Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun - Dr. Steven Greer, Documentary

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun - Dr. Steven Greer, Documentary

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NARRATOR: Something strange is happening. We are living through the most extraordinary moment in human history. After decades of denial and ridicule, government officials and the mainstream media are admitting that extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting Earth.

But, there's a twist. The same people and institutions who lied about ETs, and just about everything else, are now framing the extraterrestrial presence as a threat. And we are seriously thinking of the Space Force. One man has been trying to warn us about this for decades. If you're seeing this, it's because I'm either dead, or have been entrapped, or have disappeared. NARRATOR: Most of us are ill-prepared for open contact with an advanced ET civilization.

As our expanding cosmology outgrows our theological institutions, modern human society is spiraling into decadence, narcissism, depravity, and nihilism. Catch me outside. How about that? If we want to truly understand ETs, their technology and their intentions, we have to readdress our assumptions about the nature of reality and our relationship with the physical universe. On the surface, "Oh, UFOs are real. "They are these machines zipping through the sky."

But one of the things I've always said is, "Well, that's interesting and it's cool, "and it's great to see them. But what's really interesting "are the people on board those spacecraft. "They're intelligent. They're conscious.

"They're here. They're interested. "Why are they here, otherwise?" But no one has made the question, "How do we develop that relationship "with the occupants of the UFOs?" That's what this is about. It's going from just sort of a materialistic view, there' s a machine flying around the sky, and sort of a superficial view of it, to a deeper truth of, "Who's on board? "Why are they here? "What is their relationship to humanity?" Perhaps the origins of the human race. What are we to do to create a relationship with them? And how do we do that? What is the foundation of a relationship between humans, at this stage of our evolution, and civilizations that are hundreds of thousands to millions of years more developed, technologically and socially and perhaps in consciousness. We have to find where that point of commonality is. I have put a briefing together for every president since Bill Clinton, and, to the extent that they know anything, it doesn't mean they have control over these covert programs.

The unacknowledged special access projects are run in a way that they are outside the purview and control of the president or the Congress. And for that reason, our elected representatives are unlikely to resolve this problem. But we can resolve it, by going directly to these civilizations and saying, "We're here. "You can make contact with us. We're unarmed. We're friendly." NARRATOR: Since 1990, a network of freethinkers and renegades had been bypassing the National Security State to make direct contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, using the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind protocols, or CE5, developed by Dr. Greer.

This has proven to be the most subversive and dangerous information he has released to the public. WOMAN: Oh, my gosh! [PEOPLE MURMURING] MAN 1: What the F? MAN 2: Look at this. [WOMAN LAUGHS] MAN: These three lights, they keep coming together, and they --- blow apart. Watch this. Look at them. Look at 'em. There goes one. Now the two lights. There it goes. Boom.

NARRATOR: Close Encounters of the First Kind consist of visual sightings of an unidentified flying object. Close Encounters of the Second Kind, some physical trace is present, like impressions in the ground or scorched vegetation. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the occupants or pilots of an ET craft are witnessed. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, a human is brought on board an ET craft. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, proactive, human-initiated communication with extraterrestrial beings.

[NARRATOR READING] For thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story. MAN 1: Look, there's four! There's four! WOMAN: Holy damn hot shit! [WOMAN LAUGHS] MAN 2: Come on, baby. Don't go away. This got on the radar of the intelligence community, and they knew that we had come across the Rosetta Stone of contacting and communicating with interstellar civilizations, and it worked. That is what started the intelligence community coming after what we were saying and doing and trying to intercept it.

This is, in fact, cosmic disobedience on a grand scale. We're gonna bypass the sociopaths in these covert programs, and do this directly. It's the same thing with The Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement would have never happened from the top down. Even the Kennedy brothers did not want to step into that mess.

It took a mass of people, not just Martin Luther King, but millions of people, all over the country doing sit-ins and lunch counter sit-ins, and buses and what have you to change that direction of our civilization out of Jim Crow, onto a society that is, while not perfect, is more open and inclusive than it was. The same has to happen here. And to do that, we have to understand what cosmic consciousness is, what the nature of the cosmic mind is, that is resonating within every single human being, because that's the foundation for the relationship between humans and these civilizations. By doing it directly, all of us are going to know what the truth is. You don't have to go through a proxy or someone who's telling you second hand.

But it also creates a movement globally, to show these civilizations that there are people on this planet who are enlightened and conscious and peaceful, which is the majority of humans. Because real disclosure is humans making contact with these civilizations directly. And these civilizations are waiting for us to do it, so this is our opportunity. This is our moment. And it really is we the people that have to do it. For decades, only crackpots and crazy people believed in UFOs That's what I thought, anyway.

And then in recent years, it turns out, that governments have been taking them seriously all along, very seriously. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CONTINUES] [MUSIC CONTINUES] NARRATOR: The question is often asked, "When will UFO disclosure happen?" The answer is, "It has already happened." It happened in 2001, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where military, NASA and Intelligence Agency whistleblowers testified to their involvement in the UFO cover-up, and the back engineering of extraterrestrial technologies.

It happened again, in 2017, with the release of the film, Unacknowledged, in the anticipation of which, the CIA and the FBI published millions of UFO documents on their websites. Despite all this, nothing has really changed. Life goes on as before, except there is a new narrative unfolding in the mainstream media.

