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ABC News Prime: Mideast violence escalates; Malala Yousafzai's activism; Demián Bichir on

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violence on top of violence after Israel's military targeted Lebanon in the Gaza Strip following a rocket attack on Israel which came days after a police raid on a mosque in Jerusalem during Ramadan it is one of the heaviest bombardments in years and we're on the ground with that report plus when you stop people who have been elected by the people from doing their will that is when democracy dies they were ousted from office for leading a protest on the Tennessee house floor following that fatal shooting in Nashville and now with the eyes of the political world on the state those expelled lawmakers are fighting back and your voice is nice why don't you come down to the studio actress and five-time grammy-nominated singer Chloe Bailey sits down with our Lindsey Davis to talk about her latest project bringing her voice and acting chops to viewers across the country foreign good evening everyone I'm Phil Lipoff and for Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us tonight we are following those stories and much more including the latest on the investigation into the deadly stabbing of cash app creator Bob Lee on the Streets of San Francisco plus from Donald Trump to the pope how to spot a deep fake we're gonna go behind the AI Tekken and give you what you need to know to spot the real from the fake and concert tours are set to become a billion dollar industry for one major artist so will it be Taylor Swift will it be Beyonce who will reign supreme we're going to take a look by the Numbers our correspondents are fanned out across the world covering those stories and more for us tonight but we begin with the growing violence in Israel and what that could mean for the region and Beyond after days of back and forth attacks between Israel and Palestinian groups in Lebanon and Gaza there is a new wave of violence on the streets of Israel tonight earlier today a deadly car attack at a park in Tel Aviv killed one tourist and injury at least three others and a separate attack two British Israeli sisters were killed after a Palestinian militant opened fire on a settlement near the West Bank prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now calling up all Reserve forces in Israel's Border Police to quote confront the terror attacks the wave of violence is taking place during a holy time of the year Passover for Jews in Ramadan for Muslims a convergence of the two major religions holidays that only happens a few times a century Chief National correspondent Matt Gutman leads us off tonight from Tel Aviv tonight that deadly attack on Israel's most populous city surveillance video being examined by police showing the vehicle racing down Tel aviv's iconic Promenade killing one and injuring at least five others the car flipping over video posted to social media showing Israeli police surrounding the overturned vehicle and opening fire Israeli authorities saying they shot and killed the Palestinian driver as he reached for a weapon a short time later we were at the scene you walk down here what did you see uh as I walked down here I saw three people laying on the floor two of them being treated by uh First Responders the incident escalating already simmering tensions in the region earlier in the day two British Israeli sisters were killed in a shooting attack on this car in the West Bank their mother critically wounded airlifted to a hospital in Jerusalem that attack blamed on Palestinian militants followed a rapid volley of attacks and retaliation between Israel and Palestinian groups in Lebanon and Gaza it began early Thursday a heavy barrage of rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon triggering sirens and Israel's Iron Dome interceptors that shelf the largest Israel estate since 2006 reportedly a reaction to clashes this week between Israeli police and Palestinian worshipers at the al-oxo mosque on the Temple Mount one of the holiest sites in Islam Israel responding to the Rockets with an aerial assault of its own first over Gaza and hours later another over Southern Lebanon Phil Israel's prime minister Benjamin tuna who said that he would call up the military reserves also the Border Guard Reserves this is something of A Veiled Threat about a possible broader incursion it's also coming at a time when both Israeli officials and Palestinian militant group officials have said they had hoped to de-escalate the situation as hundreds of thousands of people are congregating in Jerusalem right now to celebrate Easter Ramadan and Passover as they coincide in this very unusual Time of the Year Phil Matt Gutman from Tel Aviv tonight Matt thank you next tonight to the Fallout in Tennessee after Republicans expelled two Democrats from the state legislature allowing a third Democrat the sole white woman to stay for their gun control protest on the house floor after the mass shooting at Covenant School the extraordinary punishment now drawing national attention earlier today President Biden tweeting this photo of his conversation with Representatives Jones Pearson and Johnson the president thanking them for their quote leadership ship and courage and vice president Kamala Harris in a last-minute schedule change traveling to Nashville tonight meeting with the three Representatives yesterday Justin Jones and Justin Pearson stood before their colleagues arguing to keep their jobs Jones and Pearson were voted out Gloria Johnson survived by one vote what representative Johnson said she when she was asked why those outcomes were so different ABC's Alex Perez leading us off tonight in Nashville tonight vice president Kamala Harris traveling to Tennessee to meet with the Democratic Representatives ousted by the state's republican-led house expelled from the House of Representatives the futures of those Representatives now in the hands of local