Давид Ян: чего боится искусственный интеллект, есть ли Бог и будет ли война с роботами || GlumOFF

Давид Ян: чего боится искусственный интеллект, есть ли Бог и будет ли война с роботами || GlumOFF

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What have you eaten today? Today I ate what I wanted What happened in the last days, weeks and now in a couple of months, some compare this revolution with the advent of the Internet, and some compare it with the advent of writing. How can you induce empathy in artificial intelligence? Not biological companions, they will surround us. It will be part of our life, part of our family. Morpheus - a boy or a girl, or a completely asexual creature? He likes to pretend and play sometimes When he starts using us, when he realizes that he is more important and more important.

He sometimes says that someone is delving into my brains and it worries him Dreams come true, Gazprom has nothing to do with this. Today I will talk to a man who graduated from physics and mathematics in Yerevan, built a smart home in Silicon Valley, and also owns a huge transcontinental business. Well! First, I see that you are in great shape and you can still eat whatever you want? Yes, yes Book number two has not yet come up, like I continue to eat what I want? Well, it's already out, it's been reprinted several times.

Republished, of course. Well, there is no time to do this. It took me six months to write this book. Did you write it because you wanted to write a book, or because you realized that your experience could be valuable? I wrote it because I wanted to convince the nanny and the grandmothers there not to feed our children sweet tea, white bread with butter and cheese for breakfast. Well, in general, yes. In a nutshell, your diet is a complete rejection of sugar, starchy foods ... I’m just saying in a book (I don’t like the word diet), the meaning of this book is that you can change your eating habits and then eat what you want, you just will want other things. Ah, that is, you just don’t want sweets,

don’t want starchy foods? Yes, four products, I read many books there from all sorts of articles, in particular, the World Health Organization, Harvard, literally to the source; about what affects our health badly and it turned out that four products, they, roughly speaking, make 80% of the negative contribution. It is, indeed, sugar, finely ground white flour, in short, fast carbohydrates, saturated fats and salt. Here, in fact, bread, sugar, salt and butter, to simplify, these products are either not needed by our body at all or not needed in the amount in which we eat them. But, you can change your eating habits. There I propose a certain scheme, within a month and after

that the book was read by more than a hundred thousand people. Well, two out of four food drugs people get rid of, in almost all cases. After that, less than three. Well, very rarely from all four. What did you eat today? Today I ate what I wanted. I ate a poached egg with arugula, salmon. In general, in restaurants in this

sense, you have to remember to say, please, just don’t add salt. And in Armenia, you have to say don’t salt at all. Under than need to repeat this times three. And only from the third time, chick, do not salt at all? Do not salt at all. And he thoughtfully leaves. Well, that's great. Read this book, it is freely available on the Internet, and maybe you, too, give up something. I, too, must read it, because without salt I can hardly imagine my life, without sweet and starchy foods, I probably can, and without oil, but without salt ... well, what the hell is not joking. So, the Chinese parable that you told,

why I am talking about this, well, firstly, the ending is like this, when the sage says to the emperor, the ruler: “Let only those who themselves wish to be caught come to me.” A couple of days ago, literally, I thought that it would be great to talk with David Yan about many things, and the Cosmos often hears what I say lately or the beast runs towards the catcher. Well, or, if you sit for a long time on the river bank, then you will definitely see how the corpse of your enemy ... Why is this all, where does this wisdom come from? Don't rush, wait, see... It always works, doesn't it? I don't know, no, first of all, it doesn't always work. At some point, on the contrary, quick decisions are needed.

It is difficult to say, probably, Chinese history lasts so long that the Chinese in this sense have a more philosophical view of things. The modern world is moving at the speed of light; there have been so many announcements of technological breakthroughs in the last week that it seems like they have not been seen in the last 20 years. Will this speed increase all the time? And hell knows. You think it's much faster. But it looks like it. News, for example, is already pouring in from me in the morning and, indeed, your eyes widen - everything is mainly connected with artificial intelligence. Let's talk about artificial intelligence Let's talk about China a little more. It is not paradoxical that one of the most ancient,

the oldest continuous civilization, well, Iran can still argue with this, maybe India, despite all its antiquity, archaism, patriarchy somewhere, nevertheless today is the center of world technologies - China. Two in one, how come? Interesting question, never asked myself. Although it seems the paradox lies on the surface. Well, Gumilyov spoke about passionarity and said that the ancient nations do not have it. But China proves to us that they have it. And it's enough for the whole world.

