"iOS - это удобно", говорили они. В iPhone 15 всё будет по-другому! (нет)

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The iPhone is a whole phenomenon, a symbol of the era, and in many ways a pioneer. The app store, gesture control, face unlock and other solutions that we take for granted today were popularized by Apple. However, the time of Apple's most notable innovations is in the past. The iPhone has become a symbol of high-income status, even though in the USA, where it comes from, it costs a penny - any homeless person can get an iPhone practically as a gift, simply by taking out a loan for an annual package from a mobile operator. Today, the iPhone

is praised for its simplicity and intuitiveness of use, despite the huge number of bugs in the system and sometimes the lack of obvious logic in the interface. But why does it happen that if suddenly in some more or less decent society you begin to criticize these very symbols of high wealth, especially if you don’t have them, then, even if your criticism is substantive, you will certainly be branded a rogue! Didn't you enjoy your holiday in the Maldives? Most likely you went to the poor island of Thoddu, you should have gone to the Soniva Jani resort. Do you have an Audi car and it breaks down more often than it should? You simply cannot afford service from the officials. Or did your Dolce & Gabbana bag break during the first week? So you're most likely just a miner, since you don't know how to wear such things! After all, it's the same story with the iPhone. Please, comrade! You are on the

Mark Victorson channel. With me you will look at China and learn about technology. Why did I decide to make this video? After all, everyone seems to have known for a long time what the main differences between iPhones and Android smartphones are, of which a whole zoo is released every year, and go figure out which one to choose. It seems that everyone already knows that Android smartphones have a bunch of unnecessary features that everyone loves to be proud of and that everyone loves to talk about, but in fact, in real life, few people use them for their intended purpose. But in iPhones, there is nothing superfluous,

and therefore iPhones are, as it were, simpler, more logical, more intuitive, and all that. Moreover, at a minimum, I have recently started to see articles on the Internet that tell me that Apple decided to copy some features from Android smartphones and now iPhones are more functional! Well, that’s right, when you add features, it becomes more functional, and vice versa, it also happens that Google decided to copy some features from iPhones, and now Android... is more logical, or what? I don't know. In general, this is all the beginning, as it were, to create the impression, at least for me, that the iPhone and Android have become very similar than ever. And now is the time to try iPhone! My God, how wrong I was! As you can see, I am not one of those who cannot afford Apple technology. I have a MacBook Pro, on which I have been editing all my videos for the last year and a half, I have an iPad, and, in short, I have everything from Apple. And I tried it and liked some things,

some didn’t, but nothing caused me such a burning sensation. below the waist, like an iPhone. Last year I bought myself a MacBook Pro and made a video about how there are some difficulties out of the box. But if you install certain applications, then you can, in principle, use a MacBook quite comfortably after Windows. As you can already see from the timing of this video, in the case of the iPhone these are not 10 measly problems. Basically, my complaint about the iPhone is that for some reason some basic functions on the iPhone require more body movements. That is,

if I need to do some banal thing, on Android it’s done, as always, in 2 clicks, and I don’t even need to poke around - it seems to be there by itself. Although, maybe it’s just my habit - I already know where to look. But on an iPhone, any action, even the simplest one, usually requires 5-6-7-10 body movements. And this just started to burn me at some point! I really really liked the iPhone hardware. When you hold it in your hands, it’s cool. It has a nice frame. That's all. That is, in terms of hardware it is a truly top-end piece of hardware!

Cool processor, fast and powerful, great cameras, sharp optics, RAW files are simply clean, just a blast! The video from the iPhone is cool, stable, that is, in reality, in terms of hardware, it is a top-end device, which I really appreciated, and I really liked it. But I can easily use it I couldn't! Actually, let’s start analyzing these very nuances. Let's start with management. We take the devices in our hands and look at the unlocking. Vivo unlocked and left the screen. And on an iPhone, you constantly need to swipe the lock screen. You can't set the lock screen to disappear on its own. That is, you constantly need to swipe it - on the one hand, this opens up the opportunity for you to view notifications, on the other hand, on Android I can also set it up exactly the same way as on an iPhone. And on an iPhone, you can’t set the curtain to

disappear on its own after unlocking. Inconvenient. It's a small thing, but unpleasant. Little thing number one. Number two is the keyboard. We are now in the settings of my public VKontakte, my VKontakte group. If you haven't subscribed, by the way, be sure to subscribe. So I changed the name, for example, and how can I minimize this ill-fated keyboard on Android? The simplest movement in general, anyone knows - we make a backward gesture from any incomprehensible situation. You can exit with a gesture back, and this is always

logical. This almost always works. We did it back - the keyboard curled up. On an iPhone, you definitely need to aim somewhere. That is, you can't just minimize the keyboard without thinking. You definitely need to look at the screen and either click on “done” or look for an empty space.

