De eerste sneeuw van het jaar en alle techniek van de truck uitgelegd | SPECIAL | Leven op wielen

De eerste sneeuw van het jaar en alle techniek van de truck uitgelegd | SPECIAL | Leven op wielen

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Like this! There we are again. Welcome to a new vlog from Life on Wheels. We've got a few things. The time has gone back an hour so I have to synchronize it with the car. My driving pass and the car are not synchronized with me, so I have to set that separately. I'll show you that in a minute. Yesterday there was a public holiday in France, Belgium and Germany. I only go to Italy on Tuesday today. I left with Sebas and Sebas is now unloading in Brumath. I'm waiting for him now and then we can continue. Then about Italy. I'm going to unload in Asti, Villar san costanzo, Santo stefano di magra and we end up in Livorno.

At an address we've been to before. This time I have more pallets and I'm going to try to film in the field. I also show a bit how the on-board computer (BC) works. What we do everything on. I'm going to show you as many technical things as possible and the work. Hopefully we have good weather. We've had a lot of rain. I'd say let's get started.

It's 8:42, but we've had to turn back time. New time. It's that easy nowadays. Change saved, hoppa. We're not there yet. So we're going to change that too. Let's see, settings. Alarm clock and clock and then we go to local time and we set it back to 7:42. I know guys. I'm starting late, but that doesn't matter. So and the time is correct again and is synchronized. 7:43 is now and not 8:43. This is how you turn back the clock. Good morning. We arrived in Italy off the train. It's a quarter to five again. Nothing wrong with that. We're going to see if Sebas is ready and then we go for a drive. We're both going in different directions, but let's take a look. Are you ready?

Thanks, it's minimal here. Well here we should be. Good morning! We left the train this morning. I had an address with five pallets to unload. I have not been able to show. There were two cars waiting behind me. It was very narrow and it was difficult, difficult, difficult. So I did it quickly. In the meantime we have arrived in Villar san costanzo where I have to unload a cherry picker. But that dear gentleman isn't here yet and the planner can't get a hold of him either. I have to wait here just a little while, until that gentleman comes or says something. In the meantime I show how the BC works and how I fill in the trip list.

We still need to fill out the ride list until the BC is fully optimized so we don't have to do that anymore. In the BC I can show you how it works with deliveries. Collectors, messages and things like that. So let's just do that then. Just roll the camera. Look, this is our weekly statement. Here we fill everything in. Of course we have the day. The name customer, I just put a piece of paper on it so that the plant names are remembered. And we have the place. I always enter the zip code.

My colleagues who always fill in the place name. Just like today Villar san costanzo where do you put that in such a small box. I also write a little bigger. Then of course you have start, stop, loading, unloading, coupling, uncoupling. What else do we have? Refuel, pause, pause, pause. The TR is for train and OV is for overnight stay. You can see all arrival and departure times, the mileage and the trailer number. How much I've refueled and how much break I've taken. I'll fill everything in quite extensively if you see it that way. That is of course possible because I have autism and everything has to be perfect. Then we're going to show the BC we have. We have a mobile phone. I'll tilt it a little more so you don't see the camera in the picture. I hope you see it that way.

Here we can see what we are doing. It now says I arrived at 10:35 am. I'm unloading. It says duration activity, but if I click on it we can see what we did that day. Other is from the train, then I started driving early this morning at 5 o'clock. That's it for today, we didn't do much. Then we look at activities, we can press wait loading and unloading. We can load, we can unload. We've got another traffic jam in case it starts beeping. Sometimes that sound drives you crazy. Sign in, pause, wait, dock, undock. We still have refueling, washing, staying overnight, other. I usually use it for the train or a broken tire. Before an accident. You know those kinds of things, which are not indicated. We also have colleagues set up, drop off, inspect the container, measure gas, and scan the container for our container.

