@TechBurner is not a tech Youtuber but SMART BUSINESSMAN

@TechBurner is not a tech Youtuber but SMART BUSINESSMAN

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How much can you make a business with Layers? We can make millions As a creator, there are many ways to earn money We should know what we shouldn't do I think that technology is coming I don't want to tell you Please cut this part Am I fake? Am I pretending? Today we have a creator with us Who you know for technology But I think of him as a good businessman Normally we hear that to make a business We should have an idea Then we make a business and do marketing But he has reversed this wheel First he created a distribution Then he is making a business And I think he is making a business in a very smart way In some places, I am having a problem I think I should ask questions So we will ask questions Let's know about him Hello friends, I am Shlok Srivastav We are making tech videos We have been making videos for 10 years And along with that I have a passion In every person I also have a passion for design and aesthetics I always wanted to make something In which I can put my love If it reaches the audience through physical products It will be great So we have built a clothing brand And a mobile accessories brand Apart from that We have executed a lot of social media and marketing projects In the last 6-7 years It has been an insightful and interesting journey We have done a lot of big launches The next few years are definitely going to be very strong I don't know how to praise myself You are doing very well Tell me When you started the YouTube channel Did you decide to launch a product? Or was it a journey as a creator? While doing it When you got the audience Did you think of selling something? As a creator There are a lot of ways to earn money Because you have a lot of things You can do marketing for a company Like there are so many companies You can help them in marketing We have also built applications We have built different things And I have noticed that There is a different game everywhere Making a product is a different game Our main goal was to inspire Because I saw a problem In India There is no shortage of resources It's not like we make so much food That we feed the whole population 3 times So I faced a problem with the mindset So my goal was To make something different Something strong Something that creates a movement And we tried that With layers That product was not successful before And that product was not in the market No one knew what skins were There were few people who knew But apart from that we created the market So when that emotion Gets attached to a project I think it propels it Same with clothes I saw that all the clothes in India Are being sold by international brands And Indian brands are selling it cheap Some are selling it for 200 rupees Some are selling it for 500 rupees We are cutting the price No one is making such expensive clothes So we tried to solve that problem It took us a long time to solve that problem It took us 3 years to make clothes To make such clothes That are dealing with international brands It took us 3 years to make the same skins To install the factory To set up the manufacturing To see the operations The technologies that are used for that I think We have to make money Business can run only with money If there is no money Then what is business I don't believe in that I think if we want to make something big Internationally We need money But the goal was to create a movement I think we have done that To some extent But now the goal is To take the Indian brand To an international level I have thought about it If you count on your hands Like we were asking you There are so many brands that are selling Indian brands We can't count on our fingers We don't even know the brands that are selling outside India And there are very few brands So I think someone has to break the barrier Someone has to make international business from India So we Go into that risky area And do things Now it's a stove So one thing I wanted to ask Which is honest You have worked on your personal branding Because I think I have seen this constantly I am from a marketing background So I notice small things What I noticed When we talked There was a fire in the message Some of your keywords Like we were talking normally We were talking like this And when we make videos We talk like this We will do this Did this happen naturally Or did it take time Because if I watch old English videos At that time Body language And as we are transitioning to recent There is a difference in our body language We have changed a lot to make a relation with our audience This is honest Yes 100% Like a person I have thought a lot about this Am I pretending And what happens is I have seen myself Like every person has a different style When he is going to meet girls He becomes sweet When he is going to meet his brothers He has a different vibe Like this Same person If he is talking to kids He becomes sweet And if he is talking to his friends He becomes sad So I saw that I used to try to talk sophisticated Professionally In my college Then I thought My friends are coming After that I felt uncomfortable in English Because our mindset is like this When do we speak English We have to speak formally It becomes a habit Hindi becomes a comfort So I imagined My friends are sitting behind I am talking to them Like when we were talking before I was a business owner To a business owner But now I know Many young entrepreneurs are watching this So I want They should also Feel the same That's why I change a little So who is your audience If you imagine What is their age Where do they live Where are they studying So I imagined my audience When I started I imagined my age Because they are the same type Who are doing everything So I imagined In the beginning Guys who are interested in tech Because usually 5% of the guys are interested in tech This is the start of YouTube Majorly 16 to 24 years old guys Who are studying engineering Those who are studying coding Engineering That is my audience Engineers are interested in technology They attract them If you see anything They get attracted So I took my audience And I was not deciding Now it is different You will be able to notice My way of speaking changes The way of speaking changes The way of showing things visually changes On Instagram There are a lot of girls on Instagram There are a lot of people on Instagram Who follow for fashion There is a different vibe on Instagram The audience is very different People on YouTube know about tech Let me give you an example Recently I go out less I went to the bank I had to do KYC I have to go there I had to change my account I saw a girl She said hi I watch your videos Age Reversal I uploaded this video 2 years ago I was confused She said I asked where did you see She said By chance we cut the clip And uploaded it on