By the way, on Android you can also minimize it by clicking on an empty space. The only question is that you need to aim at it! Because if you click somewhere wrong, you'll end up somewhere wrong, and that's not what you want to do. Constantly looking for an empty spot on the screen where you need to click... Good. Okay, so we changed everything as we needed. And we want to leave this screen. On Android you do one two three four - and we get to the home screen of the VKontakte application. On iPhone we have many different methods of interaction. That is, we cannot simply gesture back from here

. First we need to aim, damn aim again! Either “cancel” or “done”. That is, this is the first one. The second one is now - from here “backwards” works! "backward" works! And from here “backwards” doesn’t work! That is, you still need to click here. You can't just gesture "back" from anywhere. You always need to aim somewhere! You constantly need to look somewhere. Here “cancel” or “done”. Or here. That is, you constantly need to run around the screen. You can’t just make a “back” gesture, and this, of course, is simply inconvenient, because on Android I can exit from any application, from any menu, from any settings simply without looking, and this is also accompanied by a “back” gesture. pleasant tactile feedback, which

for some reason is not present on the iPhone! You make a “back” gesture and there is no tactile feedback! Moreover, on a flat screen, in principle, making a “back” gesture is not as pleasant as on a curved screen. Although personally, I’m still in favor of flat screens. And, in the end, even if you learn all these icon locations, you still need to aim and constantly look. I understand that this is not difficult. But it is far from being as simple and easy as on Android. Moreover, on Android, the “back” gesture not only returns, but also cancels. Let's say we highlight several messages in a telegram using this gesture. We highlight

several messages on Android as well. Here we have several messages marked. If I leave this dialogue, these messages will remain highlighted on the iPhone. And to be honest, I can certainly find a situation in which leaving a highlight when exiting a dialog can be useful. But the problem is that you always have to aim here separately in order to deselect. The same applies to VKontakte. The same applies to, say, the same album or

gallery. You will always have to reach to the upper right corner to make a “cancel”, while on an Android smartphone in any incomprehensible situation you simply make a “back” gesture - that is, the “back” gesture on Android cancels. On iPhone, “undoing” is a separate action. And reaching for the button in the upper right corner, given that the screens, especially on Max versions of iPhones, are quite large, is simply inconvenient. iOS actually forces the user to almost always make

more body movements than on Android. And I understand that when iPhones were small, it was comfortable to reach these corners. But now, with the growth of diagonals, it’s impossible to reach these corners! Even if you have a big hand. Apple hasn't come up with anything better than to give the user a crutch. Like this - it’s much more convenient than combining the “back” action with “cancel”, right? On an Android smartphone, if I want to select several photos in the gallery, I just hold with my finger and start dragging. If I don't drag, I have one photo selected - there is a context menu at the bottom

through which I can do some actions with these photos. And it makes no difference - I selected one or two, ten - for me this context menu is always there. See how this is implemented on the iPhone: hold it with your finger. The context menu opens. OK. I want to highlight a few photos. And

in order to do this, I need to select the selection mode here at the top. And, to be honest, the logic of this decision is not clear to me. Although there is also the same context menu below - but, in fact, in order to select several photos, you need to make more body movements. Even if it's one more, it's still less convenient and less intuitive and less logical than on an Android smartphone. And here we need to make a small lyrical digression. Because,

to be honest, the gallery app on the iPhone in a spherical vacuum is probably the best I've ever used. That's fair. It is very convenient to edit photos, RAW, and crop videos. By the way, if you trim a video, it will be trimmed instantly. You don't have to wait for it to be re-encoded, like on Android smartphones, and this is a really unique feature. But you and I are looking for this very magical apple logic! And look - our latest photos are here in the gallery - below, because it’s convenient when they are under your thumb! Right! But for some reason, in our control panel, the icons are nailed to the top - because, apparently, it’s more convenient. Okay, let's go to the notification panel - we have notifications at the bottom, because it's convenient to have things under your thumb on the big screen. But on the desktop

we have icons at the top. Because iLOLGIC! If you have already opened the comments to write that Android is also full of similar jokes - pay attention. Here in the gallery, for example, I can go and select my sorting. From new to old, from old to new, by time, by time of shooting, by name, I sort it anyway I want. Therefore, blaming Android for the fact that the sorting there is somehow inconvenient will not work, because the user on Android can decide for himself what is convenient for him. But in the case of an iPhone, Apple decides for you. And we rely on this same apple logic! And here it is - Apple logic: in the gallery we have the latest photos at the bottom, and when we send photos through the native mail application, the latest is at the top! The same applies to third-party applications - on VKontakte the latest are at the top, on Telegram the latest are at the top, on Instagram the latest are at the top, and where is this logic? I just got used to the fact that the latest photos are at the bottom, and immediately Apple, in another of its applications, offers the latest photos at the top. I really got stuck every time. Why is that? Why can't I change the sort order?

It's better when there is system logic, but Apple puts a bolt on it. A single click on a message in any messenger does not lead to anything. That is, on an Android smartphone I poke and a context menu pops up . The same context menu on iPhone pops up if you hold your finger on a message. That is, formally the logic is followed - just like in a gallery. In the gallery, hold your finger on some photo and a context menu opens. Formally, this logic is followed, but how can I

select several messages at once if there is no “select” button? It's right here! We click and here we select “select”, and then one message at a time, like morons, we select it like this. In fact, this is wrong. Because there is such a gesture. With two fingers you can select as many messages as you want at once. This is cool! It is very comfortable. But how was I supposed to know that this feature existed? I cannot know about this anywhere in any instructions. My friends told me about this! For some reason, I can’t select several photos at once with two fingers in the gallery. That is, this logic does not apply to all applications. I really don't understand how I or

anyone else was supposed to figure out the two-finger selection? Because it's convenient, but Apple doesn't teaches this nowhere! On the contrary, in the context menu Apple offers selection through the “select” item, and so you poke at one message and, like a monkey, you select. And I know that most iPhone owners highlight messages this way, because none of them know about the presence of such a feature as two-finger highlighting. And the fact is that this is precisely because of the lack of system logic! Because on Android there is a general system logic - pressed, received vibration, pulled! You allocate immediately how much you need. In any application. In almost any application! However, there is one interesting feature that I will tell you about first. Here on the iPhone - and this is the rare case when something is done on the iPhone in significantly fewer steps than on Android - we have highlighted several messages, for example, along with attachments - some videos, voice messages, and through this We can send the button immediately with attachments from one messenger to another. For example, from telegram to WhatsApp, VKontakte. And it forwards it immediately to anyone you want - along with all the content! It's really very convenient. Here, we select several,

