Lyft Surge vs UberX Surge | Technology App Wars!

 Lyft Surge vs UberX Surge | Technology App Wars!

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night about to get started about 8 30 I  got like half a tank like I said I filled   up Wednesday did Wednesday driving then I  did Thursday drive and ran a few errands   and everything so I'm at a half tank  so I've used two days worth of driving   and I'm still at a half tank right now so  let's see if we can keep making this money all right let's start opening up these apps  and seeing if there's any surge around the area   hopefully there is if there's none then I  guess I'll have to kind of drive a little bit   oh we got ten dollars at the  airport let's go confirm the Beamer   all right let's turn this on real quick 14 20.  wait a minute was that 14 20 for like 2.4 miles yeah all this [ __ ] garbage is coming on the pipe  right now look at this [ __ ] multiple stops and   everything 12 46 for 20 miles damn almost 19. look  at this [ __ ] you know what we're gonna do we're   gonna turn this app off real quick I think they  got started a little too early with the [ __ ]   let's turn this [ __ ] off yeah let's turn that  [ __ ] off we're not ready for that yet let's go   through opportunities they they serving [ __ ]  right now they're serving a whole [ __ ] tray   of mashed potatoes and [ __ ] like I'm not eating  that [ __ ] okay at 12 10. two miles for fourteen   dollars 12 30. let's accept that one at 12 10.  let's see if they're gonna leave me another one  

for 12 30 right behind it probably not um nope  they took the 1231 out so we'll do the 12 10.   that's probably leaving a concert area on  Mill going over to there okay that's at 12 10.   uh I don't have anything else Sunday  at 12 30 in the morning I got that   that's easy right there that's what 13 almost 14  dollars for almost four miles like I said anything   in Tempe I'll do it and that's just taking  somebody up to 44th Street so that's on Fifth   Street from that hotel up to North 44th Street to  another hotel it's just right above the airport   so they're just going from hotel to hotel I  could do that all right this Mill Avenue so   they're in the party District going over  to Rio Salata to their house no problem   all right we got ten dollars at the airport  since they serving [ __ ] mashed potatoes and   [ __ ] we not eating lunch today let's go over  to Lyft because I'm like [ __ ] my lunch card   don't work I'm not eating no mashed potatoes  and [ __ ] sorry keep that [ __ ] lunch lady [ __ ] trying to serve me a plate of  that [ __ ] they sloshing that [ __ ] on   there they had three of them in a row three  heaps of [ __ ] mashed potatoes and [ __ ]   you ready for lunch son [ __ ] no I ain't  even hungry today I'm going to detention   come on [ __ ] that [ __ ] I'm not eating that  all right we ain't got nothing over here these   [ __ ] look like the library as quiet as a [ __ ]  you gotta stop laughing in here shut the [ __ ] up   all right let's move back over to [ __ ]  the cafeteria again let's see Uber Cafe   what will you have today I like some  [ __ ] and mashed potatoes [ __ ] ass   look at that 20 miles 12.54 ah  my lunch card don't work today   and there's that 12 30 one right there  3.9 miles 11. yeah let's do that one too   I mean back to back cool that's probably gonna  be 30 minutes I can make like you know 40 in   about 30 minutes with those two they got some  jumping off at the airport don't know what it is   look like chocolate milk is that chocolate milk  and pizza at the airport open up the cafeteria   see what's in there man [ __ ] that cause sitting  where I'm sitting I'm getting mashed potatoes and   [ __ ] a whole bunch of [ __ ] coal ass macaroni  and cheese they sloshing that [ __ ] on my tray   I'm out of here I'm gonna give me some [ __ ]  some goddamn chocolate milk and pizza let's go   up to the airport real quick I'm just gonna  cruise by so I'm gonna play me some music in   a minute I'll hit y'all back in a second wait  I'm Gonna Leave This [ __ ] running never mind   let me leave this running for a second cause  I want to see what else they start sending me   especially on [ __ ] Lux I got Lux open on the  back end like I said now I started running these   [ __ ] at about 8 35 let's see how long these apps  gonna take before they start giving me something   other than mashed potatoes [ __ ] all right let  me see I'm gonna cruise up here real quick uh   wait a minute well I got both of those things  at 12 so it's only 8 30 now so that's about four   hours yeah so I got four hours to kind of diggle  around where's that taking me that's taking me   over the priest in Guadalupe well that's way  over in Tempe coming all the way back down the   priest now I'm cool on that [ __ ] I'm gonna  leave that alone we ain't touching that we   not touching that [ __ ] it's about four miles  for five dollars mashed potatoes that's what   I'm gonna start calling those mom but every  time they send me some [ __ ] mashed potatoes   [ __ ] I ain't trying to eat this and I'm not  even hungry today [ __ ] cafeteria is closed baby   all right what we got 857 for 10 miles no that's  12 damn 12 miles 684 for about six miles mashed   potatoes [ __ ] that [ __ ] 10 30 for like  16 miles almost mashed potatoes [ __ ] that   we ain't eating that [ __ ] Uber Cafe what  will you have today I would like some [ __ ] some cold ass [ __ ] french fries and [ __ ]  [ __ ] don't even got no [ __ ] grease on them 10   30. but like what's that 15 miles no you know what  I'm gonna do I'm gonna close all this [ __ ] down  

because they ain't sending out nothing right now  so let me close all this [ __ ] down real quick   I'll leave Lux running but Uber yeah Uber Cafe is  closed today Uber Cafe close the day [ __ ] ass   cruising as soon as I made that left I got a  lux hit at the airport taking somebody about   three miles north of the airport which is cool  it's like almost 15 bucks I'm right here at the   airport anyway so I'm gonna pick them up take them  about three miles north of the airport damn ragged   ass [ __ ] car that [ __ ] got a trumpet coming  out the back of that [ __ ] and like get you an   exhaust God damn it you got more that's band camp  that's a high school band camp right there [ __ ]   I'm going to the cafeteria I just passed the band  class those [ __ ] trying to play the Christmas   carol that [ __ ] was loud as a [ __ ] [ __ ]  that [ __ ] so I'm gonna head up here real quick   you know pick this [ __ ] up at the airport and  then drop them off hopefully luck starts jamming   tonight if Lux is jamming cool it's a 15 you  know quick two three mile [ __ ] ride let's do   this [ __ ] get it out the way I was going to the  airport anyway so I don't even count that mileage   I was coming on my way anyways I was coming to the  cafeteria give me some chocolate milk and pizza   Trip Man the airport is booming right now it is  super busy right now and they put me back at the   top of the queue it was that ride right there  like I said hopefully doodle tip me or whatever   but it was it was a good ride even without the  tip I mean it was not that far at all and like I   said I was just right down the street so I picked  him up you know I was at my house picked him up   dropped him off up here it was not far at all just  north of the airport so they put me back into