ChatGPT - Artificial Intelligence Implications for Technologies & Business Strategy - How It Work?

ChatGPT - Artificial Intelligence Implications for Technologies & Business Strategy - How It Work?

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ah then after successful assessment ah Then P, then ah unfortunately serious illness with disability ah points ah enroll ment committee ah differ by laws CPD by law engineer CPD points earn mandatory ah instructional plans Ah Daksab is a dedicated and carrier oriented professional. He is a highly accomplished professional with extensive expertise in various fields. Including communication technology, artificial intelligence, management sciences and many many more. Ah Doctor Zafar Saab is a visiting research fellow at the University of UK. Where he is a part of the AI research group telecommunication and business.

He is also author of two books and numerous research publications pertaining to ah this artificial intelligence field. Ah doctor informs has a bachelor's degree in ah electrical engineering from UED Texila and MSC and digital electronics from Kings College, London, UK. Ah furthermore he is a PhD in IT management. And

a post doctorate in AI. Which demonstrates his vast knowledge and his skills in the field of AI. Now I ah request the honorable resource person ah to start the proceedings of this CPD short course today. Over to

you sir. Thank you. Thank you for the introduction. Ah my name is doctor Irfan Zafar. Ah

I have been working for the last 26 years So the topic today is about artificial intelligence and its implications for the technologies and business strategies. So it is the combination of ah ah by lecture plus some videos in order to explain to you. Ah what is artificial? Just basically so after going to this seminar, you will be able to understand ah what artificial intelligence is, and the role of artificial intelligence in the latest technology, geological Islamal or then we'll move on to the artificial intelligence in business and implications. How

can you embed artificial intelligence into your own organizations? How to start? And then we'll talk about the future of artificial intelligence. So, A for example, Masjid Institute of Technologies are various group working on algorithms and theory, AI and machine learning, robotics, security, cryptography. Subject may interest so you can talk to their researchers research papers and then you can join those groups. Before I go on to AI generation junior season a time sir. He was a Roman politician and a military general. Napoleon he was a French statesman and a military leader. Now difference

number of years both are 2000 years. In these 2000 years innovation it's a very interesting age. In the last 25 to 30 years transformation ah trade use age group for example Japan one of the richest countries. Japan Japan zero. African countries iron core on African countries Skill set we are not accommodation real estate so business Very ah different.

Implic ations, implementations this is happening ah around the I was walking my daughter ah 16 years old. Now she wanted to have a Starbucks coffee. I said, okay, go to a store you don't have to go anywhere. Smart phone on here. Smart

phone automatically open face Open I am talking about a 16 year old girl they can ah simply they are using this AI application mobile location services nearest coffee shops module app regarding the ah jobs at risk because of this automation because this picture if you look at it it's a very scary picture and this is already started happening because a lot of educated people having a very ah high degrees they are standing at the queues looking for a job. So ah time change because AI key ah technology implic healthcare architects architects software availables how many number of rooms are required that automatically structures teaching EM training money transfer so that means jobs redundancy China China newscaster actual newscaster difference and now he is doing it twenty-four by seven. And he is, he is delivering the news ah of course AI based season. So he is watched this video. Hello everyone, I am an English artificial intelligence anchor. This is my very first day in agency.

The development of the media industry calls for continuous innovation and deep integration with the international advanced technologies. I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted. I look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences. As an AI news anchor, under development, I know there is a lot for me to improve.

So basically we don't have to be ah skill key development whichever areas you are working on for example ah accounts system plugin ERP systems organization That jump. Where you are right now and what we want to be. So artificial intelligence basically. This is ah basically intelligence create human brain equivalent. So human brains

weighs about three pounds. It contains around $100 billion neurons sell that any information. Okay. So sensitive portion ah house skull damage protected area. Damage vision damage vision effect speaking memory 300 powerful human brain 100 billions cells neurons connected neuron joint basically this is a one this is one small cell picture 00 billion brand connected so brain is a very powerful thing basically neuron centre of the nucleus. Soma Exxon so dentrites are extension of neurons that receive signals and conduct that toward the cellphone. So if they can dent right body says signals circuits optical fiber circuit circuit so all information has to from the body ah input or output basically picture and neuron key.

