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<i>♪ Cheerful music plays ♪</i> Few years back, when we had 5 lakh subscribers, we made a studio tour. Right here, not sure if you remember. A small studio with just two Tech Boss employees. My friends were there. I showed the entire studio, right? But now, we are close to reaching 50 lakh subscribers.

If you combine YouTube, Instagram and Facebook we have 75 lakhs followers. Putting all together, the content quality has improved. The team has grown. We have a new studio. We've changed a lot. Our style of making has changed.

<i>[He just keeps talking but doesn't show anything]</i> As usual, we begin from here. I spoke about this place in my last studio tour. We use this place to park cars, bikes and play games. The door is open, right? Wait and watch. We have a fingerprint lock to make it more secure. When any of our staff uses it, the door gets unlocked.

Over here is the play buttons you've seen already. But the thing is Tech Boss didn't have gold button at that time. This is the silver button for Tech Boss reaching 1 lakh subscribers. The last video was when we had 5 lakhs subscribers. There is another button for 10 million. I wish to make my next studio tour with that button.

<i>[I'm waiting for that]</i> All these are the play buttons of our other channels. The mirror here is as per the rituals like how its followed at home. One of our subscribers drew that and gave it to me. It touched my heart and so I hung it here. <i>[I am the only person who respects me]</i> So.. It's burning like hell..

<i>[Turn on the fan]</i> The studio looks different, right? You would've seen it in videos. Two big tables on both sides for editors. Everything has changed. I'll tell you one by one. There are three people here. Vignesh, Vignesh, and Pandi. There are 3 people.

Let's discuss one by one. First, Vignesh. Vigneshwaran, he is our main editor. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> You have seen him in many videos, right? What all do you do here? - I mainly edit. - Ok. I'll write scripts and sometimes I help the camera department. That's all.

You mean to say that they don't know how to do it? I said that I will help them. What software do you use? Many people ask that. - Final Cut Pro. - Final Cut Pro. What other software do you use for editing? After effects, at times I use Blender and Photoshop. What is the configuration of the system you use? - I think this is M1 Ultra. - Okay. But I forgot the configuration.

<i>[Laughs]</i> I think, I remember it. I think it has 128GB RAM. Unified Memory, correct. Bro, say it correctly. They'll point it out. <i>[This guy!]</i> It has 128GB Unified Memory. Okay?

What other monitors do you use? - I use two studio monitors. - Okay - How much did it cost? - This one is 1.5 lakhs. - This one is 1.5 lakhs. - Okay. - Is this 5.5 lakhs? - Yes, 5.5 lakhs.

This one is 28K. You have recently made a purchase, right? This keyboard is 10K. What's special in that keyboard for 10K? Bro, look at the lights. Fine! Let's move on.

His name is Vignesh too. He is one of the main editor. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> What system does he use? - I use MacBook Pro. - MacBook Pro. - Which chip? - I don't know all that.

Let me tell you. M2 Max. - Bro, what's the chip used? - M2 Max. M2 Max, is it? - What is the unified memory? - Tell me that too. That too.. It's 96GB. - It's 96GB. - Okay What is the SSD? Let me tell you that as well.

- 2TB. - It's 2TB. <i>[Laughs]</i> - That one is 1TB. - It's 1TB. <i>[Laughs]</i> Our office casual like this. No dress codes.

There is nothing as such. He uses a monitor, a laptop.. Do you see how big is his editing table? By now, you would've known that he's a great editor.

Tell about yourself. <i>[What do I say?]</i> Just say something. You've seen him in videos, right? Click like if you are his fan. Vignesh fans.

Comment saying Vaalaiyoor Vignesh fans. <i>[We won't do that]</i> Okay, do your work. What were you doing? I was just listening to music. Music? Did you see? Will this happen in any office? He says to me that he was listening to music. - That is how it is. - Even I do the same at times. Fine! Continue. What song are you listening to?