the   airport too because I'm only like two three miles  away so I'm like okay I'll go back down there   I mean it's not quite two dollars a mile but  I mean it was so close of a trip and for it   to be Lux 10 Lux from the airport right now when  it's crazy they chose me because they know it's   expensive as hell to choose any other driver  because there's no way with the airport being   the way it is right now there that dude probably  paid at least 40 45 to get out of that airport   and they gave me ten dollars with a four dollar  surge I guarantee that dude pay like 40 something   dollars to get out of that damn airport guaranteed  so I've been driving for about two hours 127. not   bad roughly about six sixty bucks an hour let me  turn this way real quick I'm gonna get out of here   I'm not sure if I want to go back to the airport  or not because it's crazy as [ __ ] down there so   yeah I'm gonna go North I'm not going back to  the airport they got me in the queue right now   they said hey you could be at the front of the  queue I'm like nah I'm cool on that [ __ ] I'm   not going back down there that was a nightmare it  was a gazillion cars getting in and I had and he   was like oh man this car can get up because I  had to get out no cars but I had to find me a   break so with a car like this you don't got to  wait on nobody you see a break you just go for   it because this car will keep up with traffic  real easy you you barely shut the throttle I'm   in traffic I'm right behind you already you ain't  even gotta blink I'm right behind you this car is   that damn quick all-wheel drive BMW four cylinder  turbo [ __ ] you ain't I ain't gonna ask you to be   in traffic by the time you ready to answer I can  try to ask you that question I'm already sitting   behind you in trap you like where the [ __ ] you  come from like this car is pretty quick it's like   trust me we ain't gonna ask nothing all right  so that was the cafeteria that was the staff   cafeteria that wasn't the student cafeteria  you know I'm saying the student cafeteria was   serving mashed potatoes staff cafeteria was doing  a little bit better not quite two dollars a mile   they could have did me better than that what  the [ __ ] is wrong with this car come on man   goddamn stupid ass [ __ ] Uber driver [ __ ]  it ain't even no lights or nothing around he's   literally coming he's breaking just come getting  on his brakes in the middle of the [ __ ] Street   like it ain't no [ __ ] ain't no [ __ ] lights  around what are you doing drive that [ __ ] man   [ __ ] Uber drivers man we got to get it together  we gotta have an Uber driving course called don't   drive in the [ __ ] curb Lane and don't use your  brakes unless there's a [ __ ] light ahead of you   this [ __ ] Rogers breaks the whole it's like no  light around he just riding his brakes he damn   near came to a complete stop and I'm like I'm  trying to make a left to get into this parking   lot where I'm sitting right now and this [ __ ]  on this breaks just riding real slow he ain't   even turning he's going he could have gassed it  and [ __ ] drove 90 miles an hour to get to where   he's getting to but he chose to go like five miles  an hour for no reason he left the stoplight was   coming through the light driving and just started  riding his brakes like he was coming to a stop   I thought he was going to make a right turn and  come to this parking lot no we just kept going   straight down the street [ __ ] Uber drivers man  I'm telling you let's see what they 40 make 35 40   more trips to make 35 man that is like one of the  most amazing deals of the century what the [ __ ]   ever so I won't do that [ __ ] man see what we  got more opportunities let's see what we got   14 20 I said 12 10 20 minutes later it's  12 30. USC is going to play Arizona State   oh they're playing right now oh because it's wait  that's Saturday okay might say so that's in about   three hours so yeah that's about thirty dollars  I'll make in about 20 30 minutes about 30 bucks   then Sunday I'll make that 13.90 or 250 from  one English sign up for that [ __ ] 2.50 for   every trip 1 am to 2 A.M on Sunday I might  be out with you Dusty [ __ ] I might be out   all right so let's go back over here Airport  275 must be kind of clearing up down there   that's what we got over here 425 see they got me  in the front of the queue man [ __ ] it let's go   down there they paying 425 Surge and I'm already  in front of the queue let's go [ __ ] I'll do it   I'm just like I said when I drop them off I was  right here it ain't even nowhere so let me go down   here [ __ ] give me some airport [ __ ] you gonna  come through come on through come on through man can't stand [ __ ] that don't know how to drive  that's another goddamn car White Honda Civic   like a 1985 this [ __ ] driving five miles an hour  it's like dude if you don't drive that [ __ ] he   doesn't hit his rakes three times already going  straight we still in the parking lot I haven't   touched my break yet this [ __ ] hit his brakes  three times in the parking lot I'm like dude   you ain't got to hit you just let your car roll  [ __ ] take your foot off the gas I don't know if   these [ __ ] driving with two feet like how the  [ __ ] you breaking and gassing at the same time it's like damn it's like I just you know when  I don't want to go forward I just take my foot   off the gas pedal that's all if you want to go  forward a little slower just take your foot off   the accelerator pedal these [ __ ] be like break  break break break I'm like what the [ __ ] are   you touching are you driving with two feet [ __ ]  what are you doing you don't need to keep touching   your break take your foot off the accelerator  pedal that's it it's that damn easy like right   now I'm coasting and the car that was in front  of me he's still a he running around his brakes   for like [ __ ] 200 feet we coming to a light  right now I still ain't touching my brake yet   he was touching this breaks his way back there  now I'm gonna touch my brake cause I'm coming to   the [ __ ] light this [ __ ] Road this breaks  the whole goddamn Street or these people man   the airport ride I was sitting there they sent  me something right before this I didn't have   the recorder running it was like 27 miles north  all the way up past the like the 101 up north   all the way past there for like 46 or something  like that I'm like what I'm like hell no that's   like almost 30 40 minutes of driving for like  48 bucks going in One Direction and I mean   it's like almost 30 miles away from where I'm  supposed to be I'm like dude I'm supposed to be   down here I'm not going way the hell up there  but no 48 dollars I can make 48 around here   so this little ride just popped up I think it's  like 15 for like three four miles or something   like that so I'm gonna swing around here terminal  four pick this guy up hopefully I'm done with the   airport because they tried some shady [ __ ] over  here so I'm gonna try to hit him get this route   of the way and stay away from the airport I ain't  doing no damn nature hikes tonight man it's like   that's way across campus to the geology building  I'm not trying to do no geology building that's a   nature hike man you out there picking up rocks  and daisies and [ __ ] I'm not trying to do no   geology today I'm staying by the cafeteria [ __ ]  I want this chocolate milk and pizza all right   that was that quick trip right there look at that  no tips coming through yet that was that lux bam   I was just wait that was the first one my bad  let's look at the second one that one okay this   one 16 20 like I said I was at the airport and  I just brought him just south of the airport   oh [ __ ] and I got who tipped me who tipped me  oh what thank you Lance you cool brother that's   it look at that this is the trip right there he  just dropped it off for me ten dollar tip damn   I will talk louder but I was passing some people  in the parking lot I didn't want them to think I   was a weird [ __ ] talking to myself even though  I am a weird [ __ ] talking to myself [ __ ] oh it's like man yeah get out three  yeah but that was cool ten dollar tip   thank you brother like I said I was in at the  airport waiting on that ride to hit thank you   you man that's what's up that's what's  up 153 bucks and what about two and a   half hours not bad not bad two and a half  hours 153. I think we getting somewhere  

