Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The THREE Prongs of Putin & Russia Response to US-NATO in Ukraine: Where Does It End?

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The THREE Prongs of Putin & Russia Response to US-NATO in Ukraine: Where Does It End?

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quarter of nine here EST time. I wanted to do a a quick live today. Um very brief one. Um and I wanted to update people on the three prongs of Putin and Russia’s Response to US and NATO and Ukraine. And really talking about where does it

end? The reason I wanted to do this is the unfortunately the media is not really giving any of this the due attention it deserves in terms of real analysis. and as many of you know we take a systems approach to everything we do as the graphic here says, it says a systems analysis approach. And we want to really at least keep educating people on what are the elements that are going on. As the title says here we want to look at the three prongs of Putin and Russia’s response to US NATO and Ukraine. As many of you know

the on the Here, we’ve been discussing over the last almost year now, what’s really going on in Ukraine and just very briefly, you can go look at the other videos, but in summary, if you go back to 1991 when the Soviet Union essentially broke apart nineteen ninety-two, 1991, 1992. Um, NATO, by the way, which was created, after World War two, to really be western force alliance against Soviet Union. So that’s the origins of NATO. After the end of World War two, NATO was created by the Western powers to really be a force to contain Russia. And so that needs to be understood. So now you move forward about 50 years later, 19nineties, early 1990s when the Soviet Union breaks up. There was a decision made as a part of that breakup or agreement between Gor Jeff.

Bush that NATO would not move one inch to the east of Germany. A sort of reassurances for this quote unquote peaceful coexistence between the Soviet Union, former Soviet Union, and US slash NATO. However, the United States very strategically started surrounding Russia with more and more NATO countries, more and more countries were allowed in Tona In fact, lately, Finland and Sweden won it. Um have been urged to commit. Alright. Even though 80000 petitioners in Finland have said they don’t want to be part of NATO. Alright? None of that comes out of the media. So the

most important thing that took place recently as we know in the past 12 months was the Ukrainian war took place as a result of Ukraine also thinking of going into NATO And so what was the response of Vladimir Putin in Russia? Well Putin has sort of a a very large cultural view of all of this. Um he’s not a dumb guy. He’s actually pretty well read. Probably more well read than the more recent Russian or US presidents. And his view is this is truly an incursion on Russia. Imagine if the United States, imagine if Mexico decided it was going to take back Texas, right? Or if it was going to, Texas was going to, you know, no longer be a part of the United States.

This would have serious issues for the US and I don’t think we tolerate and that’s the way he sees Ukraine. Ukraine is sort of historically in his view as part of Russia Um and what what really ticked off Putin and all of this was the following that in two thousand and and fourteen, the Obama administration right after the Bush two thousand fourteen, starting with the Obama administration, right? The the big thesis here was that it was very very important for the United States to have monopoly, dominion over US and oil gas dependency of Europe to US. Russia was essentially making Europe dependent on US oil and sorry oil and gas. So Russia was making Europe depend on its oil and gas and this was seen as a threat by US dash NATO. So, in two thousand and 14, it

was the US by all accounts. A woman called Newland US in the Department of State executed a coup in Ukraine. There’s a pro-Russian president and the United States installed one of its presidents. It was an actual coup. I mean, by all means you have to be stupid to realize it was not a coup. That’s what took place. And the person that was put in place was an ultra right conservative And who was very pro Nazi. Neo

Nazi. And this really pissed off the people in the eastern part of Ukraine. In the four provinces of and never know how to pronounce that properly. Sorry for those people from

that region. And those four those four regions were upset because of people in those regions fathers and grandfathers have fought the Nazis. So this was essentially the United States has installed a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine. That resulted in the current conflict over the last eight years. And culminating at where we are today. Alright so that’s a background and everyone should understand that. This