One that is designed to subvert true disclosure and extinguish the opportunity for transformation available to us through these revelations. Earlier this week, the New York Times and Politico revealed the existence of a secret government program to investigate UFO sightings. It was especially focused on encounters by members of the military, like this one experienced by a US Navy pilot, off the coast of California.

[PILOT SPEAKING] [MAN SPEAKING] [PILOT SPEAKING] MAN: Look at that thing! Average people see UFOs on the news, right? All of a sudden, it's real. UFOs, we've been tracking them in the sky. And they go, "Okay, well, were the tin foil hat people right?" It took a long time for the mainstream media to finally admit that, "Yeah, they are, in fact, real." Why did we wait that long? Why did we wait for the mainstream media to tell us before we finally believed, "Hey, this is actually happening?" And the challenge is, if there's potentially multiple narratives, how do you decide which one to go with? Back in the 1990s, I was read into or briefed on a project that involved an inter-agency group, that had the ability to disclose the ET presence in a way that would frighten everyone on Earth and convince the public that there was "an alien threat," which is completely false. It's all a lie. And that this had been developed in the '50s. And they had been developing the means and the psychological warfare to make that happen.

So, in the 1990s, I wrote a paper called "When Disclosure Serves Secrecy." What that means is, there are two kinds of disclosures that might happen, a truthful one that is also a hopeful one, which is what I gave up my medical career to try to actuate to do. And then, there's the one that is spun by the spinmeisters in Washington, and at The Pentagon and CIA, which runs like this.

"It's true the UFOs are real. "They are here as a threat. They're violating our airspace. "They're a National Security threat, and a threat, to our sovereignty."

I'm quoting. The purpose of the program, advanced aerospace threat identification program, was really designed to do just that. From a national security perspective, identify those things that we see and try to ascertain and determine if that information is a potential threat to national security. And we knew this was going to happen, because I had met with people who were in these classified projects who were on inter-agency committees that had everything set to roll this out, and they were just waiting for the right time. The Soviet Union has ended. We have the global terrorism.

While it's still there, it's not like it was around 9/11. This is the next "big thing" that they want the public to be afraid of. When a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are his pockets. Or if you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It's not that this isn't a genuine perception on their part, because they've been raised, their entire political and professional career has been designed to have this kind of artificial construct of this... There's this national airspace and nobody can come into the airspace unless we say so.

And they've got this super control mechanism going. And they're right at this really important place right now where they're attempting to establish a kind of one-world government. They've got the communications systems up. The transportation systems are up. They want to establish a planetary government.

And there is nothing that is going to motivate the creation of a one-world government, like the discovery of an ultimate other. Ronald Reagan was standing in front of the United Nations just said it out. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat.

I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish, if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. He was silly enough to say it. That's part of his naivete. But the fact is, that is their agenda. NARRATOR: Legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan has spent over 50 years fighting the National Security State.

The Pentagon Papers and the Iran Contra scandals are but two of his many landmark cases, before becoming a whistleblower and legal counsel for the Disclosure Project in 2001. It's helpful, of course, for them to say, "Oh, UFOs are real." That's quite helpful.

We've been trying to get people to understand that now for the last 30 years. But it's all immediately wedded to this fact that they're this horrible threat. And so we have to come forward with a positive set of programs, a positive vision for this, and that's what I'm trying to help get the Vatican and the Jesuit order to become involved in, in putting forth a discussion about the theological and philosophical challenges that this presents to us, but it's not a national security threat. It's not a threat to our species. It's not a threat to our planet. It's a threat to our view as ourselves, as the be-all and end-all, that the entire universe was created as a stage on which to play out the human drama for one single species.

That ain't so. But let's get used to it. And let's figure out what the new story is.

What is the new story? There's a positive story. What is our role in it? We may not be the star of it, but we're a good supporting character in the unfolding of our universe. And let's figure out what that story is. The success of Unacknowledged, which has been seen by hundreds of millions of people now... Have you not watched Unacknowledged? JOE ROGAN: What is Unacknowledged? -You gotta watch Unacknowledged. -What is that one?

-Okay. You gotta watch Unacknowledged. -What is it? You gotta watch Unacknowledged. Is that that Steven Greer movie? DR. GREER: It caused a reaction within the intelligence community of the United States. And so, what the major media has begun to do is to cooperate with the intelligence community in reporting all this information out, but with this peculiar spin, very subliminal at this stage, that it's a threat. NEWS ANCHOR: The project was called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, run by an official named Luis Elizondo.

I think this is a national security imperative. We have clear things that we do not understand how they work, operating in areas that we can't control. One of my first cases, coming out of law school, was for NBC, to establish the right of journalists to protect their confidential news sources.

I did the Amicus briefs for The New York Times and The Washington Post and also for CBS and ABC. And it was at that time that I began to realize that there was this close working relationship between the board of editors of The New York Times and the national security community. That there's conversations going on all the time between the Board of Editors and the national security people. And we actually got an affidavit from Teddy Sorenson saying, "Oh, yes, the National Security State and CIA and everybody consult "regularly with The New York Times to get them not to tell "information about covert operations that we're engaged in." I was surprised to find that out at that point.

I began to do an investigation about this, as a lawyer for The Times and for NBC, and found out that there were 42 full-time Central Intelligence Agency or NSA people employed by the major national news media. And they had an entire project called Project Mockingbird, and that they were deeply embedded with the major national news media. And they were constantly, from their point of view, safeguarding the information that was going to be allowed to get out. And it was quite clear that they viewed themselves as all part of the same basic fraternity. They all shared in the patriotic vision of the Central Intelligence Agency being able to go around the world.

