Airbus Factory Visit in Toulouse | Airbus വിമാനങ്ങൾ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്ന ഫാക്ടറിയിൽ പോയപ്പോൾ

Airbus Factory Visit in Toulouse | Airbus വിമാനങ്ങൾ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്ന ഫാക്ടറിയിൽ പോയപ്പോൾ

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An awesome beef steak. It is not medium but well done. Fresh leaves Traditional French fries Sauce for it An awesome lunch This is what I am going to have now. Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat What you see behind me is Airbus headquarters in Toulouse This is where Airbus aircrafts are manufactured Maybe not all. But most of them are from here This is its headquarters. Cannot take video from there Lot of them at the airport I was walking outside looking at them We shall go to Toulouse town today Toulouse airport is in Blagnac All around the airport you have Airbus aircraft companies And offices that supply for Airbus We saw many things here This is the road to the airport I am walking towards a tram station The streets are empty. I am searching for a salon to have a haircut

Shall do a haircut and go around If possible, lets me go for a haircut now Eat salad is a restaurant Isnt that a salon? 17 Euro for a haircut It was very crowded there. So I didnt wait for it I have come to the hotel. I had not checked in I left my bag here in the morning and went Shall check in, charge my mobile from the room and go Let us go to the room Checked in and took the bag I had left here I walked a lot. I am very tired

Awesome room. You very rarely get such a big room in Holiday Inn Express Is this a balcony? Awesome. A room with a balcony. I have won a lottery here You have a shopping complex and many shops in front of the hotel I had seen a barber shop somewhere here. Let me see if I can have a haircut I liked this room.

This is our bed. This is the toilet So many towels Commode here Shower room I am first time seeing Holiday Inn Express like this Usually Holiday Inn Express has small rooms I am first time seeing a Holiday Inn Express with so much facilites. Awesome This is a coffee maker They have kept the things for it here A hair dryer here Tea coffee maker, kettle Tea bags and coffee powder are provided I had a bath and washed few clothes of mine I am going out now. Will do a haircut if possible

Or shall go to the city and come back Can see a barber shop in front of the hotel Let me see if it is open Walking in Europe without a jacket for the first time Shall have a haircut They asked me to wait for 10mts I have to colour my hair too Shall colour first and then cut it They made me sit here. I told them I was to colour my hair and do a hair cut He said something. Both of us didnt understand what each other said I took the google translator and showed him the translation Even then he didnt understand anything When another man came, he asked me to sit here and he went to cut his hair I have no idea whats happening There are many staffs here, but I am sitting here Smart girl She did it well for me.

I liked it. She knows to do it well Now they have coloured my hair and made me sit here. What is this on my head? They are heating my head I can feel the heat from all sides They have painted my head and put it for drying I am in a beauty parlor No idea how much my bill would come to They might be laughing happily in there They charged me 50 Euro They did a hair cut, coloured my hair and washed it for me Though I paid 50 Euro, they made me happy I had seen 12-15 Euro at most of the places They charged well on colouring my hair Anyways how does it look? Hope it doesnt look bad I am happy. They did it the way I told them.

Might be 50 because a woman did it They may charge only 20 if it was a man who did it 2 women worked for it. One cutting, one colouring and then washing and drying 2 women were full time with me. They are not French. They looked like migrants speaking French

They didnt look French Anyways, I came to France, made two women cut my hair and colour it. Paid 50 Euro Shall satisfy myself saying that. I dont have time to go to the city and come.

I thought of going around here only Saw a shopping area here See how beautiful this stream Doesnt that stream look nice? You can see small houses like this in the villages here This is a village in Europe There is a big park near it You can see people with their families. Kids playing here You see lot of parks in Europe and some in our places too I loved this stream Everybody says Europe is very beautiful after winter We shall enjoy that Summer has just begun here When we start our trip in May, Europe would look amazing I will be exploring all the countries that time. It is going to be an amazing trip I am going to explore 50 counties in that single trip There are free toilets here I walked and reached a shopping mall. There is a movie theater here Can see board showing restaurants towards this side.

Looks like the shopping mall parking area I think that is the shopping mall. It is not as a shopping mall. It is different buildings I think this is a shop that sells pet food Yes. It is a pet supermarket Can see a multi branded store Can see some clothing stores too.