We actually have nothing to do with those containers, but if we ever drive a container then it will at least be on it. Then we'll go back. Look and then we also have the navigation. I don't touch it, because I never use it. I have heard from colleagues that it works perfectly. Also the messages. Like this! Then I send a message. Good morning Maarten, I'm in Villar San Costanzo, but no one is there. Then I got on the phone and he said he's going to call. We still have the driving times, we still have the driving style assistant. There you can also see everything from economical driving to acceleration. You know, all frugal stuff. It just works perfectly. Here we have those driving times. Then he will request tago data. Then he says daily. 6 hours and 10 minutes, 9 hours rest, 2 hours 12 driven already today. 39 hours a week and 56 hours in two weeks.

You can work 90 hours in two weeks. We still have a while to go. He also downloads Tago. We have bluetooth for navigation over the earphones. You can set up anything. We also have settings, but we actually do very little with them. You can also use night mode there. Language, but you don't have to. You can rotate the screen, messages can also be read aloud. When you receive a message, you can have it read aloud. It's also easy when you're driving. You then press a message and it will be read aloud and you do not have to read it yourself. Turn on right away. There's still a lot left. Most of us don't do anything with it.

We have a lot to choose from tonight. Let's start eating. I got lasagna. For the rest it was a fish menu. You don't have to bring fish with me. But lasagna, a lasagna certainly is. The lasagna was inedible. It was as hard as concrete. They've made it all right. I actually wanted to go. I said I wanted to pay. And then they persuaded me to sit down a little longer and I got chicken with potatoes. That's good. I'm going to start right away, because when it's cold it's no use to me anymore. Let me see. Croutons are that. That's good food. Chicken, potatoes and footfall. Don't forget that. Good morning. There we are again.

I slept boy. Really not normal. I just had trouble waking up. Do your hair quickly. I have five minutes. We are going to unload two more addresses today. I hope I'll be at the last one at about 9 or 10 o'clock. 7, 8, yeah something like that. Then we will do pick-ups and work towards the weekend again. I think we're going to do a little bit. I want to print but I can't right now.

With two forklifts at the same time. 5,4,3.2, yes he just doesn't fit under it. Guys, I just want to say that. We really have to keep our fingers crossed for those people who are working along the highway. Of those half-baked idiots who drive like crazy along your roadworks. Look at that. I say my hats off to the men working on the highway. That's a crazy job. Move aside, because they are very close to the highway. We can go again. Are you someone who is working on the highway? I have respect for you. so my someone who was working on a fast camera? Yes camera for Youtube, Sebastian, Werner and me. I have a question how do you want that? That's hard isn't it? That one is out again. Now to get away. That works, there's plenty of room.

Look, look. Do the following. I have to load in Turin. Steel pipes, a full trailer for the Netherlands. I've been waiting here for two hours. I arrived a quarter past three. It is now a quarter past five.

They just come to me "I think you are still loaded". I say, "I think, I think I'm sure. I'm not standing here waiting two hours for nothing." So we'll just have to wait a little longer. I still have to wait. I don't know what else to do. A little look around and Youtube. Well, finally. I came with light on and in the dark you drive away. 2.5 hours waiting to load and I was seriously standing by the load. We can finally move on. On to Holland, in the pitch dark. I don't drive long, because I won't be home anyway, so I go to the pub.

A very good morning. As you see. Is it cold here. I had a nice meal at the routier yesterday. I had forgotten the camera. We're going to make some paper, because we're going to drive over the great St. Bernard. I don't know if you see it on camera but we have a lot of snow back there. Sebas already mentioned that there is a lot of snow. Hopefully paperwork will be done soon and we can start driving. To the extent that. There we go. Making papers and gas on it. Almost weekend!

Then let's see a little how it works. Other language, no. Vehicle mileage. 458515. Okay. With or without a trailer, with is 1. Less than 40,000? Two. Total allowed, 40,000. Okay then we'll do number 2. The fuel card, then we'll grab it. We're going to put that in there. Okay, that was it. Do we get a toll bill? hello do you speak french? Or only Italian? Oh okay. Thanks, bye! That's it for this week. I hope you are happy that I filmed again. That it all fits together well. For me it's Saturday morning so I'm going home soon and then it's the weekend for me.

Who knows until the next one, adios!

2021-12-07 05:21

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