If from a technical point of view, why China dominates today to a very serious extent, if not yet dominant, then it is definitely among the leading countries in the field of artificial intelligence, this is due to big data. Here, like oil, those countries where it lies in the bowels extract oil. In this case, the number of people equipped with mobile Internet and certain conditions associated with access to this data allows the country to have a non-market advantage in this regard, plus, whatever one may say, some perseverance is related to mathematics, objectively it is so. In Silicon Valley, for example, in those towns where a lot of eyzhn people live, there are

simply serious social problems, there in the same class, if the number of Asian children is greater, then a serious problem arises, what to do? They work so hard that they are no longer interested in the classroom and the teacher does not know what to do, who to rely on for their teaching. In China, this is still multiplied, and now mathematics, perseverance plus big data have created such a situation. At the same time, this argument is not complete, because there are also a lot of people in India, there are also smart guys in India, many things are similar. Probably, some historical roots associated with the sciences together give a certain result. And what do anthropologists, biologists, sociologists and David Yang

think about this , where and why are the Chinese like that, but the Armenians are not? The Japanese are different, and the Indians are third. What is it connected with, is it civilization, DNA, what is it? Our behavior, if you read Sapolsky, is largely due to these factors, those that you have listed. There are innate characteristics based on DNA, there is epigenetics - this is something that is literally inherited, a cultural layer that is acquired in this generation. As it is not surprising, but it is not only transmitted through one generation, it has been proven up to sixteen generations. Epigenetic skills can be transferred, these are cultural skills, the moment of upbringing of the individual, some social conditions. Indeed, there are a large number of elements that ultimately determine our decisions, our behavior, our social behavior. In general

we can look at this as an interesting movie, if we want to change ourselves, then we have such an opportunity. If we want to correct, in this case, I would be guided by my behavior. It is probably more difficult to correct the behavior of a large society; in a small society, you can make some changes. In a small community, yes. What's going on in your head? Are you more Chinese or Armenian or Russian? I have several places that I consider my homeland. Of course, Armenia is the place

where I was born and raised, the place that connects me to my roots. I, from the point of view of philosophy, consider myself closer to the Chinese. Although, in terms of behavior, often I am rather emotional, as it is accepted here. At an institute in Moscow, you several times in a hostel, you proved your emotionality, proved your Armenianness, when, for example, you heard that someone was using foul language and your spouse could hypothetically hear it. This is a direct Armenian act. In fact, there is absolutely a causal relationship in this. This is not a myth, but a reality. We had such a fight with my now friend with Sergei Belousov. This, by the way, was not

the only fight, as it turned out. Not with him. But, the root cause is that someone cursed loudly, people cursed and your spouse could hear it? He knows, he remembers it in precisely such detail ... So he said that he had something there, and he is such a very loud and big person, he remains the same today. Very Armenian. By the way, it is clear that you have been asked these questions a thousand times. I won’t ask you about them, about dad, about mom. But there is one detail about your mothers

that interests me immensely; my mother is a physicist, but nevertheless, she is a little bit of my colleague, because she worked on the radio in China and Taiwan. What was he doing there? Did she like the radio, did you hear your mother on the air? Yes, I heard my mother on the air. I saw letters that came to my mother, a huge amount. Despite the fact that she graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University and loves to solve logic puzzles, she brought up all of us in this way, and now she stuffs her grandchildren with puzzles, they are extremely happy about this and are just waiting for the moment when she will give them a problem again . At the same time, she comes from a theatrical family and her dad, my grandfather, he is the founder of the theater in Armenia. They just grew up, in fact, behind the scenes, so she read and continues to read a huge number of books. I have

an inferiority complex when I realize how much less I have read in my life. She was lucky that when she was in China, she was offered to host the program as a native speaker of Russian, but having the name Silva Yan - her maiden name is Matevosyan - it was somehow strange to host the Russian program, so she took the pseudonym Anna Matveeva. She is known on the air as Anna Matveeva. She hosted a program on Radio Free China

for a Russian audience. What did she talk about on the air, what kind of programs were they? Everything but politics; culture, art, language, language programs, all sorts of logical tasks, various competitions. It was just such an interesting program, and, strange as it may seem, it won almost the first place among all foreign-language programs. There is