I'll see you man we getting somewhere man but  thank you so much Lance I really appreciate that   really appreciate that that right there makes my  day like [ __ ] like that man that makes my day   because I was like man I hope I get tips tonight  because they don't look like people are tipping   Lance led me a 10 Bill and he's from Nashville  dudes from Nashville cool so we're talking about   Elvis because I used to live by Elvis Presley's  Mansion we lived in Whitehaven off of like   Millbranch and all these streets Winchester all  at Elvis Presley Boulevard we used to live on   all these streets and it's funny because now that  you know we're older we look back on it and we go   holy [ __ ] we used to live by Graceland that's  kind of crazy because it's kids we didn't realize   how massive Elvis was how big of an energy he  was on planet Earth like everybody knows Elvis   all over this planet no matter where you go and I  used to live by Graceland that shit's crazy to me   and it's like it never occur right in our school  bus passed the big old Gates every single day   riding the school bus there and back going to  Garden View Elementary went to Garden View they   call it Garden View Elementary because if you go  to the back of the school and you overlooked this   huge field that field I believe it was part of  Graceland because there was a garden all the way   across like a huge building guard and that's where  they called the school garden View because it was   a view of the gardens of Graceland I went to that  school in second grade and didn't even realize how   important it was for me to even go to that damn  school like I said the [ __ ] didn't occur to me   until I was an adult but that's how life works  out that's how it works out I'm gonna Cruise   here by the Circle K right here I mean Quick  Trip call the [ __ ] I call everything Circle   K I don't give a [ __ ] I call Walmart Circle  K [ __ ] I'm gonna go inside the circle came   about some dog food [ __ ] this is Walmart quit  playing you right you right oh wait a minute let   me check the air in my tires even though I know I  got enough air let me look on this side over here I put the thing in Reverse I hate that  [ __ ] when I do my car when I put my   car in reverse the camera takes up the  whole damn screen and I can't see it I   just had it on the meter where it was  telling me how much air my [ __ ] was okay let's see let's go back  in here car air and tires   35 46 is driver's side 35 front 46 back passenger  side is 34-44 so minus one PSI front minus two on   the rear yeah I guess I can add a little air not  a lot it's pressurized I'm sitting over here by   what write down this quick trip on University  I'm gonna go online real quick see what these   Dusty [ __ ] got and tonight I didn't bring any  donuts but I do have some chocolate chip cookies   with me because when I was at Walmart I bought  me some chocolate chip cookies so I just threw   a few of them in the bag real quick I'm doing  everything I can to save money you know what   I'm saying because I'm tired of going broke with  these [ __ ] prices of everything we got to deal   with even [ __ ] dog food don't went up and then  I got the new dog the other day so I got to get a   little extra treats and stuff for him and [ __ ]  man shit's getting expensive in this [ __ ] but   you know we get out every day we bust our ass we  do the best we can do I hope all drivers are out   there doing this [ __ ] you know what I'm saying  save money where you can low expenses here and   there you know saving a dollar here a dollar there  that [ __ ] adds up over the course of a year so   by the end of the year you like damn man I saved  up you know 300 just saving this 300 is is quite   a bit when you come thinking about paying phone  bills every month because 300 could be you know   three four months of free phone bills [ __ ] like  that is not saving that's losing money goddamn 4.5   five miles for 647 ain't nobody trying to  do that [ __ ] it's like that my friend is   mashed potatoes all right let's go down here 13  for 24 miles [ __ ] mashed potatoes once again   these [ __ ] yeah let me turn Uber off I don't  know why I even turn that [ __ ] on sometimes   like I said I'll leave it off because if they do  generate surgery if I'm sitting online they're   not going to generate surge so for the drivers  that got it online and they don't have lift or   they don't have any other way to drive I I keep  myself out of the pool of drivers because I'm   not helping no [ __ ] body for me to sit online  I'm not helping nobody so if I know I don't like   what they sending me two three rides later I  pull myself out of the mix so that lets any   driver that's out there get a better ride that's  how we gotta look out for each other like I said   [ __ ] are too selfish we had way too many selfish  ass drivers out there me me is how much I make   is how much I make we're collaborate we got all  these [ __ ] people all these drivers and [ __ ]   together we're collaborative so if we don't work  together we don't make money together we lose   money together so we talk about saturating markets  everybody shutting their app off at the same time   I leave my app off on Uber because I know Uber can  generate good money when it's only a few drivers   on there they could really do well so apparently  there's too many drivers on Uber Friday night and   look at all this [ __ ] on lift a bunch of [ __ ]  mashed potatoes all over the place [ __ ] all that   so I get offline to lead the drivers that are  online a chance to make [ __ ] money because   I'm gonna make my money I'm not worried about it  I'm gonna make my [ __ ] money I'm gonna stay out   till you know four or five six in the [ __ ]  morning I'm gonna make me some money somehow   in this [ __ ] I'm gonna make some money so I  can't be greedy and starve out the people right   because it's nine o'clock ten o'clock 11 o'clock  there's people that got to get home to their kids   and [ __ ] let them [ __ ] eat before they go home  let them eat before they go home they all gonna   get off the road at 10 o'clock 10 30 11 o'clock  my time usually don't start to my [ __ ] really   started jumping at midnight look at all my videos  my [ __ ] really starts jumping at midnight from   Midnight to like four or