Facebook She did not know about our long form video She did not know about tech She knew that we upload short clips She just saw our video on Facebook You will not believe In our audience There are only a few Indian cities There are cities of Bangladesh There are a few cities outside India There are a few cities of US There are a few cities of Canada I did not know Every platform There is a different audience And now it has become so different That everyone has to treat it differently So there is a different type of content for everyone Yes 100% We are not able to optimize for everyone I try to make content that Can cater to everyone Now what happened? You grew your channel It became a base People were knowing Your demographic was clear A 16-24 year old kid You made a product around his needs The first product was Layers I am also a Layers Your audience I will tell you When I was doing engineering I had a Micromax A116 Micromax was not a good brand I did not like Micromax I used skin Just to hide the Micromesh At that time all the phones looked the same The phones were sold on screen size Today there is a lot of trend At that time screen size was a big issue It was a big phone Micromesh canvas If I had put a skin on the back, my Micromesh would have been hidden So my target If I think why I used the skin To hide the Micromesh If we talk about today The phones become prominent So according to me most people Don't use the skin If I try to think demographically Then you tell me Because I want to know your point of view I am trying to think Who buys One people Who like to keep their phones naked Without cases And they want scratches on their phones Second people Who want to show their phones as a trend Because now a days most of the phones come in white plain background They want something Or They want to express their emotions There is one audience Who wants to show I am like this So basically they are expressing their emotions If I say third audience I will say They are resembling a community If I talk about my brother My brother Brought a roll from Gafar market He has A 3D printer He has a CNC printer So now a days Models are available online Of every phone case So he goes to buy a new phone He gets the exact same sheet Printed and put it on his phone So whenever his phone changes And he changes his phone a lot Every 3 months His back will always be the same Technology will change, camera will change But the look and feel of the phone Will always be the same I use my phone So that I always remember If someone keeps their phone aside I always remember my phone That is his mindset So I am able to think of these 3 people You tell me what you thought When I started I was not able to define It was a mistake And I was not able to define it Because at that time It was not a must to adopt it After this product The audience we wanted to sell I wanted to sell It was not well known There were very few skin men Delhi, Mumbai Nehru Place, Gafar You used to get skin in Gafar And they used to cut it off with a blade They used to cut it off With a blade They used to scratch it They used to scratch it The problem was It did not glow I felt that the quality of the skin Was not that good And the design was not that good So we worked hard To add texture And no one was able to copy it Because the set up was worth crores If I break down the layers of the business We removed the need That this is not a need driven business There is no need for this product in the market It is not that No one wants skin It is a humanity driven Or emotional purchase Who wants to purchase it? It makes me feel good I love the design and texture It is not that It saves from scratches It provides protection But the primary reason Is that you feel That you are a part of a community That is the primary Need of Belonging I feel good Like college students Represent themselves For example We wear clothes Like Gucci Or I wear a watch It is not that It solves a functional purpose Like logo or watch It is the same watch It tells me the time It is not a functional product It is an emotional purchase In my opinion Emotional purchase is a good thing Because people say Don't spend money Why not? Everything is so Emotionally driven Let me give you an example 22 boys Are hitting the ball with a stick And a country of 1 billion Is watching them Everyone is happy Everyone is shouting The whole country is sad That they couldn't hit with a stick There is no purpose There is no logic Everything is emotional If we break down What is logical 90% of the things we do Are emotionally driven In India There is no lack of resources There is a lack of mindset The same mindset And the same If you go to India To meet rich people I go to clubs Do you know what kind of people I meet? I make henna oil I make a tyre cover I make a machine To clean the road I make the threads And what will happen? Profit will be 800 crores Profit will be 600 crores In India, the same business But I think From today The time of internet From now Vanity and emotional businesses Will be successful I think Distribution was created If we talk about a normal brand They also have to sell their skin Because everyone has money A person can install a machine Can bring the same technology Distribution can also come in India Distribution will be on every sale Today I researched 60-70% traffic Is coming on your website Because of Shlok Shlok has generated a lot of business But today If a new brand comes They have to make their own brand Maybe they run a ppc campaign When someone searches skin Or layer They have to take a lot of tension In which Where you can earn a good margin By selling a skin for 500 The other person Can't earn even by selling a skin for 800 Because he has to spend a lot of money Maybe the business doesn't work Because people follow Shlok People trust Shlok People say that I don't care about 100-150 If I have to put a skin, I will put a good one I don't want to take a loss Let me tell you two things Our mode Our factory Because we have increased the entry barrier If you want to compete with us You need factory setup You need machines, latest technology You need printing The 3M paper We source it from a different country Our product is the best in India It is best because We have spent money Entry barrier is of money No one can make it better than us No one The other thing is Distribution We have worked hard for it It is like saying You are coming to play basketball You are tall 100% advantage But I will use that advantage If I have any advantage of distribution I will reach my audience 100% And I feel Even empty distribution doesn't work Let me give you an example Logan Paul and Mr. They are very popular in the US Logan Paul has 2 million views In the last video 2-3 million views Mr. Beast has 150-200 million 300 million Distribution is worldwide 150-200 million Only in US In Hindi 10-20 million Mr. Beast has more than 100% distribution