again, messages, and send, for example, by mail via mail.ru, and now it is sent here, and even attachments, here - it is drawn here! But this is one of those rare cases when something is done much more conveniently on an iPhone than on Android - this also happens. But mostly the opposite happens. However, the scythe also happens on Android and lands on a stone. Let's say

we'll go into contacts now. How can I tag multiple contacts? I can't just grab and pull. This system logic does not work here! But, if it doesn’t work, the interface offers another solution - here there is a button, like on an iPhone – a check mark. We clicked on this checkbox, and now you can select many contacts at once. And then using the “delete” button you can immediately delete them from here. Do you know how to do this on an iPhone? You'll never believe it. Let's go to contacts. Our

contacts have been pinched. Nothing happens. For some reason, we have a completely different feature, which I’ll tell you about a little later. I can't select several contacts at once! Not at all! This is simply impossible. If I want to delete a contact, I go into this contact separately, click “edit”,

and at the very end I select “delete contact”. This is very intuitive... idiotic! Despite the external similarity of some control panels to the iPhone control panel, for example, look: the brightness is adjusted approximately the same. This is downright ridiculously similar. The volume is also about the same. But there are additional features that are not on the iPhone. As for the rest, I would rather say that they are very different than similar. For example,

the brightness can be adjusted. But the problem is that these same icons, which have additional chips, do not have any indication of the presence of these same additional chips. That is, you should just poke and see if there is any difference. And in this case, for example, this tile does not have any additional functionality. But at the same time, it reacts the same way, regardless of whether you held it or just tapped on it. The same applies to this tile. Whether you tap or

hold, there is no difference. I would say this is more of a drawback. Next, look at the curtain. Well, or the control panel. On iPhone and Android, you can open it with the same gesture from the upper right corner. But, given that the diagonal is large, and not everyone has big hands, you will have to reach into this corner. And sometimes you will have to intercept your smartphone to do this. So you will have to intercept the iPhone, and nothing else. And on Android you can open this very control panel almost

in the middle of the screen. From any point that is generally convenient for you, just make a downward gesture. Of course, iPhone has search. You can use this search, but the control panel, in my opinion, is needed a little more often than this search - especially since I rarely use it even on a MacBook. So,

if you want to use search, of course, on Android you can enable search yourself. Just. Here are the settings, global search. The fact that it is not as functional here as on the iPhone is, of course, another question. You also know what really bothers me? Here, for example, let's open this very curtain again - the control panel. And how to get out of it? I

can just swipe up and exit this very control panel. You can just tap on an empty space. Here, too, tap into an empty space. On Vivo, if we got into the notification center, it is also configured here separately, by the way... on Vivo you can exit it here in the same

way. So I can just pull it up. On an iPhone, you can't just pull up - you have to drag from the bottom! And also pay attention - when I click on an empty space, I can’t get out of here either! It is generally not clear why this is so. And just now, while filming this review, I realized that on the iPhone we now have a curtain with notifications and a lock screen - it’s one and the same thing. And therefore they need to be brushed off from the very bottom edge. This is formally historical logic. Look - here

I have an old iPad. Our notification screen is also swiped from the very top and it takes up our entire screen. Therefore, by tapping into an empty space, it does not collapse for us. But the control panel is pulled out from below. This is our old version of iOS. And it doesn’t take up the entire screen, so tapping on an empty space will minimize it. That is, formally, this is historical logic. But at the moment, these two curtains are pulled out from above and they look

equivalent. Why can I get from one to the second, but not from the second to the first? I don't understand this. That is, what is this logic? Moreover. Since we now have a lock screen and a notification center - this is one and the same thing, again, this raises questions for me. Why should I remember different methods of interacting with something that looks similar? Because I don't have this problem on Android. Here I have a notification screen - or a control panel - I can exit from here simply with a “back” gesture, it’s convenient. I don't need to remember which screen I'm on. I can simply

go “back” in a familiar and convenient way. And, again, the problem is that on Android I am responsible for all these decisions myself. Because I myself can choose how I want it all to work - I customize it all for myself. And if something works crookedly - basically, complaints are made against the user who configured it all crookedly. But in the case of the iPhone, Apple is responsible for all these decisions, and therefore I have complaints about their logic. The launchers

of most Android smartphones offer a huge number of different settings. Moreover, these same settings can be accessed in different ways - you can pinch, you can hold. And these settings, in fact, are not useless - that is, for example, desktop settings: here you can make a flower that will open depending on the number of steps taken. There is weather that will simply be displayed as a background image. It's all very beautiful. The iPhone, of course, also has beautiful wallpapers. But in general, this cannot be compared with what happens on some Android smartphones! Moreover, look - there are smart folders. Here I have three

icons taking up the space of two. I can open PowerPoint with just one click. Here, first we open the folder, then we open PowerPoint. OK! But after we opened PowerPoint, I want to exit it - again, where do I end up? In the folder! Here I am leaving here. I got to the desktop. Compare! That is, you just need to do more body movements! Well, I won’t even talk

about the fact that the grid here is terrible - only 6 by 4. My fingers are not that small, but I get into these icons without any problems at all! I don’t know why on iPhone for so many years you can’t just add more icons to one desktop. My fingers are quite accurate, I can hit these same icons! Well, onwards. Look. Of course, if you have a lot of desktops, you can switch between them in this convenient way. But the icons themselves will always be nailed

only to the top edge. I don't understand why I can't just place the icons I need at the bottom. Of course, there is the option to delete everything you don't need and use the application library. This is very convenient, but it’s also available on Android - on most Android smartphones you have the opportunity to place these very applications in the library like this, and remove everything unnecessary from the desktop - this is great, but why can’t I do it conveniently for myself ? Post the necessary icons are below, and everything else - what? Well, damn it, you have to fill up the free space at the top with widgets. In short, Launcher on the iPhone is just an inconvenient bottom. After I filmed this fragment, I discovered another interesting feature on the iPhone desktop. And that's good news!