five in the morning I  done cranked out 150 almost 200 driving maybe   70 80 miles knocking that [ __ ] out the park and  all I do is sit in [ __ ] parking lots of people   say was time I could be sitting like the other  night I always sit at home when I got that ride   from Daniel when I was helping him with his car  in his garage or whatever I was sitting at home   and I got that ride I could sit at home right now  but why the [ __ ] do I want to drive all the way   home from where I am that's me burning gas for  nothing I can sit where I am so I'm just sitting   here chilling and [ __ ] I'm not driving all the  way home just to sit and chill just to let these   raggedy [ __ ] oh were you working if you online  and you were not at your house it's considered   working until [ __ ] what you say really I really  don't give a [ __ ] what you say what goes on what   happens is your bank account needs to tell the  story of what you did all [ __ ] year if your   bank account is not telling the story of you being  successful in the decisions you make and then you   wasting your [ __ ] time talking to me because my  bank account gonna look okay trust me it's gonna   look okay cause I'm making decisions to make sure  it looks okay I'm leaving my car turned off I'm   parked I'm chilling I'm trying to help educate  other drivers on how to be disciplined with this   [ __ ] don't just drive around [ __ ] streets  all day looking for a ride [ __ ] that let the   money come to you the money will be there let it  come there's a lot of drivers like I said they're   gonna be getting off the street pretty soon we  got like Juan Vargas King James all of us we come   out the house sometimes King James don't leave  his house till 1 32 o'clock in the morning this   [ __ ] he don't waste his time on these [ __ ]  streets he'll leave one o'clock in the [ __ ]   morning this motherfucker's making 43 dollars a  mile 43 a mile I I said what I said 43 a mile he   knows when to leave his [ __ ] house we know how  this [ __ ] works so we're not gonna sit up here   and starve out the drivers that can only drive  till 10 11 because they got families and [ __ ]   at home they got to get home to get their kids  in bed to get their kids fed take care of their   wives take care of their husbands and [ __ ] some  of them got parents at home some of us still live   with our bombs and [ __ ] like that we come out  later and we get the later money so we don't have   to overlap each other and everybody's starving I'm  not sitting here taking no [ __ ] [ __ ] trips all   day just to say oh well I'm out driving I know  how you are [ __ ] I'm really not I'm not gonna   be I'm not ever gonna be like them people because  they live just like their employee mentality they   live check to check they live day to day the  money they make today they've already spent a   day downloaded and spent it already because they  got to hear them get out tomorrow and they got you   know 30 40 on them and they got to go out and gas  up the car they're gonna make money to download   again I don't live like that I'm cool I don't live  like that that's not let's check the check [ __ ]   I'll make sure I'm profitable I filled up my car  two days ago I still got half a tank of gas right   now I made 40 bucks already and I still got almost  the same amount of gas I made because I ain't done   no driving I ain't went nowhere and that's how  you got to be in this [ __ ] game you got to be   smarter you got to be more analytical you got  to be profit focused focus on how much money   you taking home not how much you make how much  are you taking home because I could be out here   making money all [ __ ] day but I could be at them  gas pumps over there look at this 790 for that   yeah I'll take that I could be sitting over at  them goddamn gas pumps over there but instead   of sitting at the gas pumps I'm over here at the  air machine making sure my tires got enough air   and it air is free [ __ ] time recording right now  because it's parents weekend at ASU and I didn't   know that so there's a million Lux rides hitting  back to back to back to back and they're all short   hops so I'm gonna try to do a recording to show  all the rides I've been doing because I've been   doing this is like my third or fourth one in  a row real quick but they're all short they're   all quick I mean this is crazy right now but we  we're playing USC this weekend so all the parents   and everybody's from USC and Cali flew into town  plus parents weekend this is about to be a money   making weekend in Arizona especially Phoenix so  if you down in Casa Grande you're down to Maricopa   you're on the Tucson get your ass up to Phoenix  you're gonna make a lot of money this weekend   now finally get a break real quick jeez let  me turn this off real quick I finally get a   break that was a quick five rides damn I don't  get a break I was gonna show y'all some [ __ ]   I guess I don't get a break all right let's go  pick this [ __ ] right here man this [ __ ] is   like non-stop it's parents weekend it's like  I can't I just cannot stop driving I ain't   even been nowhere I want to show y'all  the mileage on this [ __ ] so y'all be   like you're kidding me you really went did  that less of a miles and you made that 75   bucks I've only probably been driving total  maybe about an hour hour 15 minutes maybe   and it's like just hit after hit after hit after  hit Non-Stop and a lot of the parents don't mind   they're the ones with the money the kids ain't  got the money these are parents paying for rides   right now so every time I pick people up it's like  three people two parents and a kid I picked up one   group two parents and two kids and the girl just  bought an X4 a BMW X4 so she was so happy that   the BMW was coming she was like oh this is so  much better than the waymo we took away moment   earlier that sucked we liked it we want to have  this one every ride we want this one every ride   it was so cool so they'll be picking up a whole  bunch of people to this weekend this is gonna be   a crazy weekend I was just talking to somebody  that was saying I don't do 50 60 70 rides I   don't do that yeah I might do that this weekend  because I'm already at five rides already and on   Lux usually it takes me a while to get the five  rides this [ __ ] is hitting back to back so I'm   gonna keep listening to me some [ __ ] T-Pain  and I'm gonna report back to y'all in a second   easy ride right there so I'm going back out now  let me see if I can get out this drive yep I can   get out cool cool so that was a pretty easy Drive  look at that I ain't even on the road that long   today been on the road for two hours I'm already  at 85 and that's what's scouting and everything   two hours and I'm already at 85 because I mean  it's my hourly average is up three hours 197.   that's over sixty dollars an hour right now I'm  running in actual online time I mean actual drive   time like I said I've been sitting and chilling  I'm almost you know seventy dollars an hour I'm   pretty close to seventy dollars an hour 197 in  three hours that's it almost 200 in in three hours   of driving and that's not counting on my tips and  [ __ ] Lyft is only down seven dollars right now   they're only in the hole for 7.53 so we doing okay  because in three hours of them giving me rides  

