Blender Book Tutorial! Easy Enough So Even The Technology Challenged Can Understand! *Fun! Weird!*

Blender Book Tutorial!  Easy Enough So Even The Technology Challenged Can Understand! *Fun! Weird!*

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[Music] welcome to another YouTube video um today's video is going to be a change of pace uh the last few videos have been music videos that I've composed on my own this video will be a tutorial on how to make a book in the software blender so what is blender for starters blender is a 3D and 2D animation software that can be used to make a variety of different things whether or not you want to make something for YouTube you want to make a 3D animated movie like Toy Story or frozen or any other thing that you can imagine or just still frames or maybe even one of those GIF type videos you see for relaxing uh music on YouTube so essentially this software can be used to make that so what we are going to be doing today in blender is we are going to be doing an easy tutorial on how to make a book now there are many models out there that do not have exactly what you're looking for so if you're a professional animator or someone that is first starting to get into animation this will be an easy tutorial on how to make a book or a manga to exactly what you would like to make so if you would like to make a book with a specific color or a specific book title this tutorial will teach you all of that so by now you should have this view up if you still have the start screen up just go ahead and click off to the side to get to this view um if you want me to create a video on how to download blender I can do that so that you know like what is safe to use to download this and how you get this app this is only available on Windows so if you have a phone or a tablet unfortunately and sadly this is not available on these devices I wish it was but this device is very very um high-tech this is a I9 process processor computer this is the highest processor computer out in the market right now I don't actually think it's even in the market right now we had a special order this specific computer but even with this specific computer uh this software still crashes which sucks because like this is supposed to like render and be able to handle this but apparently this software is like so complex and like so high in like memory and RAM usage that just crashes this stupid thing so now that you have this um what we are essentially going to be doing is we are going to be scaling this Cube along all of the axises so what we're going to do right now is with number eight on the number pad or if you don't have a number pad um the key to the left of number one which is the toothpaste looking thing I'd like to call it that because that's what toothpaste looks on your toothbrush you're going to hold that down and select with your mouse top view so now what we're on is we are on the top view of our Cube so as you can see it just looks like a uh like sort of like a DVD uh cartridge disc whatever holds your DVDs if you guys even still use that crap I mean people who were born in like 2000 2005 you know what I mean like we still had DVDs back then but now it's all that stupid streaming crap but anyways um so make sure you select your Cube by clicking it and then what you're going to do is on your keyboard you are going to hit s and Y to scale it up about right here and then now what you're going to do is you're going to hit s and X on your keyboard and scale it to around right here if you're making a manga I would recommend maybe scaling this a little bit like this or maybe like that if you're making a children's book maybe do it like this but I'm gonna do it like this if you're making a children's book I admire you because I love children's books even though I'm 18 years old I love them I still like to read them and in the next video I'm actually going to be reading one that I made on myself for our kids so now that we've got the basic inference um if I go to right here or if my mouse hold down the mouse little thing right here that um the scroll part of the Mouse um you can see that our Cube still looks like a cube um we don't want that because instead it would just look like a book case of books and uh maybe like a stack of movies or something like that so we don't want that so what we're going to do to actually make it look like a book now is um with the camera like sort of like this we're not in top view anymore like we're in like a side views or whatever um we're going to hit s and Z on our keyboard and scale it down to about right there so there you go now we all have the basic book inference of what a book should look like in the next step we are going to be adding some more detail in depth to our book so it just basically looks like a basic Cube or maybe some sort of like uh movie cartridge or like game cartridge that hold your game discs or whatever in so next we're gonna do is we're gonna add like The Ridges like the sides of the book here that um hold the pages and we're going to add some pages into there and then after that we're going to be adding some UV editing and shading up to the top here to add some covering if you wanted to add a book cover on the bottom the same steps would apply to how you would do that on the top but I'm assuming that um for your environment you just have the book sideways um vertically or you would have it like this where um it would probably be on like a table or some sort of surface you would be animating in your uh uh environment so essentially you wouldn't need to add a cover to the bottom because the camera would probably only be showing the side here or the top here but the same steps apply to the bottom so we're just going to do that so we have the basic layout of our book we have it kind of like a book now so now what we're going to do is we're going to add some more Dimension and more pages like I said so to do this we are going to go to edit mode in order to do that you're going to hit tab on your keyboard to go to edit mode right here and then you're going to click out of the cube so it's deselected and then now what you're going to do is you're going to hold down control and r on your keyboard um you're going to make sure that the yellow line here is um going horizontally across your Cube you're going to click and you're going to click and drag up so that it's about here and then you're going to keep doing that until you're about right here you're going to make little like intervals around here so like I'd say a preferable space would be a route right here and you're just going to keep doing that until you go to about right here and I will speed