Dodeca free energy technology with Master Laki- a presentation. New Earth technology I AM THAT I AM

Dodeca free energy technology with Master Laki- a presentation. New Earth technology I AM THAT I  AM

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that is that is soul connection you know when when  we connect on the soul level everybody feels the   same love we are actually love we are made of  Love made an image of God means made of love [Music] I'm so happy to see you again it's just lovely  to see you again and um we've had loads of really   lovely positive comments lots of people have seen  um the interview the eye that I gave to you on on   many channels and I think a lot of people could  feel your energy beaming out to them because it   um it really made a lot of people feel really  happy and joyful that is uh that is soul   connection you know when when we connect on the  soul level everybody feels the same love we are   actually love we are made of Love made an image of  God means made of love yes I agree with you Eric   every everybody everybody my beautiful sisters  brothers everybody I'm so happy really to be able   and to be honored to to share something what is  very unique and nobody according to my information   up to now is sharing that about new energy  of love which is present on this planet and   that is an amazing amazing tool so that everybody  can use to simple efficient cheap and easy change   anything what what people want yeah that's amazing  you're going you're going to share with us today   um the um dodecahedron and how that's going to  create free energy upon this planet which you're   saying is coming from from love energy which is  amazing okay um okay are you recording now I'm   recording and the floor is yours Master Lackey  please enlighten us oh that's wonderful that's   wonderful uh I am here the title just to make  this picture a little bit smaller so that now   the title of this presentation because I chose new  energy with awareness and its unlimited potentials   it is energy of love and first I place  this uh sign it's a sign of rhythmic   balance interchange it's a it's a law of love  God's love principle equal giving and re-giving   if that is satisfied in all relation then  there is a balance always there is a balance   we are experiencing now uh an evil civilization  imbalance civilization because everywhere they   ask for taking more than giving and that is  what is causing imbalance and and just uh   I emphasize how I say it we are experiencing we  are experiencing something even this civilization   evil civilization is just our experience later  I will explain who we are so that everybody   knows that is appropriate what I have said right  now so uh usually I introduce myself like this   I am that I am lucky of sovereign domain  and master of simplicity and I would   like to try to demonstrate this evening that  Simplicity is all that everybody can understand   many of this information man can find on my  website or can contact me   regarding anything I will respond here is my  email and one thing is for sure a reading View can I make a full screen this uh this I um I  don't know how you do that uh that there are   there are some here no hold here ah yeah that's  bigger that's that's there you go yeah perfect   yeah yeah wonderful okay uh uh I I'm uh officially  I'm a doctor of physics of atomic plasma physics   with the title of research Professor  that is the highest title in science   but I left official science after uh 25 years  being involved in all kinds of scientific projects   especially in in plasma Fusion because of my  hope to contribute to solve the problem of energy   and when I understood that in official science  everything is a complex complicated and I   understood that principle of Simplicity  in nature God's principle of creation   then I decided to go out of official science and  research on my own as an independent resurgent   and my my primary motto was the authority of  Truth not truth of authorities I said okay you   Einstein and all others you offered us your  truth but I'm going to discover my own truth   because I I wasn't uh satisfied and I  didn't agree with many scientific Concepts   and something like a negative charge is an  absolute nonsense in science accepted generally   or or the long were opposite attract each other  imagine imagine such a such a illogical statement   opposite can oppose to each other that's why we  call them opposite one cannot say opposite attract   each other that's no sense of what but you you  you see the whole Community scientific Community   they they use the global column lobe opposite  attract each other okay they they see actually   that the bar magnets plus and minus are going  to each other and they Define this as attraction   later I discovered the truth about it but it was  a long way and I'm not going to talk about it   only I wanted to remind them your  esteem audience about 3D rules   3D room means desire devotion and discipline when  your desire and devotion and and discipline is   so so fulfilled hundred percent everything goes  into realization because we are omnipotent beings   and uh many many scientists and everywhere now  in our civilization are talking about energy   and I contended that nobody knows what is energy  because they can release energy or get energy out   of something so no energy is a Stillness of the  universe at rest and sitting there in