three hours it's really only costing them 7.53  because they're doing a lot with like you know   the little delivery fees and third party fees and  [ __ ] like that so it's not bad but I'm trying   to get up here real quick I'm gonna see something  real quick let's go in this parking lot right here   cause I'm gonna pull over this parking lot and  relax for a second because this is getting kind   of chaotic yeah all right let me pull over right  here real quick yeah but I'll show you guys some   of these rides if they don't send me another one  but that was Depot I just took Deepa that was his   four miles nine bucks not too bad we had to do a  detour it was a closed street so instead of 3.86 I   had to kind of wrap around and let me see the one  before that one it was these guys here that was an   easy one right there almost two miles ten bucks  not a problem at all that was easy 10 miles two   bucks then this one here oh I think this one was  The Higher One Ooh Somebody just tipped me too yay   all right so this one here was uh who was that  oh I picked them up at the God damn I'm trying   to explain something y'all let's let's work then  God damn it you [ __ ] want to work let's work   let's go get Hannah God damn it I'm sitting here  trying to explain to y'all how much money I got   and Lux is like dude we not done with you [ __ ]  get back in the ring God damn it go kick this   [ __ ] out of the bike Tyson [ __ ] get off this  goddamn bar stool go over there and [ __ ] swing   on his ass you better start ducking and dodging  [ __ ] we're in we're in the ring right now [ __ ]   we left high school so we out of the cafeteria and  now we we're at the boxing ring it's like let's go   do this [ __ ] come on in lift you want a [ __ ]  box let's box God damn it ding ding round three   punch out okay just dropped Hannah off real  quick let's see what I'm doing over here   two hours a hundred bucks in like two hours man  this is crazy night tonight crazy night but like   I said my my online time y'all know me I've  been sitting around putzing around and [ __ ]   when I first started I was kind of letting just  lift run but what is that three three and a half   hours at 217. he's almost 70 bucks an hour all  I need is about another three good rides and I  

could probably Bank out 70 bucks an hour and  I mean it's like it tonight is one of those   crazy nights oh let me see what Lyft is making  right now because they were making like they   were losing seven bucks still about the same 743  they're still about the same I don't know what   that means like are they not calculating [ __ ]  or whatever got three tips already I'm gonna turn   in here and kind of sit right here for a second I  didn't take a [ __ ] break I tell people man it's   cool to get rides back to back like that but man  it runs you ragged after a while because like I   said I'm I'm laughing in the car joking we having  a good time hey there's a ten dollar tip let me   go down here real quick let's look in here let's  see how many tips I got there's a ten dollar tip   there's a ten dollar tip there's a 523 tip whoa  look at that ten dollars one point eight seven   miles twenty thousand forty five cents that's  what's up that's what's up and that was a fun   group right there that was two parents and two  kids that was a pretty cool group 1.87 miles 20   bucks for that like I said you just got to sit  around and cherry pick the [ __ ] out of these   rods and a lot of people don't like cherry picking  they they're against it they take whatever if I'd   have been taking whatever I'd still be on Uber  right now dealing with [ __ ] [ __ ] rides because   they were sending me [ __ ] them goddamn mashed  potato shitty rides all [ __ ] night and I'm like   dude it's Friday night we not eating no [ __ ]  mashed potatoes on Friday night I'm not eating   no [ __ ] no [ __ ] cold ass macaroni and [ __ ]  I don't want to eat where the [ __ ] students eat   I don't want no little [ __ ] third grade goddamn  mashed potatoes where's the staff eating at okay   stab eating over here perfect that's where I want  to go eat and that's how you gotta handle these   [ __ ] apps you know what I'm saying you gotta  treat this [ __ ] like it's a business don't   think don't don't feel upset that you had to you  know cancel some people or drop some people off   or whatever that's cool decline a few rides  that's cool cause you in this [ __ ] to make   money you're not in this to make [ __ ] friends  and so right now I still got the app running damn   two ten dollar tips back to back that's what's  up there is one in there as well that's what I'm   talking about and this little ride right here was  pretty cool that little nine Dollar Ride 44 miles   I was showing you all these rides early I was  trying to get to them before they threw me another   one they might throw me another one real quick  here's another no tip ride four miles 790 almost   two dollars a mile pretty close pretty close  like I said and this ride uh she actually got   a Jeep this lady has a Jeep three miles ten bucks  I mean yeah three miles about ten dollars not bad   not bad I'm gonna turn right here real quick  I'm gonna sit at this Circle K this man I need   to because I was sitting at that last place it was  about Jack in the Box I don't like Jack in the Box   [ __ ] homeless people walk up start talking to  you and [ __ ] at Jack In The Box so I come out   here to this [ __ ] Circle K where ain't nobody at  turn my [ __ ] off yeah so it's been a pretty easy   night you know what I'm saying two hours hunting  five bucks so that means in about four hours I   should be able to make 200 less driving so maybe  in three hours I can make 200. but whatever the   case may be I'm gonna kick back relax and chill  for a second let me go and look and see where the   surge is surge is in Tempe I'm outside of the  surge well let's turn the app off real quick so I'm gonna take a break I gotta stretch my  legs and my back out for a second God damn   so I'm outside of the surge right now so I'm  gonna kick back relax you know I'll get back   in this [ __ ] give me about five minutes  to kind of hang out I'm going great tonight   whoo man kind of stretch and give me a good yawn  in [ __ ] jump back in the car in a second I gotta   refill my juice container get back on the road  y'all know how we do this [ __ ] and it's only   what 11 o'clock I gotta keep up till five in the  [ __ ] morning it's been a crazy night already   and I gotta do this [ __ ] till five man these  [ __ ] out they mine I might make 200 tonight   I probably will but 200 250 is my goal let's try  to knock that [ __ ] out tonight if I do better   cool if not you know [ __ ] breaks it's just what  it is it's a pretty quick break it ain't quite 11   o'clock right now I just had to fill up my juice  container you know what I'm saying I got some   chocolate chip cookies with me right now those  I bought them through a little bad together I   ate one of those [ __ ] and now I'm about to  head back towards this surge area right now   so let's see what we can [ __ ] do let's turn this  [ __ ] on let's go like a 14 ride I bet that's   about let's say 20 damn it that 14 ride I'm gonna  say that's about 24 miles let's see where is it at   they won't show it to me now there it  is nope that was a twelve dollar one   all right so that's 15 miles right  there where's that 14 oh there it is 14.  

