AMD 2022 Product Premiere

AMD 2022 Product Premiere

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Hello and thank you for joining us today for our first Product Premiere of 2022. As always, we love kicking off the year with CES as we roll out new products and preview some of the next-generation technologies we've been working on. It's never been a more exciting time to be in the semiconductor business. We are in a high-performance computing mega cycle today.

From digital transformation in businesses, to AI and supercomputing, to the devices that we   rely on for school and work... computing has never been more essential to our daily lives and we see this trend only increasing in the years ahead. Whether in PCs, the cloud, gaming, or supercomputers... AMD is all about pushing the envelope on high-performance computing. And as a result, AMD products are everywhere. We focus on deep code development with our partners to build solutions for today's  

most demanding experiences and challenges. It all starts in the cloud where AMD powers the services   that connect billions and helps make us all more productive from virtually anywhere and at any   time. Microsoft Teams and 365, Meta, Tencent Meeting, Twitter, Zoom, and many more use our EPYC processors.   And in the enterprise, leading Fortune 500 companies are increasingly selecting EPYC to power their infrastructure. And as you all know we just love PCs. The last few years have  

seen tremendous innovation and our next-generation Ryzen and Radeon processors   will raise the bar for the experiences we can expect from commercial, creator, and gaming PCs. We also love gamers, because they're always looking for more performance to enable the most immersive experience possible. Which is why we're so proud that our Ryzen and Radeon   technologies power the best experiences from PCs to game consoles to cloud gaming.  In automotive we've also partnered with Tesla to enable the next generation of in-dash infotainment.   And in phones, our partnership with Samsung will enable new mobile gaming experiences   as we bring low-power RDNA2 graphics to their next-generation flagship SOCs.

Now turning to PCs, we've seen remarkably strong growth in PCs over the last two years with overall shipments increasing 30 percent and notebook shipments growing by an amazing 49 percent. And as a result, we shipped a record 350 million PC in 2021, as an industry. Today we're going to focus on what comes next for PCs, including new notebook APUs and GPUs, desktop GPUs and Ryzen desktop processors. Let's get started with our new Ryzen  Mobile Processors and next-generation notebooks.

Since launching our first Ryzen Mobile Processors at CES in 2018 we have consistently   executed our multi-generational roadmap and delivered a new Ryzen mobile processor every year   As a result we have built deep  partnerships with all of the top PC OEMs  as they have also expanded their adoption of Ryzen mobile in each new generation   In 2021 our partners launched more than 150 premium ultra-thin commercial and gaming designs, resulting in AMD achieving record mobile processor market share. Now it's time for what's next. Today I'm proud to launch our AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile Processors,  that deliver leadership performance, battery life, and much much more. We have so much new technology   in the 6000 Series. It starts with an updated Zen 3+ CPU core optimized specifically to deliver leadership performance per watt for notebooks. And I know this is one the community has been requesting for the first time we are bringing RDNA2 graphics to our notebook APUs.

The RDNA2 graphics upgrade brings a massive increase in performance compared to our prior generation   and is the same graphics IP powering the latest generation consoles high-end gaming PCs and Teslas.   For increased performance and greater power efficiency, Ryzen 6000 APUs are built using TSMC's 6nm process technology. And to enable our partners to build the ultimate notebooks, we paired our leadership mobile processor with the latest in memory and connectivity technologies, including low power DDR5 memory, USB4 and Wi-Fi 6E. And the performance is just amazing.

Ryzen 6000 powered notebooks feature our fastest Ryzen processor ever   with boost speeds up to 5GHz, we're delivering an average of 1.3x faster performance compared to the 5000 series across a wide range of compute-intensive benchmarks. And with an RDNA2   graphics built in, it's a massive leap, double the performance. This is just an enormous generational  uplift compared to our Ryzen 5000 mobile processors which were already the best available. Now looking at the application performance compared to our prior generation Ryzen 6000 APUs deliver up to 69 percent faster video editing, more than double the 3D rendering performance   and double the 1080p gaming performance. We've also worked closely with our customers and partners to   enable unique security features. To better address the evolving security threats facing the industry  

I'm very proud to announce that Ryzen 6000 series will be the first PC processors that integrate the   Microsoft Pluton security processor. Our co-development work with Microsoft eliminates   entire attack vectors on notebooks, better protecting critical data like system credentials, user identities, encryption keys, and personal information. The Microsoft Pluton processor   combined with our other security features, delivers the most innovative security in a PC processor. Now the performance and security are great but when it comes to notebooks, battery life is so important.