The biggest challenge with them, the Pentagon Papers case, is they didn't want to reveal the fact that there was a massive assassination program going on. And it was being funded by heroin trafficking, to keep it away from the congressional funding investigations. I thought this was a terribly newsworthy thing to talk about, but it was beyond the pale. That was not to be talked about here. You can talk about how bad the Vietnam War was, and even the fact that they lied about the Bay of Tonkin incident.

But not this. Even the Air Force Office of Special Investigations officer, Richard Doty, admitted that he would bring bags of cash to national security editors in the major media to get their cooperation in this narrative. So every news agency, every television, radio station, in the Albuquerque or Santa Fe area, had our snitches in there. So we knew. And we paid 'em. We paid 'em good money.

One of the reasons you get the people, is you pay 'em. And that was controversial. That was somewhat controversial. [INTERVIEWER SPEAKING] Oh, yes. I'm not going to name them. What you have now is a concerted effort between mainstream media and social media platforms and tech giants to say, "Let's gain control back of the narratives "that we require to make sure that we can control "how people think about certain topics."

So, now you have this fear driven, you have this tight little box of what the UFO and extraterrestrial subject is really about. How it relates to military, government spending, weapons, all this sort of conversations that are very common in the mainstream that people are going to relate to. That they, "Okay, I can piece "the typical dots together." Let me give you a great example. If you look at a lot of the Disclosure Project materials, which is beyond the scope of this film, we identified dozens of people who were at intercontinental ballistic missile, nuclear silos, nuclear weapons areas, who had had UFOs come in to those areas, surveilling them. But in some cases,

rendering those missiles unlaunchable. Now, most of the men that were in those silos have said to me, personally, they felt that these ETs were saying, "Please don't blow up this beautiful planet. But if you do, "if you go to mutual assured destruction, "the full launch of nuclear weapons, globally, we can intercept a lot of them, "so that you don't go to a full extinction-level event." They felt that it was actually a very hopeful thing that happened.

Meanwhile, people came along, took the same data, the same cases, and spun it into a national security threat. One set of facts, two narratives. Diametrically opposed. Opposite. When I got involved in the issue of the UFO issue, and the ET issue, that started in 1997, with President Carter, I realized that the work that I was doing was characterized by the National Security State as a target for counterintelligence activities. When I see this thing happening with the To The Stars Academy, where they suddenly appear on the front page of The New York Times, and the CNN, all of a sudden, wants to talk with them, and they're on MSNBC, and all this kind of stuff, I immediately realized, "Wait a second.

"This is part of what I've been worried about coming out," because they were constantly spinning that story that this is a threat. My name is Tom Delonge. A lot of people know me from my band Blink 182. I started that band when I was 16.

DELONGE: Through a series of meetings, I was soon connected to a large group of US government officials, from the CIA, the Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. These guys were the ones involved in the secretive US government programs that dealt with these subjects. SHEEHAN: What's happening is that To The Stars Academy people, were all... You know, Jim Semivan who's there, the Chief of Covert Operations Domestic for CIA, which in and of itself is totally against the law.

You know, the National Security Act from 1947, completely, clearly and unequivocally prohibits any kind of covert operations stateside. That's who he is. There he is there, and you got guys from the DIA, and the Defense Department and Hal Puthoff and stuff. And they're all there, and what they're doing is they're putting this intense spin, every single thing they talk about, all has this kind of gestalt to it that this is a threat. And it very well could be a threat.

It's a threat to our national security. It's a threat to our air space. It's a threat to our sovereignty. What it is, it's a threat to our dominion over our own planet. And, of course they think that's their job. [CHUCKLES] Our job is to assert full spectrum dominance over the entire planet. We actually have the documents

from the 1992 United States Defense Department Policy Planning Guidance document, where they said that right at the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They said, "Oh, we gotta not cut back on our military spending. "We have to increase it, so we can establish full-spectrum "dominance over the planet."

So you know what their agenda is, the National Security State. It's not for the defense of our sovereignty. The danger of this, of course, is that this is exactly what all fascistic demagogues do to an innocent target, whether it be Jews in Germany, or African-Americans in this country. They will create a boogeyman effect to try to get people mobilized against it.

You're one ugly mother---. And as one member of the royal family told me, "We need to do things so that the public will accept "in blood and treasure the sacrifices needed "to have an interplanetary war." I'm quoting. NARRATOR: Bombshell CIA documents, previously published by The Disclosure Project, reveal a decades-long psychological warfare campaign to cultivate a culture of fear towards extraterrestrials. It's interesting that Hollywood and the clandestine services both spend most of their time convincing people that something that's not true is in fact, true.

I think, probably Hollywood is full of CIA agents and we just don't know it. And I wouldn't be surprised at all to discover that. This is extremely common. NARRATOR: Intelligence assets within Hollywood have made billions of dollars popularizing the narrative that humanity's first encounter with ETs will be a devastating bloodbath. Mr. Chambers, don't get on that ship!

