BACK 2 BAM BUILDERS OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES - Full movie 4K documentary (Civilization, History)

BACK 2 BAM BUILDERS OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES  - Full movie 4K documentary (Civilization, History)

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foreign Gontier came to Egypt with us for the first time in 2007. a geologist and ethnominologist at the musee de Loma Paris his mission is to identify the Rocks used by ancient Egyptians that's where it all started for him [Music] together we visited some of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world where we discovered construction particularities that the generally accepted hypotheses can't explain in March 2016 he agreed to accompany us again when we filmed Builders of the ancient Mysteries [Music] this time he requested more precise measuring equipment exactly what was needed to quantify our observations [Music] foreign if we think about history [Music] concerning certain periods and the hypotheses generally admitted [Music] none of them explain the Precision we measured [Music] that's what you will see in this documentary this is how and why we proceeded aiming to verify what our intuition suggested [Music] we are an independent research team whose members come from varied backgrounds scientists engineers technicians Architects stone masons and passionate researchers if our approach confuses or bothers certain historians that's to be expected because our procedure is different we chose to somewhat distance ourselves from the models imposed by history because we notice that its memory is not always reliable and worse that it can influence our Outlook [Music] let's take the Great Pyramid as an example our perception will be different based on what we think we see instead of things that are presented like this or something like this [Music] it's all a matter of perspective foreign let's start with what history tells us about our species based on recent discoveries The first Homo sapiens appeared 300 000 years ago they lived as hunters and gatherers and small nomadic tribes for 290 000 years before first settling down and taking up in Sumer ancient Iraq approximately six to seven thousand years ago at the beginning of civilization in this chronology Egyptians started building pyramids about 3 500 years later and there is obviously no room left in these states for an ancient Advanced civilization that would have been the origin of ours well the first thing that becomes apparent to the unbiased Observer is that there is a huge contrast between certain gigantic monuments and the methods supposedly used to build them [Music] since these sites date back to time is when we only had primitive technology it is therefore possible to achieve them with primitive technology that's the general approach that archeology uses on this topic which seems normal when we consider the process of technological advances that Mark our history from the invention of the wheel thousands of years ago to nanotechnologies but as the late Jean Louis bostell and experienced stonemason said foreign this approach is problematic it influences our view and keeps us from thinking freely the builders left us no explanation of their methods we are not certain of the dating of the structures and we still don't know how they were built the generally admitted hypotheses is that these monuments were achieved by the use of primitive Technologies and a very large Workforce over a very long time span by this model of progress pushed by history why immediately discard all other hypotheses by declaring them impossible for example the use of Machine Tools in ancient Egypt is seen as absurd because everyone knows that Egyptians didn't have Machine Tools to go further how do we know that because history says so based on what on the fact that we have not found machines pieces representations or even texts mentioning machines we could answer that there is no record of the building of these ancient sites but yet they still exist we could also ask what such tools would have had to be made of to last thousands of years is [Music] we could then observe that we have found objects and representations of strange objects that were either misunderstood or considered ritual or religious items because of their strangeness as for the texts we think many are not studied the right way that story as a matter of fact is told in full detail in the ad for building text but all this does not prove anything however you look at it because the absence of proof is not the proof of absence are we really sure that we've made a breakthrough in terms of how we understand ancient ways of thinking instead of speculating we've decided to look into what we have in front of us The Monuments we have decided to study them with the best instruments at our disposal to make them talk because in the beginning on paper it all seemed unlikely [Music] because our history orients our view when it forbids this type of associating different sites from different areas that argues for a common origin but any link between these two sites is deemed totally impossible because of their historical political and religious context which is precisely what some people criticize us for neglecting more precisely we are criticized for not accepting what history says about them history says the Temple of the valley was built approximately 2500 years before Christ and Machu Picchu approximately 1400 CE of course a four thousand year separates these two sites one single source of this technology seems strictly impossible so where do these dates come from the ones we are most interested in come from elements found nearby or inscriptions since it's almost impossible to date the carving of a stone we date bones or other organic