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hello guys uh in previous video we have gone through the Assembly Drive drawings so we'll move forward there so this is the example which we were working now we'll uh work on this elevation talk of often section like here we can see that some example 23 is the distance between this Foundation Center to Foundation Center but we are not for this like uh what we call size over here so simply we can do and think that we can imagine like Epiphany now size is not given then specifically we can consider one example and we can write on let me draw this run okay before that we'll go through here you'll see whether we get it or not see here it is given from gear to here this point is given that 230 so from 230 again 6.2 30 is like 23. we are considering it as a centimeter so we have to convert it into um that will become 230 so we'll draw this first later on we'll assemble or further things will draw okay so here first thing first like a 2.45 6.6 and 5.0 and again 2.4 from this point onwards this is the size so we'll calculate it first and if we consider this length is not given from this point from this point to this point length is not given so we'll check whether it is mentioned in this diagram so it is not there so here if we consider if you draw one line it is above the line so again here this Dimension is not given from here to here 5.5 6.6 so here it is

given that 2.4 so we'll check here it is also given 2.4 okay so we'll imagine some of things and we'll try to draw it so first thing we have to draw 4.4 that is 44

cross 50. 44 50 to lines 44 is the weight so 44 cross 50. okay this we are wrong again in between this is 66 is the distance so simply I'll draw one line from here to 66. okay interestingly I'll copy this so before copying it we'll select this okay radius you have to mention like two I'll mentioned 2 is becomes smaller so again we'll do fill it radius and then we'll take now then is become extra you will take one five select fill it and select R so press R and press enter and now we'll take it as a pi six I'll take so this is better we'll check okay multiples are there multiple if I select I can directly start adding those points it will not turn off the option so now it is ready to pick up the point and I'll copy this and add over here so we have to pick from here this midpoint and add version this is 66 it is now 2.4 we have to draw one line that is 24. okay 24 it is done similarly again one more 24 will draw I can directly copy this also copy this from this point onwards place it here is one part is done now here it means 160 he is the distance between this part in this part so directly we'll draw 160 lines on this middle line and this from that point again six T2 on both sides okay here I'll draw one point like 1 16 cents from Center to it is KT I'll take a d from here again we will take this little bit side later on we can align this or statically we can take 160 line press l press enter 160 now take this to the center move and Center okay so simply and we'll copy this going this point to this point so now here from here to again 62 one more line 62.

okay from here 62 again you join this point it is done now we can copy this flick it from here and place over here this is done now these lines are not required we can delete them now these dig ducts are pending and this point is there okay this we can imagine and we can draw it but uh here one thing is that simply from here to again this is straight line so the outline take one straight line over here okay now from here if you check this this is 24 and if we draw one line from here to here it is taking directly okay so this this space is not available over there so if we try to write and draw this according to this Dimension 2.4 is the and the Baseline of this so simply what we can do we'll take it like this okay before that in this part is pending this part is done now okay we'll see about this that's next but from here we have one more top withdrawn okay this shop clear to draw that shaft length shaft diameteries 24 okay 24 like here we can take one 350 will take and this so I'll take 24 press enter and from here we'll take one center lines for reference and I'll take this point to remove this object pick it from the center line and place over here okay this is all done now simply we can delete this one line we can draw that is Center Line after this we can trim this part this is not available over there like here if you check okay so I'll take one more line and we are two years okay before that what I said okay we'll take one Center Line so I have to align this properly so that we can get okay Baseline if I'll put it over here so now we can get the Baseline of this so this is the Baseline here it should end you can move this little above if it is required like this we will delete this point trim trim select radius 6 will take like extend this line so now we have got this point here you can draw one lines and delete this line it is not needed so this line should be continuous again here see if we check this is the complete line from here to here system feed will make this also for continuous lines good evening okay now we'll bring this part you draw One perpendicular line three so now we'll take one continuous line again we will trim this from this Center Point to online from the center point to one length for the foundation boards that was to it was 200 cents foreign now we'll move this footage Center again we'll copy that's why we are drawn this Center Line which is useful for pick and place so if we check here some extra points are coming simply we can take this send drag and drop over here so this completes the list based Foundation until this point it is completed so next part rotor and slots and conductors rotor slots and conductors here to draw here it is given like this part is separately given okay and this part is given so we'll try to draw this line 2.4 from this part in 2.0