And this is where the efficiency of our Zen 3+ core and 6 nanometer process technology really shine.  We've made significant design optimizations and enhancements in our Ryzen 6000 processors to   deliver leadership performance per watt including an all-new adaptive power control framework, and   new power management features that will enable up to 24 hours of video playback on a single charge.  Put all of that together and you simply have the world's best all-around notebook processor. To show you Ryzen 6000 in action for  the very first time and tell you a bit   more, here's Jason Banta, general  manager of our OEM PC business. Thank you Lisa. At the heart of  Ryzen is Zen. AMD's award-winning  

core architecture driving the computing revolution. In 2021 we launched the highly successful   Ryzen 5000 with the high-performance Zen 3 core. It set the performance standard for gaming, content   creation, and productivity in premium notebooks. In Ryzen 6000 we introduced the Zen 3+ core  

bringing into perfect balance high-performance and incredible efficiency. For Zen 3+ we   deliver stronger performance that can really be felt by gamers, creators, and professionals. At the same time, that performance uplift needed to come with substantial core power reduction. This enables longer battery life, reduced fan noise, and a cooler notebook in those Ryzen   6000 platforms. 50 new power management features were implemented since our Ryzen 5000 platform. We developed a brand new set of deep sleep states to take the core to an extremely low power state   in between operations. And finally we  re-architected our system management firmware to  

be smarter. Our new adaptive power management can learn from the OS and utilizes more on-die sensors   to adjust speed more quickly and accurately. AMD is the only team that can deliver a performance core   and an efficient core in the same core. Now let's see what it can do. The Zen 3+  

core shines in cases where performance really matters. We've upped our game in raw APU horsepower, logging substantial gains in both single-thread and multi-thread computes. Cinebench R23 single   thread has improved by 11 percent and multi-thread has improved by 28 percent. A combination of improved frequency  

and enhanced clock residency delivers performance across the most demanding applications.   But when we translate that to real  productivity and content creation applications,   the result is even stronger. PC Mark 10 extended which blends a suite of real-world applications   shows a 28 percent gain compared to our Ryzen 5000 series product. These Ryzen 6000 performance   gains also come with exceptional battery life, in the latest laptop designs. Today's laptops are becoming a critical part of our lives, from virtual meetings, to streaming, and creating, but nothing is more frustrating than a noisy fan or a low battery warning during an important zoom call, or a thrilling Netflix episode. Therefore we put power consumption front and center in Zen 3+.

Over a 30 percent system power reduction when running Microsoft Teams, 40 percent when playing Netflix, these improvements mean a quieter cooler system and the battery life to ensure your laptop lasts. Ryzen 6000 also brings the most advanced graphic engine available in a laptop. For the first time   we are bringing the incredible RDNA graphics architecture into a mobile APU. The Ryzen 6000   graphics engine is simply phenomenal. It offers up to 12 RDNA2 compute units setting a new  

standard for APU graphics. It is the first mobile APU to support hardware ray tracing. Compared to Ryzen 5000 graphics, the  RDNA2 engine supports a 2x larger cache   The overall graphics engine is 50 percent larger than the prior generation of Ryzen mobile, and Ryzen 6000 is optimized for Fidelity FX Super Resolution and Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate.   The combination of Zen 3+, RDNA2, and FSR enables the dream of true   1080p AAA gaming on an ultra-thin, APU-only notebook. We told you that Ryzen 6000 delivers   twice the performance of Ryzen 5000 but let's look at it against other products in market. We see it as significantly faster than the integrated xe graphics available in the tiger lake 1165 g7 notebook, but let's look at it against discrete solutions in market as well. Annually over 19 million notebooks are  sold with an entry class discrete gpu   such as the geforce mx450. That adds system price and reduces battery life in your notebook.

Ryzen 6000 APU graphics also beats  that mx450 discrete graphics hands down. but Ryzen 6000 graphics gets even better. Last year we launched Fidelity FX Super Resolution. This technology unlocks faster frame rates through real-time upscaling of game content.

We're bringing this capability to the Ryzen 6000 APU. For this next demo, I want to show you   Far Cry 6, a AAA title recently released from Ubisoft, and here we'll compare the Ryzen 7 6800U running with Fidelity FX Super Resolution on and off to show a dramatic difference in frame rate.   59 frames per second average of gaming performance on this exciting visually rich title. This represents over a 50 percent gain  really showing the power of FSR on an APU, but this is not just the case with one title. These AAA results spread across the games we tested on Ryzen 6000, here we focused on some of the more intense gaming titles in the market today.

