Австрийские Альпы, Австрия. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

Австрийские Альпы, Австрия. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

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Yollari. You're going crazy. Come on, Anton. Yollari-yollari. - Hello everyone, you're watching "Heads and Tails. Wonders of the World" and we are in Austria. Everything is Alpine and Austrian here: mountains, meadows, glades, grasses, chocolate, air, cows.

Can you please give us more info about the Alps, you are unlimited in time so don't hesitate to tell us more. Let's flip a coin and find out who will enjoy the Alpine air, and who will be spending these days like better-off tourists. Heads. Tails! Don't let me down. May this coin stick in your gizzard.

Slowly inhale. I'm breathing. Breathe in the air. It's free. That's the only thing you're going to get for free. Breathe in, breathe in. Oh, you put on some weight. I'm not upset. After all, Alpine air is free. I will enjoy it. The Alps... The most majestic... and the freshest wonder of the world! The peaks of the Alps are above the sky of half of Europe. The French Alps are known for their height and entertainment... the Dolomites are famed for their beauty… The Swiss Alps are famous for their luxury. The Austrian Alps have combined all the wonders of the Alps! I have only 2 days in Austria, so I want to see everything and make all my dreams come true here. That's why I have my wizard. *greets in German* Don't growl at me.

*greets in French* Let's try again. *greets in English* That's better. Well, let's do it in Russian. Welcome to Austria. Walter's magic is not about knowing all the languages of the world. Walter is a personal jinn who can fulfill any wish of a rich man. However, Walter takes a real one and a half thousand euros per day for his magical powers! I have a request. I have very little time, but I want to get to know someone local so that he shows all the beauties of the Austrian Alps and at the same time does it as quickly as possible. No problem! In the snap of a finger, Walter fulfilled my wish and introduced me to a powerful resident! Porsche Carrera GT - a German sports car! Even though Porsche is a German car, Ferdinand Porsche was from Austria-Hungary, so it is also part of Austria. The beast.

To see the Austrian Alps, we flew to Salzburg, to the very foot of it. Well, you can see how Anton Zaitsev clings to a rich life with all his might. I am an experienced tourist, so I know that there is no exchange office at the airport, so I exchanged it in advance. More precisely, I have 83 euros. We exchanged 100 dollars for euros at home. And I got this money by chance. Lost it. And found it. In Austria, a budget tourist needs to pinch pennies. Eighty-three euros is barely enough for an ordinary Austrian to buy groceries for dinner at the supermarket. Don't worry, there is an option for ordinary people at Salzburg airport…

A bus. This is the machine where you can buy tickets. You can buy a single ticket that is valid for an hour and it costs: 2.10 euros, the price is pretty good. I can afford it. Still, I'm a cheater. That's why I'm going to stow away. That means I'll get a free ride. I have to do this so that I have enough money for Alpine entertainment. I hope everything will be fine, as If nothing has happened.

Hopefully, I won't meet the ticket collector. Well, let's go. At the departure from the airport you can see the Austrian Alps. You know, this trip is a joy. There are only mountains and endless green landscapes around. No billboards on the way, no posters with deputies saying "Friedrich will come and make your life better." You can just endlessly admire and turn your head to see all the beauty. Austrians perfectly understand how lucky they are to live in such a fairy tale. Millions of tourists come here to enjoy it.

Therefore, Austrians in every way cherish their Austrian landscapes. They do not build up new buildings and shopping centers, litter, and build first-class highways. However, if you like to ride on Alpine paths, be ready to pay money. Most roads in the Austrian Alps are toll roads. To drive this way by car you will have to pay 37 euros, and if you're riding a motorcycle, the price is 27 euros. The Austrians also came up with a system of fines.