officials in their districts who have the power to reappoint them Representatives Justin Jones Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson all faced explosion after they violated decorum last week we will not interrupting proceedings demanding gun reform leading a crowd of demonstrators through the house floor Jones and Pearson using a bullhorn the black lawmakers expelled but Gloria Johnson who is white surviving removal by a single vote why do you feel like there was a difference I will answer your question it might have to do with the color of our skin Justice will come those protests coming on the heels of the deadly Nashville elementary school shooting that killed three staffers and three nine-year-old students Jones and Pearson calling their ouster political retaliation and a public lynching they cemented their legacy on the wrong Democrats across the country weighing in at the Tennessee Congressional Black Caucus outraged the world is watching Tennessee and yet again they're watching it for the wrong reasons former president Obama writing this nation was built on peaceful protest silencing those who disagree with us is a sign of weakness not strength and it won't lead to progress Alex joins me now from Nashville Alex we're hearing former Representatives Jones Pearson could actually get their jobs back pretty soon so they could very well have their seats back by next week maybe as early as Monday Nashville city council and officials in Memphis where Pearson is from have indicated they intend to hold a vote to reinstate the representatives they would serve until there's a special election and they could run again Phil Alex Perez from Nashville tonight Alex thank you next the Pentagon is investigating how classified U.S and NATO plans to help Ukraine's military ended up on Twitter and telegram was it a leak was it a breach ABC senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest tonight growing concerns as more and more top secret classified Pentagon documents are being discovered posted on social media dozens of pages of sensitive material dealing with everything from China to Iran's nuclear program to North Korea it comes as the Pentagon tonight is investigating how classified documents about U.S and NATO plans to assist Ukraine in the fight against Russia were leaked and posted on the internet those documents most of which we cannot show painted detailed snapshot of the Ukrainian Battlefield on March 1st including training schedules and locations for Ukrainian troops weapons delivery schedules and Casualty updates pictures of the documents appeared on social media this week but ABC News has found that some were posted on the internet in early March shortly after the documents were drafted the photos include visible creases as if the pages had been folded to fit in a pocket a U.S official saying the documents are no longer relevant to the battlefield adding that they are of limited intelligence value and appear to have been altered from the original documents for instance the number of Russian fatalities was significantly reduced in the photo posted online but the fact that this top secret material appeared on the internet so soon after being issued only deepens the security concern and now to New Mexico and an officer-involved shooting that began with a tragic mistake officers called to the scene it was a domestic dispute but then it went terribly wrong they went to the wrong address and it only gets worse from there here's ABC's will Carr tonight New Mexico State Police are investigating after police in Farmington shot a 52-year-old man in his own home there's nothing I can say that will make this better farmington's chief of police says his officers were responding to a domestic violence call around 11 30 Wednesday night when they went to the home of Robert Dodson it was the wrong house as officers were verifying the address the homeowner came to the door the man Robert Dodson was armed with a handgun as he opened the door What followed was a chaotic scene officers retreating in opening fire the chief says killing Dodson dodson's wife also armed with a handgun started shooting leading to an exchange of gunfire before realizing it was police neither Dotson's wife nor any of the officers were injured this is a very dark day for Farmington PD for our community for the Dotson family I extend nothing but my deepest condolences to the Dodson family tonight three officers are an administrative leave and some members of the community are calling for the police chief to resign we do know there is body cam footage and authorities say they plan to release that to the public over the next week Phil all right well thank you and there are some new details tonight from the investigation of the Fatal stabbing of tech executive Bob Lee in San Francisco tonight police now say whoever stabbed him did not take his phone or wallet and this comes as we are getting a look at the surveillance video of Lee's final moments DeMarco Morgan reports in from San Francisco for us tonight new clues in the investigation into the Fatal stabbing of tech executive Bob Lee police are reportedly studying in these security images obtained exclusively by this one show at a person a possible witness walking with a suitcase across the street from Lee while he was bleeding to death the 43 year old father of two seen on security cameras stumbling up to that apartment building after being stabbed in the chest location is 365 main crossing a Folsom and Harrison sort of stabbing Lee collapses to the ground then musters the strength to stand up as police arrive but he later died at the hospital that area does have a lot of surveillance video there's buildings and private businesses and we are checking every shred to see if we can piece this together we are out there knocking on doors and and walking the pavement to make sure that we find every piece of evidence that's out there Lee was found with his cell phone which he used to call 9-1-1 and we are now