But Prime It is a 7 billion dollar business And Mr. Beast's fee stable Is not that good So I feel Distribution alone doesn't work Product should be good I feel Product should be good If product is not good, then nothing Product should be better than market But I feel There is a way to spread message It makes a difference People get to know You are making something good You are telling the truth If you work hard, people will buy It is easy to reach people It is not that difficult to buy distribution But it takes money Most of the companies are in loss If you promote in shorts You will get 40-50 million views Conversion Conversion is not coming Distribution is there Conversion is not coming Conversion is emotionally driven When an influencer is connected With a product You won't be able to buy it Even if you give 10 lakh rupees You will get 40 million views People will see But people know it is an ad When an influencer is involved in a product Or the owner Like I made distribution I was famous And I built things Over a period of time Now the company is doing the opposite They knew they were figuring out a product They made their marketing They knew what to make Now the owner is coming To make a video We also saw what the situation is, and the owners themselves are making it, so I think those days have gone that you just sit down and buy the distribution, give 10-20 lakhs, spend crores, the distribution will come, the work will be done, those days have gone, because now people are used to sitting idle, the owner himself will have to come and sell, or if he doesn't come, he will have to learn social media, how content is made, how people's minds have to reach them, that is very important to me. It is a big fight for everyone, and if you are doing your business, then if possible, then instead of paid distribution, focus on building a community, make your own social media, where people trust you, not for your product, but whatever you are delivering, now try to gather a community together, so that in the future, when you subconsciously integrate your product, it keeps on selling. People will say, let's talk about Elon Musk for example, we have been seeing him working a lot in the personal brand. 100%, at this time, the value of words is very high, and the value of connect is very high, so I think it will be a major part.

This is a hard question, because our audience enjoys this discussion. How much business is being made from layers? Approximately, if we talk about the revenue point of view. If I tell you honestly, our revenue is around crores, but because there are a lot of investments, like I told you, we have invested in a design agency.

In that, our entire design agency will change, that is, the new products we are building, we have a design agency outside India, a UK design agency, which basically designs spaceships. Together, we are designing a product, which we will launch in April-May, because it takes 8 months to make a differentiated product. So, all the money we are getting, it is getting invested in new product development. So, if you look at the actual profit on paper, then our profit will be almost 0, and we will be in loss, because more money is being invested in the next project. So, from the revenue point of view, we are doing decent, because if I tell you honestly, we would have to go international.

In India, it is a luxury purchase. Skin is a very luxury purchase, and the market ahead of it is outside India. And after this, I don't want to buy a small mobile accessory. I want to take a big jump in the consumer electronics space. I am not selling a TV, I am not selling a speaker, but I am selling a watch. When it will launch, you will know.

Everyone has said no, everyone has said yes, that is, if nothing is said on one, then it is the same. Let's go ahead. It can be a watch like this, or it can be a mobile, or it can be a spaceship. What do you say? We are selling cars to go to Mars.

Like I have a franchise business of Chole Bhature on the moon. It's been 8 years, we are selling franchises. So, I understood, but is the revenue fluctuating? Is it increasing? Revenue is constantly increasing. I think when we started, it was increasing quite well. Because we are not just Techburner, we have done marketing in many other things besides Techburner.

When I searched, Google ads were running. Ads are running, then we work with other influencers and do multiple things. And the community that buys, continues to reach them.