look at that 19 miles 19 miles for that [ __ ]  you got to go pick up somebody and it's a multiple   stop you got to pick up somebody there take  them there and then take somebody look at that   [ __ ] fourteen dollars for a multi-stop ride  19 miles multi-stop now they [ __ ] mind please   that's why we don't do [ __ ] like  that why [ __ ] bypass that [ __ ]   so I'm still on Lux right now I'm headed down  back towards ASU let me close that real quick   I'll probably turn Uber on in a second to see  how those raggedy [ __ ] doing see if they're   out the cafeteria yet like you [ __ ] out of  the cafeteria you mashed potato eating [ __ ]   old cold ass [ __ ] coleslaw your coleslaw warm  is a [ __ ] you're eating warm coleslaw what the   [ __ ] these mothers got warm coleslaw and [ __ ]  cold macaroni and cheese it's like y'all [ __ ]   backwards like [ __ ] like you don't eat that  [ __ ] the [ __ ] hot dog buns is all [ __ ]   crusty and [ __ ] like man y'all cafeteria  food suck I want to eat where the staff eat   I don't want to eat where the students at where  the staff staff lunch I want the good [ __ ] I   want the [ __ ] the pizza and the chocolate milk  I want the cookies and [ __ ] give me something   good let's go look in the shitty cafeteria this is  the kids cafeteria right here uberX the kids Cafe   mashed potatoes Galore on these [ __ ] where we at  I was just by a surgeon I left that [ __ ] let's   see what they got over here let's see what  they got 1.75 nah they probably won't give   me something that's less than a dollar a mile  first ride less than a dollar a mile guaranteed   they probably give me something that's 13  [ __ ] miles total driving 13 miles for   [ __ ] nine dollars that's the [ __ ] they be  pulling let me plug this [ __ ] in real quick plug this [ __ ] in [Music] 16 miles for 17 dollars nah that's 17 miles 17 no  I'm cool on that [ __ ] no no we ain't doing no   rides like that tonight that's way too far for 17  [ __ ] I'm getting twenty dollars to go like damn   near two miles the [ __ ] so I'm getting 20 to  go two miles that's 17 for 17 miles and you know   them high AR [ __ ] but it's 17 yeah you can take  it you can have it I left it on the table for you   so while you're doing that 17 Mile [ __ ] ride  let's take that one why you doing that 17 Mile   [ __ ] ride I'm gonna do something short like this  uh uberX share for that nope not doing that [ __ ] and see I'm already on the ride and they try  to send me another [ __ ] ride right now this   [ __ ] don't make no [ __ ] sense I'm on a ride  and they're trying to give me another [ __ ] ride   and that's what Uber be trying to do to be trying   to link you into too many [ __ ] rides  at once just like quit that [ __ ] man   and now they got all the rides are taken you  know what [ __ ] Uber man I'm done with them   [ __ ] them already because that was [ __ ] no  I'm staying Offline that was [ __ ] because I had   a ride selected for 11 then they try to throw me a  [ __ ] uberX share man [ __ ] them I'm not dealing   with them right now like I said I can't deal with  that [ __ ] I don't tolerate that we already in   traffic we already driving and doing [ __ ] and  then you raggedy [ __ ] sitting there playing   with my goddamn screen either give me the ride or  don't that's your [ __ ] Choice don't [ __ ] with   me though like I said that's why I turned that  [ __ ] on [ __ ] them man I ain't got time for   uberX [ __ ] get y'all [ __ ] right man program  y'all [ __ ] to move [ __ ] faster something   I don't know what the [ __ ] y'all problem is  but I'm not gonna sit there and play with you   [ __ ] I'm really not I'd rather just hang out  for another [ __ ] 10-15 minutes go relax some   [ __ ] wear and deal with you [ __ ] got people  turning off the road and making lefts and writes   and [ __ ] and you [ __ ] playing with we don't  know if you're gonna give you the ride or not well   [ __ ] it I'm just gonna turn the whole app off  y'all can deal with some [ __ ] drivers I still   got another hour before midnight anyway my [ __ ]  really don't start jumping till midnight so I got   a good hour I'm gonna go chill some [ __ ]  work see if Lux will give me another [ __ ]   ride if they do they do if they don't they don't  but I'm not [ __ ] uberX right now [ __ ] them   just quick turn real quick but they gonna send me  a uh they gave me a 14 ride to take somebody to   the airport and they're sitting right behind  me I'm at this light and it hit so I'm gonna   take this Lux ride to the airport real quick pick  up Lauren then I'll let you [ __ ] know what I'm   gonna do after that okay so that was that quick  ride real quick man like I said these are all   airport rides just like back still got three tips  that was the airport route I just did right there   because I was dropping that um that lazy Lady  Lauren I was dropping her off at the airport   and picking them up at the airport like picking  them up it was supposed to be nine nine point   four five because when I actually accepted the  request I was that far away but I was actually   8.4 winners as far as I went for 20 bucks two  dollars a mile not bad and this was Lawrence here   I when I dropped her off at the airport it was  6.54 for 14. not bad at all not bad like I said   that's two trips back to back you know I've been  on the road what four hours in four hours 252.   4 that's you know four times six is 240.  so I'm over sixty dollars for if I get 28  

more dollars I'm at 70 an hour 28 more dollars  that's all I need is 28 more dollars and we're   gonna see exactly how that [ __ ] works and  right I only been online for three hours so   far just three hours and I've been pushing  pushing I haven't even had time to really   record and get down and [ __ ] like that  drop it into another surge Zone real quick   like I said it's parents weekend at ASU it  is nuts right now it is nothing but traffic so luckily I got you know I'm at I'm still more  than was that 16 for seven miles seven miles I'm   not going towards Scottsdale nope I'm not going  up there bug now I know everybody's like take that   no I'm not going up towards Scottsdale [ __ ]  that because I don't want to be stuck up there   yeah but I still I'm still in between a half  tank and a quarter of a tank directly dead   center so I've made 140 bucks off of an eighth  of a tank right now a eighth of a tank of fuel   and I've made 140 already this is gonna be a good  night like I said I might make 200 and it's not   even midnight yet and my night don't really  start till midnight so I'm at 140 bucks and   my night ain't even really running because once  