neutral   State and waiting for human consciousness to  trigger it and give it desired form so that   energy is expressed in electric potential  because every motion is electric potential   so energy is really just a pure possibility  and depends on human consciousness what kind   of form will give to that energy and event when  expressed interactive potential then I call it the   normal electric potential I call it excellent  because it's really it's energy understand   you you you you are not talk I'm not talking  anymore about energy but about the accident   and we human beings we are soul buildings and we  have that ability to initiate energy and give it   for and that is what is sold in US human beings  uh so uh understand that that is a consequence   of being created an image of God because God  creates a exactly that way and we have also that   possibility but when we realize who are we and we  when we become aware of our unlimited potentials   uh here is a one precise definition we human  beings and I I use here you because I want   to to address you to to communicate with you  directly so that you feel and everybody else   you as an individual unit of creation are a point  of desire in this you know zero Universe of mind   around that centering point which is your soul  till your soul sits in your heart you create a   record of your desire it is your dual body thus  you become that which you think I say dual body   because that's what I see that is a visible part  of body but invisible part of body is around it   is a much much bigger than this part and that body  every every human body every body in nature is a   Duo it's a dual there is that counter space  counter apart which which is small at the   beginning and growing or growing and later when  people say then they die that the visible part   of body gives everything to that invisible part  in order to make that cycle to be reborn again so understand that you have that part that of God's Soul which is  equal to God's Soul because God's soul is infinite   every part of infinity is also infinite and you  have the same ability as God has to initiate   energy into into electric potential into motion  and here I I mentioned the universe of our mind   Universe At rest zero Universe At rest Universe  of mind that is God created Source or or Spirit   or mind whatever you like to to call it but  in essence that is all there is what exists   and this material you universe is a product  of imagination imagination that what God is   thinking is electrically recorded in everything  what is material in essence it is an illusion   because God is all there is and that illusion  appears real only to our senses because our   senses is also dual and they perceive it as a  real but it is not there except for the senses   understand that human beings here for this point  of view what we are going to discuss this evening   is important to understand that we are commanders  of energy we are boss of energy and we can command   energy to do whatever and through the Millennia we  have experienced uh uh we we have experienced to   be slave of energy we were not aware of that fact  of that truth that we are commanders of energy but   we were slain for some energy in we were serving  energy not knowing that we are commanders so so   can I just clarify of course because I don't  want to lose you and I tell my audience to   lose a threat so in a correct me if I'm wrong  this is what I'm hearing so basically it's like   imagine that this is the creator okay and then  in that we come through these points of Stillness   um using the mind of God and what we iMat so we  use energy we imagine ourselves into existence   and that creates manifest form through this  point of Stillness and then all around the form   is our invisible body which is our soul  which is in the Creator body or mind in the center is the soul oh in the centuries all  is the centering point around that Center oh I see   so you're recording so you use energy through your  body yeah so you record that becomes the record of   your material existence of your desires or of your  thinking okay so the material so the soul is in   the middle the material is on the is the wreck the  invisible record basically including also visible   past yeah holding the visible Parts as well  which is encapsulated and invisible yeah okay   and then you're saying when you die um you'll  never die I Never say die but when you have the   appearance of dying and your body body disappears  The Body disappears and goes into the invisible   record and then if you want it comes back in  again and starts again through another zero point   absolutely true uh when when body dies yeah  people consider it uh he dies or she dies no   when the body dies Soul leaves the body and the  body gives everything that visible part gives to   that invisible part until it goes into the seed  two-dimensional seed pattern which is DNA DNA   understand all the changes during existence of the  body yeah are recorded into the seed and from that   seed if you decide so because you are soul you  are Master you are boss you can incarnate again   and continue the Drone with body and then again  in new Incarnation and so on and so on okay so   that's another question as well so when you're  talking about the the invisible part are you   talking about the biofuel the electromagnetic  field around the body is that the invisible   part or is that just one