CES 2023 Samsung Press Conference Live Streaming

CES 2023 Samsung Press Conference Live Streaming

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Hello! Welcome to CES 2023 and Happy New Year! At Samsung, our passion has always been to create elegant devices that help people do more. And in recent years, with so many new devices around us, we have focused on improving the connected experience. Yet, we continue to ask the question: Have connected technology and innovation truly lived up to the promise to make life easier? Not only for today, but also for a better tomorrow. Feedback from consumers tells us more needs to be done.

Devices that interrupt and distract …or devices that take too much effort to configure and connect. Consumers expect it all… to just work. We see this as an opportunity. Today there are more than 14 billion connected devices in use. Imagine what more could be done, for people and our world, if these devices worked smoothly and safely together rather than in isolation. Our vision is clear: To bring calm to our connected world so that innovation gets back to its original purpose-- Helping people focus on what matters most to them.

In pursuit of this, we, about a year ago, united many of our businesses into the Samsung Device eXperience, or DX, division. And now, nearly half our people in the DX division focus on the connected experience. We also have talented teams of researchers and engineers around the world, hard at work on creating the connected experiences of today and tomorrow. This is about a better connected home, and better connected cars, but beyond that: It is about how we are already starting to connect together all your devices across all the spaces that matter in your life – from your home to car to workplace to more. Our desire to bring calm to a connected world also includes building a more sustainable future. That’s empowering everyone in the mission to protect the planet.

It’s designing products to be more energy efficient, enhancing services, and expanding partnerships. And it’s committing to net zero carbon emissions and climate change action as we recently announced. More on this in a few moments. We recognize our vision is a big one. It’s about solving real pain points of today, and understanding the future needs and aspirations of consumers. To be sure, it is one that will take time, innovation, and cooperation with partners around the world.

But we are committed to achieving it, and already getting started. You are about to see how. Thank you and enjoy what we have to share with you today. Hello CES 2023! I’m very excited to be here! As a member of Samsung’s Sustainability Team, I see innovation as a catalyst to a more sustainable future.

That means technology that lowers carbon emissions, products that reduce our environmental impact, and partnerships that bring about meaningful change. Last September, we unveiled a new and bold commitment to people and the planet. That commitment starts by addressing climate change: by 2050, all our operations will match electricity needs with renewable energy and reach net zero carbon emissions. Nearer term, our Device eXperience division will transition to 100% renewable energy by 2027 and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030. But our efforts don’t stop there.

With each product we create and new feature we release, we’re aiming to make the use of technology many of us enjoy each day more sustainable. We call this everyday sustainability. It’s the idea that by building sustainability into the product experience, we, and the billions who use our products, can contribute to a healthier, more livable planet. As a result, some of our most popular products are now some of our most sustainable.

Many of our TVs and smartphones now include recycled materials - in fact, recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets were applied to most of our Galaxy products released last year. And as we move forward, even more Samsung products will include recycled plastic. In energy efficiency, our latest home appliances, like our Bespoke line, and our memory and 5G radio network chipsets are making a real energy savings difference for customers.

These actions represent meaningful change toward a better future. Now, to tell you about another way sustainable products are impacting our environment and our homes, please welcome James Kwon from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks, Inhee.

Let me start by saying, when it comes to energy efficiency, Samsung is a long-standing leader… with more than a decade of energy star award leadership and rare recipient of the ENERGY STAR award for corporate commitment. As one of the leaders in smart home technology, Samsung’s wide range of Energy Star certified appliances and smart services, make it easier than ever for households to save energy… …and maybe a little money, too. To advance innovation and adoption of smart home systems that drive energy savings the EPA introduced the ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS) program. It recognizes smart home systems that manage and automate connected devices to save energy and maximize energy cost savings opportunities.

I’m excited to say that Samsung’s connected home experience that puts energy saving first, is the first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management system to earn the ENERGY STAR Certification. We look forward to working with industry leaders like Samsung to help consumers achieve energy savings in their daily lives. Thank you, and have a great CES! Thank you, James! We agree that innovation, especially in the connected home, can play a key role in reaching our sustainability goals. Millions use our connected home platform, SmartThings, to make their homes more efficient. Today, more than 80 million devices connect to the platform, and with services like SmartThings Energy and AI Energy Mode, SmartThings can help consumers save energy, cut costs while lowering their overall climate impact. Everyday sustainability also means thinking about ways to make products more sustainable while you’re using them.