matter or known objects found on the sites humans have the unfortunate habit of always rebuilding on the same site this complicates research since it is impossible to dig deeper without damaging the sites what percentage of the actual total amount of existing objects is represented by those we have found we don't know so what is left once again what we have found at Machu Picchu we can clearly distinguish two Styles this one and this one a fact that some people explain this way is archeology says that this site would have been active for only a century very damaged in some areas it would have endured earthquakes that would have destroyed or damaged blocks of the Sacred structures that were nevertheless not restored identically how can that be explained let's dare to ask what if this part of Machu Picchu is much older than the rest of the constructions dating back to the 15th century how can we know that thanks to new technologies and non-destructive methods that are increasingly powerful and reveal what is still buried under sights because as we've shown in the previous films the same difference of styles is observed Elsewhere on the planet we can observe this same phenomena of the use of different Technologies in numerous ancient sites archeology explains it by the fact that such differences are inherent in Homo sapiens everywhere there have been people they did the same things that includes the use of stone blocks weighing several dozens of tons and the strange handbags represented in Gobekli Tepe Sumer and in Peru these populations would have started with the most complicated and durable method assembling complexly shaped stone blocks with no cement held together by nothing but Precision which with they were cut then this technology was slowly lost and people ended up building an easier and less durable ways Egypt as a whole seems to go against the idea of linear progress remember the words of the American engineer Chris Dunn and then you follow the progress of that Civilization over 3000 years and it ends up they're still using the same tools that they started with that doesn't make sense that Paradox is hard to explain is foreign good question either humans at different times in history always end up losing their knowledge or the same cause has produced the same effects everywhere but we can't see that because of the dating another way of dating these sites is done by the inscriptions found when they are available for example the sarapam of Sakara goes back to the 18th Egyptian Dynasty around 1500 BCE it's 22 Granite tanks contain the mummies of sacred Bulls foreign [Music] this tank is the only one with hieroglyphic carvings on the outside but when you look closer the work is very imprecise and poorly done it's hard to conceive that the same people who crafted these tanks with such care could be satisfied with such flimsy Engravings however these Engravings have determined the dating and the function of these tanks is let's take a second example of dating by inscriptions the caves of barabar and nagarjuni in India where even more than in the sarapeam the level of precision is astounding once again we know of no archive or text that describes how this was achieved it is on the basis of this simple unskillful inscription that the grandson of King Ashoka is credited for carving these caves it is said that for political reasons he gifted this place to the members of a sect so that they could have shelter from the monsoon rains this inscription alone defined the whole historical context both political and religious for these mind-boggling caves it's why they've been classified as shelters created with primitive tools at this point everyone knows it couldn't be any other way the context determines the tools and techniques period that may be the reason these caves have not been really studied and are mostly unknown in the western world in this particular case we can wonder about the validity of dating based on inscriptions since in one of the caves there are inscriptions from a more recent period this one goes back to the 5th or 6th Century after Christ this too dates to the same approximate years which shows that throughout time people have had no hesitation about writing on the walls which is probably the case with the first inscription these caves are unique because they were chiseled out of a rock as hard as granite history tells us that these workers were capable of succeeding on their first attempt these five rectangular Chambers were cut with extreme precision they are totally symmetrical with walls as smooth as glass foreign after this was achieved no one was ever capable of doing it again [Music] everything produced in the following centuries as spectacular as it may be never equaled the unique Precision of these caves but we had to scan them in 3D to grasp this Precision that contradicts the vague idea we have of how they were made in order for the idea of scanning them to even occur to you you must first think that our history may be different than what we believe which is a step we take easily as the sarapam and barabar show us history doesn't just influence our judgment it also has a short memory but in its defense that's normal knowledge has such a strong power that it is a target of choice for conquerors throughout history in that respect as revealed by the author Selby and Steinmetz the Persians burned Egyptian temples and writings in 527 BCE and 40 years later in 490 BCE they burned many Greek writings Wars led to more Wars and the need for revenge in persepolis in what is now Iran in 330 BCE the Greeks led by Alexander the Great destroyed 12 000 written volumes produced by the Magi one century later into 14 BCE the emperor kinshi Wan who inherited one of China's Seven Kingdoms subdue the other six and ordered the