up the video as you do that and then I will regroup to explain the next step all right [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so by now you should have had um the loop Cuts all throughout your book here so it's starting to look pretty good I mean it has all of the details and it kind of looks more like a book now now there's one thing we need to do in order to make it look more like a book and that is to add though we're just here that kind of holds in all the pages together and for your Loop Cuts if you add in more vertices or had it in different spaces or places within that that is perfectly fine because as you know we need to achieve a look of realism of our book each book is different it has different thicknesses and Pages different amounts of pages and all of that so now what we're going to do is we're going to be adding another loop cut switch into our book here so in order to do that now what we are going to do is again you're going to hold down control and R at the same time um this time you want to make sure that your Loop cut here is vertical so it's not horizontal like this it has to be vertical and to do that make sure you have it like towards the top there or if your top view so it kind of looks like this and then you're going to click and drag to about I'm gonna say maybe about right here so then you have the ridges now and now what you're gonna do is up here you're going to select face select and then what you're going to do is you're going to select this face right here hold down shift and move your axis right here or with the roller on your mouse to about here select this face and then come around to here and then select this face right here do not select these because otherwise um this would be completely out of whack you don't want the pages all around because it wouldn't look like a book and it wouldn't be realistic and if we have this bridge right here it would make it look more like it's in place and more like there is actually pages that are sticking out or coming up from the book so with all these selected now what we are going to do is we're going to hold down alt and E on our keyboards at the same time and we're going to select extrude faces along normals and then make sure you move your mouse down to a little bit and once you get it at a preferable uh area within the book you're going to click and then we're going to be doing the same thing with this the reason why we don't select these top ones right here also don't select these ones down here is because of the fact that this is the top of our book that's our book cover and this is the bottom from here to there that is our pages that make up the book so now what we're going to do is we're going to be doing the same thing with all of these except for that one and this one and for all these varying lengths um we're going to select all of these right here um do the same process if you have any questions you can comment if you uh need some clarification feel free to uh repeat some areas in the video to recap and refresh on how to do this I will answer any questions you have so with this for each individual page make sure you make it smaller than the last so it gets more of a variety and a different type of Randomness to this so it looks more realistic so go ahead and do that now except for these and these and I will regroup and I will talk about the next step which is the UV editing and the shading all right foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] ER in render View mode and our book looks great we have the pages down and we have the basic book Lookout now it's time to add some color um one thing I'm going to mention is if you wanted to add some ridges or some indents to this side where the ridges are the only thing I'd suggest doing here is selecting the book uh going to edit mode and then adding a loop cut uh vertically right here and adding it like beside that selecting the face and then doing o e and extruding along normals and then doing that but um that is if you want to add more detail to your book so now what we're going to do is we are going to be adding UV shading to our cover on our book um the same process applies with the side of the book too so but I'm only going to show you how to do the top part first and then we can do uh the side view as well so what we're going to do now is we're going to go back into edit mode as you should I'm going to delete this Loop cut here real quick um and now what we're going to do is with our face select we are going to select these top two faces here okay to select this you're going to hold down shift and click that just like these two paste faces right there and um on your keyboard press p and then separate by selection because if we select this whole entire book um the whole entire book would turn uh the book cover and we just want to uh separate this so that only this face right here turns into the book cover so now what we're going to do is we are going to go into the shading up here and as you can see there's already a principled bsdf and a material output node here um so um if you do not have that on here make sure you select new material over there to make sure that happens and what we're going to first do is we're going to do shift a and then we are going to go to texture down here and we're going to come up here and select image texture and put that on here and then what you're going to do is you're going to hold down the left click on your mouse where it says color drag that to base color right here and as you can see it turns black okay okay um okay so before you do this make sure that this whole entire book is not selected so click out of that and then just click this and create a new material or if you've already done the last step just select two on there and then just go to shift a texture and uh image textured again and drag color to base color okay so now it works so this is good that means the texture is applied to there the reason why it's black is because you do not have an image on there so now what you're going to do is you're going to go to your preferable browser and okay I have Norton safe search on here um Norton's a good company I suggest um investing in that that will definitely keep you your browser and you safe on the internet I recommend that um and so I'm just going to go to Google Images yeah slow internet am I right who else hates slow internet okay so Google Images or if you already had the Google uh search up as your uh default uh setting for your browser just go ahead and type into the Google search um your favorite book or whatever book you would like to make um type in that um for example The Hunger Games um and