A shop that sells children play stuffs It is a kids store An amazing place. All that you see there is parking area It goes upto there A place like a stadium Such a big shoe store Each country has it in a different way. Here all are in individual shops All individual buildings. They are not a shopping mall

Lot of space, so they can build everything A shop that sells home accessories An automobile store there They have made the parking ground like a stadium Decathlon has begun to sell water I simply got inside. Bought a bottle of water when I saw it No water in my hotel room. No point saying it is Holiday Inn. Once you leave India, you dont get water free at many places I saw another building here This is a shopping mall This is a barber shop It is expensive here I simply had doubts on them. I didnt know it was that expensive here. But when I think of a haircut paying 5000 INR, you would say not good. Nobody in this shopping mall Very few people here How is this? I saw Bershka and simply got in Looks like it is less lengthy It is comfortable but doesnt have that much look Nice to wear but I dont feel it has the quality for 2500/- My favourite clothing at present is Zara They have excellent collection Most of the ones I wear now are from Zara. Especially shirt and pants

They dont sponsor. I pay and buy from them Positive vibe when you get in here I bought a top for Swetha I liked it a lot. Would look nice with jeans I always buy for myself. This time I bought one for Swetha Beautiful collections at Zara for kids too So cute They look so good. Thought of buying 2-3 for Rishi too You have lot of sets. You can make any set and buy too Doesnt this look cute? Which shoes do you want? White or Blue? White.

Do you want this one? Isnt the blue better I want the white one He has more sense than me. He is saying he wants white I took some shoes for Rishi, called and asked him which one he wants. I thought of taking the blue. But he said he wants this one. He knows which is the standard colour. How is this? Doesnt it look good? I liked it. I bought lot of things from Zara

Bought for Swetha and Rishi too I liked this. Nice perfect fitting. It is like a t-shirt that gives a winter cloth feel. This is a huge shopping mall. I am tired walking

I shopped from Zara It is 7.30pm. It is actually night, but the sky looks amazing Can see the moon. Some flights are taking off from Toulouse airport. The lines you see on top are of aircrafts Lines after they fly Good morning. We are going for Airbus factory tour.

I took a bath and freshened up. Not checking out now I am yet to pack up Dont know where to keep the dycast models of BelugaXL and AirbusA350F Bought one for Rishi to play Yet to pack them No space. My box is full Let me go and have breakfast Had a croissant, these and green tea After having breakfast, I saw this Looks like it is fire But it is artificial It is not firewood See how original it looks Dont you feel like the logs are burning? You can see a coil here. I stood for 2mts to confirm what it is

To know if it is original or duplicate I thought of checking out and going Suneerbhai just woke up. They have to drive 400km to reach here They will take at least 4hrs We shall make use of that time then I shall check out and leave my bag downstairs It was a good room I dont have time for tram. So I booked an Uber 12 Euro to travel 4km Just 3mts to go 3km If I take a metro, it will take 27mts My taxi is here I am back at the world of aircrafts You can see these aircrafts here There were lots to see I have explained all in detail in yesterdays video It was an awesome video I am not sure if I can take a video today Hope I will be able to take photos at least Want to see Beluga and any A350 that is ready here for delivery If they allow me to take pics and videos, I shall I have prebooked for today and I am here Yesterday it was sunny We should show our passport n are taken to the factory only after security check I think they will be taking us in their bus Let us go inside and clear their formalities Got a visitor badge They asked us to wear it They have specially said photos and videos are not allowed I can only take if someone there grants permission for any A bus is waiting there. We are to go in that This is the passport cover I bought last day Last night after shopping at Zara, I met a Keralite working at Airbus Her name is Jisha and she is from Palakkad. Jisha and her husband Asif were there I had dinner from their house They have been here for last 2yrs She in an Aerospace Engineer and now works for Airbus She studied from Amritha college of Engineering There are lot of Indians who studies and then came here for job I met Shruthi too who works for another company here She works for an IT company Lot of Indians, especially Keralites work for Airbus related companies in Toulouse I have worn the badge. I took pictures in front of Airbus Since it is their secured place, they arent letting to take videos and photos I shall see and then tell you my experience When you come here and buy anything from the museum, you get 10% discount If you take a combined ticket for the factory and Aeroscopia, you get another discount This is a guided tour It is in English Nearly 50-60 people He is taking us to the bus I finished the Airbus factory tour.