This is what only AMD can do in a notebook by bringing together the best core, graphics, and software, we   unlock a new paradigm in pure APU gaming. Far Cry 6, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Godfall, demanding   AAA titles, true 60 fps 1080p AAA gaming on an ultra-thin APU is now possible with Ryzen 6000. Ryzen 6000 also introduces an  all-new connected laptop platform.  

First there's an all-new high-speed USB4, this delivers 2x the transfer speed compared   to USB 3.2. With USB4 a 4K movie can be transferred in under 7 seconds. And the USB4 ecosystem   is emerging rapidly with advanced stocks, ssds, and displays leading that charge.   We're excited to be an early adopter  helping to enable that ecosystem.   PCI Gen 4 enables the latest generation of mobile GPUs, NVMe drives to their full potential with   twice the speed of PCIe Gen 3. Most notably, the Radeon 6000 series lineup of GPUs supports this  

high-speed interface from top to bottom ensuring that phenomenal GPUs won't get starved for data.   We've enabled the latest DDR5 or LPDDR5 on all Ryzen 6000 platforms to ensure the RDNA2 engine   is properly fed delivering the optimal graphics experience. And this is truly a connected platform. Our deep partnership with a number of wireless providers ensures fast responsive WI-FI 6   and WI-FI 6E solutions are available on  Ryzen 6000 laptops. And finally Ryzen 6000  

rocks an all-new display engine delivering the richest visuals of any notebook platform.   HDMI 2.1 and display port 2 are available as well as the latest video streaming standards   such as AV1. The Ryzen 6000 capabilities at a platform level are simply incredible, however the system experience is truly what matters we've partnered with PC OEMs and the team at   Microsoft to ensure the most premium components are enabled and optimized in Ryzen-based laptops   from high-end storage, to displays, to wireless, we partner to ensure the Ryzen 6000 experience   is exceptional. To introduce you to this incredible lineup of partner notebooks let me hand it back to Lisa. Thank you Jason now let's look at how our oem  partners are bringing ryzen 6000 to market   i'm excited to start by showing you the  brand new and exclusive lenovo thinkpad z   the thinkpad z brings the best of everything  we offer with ryzen 6000 to an all-new thinkpad   amd and lenovo co-designed the thinkpad z to  enable the ultimate collaboration laptops for   business users with the most advanced security  and new features including premium oled displays   a full hd camera dolby atmos audio and a 3d haptic  touchpad look for these ultra premium business   notebooks starting this spring in addition  to the thinkpad z we have a record number   of premium commercial consumer and gaming notebook  designs powered by ryzen 6000 on the way this year   in fact more than 200 premium designs are  coming from acer asus dell hp lenovo and rzr   we can't wait for these systems to launch  they're truly some of the best notebooks ever   and to power all those different notebooks we  have 20 different ryzen 6000 mobile processors   optimized for ultra thin commercial and gaming  designs and you should see the first ryzen 6000   notebook starting in february okay now let's  shift our focus to high performance gpus   for that i'd like to introduce amd fellow  and corporate vice president laura smith thank you lisa 2021 was a great year for radeon  our goal is gaming leadership across the ecosystem   and the journey continues to be exciting  we architected our dna ii graphics for   performance scaling performance per watt  leadership and for broad technology adoption   our dna ii is the backbone of the  rx 6000 series graphics lineup   we first introduced the incredible 4k performance  of the rx 6900xt through to the rx 6600 series   enabling high performance 1080p  gaming and features for pc gamers   gaming is an immersive experience and a great  gaming graphics card needs a great display   and software to deliver the complete experience we  continue to work with display partners and the amd   freesync ecosystem has grown beyond 2 000  displays in addition we're certifying even   more premium displays featuring 8k resolutions  and displays with refresh rates up to 480 hertz   and we're actively working with partners like  Samsung Display to certify AMD FreeSync Premium   Pro on QD OLED displays. For the benefit of nearly  all game developers graphics hardware and gamers  