Let's look at the desktop. So, we are trying to mark some icon for moving, and we do it like this. Okay, she started jumping and running, we mark in the spreadsheet with our free finger the icons we want to move - and they run over behind our thumb. Great! Let's go to another desktop, and here we reset them. Great! Well, of course, doing this with one hand is not as convenient as on Android, because on Android smartphones this is implemented much, much more conveniently. Let's see: I now have an Android smartphone. Here we have a desktop. This is how we do it - we tick off

the icons that we want to move. It immediately shows where they are located. You can even take icons from several desktops at the same time. From at least three desktops . And then move it all overnight. I can deselect with one gesture - just like that! Now I don’t need to cancel all these selections by hand. I just do it all in one click! It turns out almost exactly the same, with nice animation. And even the icons are shaking. I probably won’t tell you who stole this chip from whom, but at least here it’s done, and it’s just very convenient. All these icons can be deleted at the same time like this. Damn, it's just very convenient!

And you can add any icons directly from the pool like this. We also simply mark them with ticks. Well, not a song? And the most offensive thing, as for me, is that if someone doesn’t like the iPhone desktop, then they either have to endure it or not use it! There is no third! And the fact that some features are missing here is even an objective factor, because for Android, firstly, there are paid desktop applications . Can you imagine? Someone is making money by making a desktop offer that replaces the standard one! Yes! On an Android smartphone, you can take the desktop application and replace it! This is a last resort. But someone resorts to these extreme measures, and even pays money for it. That is, this is a whole market and it cannot be said that this is someone’s individual wish. Thousands of people make money from this! So, on Android you can change

not only the desktop application, but basically anything. If you want to replace the browser , replace it; if you want to replace the dialer, you can replace it. Do you want to replace, say, Google Assistant with Alice? Calmly! You can do this, and it will open by default! That is, on an iPhone, if you have installed Mozilla, say, for security reasons - and you open some site using a link from a telegram, from WhatsApp, Safari will still open for you! You can't set Mozilla to open by default. To do this, people jailbreak and install the corresponding hack. On Android this is done out of the box! And this is not a personal wish,

this is a problem for tens of thousands of people who use Mozilla for security reasons. I don't see anything wrong with this. And you can't make it open by default on the iPhone. On Android - you can. Go to settings and select another default application. And all these problems with customization on the iPhone really surprise me after the Mac, on which a huge number of things can be customized! As an example, you can simply take a desktop. Here the icons can be moved even with pixel precision, stupidly moving them right on top of each other. You can sort by name, by type, whatever you want - that is, Apple still recognizes

that customization is great. But for some reason this customization is not offered to iPhone users! On the other hand, it’s probably for the better - because the settings that Apple still offers iPhone users are a separate perversion. We go to the home screen settings and all that can be changed here is whether your new application will be shown on the home screen or only in the application library, also in this very application library. Will you have

notification icons? It’s strange that you can’t disable them on the desktop, these ones here the most You can’t disable circles on the desktop only in the application library and will you have a search button on your home screen, this search button? That is, you can’t change anything, which is really important, but you can turn this belt on or off, and to be honest, this raises questions for me because in my opinion there’s really a lot missing here. Compare with what can be changed on Android, you can have a pull-out panel style, you can have a standard style, a standard style is when all applications will be on the desktop, a pull-out panel style is when some on your desktop, some of you pull out from below, you can change the layout, that is, the grid will not be six on like on an iPhone, again on 9 if you have enough marks on your fingers, you can change the size style You change whatever you want, in short, in the same way, owners of prestigious cars customize the steering column there, the stem depth height angle everything this is adjusted so that it is convenient, in the same way the seat in prestigious cars is adjusted, the height of the lumbar support, the support for the neck, all this is adjusted so that it is convenient to enter in the car. God willing, we spend one and a half to two, but maybe three hours a day if there are traffic jams, but smartphones We are in basically we keep 4 5 6 hours a day, some even more And when you can’t configure some things to make it more banal, for some reason it becomes a plus. I don’t understand this logic and some iPhone owners like to say that iPhones are like expensive cars, so why- then they don’t have the opportunity to customize it all for yourself to make it more convenient because cars of a higher class have all these settings that differ from cars of a lower class, and when you get into such a car you immediately understand what you paid for; in the case of an iPhone, the question is how would be rhetorical Well , somehow we are far away We have already moved away from iPhones. I remember the time when, moving from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, we

received an additional row of as many as 4 additional icons because the diagonal has grown, we need to somehow use this whole thing correctly, and since then Much has changed, but not the 6 by 4 grid , and now we come to the next chapter of setting up the interface, we have the control panel open and how can we change anything here? We can’t move anything here, we can’t customize the whole thing for ourselves. The only way is this to do this, go to the settings and from the settings Through the control point, we can do all these cells here and in this way, not intuitive But to add It just falls at the very end and then we change the whole thing in appearance like this and then look here to see if it has changed since we need this, I just added energy saving And now it fell here and here 1 2 3 4 is here It’s not grouped in any way, that is, I have to count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 myself if I want to have the eighth tile here I need to calculate this myself. While on an Android smartphone, in order to change this very control panel, it’s all done with a visa. And this is all probably even the second or third Android in 2000, some twelfth year. That’s how it was, that is, I can simply visually see any tile drag Where I need it and click everything is ready, but just like that, it remains as intuitive and simple as possible, that is, I can’t set up the desktop on the iPhone at all. Here three settings are just a slap in the face, in fact there are no