learning Lee also still had its wallet and DeMarco joins me now from San Francisco DeMarco what more are you learning about the investigation tonight well I feel we can tell you that the wallet that was located at police won't confirm if anything was missing in that wallet but we have also learned that it would stand about a half mile away from where he was found in a hotel still police are searching for a suspect and sending out please for anyone who has dash cam video from their vehicles or any surveillance video they're trying to comb through everything to try and get this killer off the street Bill DeMarco Morgan from San Francisco tonight DeMarco thank you and on this Good Friday Pope Francis is missing a traditional event for the first time in his papacy the Vatican announcing the 86 year old pontiff would not attend because of cooling temperatures amid health concerns will he preside over Easter Sunday mass ABC's Marcus Moore is at the Vatican for us [Music] for the first time since becoming Pope 10 years ago he is not attending instead watching from his residence the Vatican announcing the Pope's cancellation just hours before citing quote the intense cold just last week Pope Francis spent three days in the hospital battling bronchitis tonight's traditional Stations of the Cross procession would have had the 86 year old Pope Outdoors for hours in the unseasonably cold weather he's been a little bit under the weather so maybe it's okay that he's resting Pope Francis keeping a demanding schedule this Holy Week earlier today presiding over a service inside Saint Peter's Basilica using a wheelchair [Music] to kiss the statue of Jesus [Music] a hospital and that he wants to be with us especially at Easter [Music] and Phil tonight the Vatican has given no indication that Pope Francis will miss any other events he is expected to deliver the mass or preside over the mass both on Saturday and Sunday as well as deliver his Blessing to the World on Easter Phil all right Marcus Moore from the Vatican Marcus thank you a Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is responding today after a report that he accepted lavish trips from a republican Mega donor without making Financial disclosures ABC's Terry Moran reports just as Clarence Thomas facing a storm of criticism for accepting lavish vacations for years from a billionaire Republican Mega donor and not disclosing them answered his critics today explaining in a statement that the donor Texas Real Estate Mogul Harlan Crowe and his wife Kathy are among our dearest friends for over 25 years Thomas adding that early on in his tenure in the court he'd sought guidance from my colleagues and others in the Judiciary and was advised that this sort of personal Hospitality from close personal friends who did not have business before the court was not reportable the vacations Thomas shared with Crow were extravagant island hopping on a super yacht in Indonesia international flights on private jets fishing at a luxury private Resort in the Adirondacks and they contrast with how the Justice publicly described his tastes you know I don't have any problem with going to Europe but I prefer the United States and I prefer seeing the regular parts United States Supreme Court Justices are not bound by any code of ethics unlike Lower Court judges and Democrats want to change that there's absolutely no reason why the Supreme Court shouldn't be subject to a code of conduct just like every other federal judge Terry Moran joins me now from Washington and Terry has chief justice Roberts weighed in on this code of conduct issue he has Phil and he is not happy with the idea it's been years but chief justice around John Roberts sticks to his position he does not believe that Congress has the Constitutional authority to impose a code of conduct on Supreme Court Justices his theory Congress can impose a code of conduct on Lower Court judges because Congress creates the lower court but the Supreme Court Roberts argued is created by the Constitution and there's a huge separation of powers issue for Congress to impose the rules so instead Roberts advises other justices to quote consult with the rules for lower court judges Phil all right Terry Moran thank you there is some big news out of Texas to bring to you tonight another major setback for the abortion rights movement in this country as a conservative Trump appointed federal judge in Texas has ruled to suspend the fda's approval of mephopristone a medication abortion pill just a short time ago Memphis Stone was approved by the FDA more than 20 years ago since its approval it's believed more than 3.7 million U.S women have used it in his opinion the judge wrote quote simply put FDA Stonewall judicial review until now the ruling is paused for seven days so the federal government May appeal a new jobs report released shows 236 000 jobs were added in March indicating a slight slowdown in what has been a very strong jobs Market the majority of those jobs were added in Leisure and Hospitality government and Health Care Industries another piece of encouraging news the labor force participation ticked up to its highest level in three years the unemployment rate also fell to 3.5 percent just above a 53-year low of