So, was on us you listen to the word neural networks. Neural networks word basically in neuron cylinder like connect we are making the neural I won't go into too much biology. So there are some sensory neurons. Then there are

motor neurons and then there are inter neuron. Neuron types in. Sensory neurons consent basic senses touch pain from body example ah part senses and vision, hearing, taste, basically they receive information from the outside world. So information

neuron immediately brain travel message neuron, one neuron. X 1, plus X, two, plus X, three inputs human body key inputs see senses greater than or equal to three then give an output. So you basically equation algorithm ah which are used AI algorithms so input and it's giving you an output same already computers input X one, X 2, X 3 output against neuron processing artificial neuron create perceptions brain may just imagine brain has 1hundred billion neurons and they are all connected together so neurons neurons equations algorithms function perform challenge 100 billion within the real world using digital information. Example of a typical AR demonstration could be something like this design. When you look at it

with your own eyes, it remains static. But when viewed through the screen of a tablet or smartphone running the appropriate app, the image comes alive. AR is built on decades of research and computers and electronics. This particular application depends upon image recognition, information from the mobile devices camera is sent to be analyzed by the AR app software. The software looks

for identifiable features that indicate camera is pointed at the painting. Once the software is confident, the camera is pointed the right way. It can overlay graphics on top of the image of the painting on your screen. With many AR apps, you can move the device around, looking at a subject from different angles. The information you see will adjust as well. Appearing as if it's a

real three dimensional object. To accomplish this, you need a graphics engine and a processor that can change the image in real time while still anchoring it to the physical world around you. While the principle AR date back decades, we've only recently reached the right level of sophistication with technology to pull it off well. And while many AR apps rely on handheld devices, the hope is that in the future, we'll have glasses or headsets that incorporate AR into them seamlessly. There are hundreds

of potential applications for AR ranging from entertainment to communication to education. A really powerful universal AR app could turn the physical world around you into an encyclopedia, tourist guide, and pair manual all in one. So after they come So now they they will give a picture of somebody and those cameras are going to track you down. The computer cameras recognize I found this was interesting and it turned out has gone and investigated this recently and this is a second video which is made up of two clips. So, bear with us while

we switch between the two clips. Well, let's see how long it takes you to find me. Thank you very much. Let's go. They have to find this person. Whoa.

So he heads out onto the streets and then we will pick him up as he goes into a a railway station. I also It should only be a matter of time. So already on this bridge, I can see one, two, three CCTV cameras. Of course, there's no point hiding from them. Just keep on walking. Uh oh. Right behind me, you can

see just over over my left shoulder there. Hello. Hello, guys. I've been expecting you. Oh, maybe these guys aren't in on the joke. So, what you saw

asking cameras detect for example match right? For example, relevance of images which keep on analyse there are multiple images. If a person is walking, we want to capture those ah movements. We have to ah analyse billions of images. So that is why the world is known as ah deep learning. Computers AI is related. Computer emergency.

Second ah touch feeling ah sense. biometric finger ah deep artificial intelligence. Modern prosthetics can help to restore the ability to grip or manipulate objects to carry things or even write. But they

do nothing to replace the sense of touch that goes when a patient loses a limb. And so scientists are looking into ways of mimicking the human nervous system to create artificial senses. Researchers at Pisa in Italy are part of a team of scientists from institutions across Europe who've been funded by the European Commission to develop a bionemetic finger. That is a man-made device that can be connected to the human brain. At the heart of the idea is an array of pressure sensors intended to mimic the sense of touch. Found in the neural tactile sensors in a human fingertip. And the scientists

in Pisa are convinced that they can take inspiration from nature for innovative robotics. So, computers artificially Read me the message. New message from Sebastian. Great news. We got the go ahead. Can you meet at ten? Reply. Definitely. I'll see you there.

Play my running mix. What's the traffic like around here? Here's the traffic. Text my wife. I'm going to be 30 minutes late Is it going to be chilly in San Francisco this weekend? Not too cold. Maybe down to 61 degrees in San Francisco. What about Napa Valley? Doesn't seem like it.

