ഒരു ജാപ്പനീസ്‌ ടെക്‌ വ്ലോഗ്‌ | Tokyo's LARGEST Electronic Store Yodobashi Akiba

ഒരു ജാപ്പനീസ്‌ ടെക്‌ വ്ലോഗ്‌ | Tokyo's LARGEST Electronic Store Yodobashi Akiba

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I got out from the hotel I am staying at Tokyo. I thought of walking to the metro station. That is when I realized that it is not too close. And moreover it is cloudy Thought of catching a taxi I have booked an Uber taxi. Taxis are very expensive here But I dont have any choice The rest of the people from India have reached here People of Fuji Film too.

They reached in the morning. I slept till 12 noon. They have reached in the morning and have gone to Yodobashi camera store We can see lot of Technologies when we go there Can buy something and all too. I am going there in that plans Taxi is on the way coming through some roads This is a bus that goes from the hotel to Narita airport Let it be bus drivers or taxi drivers. All of them are wear blazers

It gives a professionalism I see all of them like that. I dont know why Person in that taxi has worn mask too. I think their uniform calls for blazer My taxi is here I got in. It is kind of the London taxi There is a display in here Can see ads Saw my Uber driver? I booked my taxi through Uber app There are 3-4 taxi companies here You can hire a taxi like the normal way too Uber is expensive. To travel 5km, I have to pay nearly 2000INR It is a Toyota vehicle. Looks like Vellfire. But it is not. It is some other vehicle. I dont know the name

See how spacious it is Nice height. 2 can sit behind and 2 here too One can sit in the front too. Totally 5 can travel in this Reminds me of the thank you and other words in their language when I am here I have reached Yodobashi camera store at Akihabara You can see 2 people waving at pedestrians People have to go tot the basement to park their car They are standing there so that it doesnt become an obstacle for people Yodobashi is one of the biggest electronic store of Japan It is found at many places in Tokyo It has been here for years now It is called Yodobashi camera It is a huge electronic store Tourists can buy things tax free from here I am entering that shop now. I am planning to do an excellent shopping today I have taken video from here last time when I was in Japan I am going to the 8th floor to have lunch All the 8 floors are full At the 8th floor, you have the restaurant I am having Indian biriyani from the food court here in Japan They are photographers from Fuji Film We are having lunch together now People sit at small tables here I am not sure if the store is run by an Indian. But I saw an Indian there Somebody was speaking Hindi from there He gave this to us saying we can have it.

It is a sweet biriyani Had food and all dispersed to different sides They have gone for shopping in their way 10-12 of us from India are here There are many like that from different countries People working at Fuji, photographers and some influencers like me Many like that are here We are free today Can do shopping. I reached yesterday, but many reached today Let us move on with our shopping. It is a famous shop here. That is why they too have come here

It is the biggest Yadobashi store here in Tokyo I have shot videos of this shop earlier. If you havent seen it, check it out You see full of animations all over and get to buy their characters too Lot of things to buy. I am buying some things from here I shall show you what all I am buying Though the name is Yodobashi camera, see what all are put for sale This floor is full of such products Things required for cooking and camping Barbeque stove etc Even tents are put for sale Threadmills too. Apart from being an electronic store, you have all these here

You have to spend a whole day here to shop things There are different kinds of hair dryers. Prices would be less compared to India and you find products not seen in India These are very good You have big and small products here People who are crazy about all these would be confused This is some kind of a vibrator This floor has cycles and cycle accessories. You have from kids cycle onwards till adult cycles This is some kind of game It has Pokemon games in it Lot of gaming machines here They love these kind of games You have Pokemon and many other characters You can play and win goodies of these characters too You will find it confusing seeing all these Lot of toys and character related stuffs here An area with lot of toys Everything is so colourful Things are places colour wise All these are so cute I think all these are cartoon characters. Names are seen on it. They are not only selling games but the characters and products too You see all that here. They are pretty expensive This is a play station area Play station and computers are put here for sale This is huge. A place where you have all regarding gaming.

CDs and many more related to it. I am feeling dizzy Game lovers should come here at least once. You will get all you need. I wonder who all these are Look at these cars. They cost 20000 Yen which is around 14000 INR All expensive products This is one thing I was in search of Scale model of flights This is ANA scale model You have scale models of war flights and many others here We have reached a floor where they sell home appliances Lot of home appliances here. You get different varieties of them

We cannot buy and take them from here. We can enjoy watching them here You can see the advanced technologies here I think this is a water kettle and not heater You find more of Japanese brands here Toshiba, Daikin and Mitsubishi are seen here. The posters for promotion looks so good. Doesnt it look good? Air purifiers, fan and many more Room heater All these brands may come to our place tomorrow All these are the Japanese brands here Panasonic and many more Look at Mitsubishi refrigerators Look at these designs with so many doors You find many in different shapes and types Amazing. Products here are so cute Have you seen refrigerators in this shape? I havent seen. On top, you have all side by side