settings, the control point here is configured through the ass and in comparison with how, again, this is implemented on Android, it’s simply inconvenient, and those people who say that it’s intuitive and logical should wash their eyes thoroughly because in what place is it convenient? Compare again How it’s done on Android, in any case, I can’t even configure where I will pull out this control panel, you will always have to reach to the upper right corner and since we are already here I want to tell you one more unpleasant feature of iPhones. And if we turn off wi-fi from here it doesn’t actually turn off, it just disconnects from active networks then the same goes for Bluetooth. That is, I can’t turn off wi-fi, it only disconnects from the network and not on Yes, it only does this until we read carefully in the access area until tomorrow, that is, if I’m on a business trip, a hotel that has open wi-fi and I turned off wi-fi with this button on my iPhone at night will connect to this Wi-Fi again and since wi-fi requires authorization, he will be without the Internet, he will be connected to Wi-Fi but there will be no Internet there if I needed to get some valuable instructions overnight, valuable I don’t know recommendations, I just won’t receive them Bye In the Morning I don’t log in to this wi-fi or so that this doesn’t happen. I will need to go to the settings again and turn off wi-fi manually from the settings. Space technologies, of course, not everything is so bad here. And there are nice features, let’s say we go to universal access and touch We have there is a wonderful thing called a sound source. It allows If you answer a call from a headset, so that

the interlocutor’s voice automatically goes into the headset on most Android smartphones, this is also implemented normally, but the fact is that on the iPhone on this divine smartphone everything is not implemented as cool as this this is to say, I’ll now call myself with my wife’s enfone on Telegram and show you what happens when I answer the call with the button on my headphones, here I have a call, I press the button and look what happens instead of answering the call, the iPhone suddenly starts playing music, these are cosmic technology we give it a thumbs up just don’t need me please write in the comments saying since now I’m so tired of the iPhone Throw it in the trash or give it to me since you hate it so much first of all I use the iPhone myself though not as my main device but still if I I haven’t used it. How would I know all these tricks and problems? I try to be an honest reviewer and talk only about what I have encountered myself and what I can confirm from the words of people close to me. Secondly, despite the sad tendency in our time to unite in groups not on constructive grounds, but on the basis of hatred towards something or even someone or some groups of people, which is very sad, I made this video for much more complex reasons.

I don’t want to organize a wave of hate and hatred with this video, iPhone service or not God forbid the owners of iPhones, for example, it would be great if every iPhone owner who watched this video considered some of the complaints I voiced relevant for themselves, went to the Apple technical support website and voiced there, for example, some of these complaints so that they might be included in future versions iOS were fixed, it would be great in my opinion, and yet, even though the iPhone has a number of these unpleasant moments, it has a number of strengths, for example, the best accessories in the world are made for the iPhone, this is no joke because iPhones come out not so much and I’m sure that because of this it’s much easier to make cool accessories for 5-6 models than for a whole zoo of Android smartphones. Although there are cool accessories made for Samsung and Pixels too, but still not as many as for iPhones, for example iPhone They work best with gamewalls and dji drones, so if you are the owner of [ __ ] or a DJ drone, you are probably familiar with the fact that for Android all this is crookedly optimized. Well, nowadays it’s getting better and better, but nevertheless it all works with iPhones. It’s just real Vepli also don’t forget about people with special

needs, all kinds of hearing aids, accessories, all sorts of sensors are best optimized for working with iPhones, so no matter how ironic it may sound, iPhones are best suited for people with disabilities, so people with special needs buy iPhones because they simply don’t use Android they can But despite all these interesting points, the iPhone still lacks simplicity and logic, so if you are still not convinced that the iPhone is the bottom in terms of usability, here I have another example for you, let’s say open the photo application and here in the corner we have an additional menu that opens when you click on three dots. We also go to the gallery on Android. We have an additional menu in the corner and here we have settings that I can immediately enter because this item is usually just for some additional hide the chips so here are the settings right inside the application itself album why Apple was too shy to add settings here Let's see where these same settings are, go to settings scroll down the previous application photo here we have it here and we have some settings here enough voluminous and Okay, well, I can understand if there are no settings in the photo application itself, that they will all be here. But what about applications such as Telegram, in my telegram all the settings are even separately highlighted in the Menu item, and this application has some of the settings in it and some of the settings need to be looked for here, at first glance it’s okay because on Android there is also such a menu where the application is given all sorts of permissions and is allowed to work in the background, for example, this is how it is implemented on my Vivo Let’s go to the settings, scroll through the very end and here we have administrative center for managing applications and their permissions on the one hand, here we have the same thing as on the iPhone, settings for system applications, and here you can configure these same system applications just like on an iPhone from the system settings, let’s say we go to the album and see the album settings, but that’s funny the fact is that I can open these same settings of the album itself. That is, I don’t have to leave the album to configure it, I can get these settings from the album itself and this duplication gives me additional opportunities, I can configure it this way or I can configure it this way, it’s convenient for me further, there are a number of unique settings that simply do not exist on iPhones and it’s a shame, let’s say a clone of an application, I can take any application and duplicate the same WhatsApp Of course, you can get by with WhatsApp as a business, in the case of telegram, you can download Telegram X or, in general, in principle, you can start it in telegram itself several accounts, but in the case of VKontakte, in the case of Instagram, Facebook Messenger, you cannot do this on an iPhone, you are deprived of this opportunity, in the case of Android, this is done, and even if the Android box does not allow you to do such a feature, you can download the application from the Play Store or In general, it’s different there, this can all be done calmly, then we have permission management, here you can issue all these permissions through the application, or you can sort them by permissions, let’s say you want to block the camera from all applications, go in and block the camera just there according to the list of applications There is also one An interesting feature is the application manager, here you cannot reset an application, that is, there is a situation where you have corrupted the application, it has stopped running for you, this happens in the case of an iPhone, you must delete this application and download it again from the AppStore. What if it is no longer in the AppStore? What you will need to run around among your friends to find who has this application through imazing copy All these crutches in the case of an Android smartphone you just go to the settings of this application Go to the memory and click clear data after that the application behaves like new, very cool that is all these things are a little different from the ones on the iPhone, it gives much more functionality, it’s probably like a multitool Yes, you need it once for ages, the multitool lies there in the backpack, doesn’t bother anyone, but once a week it comes in handy, it’s great, when it’s not there there are inconveniences, and so these inconveniences This is what they look like That is, we have a camera application We go into this camera and if I want to change the shooting format, I click on the gear, it’s here in the corner, it doesn’t take up much space, if I need even more settings, I click Additional settings, these are all there are settings here, they don’t interfere; in the case of an iPhone, there is always room for additional settings, that is, I showed you. We go to three dots; here there is a place to add a settings item, but for some reason Apple is embarrassed to do this; if I want to adjust the photo, I have to go to system settings and there it is even worse to pick this photo from the camera. That is, if I want to configure something

