Китайская электрофура — КОСМОС!

Китайская электрофура — КОСМОС!

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Can't imagine how you lived without her. - It's good to see you! It's a pleasant way to wake up, even in the early morning. - Good morning. - Alice, set the timer for five minutes. She'll hear your voice even if it's noisy. - The timer's on. - Alice, turn on the music. - Playing your music, Sasha.

She'll like it too. - Louder! The music you like. It transforms everything around you. The new Yandex Station Midi. Your favorite smart speaker with Alice. Ni Hao folks! Welcome to the city of Tianjin, 140 kilometers from Beijing, the capital of China. Today we will introduce you to the emerging world of electric haulers. Yes, there aren't many of them yet, but we have a...

What a beauty! One of them. And what's more, it's already in production. It's being delivered to customers. What's it all about? Review, let's go! Folks, before we tell you about this car , let's start a little bit from afar. With more, so to speak, introductory information. Many of you know the Tesla Semi truck that was introduced back in 2017. Six years ago.

In 2022, almost four years late, the vehicle finally began mass production. And in December 2022, the first customer, Pepsi, received the first examples. Three independent electric motors with a total output of 1000 hp, the basic version with a range of 480 km and in the top version 800 km. And this is taking into account the load of 37 tons.

More interesting figures: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 20 seconds, charging up to 60% in 30 minutes at special charging stations Tesla Semi. It is also known how the cabin of this car looks like. There you go. More interesting figures. This is still, so to speak, bringing us to how efficient and interesting electric haulers can be.

So, specifically with the Tesla Semi and specifically in the United States, charging is 2.5 times cheaper than filling a full tank of diesel. And in terms of three years of operation, they calculated the car will save the owner $200,000. Over three years. That's in the US, and somewhere else electricity, as you know, is even cheaper.

As for prices, in the U.S. Tesla Semi in the base costs $150,000, and with a battery with increased capacity costs $180,000 And this car still can not be bought. You still can't order one. And many of the technical specifications are still unknown. At the same time, the Chinese -- this car began development in 2020. And three years later, we're looking at a production model. So this is the car that will go to the customers. Now we will call Batyr from Prowatt, we will go around, see what's what. Of course, we are not a special channel about haulers, but we will tell some interesting facts, and we will also take a ride on this car. Folks, a little commercial break and we'll continue.

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Back to review. - Batyr, hello! - Hi! - Batyr, Prowatt Company. There's that Batyr... Folks, here's Batyr from the Prowatt Company. Thank you so much for helping us with this car. - And there's another Batyr, his colleague.

A very important disclaimer. First of all, we are not a truck channel. Secondly, Batyr is not a truck expert. There are representatives of the company standing there, please show me. And they're not truck specialists. We have a little bit of a limited format. They let us see the truck in the parking lot, gave us the opportunity. - First of all, it says JAC, but it's not JAC. - It's not JAC, it's a company called Deep Way, which was established in 2020.

- Three years ago. - Three years ago, yes. - So it's a start-up? - A startup, yes. It's raised $100 million. - From who? - Baidu, the Chinese Internet giant.

- They like to give money away, I see. - Yeah - But why JAC? - JAC, because Deep Way isn't able to get into production right now, so they're using JAC. - So it's one big mafia? In a good way. - Yeah, roughly speaking.

- So the Chinese are helping each other? - Yeah, yeah. - Let's go around and have a look. There won't be a JAC logo, I take it? - There won't be, right. - Does the hood open here? - The door opens with a button.

- There you go. - Like a Rolls-Royce. - In China, he says it's the hottest new car. It's the coolest. - Is it? - Yeah. - He's putting in filters. - What do you think about electric cars? - Thanks to electric cars, we now have blue skies and white clouds. So electric cars are definitely a good thing. I hope to drive one someday.

- You can feel it, can't you? Even Chinese drivers, they think about the future of the country. They've got that thought going through a lot of people. Now, the door opens against traffic. - Yeah. - Why? They didn't explain?

- No, they didn't. - Why don't you get out? You're up early. Does the cabin go up, by the way? - No. - Up there? So this is the classic engine access. The cabin goes up. Here we go. - And what do we see here? A couple of boxes. Is there anything to do in this car? The truck drivers are always tinkering, looking at things. They're changing filters. We got some kind of tank here. - That's hydraulic oil. That's power steering. - Pads. - Pads.

- You add oil here every 100,000 kilometers or so. - I see. Where's the engine? - Two electric motors. - Is the three version going to be like the Tesla? - No, not yet. - Six by four. So each axle has its own electric motor. And the torque can go to each wheel separately. - So this is the engine, right? - Uh-huh. - What's it made by? - Suzhou Green Control. A Chinese company that makes electric motors for giants like XCMG, SANY, those are the ones that make special equipment.