That’s why Samsung has joined with the Carbon Trust and other technology leaders to develop the industry’s first standard aimed at measuring and decarbonizing emissions during the use of connected devices. We are so excited about this partnership and hope others will join us. Because through partnerships and technology like SmartThings Energy, we can shape a better tomorrow… …one that includes the Net Zero Home… ….where solar panels and household batteries produce and store energy… …and where energy efficient appliances cut power and monitor water usage, all to conserve our resources. In fact, this future is closer to reality.

With SmartThings Energy, more than 12,000 homes in Sterling Ranch, Colorado will realize real energy savings as they shift toward the goal of a net-zero home. This experience provides residents with real-time insights into energy, water and natural gas usage… and the ability to save energy by adjusting settings on compatible smart devices …empowering them to make smart decisions. All this was made possible through a combined effort with Siemens, an industry leader in Smart City technology. We hope our exciting partnership can be a model for how technology can help communities reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier ecosystem. This isn’t the only partnership I’m excited to talk about today. If you were here last year, you heard about our collaboration with Patagonia to address the issue of microplastics.

A partnership of industry leaders committed to keeping microplastics out of our oceans. Well today, I’m excited for you to hear about how this partnership can have a real impact on our environment. To tell you more, please welcome Vincent Stanley from Patagonia. Thank you, Inhee And a big thank you to Samsung for recognizing a major environmental problem and for your quick dedicated work to find a solution. It wasn’t long ago that we spoke with leaders at Samsung to think about how businesses can build better products while addressing climate change.

We talked about microplastic fibers, that shed during the washing cycle, fibers so small they escape filtration systems and enter our oceans, lakes and rivers, adding to the growing problem of plastic waste. Not long after our meeting, Samsung came back with an idea: a washing machine that could reduce the release of microplastics. Their engineers went to work, sharing with us their prototypes for feedback. In turn, we helped connect them with the NGO Ocean Wise for testing and evaluation. That technology has now reached the commercial stage. At Patagonia we are so grateful for this level of engagement and speed, and our hope is that other companies will follow Samsung's lead.

This has been a lesson to us… …a model, of how companies from different sectors can work together to address the environment crisis facing us all. Thank you, Vincent. What a fantastic partnership! And the result of this work? A breakthrough new wash cycle, called Less Microfiber, that can reduce microplastic pollution during the laundry cycle by 54%. The Less Microfiber cycle is already available for Bespoke washers in Europe, and we will expand availability to Korea next month and to the US soon. Plus, starting in the first half of this year, select washers in Europe will feature an additional filter, the Less Microfiber Filter, to reduce microplastics even further.

And this filter will be adaptable to all washing machines, not just Samsung’s. We’re so thankful to Patagonia for this innovative collaboration. >From partnerships to everyday sustainability, Samsung is committed to making a difference for our planet and people, and we hope you will join us in our journey. Thank you, and enjoy CES 2023! Thank you Inhee… …and thank you all for joining us at CES 2023! It’s exciting to be here… …to share with you how Samsung plans to make the connected world all around us easier and more intuitive. As JH shared, Samsung is pivoting to focus more on the connected experience… …with a foundation for a more efficient and more intuitive future, anchored by the latest products and services. While our goals are ambitious, with SmartThings we’re already finding new ways to make your devices work better together… …through our work with industry groups like HCA… …adopting standards from CSA’s Matter protocol… …inspiring partnerships… …and new, creative engineering.

One of our core goals is simple – make the tasks you do every day easier, more convenient, and more you. Let’s start in the morning. Now, I know when I wake up, I can’t help but think about all the tasks I have to get done before I leave for work. Because I’m often juggling multiple responsibilities, from joining meetings remotely to preparing breakfast, sometimes it’s not until I get to the office that I wonder if I turned off the air conditioner, the oven, or the lights. With SmartThings, we’re taking out the guess work.

So, if I’m worried that I left the air conditioner on, I can go to SmartThings right from the app on my phone to find out if I did and turn it off remotely. But managing home is about more than devices… …you also need technology to be your eyes and ears when you’re not home. SmartThings Home Monitor will send you alerts if it detects something out of the ordinary. The camera and sound sensors on your Samsung Smart TV can pick up unexpected motions or sounds and alert you! Plus, you can also connect SmartThings Home Monitor with partner devices to detect smoke or water leaks. SmartThings Home Monitor gives me peace of mind if I’m away on a trip, and helps me know that my home, and the people, and pets in it, are safe. Now, beyond my immediate home, I’m adapting to a new hybrid working schedule.