part of the invisible  part that's what they call all hola yeah so it's   the electromagnetic field is the invisible it's  not it's not it's not it's not electromagnetic   field I would like to correct that okay that  is absolutely incorrect in science and in uh in   in a common common communication people use this  term electromagnetic field I've been using it is why I'm here yeah but so please correct me but  also just one more clarification so the center   of that field is the heart the soul which  resides in the heart yes okay so what is   the election that there is that God Universal  Mind where each point is the same point yes   and that is an electric record of God's  thoughts which is this material universe   okay I understand that so it's the election record  of the um that's right that's why that uh steel   Universe At rest is magnetic it does not move  when you say electromagnetic and scientists using   this term electromagnetic if it literally means  motionless motion static motion it does not exist   emotion is not static motion is motion  motion simulates that that balance and   static state of being is a simulation motion is an  imagination it simulates that what is not motion   what is magnetic so the very electromagnetic is  absolutely incorrect okay so basic so the way I   understood it is that we have the maybe I've been  calling it wrong but we have the capacity we emit   um an electrical signal which is going into  the void which is stillness and that calls   back in the point of Stillness is where the  manifestation is created okay that is the the   the the thought of God goes into the void yeah  and it turns back to our senses as manifested   moves yes perfect okay I understand that I've been  doing that right anyway you are very near that's   absolutely amazing how how you have a incredible  uh wonderful logic I love you my beautiful soul absolutely amazing absolutely  amazing so to understand   that is not like in official science and in  common belief that energy resides somewhere else   and we now search for energy to  grab energy to use energy to harness   energy and so on so forth you know we are  commanders sovereignty in vegan manifest in two ways with the energy that all day as it is  written here using power force fear as efforting   that is the the the the the world of Duality  manifesting hard complicated inefficient and   expensive and that is the whole our civilization  every device is manifested hard it's a complex   there's an innovation and over expense of course  because those who are controlling it they put a   higher price but there is a new way we we talked  last last times last time about it uh that is   easy way easy way simple efficient and cheap to  manifest to create with compassion Joy love and   intensity of Desire powerlessly powerlessly I call  it powerless life when I was in Switzerland and   there was a beautiful dog in my neighborhood and  I told to him you are mastered you are master of   powerless life because you are doing nothing  and everything comes to you and that that's   the model how to make in the world also he's  really not doing anything he's just loving the   the the the people and the people give him  anything and I say that's a powerless life   I'm coming back as a cat yeah okay  that's a little bit different but okay it's okay up to us to decide because in any  case our decision our intent conscious intent   goes into manifestation and uh the majority  the the most of the people do not understand   that there is another way that there is  a this easy way because they think every   they must work hard and effort that everything  use power force fear and everything else that   thing and and now we are becoming aware  that there is another way and the using   of course another way everybody who decides  for it of course it's a conscious decision so here is a little demonstration uh old way  biking top of the mountains letting everything   hard and complex and and here the the new way  on the right side doing nothing even not not   partly but let let the scenery go goes uh and  the moving under your bike you don't need to do   anything that's a new way it's absolutely possible  last time we talked about holographic principle   and I couldn't explain you that holographic  principle uh to resize this so that you can   better understand it and also your your people who  are following you uh because that is everything   about division on the whole of the whole into  the parts one whole idea is divided into many   many ideas but every that part idea is equal  to the whole because that whole is infinite   if you divide Infinity and Eternity 7 billion or  any number you get also infinity and identity so   that H bar of infinity and Eternity is also  infinite and eternal and from the point of   view of of electric potential which is zero that  there is no Motion in that Universe if you divide   it to any any finite number you get 0 again  so that each part is equal equal to the whole   and that is demonstrated here how it looks like  holographic principle you have here a star you   divide into two and then each of them into further  but it's this smallest part is equal to the whole   is it just a smaller size is it just a small  size and we human beings we are moving perception we are infinite beings omnipotent beings who are  moving perception so that time space accommodates   our desire and this is a wonderful wonderful  example