If you drive on a toll highway and you didn't pay for it, there's a fine of 120 euros. If you throw the garbage out of the window, you'll get a fine of 100 euros. If you exceed the speed, you'll get a fine of 300 euros. I have a song for the Austrians: the Alps and meadows, that's what this country is famous for. There's a happy little man with a purse in his pocket. He has so high pension that he has spent it on the country. What is his secret? Believe me. Everyone pays taxes here. The state, in response, helps to live without trouble. That's how supportive and caring the country is. There's also a fine for stowaway in Austria. 85 euros! So far it's ok. Oh, I don't want to say goodbye to all the money in the first 10 minutes of the weekend. We have arrived in the city.

I'm in Salzburg and I've come here for free, but I don't recommend you this way of riding. It was nervous, so it was better to pay. I got there, hell yeah! WALTER! Well, do you like the road? Yeah! Do you want to switch? Sure. Since the laws are so strict in Austria, I decided to change to a passenger seat and entrust my journey to a guide. Another way to die beautifully.

At least, I will die in the most beautiful place in Austria. This is the Grossglockner road and it's 38 kilometers long. Enjoy the beautiful views. Thank you. Right now, Walter and I are racing along the most picturesque road of the Austrian Alps - the high-altitude Grossglockner road. With every kilometer, my card loses one euro. But this road is worth the money. Here your jaw drops at every turn!

40 kilometers of pure admiration and delight. The Grossglockner stretches along the Alpine meadows. Mountain waterfalls. It leads to the observation rooms with amazing views of the Alps. Beauty contest among snow-white beauties. The longest-legged one is hiding in there. The Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria. The snow-white peak of Grossglockner rises above the clouds at an altitude of 3 thousand 800 meters. This is some kind of hypnotic spectacle. Fantastic.

Salzburg is an old aristocratic town that is located on two banks of the Salzach River, next to the Alps. The Alps are everywhere. The Alps are in front of us. If a tourist has $100, alas, he cannot reach the Alpine peaks. The cheapest tour to the mountains from Salzburg costs seventy euros.

Therefore, I want to explore everything possible at the foot of the Alps. So, Salzburg, let's get to know each other better! What a fountain! It is amazing. A thousand years ago, all the money in Europe was spinning in Salzburg when salt was mined here, which at that time was considered white gold.

Salzburg has made a fortune on salt and now delights tourists with its elegant fountains... ancient chapels... pompous cathedrals... and ornate wrought-iron signs... Look, another architectural miracle of Salzburg is the smallest house in Austria. Come on, I'll show you. So, the width of this splendor is... One meter, as I can see. I'm thrilled. Who came up with the idea of building such a narrow house? So, let me tell you.

One day a man fell in love with a young lady. The young lady was the daughter of a pastry chef and that's her father's confectionery. The guy had no money, he was penniless, he didn't even have his own home. He dreamed so much of capturing her heart that he built such a small house. The father still was against him and didn't allow his daughter to marry him. Now you and I can contemplate the smallest house in Salzburg. Here it is. - Walter, how far is the observation room from the Grossglockner? - 40-50 minutes. - 40-50 minutes? Can we make it easier with the mountain? Is there an easier excursion here for the very rich and for those who are in a hurry? How did you do it? - I wish you a pleasant flight. - Thank you. Let's fly, I want to see it now.

From the height of cruising altitude you can see all the greatness and perfection of the Alps ... You look and understand that these stone guards are the main miracle of Europe. The Alps are located on the territory of 8 European countries. France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Monaco, and finally Austria. They say that the most picturesque Alps are here. Austria has all the best. It feels like I'm at a party with tall mountain models. One is more beautiful than the other. Some are in a green robe, and others are powdered with snow. The Austrian Alps are a picturesque refuge for 20 million tourists who come here all year round. In the summer they go here to walk. Or relax in a village by a mountain lake.

In winter they go here to take a ride on the perfect ski slopes. There are more than seven thousand kilometers of first-class trails in the Austrian Alps! That's not why all tourists come here. It's no secret that people come from all over the world to breathe the famous Alpine air. I want to breathe the freshest. I'll air it out a bit. What do you know about micro-ventilation? Before it blows you away, enjoy these incredible stunning landscapes! Salzburg is the birthplace of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The music you are hearing now is written by him! Well, actually, everything here says that this is Mozart's city. Monument to Mozart, Mozart Square, Mozart University. The house where he was born, the house where he lived. Mozart Festival. In the evenings Mozart's music sounds here.