Launches keep happening, so even old customers keep buying. I think one major reason for a business to be successful, like overlays and layers, is that our customers buy again. We don't have one-time buyers. The person who buys from us once, that is a lifetime waste. Normally, what is the cycle? How many months does a person change their skin on average? In 6 months, a person usually changes their skin. There are many people who change their skin in 3-4 months. And there

are many people who like to change their skin. Usually, the female customers I have seen, their frequency is more to change their skin. But our audience is dominantly male. Are you focusing more on Instagram? No, I am not focusing on Instagram to attract girls. We don't have a major focus on Instagram. It is more on the lines that earlier, the fashion style that I used to think of, I never visually output it.

I used to think that people will find it weird that a tech creator is wearing this kind of clothes. Or why is he engaging in fashion? So, I used to get scared. I talked to a lot of people and asked them how to do it. So, I used to think that I don't stop myself. And even this fear, let me tell you, I even have business values.

Earlier, when I used to make YouTube videos, people used to find it weird that I suddenly started talking about business. Because they don't know that I have done so many things in the past. It is the same thing on Instagram. Now people are thinking that I have become a fashion person suddenly. But for 2-3 years, I have been involved in fashion. I have done designs, I

have designed clothes, I have done a lot of things. So, it was a constant work in progress. But now people have started to see it. I think my focus is that for some time, I want to sell only to boys. I don't want to sell more to girls. Because the marketer knows that. Why didn't you sell skins and cases? Because let's see, the audience is the same. The skin audience was small and the

same audience could have sold more cases. In cases, what is the brand of case in India that sells printed cases well, which is very successful? You will not be able to get it. Usually, the cases that will be there will only be of iPhone. It will not be that everyone will

be selling. If there will be, then the iPhone will be selling. The reason is that the supply chain is very difficult. There are so many challenges in the supply chain that if you want to sell a good quality case for Rs 300-400, it is a very difficult business.

And you will not make a profit in that. Because I tell you, the case companies that sell so many cases, you have no idea. People have no idea that tons of cases are burned. This is a very wastage. When I was entering, I thought of a case only. But I realized that it was a good decision for the environment and everything. Plus, the supply chain is so difficult that if we enter, we would have made a business. But in that,

I didn't want to get into accessories for a long time. I liked the skin of the case. And we wouldn't have been able to add something like this to the case. The supply chain of the case is difficult for a normal person. But if

you put on the whole manufacturing setup. When an order comes, do we already have the skin ready? I will tell you operationally that I am not so much into operations. We have hired heads who lead operations. But around 30% remains with us. And our supply chain is so fast that if we get an order now, we can ship it by the evening. Everything is packed

and shipped by the evening. But the problem is that we get more orders. And how much capacity do we have now? How much can we make daily? I will have to check. Because now we have 3

machines. I don't know exactly, but we can easily do 2000-3000. But I will have to confirm. I will tell you honestly that I personally don't get into operations. Because I don't have the strength in operations. For that, I have brought the right people who

know it well. And I think as a business owner, our biggest skill is that we should know what we don't want to do and what we don't know. I have made a mistake by doing all this. And I have learned this from experience that I should bring someone else for what I don't know. I am involved in design, product development and marketing. I know how to build a product, what is going on in the market, what is the demand of people, how to design, what screw will be used, what will be the finish, what texture will come, how to open in packaging, what smell should come.

I am deeply involved in this. And I am deeply involved in the marketing part. I think, I will tell you honestly, operations is a job that anyone can do. There are people in the market who can do it. And why should I do such a job that people in the market can already do? But the product development and design is very unique to us. No one else can copy that in the market. So that's why

I try to do the same thing that only I can do. So how did you switch overlays? After skin? I am not switching, both are working together. No, I mean, why did you think that I do this too? We have more alternatives to do. But why did you choose jackets? Did you feel that this business is not being made, a good business can be made in a jacket? No, no, nothing like that. Layers are running well. Layers are running well. Layers are growing.

But let's see, tan wise, if we talk about making a bigger business, then we can make a bigger business in the clothing line versus skin. I will start with this point. Yes, 100%. So did you start clothing thinking this? because we had to do it first. I'll tell you honestly, we started with overlays before layers. I mean, actually, in the beginning, we started with overlays first. We started with layers later.

And in overlays, what happened was, at that time, the entry barrier, as I told you, the entry barrier was huge. If you want to make high-quality clothes, if you want to make basic clothes, 100% cotton T-shirts, with a little bit of print. You can make it, anyone can make it. There are so many factories. But if you want to make clothes that beat international brands, there are only a few factories in India that can make it for you.