I say an amazing Master with the name   mirindayo who lived in in Holland in Netherlands  in the in the last century in 1930 something like   that before the second world war and look this  master Great Master incarnated in order to show us   by example teaching by example on his body  that our body is an illusion is a perception   and the outcome of this war with the body depends  of of his perception look even through the heart   they pushed us forward and nothing happened he  didn't die amazing it's amazing you can find the   meal in the aisle you can find on internet and he  went in Civic to to some laboratory and rent gun   and they have seen swords in here body ranking  recording and so on but nothing happened to   him it's a absolute awareness of that that he is  master of his body and his body is his perception   that's amazing example it's a really amazing  I love this example I showed this example   oftentimes there are so many people who  cannot even watch it and they say oh   but there's this one through  the heart absolutely true and uh at the end of each civilization it will be  decided if this civilization passed the exam   and will go further or it will be everything  destroyed and start from the beginning   and for the first time in the four and  a half billion years old history of the   mankind on on this planet it happened on  the August 17th 1987. peaceful transition   in the next civilization for the first time no  apocalypse no Armageddon nothing and then that   was the beginning of the new era era of Love  era of unlimited potentials and goodbye duality   and that is the most important data in the human  history and people do not know about it of course   but we will share that and spread out the truth so  that people become aware of it and also split the   truth further because this darkness of Lies can be  compared only by word of Truth when we bring the   word of Truth lie disappears and from that point  on what happened actually uh uh until that point   there was energy which was a spiraling always  with every new experience you get a new spiral   a new spire and so on on this data which is the  September 18 2017. it is triple nine you see nine   one plus eight nine two plus seven triple nine  nine is complet completion the the universal   number that spiral turned in and closed and from  that point on there are no most biases no more   Duality goodbye Duality there is a new energy  with uh expands in and out the expansional type   of energy and which which is absolutely  different in Creation with this energy is   totally different and that there are unlimited  potentials with Creation with this energy   and that's the energy has a unit which we call 12-sided pentagon I call it Deca that's a nickname  because I'm in love with this energy and yeah of   course and as you see on the on the on the picture  on the right side there are six pairs of spiders   smiling in and out simultaneously and  in the center there is a zero point   that point of awareness so that an energy  responds to your awareness and this a an   absolutely balanced unit in itself and can  balance anything it moves so fast much faster   than electron and any other unknown unit  to in in science and can balance anything   because it is omnipotent this is energy of  luck is it do a decahedron 12 sides is it   yeah okay yeah and is that is that related  to the 12 DNA strands oh that's a good idea   that's it from you you must clear that question  of course it is okay of course it is just checking you've got an amazing soul you are really  really smart and clever soul I love you   and these units are moving like a fish   and the people who are they wanted they can see  them I can also see them when I wish and they can   build different types of shapes like  chains you see that here or conversate   or rings or conglomerates or pointed the DECA  double pointed or stellated the Decker each side   there is a pyramid by stellated and the on the  right side here's a picture of my first generator   with which I try to to reach the Breakthrough  uh it's dodecker generator you created this   yeah of course I created this one on  the right side of course like you do   that's only what I'm doing I'm doing nothing  else except that okay yeah that's my mission   that's my mission you remember the new world  mission yeah and then I created I became aware   of that the possibility to create with our  thoughts to command energy what to do and I   call this an uh technology I change this is I  change it is based on full awareness who I am   I am an omnipotent being whose cautious intent  goes into manifestation when I am connected with   this new energy can I just stop you for a minute  can you go into just well for me and for everybody   a bit more of an explanation about why it's  a dodecahedron what how has that come out of   why is that the new um shape for  this energy because you you have   you have this platonic platonic shape  platonic solids yeah yeah platonic solid   and the dodecahedron is is actually the one who  contains all these other solids if it is the only   one be the full balance ah okay understands  can be established you you can you you give a   square and so on yes so basically the whole  universe or if you like is is created out of   platonic solids and so you're saying that  this is the final final realization of all   damn synchronization in Union of all them  into the balanced unit perfect