- Like loaders, bulldozers? - Yeah, yeah. - The components that are in this vehicle are tested by well-known brands that have been in the market for many years. - Yeah. That's right. Batteries. - Batteries, yes. - The batteries are from a company called Ninde CATL. - Where are they? - Down here at the bottom. There's one battery on that side and one on this side, but it's all charged from one side.

- Deep Way is planning to set up a network of battery swap stations in the future. Car comes in, goes to a station, both batteries are removed in six minutes, new ones put in. - Wow. - And drive on. - So they're emphasizing battery replacement? They see it as more efficient? - Yeah. They see it as a more efficient way of doing things. - There's some cameras here. No, it's a plug. - That's a plug. And this is, uh.

- This car is in its most basic configuration. - This is the base configuration? - Uh, yeah. - What's the top-of-the-line configuration? - 11 video cameras, five millimeter-wave lidar and one laser sensor.

This is already being made for L3, L4 autopilot. This is L0 for now. That's why we're seeing the regular mirrors here. - And the top-of-the-range one won't have mirrors? - No. It'll have cameras. They want to do full autopilot later on. Because Deep Way is developing the concept of full automation of the trucking industry. - So Deep Way is a startup more about innovation and technology than just making a car. - Yeah. - So they went to the factory and brought these technologies to the factory. - It's using Baidu's Apollo technology.

- So in about a year or two and we'll see this refined. More like a year, not two years, but a year. The finalized one with lidar, with autopilot, in mass version is already possible on the roads. - With lidar, with L3-level can be ordered now. - Already available? - Yeah. - That's cool. Can we see the cockpit?

- Yeah. - Batyr, just pushing a button? - So nice! - It works, yeah. - Cool. But if we step back, it won't open. And look, one, two and three over there. - Closer.

- I got it. Wait, I thought they were gonna make one seat. - They made two. - Folks, no matter how cool the electric tow truck is, the rug's still the same. Is this the production car? - Yeah. You push the button, the door automatically closes. - It's a blanking plate. That's not a screen? It is. - It's a screen. - Can we open it and look at it? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Cigarette lighter, USB. Easy to turn? - Yeah, pretty much.

- Is it started now? - Uh, yeah. - That's the height. Standing. We're standing good and tall. Boxes on top. In future production configurations, there'll probably be refrigerators and cabinets of some kind. - Yeah, yeah. Refrigerators, microwaves and stoves. There will be everything. - That's a curtain, isn't it? I guess it goes over here. - Yeah, it's a curtain over there. - And we have a window in the back. - Okay, the drawer's right here. - It's also a refrigerator, I think.

- With a refrigerator. There's some power outlets over there. - It's got 1,000 miles on it. - He's been driving, hasn't he? - Yeah. 38% charge. That's about 133 kilometers of range left. - The dashboard is a screen, there's a multimedia system. - Uh-huh. - You know, it's a lot different than the dashboard in a classic truck. - Driving a truck, drinking coffe and watching youtube. Everything is fine.

- Listen, are they ready to take us for a ride? - Uh, yeah. - Can we get right out on the road? - Uh, sure. - That's awesome. Folks, you want a ride? - Let's go. - Folks, let's go for a ride! - Ok. That's a lot of space going to waste, isn't it? Clearly something needs to be put in here. - Yeah.

- Amazing. We're ready. - Is that all? - Just take the handbrake off and that's it. - Man, that's the coolest impression if you've driven a KAMAZ. I mean, you get in a KAMAZ, you start the diesel, you take it off... - It goes very smoothly. What's that beeping noise?

- It's always like that at slow speed. - I take it you can't open the door, can you? - No. - You mean all the way in? - Uh, yeah. - It is, of course, technological and wow for TikTok, but then you go in a regular drive with a cargo of 37 tons.

There's containers to haul. And gas stations and toll roads. - Wow, that's where the honking comes in. - So I was pushing it. So it turns out-- - Oh, there it is. That's good.

- We used to drive a KAMAZ and it's like a truck. You get in, it growls, it goes. Breathe, bang, bang. And then we got in and just-- - And that's it. - It's like a kid's electric car in a park. - What do you think? It's your first time? - It's cool. It's my first time, too, yeah. - Hey, are you guys planning on selling cars like this? - Uh, sure. - Tell me a little bit about yourself.

- I'm 34 years old. I came to China in 2006. I graduated from university in 2013. And that's where I met Batyr, we lived in the same room. - In a dorm? - Yeah. - That's cool. - Now it's, uh. - It's starting to happen. - Yeah, we're working. - Where are you from? - Uh, Tyva Republic, Kyzyl. - Nice. It's beeping again.

- The car is electric. At low speeds, a person might not realize it's coming. - That's what it is. - Because an electric car doesn't even make a sound. - Wow! That's interesting. - That's why they've thought of this. - We're driving empty?

- We are. - If we had something on the back, it'd be more interesting. - 37 tons, right? - Yeah. It can pull 37,800. - It's so quiet in the car. - Uh-huh.