3.4 percent set back in January overseas in Russia investigators have officially charged Wall Street Journal reporter Evan gershkovic with Espionage the 31 year old journalist was detained last week and has since been jailed in a Moscow prison officials in Russia say they caught gershkovich red-handed while spying for the U.S government a claim he denies his team has filed an appeal that will be heard on April 18th still much more to get to here tonight on Prime coming up Malala yousafzai is taking her fight for human rights to the Silver Screen the Nobel Prize winner telling us why she's bringing her advocacy to Hollywood but next from a former president's indictment to a Pope's wardrobe fake images are flooding social media and misleading people around the world we take a closer look into deep fakes this is sort of like the beginning of social media when social media has zero regulations and no one knew what was going on and it was the Wild Wild West that's what's happening with AI generated good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis We Begin tonight here in Buffalo London in Alaska Kentucky according in from Poland Ukrainian refugees here in Warsaw do you think you'll ever be able to go back home did you ever have a conversation about an abortion is she live yes arguably the most controversial Supreme Court ruling in history what's the impact on you now do you have a true political aspiration absolutely you ready for this go he ran for Senate President now running for governor I take a light to him a show that will be remembered forever finish this sentence I want young girls to know I mean you are just a tough bad it's so much happening these days it's hard to keep up things change hour by hour minute by minute the historic weather that's now unfolding the worries on Wall Street we're bringing you the right now we've been a nationwide teacher shortage the right now look at the day ahead an alert this morning for dog owners and the key takeaways from the biggest story world news now and America This Morning America's number one early morning news today does feel a little different early mornings on ABC News live all right here we go you ready let's do it yes it's the show America wants and America needs right now this is what would you do let's go how are you yeah so what will you be watching Saturdays on ABC News live what would you do hey I guess I just found out the what would you do marathon two to six Eastern every Saturday on ABC News live my favorite show former president Donald Trump's criminal charges have dominated the headlines and images flooded social media but not every photo circulating online is real fake photos were shared by thousands of users all over the world it is a problem that even the pope is not immune from as artificial intelligence creators post pictures and videos of public figures all over the Internet and sometimes putting them in compromising positions as the use of this technology increases many are questioning the potential dangers as people become unsure of what is real ABC's Stephanie Ramos takes a closer look at Deep fakes thank you [Music] as cameras captured in real time the arraignment of Donald Trump deep fake photos like these swirled around social media seemingly showing the former president struggling with authorities at times appearing to run away from them and even posing for a mug shot they may look real but none of them are this is an entirely New Era of misinformation and disinformation fake imagery is going to be really dangerous if there are no regulation or rules around them Trump's campaign now even attempting to use the doctored photos to his political Advantage selling this t-shirt emblazoned with a fake mug shot in fact Trump did not have his mug shot taken when he surrendered to authorities and he was not tackled by law enforcement on the streets of New York City all these artificially generated images viewed millions of times showing just how fast fake photos can spread like wildfire and with it disinformation as technology has evolved and improved to the point where experts say it's getting harder to figure out what's fact and fiction this is a field that's been around for about five or six years but it's suddenly become much more accessible easy to use and commercialized and so what we're seeing is Ordinary People taking these tools and playing around with them creating all kinds of bizarre and funny images but also some images that could be deceptive or malicious this is sort of like the beginning of social media when social media had zero regulations and no one knew what was going on and it was the Wild Wild West that's what's happening with AI generated imagery with the 2024 presidential campaign season underway all these worries have added to the larger conversation surrounding artificial intelligence deep fakes and its political impact in a deeply divided America social media has already shown us the harm that powerful Technologies can do without the right safeguards in place President Biden calling his counsel of Science and Tech advisors to the White House just this week to discuss the risks AI could pose AI can help deal with some very difficult challenges like disease and climate change but also have to address the potential risks our society to our economy to our national security it's becoming easier to not believe things that are true and say look you know I just don't know how to trust anything because anything could be generated by Ai and it undermines the sense of a shared truth that is already under threat [Music] threat that's been growing for years the Deep fake photos of the former president only skimming the surface of what's possible with rapidly advancing technology we as technologists have to take more responsibility for the technologies that we are developing and unleashing on the world like this video it shows the dangers of deep fake technology by manipulating world leaders into saying what the creators wanted them to say is not hard for democracy to collapse it's essentially a detective game you're given an image a video or an audio and you're asked to determine if it's authentic and this happens almost on a daily basis now experts say that women are subject to the majority of deep fake crimes when their faces are edited into pornographic content Hollywood actresses like Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot Emma Watson and even Taylor Swift have all been the subject of deep fake videos the issue is so widespread that platforms like Reddit and even PornHub have banned deep fakes calling them non-consensual content big Hollywood Studios have sometimes taken advantage of deep fake technology for their films the Star Wars franchise using it to complete the rise