Dahua DeepHub Education Online Event

Dahua DeepHub Education Online Event

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Dahua Education Online Event: Built For Digital Education. I'm Danny from the Dahua Overseas Marketing Department. Thank you for joining us today! Digital education has been a global trend during these years. Dahua actively participates in its construction and fulfills the mission of "science and technology for future education". Today, we're excited to introduce our Smart Classroom Solution, centered around Dahua Deephub.

Please join us as I show you four typical scenarios for K-12 and higher education: Lecture, Seminar, Hybrid, and Sharing. The first scenario is Lecture Style. Teaching with the help of diverse resources and tools. Teachers can prepare lessons anywhere at any time with DeepHub Class. They can easily add existing teaching materials, digital media, and interactive elements into their lesson plans.

DeepHub Class provides specialized tools and widgets for various subjects and supports a one-click setup. Lesson preparations are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Teachers can go to the classrooms without bringing anything. Let's start the lesson and introduce key features that make it more intelligent, attractive, engaging, and convenient. The 1st feature is an upgrade of Handwriting Recognition. The AI Math Calculator supports calculating the result.

It also supports adding new elements or erasing naturally with a wiping gesture. The 2nd feature is rich activities. DeepHub Class offers interactive quizzes, games, and simulations. Teachers can create and customize them at will.

The 3rd feature is 3D resources. Teacher can conduct virtual simulations using DeepHub Canvas, which has more than 1000 experiments covering physics, chemistry, and biology subjects. The 4th feature is the document camera. With the document camera, teachers can easily annotate students' homework on DeepHub and explain it efficiently.

Our second scenario is Seminar Style. Collaborating across institutions on a free canvas. In higher education, research on an inter-university level is prevalent. Our solution eliminates the limitations of geospatial location for seminars, group discussions, and meetings. Using Deephub Board, each team member can contribute their ideas to the canvas.

See? Collective efforts can inspire more creativity. Rich templates make seminars more efficient. Our third scenario is Hybrid Style. Breaking classroom boundaries, connecting online and offline attendees.

Students may occasionally be absent from class, but interactivity is ensured both online and in-person. Students are able to interact with the courseware content that the teacher shares in real time. Online students can have an experience similar to being physically present in the classroom. Our last scenario is all about sharing: Accessing live or recorded classes and easy content sharing. In this scenario, we provide two configuration options.

Our first is a budget-friendly solution requiring only the DeepHub Interactive Whiteboard. One click to start recording and sharing of screen and audio. Students can listen to the class live by clicking on the link, or review the lesson later.

In addition, we offer a professional configuration that includes classroom camera and recording server to give you a complete view of the classroom setting. An advanced deep learning algorithm tracks teaching activities in real-time, providing an immersive learning experience for the students in the remote classroom. We hope our solution will contribute to educational balance and form rich educational resources. To support these scenarios, we have two main series for education: the Lite Series and the Pro Series.

Both series are available in sizes ranging from 65 to 86 inches and feature 4K displays. The Pro Series is equipped with a more advanced SoC, 8 microphone array, and full-featured USB-C with BYOD support. The Lite Series is highly competitive and well-received among budget-conscious customers. Furthermore, we've updated the built-in operating system to Android 11 for more application capabilities. We recommend an education software suite that includes Deephub Class, Deephub Canvas, Deephub Board, and MDM Thank you for watching! This concludes our Dahua Education Online Event.

Dahua DeepHub Smart Classroom Solution: Built For Digital Education!

2023-07-08 04:07

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