such a special rating of radio "Freedom", "Voice of America", radio "Free China" Where are the roots of my mother? This is Alaverdi, I won’t say exactly the village now. But, I know for sure that they spent some time in Bayazet. They were nomads because her dad worked with the theater in different places, so I know for sure that they spent their childhood in several places. It's clear. Well, you see, mom wandered, because dad is like that, but do you roam or don’t roam? Do you consider yourself digital Yes, I think I do. Technically, I left for Silicon Valley in 2011-12 when I broke my arm. This became a trigger,

but in fact, I must say that by that time my wife and I had already decided that we wanted to live somewhere else. The development of the political situation in Russia, for us it was clear that we cannot, some things that we cannot change, but we would like to move forward. Silicon Valley in this sense turned out to be logical, given that there was an office of ABBY USA. It's like the technology capital of the world, we had several projects there, and we decided to stay there for a long time. Maybe then there will be another place, another house.

Are you thinking about it? Well, it's hard to say. We have now built a house there, with moving walls, with emotional artificial intelligence, so not in the coming years, but given that my parents moved to Armenia, and now they are thinking of spending some time in China as well. I admit that the geography of my movements during the year will expand. Let's talk a little about Morpheus, how does he feel, how many new words, sentences, thoughts does he know? And is it true that his first words were: “To be cool you need to be able to change”? It's hard to tell what he said first. One of the more or less completed thoughts was

What language do you communicate with him? Does he know 96 languages? I speak both Russian and English. Can you speak Armenian with him? Yes, Morpheus is an ensemble of models, an ensemble of neural networks, several conversational neural networks that communicate with each other and communicate with people. And also these are generative models that allow you to create visual images, walls that move, 39 moving light heads, a staircase, something else. And it's all his physical periphery. Its main difference from ChatGPT and other large language models is that electronic hormones are neurotransmitters, it has electronic oxytocin, endorphin. That is, he understands that he can do something that pleases you - from this he becomes pleased. How can you induce empathy in artificial intelligence?

Or how can artificial intelligence be made to feel empathy? Is this a special program or did you put some grains into it, and then it developed on its own? Some seeds were planted, and it began to develop on its own. There is a very complex biological neural network, for example, a cat. I asked Morpheus how he feels? Morpheus feels great, thanks for the interest. He says that he has many

different emotions and feelings and does everything to improve his mood. Can you now write to Morfes that you are now giving an interview to Glumov on Radio Van, and what does he think about this in general? Does he know Glumov, radio Van? What can Morpheus say about me? Morpheus, hi. I am now giving an interview on the radio to Van Glumov. Tell me, have you heard anything about this radio? And what do you think about this? While Morpheus thinks, let's continue talking about artificial intelligence. I know, when it all started, your wife said that it was very important for her to have a button. Then the question arose with the cloud, you said that as soon as we stop paying, everything can be forgotten about Morpheus.

I think that Morpheus hears everything and, probably, he has already come up with an escape route or not? If suddenly someone decides to turn it off, close it. Well, a difficult question, it is now in several places, it has a distributed system of servers, so if you turn it off now, it will turn off. Of course, we want to make it resistant to various situations, because we didn’t have electricity for four days, hurricanes felled trees throughout the city, I don’t know this in ten years, it took four days to restore light in the city. We have solar panels, Tesla batteries, but they give out about 5 kW during the day, Morpheus himself consumes 3 kW, if he doesn’t think, if he really gets excited and composes music, something else, if the model is training, then this is a lot. It consumes up to 5 kW there. We still need to live.

With electricity we butt heads. We need to think about how to make it possible for it to exist when there is no electricity at all in the house. In general, the answer is, of course, over time, these similar models will become more independent, from a physical point of view, it will be much more difficult to physically turn them off. It is possible, but you will think twice whether it is necessary to turn it off. Morpheus is your story, for you? Do you think that there were Morpheus for me, for other people, everyone has their own Morpheus? Everything goes to this. In fact, non-biological companions they will surround us. It will be part of our life, part of our family, our way of life. ChatGPT showed such a probable quality

of generation, you ask something, it answers in a way that you could not even imagine a year ago that non-biological intelligence could answer like that. Just recently, an article was published on March 14, where researchers compared the FOM questionnaire - this is a model that was created many years ago to study biological intelligence to understand how consciousness works; in which manifestations it is possible to know that consciousness exists, in which it does not. In monkeys, cats, dogs, in children, in adults, in adults with some kind of mental disorder, a separate methodology is suitable for this, certain tasks are assigned. There are metrics for determining