Tell me the truth. What song are you listening to? What song is it? - From Arunthathi.. - Arunthathi? A song from Aranmanai..

<i>[Claps]</i> Hey! You did not listen to the song! you're watching the video. <i>[Vignesh watching video]</i> Next, is our Pandithurai. You would've seen him in automobile videos, system and laptop oriented videos. He is also one of the main editors.

<i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> He does most of the graphical content. Say something about you. My name is Pandithurai. I'm from Madurai.

- I edit.. - What kind of girl do you expect? <i>[I want a girl like a girl]</i> <i>[Laughs]</i> That's how you speak. My name is Pandithurai. I'm from Madurai.

<i>[Laughs]</i> Say a bit more and they'll find you a match. That's what you want, right? <i>[Says his star sign and stuff]</i> <i>[You're craving for women!]</i> Watch this.. His Mom, watch this. His dad, watch this.. Did you get to know his expectations? <i>[I'll not just be your brother]</i> <i>[You'll become a broker is it]</i> In office, I mainly edit. I write scripts. I'll play games for testing purpose.

- That's it. - What system do you use? - I use M2 Ultra. - M2 Ultra! As far as I know, he uses the top end system in our office. He uses a wide monitor. On top of that, he bought an ASUS monitor. Tell us about the configuration.

- 192 GB RAM. - Okay. Hey! It's 192GB Unified memory. - Unified memory. - Okay.

It has 2TB SSD. How much does it cost? - This one is 7.5 lakhs. - Okay. - This one is 1.5 lakhs. - Okay.

- This one is just 28K. - Okay. Just 28K This keyboard & mouse is 20K. Yeah, it's Apple mouse and keyboard. This table is 10K. Table cast is not needed! Next.. Someone used to be here.

He's on leave today. You would've seen Aroen in many videos. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> This is my place. Look how tidy the place is.

Is it good? Its like trash, right? Even trash would be better. <i>[Why are you spitting on your face?]</i> Look how it is. Script writing note, water, SSD, oh no its hard disk. I'll leave it like this. This is how my place looks like. I've been using the same thing since then. It's the same i7 and Asus monitor. There is no change.

They just bought me a mouse sometime back. Apart from that, there's no change in the system I use. This phone. I'm writing about it. I think you would've seen this video. Things that need testing will be in my table. Our man, Rajesh.

<i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> You would've seen.. I shouldn't say so.. I shouldn't say, you would've seen him. They would've seen me. They have no choice.

- They have no choice. - Tell me bro. You have to say. Introduce yourself. They already know you. You have fans club. I heard that women are approaching you.

It's all a lie. Editor, cut that out. <i>[I won't]</i> <i>[Laughs]</i> Don't create issues in my family? You would've seen Rajesh in many our videos and shorts. This is Rajesh's place. He does all his work and scripting here.

He uses M3. Am I right? The latest iMac M3. He's moved the Acer monitor from there. Also, Apple keyboard and mouse.

That's all. Nothing else. - What's this video for? - Which? Wait! I've told them its a surprise. I need to make them believe.

Why are you doing like this? Don't you know the surprise or not? I thought you're roaming with the camera since you don't have content. - Not like that. - Hi. - Oh! - Hey! <i>[Laughs]</i> - Surprise. - Surprise.

Its a surprise for us too. Look at him act as if he's editing a video. <i>[Laughs]</i> -Come here -Bro, look at this. Same video. <i>[Everyone laughs]</i> It's the same video. I told you, right? Bro, what's all this? <i>[Laughs]</i> Both are editing the same video.

I think what you told is true. I kept it open since they told you're coming. Bro, it's not like that. He'll work on VFX. - I'll edit. - Hey! You're covering up! You're covering up in the name of editing. So, this is Haris. The editor.

<i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> - You've seen a lot of videos he edited. - Yeah? Yeah? You don't believe in you, is it? You've edited and published a lot of videos. Most of the shorts are edited by Haris.