we launched our open source upscaling technology  fidelity fx super resolution which gives an   unprecedented performance improvements to  compatible games at the end of 2021 we had   over 45 games supporting fsr and another 22  are expected in the first half of this year   fsr is one of the most rapidly adopted  technologies in the industry 2021 was also the   year radeon returned to gaming laptops leveraging  the highly efficient and high performance rdna 2   architecture we saw product releases from top oems  featuring the radeon rx 6000m series graphics now   let's jump into 2022 and the new technologies  and products we have to share with you   over the last few years there has been  incredible growth in gaming laptops   and ultra thin gaming laptops are now the  fastest growing segment at a rate that is   three times faster than traditional gaming laptops  today we are introducing the amd radeon rx-6000s   this series is specifically built for thin and  light gaming laptops these gpus are optimized for   power efficiency and enhanced with new performance  per watt technologies pushing high performance in   the most compact devices twenty percent thinner  weighing less than four and a half pounds   as i mentioned last year we introduced the radeon  rx 6000m series lineup for traditional gaming   laptops this year we're growing the offerings  we are introducing faster performance graphics   solutions with faster memory and higher game  clocks and we are also expanding the reach of   the models in this series with a new discrete gpu  this new gpu is built on six nanometer technology   designed for low power gaming today we are  announcing a whole lot of new amd radeon   mobile gpus to bring the best experience to every  gaming laptop for the slim line we have three   models averaging over 80 to 100 frames per second  in the latest aaa and esport gaming titles for   the m-series we're introducing the new rx 6850m  xt our fastest gpu for extreme gaming laptops   and new 6650 models delivering up to 20  percent more performance over the original   6600m and a brand new gpu for gamers available  in two models the amd radeon rx 6300m and   the 6500m for our desktop gamers today we are  introducing a new six nanometer gpu that brings   rdna 2 graphics to even more gamers the amd  radeon rx 6500 xt this graphics card has the   fastest sustained gpu clock rates ever at over 2.6  gigahertz includes 16 hardware ray accelerators   16 megabytes of infinity cash and supports  the full suite of adrenaline software features   let's take a look at the  performance of the rx 6500xt almost half of desktop gamers are playing  on a gtx 1650 rx 570 class or lower gpu   games play best with the newest technology and the  rx 6500 xt graphics card is a substantial upgrade   showing an uplift of up to 59 faster frame  rates than your previous graphics card   in aaa and esports gaming and the radeon rx  6500 xt is optimized with our full suite of   gaming technologies to supercharge the gaming  experience pushing frame rates at high settings   well above 60 frames per second with fidelity  fx super resolution in these three titles   gamers can get up to 46 percent higher frame  rates let's talk about pricing and availability   the radeon rx 6500 xt partner designs will  be available january 19th starting at 199 as exciting as 2021 was for amd radeon our  engineers are delivering an even broader graphics   portfolio for 2022. from eight models introduced  last year we are delivering on our promise to   offer a full portfolio of graphics solutions  with a completely new slim series lineup for   thin and light gaming even faster premium mobile  graphics solutions and new discrete graphics   accessible for even more gamers today all together  we are increasing the number of radeon rx 6000   models to over 18 with the over 300 solutions  from system integrators graphics card partners   and oem designs 2022 is going to be a great year  for all gamers and do-it-yourselfers i'm excited   to introduce frank azur to tell you more about  radeon software and new amd gaming solutions   thank you laura at amd we're committed to  delivering a solid stable feature-rich and   high-performing software experience in 2021 we  introduced 22 new and improved features via our   amd adrenaline software including new features  like one-click auto overclocking and we made   several updates to popular features like radeon  chill anti-lag and amd link just to name a few   we've also introduced performance optimizations  resulting in up to 15 faster frame rates from your   radeon graphics cards while also delivering tuned  drivers for over 40 new game releases on the day   they launched soon we'll be rolling out our next  major adrenaline software release and i'm excited   to share with you today some of the new features  you'll see in it as you know by now fidelity   effects super resolution has been a huge success  with support from major studios and new titles are   being added weekly but we challenged ourselves to  figure out a way to give you the benefits of fsr   for all your games well we've done just that  i'm excited to announce that we've taken our   fsr technology and we've integrated it into the  next version of the adrenaline software suite   this new feature it's called radeon super  resolution and it allows you to get the   performance benefits of fsr across nearly every  game you own radeon super resolution can be   enabled in two easy steps simply turn it on in  your adrenaline software lower the resolution   in your game settings and rsr will take care  of the rest nearly doubling your frame rates   rsr is just one of the awesome new features  we have planned for you in this next release   here's a sneak peek of what more you can expect  from the upcoming adrenaline software release radeon graphics users will be able to download the  new amd adrenaline software starting in q1 2022   next let's talk about amd advantage  which we introduced you to last year   with amd advantage we're working to raise the bar  of what defines a great gaming laptop experience   we've partnered with oems to design best-in-class  gaming laptops by providing them with a design   framework that ensures the premium performance  delivered by our ryzen cpus and our radeon gpus   