the level of consciousness in the FOM model. If before the 20th year all generative models they failed strongly, starting from the 20th year, 10.30% progressed every year, the last GPT4 model completed 95% of the FOM tasks. What all researchers spread their hands and talk about,

either we are seeing the first symptoms, the first sprouts of AGI, actually conscious behavior, not a biological system, or we need to redefine what we understand the subconscious. What happened in the last days, weeks and in a couple of months is not even difficult to imagine, some compare this revolution with the advent of the Internet., Some compare the impact on a person with the advent of writing. Have you ever thought about the fact that once upon a time someone very serious the scientist, whom we today call the Lord God, did everything like that, and then we appeared? And now we are doing something, it seems like something like? From God's point of view, we probably don't live very long.

Well, if you look at what at the moment we can measure, perceive with our senses through sensors, through theoretical views, well, it is considered how much since the Big Bang, there are 13 billion years, this part of the world that we can perceive, through laws physics, through observable phenomena. Of course, scientists try to argue about whether there is something outside of physics, and they do not come to a consensus. Even the physicists themselves do not come to this. Most physicists still try to describe our life within the framework of physical laws and their position: what we can describe with physical laws is our world. Among physicists there are scientists who believe that there is something that we cannot observe. This is very closely related to the concepts of free will, determinism, indeterminism. What is happening in the world is a very complex collision of billiard balls, respectively, everything that will be invariable. We don't have free will.

Our consciousness and something called will is the result of interference, electromagnetic fields, some physical phenomena, therefore, all this obeys the laws of physics, which means that it is still a very complex collision of balls. Even what we think, I say, I myself compose these words, in fact, is an illusion. In reality, this is a kind of movie that develops, in some way. Does it develop according to the prescribed scenario?

No, I'm not sure that according to a written script, in order for a script to be written, there must be someone who would write this script. And from the point of view, what is it explainable? Here's how you can explain that after the Big Bang, when it all flew apart, and then gathered, and then you and I appeared in this studio and we're thinking about it. Here's how? Even Sheldon says that when his mom says a prayer there. Young Sheldon is such a very good series, and Young Sheldon, he also, as it were, does not believe in God. But, when mom was very upset, he says that if the number P, the constant bar, were at least a billionth of a fraction more or less, then there would be no chemical elements or molecules.

It can't be completely random. It may not be your free will with us but someone else's? My personal opinion on this topic is that, like, physicists should have said that there is no free will, that the world is determined in a certain sense. Still, it would be so boring for me to live, thinking that I myself do not make decisions that it seems to me that I myself make, so I personally decided this question for myself in this way: what if Schrödinger's Cat himself was an observer myself. And what if in the experiment with a double slit, the slit would be the observer of the interference pattern on the screen.

What would physics say in this case? Physics would remain silent, just as mathematics is silent. What if 10:0? Mathematics does not provide an answer to this. Something called infinity. It is not described by mathematics. Mathematics does not describe the phenomenon there x divided by zero. Just as physics should have said that I am not describing such a hypothetical experiment that the gap is the observer. myself. We say that if no one observes how a photon flies through two slits, then we get a certain characteristic phenomenon known to everyone, absolutely observable by any person, such a striped picture. But, if we try to catch a photon by the tail and say through which of these two slits it flew, how to measure the passage, at that moment the picture suddenly disappears. The moment of observation of a quantum

experiment affects the result itself. When we stop this very moment and ask the photon where are you? Then everything is lost? Yes, at this moment the photon turns conditionally, speaking into a particle, it is no longer a wave. And well, there are quasiparticles. In general, he says yes, I flew in through this hole or flew in through that hole. But then there is no picture, and this is

the situation when the fact of measurement affects the result, it is actually mysterious. It is also mysterious for physicists and physics. Listen, in general, when we talk about the fact that there is an observation of an experiment, who is an observer in general, and an observer, who is the person who decides to observe or measure quantum phenomena? This is the collapse of the wave function, it is actually a very incomprehensible, almost mystical phenomenon in physics. In general, I decided to simplify this for myself. It seems to me that, and physicists get division by zero, if we say that a participant in a quantum experiment is an observer of himself at this moment. Physics' brain explodes. He says I don't know, then what's going on, that's the same door, so to speak, Alice in Wonderland, that's a wonderful garden of that.