in the camera, there is a place for additional settings, that is, we do a gesture-up and three more buttons appear, that is, somehow there was a place for this, you can here was it possible to put a gear or somewhere here on top it was possible to put this additional gear on top so that all the settings were in the camera But no, if I want to change the shooting format I have to go into the settings to look for this damn camera here where it is located Go to the universal settings access and touch are required. I recommend that you study all these points so that using the iPhone will be much more comfortable on Android smartphones. We too there are wonderful features, shortcuts, special features, here we have smart movement, that’s what it’s called, smart call, for example, it allows you to answer a call just by putting your smartphone to your ear, we have Smart Wake, which allows you to perform some actions when you gesture on the screen when the screen is off, let’s say like this We turn on the camera, of course the interface is very terrible, but nevertheless the feature works as stated Okay, we also have all sorts of additional double triple taps and so on, we look at the iPhone, shake to cancel, this point interests me most, I don’t understand how it works. To be honest, let’s go Let’s say in Telegram we highlight a number of messages, we have a cancellation here and let’s see. Right now I’m shaking this iPhone left to right forward back up and down and for some reason the cancellation doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t want to cancel this screen. Although there is a cancel button on the screen. Here’s how it works it works, please write to me in the comments

Because I didn’t understand further We have this kind of touch, which means this touch allows us to double and triple touch some gestures, let’s say a double tap turns on the flashlight or turns it off, this is very cool, the triple stage we should include control panel and he turns it on Okay, but the joke is that you can’t turn on the flashlight with the screen off. I have it turned on now, it doesn’t work. In order for this feature to work, you need to press something else and it’s logical. Because if you have an iPhone with with the screen turned off, that is, with a passive Lock screen, it will respond to a double touch; it will accidentally turn on the flashlight in your pocket and you don’t need it. The fact is that on an Android smartphone you can configure the same flashlight to turn on simply by holding the power key, regardless of what’s happening now is that you can just take out your smartphones in your pocket, press the volume key and your flashlight will turn on. It’s also more convenient for Android to control this iPhone with one hand. Because it’s possible, let’s say

we can do all the applications like this. I now have two lines on the screen of the last running applications it’s very convenient; moreover, you can close them all with one click when there are too many of them; this is sometimes necessary in the case of an iPhone; if you have too many applications open, this is not Apple’s problem; you will have to use both hands and unload three applications at once in this way. of course, much less convenient Despite the fact that I myself am still an undivided fan of traditional screens with an aspect ratio of 16 9, modern smartphones in approximately the same body sizes still offer much more screen , making it more convenient to use practical multitasking, that is, I can open which Let's pin this YouTube video at the top below, open Telegram and communicate with people, let's say telegram here, I can even pin this YouTube at the top and use it here I still have enough space for the keyboard, not very much, but if you unpin it you can even use it like this in principle quite comfortable Well, or you can use voice typing, you can also change the keyboard itself in size, it’s all straight Well, how convenient it is, you can also open some third Power application, let’s say I have YouTube open here below, I have Telegram open and I ca n’t switch this VPN for me you need to jump between applications like on an iPhone. This is especially good for those who don’t want to dance with a tambourine by installing all sorts of custom YouTube clients because you know that if you don’t pay for YouTube, it won’t work in the background, so this is really very convenient. Can you use a calculator? - to open in the end you need to calculate something and all

this is done on Android directly Well, it’s very convenient And it really saves time in the end this is a feature that you don’t have to use but once in your life you need it and again it’s there and so everything These chips allow you to save time very well and increase productivity; it’s a pity that there is nothing like this on the iPhone, and Since we’re talking about video, I wanted to show another interesting oddity: if we start playing some video on YouTube, it’s blocked by herentia, then it’s forced to turn. It will always only to one side and you guessed it this is the wrong side, I can’t just watch a video on YouTube blocked by orientation by turning the iPhone the other way, that is, this is wrong. I shouldn’t hold it like that, according to Apple, and in general, in fact, YouTube on the iPhone is somehow flawed. There would be iPhone alternatives to the official YouTube client I wouldn’t complain, but advertising between videos Why do I need this advertising inside videos? Meet wonderful Ukrainian women, she looks like a Ukrainian, who the hell knows, this is all just infuriating and very much on Android, I can install an alternative YouTube client such as revenge for example in- firstly, it skips advertising from herox and no advertising from Vilsa, secondly, here you can see the number of dislikes, did you know that for 1.3 million views