24 from here to here and 135 okay 135 is the Dimension is given there so simply we have to draw this part only below part is not needed for assembly drawing so from this Center Point onwards you have to draw so simply we can draw like the 135 width and Heights it is not given over here so we'll check somewhere it might be given we did not mention over here you have to keep on trying until we get the exact length okay here it is given like 180 is given 180 here half of this is 90. so from this point onwards 90 we have to draw and 135 okay 135 grid and 90 is the height 135 and 90. so from this point height is 90 width is 135 5T is 90 it is 135 height is 90. so this part is strong over here simply we'll take this and place I'll remove this also feed we will bring this for this part and we go we'll get the center point of this point so directly we'll delete this also so now you decide to move from ticket from the center place over here so it is correct okay so this part is not required this part do not require d now one part we have to draw that 24 is a bit 24 is a bit from here to here and one paper again straight forward to this okay and its height is mentioned or not will check here okay and these all are nothing but the through holes okay we can see here this is the stator which we can see here and this is the side view of half section rotor section half in section stop so these are the holes which we can see over here okay half of the sections half in section elevation okay so simply only one thing we have to draw in this chest to concentrate like 24 from 24 here I'll draw 124 line 24 I'll take little bit above and draw one remove this orthogonal and draw this here and draw till this point if we are not getting anything next so simply will go through some points like here where it comes okay from here to here we can check this is the end portion end portion so from that point to this point we can take so simply however we have kept this uh exactly in the center so what we'll do actually I'll take this quadrant and draw one straight line towards this so this can be our end portion like from here you here will take and draw one line okay now we got this we will trim this part this part and delete part and this line is not required from this point onwards again we'll draw one more line and we'll touch to this point e if you remove this also it is okay now what we'll do we'll take this fourth we will take this part and we'll mirror this take the center point and mirror this portion is also completed so simply one more point is that from here to fill this point okay but out of his body it's out of this board in the sense directly you have to take it till this top portion fill this top portion where to draw so I'll take one some of the points we can imagine and one more Point like from here directly we can take one point which means this point like this is above the line in the sense we'll trim this point this and this will remove this line to so simply will trim this point and next take these objects and taking this point and next select these points now mirror the next portion this part is also completed now the next part is this which you have to draw but one more point is pending like uh one that is 10 okay but beyond this little bit it should be extended for you at an angle 90 degree extension is done absolutely so if we check from here okay 110 . you know we will check this dimension so it is exactly 135 so we are going correct next part is this core you have to draw uh here if you check this assembly the width of this is same as this so height you have to check first I will check height is given or not so 1.75 17 and 28.

17 and 28 little bit extra so we'll check one calculation here 17 plus 28 is this point 45 so again 17 plus 17 will take like 62 62 cross 135 62 cross 135 so we have to check here you have to keep it on the top 62 cross 135 will draw 62 cross 135 . 62 135 and 62. okay we got this now I just will draw one extension line like file keep and I'll move this point this object I'll click it from the MIDI and place on this top okay these are placed you simply we have to check here from this point 17 and 28 is there your imaginary line imaginary lines are there so we can keep them as it is but uh 6.4 that is 64 you have to draw one line from here is 64. 1.75 1.7 not 1.7 plus so one thing

17 at an angle 90. again 28 28 at an angle 90. this completes this portion okay it seems it is becoming little bit bigger so I'll move this little below this question again it is not given so we can imagine it like half of this and draw connect to this point okay here again now fillet we can use various 6 will take multiple you take yeah we will draw one line and just I'll take fill it put radius 6 select objects it is not selecting fill it radius 6 6 will be coming maximum that Spite is taking radius three first object second object I will copy this and in the wrap take the center point thanks narrow it let's say now this line is not needed you can move literally above this portion is completed now here this thing is not given like 188 is the width okay but height is not given the space between these two dots 3.4 fourth so here we have taken pen okay 3.4 and 10 will take 3.4 and 10.

okay the actually I'll take one 3.4 and 10. 34 width and 10 is height okay space between these two is four four in the sense 40. from here to here it is 40. again this side to take copy this point and place over here now this 4 in the sense directly will take one fillet and take a radius of 3 select multiple and here we are ready to go send exams if you get any questions like this yeah some of the points you can imagine in and draw so now if we check here 188 is the given you know this above 4 40 below 40 and intermediate 34. 40 40 80 80 plus 34 is 114 okay simply I'll take one 188 188 with and 40 40 80 Plus 30.