They have the machines. They have the things that will provide you quality at that level. That was a big problem to solve. We have to beat them. But we don't even have that much money that how do you work in such a big factory? They take lakhs of orders. Now we don't even have the budget for lakhs of orders.

It wasn't there at that time. We were just starting at that time. Then what did we do? We decided how to do it. We won't sell less quality.

We can't start selling less quality We decided to make our own factory. We do everything. We have been running this factory for 2-2.5 years. We had bought a factory before this. It was 2-2.5 years old. We were making it.

We were improving in every launch. Then we bought a big factory. And when we felt that our quality has been set. This is going to beat any international brand. We are selling at a price where no international brand can compete. Then we presented it well to the market.

Till then we didn't do any marketing. Till then we did a little marketing in launches. But it reached the masses when we actually made a product which people knew that we made it.

And it is of good quality. And we are selling it at the right price. So that's why people saw it. But actually this thing has been going on for 3-3.5 years. And even now what happens is when we make more videos people think that we have shifted the business.

It's not like that. Majorly both things are growing together continuously. And we keep shifting it month by month. That this month is its launch. This month is its launch like this. So it will run continuously.

But yes, as you said Kinz's market has an upper cap in India. To expand its cap now as I tell you layers you think its promotion is not going on. But its promotion is going on outside India. We are figuring out how to do it outside India. So we are growing it more outside India.

And we are figuring out things outside India. We don't even know about overlays in India. So in India we are doing it. So what is everyone's strategy in doing things like this? See, how technical it is. I feel that many people understand Shlok.

That's why I wanted to do it with you. I have been connecting with you for a long time. Because most people understand Shlok as a YouTuber.

They think he will set fire. And no one knows how smart he is sitting behind. Who has thought a lot strategically. When are the watches coming? I don't want to tell you about the watches yet. You will know whether we will do the watches or not. What will be the price segment? Will it be affordable or super premium? We are figuring it out.

We are working very hard right now. I want to say this. And I can only tell you that we are working with the best companies in the world.

And we are giving a lot of time to the product we are building. Usually the watch market, there are many people who I know. Even just in general, the consumer electronics market is very quick.

People don't know. The goods come from outside India. Same to same, it is sold in India. By putting a brand. And we are optimizing a little bit here and there. But no one is working on the design, the whole experience, the software end to end.

I am feeling that way. And I feel that watches can replace smartphones. It has become so powerful. Because now a lot of things are coming in that space. So what we will take out will be expensive.

Sustainability is my requirement. I won't tell you the price. I have a requirement in the watch. Put that in. Then I will start another new startup. I have decided on my own.

Put a glucometer in the watch. In China, many people are doing 80-90. Because let's talk about CJM. You have also come to fitness. So you have started understanding biomechanics. So the CJM that has come nowadays.

Many companies are selling it. It is 80-90% accurate. So I was doing some research.

There are some watches coming in China. It looks like a needle. It is doing it without a needle.

It is doing it with sweat. And it is doing it in the watch. Many companies have made it in China. And it is also doing OEM for others. If it is 80-90% accurate, just imagine. I mean, I am telling you.

If the audience will understand, then fine. If not, then do it further. Normally I wear a watch. My walk is being monitored. If I give it my data, my fat, my height, etc. Then it might be able to monitor my calories too.

Now it is able to monitor my heart rate too. Now if it starts monitoring my glucose level too. Then what will happen? As soon as I eat, it will ask me, Have you eaten anything? Because it saw that my spike has come. I will say yes.

Now it will ask, what have you eaten? I will tell it a little. Based on that, it will calculate its calories. Now it will tell me. It will get to know after some time.

Because AI is coming here. It will get to know from time How do my fat burn go to my body? When I wore CGM, I took a one month trial. I mean, I wore it for a month. So I got to know that fat burns are well absorbed on my body. Normally it is bad for people. But it is not so bad for me.

My body behaves well with fat burns. Similarly, if I wear a watch, then this data will start coming. If someone is under stress, Then how are fat burns affecting his body? Just imagine how big a data set can be made.

I mean, my idea is Because I don't want to get into hardware. I am a marketer, a software guy. So I don't want to get into hardware. If someone makes it, I mean, I have investors ready. That we will make such a product Which is end to end. What is happening logically? We are going to the doctor.