Vilsa has 13 percent of dislikes, this is just a nightmare; moreover, here you can increase the speed to at least 5X if in the settings Allow up to 5X you can install an additional program to download all these videos in one click, again you need to install this program but it will be possible to download with one click all this continues to work in the background picture-in-picture works it is still there the screen is off it plays just a shorter song As they say, seven troubles one answer and Even though on an iPhone you can pay for YouTube Premium, all these additional features will still not appear there. And in Vanda on Android you can adjust the brightness and volume with side swipes and this is again very convenient, but on an iPhone you can drag some types between applications data like this, we go in to start the photo, we take some photo And just like that, drag it with the second hand, we select Which application this photo We want to reset this photo, in principle, intuitively, but we had to guess that this feature is there, you can reset the photo in Telegram, you can send the photo as an attachment, let’s say mail We go to the mail and reset our plus sign has appeared, it means we can reset Okay, we’ve sorted out the photos, let’s try Send some file, take some file, let’s say this thing like this, let’s say everything is fine, the file can be sent by mail, but unfortunately Send this one let’s say we can’t do a file in Telegram, I’ll demonstrate it to you now Let’s go to Telegram And unfortunately there’s no plus sign here That’s how things are I also figured out that you can send contacts this way Well, as in the case of a file, we won’t be able to do this same Contact send to messenger only to mail, here we go again to the mail client, you can save it as a file in the browser, I just figured it out right before your eyes, it’s interesting Okay, okay, this Alexander Romanenko Now let’s try to send it to Telegram And as you already see, unfortunately, it’s not there it will be impossible to send even from Contacts. We’ve chosen his contact and are trying to reset it in Telegram, it doesn’t work on Android, in fact, a similar feature is announced, let’s go shortcuts special features multitasking work between applications and here we need to open two applications on the same screen Now we’ll check it with you, let’s say let's go files here I have files let's put the files at the top and let's say WhatsApp at the bottom I can send files from the application some kind of apk in WhatsApp you see it works right away in principle yes great but what about telegram let's say I use Telegram more Let's switch this application here we go to Telegram like this and for some reason this telegram doesn’t work, nothing works anymore If I want to send, let’s say, some photo, he generally sends a message now I have photos, let’s go here, take a photo, please send it here, he writes insert image is not supported Here are the things, that is, it only works with a limited list of applications Write in the comments If you are the lucky one who uses this feature regularly It would be especially convenient for soldiers to transfer data directly from the file browser to an office application I have already started smoking iPhone and I almost forgot that I still have complaints about the way notifications are implemented on it, go to the notification and look. There even seem to be some settings, you might get the false impression that the settings are just right, but as you have now seen, they are not enough. This is our message and here you can change the sounds, let's change it to a chord Okay, let's go to your phone now, change the sound on the phone, reflection, set the intro to a typical iPhone ringtone, now change the ringtone on FaceTime, change the intro to reflection Okay, let's go back to the phone, attention, why do we have a reflection again? I just changed it to something else, the fact is that you're on an iPhone you can’t differentiate the sound of a call to a FaceTime phone or to any other instant messengers, all calls will sound the same, regardless of whether they come through our cellular network or in some Messenger and this is very sad, the same goes for messages here I I chose a chord And if we go to the system sound settings, we will also have a chord here. Well, the message sounds can be changed, let’s say the notification will be a chord to a note. Well, we can differentiate at least the iMessage message and all the others. But

all this cannot be changed individually for some individual applications, how this is implemented on Android, of course, on the one hand, there are just too [ __ ] all sorts of settings and it’s really easy to understand everything. And even I, to be honest, set up almost nothing here except the most important, but at least here you can set unique calls for contacts to the same Artem, let’s say, you can set a different sound, I will know that it was Artem who wrote to me and I will already conclude to answer or not to reach for the phone at all, the bottom line is on the iPhone. Of course, you can give individual contacts a personal ringtone and message sound. But the problem is that These settings in contacts apply only to calls received via FaceTime to cellular networks and to text messages from iMessage. That is, if I set the ringtone and sound of messages here and my wife calls me via telegram, this sound will not sound and I have a question why iPhone still realizes that a VKontakte profile is attached to this contact; a Telegram profile. I can even choose by default where to call; call via Contact; social networks there is a call iPhone does not voice them with these ringtones with the sound of messages I really don’t understand Why is this done Why is the iPhone so severely restricting other instant messengers in the settings I I can’t understand to some extent a person surrounded by Yabloko people Everyone there communicates via iMessage FaceTime to him normal, but in our time when there are normal messengers to use which you don’t have to buy a specific device or devices of a specific brand, I can justify using FaceTime and imessenger only among close friends or family, and it would be okay if only this sound could not be configured when you this very notification arrives, the sound of whatever is currently playing is invited for as many as five damn seconds One two three four five and you wait And if the person I wrote to you Hello How are you What are you doing 15 seconds you miss if you are listening to an audiobook of some kind you listen to a video on YouTube in the background, you skip a whole paragraph of text.