then book cover The Hunger Games is my favorite book Susan Collins is a really good offer even though it's a book about killing children I just think that the story is so appalling and it's just like so um good and it's it's very sad but like the story Katniss Everdeen and her integrity and her um contribution and her um sacrifice for her sisters just very very um moving so that's why I like the book it's also very entertaining like if you're also into the Hunger Games it's a good book it really is okay now we now before we wait for that to learn okay now that you have your book cover here um whenever you get an image that you would like like the book cover or whatever um you're gonna click on that should come up to this um we're just going to wait for this uh really bad internet here to load the image um this internet is terrible insert Spongebob meme [Music] all right there we go so then what you're gonna do is whenever you have the image you're going to right click and then you're going to select save image as and while we wait for this lousy thing okay so then you're going to save it to whatever directory you want so in this case I'm just going to save it to downloads and just name it Hunger Games book cover and if you don't want to rename it that's fine just click saved go back to blender and then click open and locate the file in your directory so here it is and as you can see of course it's going to look like that um that's because of UV editing um skilled past the image so now what we're gonna do so this is good if your image is on there you're going to go over to the UV editing tab at the top an object mode by selecting tab well first in order to indicate if this works what you're going to have to do here is you're going to have to go to render viewed mode here or a Viewpoint shading same thing um I'm going to go back to edit mode you're going to do a to select all faces up here and as you can see it's scaled down so it's only showing half of this or just a small segment of this so over here you're also going to press a you're going to click here make sure that you're in this tab and press a on your keyboard and then you're going to scale it up and then press G to move it here and then of course you have this but but we have this on the side so that's not good so what we're going to do is we're going to select this vertices right here press G on your keyboard and move it to this corner then you're going to select these two vertices right here so you're going to hit shift and drag your mouse to select these two vertices and then you're going to put this vertices right here on the corner of that um select this vertices right here put it right here select these two vertices well deselect that select these two vertices with shift click and drag put it right here and boom we got the book looks great now the only thing we're missing now is the side here and for this case um what you're going to do is for the side here if you can just go to the Internet and try to find um uh The Hunger Games book and like side view or something like that and try to um go into like crop and try to crop the side so you can be able to um put the image shade node and edit that in UV editing the only difference with that is um you would select all these vertices inside but you would rotate it to um this angle right here in order to do that but with this book um let me see to look up a reference um Hunger Games new book we'll see how vague the Google results are oh for once it actually comes up with something that's um coherent for a change Google's search results are awful um okay and a second half come on I don't have all day wow well but at least it's not up here I'm talking about um The Watermark all these images I swear have the Getty Images watermark on it Watermark ruins everything laughs so we're just gonna wait for this to load um [Music] is waiting I don't have a d oh so now um I'll just show you an example since like obviously I think I want to make this look extremely realistic so you're just gonna save it as whatever at this point I'm lazy so I'm not even going to rename it so I'm just going to do save um go to my file uh folder right here and locate the file and then what I'm going to do is zoom in and then go up to here where it says emit at edit image I cannot speak today and then what I'm gonna do is run this bottom here I'm gonna do it the whole way until it's about right there do not save it as a copy because we're gonna end up having our computer completely trashed and ruined by all this crap and we have the Hunger Games right there booyah all right and now we're gonna go back into blender konnichiwa had a couple things sorry I have to speak Japanese I just realized before um that this would look like an accordion instead if we did it like that so what we need to do is we need to dissolve each individual vertices here so to do that we're just gonna select all this to like hold down with the right Mouse there and select all of these vertices right here and make sure they're all selected and press X on your keyboard and um uh no dissolve edges first and then just come over to um select each of these here individually and just do um you know what just keep that on there I don't really think that will matter I just realized um before when I was speaking Japanese I did not say thank you correctly um I was just trying to be weird it's actually um Arigato Arigato I know a few things in Japanese but I don't know much yet but I'm studying to become fluent because um if I could speak as many languages as possible I would love to be able to communicate with other people in different languages only Japanese I know so far is aishita which is um I love you in Japanese and um um I'm gonna say something in Japanese um um anatawa Kawaii desperate for you John yeah I just um said that um someone in particular is really cute so um um anyway um enough of the um quiet um Japanese uh uh Tomodachi stuff um friends stuff all right um so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna separate this by selection which I don't know if I already did that already let's see yep we did so if you haven't already um go to the shading Tab and um make sure that you add a new material or select number two to add the new material and then what we're going to do is we're going to do shift a go over to texture image texture put that here and then drag this over to there if the winter book turns black just select out of all that make sure you select this again and just do the same process and we're going to go to open again and locate that file from earlier with the side view and yet it looks like that again which is okay so now we're