110 114 114 I'll take so 188 3.4 3.4 above 3.4 34 34 34 90 100 in 12.

okay this we have to take 112 so how I was taking here 3.4 is a bit it was given but the height is not given so 10 10 30. TV Auto Tech actually because I am considering this the scientist friend so three times I am taking so here also if you check here how much Dimension is there then so simply I'll take a 30 18 so 118 and 50th experience now we have to draw on diagonal lines and pick this point no take a center point and place to this Center Point now we got this so what is this next point is like we'll draw one point online from here to here and simply draw one more line imaginary like we have to consider this and paper is there so will trim this point you know these lines are not required this we have to keep it on the top of this okay I'll remove these two I'll copy this I know this select from Center and place it on the top of this portion sorry 318 188 it should be so if 188 188 that's C okay this should be the line so I've taken 118 that is wrong one so we take this point I'll delete this object is not required so these two you know from the center and place to the center so now yay 40 simply one paper is there I'll take this line and I'll mirror this take the center object mirror frame remove these points I remove these points command trim you can take and remove this pointer okay this is also completed now simply one Arrangement like this box view to draw here from here to here I'll draw on box and take trim and remove these two lines okay now if we remove this also it is okay I'll directly delete this point completely and I'll array this object not array mirror take the center point and where are this okay so now we have to keep this on top of this portion over here okay here I will consider one five points little bit it is already kept so next point is what so here what happens this should be in the line this should be in the line so I'll first delete this object in this one too from here business so if we check here after seeing the diagram this portion when you wear it completes now from here there only we are you have to draw this generally drawing will become perfect so I'll draw like this take one more line trim you can take this complete object this is not required and simply first thing we'll delete this completely and take this complete object accept this point and this point and we'll mirror this you can see now what happens the the place which we have provided from there only we have to draw and take this to this point actually till this point so simply I'll take one line I'll join this from here again I'll take one length 48 it is I'll take p8 it should not touch actually foreign foreign actually this proportion is ending itself here so no no need of drawing this point in this point as it ends here only now we have to take one gearing simply I'll draw one of swaps one more box print this thank you again two points are there with one Circle from here little bit C type is there click one more portion from here bring two Point Circle you have to take and circle two Point Circle from this point to this point now if we check here from Center this is the eye bolt so from Center I'll draw one portion and this I will move to the center point get on Words again one more portion of that I volt base and I'll move this Center to the center and on that soft again one more this I'll take copy take it from here and place here and simply drag this little above and here Three Point Circle one two and three okay now let's bring this okay if we do fill it also it is okay we'll take this and next we'll take fill it so radius you have to take little e three innocence equality shhh so now it's time to mirror but before that we will do me the hatching part okay here this hatching part is different this hatching part is different so first thing first we'll do the hatching part for this but prior to that we have one more work to do that Center one point we have to draw like this and take this point to here we'll check whether that is present in this diagram or not it is there okay in angle 180 degree 90 degree okay this is okay fighting for this portion now select the searching portion fail foreign completely I'll do mirror take a Center Point looking this part is completed this is not required actually so again hatching for this portion no this line is not related here to but here one line is required and some hatching part is done there will mention the dimensions so all the dimensions are given if this is 14. it means 140. and 40 dot 0 0 0 basically so [Music] next Stitch this Center Point to this Center Point in G2 30 so again this part these two parts are very right so simply what we'll do one portion will take and we'll draw like this select this now fillet will take till it will take various we will mention towards there and I'll make it six okay and uh option I will take multiple so the same thing I'll copy thank you mirror okay now these lines are not required we'll delete them so here send line we have to show I'll copy this click and place now scale Bluetooth change who is that from this entrance is to this portion is 24. okay from this Center axis to this portion is 24.

that is correct here it is one in the sense 10. foreign to this point Dimension here 10. now take annotations field coil this is a field coil click continuous line theater frame bearing ventilating that rotors slots and conductor router slots and conductors [Music] yeah okay one more thing here some 40s there till give us some little bit extra and again here from this part to this part and here one fill it have a radius one 35 simply will mirror this foreign [Music] and this portion and this part we have to trim anything else okay here shaft and shield this is a shaft shaft hand shade okay Foundation this beautiful broad shorted lines kale we have to take 0.2 this is Foundation here we complete in the induction motor in drawing and now we'll type elevation drop half in section elevation [Music] crop in section this will enlarge to three point move same I will copy okay and view top option section and View top half in section here it completes the diagram so simply we can close this now okay here is the one more Point like that's 136 and 888 136 and 188 so if you are my linear will take this point to this conceptified stick and somewhere it went wrong I'm going 36.000. see later in 188 from this part to this part so let's take one more point this point to this point 788 here it completes the diagram I will export it and uh we can use this in our lab projects thank you guys thank you for watching my video and uh you can find this file of this alternator and uh this induction motor in description this AutoCAD file you just go through it and if you find any questions you drop it in a comment section and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and press the Bell icon so that whenever I upload these kind of videos you will get notified first and share this video all or needed this support thank you guys thank you for watching see you in next video

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