was this is not some crazy guy just wanting to go and attack Ukraine. And if we think Putin is crazy we’re going to underestimate or not really be fully aware of what could happen for the whole World, okay? So, it’s important for not Russia or US but it’s really for the World Citizens to understand what’s going on. So, that’s a background. Now, what’s also important to understand is that US and NATO are really one. You know, NATO really is the United States and for a long period in history, when you look back and you recognize that it was a Russian people, just factually, who are the ones who stopped Hitler, was the Russian people who lost most lives in World War two as a Russian people who really should be congratulated for winning World War two? It’s a fact. and so when you have neo-Nazis on the doorsteps of Russia, you can imagine what this would do to Russian sentiment and and I think everyone in the world should become very sensitive to this. So, what is Putin and Russia’s response as the title of today’s talks as what is the actual response? What are the three prongs? Well, first of all, if the United States and the UN had really pushed the Minsk two agreement, we wouldn’t have never entered this war and many experts on this for years have been had been saying this, an institute agreement basically said, look, let’s take Ukraine, the ethnic Russians in that region in those four provinces and let’s just make it a state like California and give those people their own state. It’s

still part of Ukraine. They still feel like they have some autonomy and Russia Would not go into those areas and Russia was actually willing to sign the agreement. But the United States and UN really pushed it. And and you have to understand why. Because when you look at those US oil and gas interests

a lot of those oil fields and those are in that eastern province. Okay so US doesn’t really the US oil and gas interest really don’t want to give those provinces real autonomy. They want to still use Ukraine a proxy to dominate in those areas. and in fact, that’s what they did in two thousand and fourteen. Exxon and mobile tried to set up fields in Crimea. Uh Shell in Danets and in fact Chevron in Ukraine. And all of those failed because Putin was able

to see what was going on. This is a big failure. But what is Putin’s three prongs? Well first prong was it wasn’t really his prong even the Western media tries to say this. It was a people in those regions. Had a vote recently in September 27th, which it ended twenty 22. And the and the and the Russians in those regions or the Ukrainian Russians however you want to do it in those regions decided they wanted to become their own republic and after they become their own republic day before Russia formally accepted them into Russia. So those four regions are from Russia’s standpoint Russian territory. That’s the first response that

Putin and Russia accept those four regions which were under attack for the last eight years into Russia. First pronged of Putin’s response. Russia’s response. The second response was that Putin made it very very clear in his speech. I believe on September 28th or 27th. Um where he said that this is not a bluff That if any incursion takes place into those four regions, he will use nuclear weapons. Um and is a serious threat. And he said this is not a threat. And this

is this is not a bluffy set. Okay so it’s a threat. But it’s not a bluff. So it’s a second part of Putin’s response. So first was accepting those four regions to become part of Russia. And saying we will protect them. And the third part of the second part of the response was the threat of nuclear weapons to Western Imperialism. Okay? The third part was Putin and brought up civilian Russians. 200, 000 reserves to join the Russian army. And the goal of

that response is to make a massive conventional push to protect those four regions and likely into Kiev the capital. So those are the three responses. Again let me review. First, is bringing those four regions into Russia. Formally, that’s done. Second Response was saying, if you screw with us in those regions who US and NATO We will, we will use tactical nuclear weapons and the third is beefing up the conventional force in Ukraine from, you know, a small military operation now, 200, 000 reservists and the thesis is that you essentially overwhelm the Ukrainian army backed by US and NATO and you take over care of the capital and you protect those three regions. So, those are the

Response that Putin has done. Now, what this, the second part of the talk here was, what does this mean to all of us? Where does this all end? Well, it can end in a couple different ways and everyone should think about this. Putin has, I, I, in my opinion, Putin is a little bit different than Kim Jong Un who just makes nuclear threats all day and obviously, a nuclear threat is a powerful weapon to have, threaded on in and of itself but one possibilitie possibilities is that Newton’s conventional forces, the 300000, do not do not succeed in in Ukraine. So they’re not able to succeed.

He has problems with his own forces. And then at that point Putin is backed into a corner And he may use nuclear weapons. The other possibilities that people have talked about is within Russia, there could be an overthrow of Putin. That could also take place. Right? And we’ve seen that occur in other countries. So one is Putin feels he’s pushed to a wall. He does unleash nuclear weapons. Um because it’s

conventional forces are not able to achieve their objectives in terms of protecting those eastern provinces as well as taking over Kev. And then you have a nuclear response. The other opportunity or possibilities is that perhaps the elites within Russia do not support Putin and they see this as not worth it. And there’s some internal coup supported by CINMI six, NATO people within Russia. So that’s

the second way this ends and you have Russia being taken over from within some people favorable to US and NATO. It’s a possibilities. The third piece some people have talked about is that there may be and this is out there that US NATO Ukraine may do some dirty bomb. A dirty bomb is essentially a