The rest of the book, "To Serve Man..." It's a cookbook. [WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS PLAYING] ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ Sha, la, la, la, la, la ♪ Sha, la, la, la, la, la ♪ Why can't we be friends? ♪ Why can't we be friends? ♪ Why can't we be friends? ♪ Why can't we be friends? [ALIEN SCREECHES] Let's go out into space and look at our planet over the last 100 years. World wars. Hundreds of millions of people killed in war,

the advent of weapons of mass destruction, our going into space in a competitive way with the Soviet Union for the Apollo projects and others. The degradation and destruction of our environment, our targeting of extraterrestrial assets around the Earth and in space, and successfully killing many ETs and downing their spacecraft. Out here in Fort Huachuca in Arizona, there's an underground facility where there are nine different ET craft that are there with all the autopsied bodies. There's a man on my team who used to work in that facility, near Tombstone, Arizona, not coincidentally, perhaps. NARRATOR: This footage, captured by NASA's Discovery space shuttle on September 15th, 1991, shows an extraterrestrial vehicle dodge an electronic weapon fired from Earth.

Here, we see the craft slowly crossing the frame. There's a bright flash and then it makes an abrupt right angle turn and flies off. Moments after the turn, we see the shot fired across space, where the craft had just been.

Knowing all that, if they were hostile, in the way we think of an invading hostile force, that would have been made abundantly clear to us the day we detonated the first atomic bomb. The fact is, they have shown remarkable restraint. Almost the level of a Gandhian pacifism, not to have pushed back. So the threat isn't extraterrestrial, the threat is covert human. These secret projects are an existential threat to Earth, the environment, and to our peace in space in relationship with these civilizations.

I remember being at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, where a lot of the Roswell stuff ended up, and it was the foreign technology division of the Air Force, and I was there to do a briefing and the colonel said, "Well, "what if these civilizations are a threat?" He was trying to bring me into that view. And I said, "Sir, with all due respect, "given the galactically stupid things you have been doing, "if they were a threat, you would know it by now, "and we would not be having this conversation and breathing "the free air of Earth. "It would have been point, set, match, over." What are the technologies that would permit an interstellar civilization to go from one star system to another? We're not talking about Elon Musk's SpaceX or the Apollo rocket.

We're talking technologically, advances that are in the hundreds of thousands to millions of years past what we have operating on this planet. Those technological breakthroughs, if they were weaponized and in the possession of a hostile force, would be so devastating that you could target a planet and turn it into a pink mist, floating through the cosmos, if you were a hostile entity. What I have discovered in our contact with these civilizations, and we have had many hundreds of contact experiences with our CE5 teams around the world over the last 30 years, is that none of them are hostile, but quite a few of them are very concerned about our hostility, and are doing things to try to contain that. But our destiny beyond the Earth is not only a matter of national identity but a matter of national security.

It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space. They want to project out into the stars, their dominion. Our job is to get people to understand that that is not what our mission is as a human species.

We need to lay back, participate with all other sentient life in the universe, and merit a proper position in the galactic federation. Not be the big bully on the block. NARRATOR: Counterintelligence efforts reach a new level of absurdity with the staging of host events like cattle mutilations and alien abductions. In 2017, retired Air Force intelligence officer Richard Doty made history when he admitted on camera that unacknowledged special access projects within the military, do, indeed stage alien abductions to lay the psychological foundation for an inter planetary conflict sometime in the near future. We did do that, yes.

OSI did that. There was a special group out of the 76th 2nd intel wing at Fort Belvoir that came out and did that. They had these people that had maybe some sort of defects, anatomical defects that were brought in to fool people into thinking they were aliens. I can't give you any specifics because the program is still classified. They're probably still doing it. I wouldn't doubt they're still doing it. NARRATOR: This corroborates what dozens of other insiders have disclosed to Dr. Greer, but they're too afraid to testify on camera.

Colonel, you're about to find out who your alien really is. ALL: [GASPING] General Stall? Some years ago, I had a meeting with the crown prince of Liechtenstein, Hans Adam Von Liechtenstein. He had reached out to me through some of his contacts. He said, "Look, Dr. Greer, we have to meet, but we can't talk about this on the phone.

"Your efforts to effect disclosure are noble, but they will not "be able to be permitted. "And not for the reasons you think." I said, "Oh, this is interesting." Finally, we got together in New York City in July of 1994. He said to me, "In 1989, "a group of us were trying to do disclosure.

"And it involved Gorbachev, President Bush, Senior, himself, "and the UN Secretary General, Perez de Cuellar. "And in the course of us putting together "the high-level planning meetings to do this, Perez de Cuellar, "the UN Secretary General was abducted, "out of his limousine in Manhattan." He was told by the "aliens" that if they did not cease and desist from their plans to disclose this information, that every world leader involved, including the President of the United States, would be abducted. This blew up like an atomic bomb in the Bush White House, and it did not go forward. I said, "Okay, well, tell me more." He says, "Well, we've concluded that we have to prepare the public "for an interplanetary war.

"And in doing so, we can then also force the return of Christ." I'm quoting. And I just listened. He didn't know that I knew that the means for that abduction for Perez de Cuellar were run by a counterintelligence unit out of the National Security State, that had the technologies to simulate an alien craft and aliens, run completely by military assets.

And that there was a deeper part of these unacknowledged special access projects that were zoom in, even people like Bush Senior, who was on the committee, but had lost control of some of these renegade factions. It's a very complicated story. Perez de Cuellar being abducted caused them to stop that process.

It manipulated these leaders into going onto a war footing. And he confessed to me that the reason he was funding the work of the abduction groups was because they wanted to put information out to the public, that would scare the public so the people would make the sacrifice in blood and treasure to have an interplanetary war. Now this is 25 years ago. It was not a happy meeting for me. If there's any one thing that is gonna mobilize people to allow the National Security State to establish full-spectrum dominance over our planet, it is this.