How many cups are in 12 ounces? Let me think. Okay, here you go. Set my timer for 30 minutes. 30 minutes and

counting. So, basically this computers can or the devices can also listen. As of now in AI. Instead of just looking at a cake on your screen, you can now actually taste it. A new digital simulator can reproduce the four main taste components. And transmit them to the tip of your tongue. It uses an

alternating current to fool your taste receptors. Along with small changes in temperature. Tiny electrodes that heat and cool very quickly control the thermal stimulation. The system will allow players to sample food featured in video games.

Taste could also be used as a reward system. A sweet treat could be delivered for completing a level. While a blast of bitterness could be produced for a low score.

Computers it is going to take a lot of time. So, spell detection food the system has been trained to recognize the smell of explosives and could be used to replace traditional airport security. Mister Agabi said. Eventually the modem sized device named Kuka could provide the brain for future robots. So how basic senses five senses equivalent AI as of now ah I don't make science too much with religious things after six weeks of conception time ah conceive Dolly the sheep definitely robotics, vision, image recognition, machine vision.

So, AI field basically it comprises of still deeper areas of research. For any areas of research AI key umbrella so ah cover basically AI Technologies being leveraged to create new opportunities for telecos. Relying heavily on 4G capabilities. Application and product developers are working together with to create products with high functionality and connectivity for users. Like the Apple Watch. Yan Carson, Belize, Telcos, not only have an opportunity to monetize IOT. Telcos are

obligated to pursue IoT technologies because currently make around 96% of their income through traditional teleco services. These traditional teleco services will soon become obsolete. As IOT technology paves the way for the future for the Telco industry. But the shift for telecos offering traditional teleco services to supporting a true IoT ecosystem is complex Because they have to identify how the network can add value for IoT users. And they have to determine what services can they offer. What industries are

being impacted by IOT, the telecom network services can provide support. What are the challenges teleco industries face with these industries? The team at Erickson discussed some opportunities for IOT monetization. Smart cities, and public transport are sparking IDs for developers to make traffic run more efficiently by creating an online system platform. It monitors the data from people, weather, vehicles, and traffic lights to create a real-time map. That helps people to determine routes, to take, and helps public transportation system plan accordingly. Mobile phones and

smart gadgets will be the target for this platform. Intellicos have opportunity to integrate their networks and create solutions to monetize the system. Not a valuable opportunity. It's smart homes and energy that use IoT connectivity in smart appliances Like air conditioners and water heaters. With temperature control systems that can be monitored and adjusted remotely. A smarty

fees that understand what your favourite shows are and automatically record them. Also, there are IOT opportunities in agriculture. In the area of precision farm. IoT sensors can monitor crops for wheat growth. So, after they basically, take the smart homes even air conditioners IOT device stencil human body temperature sense temperature twenty-four degree suit 22 degree suit automatically temperature adjust if you are away from your home AC appliance agriculture implications It turns out a big part of getting things done is making a phone call. You may want to get an oil change schedule. Maybe

call a plumber in the middle of the week. Or even schedule a haircut appointment. You know, we are working hard to help users through those moments. We want to connect users to businesses in a good way.

Businesses actually rely a lot on this. But even in the US, 60% of small businesses don't have an online booking system set up. We think AI can help with this problem. So let's go

back to this example. Let's say you want to ask Google to make you a haircut appointment on Tuesday between 10 and noon. What happens is the Google Assistant makes the call seamlessly in the background for you. So what you going to hear is the Google Assistant actually calling a real salon to schedule the appointment for you. Let's listen So, happening out there. Hi,

I'm calling to book a woman's haircut for a client. Um I'm looking for something on May third. So, what? Give me one second. Four, what time are you looking for, Ralph? At 12 PM, we do not have a 12 PM available. The closest we have to that is a onefifteen. Do you have

anything between 10 AM and 12 PM? Depending on what service she would like, what service is she looking for? Just a woman's haircut for now? Okay, we have a ten o'clock. 10 AM is fine. Okay, what's her first name? The first of Lisa? Okay, perfect. So, I will see Lisa at 10 o'clock on May third. Okay, great. Thanks. Great. Have a

great day. Bye. So basically customer care may use resolution time human agents thirty-8 hours virtual agent 5 minutes human agents with dollar15 to 2 dollar two hundred. Virtual Du 22 au 26 septembre. Intelligence bien sûr, permettez-moi de jeter un oeil, combien de gens seront du voyage? Nous serons deux adultes. English. ARTIFICIAL transmission rede A applications regarding problem solving. Problem

solving for example solutions in order to solve a problem you should understand if there is exist a problem. Problem exist problem solution for example even mobile telemarketers is pretty funny actually because most of the time I can tell when someone's messing with me. I'm pretty sure you're messing with me. Sure.