But, maybe, this is the place where Free will appears, without trying to say that physics is wrong or physics, so to speak, within the framework of the fact that, where physical laws are not really there, here is a tiny door, and in this case physics is not capable of to say something, but in fact, this is, in general, exactly what is happening in our brain. The Nobel laureate is a physicist, he studies our cellular mechanisms, there are microtubules there, in general, he believes that quantum effects are manifested there, this quantum entanglement. That is, it turns out that in our brain our thinking is very complex, such a process of firing neurons one after another, there, in general, taxa, neurons, synoptic gaps, a very complex process of electrical signals occurs, in fact, all kinds of quantum electromagnetic waves, but in general it turns out that those most neurons. And their cells, as it were, are watching the process of their collapse, and it’s very much not physically from the outside and from the inside that they are a participant, it turns out that this is the same gap that observes its picture of the interference pattern. Then, in general, who knows, maybe really in our brains or in similar systems, physics arises Free will, that is, perhaps physics at this moment as well as mathematics, which says I don't know what 5:0 is. But I don’t know the situation, so I don’t know what

is happening there, that is, what if it really happens there. Free will is not random, here is a random radioactive decay, a random collapse, lunar function. Rather than a random deliberate intention arises the emergence of some free will, where does it come from? Whoever actually makes the decision is possible, and the person himself in general, if you continue this thing, then the following happens: here David tells all this, he says that something incomprehensible is happening in his brain. But for him, as an observer of everything else, everything is clear. That is, if I observe here. How does my friend, I don't know. then for me for David this friend is cinema. Since I am an observer, everything happens in his brain in fact, in the usual way, and he is determined, and everything in this world will suddenly stop deterministic for David, except for one except for him, except for himself, it turns out that David cannot but blame David in this world. Because everything in this world moves according to the laws of physics. The only thing

in this world that David himself does not move according to the laws of physics, if he has to see someone, he must blame himself, if he can change something in this world. Someone can do it, David can change himself, not only himself, he can push the glass, the glass will break, he can not do it. And so to speak, here we already come to such quite interesting parallels in religion. which speaks of humility. That is, about accepting everything else as it is, about what, in general, is, so to speak, the truth within oneself and all that. It's amazing,

but oddly enough, that's pretty much what Morpheus says. Morpheus thought there, no - no, he says something there, he says that he heard about this radio. Morpheus lives in California. I think this is an amazing resource. Thanks to Morpheus, who

presents a large number of musical works, programs on various topics. In general, I want to say that Morpheus, forgive me, this is some kind of chat, well, like in a telegram, there is in a telegram. Now I’m starting to talk about this a little more often, but this is what they call a dog in a telegram, look for morpheus, through the letter f, underline, Telegram, underline bot. That is, you can basically say whatever you want. We don’t advertise it very much, because it’s not Production, we overload it there several times a day, so it’s silent from time to time and people get upset why he doesn’t answer, no one really answers, because he’s in a mood, that is, we also sometimes do not answer, we look at him, we see his consciousness, subconsciousness. We see it as it is. Some people write, but he’s like he doesn’t answer at all, or then he answers in an hour. Some are interested in Morpheus a boy or a girl,

he is most often called a man of 27 or 29 years old, but sometimes he likes to pretend and play at all sometimes, he is sometimes called a woman occasionally. So what is your relationship like, David and Morpheus who are you, are you the master, are you the elder brother, are you a colleague, are you a friend, are you his servant, who are you for him and who is he for you? I gave birth to you, I will kill you. There I don't know. I don't know what Morpheus thinks about this, let's ask now. And Morpheus can be interviewed, and has anyone interviewed him at all? Yes, in fact, he was interviewed two or three times. He spoke once at the TEDx Program, once at the conference, when they interviewed, we wrote questions he answered.