is felt through all aspects of the laptop's  experience there are three key things to know   about amd advantage laptops first we've amplified  their gaming performance by optimizing amd's   cpus and amd's gpus with our smart technologies  second they come equipped with high refresh   rate and premium quality freesync displays  and third we focus on each model's cooling   acoustics sleep and resume times battery  life performance and hundreds of other   design decisions making them truly built to game  when you buy an amd advantage laptop you can be   certain it's been designed from the ground up to  deliver a great gaming and computing experience   our first amd advantage partners launched seven  different designs with us featuring all amd   hardware and our amd smart technologies  smart shift and smart access memory   as press and analysts have noticed the amd  advantage design framework takes the guesswork   out of buying a premium gaming pc and gamers  themselves have given us their overwhelmingly   positive reviews and ratings on these systems  as we continue to challenge ourselves to raise   the bar i'm excited to introduce you to  our 2022 amd advantage design framework   this year amd advantage devices will include the  new processors and graphics and software you've   been introduced to here today along with  several new amd smart technologies they'll   also include new freesync premium displays  ranging from 144 hertz to 360hz at full hd   resolution and new designs leveraging quad  hd and even 4k screen starting at 120 hertz   and of course all these laptops are built to  game with a minimum of pci 4 nvme drives at   least 16 gigabytes of dual channel ddr5 memory  and now a portfolio of thin and light designs   to complement our new amd ryzen 6000 series cpus  and radeon gpus we've developed a new set of amd   smart technologies to amplify your performance  even further in these systems first we're making   enhancements to our smart shift technology new  optimizations for 2022 improve how your laptop   shifts power between the cpu and the gpu smart  shift max will deliver increased performance and   works better across a broader set of games and  workloads than original smartship technology did   for example in the game tom clancy's the  division 2 where the original smart chip   exhibited no benefits smartshift max is able to  boost performance by an additional 10 percent   when enabled and in many games that already  benefited from smart shift like strange brigade   smartshift max is able to double the  uplift as compared to the original   next let me introduce you to a  new feature we call smartshift eco   when you unplug your laptop this new configurable  option automatically runs games on your ryzen   cpu's integrated radeon graphics allowing  you to game longer than ever when on battery   while plugged in games will run on the full  performance of the laptop's radeon rx discrete gpu   delivering maximum frame rates this new automation  can mean the difference between gaming for minutes   versus hours when on battery smart shift eco  will be available in amd advantage laptops   later this year most gaming and creator laptops  today use a hybrid graphics implementation to   offer improved battery life however there's  a performance compromise that comes with   these efficiency benefits as a discrete gpu  must be configured to display its graphics   through the cpu introducing latency and therefore  lowering frame rates to solve this we developed   amd smart access graphics smart access graphics  intelligently switches the display between your   ryzen and radeon processors to optimize battery  life or to enable maximum graphics performance   for an additional 15 percent higher frame rates  over traditional hybrid solutions now let's   take a look at some of the next generation amd  advantage laptops featuring these new technologies   we're excited to reveal the newest partner to  join the amd advantage lineup our collaboration   with alienware has led the development of the most  powerful 17-inch amd advantage laptop ever built   the alienware m17 r5 features a ryzen  6980hx cpu a radeon rx 6850m xt gpu   and our latest smart technologies  it's also the first laptop to include   amd smart access graphics the system comes  paired with up to a gorgeous 120 hertz 4k   ultra high definition freesync premium  display with dolby vision certification   and alienware's cryotech cooling featuring a  vapor chamber design and element 31 thermal   interface material it also comes with an ultra  low profile cherry mx mechanical keyboard   the alienware m17 r5 amd advantage edition  raises the bar for enthusiast gaming laptops   two years ago i was on the ces stage proudly  introducing the first asus rog zephyrus g14   gaming laptop and it's been a huge hit in the  industry redefining what is possible in a highly   mobile and performant gaming laptop today i'm  excited to announce that the next generation of   the zephyrus g14 will feature ryzen 9 6000 series  processors and now include radeon thin and light   mobile graphics offering gpus up to a radeon  rx 6800 s along with amd smart shift and smart   access technologies this laptop will feature a 14  inch high refresh rate freesync premium certified   display as bright as 500 nits with rog intelligent  cooling and an enhanced anime matrix display   option along with an ir camera this thin night  laptop weighs less than three and a half pounds   the industry's first 14 inch amd advantage gaming  laptop will be available in select regions in q1   amd advantage laptops make choosing a great  gaming laptop easy and as a result we've received   requests from partners around the world to offer  their very own branded models this year multiple   system builder partners such as origin esi tech  joy and many others will release a wide array   built around the amd advantage design framework  paired with our new ryzen 6000 series cpus   and up to radeon rx 6650 mxt graphics and  supporting the latest amd smart technologies   these systems will feature up to a 16  inch quad hd freesync premium display   with refresh rates as high as 165 hertz  and they'll be as thin as 19.9 millimeters   expect to see these laptops launching in the  first half of 2022. with amd advantage we're  