Like many of you here, flexibility between work and home is important to me… …so it’s great when our technology allows me to get more done while I’m on the go. Samsung’s Workspace feature is one I use every day – using my Smart Monitor at home, I can connect to my Galaxy Book that I left at the office, giving me added flexibility while also making sure my work never skips a beat. Smarter experiences like these can happen every morning – all without you lifting a finger – bringing calm to what is often a chaotic time in our days. But everyone’s days are different.

Part of why I’m so excited about this new future is because these experiences can be personalized to everyone, making your tech uniquely yours. To share more about what another type of day looks like, please welcome Alana Gomez-Solis! Thank you Jaeyeon, and hi everyone! I’m on the communications team at Samsung here in the US… …and I get to bring to life Samsung’s incredible innovations through stories not just about what we do, but who we are and what we stand for. My daily routine looks very different now than it did two years ago.

I’m adjusting to a new lifestyle and splitting time between work, home and relaxation. Today, I want to share with you some of the devices and innovations that make my life more enjoyable, and efficient. Like lots of you here, I have a dog. His name is Pierre and he got very used to my schedule while I was working from home… so it’s extra-hard leaving him when I head into the office! One thing that makes it easier is SmartThings Pet Care. Using the mics on my Samsung NEO QLED 8K, the service can alert me to barking and put on a show, video or music to keep him entertained! He loves nature shows, of course! Plus, the camera on my Jet Bot AI+ recognizes both dogs and cats so if I see anything concerning while I’m away, I can use SmartThings to turn on the air conditioner, set a comfortable temperature, or start the air purifier to reduce pet hairs and odors when I get home. Now, after work, I try to fit in a workout before dinner.

But sometimes getting to the gym can be a challenge… …especially in the winter. Luckily, I have a Smart Trainer right at home with Samsung Health on my TV. When I work out using my TV, the camera can actually show my Smart Trainer how I’m doing, and I can make sure I’m following the workout steps correctly so I don’t pull any muscles or cheat on any exercises! And when I work out with a smart watch, like my Galaxy Watch5, key stats like calories burned and heart rate automatically sync with my Smart Trainer... honestly, I actually prefer this to going to the gym! When I’ve finished with my workout I’m starving, and need to cook dinner… …my favorite meal of the day. SmartThings Cooking connects with my Bespoke appliances in the kitchen to make dinner prep so much easier.

For example, I can use Samsung Health, the same app I used during my workout, with SmartThings Cooking and my connected oven, to get recipe recommendations based on my personal tastes and nutrition goals. Then, it’s as simple as choosing from my list of recommended meals based on ingredients SmartThings already knows I have. Plus, the new Cooking Community shows me exciting new options from all around the world. I’m feeling ambitious… …Ooo! I think I’m into this vegetable quiche! When it’s time to get started, my oven’s AI Pro Cooking feature identifies what I’m making using an internal camera and recommends cooking modes, time, and temperature so I get the perfect result. And look! I just got an alert from SmartThings. My quiche is ready! Looks amazing! While I’m here, I can get a head start on tomorrow’s dinner too… super helpful if I know I’m going to be home later than usual.

The new Family Hub Plus can show me a full suite of innovative functions on its larger 32-inch screen. This is perfect since I’m always looking for new recipes on SmartThings cooking. And with Samsung TV Plus and its Picture-in-Picture feature, I can follow the recipe while catching up on my favorite show making multi-tasking so much easier.

Also, I can easily shop for pantry items with one click using Amazon Your Essentials. And now… I’m all set for dinner tomorrow! Finally, after working, working out and cooking dinner, I’m ready to just chill, but my roommate is already watching the football game. Luckily, with Multi View on Samsung’s Smart TVs, we can connect our favorite earbuds— mine are the new Galaxy Buds2 Prto woro— to watch what we both want. Now, all I have to share is couch space… …and maybe the popcorn, if I’m feeling generous.

On the days when my roommate has the TV to himself, he can still enjoy sports with his friends wherever they are. With the Chat Together feature, they can connect their phones to the TV to join a chat room and send messages during any live event, including the game. I’ve just walked you through my day in Samsung’s calmer, better connected world. I’m so excited by where we are heading with these new technologies – the smart home is truly helping us be smarter, healthier and more efficient in our everyday lives.

We have a few more really cool updates for you that help bring this to life… so please welcome back to the stage, Jaeyeon Jung! Thank you, Alana! I love seeing how SmartThings can help each of us make our days a bit better based on our own unique schedules and preferences. And I’m happy to share that we’ve found one more way to bring SmartThings into your home. For the last few years, our Hub Everywhere strategy has turned Samsung Smart TVs, Smart monitors, and Family Hub refrigerators into smart home hubs, allowing you to kick off SmartThings experiences from virtually anywhere. That same strategy led us to reimagine another technology many of us already have… …the wireless charging pad. So today, we’re introducing the latest SmartThings hub… SmartThings Station. It’s our smallest and most convenient SmartThings Hub yet – it’s actually inside our wireless charger.