you know, a conventional explosive device with that spreads radi and it’s a false flag that’s then used to point the fingers at Russia that they did it and then US, NATO, Ukraine, preemptively launch a nuclear attack into Russia. There could be other possibilities but let’s not forget there’s only one country in the world that ever dropped. Not one but two nuclear weapons on another country. and that was the United States and many historians will argue that that there was no need to drop those bombs on Hiroshima Nagasaki. They were done essentially to threaten and keep Russia in line that the United States had nukes. Uh let me be clear. Um

when you look at this situation with the US, NATO, and Putin, you have to really think about it as thugs who want monopoly control. So, think about a neighborhood 1 hundred-acre neighborhood, and one thug owns 95%, 95 acres in that neighborhood, US NATO And let’s say Putin owns five acres. He’s a smaller thug. And Putin wants to sell his goods and services into that 100 acre neighborhood, And the thug, the US NATO, which owns, has monopolized 95 percent, doesn’t like that. That’s what this is really all about. It’s not about Putin being good or bad or United States being good or bad. It’s essentially imperial interests. Lots of money is

involved here. An everyday working people in a shootout in that neighborhood, we are the ones who get knocked out. Not any of these people. Putin will have bunkers. Joe Biden will have bunkers. It’s not really going to affect anyone of us. I

mean, all of us are the ones who are going to be affected by this. So, I think the important thing to recognize is that mad men are really running the world and they do not have the interest of working people and so, it’s extremely important that all of us recognize and take a historical approach and really spend a little bit of time beyond the mainstream media and start looking at the historical forces. That’s why I’ve done these videos. Um tried it in the morning try to do the political videos. In the evening, we have our health videos and as many of you know, our intent in all of this is to encourage all of you to take a system’s approach and please go to VA Shiva. com and you can see all the different tools and solutions we have but I also encourage you to go to Truth Freedom Health. com and you can contribute to all the work that

we are doing globally. We now have a global movement of over 360, 000 people who have awakened recognize that you can’t take a left wing, a right-wing approach. You can’t be pro ranty. People have actually gotta get educated or

be enslaved. And the truth, Freedom and Health System that we’ve created allows any individual to really learn the science of Systems. Those in power learn the science of Systems. and using the Science of System s they can subjugate, manipulate, and enslave people. But if you learn the science of

System s just like a surgeon wielding a knife as I’ve said over and over can save life or criminal can kill it. If you learn signs of System s, you can really understand the interconnection in a very profound way between truth, freedom, and health that fighting for freedom, you know, focusing on real science is what leads to health, and we improve our health is how we have the wherewithal to fight for truth and freedom. And the the platform that we’ve created for all of you, it’s all online. You can learn the science of System s. You can get access to all the books and

papers to learn the science System s. You, there’s also a tool that you can improve your own health by understanding how your body is actually a system. That’s also included and then, we’ve included many, many research tools to understand how food is a system. We offer lectures. As you can see, that’s in this diagram here. Lectures and tools that you can teach others the science of System s. There’s an entire

community now and we have many, many tools, independent of big tech for you to communicate. So, Truth Freedom and Health is really the solution. So, while I will speak about the problems of the world and do the Systems analysis but the reality is have to be desperate. We don’t have to get divided into left or right nor do we have to get complacent. We can actually

organize bottoms up, independent of all of this nonsense, and awaken ourselves to recognize that we all need to have some self respect, have some accountability, and it is we, people, who actually understand System s work, independent of left and right that are actually going to have a positive effect. So anyway, in closing I hope people, all of you contribute to the Truth and Health Movement, take the course, and understand all the different ways and by the way, every Thursdays at 11 AM, EST or 8 PM EST, you can join me in an open house. You get to meet lots and lots of people all over the world. It’s free. Go to VA Shiva. com slash orientation and don’t forget to go to Truth Freedom and Health. com and contribute to your own

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please join us. Um we want to have an open discussion but we will talk about the Truth Freedom and Health Movement and the fact that we need to educate more and more people to think beyond left and right. And really look at history in this larger context and not look at components of it. So

anyway, be well everyone. Have a good morning and a good weekend wherever you are. Thank you.

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