midnight hits oh [ __ ] gets crazy everybody's   bar hopping like crazy trying to get here get  there two o'clock hit surge hits at two o'clock   oh shit's about to be crazy tonight this might  be you know a 259th this might be a 250 night   so we'll see if I can get 250 out of this  night like I said I'm at 140 right now all   I need is another 100 bucks that's it give me  another hundred bucks come on looks you can   do this [ __ ] Lux don't [ __ ] with me Lux  I'll [ __ ] with Lux that's gonna be my next   t-shirt I [ __ ] with Lux no [ __ ] these [ __ ]  they discontinue the platform raggedy [ __ ]   all right here we go these [ __ ] trying to get  me to go back down to that damn concert that   concert is crazy there's a big country concert  going right now and I'm not trying to go that   way I'm just not trying to go back that's where  I just picked somebody up from right now but like   I said that was this one right here this Lux  right here I mean it's almost three dollars a   mile pretty much a little more than 2 50 a mile  probably but it's not worth it man I mean it was   [ __ ] 19 minutes you know 16 I mean you can only  do that that's like 45 an hour but the problem is   that it's a huge concert so I'm not [ __ ] with  that area it's a big country concert down there   and what am I making right now four hours  269 in about four hours so not bad not bad   but like I said the problem is is that big ass  Country Concert going down there I am not going   back in that [ __ ] Direction hell no look  at that 1282 with a four dollar surge for a   country concert that [ __ ] is nuts down there  absolutely crazy so I'm gonna turn and go north   because I'm not going back south of that and  then I had those two Uber reservations I was   wondering why those Uber reservations were at  that time I was like who the [ __ ] I think   it's gonna be something easy no it was Country  Concert reservations so I canceled both of those   [ __ ] I was like nope not doing it cancer I ain't  drove Uber all [ __ ] night I cancel both of those   reservations [ __ ] that [ __ ] I'm not going back  down there way too crazy for me way too crazy and   they probably try to send me back down there but  there's other cars down there already I mean it's   like jam packed Bumper to Bumper one mile an hour  not [ __ ] worth it so hopefully all the black   SUVs go down there and get money because Deluxe  cars now it's not worth my [ __ ] time I mean 16   for 19 minutes doing that big ass crazy [ __ ] no  I should have probably got 30 for that [ __ ] ride   I just did that was a 30 [ __ ] ride and I got  16 for that [ __ ] I didn't know what was going   on until I showed up but now I know which is why  I'm going to the opposite [ __ ] Direction I'm   not doing that [ __ ] again cause I've been  doing quicker rides in that let me show you   look at that 21 now I'm cool I'm not going back in  that direction [ __ ] that so I'll show you like   these are the rides I've been doing like even like  this ride right here let's say this ride [Music] let me turn this [ __ ] off real quick I'm just  gonna go offline cause I don't feel like [ __ ]   dumb right now I'm gonna go offline for a minute  it's all good they'll find some drivers I'm   not [ __ ] with it so like this ride right here  this ride 18 minutes for twenty dollars eighteen   minutes twenty dollars not bad and this one that I  just did was 19 for 16. 19 minutes for 16 dollars   the route I did before that this little short  one right here was 18 minutes for 14 that was   leaving that little [ __ ] that was the airport  [ __ ] trying to get out of Tempe and everything and then the one before that  this little short one right here   that was 12 minutes for ten dollars I  could do [ __ ] like that that's cool   but it's like if you're gonna see me down to  that [ __ ] crazy ass concert [ __ ] you got   to pay me more than that you got to pay I'll go  back online but I'm not doing that crazy concert   [ __ ] I'm not going back down there's way too  many [ __ ] cars for me and Lyft is trying to   get everybody to go down there and it's like  no I'm cool on that [ __ ] I'm gonna pull over   this little Denny's parking lot right here and  kind of relax for a minute cuz I'm like man and   that's what I tell [ __ ] I could probably do  two 250 but I'm not gonna do no concerts yet that's the thing I'm not really you know  eager to push you know three four hundred   [ __ ] dollar night by doing crazy [ __ ]  see that I'm not going back down there   though cause I don't want to do that [ __ ]  I was like I'm I'm gonna sit back here and   chill and [ __ ] relax on my back end it's a  little parking lot back here let me kick back   oh nope anything you know let me just  turn this [ __ ] off for a second I'm not going back to that concert area  [ __ ] that [ __ ] I'm cool right where I am and it's like the only thing is is that man if  they didn't have so much [ __ ] and the thing   is they got it to wear on Mill Avenue you can't  get through Mill Avenue you go down Scottsdale   Road once you hit rails a lot of there's cars  backed up all the [ __ ] way from Mill all the   way to Reels all the way to almost Scottsdale  Road that's a lot of [ __ ] cars and you gotta   crawl through there real [ __ ] slow it's  big ass party buses and everything it's the   country concert what's going on so you go down  there you ain't going no [ __ ] world that's   what takes so long is picking people up so I'm  like nah [ __ ] that I'm cool on that [ __ ]   so I'd rather sit here and not make nothing than  deal with that [ __ ] [ __ ] I rather just kick   back relax drink my [ __ ] drink well I got  some chocolate chip cookies down here I might   eat a couple of those [ __ ] but I'm not gonna  jump online yet I'll kick back for a minute I got two of these old dusty ass cookies left so  I'm gonna save those two [ __ ] for later I can't   eat all my crusty dusties in one shot it was gone  man do not send me to Tempe under no circumstances   whatsoever please leave me in Scottsdale with  a ride that's like maybe a half mile away   I don't believe somebody trying to get a seven  dollar lift in the middle of a concert that's   just funny the [ __ ] what is that Washington  Tempe over here today at Washington Park   ah [ __ ] it let's take it cause that's me  dropping down Stephen I'll cruise all over there   Washington Street I could do that all right let's  do that because he don't got me over there on   goddamn Scottsdale Road and [ __ ] real Salata  he's about light rail station let's do it I'd   rather do that Stephen let's go man appreciate you  brother because one thing