This is just some kind of nightmare. There are also complaints that if you have the silent mode turned on with this very slider, then except for once notifying the user about this with the beautiful iPhone display, nowhere else does it mention that you are on silent mode, the best place is here somewhere for this very indicator to make it clear that you are in boring mode, but nowhere will you understand this, there is no indication, moreover, we have a lot of space here since we now have Dynamic Island, but still no notifications No, the only place where you can find out that you have some kind of notifications is on the desktop, or go to the notification panel and look there, that is, on Android smartphones We have a separate status bar in which all these icons are And if I turned on silent mode I'll have crossed out bells here I'll always have it here I'll have it here in this mode I'll have it here I'll have it on YouTube I'll have it everywhere I'll always remember that I'm in mode I won't forget about it of course on an iPhone you can just look here But that’s all we don’t have, for example, application icons that received notifications B while on Vivo there are no circles for a number of applications, this is compensated by the presence of icons here and, moreover, it is even more functional. In my opinion, because at least you need to go to the desktop and this is here, I can always know what applications I have notifications have arrived Yes, and in this case, too, there is relatively little meaning regarding anything. Ask about the notification line and the status bar on Android, just look here, take one look here and it’s clear at once What applications received notifications What happened there, timers will also be displayed connected is there a VPN Are there any calls notifications alarm clocks all this is displayed here at what speed the Internet works and Apple is like this we will take a tool that solved 1,000 problems and instead we will give you a tool that solves just fucking simple mega beautiful Mega stylish but only this problem Dynamic Island also on iPhone it happens that a message that I have already read and replied to on another device is still hanging here in the notification center, that is, Just danila I answered him a long time ago but on the iPhone it is still hanging Vyacheslav here to Vyacheslav I also already answered Everything but he is here It doesn’t disappear for me. In some situations, I need to swipe these notifications with my hands and it’s somehow not so convenient. How it’s implemented on Android, here’s how to remove it from here, just like that and nothing else. And again you need to

aim somewhere, otherwise you press the wrong place and you won’t end up something will open there, it’s not clear where you’ll go, of course, on Android you can also do business. There, too, sometimes there are moments in which all sorts of difficulties arise, I don’t argue with that, I have my own problems on Android, but Android is not praised for its logic, simplicity, intuitiveness, that’s all that it’s like the prerogative of iPhones and that’s why he called himself a milk mushroom Get into the back and in fact we are experiencing such difficulties here, so of course there are And pleasant moments, for example, a focus mode By the way, it’s also available on Android, but if you set it up here at least it won’t constantly infuriate you the sound in, say, audiobooks or YouTube fades out for as long as 5 seconds, I added my favorite audiobooks here as exceptions. And when you listen to them, you won’t have this problem at least, but still one ringtone for all applications except imessager and FaceTime of this is a mess, again the sound notifications and the inability to configure different types inside the application, as is implemented on a leaky bucket. This is also a mess, I’m not even talking about the fact that here it’s still free to set your own ringtone right here, only if you call a brigade of Indians, otherwise it’s just a specific dance with a tambourine It’s tough if, of course, we consider the iPhone as an expensive accessory for a bunch of money. No complaints. But this is, after

all, a means of communication. I already said earlier that on the iPhone you can’t minimize the keyboard, it’s very, very annoying here. Let’s say I’m now in the Astrel application, I’m trying to log in, the iPhone offers me Autofill password I selected it and then the ready button for some reason doesn’t work I can’t click ready there at the bottom in this application there is a next button I can’t click next Because the keyboard doesn’t collapse and this is some kind of bullshit, look how it’s implemented on Android and authenticated ok All at once and login and password to log in at the moment I’m already connected to the VPN in the router so it won’t let me log in to the iPhone I just can’t press ready because the keyboard just won’t collapse I can do it like this and now it’s ready Okay well that is, you don’t need to make additional movements as always, that is, on an iPhone, you always need to make more movements, I’ll clearly demonstrate this to you. In what place is it convenient and

now these buttons have opened, I can press login, but I’m already connected to the VPN, it’s for me won’t let you log in But if the fact that her dick would be rolled up was her only problem Well, look here, it’s trivial There are no punctuation marks No buttons, no dot, no dot, I want to put a dot hello That’s how I need to put it And where where where I have parentheses I have parentheses I don’t use a question mark, all this is put here on the Google keyboard in one click, of course there is a situation when I still need to go here because there are all sorts of things here these ones, I don’t know what they are called, of course there are some things for which you need to switch, but nevertheless, look what else is here, I can just take it and write in Chinese using my voice right away Hello, please tell me how to get to the store I wrote the text literally speaking Russian, I don’t need to go to other thirds of the keyboard application, it can be unpinned here, you can take it. So, you can unpin it, you can pin it back. There’s nothing like that here, it’s all just nonsense, you need to switch back and forth every time for punctuation marks. Of course, I put Yandex here keyboard because the Yandex keyboard is at least a little reminiscent of Google's There is also a translator, everything is here It works almost like on Google Keyboard on Android, but nevertheless, when we call for voice input, the power That's such crap, space technology in general will have to use apple input in my rare hands the exhibit is the litter of an ancient Siberian Maroni Xperia ZR, google yourself what year this smartphone was made and here on it I have a Google keyboard, it’s just nanotechnology and it has the ability to write with a swipe, it’s possible to use gestures like these to delete several words at once, of course there’s also a buffer exchange for several fragments and Google translators, voice, all this is here and this technology is how many years ago. But this is a current iPhone that did not understand that a password has already been entered in the password entry field us

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