of meth crystal in his hand.   It turned out that Walter was in front of  Tuco’s base. After what happened to Jesse,   Walter looked braver, far leaving his old self  who was passive and cowardly. Walter told the  

guard that he wanted to see Tuco. He was let  in to face the second guard and was examined.  Finally, he went to meet Tuco. Walter refused  to sit down. He immediately asked for 50000 USD,   35000 for the meth he stole from Jesse,  and 15000 USD for Jesse’s hospital fees.   Tuco was not happy with his arrival  but Walter had an ace in his hand.   He tossed one of the crystals from the bag  which immediately exploded after impact.   Turned out, it wasn't meth he had but a chemical  compound Walter made that was capable of blowing   up the whole building. From here, Tuco realized  that Walter was not just an ordinary person.  

There was no other choice, either die together  or do what Walter told him. Now, Tuco was the   one who offered to cooperate with Walter. He also  asked Walter to come back to bring him another 500   grams of meth the next. Tuco offered to become his  regular. From this, Walter starts to take control.  

This incident becomes the main point where Walter  completely breaks out of his original character.   Overcoming his fear to make him truly alive.   With 50000 in his hand, was a witness to the birth  of a new character whom Walter named Heisenberg.  The next day, Walter immediately came to visit  Jesse. It was seen that the house has now been   opened for sale by a realtor because Jesse  no longer had money. Jesse himself decided   to live inside the van. Walter came to him and  immediately gave him a share of 15000 USD from  

the last transaction. Jesse was of course shocked  to hear these words. He really couldn't believe   that the geeky and cowardly Walter that he knew  got the money, and even secured a deal with Tuco,   but after all, the money in his hand was  enough to prove that Walter was indeed made it.   Walter also said that he had made an  agreement with Tuco for weekly transactions.  

Jesse immediately refused it. According to him,  it was impossible to be able to produce 500 grams   of crystals because the main ingredient, pseudo,  is rare enough to get, let alone in a big amount.  A week passed but Jesse kept complaining about  everything. Now he blamed the transaction place   that Walter chose and so on. Everything else  is a problem for him until finally, Walter, who   was already annoyed, asked him to leave, because  his presence was not needed for the transaction.   No matter what, the transaction  would continue, with or without him. 

Long story short, Tuco arrived at the transaction  point. Turned out, Walter didn’t cook the amount   that he promised before. Walter admitted that he  had problems in production. Tuco was mad because   the amount was not as promised. While Jesse was  too scared to even look at them and just kept his   head down, Walter was brave enough to negotiate.  He asked for full payment of a kilogram of meth.   Walter knew that they really liked the meth he  cooked. This way, he did not worry because they   would dare to touch him. He promised to fulfill  the remaining the following week. Not only that,  

but Walter also promised 2 kilograms the next  week. He wanted to make sure that Tuco was   able to pay for it. Hearing what Walter just said  triggered Tuco’s anger, but even though he looked   annoyed at that moment, he only threw money to  show his anger and do nothing to harm Walter. 

The deal made Jesse frustrated. Let alone  cooking 2 kilograms of meth, they barely had   enough pseudo for 250 grams of production.  Turned out, Walter had a plan B for this   situation. The scarcity of pseudo made him think  that making it by themselves would be a good idea.  

Jesse's smile immediately  appeared when he heard this.   Then, Jesse was asked to find all the raw  materials needed to make the pseudo replacement.  Back at Walter's house. They were celebrating  before the birth of Walter and Skyler's daughter.  

That Baby Shower event was  attended by all family and friends.   During the agenda, they opened every gift from the  guests, but one gift really stole the attention.   Marrie gave Skyler a really expensive baby tiara  which must have been fantastically valuable. 