The beings themselves, interestingly and very importantly, aren't putting out their own story. They're not doing that yet. They're trying to get us to understand it. They're trying to give us warnings or help raise our consciousness, which is a critical part of this entire operation going on. And trying to get us to do this for ourselves. That's what this is all about.

But the National Security State realizes that that's a slower process, so they're now trying to hurry this up. There's kind of an emergency process under way right now. Make no mistake about that. When I was briefing the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the very first thing he asked wasn't about this subject.

He looked at me, he says, "Dr. Greer, "what we don't understand is why you haven't killed yourself yet." He said, "Well, my dad knew about some of this way back in the '60s. "No one would do anything about it.

"So he took his revolver and ate his gun and blew his head off." Now this is a three-star general telling me this story in the first 10 minutes we're together. I said, "Well, [CHUCKLES] "I'm sorry that happened to you. "But I understand where your dad was coming from." Because it's sort of this... Um...

[CLICKS TONGUE] Anyway. [MUTTERS INDISTINCTLY] Now, the truth is, there are lot of people who've been on my team, who are military, who have killed themselves. Others who have been assassinated. So the other thing that keeps me up is, you know... [VOICE CRACKING] Survivor guilt.

[SNIFFLING] Sorry. SHEEHAN: This National Security State is the bane of our human existence right now. So we have to start disassembling that National Security State.

Now, even say, Bernie Sanders, hypothetically, were to become president. The National Security State isn't even going to tell him where the washrooms are. That whole group is gonna descend upon him and they're gonna give him at least as much trouble as they've given Trump. If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, you found out something about UFOs, would you let us know? Well, I'll tell you, my wife would demand that I let you know. So that's why they want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to come in and kind of get things "back to normal," where the National Security State is functioning. They're all operational.

They're all going to brief Goldman Sachs. And they're putting people from Goldman Sachs in charge of the economy. That kind of thing. We have to rise above those kind of dialectical politics to bring the people up, raise the consciousness of the people, and have this function through democracy. I mean, we've got the tools here. They're in front of us.

And we've got access to the Internet, still. They haven't taken that away from us yet. But there's a short window here.

NARRATOR: One exception to the almost universal failure of world governments to initiate peaceful diplomacy with ET civilizations took place in France, in 2007. Then President Sarkozy's Ministry of Defense reached out to Dr. Greer to train its senior officials in the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind protocols.

During a covert test run in the French countryside, ET craft were tracked overhead going 200,000 kilometers per hour. And this massive mauve-colored craft partially materialized a few meters from the group. Since the operation was swiftly halted by National Security State interests, it remains the duty of we, the people, to become peaceful ambassadors to the universe. Much like a denial of service cyber attack can bottleneck and bring down a computer network, millions of people initiating contact would completely overwhelm the National Security State's ability to subvert disclosure.

The National Security State people, potentially working with and through the To The Stars Academy, are going to be pitching this problem, saying "Well, we can't just let our whole civilization know "that there's this highly advanced, technologically superior "society out there and..." Because our whole culture will collapse. Whereas, in fact, it's quite clear that it's their defense of the elite, this 1% of the human family, that basically ends up controlling over 40% of all the wealth on the planet, that they're really defending. It is their world that they're trying to defend. So that you see that this is a subset of a larger question, about how spiritual consciousness and the evolution of consciousness of understanding what we really are in the makeup of the universe is a threat in itself to this elite. Because that is the dissolving away of these kind of differences among ourselves, and this coming into a full ownership of our proper place in the universe puts these people out of business as the ruling elite.

And so that the raising of consciousness of our human family is so closely related on to the opening on to the extraterrestrial experience, that both of them together are viewed as a threat by the elite. What they're afraid of is that this is such an accelerator as people have these repeated contacts with the extraterrestrials, their whole consciousness starts to rise. They start becoming aware of the fact that we're damaging our environment. They can become aware of the fact that nuclear weapons are kind of an insane thing to have.

War is a really bad idea. This is a spiritual experience. It's a spiritual stimulation that's coming. DR. GREER: If you take someone from Italy and someone from Japan, very different cultures, very different people, personalities, backgrounds, and emotional temperament. Now, extrapolate that out across the cosmos and think of the vast differences there are going to be.

How do we make any sense of that if we aren't anchored into something deeper? And that point of commonality has been folded within each of us. And that is, we are awake, conscious beings. They are awake, we are awake. That faculty of being aware of awareness, the consciousness, not what you're conscious of, what it means to be awake, that is a singularity.

And once we're anchored into that state of consciousness, the unitive state, then there aren't any aliens. There are just other people who are a little different from us. This is the point where we can make contact most easily.

When I looked at Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I said, "Well, somebody knows what's going on here." Because it had a lot to do with telepathy, the sort of dreams people had that led them to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming and all this. And I then found out that Spielberg had actually had a man, J. Allen Hynek, who was the head of Project Blue Book for the Air Force, who was the chief consultant, who opened up files for him, so he could make that movie almost like a docu-drama. NARRATOR: In 2011, a CE5 group at Joshua Tree National Park successfully contacted an entire flotilla of ET craft. In the unprocessed night vision footage, we see what appears to be two distinct craft, but image enhancements reveal that these are two parts of a super structure or mother ship surrounded by an entire fleet of ET vehicles.