He has edited a lot of the main videos. What system do you use? - Oh my God! - Oh my God! - Say it. - M1 Max. - In M1 max - 64 GB.

- Unified memory - Yeah. - How much is the storage? - I don't know. Don't know. This is your system, right? - Has it been a year? - Yeah But don't know the storage. Aroen is not here! His table is here.

He uses a max studio. He bought editor saying he'll not edit without it. But he doesn't edit. True, he doesn't edit.

I don't know what to say. What's that speaker for? - What? - That speaker. He got it so that he can edit. Why are you doing this? Rajesh, you tell him. To show it out.

Show it out? To show out. OUT. <i>[Laughs]</i> <i>[Who are you guys making fun of?]</i> Jokes apart! He edits well. <i>[Nothing like that]</i> The recent Laptop and phone videos you watched were edited by him.

- He edits well. - Aroen, I tried my best. <i>[Get lost!]</i> You've already seen whats in this cupboard. But now we have things that we don't use.

It has things like Keyboard, mouse and stuff. Nothing else. And in this place, If we are going out somewhere, Bags like camera bag, travel bag. We have a cupboard to keep bags. On this side, we have trollies that we don't use. Shall we finish the small room? <i>[Laughs]</i> She's also in the same category.

She only acts like working. She sits here because there's no CCTV. Everywhere else, there's CCTV. That's why some people are like that. Since there is no CCTV here..

She knew that we are takings videos. I have to act. Only then they will believe me. - She thought she'll pretend - She has two papers hand as well.

- What paper is this? - Just to show off Look at this. Doesn't know what paper this is. Look! She working on someone else's PAN card.

- It's not pan card. - Aadhar card. You suddenly said video. I didn't know what to do. I used to roaming around.

You made me sit in this room. So I'm acting as if I'm working. - You agree, right? - Yeah.

This is how it is. This is your Rockstar Ragavi. Alright? <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> Thank you. - Say about yourself. - I am an admin.

I say so. I don't know what job I am doing. <i>[Get lost you fool!]</i> I asked her to work.. She's made a small boat, a big boat..

One more small boat there. This is her job. This is the dubbing room.

You would've seen this in the old studio tour. We use it for dubbing. Also Ragavi does her admin work here. This room. WOW! I can smell biryani! Get in. There was a TV and green screen here in the previous video. We changed everything.

Recently, we made it a spot to have lunch, sleep, relax and watch TV. Inside this.. Don't open that.

<i>[Laughs]</i> Open the door. We have to be transparent to our audience. Don't do it. You guys guess what's inside. Okay?

<i>[What is it?]</i> Come let's go. Come. <i>[Laughs]</i> <i>[April fool]</i> A mirror for us to see our face. This room.. Hey!! <i>[Don't fall down. There's work to do]</i>

Look at people act as if they're working. <i>[Laughs]</i> Only the AC is working. It's fine if one person acts. Everyone here is doing the same. Look there. On one end he's playing songs.

It's A.R Rahman hits for motivation. You would have seen this place as a small studio before. That's why we didn't remove the foam. Now, this place has become a place for editors. Nearly 5 people are sitting here.

Mr. Hari. The mouse is upside down. <i>[Laughs]</i> Hey, this is how it is. - What are you doing? - I'm doing R&D about AI.

He is the one who does R&D. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> Nice, what system do you use? - MacBook Pro. - Yeah. i9.

Mostly everyone uses MacBook. Look at him. From that time.. No, no. He did this thumbnail already. I told him its nice.

If this thumbnail comes in this video, I'll appreciate him, right? - Am I right? - His face says it all. Other thumbnails are not good, is it? Not like that, all thumbnails are good. Recently, many of the thumbnails are done by Prasanna. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> He'll now show us those thumbnails. What thumbnail are you recently working on? <i>[Laughs]</i> What's that? Click ok.