38 or 42 euros. Thanks. I'm moving on. There are even sweets in honor of Mozart in this city. I'm going to try marzipan candies, such round candies that Paul Fürst created 100 years after Mozart's death. I can't wait anymore, I love sweets. Mozart candies or as they are called here “Mozartkugel” are a sweet miracle of Austria. Pastry chef Paul Fürst named his sweets in honor of a famous countryman. Because the candy came popular at lightning speed. Not cheap pleasure. One candy costs 50 euros. They are even more expensive in stores. Even though they may be fakes in stores, and here they are made manually in this place. This is marzipan.

The most famous candy in Europe is nut nougat in a shell of dark chocolate with a filling of pistachio marzipan. Guys, it's so delicious. I'm not a fan of marzipan at all. This marzipan is pistachio, it's generally different, it's so tender. Fifty euros for this candy is too much. Okay, I'll buy one more for Anton. Yes, it's hilarious. I'm looking for options to spend the night. These are not even hotels, I'm looking for Austrian hostels.

62 euros per night, 51, 96. It's way too expensive. We do not give up, I can live on the farm. There is an Austrian life hack to live on a farm. And can you imagine, Austrian farmers even have their website! The prices here are much lower. That is, they used to practice such a thing: you come to them, work, mow meadows, or milk a cow, and they provide you with a bed for free. Now, of course, they are taking money for it. The prices are not so high as in Salzburg. That's why I'm going to the cows, closer to the Alps. Yes. It will cost 23 euros for the whole trip. Still, it will be cheaper than living in Salzburg. I've been looking at the house for a couple of minutes, it is densely surrounded by forests… I wish I could live in it. What did the wizard Walter tell me? Okay, I'll just pay the money. At the behest of a millionaire, his helicopter can land on the lawn near the hotel in the Austrian Alps... "Lesehotel". A rich man can stay in the most expensive room for 430 euros.

You can rent the hotel for yourself for 5,600 euros per day. The hotel looks like a multi-story hut in the mountains. Believe me, in such a hotel "Heads and Tails" has not stayed yet. Ingenious and simple. A chandelier made of books. Fantastic. This is the only library hotel in the world, and its concept is "silence is luxury". And why the silence? It is not allowed to talk in the library. By the way, there are 10 thousand books in this hotel. It will be a very long review. The main idea of the hotel library is for the guest to "go offline", forget about Instagram, social networks and read a book… I will explain to our young viewers. The book is what they spent their leisure time with before the advent of the Internet and the era of celebrities. It has the most comfortable conditions so that reading is a joy. Oleg, sorry, I've just started. Huh, I finished reading. I'll take my hand luggage.

If a rich man rented the whole hotel, he can live in any of the 20 rooms. We do not change traditions that's why we will live in the most expensive one. I've read to the end. In every room of the hotel there's... guess what? A library! Gosh, this is so convenient. If you read a bad cheap tabloid novel, you can always wash it away. Now I have the test. Well, you understand that the self-respecting person, if he has already finished reading the air freshener instructions, should have a book in the toilet. It's so ironic that there is a book "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. Yes, you can read so much on this bed with your girlfriend.

You know, even if you are a book lover, and you read books one by one, there is something that will distract you from reading, for sure. I like the cover. A real bestseller. I do not know how to describe my feelings. It's so peaceful here. There is no one here, only mountains, meadows, and they are such beautiful, so colorful. The sky is blue. I've never seen such landscapes and it's like a farm, it's a village. Werfenweng is a quiet and blissful land, where 884 lucky people live. Just look at the cozy houses in the valley between the mountains.

It seems that an advertisement for Alpine chocolate was filmed in these meadows. How beautiful they are! They're grazing. I wish I had been a cow and lived here. That's exactly where I'm ready to be a cow. I'm going to my friends. Well, they're all so fat. They give milk, I've never seen such cows. They're beautiful!

