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Amazing Skoda New Technology System 2018 | Safety Tech

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Hello guys today we. Will talk, a little bit about, Skoda. New, technologies. And what. You will expect, to have in your car when you buy a new Skoda. The, old car almost all car the new ones. Have. These, options. And. It. Is an option to buy it or not to buy it but. All, the, SCOTUS, car, from 2018. They. Are. They. Are. Able to. To. Install this. Kind of technologies. And now I want to start here and. Show, you this nice animation. And, I. Will explain, you in detail every. Single. New. Technologies. And the way it. Help, you, because. These, new, technologies. Are. Really. Amazing and really, save. A lot of lives. And. Help. You not, to. Make an, accident, or. Crash so first first, of the technology. It's the blind, spot, detection. So. Plants spot. Detection detect vehicle. In the blind spot, so. For. Example, when a car. Coming. Right. Pass you with bigger. Speed, and. It is in a blind spot and you cannot see this car. It. Is in the mirror a red. Light that a blink, and, show. You that a car. It's in the left, or right side and. It. Helps you know that it's some car there and. You. Will not gonna. Change. The lane and make. An accident. Let's. Go to the next one. Here. Lane, assist that. Help. You to stay in keep. Your vehicle, inside the lane if your car comes too close to. One of the lane marking, the system. Uses. Active steering. Correction. To adjust your position and, alert you with a visual, warning help. You prevent, the collision, so this. Will help you stay, in the line for example when you go out. Of the plane. They. Will help you and steering, a little bit and keep you in the lane but. This. Is I really. Test, this and it's really useful, it's. Really, really useful. Technology. Now. Another. Option it, is fatigued. With detection. For example when you are. Tired. Wherever, you're drawing more. Than. 65. Kilometers per hours, the. Fatigue, to detection, monitors, movement, is the power assisting. Steering, if, it detection. Any. Abnormal. Driving, behavior, such as more, promotion. Steering, correction. It worm you that. You may. Be. Getting tired and recommend, you to take a break I don't, know this is a really cool stuff but I don't, know how many drivers. Take. This in consideration but. It's, a really cool, stuff to remind, you to take a break if, you are tired now. Emergency. Assistant. This. Is really. Really. Great stuff. For. Example if. You. Go. Outside, the, lane and you. When. You for example. If. The system detect, no steering wheel movement. Or other, activity, over the specific. Time of period, of time for example if, you fall, asleep or. Something. Like that in the car it's. Just going, outside, the line then. It will react. And, the car will.

Make. Short. Steering. For, example left right left right, and then. It. Will. Make. You. Wake. Up for example if you fall asleep and, this is really cool for a long when. You make a long trips. It's really cool and if. You fall, asleep on everything, then. It, will be some sign of a signal, to wake up then the. Next one adaptive. Cruise control this, is really, great and. It's. Really helpful I test. This and I like it very much it's one of my favorite for example. If. You, approach. A car and. You. Have this, activated, then. Your car it will. Hold. This, distance, a distance, that you choice and, it will actually. Follow. The, the. Car, in front of you depends. On how many kilometer. You. You. Drive, and then, this. Is really great maybe. Sometimes, you're not. Paying. Attention and your car will, break for you then. The multi collision, break. For. Example. If. A collision, if. You happen, that you come into, a collision, and the, car it's. A. Really. Danger, and you cannot control it. Multi-collision. Brake. Prevent. This from, happening apply. Controlling, break down to. The statutory minimum, speed of ten kilometer. And. This will prevent, you to reduce, the impact, and other collisions, so it, will break. Themselves, for. Example if you make a. Stop. Cardiac. Attack or, something like that and you've lost, your constants. Or you sleep and you have. Collision, then the. Car will automatically. Break and stay in lane and don't, let you go outside the lane and. Make. It worse than it is so, this is really, cool stuff it's. Really great and I. Think in a few next few years it, will be less more accident, because. Of this technologies. Now, the dynamic light assist. It's. Really great and. It's. Really. Useful. In the night time when you don't have to. Take. The. The. Headlamps. To. Long. Range, or short range and it will help you and it will automatically. Close. In the left, side one another way people come, on the other side and, you don't have to do nothing just keep. The car on the.