Later that night, Skyler proposed to just  sell the gifts from Marrie because, for her,   there was nothing more needed by them  than diapers and baby milk for the baby.   Moreover, Skyler thought that the  gift was too much for the baby.  Back to Jesse, he almost had everything needed for  pseudo production but one thing. Jesse was having   trouble getting Methylamine because the goods  are not sold legally. An acquaintance of his  

offered to help but he's asking for 10000 USD for  just that one item, because, to steal that item,   they have to break through a four-inch solid steel  door guarded by officers and surveillance cameras.  Walter always has a solution for this kind of  situation. Rather than having to pay a fortune,   Walter had an idea when he saw Junior’s  old toy on a shelf in the garage.   He suggested they steal the item by themselves.  Then, using Junior’s Etch-a-Sketch toys, Walter   extracted the aluminum powder from it and mixed  it with iron oxide to make termite. A compound   that would produce a surface temperature high  enough to melt through four inches of solid steel. 

At the same time, Skyler actually came to  the jewelry to return the tiara for money.   The seller immediately recognized the tiara and  asked his colleague to keep an eye on Skyler   while he called the police because the crown  that Skyler was holding was stolen from them.  Skyler was detained for shoplifting. She  repeatedly explained that the crown was   a gift from the baby shower, but when asked who  gave it to Skyler, she didn't want to answer. She   felt cornered, moreover after the owner pressed  charges. With quick thinking, Skyler threatened to   report them to the media for detaining an innocent  pregnant woman and putting her in an inhumanly   closed room. Skyler's action was getting more and  more intense. She even faked going into labor.  

The store owner didn't want to take risks,  and because of that, Skyler was released.   As soon as he left the store, Skyler immediately  called her sister and asked for her explanation.  Meanwhile, Walter and Jesse had now arrived  at the storage warehouse. That place is   monitored 24 hours a day. While using a mask  to cover their face, they began their action  

by entering through the side gate. When they saw  the security guards using the portable toilet,   Walter had an idea to lock him from outside They finally reached the steel door and used   the termite to melt the lock. The moment  they found the item they were looking for,   they realized that the item they wanted was only  packaged in a large quantity, so they had no other   choice but to use all their strength to carry  such a heavy drum of methylamine out from there.  Long story short, they succeeded  in bringing it to the campervan,   but when they were about to head out, the van  which had been parked for a long time, failed   to start when it was about to be turned on. The  only possible place to cook it was the basement. 

The Methylamine that they stole last night was   assumed to be able to supply crystal  production for an indefinite time.   With that much raw material, they might  generate approximately 80 million USD.  Unluckily for them, the realtor had scheduled  an open house that same day when they started   cooking. Prospective buyers flocked in  to see the condition of Jesse's house.   Jesse said that he had made sure that the  realtor should not do an open house that day   but she eventually did. Jesse promised to handle  all the ruckus and drove everyone away from there.  

Besides, now that he has a lot of money,  he doesn’t need to sell the house anymore.  Meanwhile, Skyler actually confronted  Marrie after telling her that she had   been humiliated by the jewelry owner, but  Marrie acted as if she didn't know anything.   She kept dodging and choosing not to  answer the question from her sister.   Skyler was annoyed and finally left her  after pouring out all her frustration.  When she arrived home, Skyler told Walter  everything that happened to her. Knowing Walter,  

he didn't overreact to this. Walter is a wise  person who never got too excited in responding   to something and chooses not to spend his  energy on trivial things like that, but the   positive energy from him could calm Skyler down.  She felt better after hearing Walter's words.  Finally, the second transaction between  Walter and Tuco was held, but this time,   it was a little different. The meth was blue  in color. Tuco was not sure and asked about it,   but when he found out that the taste and quality  were still the same, he had no problem with that.  

It was the first time he smiled genuinely at  Walter. It's enough to say that he wanted this   transaction to continue, but suddenly, one of  his men said something insulting to Walter.  Tuco, who was previously calm suddenly went mad.  He hit his man unconscious because he thought that   the words from him seemed presumptuous and had the  potential to ruin Walter and Tuco’s relationship.   After beating his men unconscious, Tuco  smiled at Walter and immediately left them.

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