Something tells me you are. Sir, are you busy? You're talking on another phone? Are you playing a game for god's sake? Uh huh. Are you enjoying this? No, what were you saying? I'm asking you to verify your address to the last four of your social. Not just say, yeah, every time I ask. Sure. Yeah. Sir. Sir. Okay. Let me finish the question before you say yes and yes and yes and yes. Okay. What is your opinion

of Hillary Clinton? Right. Would you say that this conversation has gone nowhere? Hm yes yes. So who's this star? Can can you start over who's this? Why are you calling? I'm not telling you that. I have to

get these questions done. Can you please not talk Please help me out and let me ask you the question. Yeah? Okay. What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton? Yeah. Like this might be the

the weirdest conversation I've ever had with anybody. Yeah. I I feel like this conversation has gone nowhere. Hmm, yes, yes. Doubtful. Part again. Doubtful. Like I said, sir. Are

we actually being serious going on here? Are you trying to waste my time when I get paid to speak on the phone? I told you, I have much time to waste it. But why are you wasting your time? You don't have any work? You're a judge. Oh, you know what, sir? I'm actually going to keep the money and I'm going to give it to somebody else because I don't like when people play around with my agents on the phone. You don't qualify for this with that kind of attitude. You have a. Okay. Sure. Right. Okay, sir. You're you're obviously messing with me? Sure. Um I'm I'm on track

for this quarter to make pretty close to 180, 000 for for this year. I'm getting paid. We can do this all day. Sure. Uh so, this is basically like taking a break for me. Hang up the call. Yes. Hung up the call. Yes. Very fool. Do you have your credit card with you? Yeah. So,

basically first date application recruit application I'm Rich Fallone, senior strategy reporter at Business Insider. I first heard about HigherView when I wrote about Unilever's experiment in hiring. Unilever is one of many large companies that is incorporating artificial intelligence into their recruitment efforts. Higher uses video analysis to screen employees and rate them before recruiter even gets to look at their views. I'm Lauren Larson. I'm the chief technology officer at HigherView. Higher

View has a platform that simplifies the job interviewing process. The most common use of that is what we call an on-demand interview where you create a set of questions. They respond on video and then we use artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate their performance and then we analyze the interview and predict their performance based on the interview. So, higher view setup and application for me where it was eleven interview questions. I used my iPhone.

The entire time felt very awkward and very self-conscious because I was looking at a video of myself. And then we made an analysis of the features that are important for that job and produced what we call an insight score. Which is essentially his ranking compared to all of the other candidates that we've seen.

Well fortunately Rich did really well in this interview. Basically what this is just doing is looking for things like eye contact, enthusiasm. If this is someone who's going to be working with clients face to face. Do they or are they downcast? Are they looking away from the the camera? So some of my skepticism was averted when I actually saw how the product worked. The machine is going to

look at 25, 000 different features and complex relationships between those that might see things that I'm not able to see as a human. AI in recruiting at this point is. So AI recruiting ah ah so applications network traffics networks customers segmentations solutions automated ah bill and check clearance ah smart monitoring and security system automated customer care ah social media analysis applications control task. So these, if

tasks are automated energy important things matter so human brain computers for example computer multiplied by five, six, 7, three, four in multi into nine, three, 7, six, five. Now, a computer can give me an answer within seconds about this calculation. But if I ask my brain to do this calculation, so understand emotions, feelings. Computers intelligent machines. As a colleague skill enhancement so business implementation business service provider telephone once you pay the message will go to the operation feasibility check connection available payment apply check line available so processes so basically boxes activity customer Extended port rating model standard port special code service organization departments process flow chart department allocate for example Pakistan Engineering Council different Business for example company right? Users automatically tariff market Theme music and special effects respond to your words in real time to bring the story to life. It was a cold, dark night