High. Beam and then. It. Will really. Automatically. Help, you to. Not blind, the other. Cornering. I think everybody know that if. You take left or right, it. Will open the light in the left. Or right side that. You can really see the road better, it. Is, a really, cool future, too, so. I like this very. Much too then, we have the traffic. Sign, recognized, that's. Really, great they can read the sign on the street it's. A really great future that can see with, how much, speed you can drive and then you. Can see, all the time in the dashboard, and. You can actually. It's. Very useful, you can, save. A lot of money from, taking. Getting, ticket. So. That's one of my favorite. We. Go next to, the traffic jam assist, where. When. You were in the traffic, the. Car, it will hold a. Distance. Between the front, and the back car and it. Will help you drive. Without, even. Accelerate. Or, braking, or whatever. So. I, think many. Of you know about. This option and, it. Will actually it's really, actually great, when you are living. In a big city and you don't want to, to. Be. Very. Tired when you go home or when you go to work, the, car will hold in the lane and they will keep the distance, and, it's. Really. Really great, it's. Work. With the adaptive. Cruise control so. Together. It's. Really. Great but this is going to action. Under. 60, kilometre per hour, and. Lane. Assist, it will help you it's. A combination between Lane, Assist adaptive, cruise, control and. Traffic. Jam assist and then the. All free will. Together. But. You have to keep, your hand on the steering wheel so, that's. The catch. Here, for. The moment maybe in a few years will be different. Now, the. Crew. Protection, assistant, it's, for example when you. When. An imminent. Situation. Is, happening a critical, situation then. The car will automatically. Lock. The doors and. It. Will. Type. The, seat. Bass and. It. Will close the. Windows. Leaving. Only five centimeter, gap. And. Close the old sunroof, completely, this can help, dramatically. Reduce, the effector, of an, impact, or collision, so, this is really interesting. It. Will close the windows. And, sunroof. And, tight. The shelf. Well. So. This is cool, now. City. Emergency, brake this is another great, stuff that, help. You prevent, you when you're not, paying attention to the road or. Something. Happened, the, car we will see in front of you the other car, or, maybe. Wherever. It is in the front and, it. Will automatically, brake and. Warn. You about. It. Is some. Car in front of you that, will save a lot of accident. In the city. Now, the, parking, assist. It's. Really, great that can. Help you to to. Park, the car if. You're not so experienced, if you're a. New. Driver. Then, the.

Car It will automatically. Park. Itself. And. It's. Really. Great it's, really great future, now. We go, forward. And then we, have parking, assistant. For. The side, here. Was parallel, and here it's like. A vertical, parking. And, it's really cool for the, drivers, that they. Are not so good with parking, this. Is a great future. So. Guys. Another, cool, future, this. Real, traffic, alert, that. Alert. You when a car, it's, coming. From the back for. Example you're in Reverse and. You. Don't see on the camera very well the. Angles. Are really. Wide, for. The sensors, and the sensors, can see. Under. The other cars and they feel, when, a car come and you will be. Alerted. With. The sign a red, sign and acoustic. Alert. - this is a really, cool future. I. Use. It on my Volkswagen. It. Is the same like on the Skoda and it's really great, I was. Really, enjoy it then. The Skoda, Connect I want. To talk a little bit about this, year because. The new score. Does come. With, amazing. Online, features, for example here you can find. A petrol, station online. And, the, navigation, it's great, it's really amazing, you. Can see the Google Street, View you. Have all kind of information, that you. Can, use the navigation it's, really, great that. To. New create technology, you have the application, here where, you can see all kind of stuff about. The car the. How. Many kilometer, you can drive and a lot, of information on the application, it's. Really great then last one adaptive, Chelsea's control, this is really, great feature and. If. You know this D, CC. It's really, great let's. Help you don't. Feel the, bumps so strong. And. Really. Had to keep the the. Car, and. The. Comfort, and the. Premium. Zone. So, this is. This. Is an optional, setting. So you can really. Buy. It and add it to your car the Volvo can have the, same technologies. So. I. Really, enjoy it too. So. That's it guys. Guys, that was all I hope you, enjoy. The video and. I. Wait - next time please. Subscribe, comment. And. I. Wait you bad guys with a new video next time, thank you very much for watching and I. See you soon bye. You.

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"Skoda New Technology it is really amazing . Please Subscribe If you will like to see the Technology's from other Cars Company ."


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"Skoda New Technology it is really amazing . Please Subscribe If you will like to see the Technology's from other Cars Company ." Please Subscribe for more videos :

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