destruction of all their books including some by Confucius in 146 BCE the Romans come onto the stage and destroyed 500 000 Phoenician parchments in Carthage then in 52 BCE Julius Caesar ordered the destruction of all the books of the Druid College a little later towards 250 CE The Great Library of paragamon is said to have been destroyed by Christian fundamentalists but it should be known that Mark Anthony is said to have already gifted to Cleopatra in 41 BCE 200 000 books from that library in 270 CE the famous Library of Alexandria holding 400 000 to 700 000 books depending on sources was burned by the Romans and to wrap up this dark period for the memory of knowledge in 391 Theophilus destroyed what was left of the Library of Alexandria said to have still contained 42 000 books at the time these events covering only a short historical period allow us to understand why we have so little information on antiquity if the antikythera mechanism had not been miraculously discovered in an ancient shipwreck in the early 20th century no one would have ever known it existed it took many centuries before something similar was created again it is not only had history forgotten its existence it categorized texts describing it by Greek authors as fiction is and this was only two thousand years [Music] but if it reminds us that history is quick to forget it also shows us that objects don't last Beyond this achievement it's the conceptualization that precedes it that makes Engineers like Matias bhute Marvel what makes the mechanism extraordinary and even more incomprehensible is the fact that we can forget the existence of this object as far as forgetting goes it can get even worse history forgot the beginning of sedentary life like parents forgetting the first steps of their own children this crucial moment marks the beginning of our civilization when some of our hunter-gatherer ancestors decided to settle down and become Farmers which for a while are history situated seven to eight thousand years ago in Sumer the site of gobeckley Tepe buried close to 12 000 years ago teaches us a lesson because of its very existence and a technological level that is totally anachronic is chronology [Music] a discovery that could make us consider more seriously this hypothesis of an ancient civilization that disappeared in a cataclysm at the end of the younger driest period approximately 13 000 years ago as seen in our previous films this is [Music] foreign but since about 30 years ago researchers have noticed that something was not right all these major sites of our past we were shocked by the flowing lines the Purity and precision of the achievements that always give us the impression of an easily and well-mastered craft making us believe these Builders could achieve whatever they wanted no matter what the challenge foreign [Music] claims that ancient people were irrational based on their beliefs as soon as we don't understand something we think it's because it's spiritual or religious which keeps us from properly understanding these constructions over the years we've gotten used to recognizing the strange details on the sites it seemed perfectly normal to follow our intuition and do something no one else had ever done before to run the rifometer on the blocks of Pumapunku news [Music] this moment we are about to unveil contains the essence of our approach the way we look at what our eyes give us to see foreign foreign the plateau of tiwanaku in Bolivia at an altitude of 4 000 meters [Music] is [Music] Eric always tries to explain the work with ancient stone cutting techniques that are the simplest after observing on his first round [Music] foreign [Music] that's the classic scraping technique but this time we didn't just rely on visual observation Eric requested that we come with a roughometer is this is necessary to quantify the Precision foreign at this moment again Eric like many archaeologists seem self-confident says many feet that's when we reached the Tipping Point the machine reveals a very particular surface is absorbed by his measurements he doesn't immediately realize the implications if it is possible to achieve using abrasive techniques it gets harder on the internal sides of the block where they are just as smooth as the external sides and with very precise angles imaginable s [Music] um imagination is while shooting in Pumapunku someone on our team made another Discovery the H blocks are exactly one meter high two German archaeologists noted the same fact back in 1992 but it went completely unnoticed with the help of a rangefinder using a laser to measure Eric measured different parts of the blocks [Music] we're going to measure another block that is in perfect condition but somewhat inaccessible Eric is somewhat embarrassed he cannot explain it he hesitates searches for Words then suddenly says foreign foreign [Music] the problem is not only achieving such flat surfaces even in the angles but that the dimensions are identical from one block to another um foreign s were made only vague ideas resulting from visual observations like Eric made on the first day with the rafometer and the rangefinder even while he admits that it's an enormous job Eric mentions copper tools and abrasive stones but after measuring all the sizes and surfaces his Outlook is totally different these measurements showed us something we hadn't noticed standardized production of complex shapes carved in andesite a rock that is as hard as tempered steel and with a surface as flat as modern concrete given these results these must have been done with something more than the copper and abrasive tools he hesitates to talk about it questioning the current standard hypotheses is a hard pill to swallow departures um pukwa we are going to talk about the metric system again but before that