How is this possible? It is not possible to simply crowbar extraterrestrials into our traditional, relatively primitive view of reality. In order to make sense of things, and indeed, in order to make contact, we have to pause and readdress our assumptions about the very nature of reality. This is an essential reflection which reveals that the mystery of extraterrestrials is but a sign post that points to a far more profound and intimate secret, one with the power to transform us and the cosmos forever. One day, I opened my mailbox and I got out a little flyer, and it said, "We're inviting you to a meeting with Ben Rich, "the chairman and CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, "former UCLA alumni. "He'll be speaking to the engineering alumni group "about his time at the Skunk Works."

So, as he was finishing his talk after about 45 minutes, his last slide was a black disc, zipping off into outer space, and he ended the talk by saying, "We now have the technology to take ET home." And the whole room burst out laughing. We said, "Did he just say that?" And as he was walking away, I followed him, and I said, "Ben, Ben." He turned around and looked at me, and I said, "Ben, I'm really fascinated with what you had to say today," and I said, "I would really love to know how we would do that.

"What would we use to get to the stars?" He looked at me, trying to figure out who I was, I think, and he said, "Let me ask you a question. "How does ESP work?" And I was really taken aback, because I was asking a question, I wasn't expecting to get a question back. So the first thing that popped in my mind was, all points in space and time are connected. So I fired that answer back to him.

"I don't know. All points in space and time are connected." He said, "That's how it works." He turned around and he walked away.

NARRATOR: This astonishing admission from a top military industrial complex insider proves to be much more than a simple analogy. The physics of UFOs, how they travel and communicate through interstellar distances, how they generate power, how they're manufactured is beyond the grasp of unclassified mainstream science. Instead, a model of reality that accounts for ESP is the only model in which we can begin to comprehend ET technology. If you're traveling beyond the speed of light, I call it the crossing point of light, it's beyond the sound barrier.

Well, there's something beyond the light barrier. And you're going from, say, the Andromeda Galaxy, that's two and a half million light years away. So, at the speed of light, it would take two-and-a-half million years for them to get here. The speed of light's too slow. You cannot go from point A to B through the cosmos through a linear system of transportation.

Moreover, you cannot communicate through those distances with something at the speed of light, which is what your cellphone and all these radio frequency electromagnetic communication devices we use now on Earth are using. Any civilization that is here, that is interstellar, by definition, is trans-dimensional. They're passing through other dimensions and dropping out of linearity going from A to B, boom, almost like a teleportation, where it's that resonant effect from point A to B.

Any communications systems that these ETs have are also going at the speed, of not light, but of thought. Quanta of thought. We think of consciousness and thought as this sort of amorphous, irrelevant, interesting but mystical thing. But the central operating system and communication system for all interstellar civilizations is consciousness and thought, and technologies that interface with them.

NARRATOR: God, prana, chi, magic, consciousness. Every culture throughout history has had a word to describe this intangible energy that connects everyone and everything. Decades of laboratory studies show that our minds have a mysterious ordering effect on quantum-level phenomena.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, most people would still be shocked to learn that certain scientists have known that the force is real for a very long time. One of the people that I met in the course of doing this work was astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon. We had sightings of all sorts. There seems to have been a great deal of secrecy surrounding the so-called UFO event. DR. GREER: He had an experience in space,

an expanded state of consciousness that led him to form the Institute of Noetic Sciences, to study the science of consciousness. I also brought him to the briefing I did in 1997, with the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Tom Wilson. The data on that has since leaked out. Edgar Mitchell realized there was this connection between space and these extraterrestrial lifeforms in the science of consciousness that was very integral to the study. Most of the people that I had met with in senior science, NASA, aerospace and intelligence community figures, know that the key missing ingredient to most people's understanding of the whole UFO phenomenon is the science of consciousness.

The ETs are trying to encourage people to understand higher consciousness and the universal mind, to be able to have a relationship with them, but that's going forward into the future. And Edgar Mitchell realized that quite early on because of his own personal experience out in space, as the sixth man to walk on the moon. What's the nature of the universe we live in? What is our relationship to the larger reality? If that's a part of the larger reality, and we're denying it, that, to me, is unconscionable. [NARRATOR READING] We've thought for a long time that the closer we could look at the operations of cells in our body and in our brains, the closer we'd come to finding the location of consciousness. While there's been fantastic work at mapping neural connections and understanding more and more about the brain and memory, what we find is that we still don't know where "consciousness" is. NARRATOR: Adam Michael Curry is an inventor and entrepreneur whose groundbreaking work as a teenager caught the eye of Princeton's Dean of Engineering, Dr. Robert Jahn.

Dr. Jahn recruited Adam into the Princeton engineering anomalies research lab where they studied the mysterious ordering effect of consciousness on quantum systems, an effect they called mind-matter interaction. A non-localized picture is the picture of consciousness on which we're converging now. Which is to say that consciousness does not seem to be strictly produced by the brain. It involves the brain,

but there's something much deeper going on here. Consciousness may not be localized to our bodies, but may be a fundamental feature of the physical world in which we live. [NARRATOR READING] Consciousness, this faculty of being sentient, awake, is not limited to our brainwaves or our bodies, but in fact, transcends the limits of space-time, as it unbounded field of awareness. And that is true whether you recognize it or not. Interestingly, it doesn't matter if you intellectualize it. That is the reality of it that has been proven through scientific studies, such as Dr. Jahn's work at Princeton, where they would have people

put their awareness on a random number generator that's spitting out zeros and ones, randomly, and would intend to shift it, say, towards zeros, and it would shift, without any linear wires, just their thought. Essentially what a random number generator does, is it looks at something intrinsically random in the physical world, typically a quantum process, and it converts those into a string of ones and zeros. So you can think of it like a coin flipper where heads is one and tails is zero. Now, if you collected a large enough sample size, you'll find a 50-50 distribution of these ones and zeros. Meaning, physical reality is behaving the way it should.