I understand   completely now thank you for that Clarity you  know everything you have got this of course   and here is something special  designed for communication but   my goal uh is to reach the Breakthrough with this  pointed the Decker pointed Deccan it is actually   conscious chip you know in electronics you you  have all those chips with the small legs and   so on and you place some electric signals  and it fulfates some something gold yeah   of course and here you have no electronics  no electric components it's a made this one   is made of out of wood and there is nothing  inside except the new energy these uh these uh dodecahedrons smaller the cathedrons which are  moving through the walls and Gathering inside of   this shape and then comes my mind and I comment  ignite the paper so that they uh then then build   a cobra shape multiplication oh okay yeah you have  seen Cobra say here here you see Cobra State yeah   yeah yeah multiplication that is on on the bottom  uh beginning up to to ignite the ignite the paper   to ignite the paper and recognize the paper then I  reached that breakthrough the beginning of the new   civilization without electricity is absolutely  uh unavoidable nobody can can uh how to say   no nobody can argue against it and  then they will create everything   with this breakthrough I will be able  for example to give you when this uh   conscious chip I call it conscious trip yeah  and then in your house you could you could keep   the temperature constant all over the rear  say 22 degrees no matter yeah can I ask you   some more questions so it does it matter if the  pointed Decker is hollow or is it does it matter   if it's completely solid in the hollow it's a  hollow of the hollow inside okay made of these   pentagons yeah if there are there are here 11  Pentacles but the 12th pentagon is removed and   these sides are are made in form of a pyramid  yes okay so it's a pyramid with one two three   five-sided pyramid that's the five-sided pyramid  of course okay and and then the reason is because   the pyramid has a multiplication at the top of  thousand times and that is then that Cobra effect explain that please about the pyramid and the  Thousand Times multiplication oh yeah that is   not known in in science and generally not known  that the pyramidal shape has a the wonderful   future to multiply energy if it enters through the  bottom through the base in the first third of the   pyramid the multiplication is ten times okay in  the second third multiplication is hundred times   and the and the third part this very top is a  multiplication thousand times and that's why I'm   suggesting people who are making greenhouses and  all these for for different fruits and everything   else to make it in the pyramid shape to make it  on the on the first floor that you can get 100   times multiplication of energy yeah I mean there's  a there's a lot of sign well not not conventional   science but there has been a lot of experiments  around pyramids and their healing abilities how   they sharpen tools how they facilitate growth all  of those kind of things so that's kind of that's   known and I'm assuming you haven't set fire to  the paper yet you're still you're still in process   laughs yes and and that's my dream  uh that is what I'm doing now I made   many experiments with my conscious trip I call  it the DECA 101 101 is Everywhere by me you will   find one zero is the creation in Duality one is  beginning and zero is potential for anything we   have experienced it and from the August 17th 1987  yeah 1807 we have started the New Creation with   unlimited potentials and the new energy with  Deca and you find Everywhere by me one zero   one no beginning can I ask you and some more  questions yeah all right so um I've got loads   of questions now so when you so obviously you've  been trying to ignite the paper with your mind   so how how are you doing that are you are you  directly using your mind are you using the mind   of your heart and then beaming that in how how are  you doing how are you attempting to do that I sit   in front of this uh Becca yeah uh one or one chip  yeah I want you to tip close them on the eyes and   then make a conscious breathing yeah when I forget  my body I see these Deca units small units moving   all around and I direct them with my sword to go  through the walls and gather here on the bottom   of this conscious chip on the on the flat on the  flat bottom piece yeah on the front bottom piece   here on the bottom and then when they are there  I commend them to form that uh Cobra shape and   multiply at the top until they ignite the paper  I didn't succeed yet to ignite the paper but I'm   not that far from that also have you have you so  got an idea have you tried this with 12 meditators uh can you repeat the question have you tried this   experiment with 12 people  meditating simultaneously   no no I I I I cannot find even one who knows  about new energy okay I can find you I can find   you 10 other people and we can do this I think  I think this is the piece that you're missing   because if we're Unity Consciousness and we've  got to move forward in our Collective Evolution   and awaken to the potential that we have perhaps  we have to do it in Collective units of 12 First I would like to emphasize one simple thing you  are created an image of God you are Perfection   and you are omnipotent yes and you can reach  anything by yourself