Another easy way to bring the SmartThings experience to your home. While the Station is simple, it’s also equipped with a button that you can use to program your smart lights, air conditioner, or even smart blinds and make a routine that works for you right from your bedside table. You can also use SmartThings Station in what I call Night Mode— once you put down your phone for charging before bed, you can program the Station to automatically turn off all your lights, TV, and reset the temperature for a custom night routine. Simple, compact and dual purpose, too. This is the unified smart home experience that’s been missing, where at a touch of a button your home instantly becomes more intelligent and your life becomes easier. Over the past year, you've probably heard quite a bit about Matter… the game-changing smart home standard that makes all of your smart devices easier to set-up, connect, and use.

SmartThings was one of the first brands to adopt Matter, and the SmartThings Station is the first Samsung product to have Matter support built in - right from the beginning. This focus on building a more compatible smart home also comes to life through our work as a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance and Works With SmartThings. Samsung is continuing to work closely with other partner brands to create a better connected ecosystem.

This means your compatible appliances, Google Nest Hub, Amazon Ring Video Doorbell, and Philips Hue lights will start to work in unison to make your digital home a bit more seamless. It’s all about interoperability so that your smart home just works, without you having to stress about integration. Of course, interoperability also means we can partner with others to create some pretty cool new experiences for consumers.

Like in entertainment, where we are always working to make the experience more immersive and personalized. So today, I’m excited about a unique partnership with one of the biggest players in connected lighting… …that can elevate any movie night or binge marathon. To tell you all about it, please welcome Jasper Vervoort, Business leader, Philips Hue! Thanks Jaeyeon, and great to see all of you here at CES! You’ve heard a lot about the promise of connected technology. As the global market leader in smart lighting, Philips Hue is all about connectivity… …to make homes smarter, more personal and more inspiring.

And with a connected ecosystem that spans billions of devices, it’s through partnerships that we can create immersive experiences for consumers. So today, I’m excited to share how Philips Hue and Samsung have worked together in a special partnership to enrich your entertainment experience. Philips Hue lights are now able to sync with any content on the latest Samsung smart TVs, bringing surround lighting to your favorite movie, TV show or even live event. It’s an immersive lighting experience, perfect for any movie lover, binge watcher and gaming fanatic. This new experience will work through the Philips Hue Sync TV app, which can be downloaded directly from the app store on Samsung TVs… …starting tomorrow! We are very excited about this milestone in the home entertainment journey. Thank you to Samsung for teaming up to bring this new entertainment experience to homes around the world.

Let’s have a look! Hello everyone! I am thrilled to share our latest advancements in security and privacy. As you’ve seen, smarter home experiences can really make a difference in how we see our devices and use them every day. They give us a better, more connected world. But we also want to do all this without sacrificing privacy. This is a priority for us at Samsung. When all your devices share credentials, you need security that covers everything.

Protection for a single device just won’t cut it. Our new Knox Matrix is built on Samsung’s defense-grade security platform and turns your smart home into a smart shield for your Samsung devices. When you’ve connected to Knox Matrix, you immediately get the benefit of two critical features – Credential Sync and Trust Chain.

Credential Sync helps secure your information when moving data from device-to-device. And the Trust Chain enables connected devices to monitor each other for security threats. If attacked, it will let you know. It will even tell you the action it’s taken to block the system. It’s all managed through a private blockchain, so your trusted devices all work together to help protect each other.

And safety is ensured through collaboration with other devices using intelligent threat monitoring. Those of us in the security community are so excited about Knox Matrix. But you don’t have to be a data privacy geek like me to be excited about Knox Matrix. Samsung’s Knox Matrix vision is a connected world where you can enjoy your devices conveniently and safely… Where worries are a thing of the past, with privacy and security technology built on principles of Transparency, Protection, and Choice… ...bringing calm to your connected experiences. Next up, we’ll explore how you can stay connected – and secure – on the go with Samsung and Harman. Thank you! Hello CES! You’ve just seen technology working in the background that makes your home more intuitive, convenient and secure. But home isn’t the only place getting an infusion of innovation.