If you get somebody in front of a machine and you ask them to use their intention to mean shift the thing to more ones or more zeros, what you find is that there's, not all the time, but often, a significant mean shift in the direction of their intention. Now, that's a very simple experiment, but the implications are absolutely profound. That suggests that, in fact, consciousness does not seem to be just an illusion or just a localized phenomenon, but that it does have some sort of capabilities to affect the probabilities at the deepest layer of reality down in the basement layer of the quantum world, somehow.

[NARRATOR READING] The best way to understand nonlocality is to understand that, in both physics and in consciousness, there is a connection that exists amongst all things, from photons, to people, to awareness, that isn't limited by space and time per se. That are woven within each other. Dr. Emoto, the Japanese scientist, began to experiment with water and people putting their intent on the water.

And he did photography that would show these different crystalline structures. If it was a very negative emotion, the crystals would be all dissonant, but when it was highly-ordered conscious or love, the structures were these beautiful ordered structures that he would photograph. And this was repeated by other scientists. Water has a crystalline component.

But it's also tied into, like all matter in space and time in the universe, to this consciousness force field. If you enter into just a quiet state of consciousness and intend something very positive, it literally altered the structure of the water itself. Nonlocality is au courant with modern physics. Schrodinger talked about nonlocality and entanglement in the 1920s, but it really wasn't until 1970 that Freedman and Clauser at Berkeley discovered that photons born together, like identical twins, can move off into the distance from one another and you grab one twin and you change the polarization of the other, even though they're very, very far apart. And the lingo, describing this in modern physics, as we would say, they're entangled with one another.

There was an unpublished experiment that we did at the para lab which we called Plant R and G. You have a room with no windows and you have a house plant that needs light to grow. And you have a single growing light, up on the roof. The growing light can turn in one of four quadrants, and which quadrant that light is showing is controlled by a random number generator. So you put the plant in one corner of the room. The light has an equal chance of shining in all four quadrants.

But you give it enough time, what you find is the light actually shines far more often on the plant than on the other coordinates. It's as though life itself, even life or consciousness in it, in something as simple as a house plant, bends probabilities in the physical world in the direction of what it needs, in the direction of its growth and its evolution. I see that experiment as profound because it shows to me what consciousness does in the world. How could ESP work? Does ESP violate any physics? First of all, you can't violate the laws of physics.

It's not like going through a stop sign. If you have a phenomenon, physics has to change to agree with your phenomena. The biggest interest in classified intelligence projects has to do with the science of consciousness, because even during the Cold War, before World War II, they realized that there were people on the other side of some of those conflicts that were very adept at what's now called remote viewing, the ability to use consciousness to spy on a remote place. These programs began to be studied, scientifically, and then routinized, made routine, in the intelligence community back in '40s, '50s, '60s. You can say my spiritual development was paid for by the CIA, which is a very unusual situation. NARRATOR: In 1972, Dr. Russell Targ, a laser physicist

at the Lockheed Missile and Space Company, joined the Stanford Research Institute to begin a CIA-funded psychic espionage program, using remote viewing to gather intelligence on distant targets. We had a 20-year program at Stanford, in which we worked with the CIA to describe what the Russians, what the Chinese were doing. And we were forecasting on a Monday whether the market would go up or down the following Friday. And we made nine forecasts like that, nine weeks in a row, and they were all correct.

We made $120,000, and we were on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. So, back in 1982, when we were making money on Wall Street, ESP was real. [NARRATOR READING] We didn't invent remote viewing.

It was known since Biblical times. The Buddha spoke in very great detail about how to quiet your mind, look into the future. And if you're an accomplished meditator, you were expected to be able to see into the distance, see into the future, heal the sick and diagnose illnesses. And various times during the next millennia, people would discover that, yes, indeed, you can look into the future, you can look into the distance. And, our operation, from 1972 to 1995, 23 years, our venture into this was a rediscovery or recapitulation of what people had known and forgotten during the previous millennia. NARRATOR: Religious traditions and the emerging scientific paradigm are converging on this personal experience of universal consciousness.

Dr. Greer first glimpsed this reality during a near-death experience when he was only 17 years old. You know, if you've died and you know there is no death, then you have no fear of it. And until you have no fear of death, you really can't live. I realize that the consciousness whereby I was awake, that drop of my individual awareness could merge with the ocean of unbounded cosmic mind.

So that experience taught me that there's nothing to be afraid of and there's nowhere to go 'cause you're already there. You just have to open to what's already there within you. This liberated me in a way that I can't even imagine. It is true liberation. Now, you don't have to drop dead like I did to have that happen.

I think you can experience that through this deeper experience in meditation. And that's why, after I had that near-death experience, I thought, "How do I get back to there without being deathly ill?" And so I began to learn how to do meditation, 'cause the whole universe is actually folded within every single conscious being. It's like a quantum hologram.

But if you look at it, every single sentient being in the cosmos has folded within the structure of their consciousness, the entirety of the cosmos. Everything. Which is why within these deep, quiet meditative states you can obtain knowledge, see places, know things, communicate, because in reality, it's always there. You just have to get into a quiet state of consciousness where it opens to you. [NARRATOR READING] And so I began to be a student of the ancient Vedas.