The atmosphere is amazing, it feels like this area takes you by your hands and starts throwing you into the clouds. Here is my house in the clouds! Maria is the owner of a cow farm and a guest house where tourists stay. So it's even better, I'll live closer to the mountains.

Since there are no free rooms left in the guest house, Maria offered me to spend the night at her former house. For a symbolic fee by Austrian standards - only 24 euros. This is a fairy-tale house. On cow legs. It smells like wood here. Fresh. A mixture of Alpine air, wood, and grassy meadows is stunning. Oh, there's the oven. And a stove, so we will not freeze. After all, the climate in the mountains is very changeable. Bedroom. All you need is a bed, a bedside table, a small window. Austrians do not buy bottled water at all! Why should they? Mineral water flows from the tap from Alpine springs. Delicious. Oh, the life of an Austrian countrywoman. Even though I'm a poor tourist, I end up owning a whole house! Well, Zaitsev told me... Free Alpine air.

Guys, for a hundred dollars in Austria, you can walk like this, mostly on foot and with shortness of breath, but you could afford a couple of lifts. Therefore, run to look for the treasure from the "Heads and Tails"! It is hidden next to the Lesehotel. Walk 280 meters from the hotel along the path into the forest, turn left... and look for a bottle with $100 under the stone. How melodious children's fairy tales sound in the original language. Pleasure for the ears. It's so nice to fall asleep listening to these sounds.

It's pretty cold in the Alps. How can I fall asleep when it's that cold? Okay, I'll count the cows. One, two, three... I read yesterday that Sigmund Freud was in Austria over a cup of coffee, and he came up with the famous theory of psychoanalysis. I read it half the night and in the morning I dreamed of some eggplants, baguettes, a microphone, tall buildings. Phew, I don't know what that even means. Okay, it's time to get out of here, otherwise, the sun is rising, and I still have to climb a high peak.

The day of Alpine farmers starts at 6 am. Men mow the grass… And the women feed the cows with hay. For locals, this is an ordinary everyday life, and for tourists, this is real exotics! How pretty it is. And soft. After the cows had their breakfast, they are milked. Wow, I was thinking they are doing it manually, but some devices help them. Farms in the Alps keep up with the technologies: cows are milked not by people, but by special machines with vacuum suction cups.

In 5 minutes, the device will milk 15 liters of milk from one cow. If you wish, you can milk the cow in an old-fashioned way. Yes, I want to do it with my hands. Well, right before your eyes, a milkmaid is being born in my face. Milk is pouring. Does it hurt? She has such warm nipples. Well, that's how it would be. To you! Oh, how delicious real milk is, it's not chemical like in stores.

The main entertainment in the Austrian Alps is mountaineering in winter and summer. If you have 500 euros, you can take the most extreme mountain route - Via Ferrata. And climb almost to the very roof of the wonder of the world - Grosser Donnerkogel. Anton Zaichistain The Via Ferrata route is only for experienced climbers, so a personal instructor will follow my every step. The height is 2054 meters, the height of ascent is 470 meters, ascent time is 3 hours. I'm not sure about it, though. The ascent level is frightening hard. The goal is to reach the famous stairway to heaven and, if possible, stay alive. To conquer the Grosser Donnerkogel peak, you need to climb the stairs that hang over the abyss, at an altitude of two thousand meters... This is the most adrenaline-fueled entertainment in the Austrian Alps!

Let's go. Dementia and bravery! There are some problems at this stage. Spider-Man, come here. I know that it is always very scary to look down and it adds extreme and adrenaline. Here in the Alps, it's still worth doing this. There are stunning views below. Look, remember, and then you can burst into tears. When you have climbed to a height of 2014 meters, you see a hellish stairway to heaven. I'll remember it for good. It's scary. If you save in the Austrian Alps the same way as I do, on the second day there will be money left for another local miracle.