You have 2 drawers below A bigger drawer below that One more drawer at the last row So huge and look at the design It is very spacious till the back. It looks small when you look from out But lot of space till behind They have kept things inside the refrigerator They are showing how you can adjust them These are of Hitachi Dikin ac They have placed a soft cloth to show how the air flows We can understand the air flow seeing that cloth Below that you have a display where details about the ac is shown See how they have kept the ac's here You cannot even see the ac Full of posters stuck over it Have you ever seen any ac like this for sale? I have seen these only here in Japan This is Mitsubishi ac. I have kept this in my house This is Daikin ac Sometimes the ac unit doesnt match to our interior designs So you have different kinds and designs of ac's to match your interior designs Dont these look beautiful. They will look awesome when kept I am not sure if they are sold in India. Or they may be launched soon You can buy matching ac units to your interior designs This is a nice concept.

This is a backpack that has a solar panel on it You can use that energy to charge your mobile or so All these are sensor lights When you go close by, it senses you and the lights go on You have sensor cctv cameras too You have all that here You can install them inside or outside your house These look so good. They are light weight These are Japanese LED lights You find less of Chinese brands here You find more of Japanese brands here in Japan Beautiful lights All these are coffee brewing machines You can make coffee from this You have many sizes. Many people have this at home. They buy coffee beans and make coffee out of it You have them in different ranges Different varieties of them I think these are small microwave oven like things Look at these oven designs Looks like old tape recorders Awesome This is like the Dyson vaccum cleaner we have at home You have Sharp and Toshiba products too All these are portable handle vacum cleaners. All these are outdated now Now a days, all use these kind of vacuum cleaners This is a Dyson product It is an awesome product but very expensive too But they are sold here at a lesser rate This is 59000 Yen That is around 30000 INR We have to pay around 50000 INR for this in our place Dyson products are sold at a cheap rate here This is a robotic vacum cleaner MI has launched them in our place and has become common now I dont see any MI products here Can see a Japanese brand product here Even Dyson has it. This is Dyson's robotic vacum cleaner It would be amazing. It has a camera too This is another brand, iRobot This area has lot of vaccum cleaners You have vacum cleaners of different brands They look so good.

This area has washing machines You can see how clothes are put to dry over it here ' All these are small washing machines I dont think these are washing machines I cannot understand what they are This is not a washing machine. It is something else No idea Those who know, do comment You can see different Japanese company washing machines here Japanese products are promoted the most here in Japan You will know that when you come here What you see behind are washing accessories and soap powder This is a Toto washlet. It is used on the western commode. If you press the switch, water and air comes through a mechanism Now I have reached the tv area You have tv's in many models. Even at 75 inches

This side you have more of Sony products You have to see and experience the clarity You will know the quality then Last time I could see cherry blossom flowers. But couldnt see any so far I think it comes late or may be over That is a QLED tv Not only Sony, but they also have several other brands too Where they have kept the tv, they have kept tv accessories too These are tv stands You can see different kinds of custom tv stands here You have tv cables and remotes also Everything that is needed for a tv is here. Connection cables and many more You will find anything you want here Hidden storage rack kept behind the tv You will be surprised to see all that you see here This time our Japan trip would be more of technology I shall try to show how much ever possible Look at this Sony tv. 75 and 77LG OLED

This costs 770000 Yen That is more than 4 lakh rupees for this 77 inch tv Look at the visual quality of this 75 inch tv We shouldnt think it is because of the beauty of what they show They You Tube videos I shoot in iPhone will be this beautiful when seen in this. That is the beauty of that tv Is she a Japanese beauty? No. She isnt Pretty women from some other country Visuals are so beautiful This is an 8K tv All these are LG tvs You have LG and Panasonic this side If you ask which is the best brand for tv, all would have different opinions If you could comment on which tv do you have and which one do you feel is better, we could know more then I dont like the default sound that comes from the tv I think it would be better if we keep something extra I think this is the biggest tv here. It is kept like a king 83 inches 4K

It is LG HD It costs around 8 lakhs That would be around 5 lakh Indian rupees Look at its size Look at me when I stand next to it It is nearly 4ft tall That is the size of the tv Great A Disney video is played here The quality of this tv is amazing 98 inch TCL! This is TCL tv that we have in our house The tv in our house is 75 inches This is 98inches It is 6ft wide and 4ft tall I simply said. It is not 6ft wide Reminds me of Faizalka when we see TCL Let me see if I can get him on Facetime If we get connected with him, we shall show him this tv Shall ask him how much would it cost to get this to India This is a 98 inch tv of TCL It costs 9lakh Yen which is around 6 lakh Indian Rupees Will we get a 98 inch tv in our place? We get a smaller one but that is not this LED This is huge Is this a showroom? This is Yodobashi Camera. It is a store here It is the biggest electronic store in Tokyo You will go blank out seeing the things here This is one thing that is not to be seen in our market today. It is getting outdated You dont see CD DVD drives like before It is beginning to go now How many CDs have we written in those days You still have them here Do you know what this is? Fresh audio cassetes. They are in plastic covers We can buy them, go and record. Maxwell audio cassettes

It is released in different company names They are still for sale here. Shall buy some CD drives if available. I have audio cassettes at home They have Blueray discs too 50-100GB Blueray discs for sale There are 100-128GB too You have discs of different storage capacities So much of them. You have all these for sale here Let me see if there are floppy disks here I shall buy some if they are available DVD-R that is used in cameras You will get everything you want here Do you see what these are? Cassette recorders, players, gramophone players You have all kind of musical instruments also here.

