BOOX Product Launch Event October 2023

BOOX Product Launch Event October 2023

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Hello and welcome to the official launch event   of BOOX. We're thrilled to have  you with us on this historic day,   as we launch our new ePaper products, and  announce our latest software features. As a market leader in the ePaper sector,   we are constantly grateful of the ideas  from our users, and our developers have   made many fantastic products and services  based on suggestions from our community. We have been working for 15 years to improve  the sector, starting in 2008. And every year,   we want to push the envelope and  make ePaper devices more potent   and capable than ever before, giving you  a productive, eye strain-free experience.

So today, we can't wait to share the  exciting news that you've been waiting for. Let's start with our Note Air products. The Note Air2 Plus, which  was released two years ago,   fundamentally altered how people  view ePaper readers and notebooks.

It offers amazing features that assists  users in reading and taking notes,   as well as a handwriting feel  that is similar to that of paper. Today, the Note Air2 Plus will  receive a significant update,   expanding on its versatile and  eye-friendly user experience. Introducing the Note Air3 C, our  first 10.3'' color Note Air product,   bringing a new dimension to  study, work, and creativity.

The Note Air3 C inherits the popular and  time-tested design of the Note Air2 Plus. It has a wide bezel that allows you to hold the  device comfortably without touching the screen. The entire rear of the product is made from a  single piece of aluminum in a chic new shade. 

We are constantly considering how to provide our  users with a high-quality, durable ePaper tablet. The fact that plastics are lighter led  us to consider them. But in the end,   we chose to remain with aluminum  because it adds a stunning touch, and,   quality, we utilized CNC, computer numerical  control, to cut the casing out of a piece of   aluminum and milled out the spaces for the  different hardware with the utmost precision.  The lines on the rear of the  gadget, formed by nano molding,   boost communication, making it simpler to  connect to Bluetooth and wireless networks.

And the signature pattern in bright  orange adds just a touch of class.  Furthermore, the entire case is oxidized, giving  it a stunning black shade with a greenish tint.  Let's see how cutting-edge methods  produce a magnificent Note Air3 C: A soothing and crystal-clear color ePaper  screen is housed in the stylish casing.  It features the latest E Ink Kaleido 3 technology   with soft and gentle colors and a responsive  refresh performance for reading and browsing. These colors allow you to see colorful charts,   infographics, and images that a  monochrome device cannot display. And there is a noticeable  improvement in the resolution.

The resolution of the black-and-white material is  300ppi, which is 24% higher than that of a typical   10.3'' monochrome ePaper tablet. Also, you can  see colors at 150ppi, which is 50% more resolution   than the Kaleido screen's prior iteration. The glass panel is also 27% thinner,   bringing the text closer to your  eye and making it simpler to read. 

The Note Air3 C has a soothing  screen surrounded by thinner borders. In comparison to the Note Air2 Plus,  the borders are a millimeter thinner,   giving this device a more contemporary look  while allowing you to see more of your content.  And with an exclusive film on the  top of the solid screen module,   the Note Air3 C offers a  pen-to-paper handwriting feel. When you write on it, it feels exactly like you're  writing on a paper notepad, which is incredible.  The Note Air3 C not only gets upgraded in the  design and screen, but also in its technology. 

People love Note Air products because of their   thinness and versatility  as an eReader and notepad. And today, the Note Air3 C takes a further step in  perfecting its reading and note-taking experience.  For the first time, the Note Air3  C features our exclusive BSR,   BOOX Super Refresh Technology, to create a  better refresh experience on its ePaper screen.  You can choose from four different refresh modes  on the device: HD, Balanced, Fast and Ultrafast. The HD mode enhances the pleasure of turning pages   and reading books. It creates a clear  image and then removes after images. The Balanced mode is designed for  quicker actions like typing and   scrolling. This mode provides improved  smoothness and stunning image quality.