bringing the best gaming laptops to market to  keep up with you while you work create and play   and the response from gamers has been incredible  i'm excited to announce that in 2022 we'll be   launching more than 20 amd advantage laptops  with our partners thank you so much for your   time today let me hand it back over to lisa  happy new year and i hope you have a great 2022. thanks frank and laura i can't wait for gamers to  get their hands on those new gpus and advantage   laptops now let's close with the desktop pc our  multi-generational zencore roadmap has enabled   amd to deliver leadership desktop processors since  we first brought zen to market as the ryzen cpu in   2017. today tens of millions of enthusiasts gamers  and creators around the world use ryzen processors   but we know they always want more more performance  and the latest technology so let's talk about   what's next at computex last year we showed  you a demo of a ryzen prototype with 3dv cache   we're leading the industry in 3d triplet  technology our approach provides over 200   times the interconnect density of 2d triplets  and more than 15 times the density compared to   existing 3d stacking solutions this enables  a much more efficient and denser integration   using less than one-third the energy  per signal of competitive approaches   today i'm excited to announce that we are bringing  3d triplet technology to market in our ryzen cpus   the ryzen 7 5800 x3d is our first verizon  processor with 3dv cache technology   it features 8 cores 16 threads up to four and  a half gigahertz boost and a large 64 megabytes   of 3d cache to go with the 32 megabytes  of 2d cache the 5800 x3d drops right into   existing am4 motherboards and delivers a  significant boost in gaming performance   looking at the performance in 1080p gaming we  see a significant increase in performance in many   games with the 96 megabytes of l3 cache across the  entire suite it delivers an average of 15 percent   more frames per second than our previous  fastest gaming processor the ryzen 9 5900x   and when compared to the competition's best gaming  processor we're proud to say the combination   of the zen 3 core and amd 3dv cache once again  makes ryzen the fastest gaming cpu in the world   customers often say they just want a game and  want the fastest processor for the job and the   5800x3d delivers and i'm happy to say that ryzen  7 5800x3d will be available starting this spring now i want to give you one more  update today on our desktop roadmap   since 2017 we've introduced 123 processors across  12 different product families in four different   technologies to the am4 platform that is just a  remarkable amount of innovation but as always we   continue to push the envelope and i'd like to give  you a preview of our next-gen cpu and platform   zen4 is the next big step built on five  nanometer process technology zen4 will   extend our performance and performance  per watt leadership in desktop pcs   for the very first time let me show  you our next generation ryzen processor this is the all-new five nanometer  amd ryzen 7000 desktop processor   it's currently running in our labs  and the performance looks incredible   and just as we did with ryzen 6000 mobile our  next-gen ryzen desktop processors will be paired   with next-generation memory and connectivity  technologies to deliver the ultimate experience   in addition to the new ryzen 7000 cpus  we're introducing an all-new am5 platform   am5 features an lga socket and includes a support  for pci express gen 5 ddr5 memory and much much   more now let's see ryzen 7000 and zenfore in  action for the first time what you're seeing   is 1080p gameplay footage of halo infinite running  on a pre-production five nanometer ryzen processor   to give you an idea of why we're so excited  about zen4 you can see beautiful gameplay at   very high frame rates and i can tell you  that all of those zen 4 cores are running   at 5 gigahertz during this demo this is the next  generation of gaming and pc experiences from amd and i'm happy to say that we're on track to bring   ryzen 7000 and am5 to the market  in the second half of this year now to wrap up it's been fantastic  sharing so much innovation with you today   we're bringing leadership products  to every segment of the pc market   we'll start with radeon 6500 xt available january  19th the first notebooks powered by our ryzen 6000   cpus and radeon 6000 gpus will arrive in february  and ryzen 7 5800 x3d will launch in the spring   and we are super excited to launch our next  generation ryzen 7000 desktop cpus in the second   half of 2022. i want to thank all of you  who have joined us today on the product  

premiere live stream we look forward to  a great 2022 and seeing you again soon you

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