as the campers retired. The moon glowed. A wolf howled. There was crackling from the fire. The bushes rustle. Making a sound. Done. They hear footsteps on the ground. So basically AI based milestone. This

feeling different Story thing along the shores of the winding Tennessee is pretty impressive. Tons of friends, stylish shades, and A the most manly and impressive beer the deep south has seen this century. Analyze banking chat spendings graphs how much I spent on restaurants Subscribe. Google superhuman alpha zero IE becomes one of the best chess players in the world after learning the game from scratch in just 4 hours. Alpha zero I played 100 games against rival a computer program 100 games played against stock fish. Google's IE 128 and drew the rest. It was

also able to beat an IE program called Elmo and the Japanese board game Shaji. After two hours of training. Google's latest artificial intelligence. Alpha zero. Has defeated one of the best chess programs in the world after learning the game from scratch and 4 hours. The

superhuman alpha zero I played 100 games against rival a computer program and one ordrew all of them. The IE is the work if could just beat mine division and is the latest in a series of incredible E achievements by the company. An earlier version of the machine. Dubbed alfargo was able to defeat the world's top human players of the Chinese board game goat. The results of the achievement were published in a report by researchers from Google's deep mind in London this week. They found that the

technology could go up against a powerful chess software that has been in development for nearly a decade and still win. In 100 games played against stock fish. Google's IE 128 and drew the rest. After just four hours of training. Riding in a

research paper about the project. Share it via the electronic print repository arcset. Its author said Alpha Zero achieved within twenty-four hours a superhuman level of play in the games of chess and Japanese chess as us go and convincingly defeated the world champion program in each case. Self learning or last slide self learning teach mistake AI ah training training improve ah walk walking seek seek different obstacles robots so how do they do it So, basically other question and answer Zoom license limitation 500 5 hundred more than I think two, 3000 people Facebook limited persons relevant This. Be ah content available analyse algorithm create recently chart GPT experiment ah Communication, they used to be could learn from. So, connect Technologies future of world robotics human body computer circuit arteries blood computer electrons what is his current son mind body brain computer processor Skill based education. Simple

answer. Degrees honestly they are of course a plumber in ah abroad is earning more than our engineer books Too much of a theoretical stuff. No interaction with the industry. Ah

circuit design ah processor most of the cases it just read those data what is pre process so it can also proceed the data to reach those part which is required for our in most of the cases it just spread those It can of course analysis or interpret interpretation interpret data historical data fuel. Future where they make decisions at of effect human lives and well being. Very good question here system humans interaction corrupt For example performance evaluation system performance management system and authority it's almost nil. Research

related. Algorithm develop chatbot languages Python language I'll start. Machine learning so this is the first step or ah Python language basic programming background you can still do it. It's just like two

plus two equals to four. Program so machine learning course different areas specifically deep ah sir it's very interesting presentation but can you please answer its use in different engineering field that it is used as almost every field how can we use this in construction industry specially at construction side to reduce side accident and increase efficiency of the workers. Designing AI based construction design construction data feed statistics feed automatically construction first page introduction or The last question. Last question is a bunch of learning like okay. How the third world countries labour intensive can achieve a balance to get the desired benefits. I mean

instead of losing jobs, the AI investment comes where actually needed for example agriculture, CNN processes, waste reduction industry. Definitely. Social issues where people are already ah dying of hunger, right? Ah right? The person has to take care of the food for his children, water ah profit service ah is basically opposition PTCL I land a presentation here and hand over to chairman G sir. Thank you very much sir for your today's very interesting ah lecture. Many participants

have ah benefited from this ah today's webinar. Ah webinar has highlighted I think the significant role of the artificial intelligence. And various speeds ah like in healthcare, in finance, transportation and manufacturing. And yeah he has ah lot of potential. Ah in the businesses to and ah to operate and solve the complex problems even. So I think ah this

today's lecture will also ah useful for those who are really interested in this field and want to enhance their ah businesses and implement in their ah ah daily ah operational ah activities. So I in the end I would say that AI is not a just a buzzword but a full trustworthy technology. Which has the power to shape the future of the industry So thank you very much sir. Ah Engineers. Questions or accordingly Email address speed shortly.

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