After all, many of us spend a lot of time on the road. An hour or more each day. So if we are challenging our homes to work more intelligently, why shouldn’t our cars? Samsung and Harman have been working to to inject a new level of intelligence, personalization and convenience to the in-cabin experience… we’re calling it ICX. With ICX, we are pioneering a new experience that combines the latest automotive technologies… like the car’s camera, radar and sensors… with Harman’s in-cabin expertise, with the expectation to make driving safer and less stressful. At the heart of our in-cabin experience is Harman Ready Care.

With Harman Ready Care, we’re aiming to raise the bar on driver safety. After all, in many countries around the world, we’ve seen a significant increase in vehicle fatalities. And in Europe, government action will soon require new and enhanced safety measures for all vehicles on the road. Harman Ready Care is part of the solution. Many of us are familiar with car cameras that measure driver eye movement – But Harman is taking it a step further.

Ready Care’s machine learning algorithm gathers and processes data from those sensors to measure driver drowsiness and distraction, and provides tailored interventions to mitigate risks and increase wellbeing. So, let’s say you’re dropping your kids off at school. The music is loud, the kids are even louder, it’s raining, and there’s unexpected traffic that might make you late for your meeting. All of a sudden, you realize you’ve driven half a mile, without thinking about the road ahead! Harman Ready Care can actually anticipate when you start to lose focus, and by integrating products like the Galaxy Watch and its heart rate monitor, Ready Care can also identify and detect factors that cause stress in drivers, like traffic and weather. When Ready Care senses your stress increasing and your focus decreasing, it will send reminders that you personalize – no more unexplained beeping and buzzing. You can choose whether Ready Care should change the interior lighting, in-cabin temperature, or adjust the volume on the music to remind you to stay present and get you and your passengers from place to place… safely.

Harman Ready Care is one of the ways we’re making the in-cabin experience as smart, smooth and effortless as our experiences at home. Come check out ICX and Ready Care in our booth. Thank you, and have a great CES 2023! Hello Las Vegas! It’s fantastic to be at CES again. As my colleagues just showed you, Samsung is transforming the connected experience to make life easier and less chaotic.

At Samsung Research, we are exploring how the technologies of tomorrow can make these experiences even better. It helps that I’ve always been fascinated by how technology can shape what’s next. I admit I watched science fiction shows and the Jetsons, dreaming about a future of advanced intelligence— homes with robots that keep everything clean and cars that do the driving for us.

Fast forward to today and this dream might soon be a reality… …with intelligence that reshapes our connected experiences… …that goes beyond recommending a show or product to fundamentally alter the space around you and how you express yourself to the world. I call this the personal AI era, one powered by emerging forms of intelligence. One of those is Spatial AI. Today, Spatial AI is found in things like JetBot AI+. Without much direction, it navigates around objects in my home to keep everything tidy. But Spatial AI can do much more.

By tapping geometric and semantic information through various sensors and computer vision technology, it can create digital maps of spaces, like my home, and enrich how we interact with smart, connected devices. In the Smart Home of the future, Spatial AI will understand objects and context, elevating the entire connected experience. In that future, I might say “Turn on the TV”.

Whereas today’s technology might not understand which TV and room I’m talking about, tomorrow’s Spatial AI will understand to turn on the TV closest to me. In fact, this digital map could help future versions of technologies like JetBot AI+. So, I might say, “go clean under the table where we had dinner” and with Spatial AI, it will clean any crumbs from under the table.

It’s not just the spaces in our lives that can be improved with new forms of AI. We see emerging technologies, like Generative AI, transforming how we create and express ourselves to the world. For makers and creatives, Generative AI can act as your own personal artistic director.

Want to create a cool winter wonderland in the mountains during the heat of summer? A simple command… “put me in the winter mountains”… takes your favorite photo and puts you on a peak in Aspen. Generative AI can bring out the creative in each of us, and make it pretty fun, too. We are investing in training and applying these new forms of intelligence, and aim to make AI more personal, so it benefits you… …while always adhering to the privacy principles Shin mentioned earlier. Now, before I go, there is one more technology we want to share with you. It’s called Relumino Mode. Born from our research and incubation efforts, we believe it has the potential to make life more accessible and more enjoyable for so many.

Take a look! Hello again! What you just saw with Relumino mode is about technology and innovation made accessible to everyone, to help contribute to a better life. And what you have heard about today is a new era for Samsung. In this era we will measure success by how our innovations benefit people, society, and the planet. Our strategy will be clear – to realize the promise of connected technology… supported by a commitment to sustainability… and built on a foundation of security and privacy. At Samsung, we are excited about what’s to come and what we will achieve.

Because in a world that’s more connected than ever, we want to help people dream bigger, and enjoy a better life. Thank you, and have a great CES!

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