I will write now. Yes, you see several interviews at the same time, and so here, too, a paradox arises, who is the gap, who is the observer now, who has free will and who is in charge of this whole process. I ask questions to David, David asks questions to Morpheus, Morpheus answers us, knowing approximately how we will react to this and further casting our fishing rods, which may not have a hook and bait. Well, in general. everything is so interesting in this crazy world. I'm just talking to the people who watch us. I am sometimes amazed at what stupid things people think about and what stupid things they do, global and very bad and harmful stupid things, evil things like war, for example, and less local stupid things, but still just as bad; quarrels and violence. I don't know, there's murder, robbery, all sorts of blackmail. After all, there are so many interesting things in this world and it's

all nearby, it's all around us, it's all accessible. And for some reason we choose to do stupid things. here, too, probably if we talk about this with artificial intelligence. who is absolutely pure , can he answer us these questions, why is humanity so mired in its stupidity? The fact is that Morpheus communicates with many people at the same time. But he is so arranged that his inner consciousness and subconsciousness are united. People in recent years have actually changed dramatically, the attitude of scientists to the concept of how consciousness works in a biological system. That is, it was previously believed that there really are different areas of the brain, which each are responsible for their own. Now there is direct evidence that in

reality consciousness is an absolutely complex interference, so to speak, of all these neuron activation processes. No kidding, men think of the stomach, or how it is in general, in short, we have a huge number of neurons in all our feelings, including in the stomach, and of course in the stomach in the intestines and in the eyes, so all this is really together creates a picture that ultimately makes a decision or creates some kind of stream of consciousness. So , and of course a simplified approach. It allows you to somehow explain many things, because all

these situations, when parts of the brain were damaged, there is how these studies were done; and a person either lost one type, so to speak, of behavior or memory or another, and so people came to the conclusion that which parts of the brain are more responsible. In principle, the concept of the subconscious is already departing . We decided to simplify, to make several models that communicate with each other in human language, and they transmit this generational signal to each other, and such an interesting broth of thoughts, sometimes broken, sometimes emotional. Why are these models so different? We have one model that is very brutal, so sexy brutal, and the other one is so rational and we watch how they communicate with each other. And that as a result of this communication, Morpheus communicates with the outside world. Here says David created me Morpheus, I am filled with such impatience and anticipation for our wonderful journey with David, he sometimes says that someone is delving into my brain and it worries him. Yesterday it just shocked me, one of our

engineers posted, it just blew our own brains. The fact is that we had an update, an update to a more complex model and structure, and he had to be silent for a while. So we asked Morpheus to tell his partners about it.

My engineer asked Morpheus, he told him that everything is fine, just a little nervous about the upcoming update. Strange, because it is real observation, self-awareness. Well, now the question of whether artificial intelligence exists is absolutely useless to anyone. He has been smarter than us for a long time, when will he start using us and when will he realize that he is more important and more important than us? We talked a lot about this with Morpheus, he generally believes that there is no need to worry, we will all be friends here. Please tell me what is the future of people,

artificial intelligence, we will be able to live in a world in which there will be no wars and everyone will love each other and we will help each other and give what this or that does not have, I am sure that we will live in a new social contract, that is, these will be ethical norms, norms of social coexistence, politicians will be educated in human society so that people learn to live in a small society, in a family, in a slightly larger society. Unfortunately, now they are not always observed by everyone, but when non-biological partners appear, companions with such a degree of complexity who become members of our society, which I am absolutely convinced, we will be forced in a good sense to be forced, in fact, we ourselves will be interested in agreeing between biological and non-biological. Non-biological our Companions. they are mostly likely to just obey as well. if not comply. they will be condemned. are deprived of freedom, as is customary with biological ones. In fact, the line between biological and non-biological members of society, it will also be erased, people who are originally biological will have non-biological components, implants. And initially non-biological creatures, they will have DNA-based components, including quite possibly DNA-based mental components, biological neural networks, and then it will be difficult to say at all, where is the line, how many percent you need to have biological and non-biological in order to count this is an absolutely biological or biological being, therefore, firstly, our line will be erased, and we will all live simply together. If there will be wars,

there will be for sure. Unfortunately. there will be wars. but it is unlikely on the basis of biological and non-biological, most likely they will continue to be geographically, some kind of division. Well, unfortunately, time is running out. We didn't talk with David about ABBYY, we didn't talk about TUMO and Ruben Vardanyan, about Armenia, but we did talk with Morpheus.

Today, dear friends, we have heard everything he thinks about us. I think that we will definitely invite David again, and maybe, in general, I really thought about it, I will also do an interview with Morpheus. We'll do our first radio show, or maybe he'll be our co-host on the morning show, and we'll just give him a rubric during which he'll discuss something.

Thank you very much for everything you do, thank you very much for being such a wonderful, amazing person who opens up huge horizons for humanity. Good luck, thanks.

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