but we're on a journey   I know I know that's where we're gonna get to but   we're human beings are a little  bit slow and they need like Steps the point is here to to initiate these people  Inspire them to the each of them can try to   do the same yes to do the same but individually  individually because it's the measure of the trust   Who You Are but truly if you trust yourselves if  you love yourself if you know who you are then   you can say I say to you do it for yourself  I do for myself because you are goddess you   can do it also as I can do anybody can do it you  think it has to be done on your own or you think next problem when I do this I can manage  the constant temperature in my house   or I can switch on light of light doesn't  matter but only in my house for me if I could give you this device and you  would be able to do you reach that point   where you can do that the same as I do you  would have it in your house but that would   take Millennia until so many people will reach  that level of Consciousness to be able to do   that so something practical must be done so that  they get instructions for example some password   or touching some part of the conscious chip  Deca 101 so that the light goes on and off   for temperature goes to 22 degrees and so  on until all these people reach that State   of Consciousness when they become aware that they  can do it by themselves it's a difference between   electricity and conscious technology I change  because by electricity you make a device they   give instruction and he is switching it's  been thrown off and you it works but here   you cannot do it like that it's a different  day because you you you you you you must use   power of your mind and connection with the  new energy without connection it won't fall   it's a very very challenging it's a tough  challenge so so you're using your mind which   is the universal mind how are you when you say  you're connecting to the new energy how are you   how are you connecting to that new energy  and how are you perceiving it to be   I repeat again I go into into conscious breathing  with the conscious decision to connect with the   new energy okay take a deep conscious breath  yeah and through in the outbreast I said send   my thought verbally expressed and the new energy  fulfills it so are you sending an instruction or   are you visualizing no no no no no no interaction  I don't distract new energy how to do it I just   ask you energy to ignite babe okay you don't  visualize the paper burning you just ask it no   no no no no no no no no no no no no visualization  visualization because I left a new energy to do it   in the best way that new energy omnipotent  and knows how to do anything yeah okay so   is Imagination the old way of working then uh  yeah in a sense it is it's enough it's enough   deep conscious breath and the attach your  conscious intent to your outbreaks it goes   into manifestation yeah because because I I  agree with you because what I'm discovering   I still use imagination to manifest things and  it's very effective but I'm finding with healing   that all you do now or all that's required is to  just send an instruction and and it just happens regarding healing I have a very  very unique attitude to this issue   and my attitude is following every disease on  physical body is a reflection of the Consciousness   diseases and constant diseases are dishonesty  expressed to treating stealing and lying   when people start treating stealing in life  there will be no decision on physical body   sorry so just just to confirm because your accent  is strong you're saying all dis ease so disease is   called by cheating stealing and lying yeah it's a  Consciousness disease cheating Consciousness and   lying is emotional disease because Consciousness  uh main feature is honesty honestly truth yes I   I completely agree with you it's not a weird  concept basically a lie inside you which you   know rubs against you and creates friction and  dis-ease basically everything everything what is   on physical body is manifestation of that what  is happened on the level of Consciousness as   a cause yes on the physical body is a fact yeah  yeah only if you change the code so when people   ask me for healing I just say are you ill and say  yes okay stop lying cheating and stealing and you   will be healed yes but the problem is is that the  problem with that is it's not that simple because   most human beings are running  on their unconscious programs   so what's needed is to bring the unconscious to  the conscious in order that it can be changed it's a problem of   separation from God the person of that ego  yes ego aspect of of of of of God which is   separation from God and then you lose you lose the  connection with God and you lose everything you   lose love for example why in this civilization  a fear is forced everywhere what have I done   here I'm going to stop sharing now so we can see  your face okay okay I don't know how to do that okay wait a minute um I think you have to  do it because um didn't I wait a minute   okay one participant can share at  a time oh no oh no I don't know   what I've done ah there they are yeah I  stopped shouting yeah you stop sharing thank you okay um yeah because you  see things are so simple so simple   God is love love and fear are opposite  poles then you are in fear you lose God   you you are not in love you cannot be both in  love and in fear