To improve the scrolling experience, enable  Fast mode to make the content flow faster. For even more dynamic content,  you have the Ultrafast mode to   supercharge every action and  make it as smooth as possible.  BSR technology and these four refresh modes  significantly improve ePaper tablets' usability. When using a conventional ePaper  product, you can only turn pages   and you may encounter lag or latency  even when you're scrolling lightly. But with the Note Air3 C, reading, taking  notes, and browsing will be a breeze. And   you can have more enjoyment with the colors. In fact, the Note Air3 C employs more advanced  

hardware to provide users with more value. It holds an updated 2.4 Gigahertz processor   with four high-performance cores  and four energy-efficient cores.   An E Ink tablet's memory can be greatly  increased thanks to the new microSD card slot.

The Note Air3 C supports microSD cards up to  2Terabytes, so you can store loads of content.  And the fingerprint sensor  increases security and makes   it simple to unlock the device with a single tap. The Note Air3 C is a one-of-a-kind ePaper tablet   that enhances your tasks with cutting-edge  technologies. And using this device means you   can relax your eyes, think more clearly, and  create more effectively with various tools. 

When reading a book, you can highlight,  underline, and make handwritten notes in   different colors. And with a single tap, you  can perform tasks like translation and lookup.  You also have various note-taking tools to help  you unleash creativity and organize your thoughts. Like using different brushes to visualize  ideas, using different templates to plan   the day, using free text conversion  to recognize your handwritten notes,   syncing your notes to the cloud with 10GB of free  space, or sharing them with any third-party apps.  Also, the Android 12 OS opens up a plethora  of new possibilities for this E Ink tablet. You can use apps like Notion and Trello to  help you manage your time, work, and studies. And take notes with ease in OneNote,  Evernote, and WPS, because they've got   optimized performance on our ePaper display. And we're not done yet. We understand there're  

users who love to use Note Air3 C to read  books hands-free and take notes with ease.  So today, we're adding a new protective  case for the more powerful Note Air3 C,   the versatile magnetic case. It offers three using ways,   the 120-degree vertical, 120-degree horizontal,   and the 12-degree horizontal. And each  style can facilitate your workflow. With its adaptable style,  you can read long articles   without changing the page width or other layouts. When you want to read more texts in  each line, turn the case horizontally. And then flip it over and set it down to  enjoy handwriting without straining the spine. 

The Note Air3 C also comes with  a magnetic stylus, BOOX Pen Plus. The grooved shaft makes gripping the  pen more comfortable. And you can jot   down your thoughts whenever you want without  worrying about running out of battery power. It's the ideal companion for the Note Air3 C. So there you have it: the Note Air3 C,  

with the latest color ePaper screen,  an attractive industrial design,   a solid built structure, a paperlike  handwriting feel, BSR technology,   an upgraded chip and OS, and a variety  of tools for work, study, and creativity. It's made for the creative, the flexible,  and the open-minded users, like you.  The Note Air3 C will be available on  our official website starting today. In past years, our developers made and improved  several great products based on our users' needs,   including our first ePaper tablet PC Tab  Ultra, and its color version Tab Ultra C. These two products have taken ePaper  performance to a new level and showed   the world just how capable ePaper devices can be. And today, we'll show you another game-changing   product in our Tab series: the Tab Ultra C  Pro, the best ePaper tablet PC on the market.

The Tab Ultra C Pro delivers pro-level  performance for more demanding tasks.  It combines the most advanced Kaleido  3 color screen with our BSR technology   and the most powerful octa-core chip  you'll find in any ePaper product. It's 13% quicker than the Tab Ultra C and it  provides over 5 times faster download speed. Once you use the Tab Ultra C Pro, you will  realize that a smooth ePaper experience is   critical for any productive and focused task. Another important factor that improves the Tab   Ultra C Pro's capability is its enhanced memory,  which has increased from 4GB RAM to 6GB RAM. Thanks to the upgraded RAM, BSR and  a powerful processor, the Tab Ultra   C Pro will present a seamless experience  even if you open multiple apps at once. 