I have come to the area of cameras You find camera accessories here You have different kinds of tripods Big, small, hand, etc You get everything you need. Even stands where you can fix your camra You have everything here These are boxes that are used to light up for shoots Look at the height of the tripods 7-8 feet tall You have monopods of different colours Lights that are used for shoots. We get these in our place too Even then seeing these many stuffs in such a store make us curious Since we have come for Fuji's event, we shall show some Fuji cameras Fuji is catching a good name in India in photography Fuji is the best camera of photographers It has begun to become popular in India. It is at the first position in China

This is Fuji Gf 100/200 lens model GFX 100S model. This is GFX 50Sii The body of Fuji is amazing. People who have used Fuji knows how good their performance is They are showing a video of Fuji Film It was shot in Fuji itself All of us know that Mt Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan The Japanese brand Mt Fuji is known in that name It is a well know brand. When Japanese products became popular in India, we use Fuji Panasonic There are lot of models of Fuji displayed here They cost 2.5-3.5lakhs

Compared to India, it is cheap When you compare it with Sony and other brands, Fuji is sold at a cheaper rate It seems you get a better product They are launching a new video tomorrow I will be informing you all that soon These are different lens for Fuji camera Look at the different kinds of lens here You have different kinds of them. Big and small lens are seen here These are 53mm, 27mm Different kinds of lens are displayed here They have shown how the photos taken with this will look like I am here in this shop for a long time. Others have finished their shopping and gone back We have now reached the area for printers We have Brother printer at home. You can see that here It is a Japanese company They have good printers Not only Brother. Canon and many other brand printers are available here

Epson too. You have all the accessories here Even paperts are kept here All these are printers You have brig and small ones Pro 1000 of Canon This is amazing. I am stunned seeing all the products here Lot of products we have seen and not seen. You see lot of them in this shop If you are coming to Japan, dont miss this shop. If you are not able to buy many products, you can see and know a lot All these are printing sheets Sheets in different GSM You will wonder are there so much of them Varieties of photo papers too Some announcements in Japanese is happening here Lot of A4 size sheets and printer accessories here Spare parts and many more You get everything here including this A-Z is available here in one building This suddenly looked like Apple vision pro but it is not It is Meta Quest You have it in 512GB and 128GB They have launched Meta Rayban glasses too.

I didnt see them here. I had seen them at Australia This is another of that kind You have options to try them here You can experience them I think this is a gaming pc Look at the inside of the CPU Everything except floppy disk is available here. That is sad I checked a lot at the computer section too. Except floppy disk, everything else is there What to do? If anybody knows where can I get Floppy Disk, do comment.

I had plans to buy something and all and ended up buying nothing I bought a power bank and got out of the store It is windy and cold You see different things outside and different styles It is so windy here. Some areas are food court Cold breeze Shoes and winter wears are sold here This place is filled with vibe. The area where our hotel is doesnt have any vibe It is a bit away from these places It is a rainy day. It is still raining We shall go back to the room now.

Shall take a train to the room I took the ticket. Should go to the 5th platform I paid and took a ticket I didnt see any card system there Then I saw some other card payment. I think its difficult paying using credit or debit card I didnt see any I inserted cash and took a ticket. Shall take a train and get down after 5 stops.

Just 10mts to walk from the station to the hotel I paid 170 Yen for the ticket to the hotel I paid nearly 3500-4000 Yen for the taxi to come here It is pretty cold. Can see all the people standing behind the yellow line See how good they are. They are waiting in a queue Even I stood in a queue You can see people standing in a queue on both sides Train has come on the other platform. Now our train will be here soon Our train is here It is pretty crowded inside the train. 4.30pm now I guess it is crowded by this time.

We have to learn from them on how to board and get out from a train Only once the people inside are out, people here will get in People wont get in pushing or in a hurry It is a very nice system These are the basic things they learn from school onwards We got down at Yotsuya station What you see down there is Yotsuya station Train goes through there You can see the platform If we cross the road and walk for 10mts, we will reach our hotel It is 4.45pm now It is almost dark. It was a cloudy day Others have gone to have dinner on top of Tokyo Tower I have gone there last time so I am not going there now. I thought of going and exploring the night life at Shinjuku today Another person said he will join me I called Sherbin too. He said he will come at night Let me go to the hotel now.

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