of Skywalker after Carrie Fisher died before its completion this mission is everything we cannot fail expected Amy to win but it's not just the big screen the most popular videos are ones that have gone viral on social media you see I would never say these things from former president Obama to Spider-Man we have to shut it down it's the real thing with technology developing enough for individual graphic artists to be able to create videos so realistic it's hard not to believe your eyes what's up like this Tick Tock you guys cool if I play some sports just a day on the golf course for the top gun star except this is not Tom Cruise's Tick Tock and this is not Tom Cruise but an eerily uncanny Recreation made by this guy I'm Chris you may uh I live in Belgium I'm 31 years old and I'm an AI a specialist and a VFX Artist as well his videos of a fake Tom Cruise have been viewed millions of Times online to create something like this it's not easy because on one hand you need you need a professional actor and on the other hand you have me I'm a deep fake specialist I I've been doing VFX for years this is a five second impression of a snapping turtle coming out of a chill people always care for technology and we have to learn how to handle this stuff we have to to learn how to find confirmed sources uh uh to make sure the authenticity of those videos are that it's real but new AI tools like open ai's chat GPT and Dolly and mid-journey have made it easier easier than ever to create convincing machine generated text images audio and video making it even more difficult to discern what's real and what's not my colleague Rebecca Jarvis sat down with openai CEO Sam Altman who says Society needs time to adapt to this technology they need time to feel the technology to see how it's used and to go through a few iterations so that we can get to the right set of Regulation but time is running out with fake videos spreading online of President Biden using his voice saying things he's never said demonstrated in this clip from pod save America Biden will be back on pod save America this year that's not hyperbole folks Biden out that was obviously fake that was artificial intelligence Elon Musk and apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined more than 2 000 industry experts Executives and others urging all AI labs to immediately pause for at least six months the training of AI systems more powerful than gpt4 citing profound risks to society and humanity is this technology going to have the kind of impact that maybe social media has had on previous elections and how can you guarantee there won't be those kind of problems because of chat gbt we don't know is the honest answer we're monitoring very closely and and again we can take it back we can turn things off we can change the rules take a look at some of the faces in the here it's not a crisp they look melted spotting a fake picture generated by artificial intelligence is not that simple but there are still some Clues if you look close enough like this AI generated photo of the Pope wearing a trendy white puffer jacket so when we look at a photo like this how can we determine whether it's fake or real if we zoom into his hand it's not particularly well defined and then if you look at his glasses here on the upper right they sort of like disappear into the background like there's something a little bit off about it Emmanuel Saliba is a senior reporter focusing on misinformation at ABC News she sorts fact from fiction for a living but for those of us at home scrolling through our phones sometimes it's easy to fall prey to the dangers of AI generated photos at one point AI couldn't really quite get human hands correctly but a week later it figured it out so something I could tell you today is not going to be a a visual cue in a week do we as consumers have a responsibility now to be able to determine what's fake and what's real a lot of experts I spoke to said the onus really should not be on the individuals to try to figure out whether something is real or not we need to put the onus on companies what we're realizing in fact last year the White House unveiled a road map for companies to follow the AI Bill of Rights to help guide the design development and deployment of artificial intelligence and other automated systems so that they protect the rights of the American public as we move forward toward another election what is the political impact of a photo like this well the political impact of a photo like this is that it's going to influence public perception of a candidate so there are many ways that I think we're going to see this play out and that's why having this conversation now and raising public awareness is super important our thank you to Stephanie Ramos and our entire Nightline team for that report meantime there is still much more to get to here coming up from TV shows movies her first solo album Chloe Bailey is forging her own path she tells us about her latest acting project and what it's like to release an album without her sister it is scary it's exciting and I feel like a baby bird who jumps off the tree for the first time and is realizing they actually have wings and can fly but next the 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deserving Mom oh my goodness so go now to or scan this QR code to find out how to enter to share your mom's story and honor her the GMA way but where the newsmakers come first in the morning to be heard America's number one morning show how would your mom feel about your relationship with your brother now I can't imagine what it feels like to go from 20 billion dollars to a hundred thousand dollars yeah are you worried about going to jail you write that you had low grade depression how'd you get out of that wherever the story ABC's Good Morning America is right there reporting from the earthquake in Turkey I'm David Muir wherever the story will take you there you're streaming ABC News live welcome back as the live music industry enjoys a