And we're making the app performance even better  on Tab Ultra C Pro by running it on Android 12 OS. With the built-in Google Play Store app, you  can download all kinds of apps in just a tap. Apps like Microsoft Word, Gmail, Flipboard,   and more to inspire you and  help you work and study better. On a color ePaper screen, everything  seems fantastic and unwinding.  The Tab Ultra C Pro also has an improved  document scanning function with the LED flash.

When you turn on the flash, you can use the  16-million-pixel camera to easily capture   a clear image of your document and instantly  recognize the words with the built-in OCR feature. The images can also be shared with friends  and colleagues via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is fantastic for teamwork and idea sharing. With the magnetic keyboard, the Tab Ultra  

and Tab Ultra C have changed how  people work on an ePaper tablet. And the Tab Ultra C Pro will  enhance the experience with   a new keyboard that includes a trackpad. For the first time, we've designed a  trackpad with multi-touch sensitivity   and custom gestures for an ePaper product, and  it will greatly increase your usage efficiency. You can easily go back or switch applications by  swiping up and down with three fingers, take a   screenshot with four fingers, scroll up and scroll  down with two fingers, and tap with one finger.

And you can customize all  the trackpad gestures in the   Settings to find styles that work best for you. In addition to the existing keyboard shortcuts   for changing the brightness and volume, there are  new shortcuts to help you do more tasks quickly. Here's how they work when  pressing the function key: Press zero, to enter the E Ink center to  change refresh rate and display colors. Press dash, to make the split  screen show up immediately. Press plus, to type an inquiry  and search information in Google.

With all the powerful functions and trackpad  gestures, you can smoothly navigate in the Tab   Ultra C Pro, visit any pages, and adjust  the settings without tapping the display. And when you toggle on the Caps lock,  you'll even see an indicator light.  The magnetic keyboard has also been upgraded  to improve connectivity and usability.  With the pogo pin connectors moved to panel and  strong magnets rearranged on the flat surface,   they will attach to the device firmly  and avoid possible disconnection.  And beyond stable connection,  you can bend the back case to   create a perfect using angle from  120 degrees to a flat 180 degrees.

And it has been tested to withstand  15 thousand times of bending. You   can use it for 20 years if you  adjust the case twice a day.  Along with the new design, the upgraded rubber  cup under each key makes typing more comfortable. It provides tactile feedback to let your  fingers know when you press a key and then   issues a responsive command to the tablet. And, for an excellent controlling experience,   we increased the trackpad space  to make it as large as possible   while maintaining an aesthetic balance  by using the tablet's similar ratio. Whether you're typing or just placing  the device and its keyboard on a desk,   they're understated but visually appealing. 

And, of course, the new magnetic keyboard is  made of better materials from the inside out. The edges are stronger, and the surface is  more resistant to scuffs and fingerprints.   And the typing panel feels softer,  giving your skin a smoother contact. 

The Tab Ultra C Pro's new magnetic  keyboard enhances the setup and brings   it one step closer to being an ePaper laptop. In addition to the keyboard cover, the Tab   Ultra C Pro is compatible with a three-fold  case and the BOOX Pen2 Pro magnetic stylus.  The three-fold case supports  the device from two angles,   making both reading and writing easier. The Pen2 Pro includes an eraser on the   bottom. So you can erase the strokes  just like you're using a pencil. All of the accessories make the Tab  Ultra C Pro more versatile and are   able to help with a variety of tasks. Next, let's talk about the Tab Ultra   C Pro's latest design upgrades and how we  took our users' wishes into consideration. 