why are we the first to be so closely interested in the details of these blocks probably because history makes this useless we don't know how these blocks were made but we are certain it was with primitive tools that's a constant that makes this situation almost grotesque how could we formulate a hypothesis on the way the Rocks were cut based on partial information these details are so important that once known they are precisely what makes Eric change his mind and not the other way around to measure is one thing but to be able to explain how this was achieved is another to better understand the difficulties of carving rocks you must know their level of hardness is [Music] a harder Rock can scratch a softer one but it doesn't work the other way around if you take granite or endocyte which are at hardness level 7. copper is at 3 and can't scratch or Pierce them foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] on the hardness scale almost the same level as the tempered steel that is necessary to carve it otherwise you must have braid it and that is exactly the problem Eric is looking at faced with the repetition of the same dimensions from one block to another contrary to what some people say we never oppose the idea that it is possible to cut hard rocks with a copper blade and abrasive [Music] is the question is not whether or not cutting hard rock is possible but rather whether or not it's possible to cut all sides of a several ton block with such Precision is the career mode is the basalt cvcc is imaginations [Music] pictures is there is a big gap between observation and the rare hypotheses that were never actually put to the test experience [Music] [Music] [Music] but since history says so it must have been done with primitive tools like these or more precisely foreign noted to build you need a blueprint that is even more true with the Great Pyramid given its size even if egyptology claimed for a long time that it was not here like in Pumapunku if your eyes are not trained to see the Precision if you follow the reconstitution of workers at the Times the pyramids were built you can easily confirm the idea that with thousands of dedicated workers it could be achieved in 20 to 25 years to just pile up the rocks on top of each other with no guarantee they will hold in place that doesn't work for the building of the Great Pyramid remember this article from a previous film said that it would take 80 trucks a day five days a week over 12 years just to fill up a quarry with the volume of stone comparable to the Great Pyramid foreign [Music] reflection foreign Ty the Great Pyramid is either the tomb of King Khufu or his cenotaph built in 25 years during the fourth Dynasty although no one seems to agree on when his Reign began or how long it lasted tomb or cenotaph it's a little confusing so let's specify that a tomb contains a body where a cenotaph is a sort of Monument to the dead without a body this hesitation comes from the fact that no actual body was ever found in the Great Pyramid nor in any pyramid of the first dynasties which some egyptologists explain by looting whereas for others these are only symbolic monuments remember this old controversy reported by Pliny the Elder mentioned in the previous films the 12 authors who disagreed on the function of these pyramids history only remembers the writings of the Greek Herodotus once considered the father of History who first said two thousand years after the supposed date of its building the Great Pyramid was the tomb of Khufu today egyptology is distancing itself from this Theory but unfortunately none of the other 11 writings remain this is another reminder that history is based on sources and in this case they're no longer in existence the result is a biased view based on the thinking of these ancient authors an assumption that it was always thought that the Great Pyramid was a tomb but that is now questioned by various researchers based on older compiled writings the historian Abu saliman al-kabi reports that in the past scientists posited four possible functions for the Pyramids of Giza astronomical observation tombs storage of goods and knowledge or disaster shelters he explains that Muslim Scholars only consider two functions astronomical observation and depositories of knowledge The Scholar al-sayudi attributes them to a very remote past arguing if they were built in our times the knowledge necessary for its construction would still be known to man for classic Muslim historians in general the origins of Egyptian civilization go back much further in time than what western historians claim if we do not have Egyptian writings explaining the use of the pyramids and herodotus's claims are wrong on what basis can we conclude that the Great Pyramid was khufu's tomb that hypothesis is getting harder to maintain first the name Khufu is written inside the Great Pyramid on the blocks inside a closed space above the pharaoh's chamber the inscriptions are poorly inscribed with red ink and we have not yet been able to see them from close up there is a controversy around their authenticity the only way to resolve it would be to date the organic material inside the ink German archaeologists from the University of Dresden did that in 2013 but not in a legal way so the egyptology community rejected the results still in 2013 Pierre talay's team found the mirror Papyrus the logbook of a foreman at the time of kofu describing the process of transporting the Limestone from the Quarry in Tura to Giza this very particular Limestone dancer and finer than the brown Limestone that is found at the center of the Great Pyramid was used on its exterior cladding and also on the medium pyramid as well as Elsewhere on the site [Music] objectively even if khufu's name is mentioned in the Papyrus just like in