roaring comeback there is talk of the first ever one billion dollar tour so will Taylor Swift or Beyonce set that Mark we're going to take a look by the Numbers Taylor Swift's Karma tour is raking in up to 12 million dollars a night she sold out all 52 U.S tour dates so far with her highest ticket prices yet meantime Beyonce hits the road next month with 57 sold out Renaissance shows so far in the U.S and overseas the current tour record 800 million dollars set by Elton John's farewell tour of course he's still saying goodbye so that number could actually change Ed Sheeran holds the record for the highest grossing regular tour at 776 million dollars he did it by playing 255 nights at 88 ahead Swift and Beyonce are charging more than double that with far fewer shows based on current numbers Swift's current schedule will bring in up to 600 million dollars but she hasn't announced any dates overseas yet as for Beyonce's early demand exceeded the number of tickets by 800 percent industry Watchers say it's likely she could add dates as well and it's not just Swift and Beyonce who are poised for huge years Bruce Springsteen the boss himself Madonna and pink are packing stadiums and Arenas the weekend in Coldplay are crushing it outside of the U.S and Depeche Mode and Drake are selling out tours that begin later this year and there is much more ahead here on Prime she's one of the world's world's revered advocates for women and children Malala uses why she's taking her power to Hollywood helping others tell their stories it's not about promoting a specific point of view it's all about giving a chance to a person to tell a story from their side and actor Demian beshear tells us how his new fantasy film is turning a classic tale into an extraordinary Journey number one news it takes asking the straightforward tough questions do you believe that Donald Trump should ever be president again how would your mom feel about your relationship with your brother now I can't imagine what it feels like to go from 20 billion dollars to a hundred thousand dollars yeah are you worried about going to jail you're right that you had low grade depression how did you get out of that the you said that there were six friends one of them was sick yeah do you have future political aspirations going to the search for survivors how does this war end and getting to the heart of the story thank you for being here we'll be here for the long run ABC News number one in the morning the number one newscast number one in daytime talk Friday nights Sunday mornings versus the competition and the number one streaming news thank you for making ABC News America's trusted straightforward First Choice it's so much happening these days it's hard to keep up things change hour by hour minute by minute the historic weather that's now unfolding the worries on Wall Street we're bringing you the right now been a nationwide teacher shortage the right now look at the day ahead an alert this morning for dog owners and the key takeaways from the biggest story world news now and America This Morning America's number one early morning news today does feel a little different early mornings on ABC News live America's number one news ABC News most watched 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discuss her first solo album and her new movie role but first the next chapter from Malala yousafzai the youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate is diving into film producing with the movie Joyland zorin Shah sat down with her and the film's director she's a global icon who has dedicated her life to the education of women and children now Pakistani activist Malala yousafzai is bringing her star power to Hollywood how are you bringing your activism to Art storytelling has been at the center of my activism I began my campaign through storytelling the story she's spotlighting plays out in the movie Joyland [Music] we caught up with the first time executive producer and first-time feature film director Sam siddiq who worked on Joyland with Malala interviewing them at the South Asian Excellence pre-oscar celebration in Los Angeles hosted by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Angela acharya when you're making your first film obviously nobody really expects anything from you and you're kind of in a bubble in a corner just doing your thing there's not too many eyes on you but it did not stay that way long the movie from Pakistan quickly captured the world's attention and it starts with the youngest son getting a job at this heroic dance theater and falling in love with the with the Trans girl and how that affects both of them but also his family including his wife in particular Joyland gives a real look at patriarchy and desire but touching on issues like infidel being transgender and suicide rarely happen in Pakistani films foreign ethnicities and religions as well and different sects and you know it's it's really important for us to not see it in black and white and really ensure that we are seeing you know the more uh real side of it the movie started shattering glass ceilings [Music] it was the first film from Pakistan to ever be shortlisted for the Oscars the first from its country to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival but because of the transgender scenes the movie was banned in its own home country I think about six days before we were randomly notified that because of certain complaints from people who had never seen the film the census certificates had been revoked we caught up with Alina Khan who played Biba the transgender lead in the film Alina shattered some of her own glass ceilings becoming the first transgender actor from Pakistan to walk the prestigious can red carpet in France is and then yet another first for this movie it became the first film in Pakistan to ever get unbanned after malawa spoke out condemning the ban in a variety piece it was overturned in most places I think everyone deserves a chance to tell their story no