either or and that's why for   example by covid-19 there is spread out fear fear  fear to lose connection and protection from God   I instructed people just to say to coven I know  to me goodbye I don't allow you any enough enough   no medicine nothing that is enough because you  are omnipotent being and you say to that because   uh virus is a kind of conscious energy also when  you say to it no to me it's okay it's done I don't   allow you that's enough yeah yeah absolutely it's  a separation tactic so that you well you're losing   it's separation from self because self is God and  then what you're doing is you government will be   my new gods and you will protect me that's  gonna work anyway of course of course and I   would love also to to remind your your people  and beautiful souls which are following you   that the new energy wisdom awareness that  every system in this anti-civilization   is created to be against it governmental  educational Financial medical religious and every   other system but you don't judge it you are aware  of it you step away and stay still observant and   send your light your new energy to balance it and  you go and enjoy your mission yes enjoy life and   that's so easy and everything what is happening  now on the global level is a product of that   many more and more people are becoming aware of  that the amazing simple efficient tool which can   be used on a global level and change everything  yes there's so many people they're stepping back   they're observing it and they're saying bye I'm  off to do another thing which is more fun it's   happening so much yeah it's amazing it really  is it's really it's a really so simple tool   and so easy to use and cost nothing and it's not  time consuming it's a absolutely simple and then   you go and enjoy your a person here they'll live  your life leave your talent and whatever you wish   it's an easy way and create the new world in  you absolutely absolutely everything starts   from inside in you yeah yeah of course so I  have I have one more question so you said that   you're nearly you're nearly there with your met  you're creating the energy of the dodecahedron   so how are you how are you feeling that you're  nearly there like are you are you fit what's   happening I want to know there was a there was a  I I've shown you there last time yes [Laughter] if your visual can look inside it this it is empty  there is nothing inside yeah let's have a look   let's have a look is it difficult to open  oh I'm very curious always so I made it   deliberately left it to open to be able to open  it in order to so that there is nothing inside foreign okay yeah fantastic nothing inside these are the  this is the the one Pentagon which fits here on   the bottom yeah and that is all that is all and  then um how am I doing I'm practicing my love   when I sit there and then make a conscious  breathing and when I feel that the connection   is right I will reach it I prepared a piece of  paper and when I am connected I place it and then   open my eyes and see see the paper is burning and  then I will inform you that the the Breakthrough   is is yeah yeah I'm looking forward to receiving  that email I'm going to start trying as well um I would I would like a I can I can give to give  you a present I know my uh one conscious chips   but it's not easy to pack it and to send you   you're gonna come and stay it so hinge  anyway so you can bring it with you yeah please um I'm going to make a meditation with  the dodecahedron so we can all start practicing   wonderful wonderful let's do it let's do it  let's connect on that level and then try to   make it together yeah yeah absolutely because  of that inevitable masculine feminine balance   then we can reach it most probably easier  than I alone that's what I'm telling you I   I actually believe that if you had maybe six men  and six women or I don't know 12 people who were   equally balanced in whatever ways I I think I  think you might find that that might give you a   breakthrough I don't know it's always worth trying  these things I mean certainly in group healing   um with group healing the the  energy is exponentially stronger   because you know there's this kind of entanglement  quality that happens if you if you can really recognize that enhancement in energy   that would mean that the none of you reached  your Highest Potential because the strongest   energy is your Highest Potential without anybody  else yes I understand that but we're in process   you like company no it's not that it's just no  actually I don't I quite like doing everything   on my own but I do things in groups because  well because I can feel the power of it and   I like to teach and I like to see the results and  everything but I I am kind of happiest on my own   doing crazy wacky stuff but um but I also feel  that we are a collective species and in a way   what I found is for example if you weren't here  showing us we wouldn't be learning so each person   in the collective has pieces to bring to the  whole and so in a way we're all kind of moving   in this Evolution together and that's what I find  when I do shamanic ceremony as well it's like   if one person in the ceremony has is conscious  of one thing that another person is unconscious   of they can help bring that unconscious to  light and vice versa so when you have a group   of people everybody's kind of elevating everybody  else's unconscious parts so