the red inscriptions nothing proves that this is a tomb tomb or not what is the importance of that question if it's a tomb it must have been constructed during the reign of Khufu in only 20 to 25 years and it keeps us from looking beyond the function of a tomb not considering any of its particularities because as stated earlier you don't look at a tomb and an object that has an unknown function in the same way historically speaking the Great Pyramid is part of an ongoing bidding war since the Jose step pyramid where each Pharaoh would outdo the size and complexity of their predecessors to demonstrate their power which curiously comes to a halt with Khufu since the Pyramid of Caffrey is smaller than the Great Pyramid and mankara's pyramid is even smaller if there still is an argument for coffrey's Pyramid built higher up on the plateau making it look taller it gets harder to argue for the small one but that's not the only contradiction the first Egyptian pyramid would be the Jose step pyramid then comes the flat-sided ones the Pyramid of May Doom the bent pyramid and The Red Pyramid then comes the three from the sighted Giza then only smaller pyramids are built with bricks almost all collapsed again we see a pattern where the older constructions are the biggest and most durable even though we have scientifically studied the Great Pyramid for more than 200 years still don't know how it was built the image of thousands of workers wearing loincloths under the blazing sun maneuvering thousands of blocks with ropes and wooden sludges is deeply rooted in our minds [Music] ETS for the megalomaniac Khufu presented as an enthusiastic pyramid Builder all we have is a little statue seven centimeters high almost as if you were purposely erased from history who can believe that such a construction site could have been organized with no writings as far as construction sites go Khufu is dwarfed by his father sneferu who built three huge pyramids the May Doom the band pyramid and The Red Pyramid for a long time it was believed that the Pyramid of made Doom belonged to King huni who died before the end of its construction and that his son sneferu finished it before building the bent and The Red Pyramid but it now seems that sneferu gets credit for all three we don't know whether these were built simultaneously or successively but all combined according to archaeologists estimations they totaled close to 3.5

million tons of stone blocks for a 25-year Reign that represents 390 blocks per day every day what draws our attention is the obvious question if the pyramids are tombs why did snefaru need several of them a rush to build the biggest tomb several tombs for the same King these hypotheses are sometimes hard to defend without a big stretch especially given the strangeness of these buildings wood fragments in the Great Pyramid found by the astronomer piazzi Smith during the previous Century have been dated to 3341 and 3094 BCE which pushed back by more than 500 years the dating previously accepted by egyptology that shows how little we know we also wonder why three of these pyramids are slightly octagonal The Red Pyramid the Great Pyramid and the small pyramid but strangely not the median pyramid no one mentions this except in these terms in reality this is impossible because we would notice cracks everywhere this would also mean that the other pyramids are octagonal for the same reasons this is not insignificant it means they had to alter 90 centimeters at the base of the Great Pyramid which on 115 meters both ways implies moving each block less than half a degree and repeating that on each side and the higher up you go the smaller the angle gets as if it were not hard enough to pile up 203 layers of different heights in a single pyramid making it even harder with the precise Cardinal alignments you should not confuse the two methods for pointing North which can be achieved at Night by aligning a string to a star or at the equinoxes by observing Shadows with this whole building's orientation that requires constant verifications to achieve only a tiny minimal error of 0.05 degrees for such a big building that is nothing to recap approximately 4 500 years ago people carved into the Bedrock of a plateau an underground chamber 30 meters deep on top of which was built at 230 meter Side Square with only a two centimeter variation where 140 meters of blocks were piled up by using 2 million blocks of limestone of an average weight of 1.5 tons each in 203 layers of different heights forming an eight-sided pyramid totally centered and aligned with the four cardinal points with modern precision this Subterranean chamber is now connected to a narrow Hall approximately one meter in height by one meter wide and 100 meters long angled at precisely 26 degrees that connects to another just as narrow Hall leading to a 50 meter long chamber 8.5 meters high the most spectacular chamber in this pyramid this chamber leads to an empty room on one side with an empty statue in each where nothing was ever found roughly in the middle of the room but perfectly aligned with the central axis of the pyramid the top of this chamber leads to an anti-chamber that has a security system that is totally useless with another narrow Hall leading to a chamber made of granite blocks that weigh between 12 and 70 tons on the ceiling that were transported from 900 kilometers away to build a double square shaped room that is precisely horizontal and vertical pierced by two narrow tunnels close to 40 meters long where the only object present is a tank where no mummy was ever found all this to satisfy the megalomania of a king done in 20 to 25 years by 2000 workers with the help of peasants four months a year [Music] based on these observations it seems rational and safer to admit that history simply