Similar to the Tab Ultra and Tab Ultra C,  the new product's casing is made of aluminum,   which acts as a sturdy housing  for the hardware and display.  Users requested a lighter gadget, so we made  the Tab Ultra C Pro 30 grams lighter to make   it more convenient for you to carry to  the office or use when working outside.  The camera has a metal finish that  matches the aluminum gloss of the back   casing to make the design more cohesive. We also added two volume keys on the   side to make sound adjustments easier. The device as a whole is rendered in a  

stylish color that will fit in with both your  personal and business life without any issues.  So that's Tab Ultra C Pro, with the most advanced  processor in an ePaper product, BSR technology   for a fluid experience, improved memory and  lighter weight, Android 12 OS, a superior   camera, new aesthetically pleasing design, and a  multifunctional magnetic keyboard with a trackpad. It's the only ePaper tablet PC  made for professional use and   provides more possibilities with its color screen.  The Tab Ultra C Pro will be available on  our official website in the next two weeks. BOOX devices are powered by BOOX  firmware, which enables our users   to utilize the flexible tools to do  more on an eye-friendly ePaper device. 

Over the years, we've added the features that  our wide range of users enjoy and also require. Like when students use the split-screen feature  to run two apps or read books while taking notes. Or when academics use Article Mode to divide  A4-sized or larger pages into sections,   zoom in on each one, and read  them in any order they prefer. Users can also use BOOXDrop  to easily send and receive   files from their computer and mobile device. Not to mention the numerous reading  and note-taking tools available.

People take advantage of these capabilities  to capture original and well-organized notes,   sync them to the 10GB free cloud,   and easily share their work and ideas  with others via email or third-party apps. And of course, none of these functions  require a subscription. They are all free. And the most recent features take BOOX  devices and their versatility even further,   improving handwriting efficiency and  introducing new workflow processes.

Let's start from the SmartScribe. When writing in notes, you can now draw   a shape in one stroke, pause at the end,  and BOOX will perfect the shape for you. And you can use the new Fill Color feature  to fill in each shape with different colors.  You can also use SmartScribe  to easily edit your notes. So you're able to draw straight lines  and scratch off text to eliminate them  SmartScribe is even better because it can be  used on books with our built-in NeoReader.

You can highlight the text by  drawing a circle around it,   and by drawing a line underneath, it  will automatically become an underline. To help you review them effectively,   all of the highlights and underlines can  be found and sorted in the Annotations. And when you take handwritten  notes on the digital documents,   you can also perfect the shapes and revise the  notes as you would in the built-in Notes app. The SmartScribe seamlessly  integrates annotating and reading,   making the entire process more  distraction-free and productive. It's never been easier to take  notes while reading a book.  And there will be more additions to both  existing and upcoming product lines. 

In the latest firmware, you will be  able to use smart reading tools in   the NeoReader to create a summary of  the book, learn more about the author,   and do other things to help  you better absorb the content.  You can also add blank pages in PDFs to  write down your thoughts in extra space.  The hyperlinks in the notes allow for quick  navigation. When you tap the link and move to   another note, you can easily return to the  previous one by tapping the back button. And long-press the button can even  take you to more previous notes. 

These are the highlights of BOOX firmware  features, which include various methods   of multitasking, free essential tools for an  effective workflow, and new functions that can   help you work smarter and more productively,  such as SmartScribe, new AI Read tools,   the ability to add blank pages in PDFs,  and quick return to notes with hyperlinks. With the latest firmware upgrade,  the Note Air3 C, Tab Ultra C Pro,   and other BOOX devices will be more capable of  helping you work smarter and more effectively. Today, we unveiled a brand-new color E  Ink tablet, Note Air3 C, that can serve   as your sole eReader and digital notepad, as  well as a next-level color ePaper tablet PC,   Tab Ultra C Pro, that can deliver the  laptop-like experience on an ePaper device. And we demonstrated some incredible  BOOX features that users adore,   as well as how our exclusive refresh technology,   BSR, will change the E Ink world, ushering  in a new era of smoothness and productivity. Today is a day to remember. We hope you enjoy  the new products and features as much as we  

do. And we're grateful to everyone  who helped make this event possible.  Thank you for joining us, see you next time.

2023-10-22 10:38

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