for example in this   this conversation you've revealed some things  to me that I was unconscious of for example I   was calling this thing the electromagnetic field  now I know better so it makes something conscious   for me and then maybe I say something that makes  you conscious and maybe we both say something that   makes somebody watching more conscious and maybe  they're making us more conscious energetically   and it's all like this whole thing which is  why I do think group work can be very helpful   because we are a collective species you know we  have this animal ask this Primal aspect to us   yes in order to be efficient in this undertaking  we should have everybody should have unconscious   decavana one chip and this trip in order to to  join really not to try to imagine something and   so on understand you should have in front of  you before you start conscious breathing and   meditation you should have that conscious tip and  you have you should have prepared piece of paper   in my opinion just like like I do and then when  you are connected and you feel that the connection   is a fool and then you demand the new energy to  ignite the paper and place a paper about that peak   of the pyramid the top of the pyramid and then you  open your eyes and see Banning paper and say wow   so do you think that you have to have  the physical um chip in front of you could you have a drawing of it I think uh I do not but it is the next step  when you reach the gods level you don't need   any any kind you don't need the dodeca do you  it's not yes it's not even that it's a it's a   it's a kind of of a step between like uh like  uh inter Intel internet connection so to say   yeah and then at some point we won't need the  bodies either and we'll just keep we'll just but that is who we are that is who we are we  are just the playing game with the body that's   that's absolutely uh um it's necessary  but it's also not uh not is avoidable   yeah it's yeah it's exactly when we move to The  Fifth Dimension we would not have a body like this   one but body who will be vibrating so fast that it  will be it will have no shape and nothing else we   we would be able to exist on the Sun millions of  degrees of temperature and they are existing there   yeah guys frequencies of our body yeah I can see  that coming well come come on bit by mentioned so   um thank you master lock it's been really  interesting to um to see your presentation I it's   yeah it's opened some some light bulbs in my head  which I always love and I'm sure my audience um   massively appreciates the time and the energy and  your Genius um and um and has gratitude that you   shared it with us thank you so much I appreciate  this if anybody joins me in this adventure that   is a real real Adventure it's a crazy idea and  so also if people want to like to support me   with some donation on my website there is uh  absolute protection from anything at all times the EMF protection devices as well don't you you  using this conscious trip yeah then people also   can get the protection in exchange for some  small donation and anything if if people are   delighted with the idea to be part of this  event then now are you relying entirely on   donations to do this work yeah okay yeah  that's that's proper dedication isn't it thank you very much I'm really glad and I'm uh  thankful and joyful to be able to share with   your steam audience and with you that's what  I have reached and to share some wisdom and   there is also my website there is a book of one  or one love energy where you can read about new   energy and some rules and everything what what  is very practical because the book is written   in the form uh teacher and student and then you  can let the student and from the teacher of the   high highest level and in some extended master  and then you can learn about this new new energy   who who likes it who wants it as if it's  an absolute personal decision of course   um that's that sounds amazing as you  were talking I just had one more question okay one more question so you said in  the last interview that this energy is   the next step on from the Tesla energy  how is how is that the next step on yeah because because um uh Tesla created with  electricity that is dual energy okay and and   then you have energy here which is conscious  energy energy with awareness and response to your   thoughts directly you don't need much harder if at  all then in in dual energy in electricity you need   the harder of water to harness that dual energy  and to bring it under control and to fulfill   your demands and everything else you you are in  a kind slave of that energy you must fulfill all   the demands of electricity in order the device  works okay and here is a much much simpler here   you just say that energy what to do what you  wish request something from that energy it   goes into manifestation because that energy can do  anything yeah it's a Godly in physical realization   so it's like you'll get so based your giving and  then it's giving back to you that's the balance   yeah it's doing for you you live powerless lives  uh letting that energy to do something for you   and it will be done yeah okay I only ask because  I don't know anything about Tesla Energies   I wondered what the difference was  okay thank you so much Master Lackey   you're a superstar you're  you're welcome my lovelies

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