What I learned was that they had a really excellent articulation, explanation of consciousness, the science of consciousness, higher states of consciousness, and their effect. Now, their effect were known as siddhis, S-I-D-D-H-I-S. For example, the ability to levitate or teleport, dematerialize, rematerialize, bilocate, trilocate, go through solid objects. These were all things that develop spontaneously as you enter into deeper and deeper and higher states of consciousness, precognition, telepathy. TARG: These were not considered exotic phenomena.

These were considered abilities that were available to the experienced meditators as part of quieting your mind, part of the practice. And it's all available. We have to participate in consciously evolving these faculties that we have that can directly experience dimensions of reality that, at the present time, are beyond our direct, immediate sensorial system.

That's what we're engaged in. That's what this is all about. And that's what these beings are. These beings, obviously, probably come from like, a red dwarf star, some of them, where they've been around 10 billion years longer than we have. So they've evolved these other faculties in addition to being able to see and touch and taste and do the things they do, you know. And so people are saying, "What is our relationship to these beings?" Why is it that they even look as much as they do like us or why we look like them? These are all profoundly important questions of our relationship with other sentient life in the universe and to understand our place in the order of things. MARTINO: When you accept what this science is showing us, that we are all connected, and you then say, "Well, hold on a second.

"If we're not just connected with human beings, "but we're also connected with the plant life, "with the planet itself, with the entire animal kingdom, "and you begin to develop that deeper sense of empathy with all that, "who's to say that that interconnectedness "doesn't extend to all the other planets, to the cosmos? "If we share that with extraterrestrials, "what does that world look like?" If consciousness and thought can affect something at a distance and at a very great distance, even many miles or thousands of miles away, instantaneously, what does that mean for us communicating with this civilization that is centered in the science of consciousness? And that is their chief operating system, it's not electromagnetic. They use it, but it's beyond that. So, now, add to everything we know about the Internet and communications and telecom and then add a deeper level of transdimensional physics that involve electronic devices very clearly picking up intended, coherent thought. That's what you're dealing with. It's like Dr. Jahn's random number generator experiment on a cosmic scale, but at a level of perfection where there is precision with the thought that you project to it, its reception and then its activity.

Interstellar civilizations are using consciousness-assisting technologies and technologies that assist their own consciousness, both, in all their travel and communication systems. The central operating system for any interstellar competent civilization is the science of consciousness and all the physics that go with that. NARRATOR: We can see an early example of consciousness technology in the Mind Lamp developed by Psyleron. This prototype integrates a random number generator into a color-changing light. Think of a color and the lamp turns that color.

Oh, that's what I actually was doing. First, I was doing sunset. Oh, cool. NARRATOR: This basic interface between mind and machine points to a deep interconnection between all things that science is only beginning to recognize. DR. GREER: It's the means for us as a civilization to be anchored in something more profound than the superficial aspects of being, say, human.

Because humanism isn't enough because we're dealing with non-human life forms. Now we have to transcend even humanism and our common humanity into this idea that there has to be something more universal within us that's also within these extraterrestrial civilizations that bind us together. And luckily, there is.

It's this field of consciousness that is cosmic and universal. And that's what's inside everyone. Doesn't matter if it's a homeless person on the street, or an MIT professor. If they are conscious and awake, the entirety of the cosmos is folded within them like a conscious quantum hologram. Because consciousness isn't limited by space and time. People say, "Where do I have to go?" Well, first, you have to go within yourself.

But you have to understand what "yourself" is. And there's your individual ego in self. But there's this deeper aspect of ourselves that is simultaneously interwoven.

And when we go deep in meditation and connect to that, then we have reached the point that we can be an ambassador to the universe, because we have become universal. [NARRATOR READING] Once this question mark is introduced into your brain, you start searching out answers. It was like, kinda the Dreyfuss character in Close Encounters. You wanna know what's really behind the screen.

And because we're not being told this and, you know, we do have the ability to change life for the better on this planet, but we're being suppressed and we're being stopped from doing it for a variety of reasons, most of which are greed-motivated. So, we went out to Oracle and, sure enough, I mean, we did these protocols and we got into meditation, which is something I wanna learn about more. And, you know, things started to appear.

WOMAN 1: Well, oh, no. Oh, and it's fading out. WOMAN 2: Yeah, it just went away. WOMAN 1: It just faded out. [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: Oh, it's back. Yeah. MAN: It's back. MAN: Right here.

WOMAN: It just went out again. [MUSIC CONTINUES] The steps of this are that you sit in quiet consciousness. And you don't have to have a full-on samadhi or whatever, but just in quiet consciousness, connect to that aspect of your mind that is unbounded. And then intend to sense, feel, see, know where the ET craft is. It could be in another galaxy. Connect to those beings, politely invite them to come and visit you.

And then you connect to their communication systems and their consciousness, which are integrated, and you show them where you are. So you kinda zoom in. It's almost like a vectoring, a zooming in from wherever they are to where you are. Let's say, if you're in North Carolina, you're coming in to Earth, you're coming in to North America, the East Coast, the mountains, the Blue Ridge, zoom down to a few square meters around where you are, where you clearly show them where you are.

And you do this in a coherent thought sequence that is continuous. WOMAN: Look at that! MAN: I got it. WOMAN: Oh, my gosh. MAN: Oh. WOMAN: What the hell?

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