one should be stopped from that it's not about promoting a specific point of view it's all about giving a chance to a person to tell a story from their side you got the most famous person from Pakistan one of the most famous people in the world to get it unbanned how did that make you feel well it was a lucky coincidence because madala came on board way before any of this happened so it was you know nice to be like oh we our Arsenal is not so small we have Tara Arsenal is quite big you know we have a couple of voices that can reach far and wide as the Director points out the controversy in Pakistan comes at a time when censorship of lgbtq plus content in the US is growing I think easier to understand Pakistan if you think of it not as a country that's too different from America funnily enough uh I mean the drag swords are banned in Tennessee anything that attacks patriarchy and certain set gender Norms uh or sort of tries to talk about desire and sexuality in an open way it does feel threatening to the people who are benefiting from the status quo so I'm saying Pakistan isn't really that different from America do you feel that way I think it this is the part of storytelling that helps us connect with people from around the world wherever we are through movies TV shows uh through this storytelling that we are able to see them what is going on in their life and find and find the commonalities and helping people find those commonalities is at the core of why Malala picked this film as her first and why she says she wants to continue putting her name behind meaningful stories and one thing I have learned is that it's really challenging to change perspectives and for that you need to really try other means including making movies and TV shows and documentaries and comedies and it you know it does not really need to be a serious documentary about a specific topic it can be funny it can be entertaining it can have jokes but behind all of those conversations is something that connects to uh with those people that you see on the screen there's something in common and I hope that the stories that you know sign makes or that I will make will be enjoyed by people it will entertain them and they will be able to connect and get inspired and enjoy it foreign so that is her hope for viewers her goal for artists is to work with women and young people to show the world as they see it that is the common thread with Malala helping women and young people whether it comes to access to education or making films it's the purpose of her work Joyland opens in New York today and the rest of the country on the 28th Phil all right zorinsha thank you Netflix's new fantasy Adventure film Chupa follows young Alex as he visits family in Mexico and gains an unlikely companion Alex then embarks on the experience of a lifetime let's take a look there's some bad people all out there who want to take advantage of these creatures I know you saw it we have to get him out of here let's go we gotta go are you sure you know how to drive Demian Bashir is here to discuss the film and his role as the grandfather who helps his grandchildren protect the baby chupacabra from scientists hoping to capture the mythical creature Demian thank you so much thank you for taking the time let's begin with the chupacabra you ask any Latino Kid and they're going to tell you it's something to fear yeah right to be scared of but in this case you're going at it in a different way totally I mean we knew about the Chupacabras back in the 90s when it became these craziness you know this type of monster that no one really uh knew or have seen before you know and uh they were just you know some tales about the eyes it's a winged monster with fangs and uh you know clubs and the the size of an elephant or or a dog or a monkey or whatever right no one really knows and no one really knew and um so I think it's a beautiful thing about Netflix turn that myth into this beautiful cute little thing you know I mean it's a beautiful family story so tell us about your characters the grandfather here well um I I'm Chava I am uh Alex's Grandpa and uh I used to be a Luchador back in back in my days I was good Luchador and then of course I got head to fall you know all kinds of injuries it's sort of the Mexican version of WWE right yeah Lucha Libre is like yeah exactly only a little crazier maybe more colorful and the masks and capes and a lot of acrobatics and so my grandkid visits me in my Ranch at Mexico and and then we have this phenomenal adventure together with my other two grandchildren uh trying to keep Chupa safe right and there's some pretty heavy action sequences here yeah uh did you have to prepare differently for this role than others uh I they're usually in you know I love sports and uh I try to get to be in good shape but there was some crazy Lucha moves that I perform on the Fantastic Christians later um it's one called the suplex and it's literally someone going up you know up in the air flipping around pulling Landing flat on your back and uh I can't feel good you will see that it doesn't feel good as Christian okay um so when we meet Alex he's being bullied yeah for being Mexican yeah and then he kind of resents his Heritage then he goes on this journey becomes proud of his background what would you say the film's core messages that you're trying to get across here that is one of the themes that we uh present in the story uh how important a family is but not only that how important is to go back to your roots and connect with them in order for you to know where you're coming from and who you are really um so Alex is as you said reluctant to go to Mexico and have this trip uh to be with his uh grandfather until he actually goes and learns many different lessons one of them is precisely bad you know what I mean that uh knowing who you are and what your culture represents and then how to become Brave and how to overcome sadness and loss I would think that so many kids face the same kind of bullying