- Amazing. It feels different. Any idea what it's worth? How much are they selling it for now? - This particular unit is going for $70,200. - That's not much. - It's not expensive, yeah. - The KAMAZ is more expensive. - It is. - Something doesn't add up. Why is it so cheap? No, seriously. - Plus you'd have to add customs, shipping, etc. - But that's in Russia. - Yeah.

- And Chinese drivers can afford it for that money. Is this the base version? - It is. - Man, it's good enough. - Uh-huh. - Can you stop right here? - Yeah, you can stop here.

- What kind of road is this? Why isn't anybody here? It's a five-lane road. So they're building this for the future? - Yeah. - I read about it in National Geographic somewhere, that the Chinese are building-- Nobody's even-- - Yeah, not a single car. Well, there's one coming. - No one's even living here yet, and they're building just in case. It's just to keep the neighborhood going. Nice. - It looks so cool. - Yeah.

- Batyr, we got the important cost point, yeah. $70,200 without batteries. - Without the batteries. - And the battery is the most expensive part of the car. - That's right. - What's the story about no batteries? Why is that? - Well, the local market has no battery because you can rent a battery. - That's cool. - That would cost about $840 a month. And buying batteries with a charger would cost somewhere in the range of $70,200... - That's a different kind of... - That's a different amount of money.

- That's a lot of money. That's the cost of a regular tractor trailer, roughly speaking. - Yeah. - But only electric. - Yeah. - All right, here's what we're doing. What's that? - Yeah, Drive up, not down. So that's it? Let's go?

- Here we go. - How does it feel? - Man, I've driven big cars... - Speed up, speed up. That's it. Feels like ve drove over some small sedan... - I mean, for me, it's always the way the driver starts... Your belt. - Yeah. - I'll even lean back a little bit more. I mean, I've always watched a truck driver get off the ground. It's a labor of love. I mean, I can see he's working hard. - Maybe, of course, somehow on modern Mercedes and Volvo it is a little easier, but I have always respected. It's as if a man has stood up to a machine. But here he's sitting down and driving. Can I put a bit more pressure on the gas? - Yeah.

- Here we go. Awesome, it's accelerating! It's cool. And even here, on a deserted road, you'll find a moped that's on a straightaway. - It's a Chinese classic. - Classic, yeah. Very cool.

- Obstacle avoidance. Man, I'm gonna go work as a trucker. It's a different level of interaction with the car. The seat is comfortable for just the basic version, but there's something about this car you want different. Like a massage. But I already have a screen, it's easy to drive. When you have all the basic needs covered, you start to have other demands.

- What a brakes. It stops straight away. - Instantly. - And we're coming out of the stoplight. We're flying the wagon. 80 kilometers an hour already.

That image of the man in the greasy T-shirt who just got out from under the car after tightening the nuts, it just evaporates. - Oh, wow, that's a small radius. We're turning right on the heel. It's only two and a half lanes. And it's self-driving. - You can change careers, right? - I've always dreamed, maybe that's a strong word, of being a trucker. I've thought about it a lot, I'll be honest with you.

But this, the trailer, the parking lots aren't the most comfortable. You hear truckers tell you how they come in, stand there unloading for hours. - Yeah, yeah. - And somehow it all just overrides the simplicity of driving this car. But, by the way, yeah. We're driving empty right now. - We are. - Now, a lot of people will say, try doing that with a 37-ton trailer. Yeah, there's no arguing that, really. But the truck goes next to you and for it the process of braking, accelerating, moving off is a whole labor.

You look at it and you feel sorry for the man. He's driving, he's shifting gears. In some of the older models. The newer ones are easier. But here, it's just gas and brake. - Yeah. - But, of course, a trailer would be fun to drive. That's the next level. - That's the next level.

- Yeah, a new experience to try. It's so stable. It's like an iron on the road. - Uh-huh. - That's cool. But then again, all that experience, that experience. It's basically nothing, because a hauler hardly ever drives like that. If it does, it's losing money. And if it goes like this... - Yeah.

- He's making money, so... Right, shall we park over there? - Yeah. - OKAY. I was gonna pull the handle, but it's in the other spot. Folks, and they found the music, by the way, it's playing. Well, what can I say, the impressions... Now... The impressions, of course, are the best. It's not just about electricity, design, some headlights, doors and so on. It's about economics first and foremost. Imagine you have a delivery company. You have 100 cars.

Tesla has calculated that with their Semi in the United States, the savings over three years on the difference in the cost of electricity and diesel refueling will be $200,000 per car. Well, that's under the most ideal conditions, of course. Everywhere the cost of diesel and electricity is different, but nevertheless there are already some benchmarks. In any case, we will read your comments. Especially those who are connected with the business of transportation and drive some such haulers.

Looking forward to your comments. I was going to say JAC, but it's not JAC. It's a Deep Way company. So after a while, instead of the JAC logo, it will be Deep Way. Thanks to Prowatt. All the links are at the bottom. Looking forward to your comments, see you, bye!

2023-11-27 19:51

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