Wow! Great job! What software do you use to edit this? - Mostly Photoshop - What else? I use Adobe Firefly for AI. - Okay. - That's it. That's it! Imagine how great he should be for doing a great job just using these two. I'm not kidding. I'm saying you're doing a good job. <i>[Not sure if I'm doing a goo job. But, you're doing a good job]</i> <i>[Look at how he traps people]</i> What? You're making some weird sounds.

I was just sitting idle for a long time. I had to stretch. Tharik Bhai. There'll be a lot of fans. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> A lot of people call me.

Even yesterday, a friend of mine called and asked about you. Is it? - Tell bhai he's doing a good job. - Thank you. Say about yourself. What do you do? I do nothing. <i>[Laughs]</i> Don't tell the truth. Don't tell the truth.

Wait! - It's a fresh take - Okay. Bro, what do you do here? I joined as an editor. They asked me to edit for a while. I was editing.

They wanted someone to do social media handling. I started doing that. You did it because this is easier than editing, right? <i>[Don't reveal the company's secret]</i> If you don't get replies on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Don't scold me. Talk to this guy. He's the admin.

I'll do it. I'm doing it for everyone. What system are you using? I'm using Mac Mini M2 Pro. - What in M2 Pro? - Mac Mini. - Fine. - I think it has 32 GB unified memory. - Fine - 1TB.. You heard me say unified memory outside.

If you move further.. there's Gokul bro.. You would've seen Gokul bro in the old video. Gokul bro is in the camera department.

<i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> He does camera. In the recent videos, In terms of taking shots a stuff. They work as a team. Gokul bro is a part of it.

He is.. I forgot your name.. - My name is Vignesh. - Yes. He's the 3rd Vignesh. Show your face.

<i>♪ Special song for face reveal ♪</i> Are you for social media? Social media handling and content writer. He has many talents. He talks well. He looks handsome too. - You were a VJ, right? - I was doing it once upon a time. So what? We have to promote ourselves. Not upto your mark.

<i>[Don't praise me on my face]</i> He gets 10K increment. Yeah. I recently saw your videos. <i>[Everyone laughs]</i> I am here for 2 years. <i>[Laughs]</i> I'll get married if you give me an increment. Won't buy a balloon for your son. - But will give 5K for the dancer? - Exactly.

- Let's show the studio. - I'll show the studio and get back. <i>[See you soon. Tata.]</i> <i>♪ Cheerful music plays ♪</i> This is our studio. This used to be a terrace in the past.

- Am I right, Rajesh? - Yes. Our boss used to stay here. We've changed it to a studio and use it only for shooting.

Now, this boss is staying here. If you want to file any case, file it on him. <i>[You deserve it]</i> This is here just as show off. No one here reads it. No one reads. We've used wall sticker here.

This is for a separate frame. A wall sticker here. We tried to have a photo frame. It's not over yet. Just look up. The items on top are for acoustics.

If you see it overall, to avoid using stickers We used this setup on top. We tried this frame here using neon lights. They must have seen it in videos.

Mostly, you would've seen us do review here. All these are the properties. This is a frame. They have drawn it well. It looks looks classic and superb.

And.. This is our camera. He is the cameraman. He's responsible for this. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> The reason why he's kept it neat is because we're shooting today.

Things like camera, lens, accessories and battery will be here. Things like mount and wires will be at the bottom. There's at the bottom. We made a video recently, right? We tried to make this a TV wall. How is it? We tried to do it. But you never fixed a TV.

We've been trying but never fixed a TV. - Next is this. - That's waste, right? No, this was quite useful.

You shoot many matches here, right? This is an adjustable table. Amaron 200X light. Power cut, is it? What good omen? <i>[I don't know where the power goes. It comes and then it goes]</i> Power is back. [Cheers] If you see this wall, - What do they call this? - It's called a wall.

They asked us to make a graffiti with the name Tech Boss. If you look at it from a distance, you can see its Tech Boss. That's wind-free AC. There is a CCTV. A wall here and a wall there. That's about the studio. Nothing else.