for either their Heritage or a trait or something so you don't have to be familiar with Mexican culture you don't have to be an immigrant this is kind of like a universal yeah especially because we're all immigrants right and uh we have somehow maybe not us but our parents and our grandparents have experienced that at some point and we move we move a lot you know that's a universal phenomenon and uh this is what the film is about also all right well I'm looking forward to seeing it uh Chupa is streaming now on Netflix Damian thank you so much thank you we appreciate it thank you so much we turn now to an interview with grammy-nominated singer songwriter Chloe Bailey who just released her debut solo album in pieces she sat down with our Lindsey Davis to discuss her new film praise this about a young woman dreaming to become a superstar through an Atlanta youth choir hey baby oh my God I've always wanted a sister and here you are we're cousins yes cousins sisters it's the South it doesn't even matter so this is our church I am starting to feel the spirit Sam is an aspiring musician who's struggling and she's doing everything she possibly can to make it in the music business she's quite unsuccessful in that and she gets herself into some trouble so her dad sends her to Atlanta to live with her extended family and that's where she sees her sister cousin Jess and she gets mixed up in the whole praise team World competition [Music] I was tired of being tired of being tired yeah Chloe Bailey Rose to fame alongside her sister Halle with songs like ungodly hour [Music] now the young rising star is showcasing her different talents [Music] debuting her first solo album in pieces [Music] starring in swarm alongside Dominique Fishback and Billy eilish I wouldn't be able to touch her face my hands would be saying and now the film prays this a music competition comedy where Chloe plays the lead the characters hoping to rise in the music industry through a youth choir well I appreciate you coming down here being so annoying and begging me to sing I wouldn't exactly call it begging I would imagine there are some parallels between Chloe and Sam there are definitely some parallels between Chloe and Sam and it was nice being able to draw from inspiration of how I felt walking into rooms meeting producers meeting artists things like that where I'm like oh my gosh if this goes well this will be a step further in my career even though we're scared and we don't know what will happen or what will come out of this you just gotta fake it till you make it until you get into the rooms you need to be in you grew up singing in the choir I did I would sing sometimes with sis at our Nana's church and I was in choir in school and I've always just loved love love singing so it's like my love for God and music and acting all combined into one as you have always talked about about your love for God your love for music I find it fascinating that you're able to in the midst of being a big star making pop music and and R B and all different kinds of genres that you also have the gospel element in there to be honest with anything that I do I'm just myself and God is a huge part of my life and what keeps me stable and grounded and I just let life lead and take me just last week you dropped your first debut solo album you did what's it like going out on your own it is scary it's exciting and I feel like a baby bird who jumps off the tree for the first time and is realizing they actually have wings and can fly no matter how many times you fall and break you can get back up and pace yourself together again and what's also in pieces are any boxes that people have put me in what they have labeled me as what they have written me off as all the people who said I couldn't do this I'm here standing and all of the things that I thought would break me actually built me up and all the people who told you you couldn't one person on the opposite end of that Beyonce of course and you play the younger Beyonce in Fighting Temptations is this kind of like a full circle moment for you it's yeah it's definitely a crazy full circle moment I thought it was Full Circle when she signed Hallie and I from YouTube covers and she didn't realize it was me from the movie and now it's like another full circle moment where I just turned four on that set we shot it the summer in Atlanta and now 20 years later year I turned 24 on set and we shot it in the summer of Atlanta as well and when you first refined or fitting in pieces did you get some feedback from Beyonce what did she have I did of course I did I was over the moon when she shared how much she loved it and she gave like the best minor little notes that opened up my mind and all the possibilities from your lips to God's ears you could do anything you want I have had so many dreams and goals that I have surpassed and I don't realize until after the fact because we're still caught up in the moment that we don't realize what we're actually doing and accomplishing and it didn't hit me until somebody asked me what would younger Chloe think right now what you're doing so as long as I'm happy and at peace through it all I'm willing to do anything did younger Chloe expect this younger Chloe would always blast her favorite albums and concerts loud on her stereo in her room and just dance and dance for hours and hours and just close her eyes and imagine this so in a way yes and I'm happy that I got to fulfill that dream of my sister and still am and now I'm doing it on my own [Music] and doing it well you can watch praise this now streaming on peacock that's our show for tonight I'm Phil Lipoff ABC News live is here for you all night with the latest news context and of course analysis you can always find us on Hulu the ABC News app and on good night [Music] you never know what you're gonna get on this show that's all I'm going to tell you yes whooping this Nikon can you hear me out there behind the scenes

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