There are many types of practical apps made these days. We are going to the doctor. After that, we have shared all the data of my watch. So he is getting to know At what time did my glucose fluctuate? At what time did my heart rate fluctuate? What is my resting heart rate? What is my walking heart rate? Based on that, he has done my full analysis. Now if my watch feels That if someone's resting goes so much And he is eating this type of food And this is happening because of it.

So maybe his cholesterol can be high. So by default, my app will tell me Get a cholesterol test done. I did it.

We filled the data. My one more data was added to my watch. He got one more learning.

At this much cholesterol, this person's heart rate remains this much. And the food is absorbed like this. I mean, there can be a fire in this thing. I mean, what we call smart watch revolution. I think this can be a fitness band revolution. If anyone is watching, tell me.

I mean, I am saying, if you want to go ahead, go ahead. I think it is 100%. Because I have also tried those CGN monitors.

And it is very good and useful. Even I am very much involved in health. That I have taken so many things in health.

Now, for example, I did a mattress by sleeping on it. I also found that very interesting. I mean, it is hot and cold.

There are so many things. I am also taking a lot of supplements. I am figuring out a lot of things. And in the watch, I feel like The problem I am seeing If I tell you honestly I see this problem This is definitely a good feature. According to me, the basics are not being done right now. I think the first thing should be A standard good user interface.

And all the things that are working accurately. So, our focus is very different right now. Because we are not using all these features in this segment. We will not use it in the Apple segment.

So, according to me, The demand of the current user The price point at which we want to go We want to meet it very well. And if we make a fitness product Then I will not make it in 3 months. I will make it in 3 years. And I will make such a product That after wearing that band You don't have to do anything else.

Because I don't believe in half-hearted things. That you are getting a sensor. Let's put it on and do it. There were a lot of things like this.

We also made a smart ring prototype. We figured out how it happens in smart rings. All the watches were in smart rings.

After that, we tried different prototypes. And I can tell you that Like you are telling one sensor. There are blind sensors. There are 10 things in the market. But I I focus on the experience and go to work.

And according to me If I am aiming for a category Then I have to be number one in it. If I am entering the Apple race Then my goal would not be that Apple takes this much market. It sells for 30,000 rupees. Takes this much market.

I take out 25,000. Put one or two extra features in a little less feature. I don't go from that perspective. If I am entering a market Then I will make sure that We make the best product in that market. Our product should be the best in the world.

And then we sell it at a premium. That is my philosophy. If I can't beat Apple Then I won't enter the Apple race.

I will enter the product in 3-4 years. Where I have done a lot of research with health experts. Then I will go there and eat this. You don't even have to tell The watch will tell you Eat this in the morning. You will be healthy. So health is a priority.

I will definitely do something in health in the next few years. But for me Because people have no idea. Because what happens now I will tell you the biggest problem.

We all are sick. We don't know. All the people in Delhi are sick. Everyone has no idea that they are sick. The thing that you can't measure You don't know how sick you are.

You have been sick since childhood. So you don't know that you are sick. You don't know what being healthy is. The thing that people can't measure If I tell you I'll tell you a number, if you are this much sick and you can be this much healthier, then you will improve a lot.

So I also feel that we take health for granted, we don't even know what is healthy. And if you go to the side of Japan, Okinawa and all these blue zones, there are areas all over the world, there people live 100 years comfortably, and they don't live 100 years, they are trekking at the age of 90, they have abs at the age of 70, naturally, good strong physique at the age of 70, their diet and everything is good, lifestyle diet, a lot of things are good, so essentially you live 3 lives in one life, I see it like that too, so I think that technology is coming, it will come slowly but it will be very interesting, the watch will also play a part in it, especially wearables will play a big part in it. I have a lot of watches, but since I bought this, I have been wearing this only, everything gets tracked somewhere, the phone also comes here, a lot of other things come here, so I feel that wearable is next level thing, it excites me a lot, and all the best, then I have told you, this is smart questioning, now say it like this, stop it, we will tell you in the intro. Please cut this part, it is not good.

Thank you, I got to learn a lot personally, and I think the audience also got to learn a lot. 100%, I also had a lot of fun talking to you, knowing everything, even the conversation before the camera, I found it very interesting, and I hope the things you are doing, the users, the consumers, they also got some help, but yes, definitely a lot of fun. Thank you so much for coming, thank you. So with this, this video ends here, I hope you enjoyed it, like it, share it, tell me in the comments, how did you like the video, bye, good day, good night, good morning, good afternoon, whenever you are watching this video, Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

2024-01-07 11:58

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