forgot how and why this pyramid was built because nothing absolutely nothing proves that this pyramid is a tomb but if the Great Pyramid is not a tomb what is it [Music] first it's a geometrical object with specific proportions pi and the golden ratio for example this Dimension divided by this one gives us pi the visible surface of the Great Pyramid the four sides divided by the invisible surface or base gives us the golden ratio the visible height divided by pi is equal to the total height multiplied by the squared golden ratio Etc but for egyptology since Egyptians didn't know about these numbers their mere presence is an accident so you can imagine that bringing up the meter in this context is so surprising that it gets immediately rejected with the justification that if you work on the numbers you will always find whatever you want a ship is this point brought up in the previous films might be the most problematic because everybody knows the Egyptians knew nothing about metric measurements are we really sure of course first because Egyptians measured in cubits second because the meter was invented in 1795 thousands of years after the Great Pyramid if the meter was not already determined by our ancestors way before our time then this is an extraordinary coincidence close to 2500 BCE using a measuring system called The Royal qubit supposed to be the measurement from the elbow to the tip of the fingers of a king the Egyptians built the highest ancient stone building 440 cubits wide added space and 280 cubits high as we previously mentioned we note the presence of these two numbers that the Egyptians were not supposed to know 3 500 years later in France the Cathedral Church and Castle Builders used the Keen as a five-unit measuring system five different units that are organized around the golden ratio whose sizes may vary from one region to another French royalty eventually imposed a single measurement the medieval royal king it just happens that the Royal medieval Cubit which is part of the Keen has exactly the same length as the Royal Cubit used for the Great Pyramid 3500 years earlier let's follow this lead towards the end of the 17th century the great Isaac Newton who demonstrated the existence of gravity since the link between the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and the Earth 1781 in a book dedicated to the king of France the mathematician Alexis Jean-Pierre pokton also brings up a link between the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and the Earth which has yet to be measured precisely 1795 the meter is invented its value is established at one full rotation of the earth divided by 40 million to achieve that the distance between Dunkirk and Barcelona was precisely measured which gave us the value of the meter as we know it such a specific value that it will still take close to two more centuries to realize that by Chance the meter shines in on certain enigmatic instructions on our planet built centuries and sometimes millenniums prior although they govern the mathematical relations between the dimensions of the Great Pyramid these two numbers were supposedly unknown to their Builders then thousands of years later French royalty established the use of the same qubit as used in the Great Pyramid The Coincidence doesn't stop there the first coincidence takes place in France where the Royal span linked to the medieval qubit is precisely 20 centimeters five spans is precisely equal to one meter which seems meaningless but apparently miraculously this connects these two measuring systems and brings us to a second coincidence the medieval qubit is 0.5235

meters 1 6 of Pi [Music] the third coincidence occurs in Egypt just as the Royal medieval Cubit is the same length as the cubits used in the Great Pyramid which is one-sixth of the pie in meters with the value attributed to one meter certain dimensional ratios of the Great Pyramid give us pi and the golden ratio directly readable in meters thousands of years before the meter was defined the fourth coincidence occurs this time in Bolivia with again the value attributed to a meter eight shaped blocks on the pre-incocide of Pumapunku are exactly one meter long and one meter high with other measurements that are a whole number ratio of a meter [Music] the fifth coincidence is an Easter Island related to the Giza plateau and many other enigmatic sites from the past on the great circle where once again because of the value given to a meter the distance between Easter Island and Giza is 10 000 times the golden ratio in kilometers 100 times Pion meters 10 times Pion meters 10 000 times the golden ratio in kilometers if the size of the Earth were divided by any other number than 40 million none of this would have ever existed so what some people may still ask to determine the meter you have to have measured Earth who was capable of doing that so long ago put all these coincidences together and you get the most enigmatic tomb ever built on the planet if some people stick to the hypotheses of workers armed with wooden tools ropes and miraculous coincidences we have chosen to not believe anything convinced that science will recognize science we decided to use the latest technology to verify our intuition especially when far very far from Egypt the choice of the meter produces a sixth coincidence this time in India in the cave of sudama on the site of barbar its Dome is six meters in diameter with a segment of a sphere 3 meters in radius with its Center at one meter above ground all this because in 1795 we decided to invent the meter and gave it a specific value that thousands of years later shine a new light on Ancient masterpieces of engineering for which we have no documentation and no memory since the Royal qubit was transmitted why not the meter maybe miracles