I'm on the spot. This is just the beginning because now I'm planning to visit one of the most famous salt ice caves in the world and it's called Eisriesenwelt. High... and deep in the Hohkogel Mountain you can find the largest ice cave in the world - a real palace of the Snow Queen. The route takes 20 minutes on foot. And then you can climb the funicular that takes 3 minutes for 20 euros.

There is an option to go on foot, instead of the funicular. I have free legs. That's 90 minutes of walk. So 20, 90, 20. 2 hours on foot? Seriously? Tracking in Eisriesenwelt. I'm moving on. Without a lift, a ticket to the cave costs 11 euros. Emotions run high. A kettle of fish! To the cave of dreams. I did it. I did it. Almost. One, two, three, four... I am a sweaty girl, stay tuned to see more.

Hello everyone, you're watching the "Sweaty but happy" program right now. I am the presenter Anfisa Chernykh aka hurting foot. The worn-out heel is fine, this program will never be broadcast anyway. People need happiness in the frame. Not this pain. It's scary. Do you think I like extreme sports? It's just crazy beautiful and crazy extreme. The ladder to the top of Donnerkogel is 40 meters of horror ... At first glance, it seems that it is weak and will crush... And you can fall into the gorge at any moment… Well, I am a brave athletic handsome man with a good sense of beauty. Besides, I'm also modest.

Many people have a real panic attack on this ladder. It's when you're covered in a cold sweat. You can't take a step up or down. You are astonished just like a marble statue. And then there is only one way out - you need to call a rescue helicopter, but it costs fifteen hundred euros. Climb the 40-meter ladder to heaven. Done. To be honest, no helicopter flight can be compared to when you climb to the top of the Austrian Alps.

Even if you don't like mountains you should come here one hundred percent. It's sometimes scary, difficult, and frightening, but always insanely beautiful. You will be amazed. Not by the height, but by the views. I've almost reached the point where all the rich men arrive. I'm on my own. I'm almost there!

There it is. I can't believe it! The Eisriesenweltis over there. It's so powerful. I've been walking for so long to see it. I'm halfway there! Listen, it's blowing cold from here. I have been in a warm place, and here it's real winter, the cold air is blowing right on me. I need to get dressed. I'm ready. I haven't gone deep inside yet. Well, that's it, I'm ready now for sure. This is just the kingdom of the snow queen. The Eisriesenwelt Cave is the largest ice cave in the world! Imagine this, the length of its ice labyrinths is 42 km. Eisriesenwelt hasn't been fully explored.

Tourists, for the sake of safety, are allowed only to walk up to the first kilometer of the cave. Although the temperature in the cave is 0 degrees all year round - the Austrians have long believed that this is the entrance to hell. They were afraid to go into the cave. 140 years ago, there was a daredevil who began to explore it and discovered the icy wonder of the world.

My God, I've never seen ice freeze so beautifully, it's just some kind of masterpiece. This ice is millions of years old! Melted snow slid down from the Alpine peaks, accumulated in the cave, melted, and gradually turned into ice. This cave is so huge. It looks like the mouth of a chilling devil. This devil is so alluring and fascinating. Igor, come out. It was incredible! It feels as if I had been in another world, in another dimension, in some kind of ice cell of the snow queen. We're leaving.

If there had been a competition for the "best" Alps... The Austrian Alps would have conquered the jury with their cuteness… Fantastic. And even if the Austrian Alps did not take the main prize, they would have won the audience award! Anton, all the girls are falling for you. Shalom! As the Austrians say. Come on, you talk. Why are your hands wet? It's because of ice. it's melting. What's up? What's your impression?

How are you feeling? Any thoughts? Emotions? Is everything joyful? Is everything okay? You're like Kai. So taciturn. I was in an ice cave and, oddly enough, it has melted my heart. I climbed the mountain and got very warm. Well, let's go to the ice cave one more time. I'll show you later. The ice is melting there. Everything is on ice. See you at the next wonder of the world. You and I are like Mozart and Salieri. Why? I write brilliant words, and you want to poison me. It's true. The way we work together.

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