- Anything else - This one for photos - Say it. - It's pentagram. - I don't know the name. - Pentagram It's my long time wish to have this after setting up the studio.

They got this Pentagram from Chennai and installed it. It's quite useful. You can keep the camera in a fixed place. If you want to hang it without any disturbance at the bottom. It's very useful for lights and cameras. There is a round table setup. Talk about that.

This setup can be used if two people want to converse. This can be rolled. What about this background? I spoke about it. Red color background.

This is my guitar, right? As if you know to play. Play. Let's see. Play.

- Shall I play a song? - Yes. Wait, I'll play nenjukul peidhidum. <i>[Ragavi tries to sing]</i> Play that.

<i>[Tech boss thinks he's playing it for real]</i> Cut this out.. I forgot. Oh no! Oh my God! There's Meenakshi fan club. <i>[Don't blabber]</i> Tell me Meenakshi. What do you do? She would've forgot. - What do you do? - I do camera.

How many cameras are there in our office? - 4. - No. There is also 9 CCTV cameras. <i>[You've come to torture me, is it?]</i> She is Meenakshi. Our camera department. <i>♪ Mass music plays ♪</i> She's cameraman Guna's assistant. That's all. Anything else?

We have setup a room. It was under my supervision. <i>[Laughs]</i> - Like a first night room. - First night room? I setup this room like a first night room.

This is a background. Earlier, we used this room for staying. We thought of using this room for shooting too. We setup a table here, a chair there, AC, a drawing there. We have completely changed it. If you look back, you will know.

- They'll not even fold the mat - Yeah. True Who did this? Who left it here? Can't you fold your mats after waking up? Why are you doing like this? Look at the mirror. Question that guy. You keep losing all the time. <i>[Why are you spitting on your face?]</i> And this is a TV stand. But we don't use it. - This is.. - The toilet.

That's the toilet. - This is... - A charging station. Yeah, charging station. We'll charge things here.

Also for our automobile videos.. Why is it so heavy? - Have you worn it anytime? - No. That's it. This room is to keep our equipments. - What room is this? - Store room. Store room. That's it.

- What else? - Kitchen. We can cook here. Do some cooking. We can act as if we are cooking. We can't do that. There's no stove. We can act as if we are cooking. We'll set frame like this. We'll act like cooking here.

We'll cook even without a stove. My God! So, that's our studio tour. We missed him. He is a new trainee. I'm Surya from the camera department. - I'm a trainee. - Yeah

He just joined today. But he has a lot of experience. He has worked in movies. So, this is our office. This is our studio. This is how we work. And these are our friends.

All of us work together in Tech Boss. This team is going to grow even more. You can join us if you want. I'll display the email id.

3D artists, cameramen, editors, scriptwriters, etc. You can send us an email based on your talent. We can travel together. Okay? I think that's our studio tour. We've tried to show you all that we have.

Let us know your feedback. We will correct it. Please watch good content. Please support good channel. Surprise. Surprise.

Please subscribe. Wait. Surprise. The surprise is that.. Did you like our studio? The bottom.. Is it 150 sq.ft? We started with 150 sq.ft.

We recently made it 900 Sq.ft. Has it been a year? I should be a year. We grew so quick. We are going to move to an office which is almost 6000 sq.ft. <i>[Cheers]</i> Studio in 3000 sq.ft.

And office in 3000 sq.ft. Very professionally. Not for the first time in Tamil Nadu, right? <i>[Laughs]</i> We as a tech channel are trying something in Tamil Nadu. Oh My God! The sponsor who sponsored all of this is..

- Who is it? - Tecno <i>[Laughs]</i> It's Adada creators. We all work here together. Okay? That's it. SUBSCRIBE TO TECH BOSS. With love Techboss Team "♪ Subtitles by ♪ TASC_SUBS"

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