It was amazing. You shouldnt miss it. They will first take us in a bus The bus will take us inside the Airbus factory No other formalities. You have to show your id card only here You see lot of aircrafts inside We were taken to see Airbus 350 assembly line There were lot of aircrafts there. Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines.. Work for both of them were going on Lot of Air India 350s were ready for delivery After the tour, I saw Air India aircraft there for delivery Have to walk 1.5km from the museum

Walking 1.5km through the forest. You can see it from the road Nearly 20000 people are working in Airbus factory here in Toulouse They are not manufactured here Airbus is an European country Their production unit is in different countries all over Europe Engines are made by companies like Rolls Royce If I want to buy an aircraft like Air India, they come to an understanding with Airbus They tell them I need these many aircrafts Should get in touch with Rolls Royce for the engine. If you are buying it from them, they will send it by ship to Toulouse. Airbus manufactures their products at different countries in Europe Wings, tail and others are made in different places They then transport it in Beluga aircraf to Toulouse. That is what they do Airbus Beluga cargo carrier is made to transport these to this place Imagine, they have made the cargo carrier Beluga just to support this When we went inside, we saw 5-6 Belugas There were different variants of them in there While walking, I saw a Beluga take off The Beluga going from here would be empty They fly back with the parts Beluga is amazing. And then they bring and work on 14 at a time

They took us to show 350's aircrafts 320 Assembly line was also there 330 Assembly line is also there inside the factory Like I said, nearly 20000 people work here As I walked down, I see Air India flight in front of me Looks amazing I am going closer to it They bring the different parts in Beluga here It is then assembled from here. That is how it is here Air Canada just took off. Everything is taken inside a hanger and then assembled If you check You Tube, you can see lot of Assembling videos Lots in it. It comes in 3 parts They will assemble all the 3 parts \ It is fixed and worked in different stages There is a paint booth for it. They showed us all that. It is an amazing experience. You should come and experience it. One aircraft is all set for delivery here Can see 2-3 that side. If I can go near it, I shall

There is an Indigo 320 here Can see many aircrafts here I shall walk and show you I am walking through this road. This is a restaurant here Right in front, inside that building you can see the grand Air India aircraft They first bring the tail, paint it and take it to assemble Once it is assembled, it is difficult to paint the tail Once all the work is over, the final painting is done. The writing Air India and red engine are coloured at the end. Once all the work, including painting is done, it is delivered to the airline This restaurant is not open. Otherwise we could have had food from here The engine that is covered in red colour is made by another company It is not made by Airbus.

Another company makes them What you see now is the final output. VT-JRH Air India Airbus A350-900 series Awesom.e I am so happy that I could come so close and see it. I came to Toulouse to take Air India 350 photo These maybe things being taken to Airbus factory You can see them taking it. Might be the engine. Looks amazing. 2 more are lying here Another Lufthasa behind there. Anyways saw Air India

Our boss in a coat is here. Where is your Volvo? I though you would come with that. Which is this car? Shamjithbhai, how are you? You are a person who walked in coat from the time you were born. He has put some make up. Saw that?

Back at the hotel. I had kept my box here Shall take my box and keep it in Suneerbhai's car I took my box. This is an awesome bag I had bought this from North Face Not only that I liked it. It is very convenient, comfortable and wont ache

It is a nice bag Where are we off to? Andorra We are going to our next country It will be my 39th country Which will be your 40th country? Spain Today I am at France On the way to Andorra and will reach there today Can reach Spain today if we want You can go to many countries here We lost our way This is the place I came yesterday This is a shopping mall here. I had come here yesterday I had come here yesterday We lost our way I had tea from here yesterday We are going to see Air India again I am going to show them Air India We are anyways going this way. Thought of showing them too Even the Indian flag is on it. They will give only after setting everything It is kept closed. Otherwise it will get spoilt You can see it from so close by. I told you

What you see behind here is a new world Looks awesome. Superb Livery They have changed it completely Shamjithbhai brings things in Air India He changed it to Air France After Kochi flights have been changed to Gatwick, Shamjithbhai is finding it difficult We are going to Andorra. Nearly 200km to travel It is a small country Like Monaco, Andorra is a small country Andorra is a place where people usually go skiing And shopping People go there to shop because it is a tax free country like Mahe in Kerala Is that the Mahe in Europe? It is a small country near France, and people spend the weekend there. I think it will be a busy day today That is why people go there.

You get perfumes and alcohol at a very cheap rate They will check your car to see if you have bought cigaratte packs You have a limit for it. They will check your vehicle. That is there here too.

Just like how they check when you get out of Mahe People buy things to sell from Spain

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