is happening I am not   going near that crazy ass concert okay that was  a pretty quick trip right there now my next trip   I'm going to right now this I just dropped them  off at the hotel here that was Steven and he was   in a wheelchair but he had the wheelchair that  breaks down like you could take the wheels off   and everything I guess so me and his girl we kind  of broke the wheels down got the wheelchair all   situated pretty easy everybody needs a wheelchair  like that if you do ride share you need the   wheelchair that the wheels come off you push these  little buttons on the side and they the wheels   pop off real easy then the front it doesn't really  fold down so you can't really fold it down so what   you do is I put the the base part just right here  in the front seat next to me it was small like the   base part was small as hell it fits right in your  front seat like a big old backpack or something so   I just sat it there you can strap it if you want  to I didn't but the wheels just fit in the trunk   I mean it was the easiest wheelchair thing ever  everybody needs those kind of wheelchairs and   ride share Uber need to [ __ ] put that word out  be like get this type of wheelchair you need the   kind that the wheels just you push the buttons  in each wheel comes off the side and it's super   easy I mean [ __ ] packed up easier than goddamn  suitcases it was it's easier than taking luggage   for a BMW like mine way easier than even taking  luggage so I'm glad I picked them up because they   gave me Insight on new wheelchairs that I think  people should promote those [ __ ] especially if   you plan on using Rideshare a lot like help help  us out help you but I'm on my way right now to   pick up a airport ride now this airport ride oh  it's 48 so I'm probably gonna get a tip I think   I'm gonna get like at least a 10 tip to make  it 58 now it's a 24 Mile Drive yeah 24 miles   but it's going to make it's going away from all  the craziness because right now everything you   do right now is by the craziness and they're not  giving you any trips if you're not taking [ __ ]   in Tempe luckily these guys Steven they were  on a light rail they got off the light rail too   early so I had to go down pick him up take them  like 1.2 miles to where they should have got off   at or 1.8 miles so he was almost two miles too  early he got off the light rail which was easy  

they just had to go from where I picked  them up at just right over here to 44th   Street right by the airport so as soon as I  dropped them off like right now I'm on 44th   Street headed to go pick them up this  is easy [ __ ] right here I like this   okay cool just did that drop real quick I'm gonna  sit here for a second I gotta do something real   quick hold up for a second let's go through  here all right that was just that right here   so it was 26 miles was the total thing for 46. Now  52 is what I need to make it two dollars a mile I   need 52. so if you tips me like four dollars cool  I get my two dollars a mile 33 minutes 48 dollars   it's about 96 dollars an hour 96 000 hour is not  bad I mean it's a long [ __ ] drive it's 26 miles   away from the airport it's a long drive but I'm  like [ __ ] it I had to do something different   um 222 dollars and four hours online let's look  at my actual five hours and three okay almost 70   an hour I'm still just over sixty dollars an hour  just over 60 an hour that was a long drive I just   took okay Lyft is up in the mixed twenty three  dollars so they must have charged that dude up   the ass because it was negative seven dollars  so that's a thirty dollar variance right there   so that's a 30 ought to be negative seven some up  to 23 is a seven dollar a thirty dollar variance   so they must have charged that dude up the ass for  that [ __ ] trip jeez jeez telling you man they be   [ __ ] doing people dirty they be doing [ __ ]  dirty goddamn lift so instead of 48 the dude   probably paid close to 80 for that [ __ ] trip  this is [ __ ] that was probably like yeah you   need to go that far from the airport with a surge  yeah you're gonna [ __ ] pay like 80 85 90 for   that so they they gave me 48. so they had to at  least get minimum 78 for that trip 78 because it   was that was a 30 flip right there so and that's  how I kind of keep track of what they doing and   what I'm doing I kind of keep track of that [ __ ]  because a lot of times these [ __ ] will try to   play you out now that [ __ ] would have went from  negative seven dollars to like let's say positive   sixty dollars oh I would have been pissed I would  have been pissed because that that would have been   a [ __ ] 67 67 variance that being able to charge  67 more than what they [ __ ] paid me so instead   of it being 48 67 and 48 would have been about  115 [ __ ] dollars or something crazy like that   I'm like dude they just charged that dude 115  and gave you 48. and they'll do that [ __ ] these   apps don't give a [ __ ] they would really do that  [ __ ] they would do it so like I said I made 222   four hours online like I said don't know how long  I've been driving because I'd be scouting like a   [ __ ] but yeah that I probably drove I would say  about four hours and then between three at least   more than three definitely more than three hours  because I ain't been scouting for no hour in a   [ __ ] half because rides have been coming so fast  so I'm thinking at least three and a half hours   you know three and a half to four hours I actually  been driving now that I'm back online scouting and   [ __ ] and all the surge is far from me like I  said there's the surge over here there's a little   surge right there I'm not gonna get no [ __ ]  rides I'll probably go over here to Mesa real   quick get some rides over there this is Baseline  ahead of me and I'm gonna take the highway I'm not   gonna take Baseline I got a quarter of a tank now  so in one quarter of a tank like I said I'll start   a day at a half and now I'm sitting at a quarter  I made 222 dollars off a quarter tank of fuel so   far 222 off of a quarter of a tank let me see I'll  show you because I don't I know how motherfucker's   gonna be will you see that like I'm telling you  man that's what I'm at right there come on car   it's a quarter of a tank right there quarter of a  tank so I got 101 miles till empty and that's all   222 dollars is what I made with a quarter tank of  gas that means multiply that times four that's 888   dollars with a full tank of [ __ ] gas I can make  888 off one tank of gas I think it's and it cost   me I saw how much I filled up wit

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