going to do a on a keyboard here then click over here and do a and then kill it then like do it to about right here do it vertical this time um select these two vertices up here G these two these four right here um let's see so we're just gonna do it to about right there and then um yeah okay that works so just um rotate it with r again and then like put this about right here and then what we're gonna do is with these two select these two right here and then do G put it about right here and select um this vertices up here by clicking out of that and um doing that let me click out of that select these right here and then do that so now we got the basic book it looks great um I hope this proves helpful to you guys and I hope this is a good tutorial if you have any questions feel free to answer in the comments I will be free and I will answer as many questions as I can I hope this is helpful and I hope this proves easy but before we end this video I'd like to address a few things the first thing I'd like to address is to personally apologize on behalf of you the audience upon the terrible video quality and terrible audio quality as well as a lot of speech impediments I've had for a video as you know verbal communication is not easy for me so I tend to mess up upon communicating you're doing things anonymously and also writing things helps a lot more and I can do it a lot more efficiently than talking verbally so usually most of my videos I'd like to have as no talking videos or other videos that use text in the videos instead but I hope that you will understand these unpredicted circumstances the second thing I'd like to apologize on is the quality of the video um it was not intended to be like that um it just so happened that the recording software I was using to turn the video to be fuzzy um I personally apologize on behalf of that and I apologize for the background noise as well um as you know living on a highway is not easy white noise is definitely an issue as well that's um inevitable you can't avoid that um and I'd also like to um say from my last videos I am well aware of the issue of some of the lyrics to My Song being off Tempo and the um audio being a little grainy I'm well aware of these issues I will try to fix them and if I can or I'll try to fix them in the future but I hope that they weren't too bad that they cause the hindrance to your viewing um I personally would like to create a wide variety of different types of videos so instead of doing music videos all the time I decided to change it up a bit because I think because I said in my synopsis of the welcome video that I would do a variety of videos honestly for the subscribers I have so far I thank you very much um you guys are very nice and awesome I do not expect anybody to subscribe to my Channel at all I don't even expect to go viral all I want is for at least one person to have impact on my Channel or someone who is having a bad day to have a better day by watching my videos so for the people who are subscribed I think you you guys are very kind um you guys are um very good friends um I appreciate everything that you have done and said to me I appreciate you um accepting me and supporting me even though I am not on some um particular apps anymore because of personal reasons and um I'd also like to thank my best friend for um always supporting me and accepting me um she has motivated me to be on this channel start my own channel and to record my videos it's not easy but because of her I'm able to create these videos so I thank her very much I thank her for being there and I thank her for being my friend and I missed having so much conflict and stuff in my life and I thank you guys for watching the video I am sorry for the quality again and I'm sorry if my videos are not up to your standards or your satisfaction but I hope that my videos can at least give you some a healthy dose of oxytocin and um happiness to end your day or start your day and also help you escape from the terrible life in which we live thank you guys so much for watching on the next video um I haven't decided yet it might be uh one minute ASMR video uh an anime video where we watched one of my favorite animes together or we're looking at some of my artwork that I've done or Another music video um if you guys have any requests or have any recommendations of what other videos I can do I would be happy if you could let me know in the comments I would be happy to make any type of video you'd like because I want a suit Taste of people from many different audiences and many different backgrounds and all that um so yeah thank you so much for watching this video again if you have any questions or any concerns or anything like that do not hesitate to reach out to me I'll respond as soon as I can I'll answer all of your questions and I will always be there so if any of you guys ever need a friend or anything like that you need someone to like listen to you or whatever I'll be here because I am not a judgmental person I will accept people regardless of sexuality regardless of regardless gender whatever I will always be supportive I will always accept you because the world is so full of hate we need to give kindness back what's the point of hating someone and having that reciprocate back onto you you don't want to cause that to replicate onto other people because what happens is that that only creates more trouble and I just don't think hate or violence is the answer in my opinion I think we should all be kind to each other because hate and crucification upon others of what they have done to you is not right at all you'll love each other we shall treat each other with kindness you shouldn't hate someone just because I don't know Jewish or gay or any of that stuff we should all love each other because that's what God puts her to do I am a person of God so I'm going to love everybody no matter what I'm not expecting you to love people I'm not expecting you to not not like someone but all I'm expecting you to do is try to do something that can make a difference say one word just whatever it is actions words whatever it is do something that can make a change in the world to make the world end of the Tate and violence and all of that stuff words have more impacts than their actions start saying things that can impact someone like it's just a simple hello just a simple compliment can make a lot of change so try to spread kindness and try to spread what God has you to do in this world I thank you very much everybody for watching this video take care have a nice day and God bless see you next time [Music] thank you foreign [Music]

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