do exist but when they come together in rocks that are so hard with such Precision it isn't Magic anymore it is science [Music] in the previous film we presented the results of the 3D scans that revealed High Precision symmetry but at that point we hadn't yet measured this precision [Music] in late February 2020 we filmed the complete debriefing of the analysis of the scans by an engineer from the AGP company and then went back to barabar in March to verify what we had missed here again everything started with an intuition when we first visited these caves [Music] having noticed a huge gap between what has been published on these caves and our own observations we decided to go back and scan them in 3D glasses foreign with no measurements without a trained eye use the Precision and knowledgeable about how granite is carved you could totally miss what we found to verify an intuition is quite expensive especially when speaking of 3D scans far from home but it was worth it the results were far beyond our expectations foreign here is the 3D scan of the gobika cave and the nagarjuni site in India was not created by software it's the actual cave recomposed by millions of points projected by using rotating lasers to scan the walls as we showed in the previous film the lateral walls of this cave are not vertical but very slightly inclined at less than three degrees thanks to this study we now know that the angle of inclination changes by three tenths of a degree along a span of 8.1 meters what we had missed before is that they are slightly curved um the curving is 7.5 centimeters deep this cave is actually only composed of curves that fact was not recorded in any archaeological documents we were not capable of seeing that with the naked eye and that's why we came back to verify it in March 2020. to measure the level of symmetry announced at the end of the last film The AGB company cut this scan lengthwise and then superimposed the right segment on the left and vice versa the result is astounding 62 of the 44 million points that comprise this scan are almost at the same place a remarkable feature um let's not beat around the bush to cut such a large and complex volume into Granite with such precise symmetry seems impossible this degree of precision was part of the technical specifications decided upon before even starting the work our symmetrically polished mirror-like walls necessary to shelter from monsoons the idea is problematic we find the same degree of precision in every one of these caves we'll go into this in more detail in the next film we needed a 3D scan to discover what we couldn't see with our simple measurements and Naked Eyes that makes us wonder what did the builders use to obtain and verify this degree of precision we find the same Precision all over the planet where normally we shouldn't so how do we wrap this up decorative element tomb Monsoon shelter that's what history tells us today yeah history has marked our minds with the idea that touching it is sacrilegious and can cause extreme reactions from certain historians but if you needed to build a pyramid or a massive wall would you call a technician or a historian for us it all started with an intuition that our present civilization is not the first time out for 300 000 year old homo sapiens intuition that all the common factors of these archaeological sites could be explained by something other than mere coincidence a false assumption that keeps us from questioning anything [Music] why not consider this explanation a transmission of knowledge to our ancestors who were still hunter-gatherers by the survivors of an ancient civilization who could have been perceived as Gods wouldn't an evolved science be perceived as magic in the eyes of those who know nothing about it how does an actual hunter-gatherer react when he sees what modern technology allows us to achieve the same intuition that our history is wrong in assuming that Civilization is only 10 000 years old this implies viewing history through the prism of War as if Humanity were essentially evil and War inevitable I believe the evidence supports the view that we have lost a whole civilization from our historical record we are a species with amnesia but where do we go from there in today's Western modern complicated reality some people wonder what positive value could all this bring to our lives other than satisfying curiosity by filling in the blanks of our history the answer is that our history interrogates our future and the world we're going to leave for our children we are constantly innovating society that thinks that everything was always less advanced in the past after all our research we find ourselves imagining a past far more developed than previously thought produced to the tales of centuries and Millennia past by a Humanity that has become amnesic our elders have a lot to teach us they were capable of building Monumental features that have survived Through the Ages as a badge of honor for our species yes Humanity was once capable of all that for the beauty of it but maybe even more we are now going to carefully follow other leads like the production of energy to achieve these sites energy was needed and in large quantities Way Beyond that provided by human or animal muscular strength the lead on conducting research using sound frequencies also seems promising we are currently working on all the data compiled at barbar we still have to precisely quantify what we have just mentioned briefly thanks to our collaborative research team that constantly broadens its technical skills our work goes on we will be back soon to share all this with you for a better comprehension of the achievements of these ancient forgotten builders foreign foreign [Music] foreign

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